Kumagawa&Anshin'in : The 6 Kingdoms

It's been 10 years since the defeat of lIhiko Shishime at the Hands of Medaka Kurokami and the Sacrifice of Ajimu Najimi Better known as Anshin'in san after being defeated by IIhiko Shishime the only man she couldn't beat in 1000 years.  Kumagawa Misogi, once Medaka's greatest enemy's and the one man to fall in love Anshin'in.  Left alone by the Death of his beloved, until one day she returned. Now a new threat has appeared in Japan, and as Medaka is busy as the chairman of their old highschool, Its up to the man who can never win  Kumagawa, and Anshin'in to take on this new threat


  • A Word From A Not Equal

    ~Ajimu Najimi born from nothing, she waited 3,000,000,000,000 years for the creation of the Universe, then 10,000,000,000 years for the earth to form, then 600,000,000 years for life to emerge. From the end of the dinosaurs she waited 550,000,000 years for man, 161 years ago she met another similar to herself. 15 years ago she met Kumagawa Misogi. 1 year ago she finally died against a man she couldn't beat in over 5000 years prior to meeting Kumagawa.~ 

    "Hello all you readers out there. No this isn't a word from the Author before the story begins. My name is Ajimu Najimi, The Non-human Immortal, simply known as a "Not Equal". Now that we've been formally introduced, you may call me Anshin'in. Anyway it's been a year since I disappeared. I died protecting friends, something I never thought I'd ever find in My 3,402,193,822,311 years of life. Towards the end of "Medaka Box" I went up against the final villain. Iihiko Shishime a man I faced at least a million times in 5000 years until I finally reached my goal by simply avoiding him. However that no longer became possible due to my own actions prior to the series, thus causing Medaka and friends to travel to the very village he was being kept at. Anyway he defeated me, and all damage he causes in the world is permanent until he is defeated where it will then be reversed. Thus Medaka defeated him, allowing for my return. However I chose to take a year off from life you could say. To give Kumagawa time to grow into the man I will one day love. Now the time has come for me to return to the world. Where am I right now you ask? Well due to one of my 12 Quadrillion skills known as "Alibi Block" I can appear anywhere I want at any time. Space, heaven, hell, in ones heart. Right now however It's not a matter of where am I, its a matter of where are you. Right now you are in the past with me. In a little classroom where I often met Kumagawa in his heart. Medaka Box ended with a 10 year look into the future in which everyone is all grown up and their all together celebrating the anniversary of my Disappearance. Akune-kun at one point Stated "Still we don't know anything about him...That person alone is different..." referring to Kumagawa of course. Thats' what this whole book is about, starting with how me and Kumagawa were reunited at last. By the way being the all powerful entity that I am, The creator of Medaka box "Nisio Isin" wrote me with the knowledge that I was living in a Fictional world that he created. Thus the loser writing this story who's obsessed with me and idolizes Kumagawa decided to keep that little trait of mine. Anyway please enjoy this continuation of Kumagawa's life as an adult as I return you back to your world." 

  • Ch1: the Reunion Between A Human And A Not-Equal

    Kumagawa woke up in a classroom that was all to familiar to him. He looked forward and saw her. A beautiful woman with brown hair, a yellow headband, and that same burgundy school uniform. Ajimu Najimi, sitting on that same table as always. "Long time no see, Kumagawa-Kun." [Anshin'in-san. Another recording? The last recording you left for me, blew up a star  allowing me to no longer be a loser.] He lifted her skirt, and she kicked him in the face. "ahaha I assure you I'm the real thing. When Iihiko was defeated all damage he caused, was reversed. Including my death." [Then why wait a year to come back?] "I needed to give you time to grow." [To grow?] "To grow into the man I will one day love." She said with a smile, as she kissed him and they returned to the real world in Kumagawa's apartment. [You really are back.] "Yes Kumagawa and I'm finally able to return your feelings. I've watched you from within your heart of the past year. Even when I was released from your Book Maker seal I was watching as you grow, and become more compassionate, friendly, loving and caring. You matured into a fine man, one that I can Love." As she hugged him, Kumagawa blushed for the first time in his life. And that was how Anshin'in came back to us all.

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    Ch 2: 10 Years Later

    "So it seems Medaka-Chan's created a project to make a new moon in the sky. It's already been 13 years since she destroyed the last one. Most children and people don't even know what the moon is now. It would be so wonderful to see it lighting up the nighttime sky again." [Couldn't you have just used one of your 12 quadrillion skills to create a new one?] "ahaha while I may have existed before all creation. I'm no god. I was merely there before the universe began. It's not like I was taught how to create planets or learned from watching. Ahahah. I could of course fly you up to space so you can use all fiction to make it so the moon was never destroyed. I have a few skills to keep you alive out there." [That's alright. Don't wanna steal Medaka's glory. She'd hunt me down and kill me, wait for All fiction to bring me back, then kill me again. She may have lost her skills as she grew up like some of the others, but her superhuman strength is still there. And i can't die with a son to take care of.] Kumagawa said as he looked down at a baby in his arms. They both laughed as Anshin'in kept Them afloat through the air. They came to a landing and walked on. "So I got word from Hanten the other day. Seems there's something amiss in Japan. Children are disappearing. Left and right." [I see. Well then it's up to us, as the great battlers of evil to stop this threat.] The woman chuckled. "28 years old, and still into those Shonen Jump manga." [Well Medaka is powerless, busy as chairman of Hakoniwa, and head of the Kurokami corporation. She has little to no time to deal with a case of missing children. Especially if the one behind it has abilities. I however retaining my minus, and you being you, are the only ones to face this threat.] He said confidently, making a fist to the air. Anshin'in chuckled. They came to the entrance to a village. "Here it is the Shiranui Village." As they walked on. They passed tourists, vendors, houses, other buildings. [Been awhile since we were last hear. Hopefully Iihiko won't kill you.]  Kumagawa chuckled before being slammed by an invisible force. As Anshin'in smiled and continued on. They came to the main hall. 

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