The Good for Nothing Young Lady's Otherworldly Domination



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  • Chapter 36 - Grandfather

    In the area where the superior class of the Profound Practitioner Academy stayed there was a big name plate with Xue Dwelling written on it. This courtyard was the third courtyard to the right of the middle-most one and its name plate was a white board with black words on it: black and white, very simple. 

    However, this courtyard was shut which meant that the master was away. 

    At this moment, a girl in a white uniform was walking outside the courtyard door. She was pretty, and she looked a little bit like Lin Haoxue. 
    Returning to the academy, this was the scene Lin Haoxue saw. 

    “Sister? You’re back?” How did your cultivation go?” Seeing this girl, Lin Haoxue ran toward her and charmingly pulled her into a warm embrace. She said, “It’s been more than two months since we last met and now you're even more beautiful!”

    This girl in white was precisely Lin Ruoxue. The only person who could make Lin Haoxue act this way was her sister, Lin Ruoxue. She was one year older than Shen Molian, and of course, she was more mature than her as well. She wasn’t a cold beauty like Shen Molian, Lin Ruoxue had a pure and holy aura about her.

    “Everything is going well,” Lin Ruoxue looked at Lin Haoxue and said. She could clearly feel that her younger sister’s strength was greater than hers now. She had heard that her younger sister had challenged Wu Shiyue. While she was happy for her, she also felt a little depressed. She said, “Haoxue, you’ve grown up.”

    “Of course! I grew up a long time ago.” Lin Haoxue laughed and said, “Only you and grandpa always treat me like a child.” 

    “Grandfather…” She heard Lin Haoxue mention him and Lin Ruoxue seemed to remember something. Suddenly, her face turned pale and said, “I came here because I got a message from home. Something has happened to our grandfather.” 

    “Why did something happen to grandfather?” Could it be that somebody dared to hurt him?” Lin Haoxue’s face turned pale as well. Back then Mister Ai had already shown that he was on our family’s side... Under such circumstances, how dare somebody challenge our Lin family! If this was true, then was the deal I had with him before even necessary?

    “I’m not quite sure what happened either. When I came back, a junior told me that a young servant girl had delivered a message. I suppose that she was Cui Lan. She said that our grandfather suddenly fainted and that she didn’t know what caused it. 

    “Now since neither of us know what’s going on, we should go home right away.” Lin Haoxue calmed down and her expression had turned cold. She said, “Who dares to hurt my grandpa? Humph!” 

    Lin Ruoxue was scared of her young sister’s look right now since she never saw Lin Haoxue like this before. She had never expected that her younger sister could be so aggressive and mean.

    Lin Ruoxue didn’t know, nor anybody knew how much this word grandfather really meant to her. In her previous life, her grandfather was her only warmth the only person she could depend on. That deep relationship was already carved in her veins and she had brought her mentality from her previous life to this new one.

    On the way back home, Lin Haoxue’s heart couldn’t calm down as she recalled her grandfather from her previous life.

    In Lin Haoxue’s previous life, Lin Haoxue had a grandfather. He was her only close relative and his name was Lin Xiaoyun. He was the leader of Dark Night. Dark Night, was a well-known underworld organization. It was under this organization that their family owned a lot of properties. All of them were amazingly influential, and all of their properties were rented out to only the most affluent guests. Whoever wanted to keep such places under their own control had to have absolute boldness when doing business. Lin Xiaoyun was just such a person. He had enough tricks, boldness, and wisdom to handle things; however, he had one weak spot, and that was his granddaughter, Lin Haoxue. 

    Lin Haoxue’s parents passed away very early, and therefore she relied on her grandfather and grew up. Lin Xiaoyun dearly loved his only granddaughter. But because their lives were always filled with different kinds of danger, he was strict with Lin Haoxue. From her childhood, he made her learn many different things and practice different kinds of skills. Business, socialization, self-protection, the art of war, and so on… He asked her to do everything perfectly. Lin Haoxue was sensible so she never whined about her hardships and just kept practicing. She wanted to be able to be the best in everything and reach her grandfather's standard, and this was what created Lin Haoxue’s tenacious character. 

    Lin Xiaoyun asked professionals to make a bracelet which specialized in self-protection. The destruction of this bracelet had the same amount of power as a ten ton bomb; its power was simply jaw-dropping. Furthermore, this bracelet formed a small protective barrier when it unleashed its destructive power. This barrier was just enough to cover one person, and of course, that would be its master. The first pearl of the bracelet was the power switch, and because it was too dangerous, Lin Xiaoyun reminder her again and again to only use it when it was absolutely essential. 

    However, when she was twenty years old and on the sixty-fifth birthday of her grandfather, she was forced to activate it. 

    On that day, Lin Haoxue worked especially hard. She had finished her training in advance and got the permission to leave the devil training camp from her coach. She left the camp and went to visit her grandfather who she hadn’t met in a long time. On her way home from the camp, Lin Haoxue’s thoughts came in quick succession. She couldn’t help but picture her grandfather’s happy face when he realized that she had come back to celebrate his birthday, and she laughed happily. 

    Just when she was almost home, her car was suddenly blocked. 

    “Uncle Liang, why are you blocking my way?” Lin Haoxue looked at this older guy with confusion. 

    “Second Young Miss, Grandmaster had arranged a new mission for you. We have to go to Singapore to check on our business.” 
    “Now? But it’s grandfather’s birthday today.”

    “Grandmaster said that as long as you can finish the mission he has assigned, it would be the best gift you can get for him.” 

    “Fine, I’ll listen to grandfather then.” Lin Haoxue responded hopelessly. “Grandfather is always so stubborn.” 

    “Since Second Young Miss isn’t against it, let’s go.” The older man said. 

    “Alright.” Lin Haoxue into another car and sat in the front passenger seat. Uncle Liang drover while three other men in black sat in the back. 
    When the car was passing through a supermarket, Lin Haoxue asked them to pull over and buy her some water as she was thirst. She thought of this excuse as earlier it was obvious they were in a rush for some reason. Since Uncle Liang always dearly doted on her, he didn’t think much and went to buy her water. 

    “Go home.” Seeing that Uncle Liang had left, Lin Haoxue’s expressions suddenly changed. Her attitude was tough like she was ordering them around. 

    “No.” Those men in black rejected her instantly. 

    “What if I insist on leaving?” Lin Haoxue smiled coldly and knocked them out in a flash. 

    Even if Uncle Liang had already reminded them, and even if they were already being cautious, they still underestimated Lin Haoxue. Lin Haoxue had been practicing martial arts ever since she was young, and therefore all her actions were almost like instinct to her. Quickly, Lin Haoxue threw the three of them out of the car. 

    Lin Haoxue stole the car and drove all the way back to her house. Her instinct told her that there must be something bad happening to her grandfather. Grandfather always wanted her to celebrate his birthday with him, therefore, there must be some danger which is why he asked Uncle Liang to take her away. 

    As expected, just when she was driving the car back to her house, she saw this scene…

    What Lin Haoxue saw broke her heart: there were a lot of men in black carrying guns and standing in the living room of Lin family’s residence. She knew most of these people, and they were all pointing their guns in the same direction, all at one person, an old man.

