Recommendation of Novel

Hey there o/

First of all i would like to thank Wuxiaworld for providing this site and letting all of us "newbies" submerging with delight into the world of xianxia novels.
So after spending some years on this community reading several novels i would like to ask you fellow xianxiamaniacs to recommend me if possible other novels that i might not really paid attention or dont even know em that much... 

I've started before 3 years with MGA ,Tales of Demons and Gods and Douluo Dalu, then ISSTH, PMG, TMW ,WDGK,Heavenly Jewel and MW..Now i am on going on Emperor's dom, ATG and MGA (just because i am too deep in it,otherwise it feels like a waste).Something that really stood out from those in terms of story (for me) was ISSTH but in terms of writing and felt like liking it more was prolly ATG,MW like more relaxed reading ..

So any propositions? I dont care if the MP is OP,cheat or reincarnated genius pervert , i dont mind the story been swallow or too complex , i would like a decent amount of chapters ongoing (at least 800+) or if its completed (1100+) and enjoyable fluent writing without to much MC plot armor power..

Thanks for your time !  :D
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