War Of The Spirit Animal Arts



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    Ch27: The Dragon Boat Race

    Kiyomi, Chouchou, and Kusari, made it to the coast of Kyushu hours later. "From here we catch a boat that'll take us to any island Okinawa." Why take a boat when we can fly. Soul Forming a pair of wings would get us there a lot quicker. Well it'll get me there I don't know about you two." "Are you saying I'm to old to keep up." "Hmph. Your talking to the number one Seiryu Student." "'Then try to keep up. You ready Xia?" "Yes." Chouchou's power level rose, imitating waves of energy as Jade Wings appeared. She then zoomed off. Kiyomi and Kusari followed suit. They made it to the Port of Naha in thirty minutes. "Wat took so long Slowpokes? Just look at this beach it's to die for." ChouChou was there laying in a breach chair under an umbrella in a Luscious, rather revealing two-piece bikini that made Kusari's nose bleed as well as a bunch of other nearby dudes. "Dont stare to long." "Well I guess we can enjoy the beach for a bit." As they relaxed they noticed people setting up long dragon shaped boats. "Excuse Me." Chouchou said to a passerby. A group of dudes surrounded her instead. "Y-y-yes?" One boy stuttered as his eyes went directly to an inapprpropriate place. "It would be ever so helpful if Someone could explain as to what going on." "Today is our annual Dragon Boat Race." "Dragon Boat Race? hmmm Interesting.  Me and my friends will be entering." "Oh really? The more the merrier." Kiyomi and Kusari walked over. "Well aren't you Ms. Popular." Kiyomi Joked with her. "We're gonna enter the Annual Dragon boat Race." "What? Why? Aren't we here on some kind of mission?" "Yes yes, I know. I never said we couldn't enjoy ourselves while were here. Now be a man and go find some wood to build this boat with." "Uhh Excuse me Ms Star pupil your more than strong enough to carry wood yourself." "And break a nail? I dont think so." Kusari stormed off to find some wood while Kiyomi and ChouChou laid back and relaxed. 

    An hour later the dragonboat was done. An exact replica of Kusari's Spriti Animal. "Well We get what we ask for." ChouChou said as she shrugged her shoulders. "INTRODUCING THE KUSARIMARU!!!" ChouChou slapped her forehead. "We still need one more team member." Kiyomi reminded them. All the other teams had 4 people. "Dont teams usually have 22 people?" "Not when it involves Spirit Animals." ChouChou said smiling. "We could do it ourselves if were we allowed. But so as to not seem to ovrepowered we'd need a fourth member anyway." They searched frantically for a 4th member. Five minutes before the race a boy approached ChouChou. He had to be no older than 10. "I hear ya need yerselves a 4th teammate." "Sorry little boy but you have to be a Spirit Arts practitioner. Your still far to young to manifest a Spirit Animal." "Don't pay him any mind. He's from a family thats incapable of Spirit Arts." A random man said. "Come now Kaido, dont bother the contestants. I'm sorry miss, he does this every year." "NO. I'M GONNA RACE. NO ONE KNOWS THESE WATERS BETTER THAN ME. I PRACTICE ALL THE TIME WITH ONI-SAN. BUT NOW HE'S DEAD AND I HAVE TO WIN FOR HIM!!!" Kaido yelled through tears. He was suddenly pulled into a pair of soft boobs. He looked up with a runny nose and tears on his face. ChouChou looked down at him. "We'll need a navigator through these waters." She smiled at him. He wiped his face and smiled evilly as he groped her Breast. "Thanks Chi Chi Oppai Onee-Chan." "Alright thats enough closeness for you." Kiyomi grabbed Kaido by the colllar and dragged him away. Minutes later they were in their boats, in the water ready to start. LADIES AND GENTLEMAN IT'S TIME FOR THE ANNUAL NAHA SPIRIT ANIMAL DRAGON BOAT RACES. THESE RACES CONSIST OF 4 MEMBERS. ALL OF WHICH ARE SPIRIT ANIMAL PRACTICIONERS. THEY WILL NAVIGATE THROUGH TREACHEROUS WATERS, AROUND THE ISLANDS OF OKINAWA. THEY WILL HAVE TO SPIRIT DEAL WITH SPIRIT ANIMAL MASTERS THROWING OBSTACLES, STIRRING THE WATERS, AND ALL MANNER OF OBTSRUCTIVE BEHAVIORS, POSING TO OFFER ONE HELL OF A CHALLENGE. AS WELL AS EVEN DEFENDING AGAINST OTHER BOATERS. AT THE BACK OF THE BOAT OF WE HAVE THE STEERER, IN THE MIDDLE WE HAVE THE PADDLER, ETHER ONE OR TWO. THE THIRD MEMBER IS THE GENERAL DEFENDER AND AT THE FRONT OF THE BOAT IS THE NAVIGATOR WHO MUST YELL TO THE STEERER. ALL 4 MEMBERS DEFEND IF NECESSARY. NOW THEN BOATERS GET READY.  