    The old man had a whole head of gray hair, and he was crawling under his big chair. It was obvious that he was shot and hurt badly, and both of his legs had multiple gun-shot wounds. His legs were bleeding so badly that he wasn’t able to stand up. However, even if he was badly injured, he was still trying to hand on and crawl to safety with both of his arms. 

    “Grandfather!” Her grandfather who was always highly respected was now crawling on the ground in the living room, his eyes were filled with coldness and precision, but after seeing his granddaughter arrive, he was very disappointed. Lin Haoxue’s heart was extremely hurt so much so that she couldn’t even cry out. She ran to her grandfather and tried to lift him up. Her grandfather was such an outstanding person and now he had turned out like this. 

    “Get out! Who let you come back home?” Lin Xiaoyun tried his best to let go of her hands, and his eyes were filled with desperation. He wasn’t scared of death, but he was afraid of his granddaughter would get hurt. 

    Lin Haoxue stood up slowly, and looked at the young man playing with his gun. Lin Haoxue knew him, he was Jiang Hanling someone who her grandfather had regarded as very importantly. He was ten years older than Lin Haoxue and had been close friends with her since she was very young. Her grandfather even joked that he would let her marry him, and she was always shy about the matter. 

    But now, this was the person who wanted to hurt her beloved grandfather. 

    “It’s you who wants to kill my grandfather?” Lin Haoxue asked him in a low voice. Even though he had already prepared in his mind that she would going to ask, he still didn’t dare to look into Lin Haoxue’s eyes. 

    “Yes.” Jiang Hanling responded in a low voice. 

    Since he had already admitted it, what else could she say? Yell and scold him? That would accomplish nothing, and Lin Haoxue couldn’t do such a thing. All she could blame was that the human heart was too hard to predict. 

    “It’s the way of the world that the young replace the old, you shouldn’t blame me.” Jiang Hanling’s voice was as cold as the expression on his face. 

    “It’s the way of the world that the young replace the old? Ha! Let’s go to hell together then!” Lin Haoxue suddenly smiled. At the same time as she was talking, she had slowly taken off her bracelet and pressed those invisible buttons. She left the bracelet next to her grandfather and stepped away.

    “Haoxue, you’re insane.” Nobody noticed, but Lin Xiaoyun had clearly seen what her granddaughter was doing. He knew exactly what would happen. 

    “Grandpa, live well! I believe that Uncle Liang will take care of everything.” Lin Haoxue said as tears fell down on her cheeks. “I’m just going to another world.” 

    “Boom!” A loud noise and all of a sudden the Lin Family’s house turned into a big fireball. In a flash, the whole building was destroyed. 
    Grandpa, I know that you’re worried about me and that you wanted to protect me. When you sensed the danger, the first thing you thought of was to send me away to keep me safe. However, you didn’t know that I don’t want you to die either. I’d rather sacrifice my life to let you live. This is the last thoughts that had run through her mind before she lost consciousness. 

    When she woke up again, she was here in this world. And in this world, she again felt love and concern from her grandfather. 

    Therefore, no matter what life she had, the relationship Lin Haoxue had with grandfather was very deep. Now that she heard something bad had happened to her grandfather, how would she not feel hurried and concerned? 

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  • Chapter 37 - Ambush

    Leaving the academy, Lin Haoxue and her sister quickly headed home. 

    It was now noon and the sun was in the center of the sky. The sun gave one a sense of warmth when its rays shine on you, however, Lin Haoxue was anxious and impatient so she wasn’t in the mood to feel it.

    While she was walking, Lin Haoxue somehow felt that the road home was longer than usual. Even though the Lin family’s house wasn’t close to the academy at all, she figured that they would be home soon as they were traveling quickly. However, when she lifted her head to see the road, she noticed that they were still quite far away.

    Lin Haoxue slowed down her pace. Faintly, she felt that something was wrong. She lifted her head and saw that the sun was still hanging high in the sky but its warmth had seemed to have vanished. Instead, there was a faint gloominess and coldness which seemed to be present in the air. 

    “Sister, wait.” Suddenly, Lin Haoxue said, however, nobody answered. Now she realized that Lin Ruoxue wasn’t by her side. She could still see the streets of Taixing town, however, there wasn’t any other people around but her. 

    This kind of gloominess and coldness, Lin Haoxue was familiar with it. It was obviously the aura of an incantation array. She knew right away that she had been set up. Despite this, she kept on walking while at the same time she spread her willforce as far as possible looking for any traces. 

    Noticing that Lin Haoxue’s willforce was examining her surroundings, the gloomy aura started to let out an aura of death. This was an aura that was strong enough to threaten her life. Suddenly, the surroundings became silent and everything seemed like it was being covered by a thin cloth. Everything became blurred. Obviously, they had launched the incantation array. 

    Afterwards, a faint silhouette showed up ten meters in front of Lin Haoxue. It was a middle-aged man with an ordinary appearance. He looked at Lin Haoxue and laughed coldly. His eyes were like a poisonous snake waiting for an opportunity to strike. His voice was gloomy and cold, “You deserve to be called a rare genius from the Lin family. You found out about it so quickly, huh? But what a shame you were still too late!” 

    “Was I too late? I’m not quite sure about that.” Lin Haoxue mouth curved into a cold smile. Now since she already knew that this enemy was an incantation master, she didn’t have to worry about it much. Master Liao had taught her many ways to deal with incantation masters. 

    “Oh? You think you still have a chance? Give it a try then. Can you even use your profound power? As a profound cultivator you can only sit and wait for death if you don’t have any profound power.” That man looked like he was definitely going to win.
    She examined herself and found out that her profound power had indeed decreased a lot. In the end, she wasn’t even able to circulate her profound power at all. Examining things closer, she noticed there wasn’t even a speck of profound power in this tiny space. It seemed like her profound power had been blocked and she was unable to draw in anything from her surroundings. 

    “Is this the Spirit Scattering incantation? No, the Spirit Scattering incantation doesn’t have the ability to confine profound power.” Lin Haoxue didn’t understand what incantation array she was under at the moment. However, she didn’t panic as it wouldn’t be hard to figure that out as long as the master of the incantation array was present. 

    “Little girl, you won’t be able to escape easily. There hasn’t been anyone who was able to escape from my Forbidden Spirit incantation array. You can only wait for death!” 

    “At least tell me why I have to die?” Lin Haoxue looked at him calmly. 

    “Well, you can only blame yourself for being a part of the Lin family. Someone can’t bear you staying alive.” Maybe in his eyes, Lin Haoxue was merely a dead person walking, therefore it didn’t matter whether she knew or not.

    “The Wu family?” How could Lin Haoxue not know who the people that wanted to harm her most were? 

    “Even if that’s true, what can you do? It’s too difficult for you to escape from death anyways.”

    “Oh? Then, how do you plan to kill me?”

    “You will know soon enough.” As he was talking, his silhouette gradually became fuzzy and it seemed as if it would disappear. 
    “Wanna leave? Not that easy!”

    Lin Haoxue came up with an idea and immediately shaped her willforce into a form. Something that was thinner than a needle shot out from between her eyebrows and shot into the enemy’s knowledge sea. Shaping her willforce into a form and attacking was a new skill Lin Haoxue had learned this time. 

