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Name: Memorize
Raw Link:
NU Link:
Why It Should Get Picked Up: The Translator for the project officially announced his dropping of the novel. The Raw is complete with 1068 chapters, so no translators are going to be short on RAW's. 
A man who had lost everything.

An almighty power, the [Zero Code] held within his hand.

“Player Kim Su Hyun, do you truly wish to revert the time of Hall Plain?”

“I want to go back 10 years. To that period when I first came here.”



  • Please translate this  :)
  • Bump. Please translate. Previous translation here: but last chapter is like 4 months ago.
  • Why nobody considers this to be translated? It is pretty good and with the popularity of tscog, it should be a huge success.
  • Please Translate this, the current translation is way too slow and inconsistent.
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    +1, please translate this - it's almost guaranteed to be a big hit for Wuxiaworld. 

    EDIT: The last translated chapter was released over a year ago. Come on, whoever had the "rights" or whatever is not committed to the job - it's time for someone else to take on the translation.
  • Please translate this! it would be a long and awesome novel to hook the readers!! and it got an awesome story!!
    plus, it was written by the same author that wrote " the second coming of gluttony (avarice) " which should be a hint of how awesome it is!!
  • Please translate this novel haha really looking forward to it :))
  • Yes please translate this so the timeline of scog will be complete
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    Please translate this, especially once SCOG is finished.  The previous translators dropped it and were trash anyway.
  • Please do translate this novel it is good and with the manhwa out i do think it will be quite popular
  • I decided to stop reading TSCOG extra chapters because there are a lot of MEMORIZE spoilers, Hopefully there will be a translator who'll take this project so that we can fill the gap between the two novels and evade the nasty spoilers  :(
  • Please pick Memorize up, I would be happy to sponsor this novel if it was translated. You guys do great work here and I am happy to sponsor this work if you are willing to translate it. Either way thanks for all the great translations.
  • Can someone please pick up memorize cause I just finished all available chapters on the Internet and couldn't find a website with good translation,  tbh you guys do a great job and ill be happy to pay to read it cause its worth it 
    Much love to you guys and I truly appreciate the hard work you do 
  • +1, I am very much interested in this too! Hope Wuxiaworld gets this for translation!
  • +1 really wanna read the novel as well!
  • +1 I understand the difficulties because of ‘rights’ , but I would really like to see this translated officially. 
  • +1 hopefully someone translates this masterpiece. just can't wait for the weekly release of the manhwa.
  • I am very much interested in this too !!! +1
  • Still hoping that someone would pick this up ^^
  • Even from Spain hoping for it
  • +1 translate this pls
  • This novel is fantastic in its own way :) ... PLEASE TRANSLATE IT
  • novel stop at chapter 1062, yes we need 7 chapter to complete this manhwa!
  • Still waiting for the translation :(
  • Please translate
  • Please translate
  • Why is this still not translated..... it has all the raw material in the world, is connected to the Second Coming of Gluttony universe and is pretty popular. TRANSLATE PLEASE :(
  • Please translate this :(
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