SAN!!!” Spirit Animals manifested all over. “NII!!!” The racers merged with their annimals. “ICHI!!!” Kiyomi was wielding the paddles. “IKEEEEEEEE!!!” The boaters took off. Kusarimaru zoomed ahead of the other boats. "Whoa Kiyomi calm it down. They cant find out your a Seiryu Master or we'll get disqualified." "You have a whole Heavenly wisdom Spirit animal and your worried about me being caught." "Your right. Kusari time to prove your worth switch spots with me. I'll steer you defend." "Ughh whatever." "Kiyomi you can stay ahead just not to far ahead." "Yea I know." "MAKE A SHARP LEFT." Kaido yelled. ChouChou Manifested a dragon wing and with it swept the boat to the left. The boat behind them, hit a water trap being gushed up into the air by a geyser." "Kid really knows his stuff." Kiyomi chuckled. "I've studied these waters for years and been over this track with my Oni-san all my life. Since I was little." "You still are little." Kusari said under his breath. "Good Job." ChouChou said to him. "There's going to be a master up ahead firing fireballs at us." "I'm on it." Kusari's finger crackled with electricity. About ten minutes later they approached a Seiryu master flying with Dragon wings. He caught a glimpse of Kiyomi who tried to duck her head. But he also recognized Kaido as the boy Who's family never produced spirit animal practitioners. He decided not to disqualify them, but instead changed his usual attack method. He rose his hand and many blades of fire appeared in the sky. "THATS NEW!!!" Kaido yelled. "I got this." Kusari got ready. The swords rained down on the various who boaters who blocked, or repelled them. A greater amount of swords flew at the Kusarimaru. Kusari manifested wings, and they charged with electricity and fired lightning bolts in all directions hitting the swords and several other boaters stunning them. They passed the master, Kiyomi and him meeting eyes as they did. "He changed up his assault because he recognized me. Good job Kusari you even took out some boaters." "I know. I'm awesome." "Uuhh you didn't take them out." Kaido said pointing too a boat bearing the Crimson Sky Family Crest." "Ahh so he's a family member is he." Kusari raised his hands gathering Electricitry and shot a lightning blast at the boat that was gaining on them. The defender who was of The Crimson Sky Family held one hand out and stopped the lightning. "What!!!" The Boater touched the boat and made it invisible. "DID THAT BOAT JUST TURN INVISIBLE!!?" Kaido yelled. "He must be a lizard arts practitioner. They specialize in Invisibility. I can sense where they are and I'm sure ChouChou's Spirit animal can too." "You're right. Xia can see exactly where they are. Kusari take back over steering. I'll handle them." Kusari switched place with ChouCho, Sprouting wings. While ChouChou stood up. She closed her eyes and concentrated. When she opened them she had Xia's vision. She could see an ethereal form of the other boat. She sprouted a wing. “How about we put a little distance betwewen ourselves and everyone else.” She swung her wing, launching a massive wind blast obliterating the invisible bow, and sending the Kusarimaru flying forward through the waters. “Much better.” They were now a great distance away from the other boaters who were now out of their view.  They continued boating for the next few hours avoiding traps, Spirit Animals masters, and oversized fish that seemed to just throw themselves at the boats. Boaters were encouraged to kill them, so as to be later retrieved and cooked during the banquet held at the end of the Race. It was smooth sailing for the Kusarimaru. Until about halfway through the race they were struck by an unknown attack. “What was that?” Kaido asked. An all black dragon boat with an all black cloaked team seemingly appeared from thin air. The boat bore the mark of the shadow force. “The Shadow Force.” Kiyomi said. “The Shadow force?” Kusari repeated a bit frightened. “What