    Her thoughts of the past just now took Lin Haoxue’s mind back to her previous life. The sense of all-out effort she used to have was her attitude in her previous life and something that she was now feeling as well. Almost twenty years of devilish training which she went through step by step, how could she not be tough? Therefore, in a flash her willforce broke out and both its attack power or speed were astonishing. 
    “Ahhhhh!” A miserable shriek erupted. 

    The dense fog-like veil dissolved at this moment, and it was like clouds letting through the sun’s rays. Now everything was back to normal.
    Lin Haoxue first saw her sister Lin Ruoxue laying down right next to her. After examining her, she knew that her sister had merely been knocked out, and she had no severe injuries. Afterwards, she saw there were three people standing by each other directly in front of her. The man in the middle looked ordinary, and at this moment, he was using his hands to cover the middle of his forehead as he was injured. 

    Lin Haoxue knew the other two people as well. One was butler Wu, the one who had witnessed Lin Haoxue beat up He Long and others. As for the last person it was Wu Shiyue, who had suffered a crushing defeat by Lin Haoxue. 

    “How the fuck did that happen?” Wu Shiyue looked at Lin Haoxue in horror not able to believe that even this strong person he hired was incapable of dealing with Lin Haoxue. Ever since he was defeated by her, he had suffered a great internal injury. Therefore he didn’t have a choice but to go home and get a lot of spirit medicine to recover his health. However, after recovering he was still insecure. Only by killing Lin Haoxue would he feel relieved. 

    He talked with his father about this issue and they hired an incantation master from outside of town for the job. The incantation master was merely at the First Nascent realm but after all he was an incantation master! How on earth did he get hurt by Lin Haoxue? How terrifying is she?
    He absolutely never thought that Lin Haoxue could have been an incantation master as well, and that her willforce was so astonishing. 

    “Is it you?! Is it you who hurt my grandfather and then set up my sister and me?” Thinking about how her grandfather’s fate was unknown, Lin Haoxue couldn’t hold back her anger and hatred. 

    “Uncle Yuan.” Seeing Lin Haoxue’s fierce expression, Wu Shiyue quickly hid behind the middle-aged man. He remembered the big price he had paid last time for provoking her, and even now, he still didn’t have the strength to deal with Lin Haoxue. 

    “She’s just a kid. It’s not like she can hurt us!” The one called Uncle Yuan had moved Wu Shiyue’s hand away from the middle of his eyebrows. The expression in his eyes looked arrogant, but when he looked at Lin Haoxue one could tell he was a tiny bit frightened. Earlier when their willforce had connected, he felt a powerful pressure from her. He felt dread from deep within from her tyrannical willforce which was at least a realm higher than his. 

    “And you who schemes against others, who do you think you are?” Lin Haoxue walked toward those three people step by step while laughing coldly. Now she was in a bad mood because everything was seemingly trying to keep her from her grandfather who she was very worried about. 

    “It was just luck that you were able to break my Forbidden Spirit incantation array so I’ll let you off. Get out of here right away otherwise, don’t blame me for not being nice. 

    “You will let me go? Ha! You should try using your profound power first. How much do you have left? Is it enough to form another incantation array?” Lin Haoxue’s eyes had turned red because her worries and hatred intertwined with each other. Therefore the desire to kill these people rose inside her mind, and all of a sudden, she seemed to have a fiendish aura, “You want to set up my family? You better be ready to go to hell!”

    “Haoxue!” Lin Ruoxue screamed.

    Lin Haoxue’s appearance right now was too scary. Even Lin Ruoxue who had just woken up was greatly shocked, let alone Wu Shiyue and the others. Lin Ruoxue had never seen her sister go so crazy. As for Lin Haoxue, she didn’t seem to hear Lin Ruoxue’s screaming. 

    Lin Haoxue drew her fingers through the air, and soon twenty-one incantations appeared almost simultaneously and floated up into the air. Twenty-one closely-linked incantations fused into the air and soon an abnormally aggressive Scrawling Blood array had formed. This array would trap Wu Shiyue and the other two inside it. Once the incantation was activated and the profound power had gathered those people wouldn’t be able to escape.

    The Scrawling Blood incantation array formed a very strong pressure which was able to draw out blood from humans. They wouldn’t be able to resist such an incantation, and in the end, they could only die from blood loss.
    Soon, those people who were trapped in the incantation couldn’t bear the pain, and were all holding their heads and screaming in pain. Their eyes and nose leaked blood, not to mention their mouth. The skin on their arms and legs gradually started cracking and their flesh seemed as if it were unable to bear such pressure. They seemed as if they would burst apart soon.

    “I let you go time and time again but you guys keep trying to harm me. What use is keeping you three alive? Die!” Lin Haoxue kept repeating these words and her violent emotions consumed her. 

    “Haoxue! What’s wrong with you?” The opponent’s devastation was so miserable that even Lin Ruoxue couldn’t bear seeing it anymore. Plus, she obviously felt that her sister didn’t seem normal. She ran over to her in order to stop her, but she was pulled back by an unknown power: a power which didn’t seem to be from Lin Haoxue.


    A faint noise could be heard. It sounded very familiar as if the dragon from the Divine Dragon Stream had groaned. Suddenly, Lin Haoxue shivered and her red eyes returned to normal. Her desire to kill disappeared and when she saw those three covered in blood, she couldn’t bear to see them like that either. She waved her hands and her Scrawling Blood array dissolved. 

    “Sister, let’s go.” Lin Haoxue had already calmed down and went to pick Lin Ruoxue up. 

    Seeing Wu Shiyue and those two looking horrible, she felt complicated about it. She wasn’t relieved, instead she was now scared of herself. Were it not for that faint groan, perhaps she might have lost her mind and simply slaughtered as she wished.

    Today she acted like this was because the Wu family had found her weakness. But wasn’t that because her weakness was too obvious?

    To Lin Haoxue, family was her weakness. Whoever dared to harm her family would feel her wrath. 

  • Chapter 38 - Curse

    The two red words “Lin Family” glistened on the green board. This board had been brought back from the imperial capital, it represented the Lin family’s honor and glory. Even though the Lin family wasn’t a big family, their influence was nothing to be looked down upon. The big green door was shut and this was obviously because they didn’t want anyone to visit. 

    Seeing the state of their house, Lin Haoxue looked at Lin Ruoxue and saw there was bitterness on her face as well. Sighing, she knocked on the door. After quite a while, the door finally opened a little. A head poked out searching the surroundings. When this person saw Lin Haoxue, her face immediately turned from depressed to happy and the door opened widely. She jumped out and almost fell on Lin Haoxue and her sister.

    “Two young miss, you’re finally back!”

    “Cui Lan, what’s wrong with grandfather?” Lin Ruoxue asked Cui Lan not noticing that Cui Lan’s behavior was a bit abnormal. Lin Haoxue noticed something from Cui Lan’s action which seemed to be almost warning about something. However, she didn’t ask anything since she was more concerned about her grandfather. 

    “Grandmaster is still in a coma.” Cui Lan spoke in a low voice and immediately frowned. Her happiness from seeing the two of them immediately disappeared. 
    “What exactly is going on? Tell us all of the details.” Lin Haoxue asked while walking. Grandfather always loved her dearly so he was very important to her. She wouldn’t allow anything to happen to her grandfather.

