Theory - ghost

So... its one of powerfull persons in issth... but itndentify still hidden(mie sheng from bsd?) its OLD MAN EXTERMINATION

all chapters when he appers

save mang hao from 10wang patriarh in sea
what motive? he feel bronze mirror aura
he uses daos magic(?) black white spheres on hands(similiar to green coffin colour scheme and same(?) lvl of power)
how bronze lamp(vast expanse patriarh lamp(ghost) apeer on first planet? and mirror too? too strange...
why? shui dongliu travel with OME some time and in before war chapter OME talk with shui about it
why he save Chu yuan? he says @you remind me someone(green coffin and text about it)
he travel only in river of time why? he got suspended after destroing finger

possibly its his clone? and lamp in first planet his

and he wait all fingers to go ourside... soo

also shui dont show true power... just wait meng hao become devil... one more scheme

and final... in AWE we see similiar person what want something(resurect allheaven), like miesheng from bsd,
so its differend OME... same with magic... regenade mortal use... 
locust what corupt... similiar to bsc batmans? idk still not read bsd full



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