Sage Monarch: What races are there.

Current Reading Sage Monarch and I am greatly enjoying the story however, I just want to clear up what the races/creatures are.
This is what I have got and what I think they are.  I would be interested in if I am correct or on other peoples opinions.

1) Humans
2) Demonling - Monsters / Beast that have an innate cultivation rank and will advance to that.  Higher the cultivation rank the more human-like intelligence they gain.  Can use cultivation techniques to advance beyond innate level.  Seem to sometime receive ancestrial memories containing techniques.  When high enough cultivation and form a 'Human Form Nascent Soul' which they can use to take human form.
2) Demonfolk - Were once Demonlings but gained human-form and have advanced from there and with future generation have become a new race.  General use Demonic Cultivation Techniques.
3) Undead - Once living beings who have died and have been exposed to Negative Energy (from Hell/Underworld) and have arisen again.  Can cultivate to grow in strength.  Some living creatures have purposes cultivation Undead techniques for greater power becoming undead.
4) Devil - A race of creatures that come from the levels of Hell.
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