    “That day, grandmaster was doing fine. He had even gone to the martial arts practice arena to supervise and watch the guards practice. However, at night he became sick and couldn’t eat much of his dinner. Afterwards, he went into a coma. I’ve had many people come to look at him, but none of them knew exactly what was wrong. Now it has been more than ten days.” 

    “There wasn’t anything odd before grandfather passed out?” 

    “No, it was just a normal day.”

    “Sister, let me go check on him.” After hearing what Cui Lan said, Lin Haoxue was even more anxious. She didn’t dare stay and talk more, instead, she ran all the way to her grandfather Lin Geng’s bedroom.

    Lin Ruoxue was anxious too, and she had never seen her sister so nervous before so she followed her to his room. 

    Lin Geng’s bedroom was the master bedroom of the Lin family’s mansion and more than thirty guards had surrounded it. When those guards saw Lin Haoxue, they all looked emotional. Back then when Lin Haoxue and He Long fought in their backyard martial arts practice arena, Lin Haoxue’s skill in that battle gave them a profound impression of their young miss. But now Lin Haoxue wasn’t in the mood to make small talk, she walked directly to her grandfather’s room. 
    Inside the bedroom, there was only Lin Haiyue by his side. 

    “Uncle Haiyue!” Lin Haoxue quickly greeted Lin Haiyue then looked at Lin Geng, who was laying with his eyes closed. Lin Geng laid on the bed with both his hands on his chest, and he looked normal. He looked calm and his breathing was even as if he were just asleep. 

    “Grandpa” Lin Haoxue knelt down and used her hands to hold her grandpa’s that were filled with wrinkles and put them on her cheek. She called him faintly, but Lin Geng still laid there without moving. 

    “Grandpa, what’s wrong with you?” Suddenly, Lin Haoxue’s eyes were red and tears fell down on her cheeks rapidly. For the past few months, she had been through a lot. In the Demon Beast Forest, she almost died, but no matter what happened, she never felt depressed or even the urge to give up because she knew that grandpa was always there for her. Therefore, she wanted to be stronger, to protect her grandfather and her family. 

    But now, what had kept her going collapsed. Seeing her grandfather not move at all, she couldn’t help but cry out loud. Lin Geng who was lying there quietly in front of her reminded her of her previous grandfather Lin Xiaoyun. The scene of her grandfather laying on the ground as his blood flowed outwards showed up in her mind, and so she could no longer control her emotions. Finally, she let out her emotions and cried out loud. 

    Seeing Lin Haoxue who had always been brave crying so hard, Lin Haiyue just sighed and shook his head to Lin Ruoxue who had just rushed in signaling that she shouldn’t stop her. He thought that it wasn’t a bad idea to let her vent her emotions. Lin Ruoxue stood there quietly, but her eyes started to turn wet and red as well. 

    Lin Haiyue watched Lin Haoxue grew up. He thought that Lin Haoxue had been very lovable, but because her profound veins hadn’t awoken, she had always felt inferior. However, ever since she was beaten up by the Wu family and went into a coma, she had seemed to become a whole different person when she woke up. Even when the He family from the imperial capital came to challenge them, she crazily fought against them and actually managed to defeat the He family by herself. But no matter how strong she seemed to be, she was after all a child. 

    When Lin Haoxue let out all her emotions and cried out loud, she didn’t notice that her nerves which always been drawn tight had relaxed. Now, at this moment, the small black dragon in her dantian had also relaxed as well. Its curled-up body faintly stretched outwards, and at this moment, when it was stretching a black halo overflowed from its body. It went up along her meridian channels and eventually went into Lin Haoxue’s knowledge sea.
    After crying for a while, Lin Haoxue calmed down and saw her sister who was also crying. 

    “Hum?” Suddenly, Lin Haoxue was startled. She felt a familiar aura coming from Lin Geng’s body. To her surprise, it was an incantation’s aura! When she had just entered, she didn’t feel anything but now she did. What was going on? Could it be that her willforce had suddenly improved?

    Now she was able to figure out the reason why her grandfather had gone into a coma, and this was good news for her. 

    Lin Haoxue immediately held her breath and concentrated. She thoroughly checked Lin Geng’s body paying special attention to his profound veins. After checking for a while, she was relieved. She asked Lin Haiyue: “Uncle Haiyue, do you know why grandfather’s strength has diminished so much?”

    “Your grandfather was harmed badly ten years ago which put him into a coma. When he woke up, his strength had decreased quite a bit. Why are you asking about this all of a sudden?” Lin Haiyue thought for a bit and answered.

    “He was beaten up? Grandfather wouldn’t just lose his strength from a beating, something else must have happened. Can you tell me the details, Uncle Haiyue?” Lin Haoxue looked at Lin Haiyue firmly. Earlier her eyes had been inflamed from crying so hard, but now she looked as if she hadn’t cried at all: determined and very confident. Such a strong girl made Lin Haiyue love and admire her dearly. 

    “Ten years ago, an extremely powerful cultivator came to our Lin family’s residence. Even though he didn’t cover up his face, we didn’t know who he was. He said he was here for your father, but back then your father was wandering around outside so we really didn’t know what was going on. Your grandfather didn’t know either, but when that person heard that your grandfather didn’t know where your father was, he seemed a bit impatient. After hearing this, he suddently attacked your grandfather sending a golden beam of light shooting towards him. This was the attack which sent him into a coma. After more than ten days your grandfather’s strength had decreased by quite a lot. He went from a Peak Profound Saint realm to a Profound Ancestor realm cultivator. As for that person, he had already left the town.”

    “And then?”

    “Afterwards, your grandfather’s strength was too weak for us to keep our place in the imperial capital, therefore we had no choice but to come back here, to his home, Taixing town.” 

    “So you’re saying a mysterious person harm grandfather?” Lin Haoxue frowned. 

    “Yes. Even though that person was alone, his or her strength was immense.” 

    “But if this is true then this shouldn’t have been the outcome! If that person really wanted grandfather’s life, grandfather would never have been left alive. Why did he use such a method?” Lin Haoxue didn’t seem to understand and kept asking: “Uncle Haiyue, think about it more, was there anything else which happened afterwards?”

    “Nothing I remember. Back then the Lin family was a big family and our reputation was quite good. Therefore, after your grandfather was harmed, a lot of people came to visit...” When he talked to here, Lin Haiyue seemed to think of something, “If you’re forcing me to think of something odd… Could it be that the Chen family had something to do with this?”

    “The Chen family? Why do you think that?” Lin Haoxue seemed to notice something.

    “Here’s the thing. The Chen family was originally a subordinate family to our Lin family. Therefore, when your grandfather was in a coma, the most diligent person who came to visit was the Chen family head. Back then I never thought there was something wrong with their actions. It was just that after our Lin family left the imperial capital, the Chen family took our place as the fourth biggest family. So the Chen family had become the newest member of the four big families in the imperial capital.”

    “Who is the Chen family head? Is he an incantation master?” 

    “No, their family head was merely a profound cultivator. Even though back then he was at the Profound Saint realm as well, but he was merely at the Early-stage. No matter what he shouldn’t have had the strength to lead one of the big families.”

    “So was it only him that visited grandfather?” 

    “Mostly it was him alone. There was only one time that he brought his daughter.” 