would they be doing here?” Chouchou questioned. “I don't know but thyis just got too dangerous. Kaido get in the middle of us and get down.” Kaido got in the middle of the boat and ducked down. “The shadow force is made of nothing but Masters of Evil Shadow Animal arts converted from normal Spirit Animals. Kusari you'll have to steer while ChouChou and I handle this. Kusari moved back to the back of the boat. Kiyomi immediately sprouted Dragon Wings and flew towards the enemy being intercepted by a Shadow Lynx user. ChouChou Soulformed Then put her index fingers and thumbs together forming a square aimed at the boat. She flapped a wing, sending Slashes of wind through the water but the boat swerved. The other Shadow force teammates summoned their spirit animals. Two black Shadow sharks, one with three heads and three tails, the other had some kind launcher on it's back. They jumped in their sharks backs and rushed the Kusarimaru. ChouChou jumped off, floating above the water and flapped her wings sending rapid windblasts at them. They dove under the water and came back up. The three headed shark zoomed at her in an attempt to Triple Bite her, while the other Shark lanched shadow water blasts at her. She wrapped herself in her physical wings blocking the oncoming attacks. She then fired fireballs at the attackers who dove under the water again. “That's gonna really annoying real fast. I know how to fix that.” Meanwhile Kiyomi and the Shadow Force team leader were crossing fists. They were evenly matched. “Why are you here?” “The same reason you are. For the surviving Heavenly Wisdom Beast. He will boost the power of hte Shadow Force ten-fold.” “No he WONT!!! MIZUCHI!!!” She kicked a leg and Blades of wind cut through the air headed for the mysterious assailant Who in turn released his own Mizuchi the two clashing creating a massive Surge of winds felt by both boat teams. “Now thats what I'm talking bout Kiyomi.” ChouChou dove into the water and breathed fire hot enough to boiling the very ocean itself. Causing the two shark riders to evacuate the water and return to their boat. Chouchou then flew up out of the water and launched two windblasts from her wings while breathing fire. “Gokuryu Secret Technique: Raging Flamestorm.” The flames merged with the wind creating a massive whirlwind of fire that completely engulfed the boat leaving nothing behind as the boat and it's riders were completely incinerated. “Now that's how you do it.” In the air above her Kiyomi was finished with her battle, as she descended with the unconscious Shadow Force member over her shoulder. “He said their also here for the Heavenly Wisdom Spirit Animal.” “Make's sense. What are we gonna do with him?” “Take him back for questioning.” The sun was going when the finish line was finally in view.  “There it is. Were almost done.” Kaido announced. “There's just one more Master left that'll attempt to keep us from crossing the finish line.” It was as Kaido said. A man that standing on the beach just behind the finish line stood up. He begun spinning and kicking sending lightning blasts at the Kusarimaru. The man Then and ran and jumped into a horizantal corkscrew spin covered in Lightning, while more lightning materialized in the air alongside him all flying at Kusari. Kusari stepped forward ready. He merged with his Spirit Animal sprouting his wings which crackled with electricity. Little did he know ChouChou was touching him boosting his power just a bit. He closed his wings causing the the Master's lightning corckscrew to meet them. It too everything Kusari had just to keep from being broken through on impact. Now it was a battle of will power as he pushed back.. The master continued to push, his feet digging into Kusari's lightning wall. Kusari concentrated hard, but he was slowly running out of strength. ChouChou stood and put a hand on his shoulder, and strated boosting his power. “You got this.” Kiyomi said as she out her hand on his other shoulder. “Come on and beat hiiiiimmm.” Kaido yelled as he put a hand on Kusari's back. “Aaarrrrrrggggraaaaa!!!” Kusari's wings flapped opened sending the master backwards, stopping his flight and floating in the air. He nodded his head