    “His daughter?” 

    “Right, his daughter was a cultivation genius. It was said that when she was young, her face was injured accidentally, therefore she wore a face mask all year round. Almost no one had seen her true appearance.”

    “If that’s true, then everything is clear now. It must be that the Chen family did something.” 

    “Haoxue, what exactly is this about?” This moment, Lin Ruoxue heard what Lin Haoxue said, she asked immediately. 

    “Grandfather was cursed,” Lin Haxoxue said. 


    “Right. To sum it up, it’s an incantation. Grandfather was cursed with an incantation, but the person who did it wasn’t very powerful. So I think that it shouldn’t have been that mysteriously strong person who did such a thing as if he ever wanted grandpa’s life, nobody could have stopped him. He is unlikely to go so far as to use such a method.”

    “So you’re saying the person with the covered face who Chen family head brought with him wasn’t his daughter? She was an incantation master in disguise?” Suddenly, Lin Haiyue realized the truth of the matter. 

    “Right, this is what I think. Even though I don’t have evidence, the Chen family is the most suspicious one. I will investigate this issue. It seems that grandfather’s curse has been agitated again, so I need to urgently dissolve grandfather’s curse incantation.”

    “Dissolve the incantation? You?”

    “Yeah, me.” Lin Haoxue’s sorrow had disappeared. Now she was smiling and looked confident. 

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  • Chapter 39 - Dispelling the Incantation

    “Can you really remove the incantation on grandfather?” Hearing what Lin Haoxue said, Lin Haiyue was very happy. But he also felt a little bewildered and couldn’t believe what he was hearing.  

    He knew that if the curse incantation affecting Lin Geng could be removed then his strength would definitely recover. Then the Lin family’s status in Taixing town would be completely different from before. At this moment the heads of the three big families were merely at the Profound Spirit realm, but at Lin Geng’s strongest, he was already a Peak Profound Saint realm cultivator. If his strength recovered, they wouldn’t have to care about the puny Wu family at all. But in the end, Lin Haoxue was just a kid, did she really have such ability? 

    “Uncle Haiyue, don’t worry. If Haoxue says she can, then she can,” Lin Ruoxue was originally standing aside, but suddenly she interrupted. She obviously understood Lin Haoxue’s situation better than anyone else. “Something that is inconceivable for others somehow always turns out to be feasible for her. Uncle Haiyue, you probably don’t know, but now, Haoxue is an incantation master.” 

    “Incantation master? Really?” Lin Haiyue couldn’t believe what he heard. “The qualification to become an incantation master is extremely strict, and the number of incantation masters in all the Wuhuan Empire is easily counted, let alone our Taixing town. It’s only been merely two months since we last met, how did you become an incantation master?” 
    “Sister is right, it’s true. I am an incantation master,” Lin Haoxue nodded her head. This was good news for the Lin family. “As for how I became an incantation master, I’ll explain after I dispel grandfather’s curse.”

    “Sure, sounds good. It’s more important to dispel your grandfather’s curse. I was just so excited about this good news that I forgot what was more urgent.” Lin Haiyue laughed loudly. Lin Haoxue had become an incantation master! This was probably the best news he had heard in a very long time. During this time, with Lin Geng in a coma, the other families disturbances had turned their family into a mess. The Lin family had almost scattered, but now it seemed like regardless if Lin Geng recovered or not, the emergence of the Lin family was all but assured.  

    “Uncle Haiyue, sister, and Cui Lan you guys go wait outside and don’t let others disturb me. I need absolute silence while removing the curse,” Lin Haoxue said seriously.  


    “No problem.”

    Lin Haiyue and the others agreed and answered simultaneously then they left Lin Geng’s bedroom and waited outside.

    After they left the room, the entire house turned quite. Lin Haoxue calmed down for a bit then sat cross-legged and adjusted her willforce.
    Earlier she didn’t deny the fact that she was an incantation master and also said she could remove the curse incantation because she wanted to calm her sister and the others. In reality, it wasn’t so easy to dispel this incantation method surrounding Lin Geng. 

    She knew very well that the best way to dispel an incantation was to use another incantation to break it. Even though she was an incantation master, she was merely at the First Nascent realm. This Spirit Sealing incantation that was bound to her grandfather exceeded a First Nascent incantation array. If she forcefully dispelled the incantation, it was highly possible she would suffer a backlash that could permanently damage her willforce. Therefore, she had to adjust her mind to its peak so that she had a chance of success. 

    After a while, Lin Haoxue closed her eyes. Even though her eyes were closed, she knew precisely how Lin Geng’s profound power was circulating. Lin Geng had gold elemental profound veins and his veins used to be wide and durable. However, now his veins were thin and weak because they had been sealed by an incantation. 

    Sealing one’s profound power starts with their dantian. Now at this moment, inside Lin Geng’s dantian was a tiny red seal that stifled his profound power’s circulation and this was how the incantation kept eating away his profound power. That red seal had intricate cryptic pattern covering it making it obvious that it was a Spirit Sealing incantation. Spirit Sealing incantations could only be dispelled by Second Nascent realm incantation masters.

    “It’s a Spirit Sealing incantation!? So it’s you who made my grandfather suffer so much, I’m going to destroy you today!”

    Lin Haoxue groaned as she continuously drew in the air. Slowly as the Profound Power surrounded her it formed into incantations under her willforce. After a short while, a simple Seal Breaking incantation array had formed. This incantation array had five different elemental colors shining from it. 

    Lin Haoxue used her willforce to slowly push her incantation array into Lin Geng’s body. Lin Haoxue carefully pushed her Seal Breaking incantation array inside as while it was breaking the seal on her grandfather’s profound veins it was highly likely it could harm her grandfather’s body in the process if she wasn’t careful.

    Because Lin Haoxue was very careful, it took quite a long time. After a joss stick worth of time, Lin Haoxue’s multi-elemental incantation array bumped into the red incantation array inside Lin Geng’s dantian. 

    Incantations bump into each other represented their gathered energies crashing into each other. Which was different than clashes of profound power as when incantations come into contact with each other they are way more condensed under the user’s willforce. Gold, green, blue, red, and yellow, the five-elemental incantation array attacked the red incantation array from all sides. However, in the end, it was at least a level worse than the red incantation. The red incantation didn’t move at all, instead, the five-elemental incantation array gradually collapsed. 

    “Unexpectedly, it’s so hard to deal with?” Lin Haoxue was surprised. Then she moved her hands and another five-elemental incantation array was formed. However, she didn’t stop there, and surprisingly, she started forming yet another incantation. If someone saw what Lin Haoxue was doing, they would think she was insane. For most incantation masters, this action would be considered overdrawing their willforce. Once one’s willforce was damaged in this manner, in the less serious cases they would be unable to advance in rank as an incantation master. As for the serious cases, one could easily turn into an idiot. Therefore, Lin Haoxue’s actions were like committing suicide.  

    However, at this moment, the advantage of Lin Haoxue’s willforce showed itself. After a while, there were already ten five-elemental incantation arrays which had formed. But even now her willforce wasn’t entirely depleted and she also felt that today her willforce felt different compared to before. Now for some reason, it was a lot more condensed. 

    Now twelve five-elemental Seal Breaking incantations had formed, and Lin Haoxue again pushed them into Lin Geng’s dantian. She used her willforce to protect Lin Geng’s profound veins. At the same time she drove those incantations into his body, she started to feel a little tired. 
    Even though Lin Haoxue was merely a First Nascent realm incantation master, she had two astonishing advantages. One was that the five-elemental incantations she created would grow and multiply without end, and the other was that the amount of the five-elemental incantation arrays she could form at one time was quite a lot. 

    Twelve five-colored incantation arrays intertwined with each other inside Lin Geng’s dantian. Lin Geng seemed to feel something so he moved a little. 

    As Lin Geng moved, the red incantation array seemed to activate. It crazily moved to the right and left bumping around. However, at this moment, twelve incantation arrays occupied twelve different directions and slowly surrounded the red incantation array. 

    Lin Haoxue’s five-colored incantation arrays had the upper hand now. And slowly under the cooperation of the five-colored incantation arrays, the red incantation array was expelled from Lin Geng’s body. Lin Haoxue successfully controlled the five-colored incantation array to force the red incantation array to leave Lin Geng’s body without harming him.


    When the red incantation array was expelled from Lin Geng’s body, it turned into a bright red light. Unexpectedly, it wasn’t fully destroyed. It was planning to break through the window and flee. Obviously, it had its own spirit now. 

    “Humph, wanna leave? Not that easy!” Lin Haoxue snorted and drew in the air with her fingers. Several incantations flew into the air and soon they formed into a new Imprisoning incantation array. Even though it had its own spirit now, it had spent too much of its energy so that red light wasn’t able to escape. 

    That sphere of red light gradually fell onto Lin Haoxue’s white palm, unable to move anymore. 

    “Hum, so as it turns out it’s like that.” Seeing the red light on her palm, Lin Haoxue understood why grandfather had gone into a coma suddenly. Originally, this incantation array contained the creator’s willforce, so he was able to manipulate it from long distances away. The creator of this incantation could use it to cause damage to Lin Geng anytime he wanted and this is why Lin Geng had suddenly gone into a coma. 

    She took out a jade bottle and put it inside. Looking at Lin Geng who was still in a coma, Lin Haoxue’s face turned pale. But at the same time, she was relieved and then walked outside.

    “How’s grandfather?”

    “Was the curse removed?” 

    Lin Haoxue had just walked outside, and she was already surrounded. Lin Ruoxue and Lin Haiyue spoke at the same time. 

    “The curse has been removed, but grandfather’s profound power needs time to recover; he should wake up in about half a day.” Lin Haoxue said, “You guys go take care of him, I need to rest.” 

    “Alright, don’t worry about your grandfather. We’ll take good care of him. You should go rest.” Lin Haiyue saw Lin Haoxue’s face had become pale and her forehead was covered in sweat so he knew that it took her a lot of effort.

    “Un,” Lin Haoxue nodded her head and left. She was now very tired so when she went back to her room she didn’t do anything but lay down. 
    Lin Haoxue slept for three days and nights.

    Lin Geng woke up and heard that Lin Haoxue was now an incantation master. He asked for someone to wake up Lin Haoxue but was so soundly asleep that she wasn’t able to be woken up. 

    After three days, Lin Haoxue finally woke up. After waking up, Lin Haoxue felt very refreshed and her profound power also improved some. At the same time, her perception power was different than before as well. Now she could clearly tell that inside the Lin family’s mansion, her grandfather and sister were talking, and over at martial arts practice grounds, guards were practicing earnestly. Even if nobody was watching them, those guards didn’t goof off. Uncle Haiyue now wasn’t present at the Lin family’s residence. Her senses were so distinct that she could even sense the ants walking in their backyard. This kind of sudden change made Lin Haoxue very happy.

    “Second Young Miss, Second Young Miss. You’re awake? What are you doing?” Lin Haoxue just withdrew her focused senses when she heard Cui Lan’s voice. She was standing next to her watching her with big eyes. 

    “What’s wrong?” Lin Haoxue said. 

    “Here’s the thing. Grandmaster has woken up a while ago, and he wanted to see you but you have been resting and we couldn’t wake you up,” Cui Lan said with a face full of excitement. “Let me tell you the good news! Grandmaster’s strength has increased a lot!” 

    “Un,” Lin Haoxue nodded her head and said. “How long have I slept?”

    Cui Lan looked at her and stuck up three fingers, “You don’t know but grandmaster had been asking about you this whole time.”

    “Three days…” Lin Haoxue repeated these words. She thought that she was just a little sleepy, she didn’t realize that she would be sleeping so long. “Alright, let’s go see grandfather.”

    Afterwards, she got up and left while Cui Lan followed behind her.  

  • Chapter 40 - News of Parents

    In the bedroom, Lin Geng sat on the edge of the bed and looked healthy and strong. He smiled and touched his beard which had grown gray making him look like an immortal cultivator. He had a completely different aura than before when he always had many things weighing on his mind. Lin Haiyue and Lin Ruoxue both sat in his room, and he was now smiling toward Lin Haoxue while she stepped inside.

    “Sister, Uncle Haiyue, y’all are all here? Grandpa, how are you feeling?” Seeing this scene, Lin Haoxue was relieved. She walked forward and sat down in a chair.

    “I feel great,” Lin Geng looked at Lin Haoxue with affection. He looked a little depressed and also touched, “Haoxue, you must’ve spent a lot of effort to remove the curse on me, I’m sure it made you exhausted. Are you alright?”

    “Why wouldn’t I be? As long as grandpa is fine, I’m fine.” Lin Haoxue smiled and showed a warmth that was only ever seen in front of her family. At the Profound Practitioner Academy, Lin Haoxue was used to not showing her emotions. 

    After a while, Lin Haoxue seemed to remember something. She reminded, “Grandfather, even though you’re awake now, the curse had wasted too much of your body’s energy, you need to rest more.” 

    “Ok, grandfather will listen to you.”

    “Sigh, grandfather, Haoxue, I say you guys don’t have to keep thanking each other. You guys are both fine, right?” Lin Ruoxue smiled. At this moment, she was in a good mood because not only had her sister’s strength improved, her grandfather’s had as well. For the Lin family, these two simultaneous happy events were a blessing. 

    “Right, grandmaster, Haoxue, Ruoxue is right. How long are you guys going to be polite to each other?” Lin Haiyue interrupted as well. Even though he was merely a servant, he was looked favorably upon by the Lin family and Lin Geng viewed him as very important too. He was called Uncle by Lin Haoxue and Lin Ruoxue, therefore it was natural that he wasn’t reserved when he spoke. 

    “Haha, that’s right. We are family, so we don’t have to be courteous with each other.” Lin Geng and Lin Haoxue laughed. Everyone talked and laughed, looking very joyous and harmonious. This is the most relaxing moment that Lin Haoxue had after coming to this world. 

    After a while, Lin Geng suddenly said, “Ruoxue, go check to see if Cui Lan is done making the porridge yet.” 

    “Alright, grandfather. I’ll go check on it.” Lin Ruoxue was very smart, she knew that grandfather had something to talk to her sister about so she didn’t hesitate and just left. 