approvingly and the Kusarimaru crossed the finish line, reaching the beach. “WE HAVE OUR WINNERS. THE KUSARIMARU!!!” The crowd cheered. As they surrounded the winners. The announcer stepped forward. “Well well Kaido. Youv'e finally a boat race. Your brother would be proud.” He handed Kaido the trophy. Kaido's eyes watered. “Dude are you crying?” Kusari teased. “No. I just got something in my eye.” “And as for you three.” The announcer looked at Kusari, Kiyomi, and ChouChou making them nervous. “You have earned the right to meet the Guardian of Okinawa.” “The Guardian Of Okinawa?” “Yes. A great Dragon Demon Beast who protects these islands. He greatly increases the cuiltivation of the winners of the boat race every year.” “That must be it.” Kiyomi said. “Thats what I'm thinking.” ChouChou agreed. “But first WE FEAST!!!.” The crowd roared. An hour later they had a giant feast, during which ChouChou proceeded to eat 25 plates and two whole fish by herself. Kusari and Kaido had never seen such horrors before in their life. Kusari swore he saw Chouchou's mouth unhinge like A snake's. “Where does it all go?” “I don't even wanna know.” After the feast the four of them were lead down a path, to some caves. “The guardian of Okinawa is at this heart of this cave.” They walked on for a few minutes until they came to a giant cavern. And right in the center was a giant Green Eastern Dragon. “Greetings winners of the Dragon Boat Race. I see you are...different from the usual racers. Your cultivation is already plenty high. And you there, possess another like myself. You come here seeking me for a different purpose.” Yes Great Protector.” Kiyomi stepped forward. “The great war is upon us.” “As it is every so often. Ans as always i protect this island during that time.” “But this time is supposed to be different.” “Let me.” Xia spoke. ChouChou eye's began to glow and Xia appeared before them. “Hello Xia. It has been quite a while.” “Indeed it has.” “What has driven you to become a Spirit Animal?” “The great that approaches...will be the final. Followed by the great purge.” The dragon puffed out a flame in slight disbelief. “The great purge?” “Yes. The end of all Demon beasts . This world will return to the humans, should we win. But if we lose, the Shadow dragon will be left  to do as he pleases. You will die, every Demon Beast on the planet will die, or worse be turned into Shadow beasts. We need your help. Otherwise you could end up destroying the very islands you protect.” “If one Of Koryu's Golden General's requests it. I will gladly oblige. “ The Dragon's body started to glow and it began to shrink to human size. When the glow wore off there was a man with long green hair, a long green whisker like mustache, Scaled arms and legs. He wore some green swim trunks with no shirt with a green dragon head tattoo across his chest. He looked around, at Kiyomi, then ChouChou and Kusari then Kaido. “You possess no spirit Animal? You must be the brother of Kaizo The only other person to ever win the races without a Spirit Animal. “Yes thats me...he died and every year I've tried to enter and win to make him proud.” “You have an undeniable amount of courage, and strength for one born without a Spirit Animal. More than any practitioner I've ever met. I shall become your Sprit animal.” “What? Really?” “Yes. And because I am still living, you'll be even to access even more power as long as my body is here intact. Now take my hand.” Kaido stepped forward and grabbed The Dragon's hand. They both began to glow. The man began to shift back into his dragon form, while a ghostly version of his human form flew into Kaido. Kaido began to glow. When he was done, he had the same Dragon head tattoo on his chest. He looked at ChouChou who smiled and stuck her leg showing the same tattoo that Xia has running up her body. “It worked. Your an Animal Arts Practitioner now. Now you can help us in the upcoming war.” “Gladly. You guys helped me finally win the Dragon boat Races. I owe you one. Especially if it means I can keep living to win the races. “ “Then our mission here is done.” “Yes. We'll go back home tomorrow.” Kiyomi responded.

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