    “I’ll go check on the martial arts training grounds then, let’s see if anyone is goofing off.” Lin Haiyue had followed Lin Geng for many years, so he immediately understood what Lin Geng meant and found for a reason to leave. Now only Lin Geng and Lin Haoxue were left.

    Watching Lin Ruoxue and Lin Haiyue leave, Lin Geng’s smile gradually faded away. He looked at Lin Haoxue with a serious face, “I’ve heard that you’ve rapidly improved, and now you’re an incantation master. What’s this about?”
    “Here’s the thing…” Lin Haoxue felt his concern and her heart warmed.

    Therefore, she didn’t hide the truth and told Lin Geng how she went to Jiyu auction house to learn from a master.

    “So, your willforce is black then?” Lin Geng frowned very hard. 

    “Yes, grandfather. What exactly is wrong with black willforce?” Lin Haoxue recalled Master Liao’s expression which didn’t seem surprised but also didn’t seem happy either when they found out her willforce was black. However, he never really told her about black willforce. Now looking at her grandfather’s expressions, perhaps he knew something? 

    “About the black willforce, I really don’t know much. I’ve just heard that it is very hard to get rid of when facing it and also very terrifying. As for the reason, I don’t know either. What’s wrong? Your master didn’t tell you about it?”
    “Nope,” Lin Haoxue shook her head. 

    “Sounds right. This Master Liao always had a reputation for being mysterious along with the fact that he is quite powerful. It’s pretty normal that he didn’t tell you. But his whereabouts are always a mystery so it’s unlikely he can protect you.”

    “Do I need to be protected?” Lin Haoxue asked with doubt. 

    “Of course you do. It is never smooth sailing on the road to a genius’s growth.” Lin Geng sighed with sorrow. 

    “It’s ok, grandfather. I’ll take good care of myself.” Lin Haoxue said unconcerned. “Don't underestimate me!”

    Even though Lin Haoxue spoke with confidence to make Lin Geng happy, Lin Geng didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, the expression on his face became more serious and he said, “Haoxue, let me ask you one thing, you need to answer me honestly.”

    “Ok!” Seeing her grandfather so serious, Lin Haoxue became serious as well. 

    “What do you think is required for the path to become the strongest?”

    “It’s a very harsh road filled with danger. One needs to constantly work hard to not let others defeat them. Besides having talent, having faith and perseverance absolutely shouldn’t be ignored either. Of course, as long as one’s strength is enough, the enemy’s traps and schemes will be in vain.” Lin Haoxue thought of the ambush she suffered on her way back home.

    “Since you already know that the path of the strongest is about risks and opportunities, do you still want to have such a life?” Lin Geng asked.

    “I know that this path is full of danger but I need to make myself strong, and I want to stand at the peak. So can protect the people I want to protect. If I have strength then nobody would dare to harm my family and friends.” When Lin Haoxue said these words, her face was serious and her soft immature face had an unignorable stubbornness to it. She was so young, but she had the confidence and boldness to truly stand at the peak of the world. Seeing Lin Haoxue’s attitude, Lin Geng was speechless. Such stubbornness and tenacity, what else could he say?

    “Sigh, your stubborn personality is so much like your father’s,” One could only guess what Lin Geng was thinking of. Lin Geng sighed and didn’t know if he should feel comforted or worried. He said, “Now since you have chosen this path, I will do all I can to support you, but you have to be aware that this is a path where nine out of ten times it will lead to death, especially since you have black willforce. Therefore, no matter what you encounter in the future, you have to promise to keep yourself alive, ok?”

    “I know, grandfather. Don’t have to worry about me, I promise you.”

    “Since you chose this, grandfather won’t stop you.”

    “Thank you. I know grandfather is the best. But what’s wrong with my father? Is he still alive?” Lin Haoxue just heard him mention her father, so she was a little emotional. She was a person of two worlds, but in both lives, she hadn’t known her parents. She had never enjoyed the love of a parent so that was something she longed for. 

    “Your parents? Of course, they’re alive. As for what they’re up too...
    Unfortunately, I don’t know either. If you can defeat He Lingyun during the Profound Immortal Convention, someone will definitely tell you your parents.”

    “Profound Immortal Convention, He Linyun. I will definitely defeat him!

    Grandfather, don’t worry about it.” Lin Haoxue held her fists and looked very confident.

    “Alright, work harder then.”

    “What about the Wu family?” Lin Haoxue thought of something suddenly. If she was right, the Wu family must have some secret connection with the Chen family. Otherwise, how could there be such a coincidence? After she defeated Wu Shiyue then something bad happened to her grandfather and on her way back home the Wu family set her up. 

    “Humph, a mere Wu family! They have been bullying and humiliating my Lin family for so long. Now, it’s time for them to pay,” Lin Geng eyes seemed to burn with anger. His Profound Saint realm strength could indeed make one astonished. Perhaps this was what Lin Geng former strength really felt like. 

    “I love to see grandpa like this, my grandfather is the strongest.” Lin Haoxue laughed.

    “You’re too talkative. The Wu family is nothing. What I’m really worried about is you, kid!”

    “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

    Even though your talent is amazing, you have to realize that out in the world there have been countless geniuses that never reached their full potential and died young. So you have to practice very hard and live well.” Concerning Lin Haoxue, Lin Geng had two things to be happy about for every eight worries. 

    “By the way, grandpa, I’m going out for experiential training in a few days, but I’ll be back before the battle for a spot to enter the Saint Emperor Academy. Will the Wu family be dealt with before this?” 

    “Going out to get some experience sounds like a good idea. The Wu family issues will be finished soon.” Lin Geng said. While he was talking about this, Lin Geng’s face had a determination that Lin Haoxue had never seen before. This look, Lin Haoxue had never before seen it in her memory, but she had no choice but to think that this was great. Perhaps, this was supposed to be the lofty and unyielding character of the Lin family.

    “But, after all, the Wu family’s influence in Taixing town was quite big. If we just go to their house directly and pick a fight, perhaps it will make our Lin family look bad. After all, our family’s roots are here. Grandpa you don’t want to leave right?” 

    “Yah, you’re right.” Lin Geng looked at Lin Haoxue, and he immediately understood. He said, “Speak out then, what ideas do you have?”

    “Now, our Lin family definitely can’t do something like bullying the weak. So just let me fight in the arena and have a fair battle.” Lin Haoxue smiled sneakily. 

    “Fair fight?” Hearing these words, Lin Geng couldn’t help but say, “Now your strength has exceeded everyone your age. Even the best disciples in the Wu family have lost to you. Fighting yourself doesn’t quite seem fair. But your idea is pretty good, in the public arena, we can shine the light on the Wu family’s shady business. We can let others know that our Lin family has held to the word truth, and so people at least won’t discredit our family.”

    “The one that understands me the most is definitely grandfather.”

    “Alright, I’ll do what you suggested. Now, you should go to the backyard. You’re even more important than me, our family’s head, in the minds of those guards!”

    “I’ll go then.” Lin Haoxue laughed and left. Today she heard that her parents were probably still alive, and this was the best news for Lin Haoxue.

    Seeing Lin Haoxue leaving, Lin Geng started to wonder if it was good to support her decision. However, this was her choice, there was no use even if he tried to stop her. If he could, of course, he hoped that she would have a normal, happy life. He didn’t want her to be like her father who was always exhausted. Thinking of Lin Haoxue’s father, that talented and astonishing son, Lin Geng felt a little bit proud of him, but also a little bit sad for him.

    “Since you’ve made this decision, I’ll be all for it then,” Lin Geng murmured. 

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  • Chapter 41 - Fleeing before the Fight?

    Lin Geng’s awakening ended the Lin family’s gloomy atmosphere. In the Lin family members’ hearts, as long as the family head Lin Geng awoke then nothing would be a problem. 

    At the same time, as a character that was fighting strongly against the crazy tide of life, Lin Haoxue’s impression in the Lin family had become stronger and close to that of her grandfather, this made her an idol that everybody fervently looked up too. She changed from a delicate young miss that always needed protection to the backbone that supports the entire family. This kind of change was like the sky and earth exchanging places. Now, Lin Haoxue’s reputation wasn’t a bit inferior to Lin Geng’s, actually, she seemed to exceed Lin Geng.  

    About this, Lin Haoxue didn’t know if she should cry or laugh. However, Lin Geng didn’t care at all. He became even happier because Lin Haoxue had brought back everybody’s confidence and pride in the Lin family. 

    During this time, Lin Haoxue and Lin Geng were busy coming up with a plan to fight the Wu family. 

    After five days, some astonishing news spread throughout Taixing town. A small third-rate family had a genius amongst them and this new genius was Lin Haoxue. Just a while ago, she had no talent for cultivation. Now, this Second Young Miss stated that she wanted to challenge all the disciples of the Wu family, who were one of the three main families of Taixing town! She also wanted to do this by herself!. 

    When this news first broke, it immediately became a hot topic to gossip about in Taixing town. People talked about it with each other when they were having tea and also at dinner. People did not fully believe the news, but they were convinced after they heard that the Lin family had invited the Zheng and Wang heads to watch the matches. 

    For the attitude towards this issue, the people of Taixing town had split into two sides. One supported Lin Haoxue as they thought that since she dared to issue such a challenge, then she must be ready to fight. These people thought this because they knew a short while ago she had defeated He Long. But, unfortunately, the people that held this point of view didn’t even reach two percent. 

    The other side thought that Lin Haoxue didn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth: that she was just frantic and impudent. They believed that even though Lin Haoxue had defeated He Long before, that was because He Long was merely at the Profound Grandmaster realm. Now, what she was going to face was the entire Wu family! This was a family with more than three hundred years of history in Taixing town! They were one of the three major families, but apparently, even that didn’t affect Lin Haoxue’s mind. Furthermore, there weren’t many disciples at the Profound Grandmaster realm, but there were a lot that exceeded this realm, therefore Lin Haoxue’s actions were no different than striking a stone with an egg. Those who had such a point of view reached around eighty percent of the population. 

    However, of course, this was because the news that Lin Haoxue had challenged Wu Shiyue was public knowledge, but not that she was an incantation master. Otherwise, this situation would probably be completely opposite. 

    This issue had spread throughout Taixing town and people talked about it constantly. But the Lin and Wu families who were involved were unusually silent about the matter. They acted like nothing was happening, but everybody knew that this was the so-called calm before the storm. The Wu family knew what Lin Haoxue was capable of, therefore they wouldn’t underestimate this battle. But the Lin family didn’t goof off either. According to the response from the Zheng and Wang families, when the Wu family got the message that Lin Haoxue was going to challenge them, they accepted exceptionally fast. They knew what they were capable of but they still accepted the challenge This meant that they were fully prepared for this battle already. Therefore, Lin Haoxue and Lin Geng were being very careful. 

    Just as everyone in Taixing town was looking forward to watching this epic fight, the day of truth finally arrived.  

    On this day, the whole of Taixing town had come. People gathered around the battle arena located on the east side of town. No matter who one supported, Lin Haoxue or the Wu family, they all wanted to watch this show. For many of the cultivators from poor families, they would be able to see the best of the younger generation fight with each other which would definitely help them gain insights and benefit them. Furthermore, both disciples from the Wu family and Lin family were outstanding characters of Taixing town’s younger generation: they were simply a noble existence for these poorer cultivators. Therefore, they thought that the fight between Lin Haoxue and the Wu family would definitely be unordinary. 

    This battle arena in Taixing had existed for thousands of years. It was a three feet tall, ninety feet long, and sixty feet wide platform. The entire arena was made of firm granite, and at the edges of the four corners, there was energy from ancient incantations. One didn’t need need to worry about their power when fighting as this platform wouldn’t collapse. 

    Before the sun was up, someone was already occupying a seat. Now, it was ten in the morning, but neither the Wu family nor the Lin family had arrived yet. However, at this time, the arena was already very crowded. 

    At this moment, two young men around seventeen to eighteen years old came near the crowd. One looked cold and the other one looked tender. After they showed up, all the people surrounding the arena separated into two sides giving a two meter wide road for them. Some very young kids didn’t know who they were, therefore they asked their older brothers and sisters, and now they knew, “One is Zheng Yucheng from the Zheng family, and the other one is Wang Mufeng from the Wang family. Five years ago, they were all as famous as Wu Shiyue, and the three of them were called the three geniuses of Taixing town. However, as time went by and since they didn’t show up much in public anymore they were gradually forgotten by people. 

    The reason why the Wu family, the Zheng family, and the Wang family were able to become the three major families were not only because their family heads were strong but also their disciples’ talent were all very high. Therefore, they formed a strange balance. This generation, the three most outstanding characters were Wu Shiyue from the Wu family, Zheng Yucheng from the Zheng family, and Wang Mufeng from the Wang family.
    Zheng Yucheng had a great relationship with Wang Mufeng. Five years ago, they were both taken away to be trained by a mysterious master who came from somewhere far away. These days were right around the time they left five years ago so it seems like they got permission to come back home. After they heard about what was going on between Lin Haoxue and the Wu family, of course, they had to come watch.   
    Suddenly, that elegant Wang Mufeng stopped and greeted a blurred shadow in a crowd, “Brother Wu, you’ve come.”  

    “Aren’t you here as well?” A young man in green responded unhappily. It was Wu Shiyue. Ever since Wu Shiyue failed to ambush Lin Haoxue, he had been feeling shameful to meet people. Now he was hiding in the crowd, but he was called out by Wang Mufeng; therefore, he could only unhappily responded. 

    Zheng Yucheng couldn’t help but look at Wang Mufeng. Zheng Yucheng knew that he was a man with a big smile who was full of evil intentions as he had seen too many of his opponents die from his fake smile. 

    After meeting Wu Shiyue, people around them started to gossip about the information they had obtained. Wu Shiyue, Zheng Yucheng, and Wang Mufeng, these three people were the most famous geniuses of Taixing town. Ever since five years ago when Zheng and Wang went out to gain experience, they hadn’t shown up anymore. Now all three had appeared at the same time, this definitely caused a big commotion. 
    Wang Mufeng could tell Wu Shiyue’s mood from his unhappy tone, so he just smiled and didn’t say anything more. 

    “It’s been five years since I last saw you. Brother Zheng had improved a lot, huh!” Wu Shiyue ignored Wang Mufeng and just talked to Zheng Yucheng. This was because he found out that Wang Mufeng’s strength was higher than his own by a little bit, but he could still tell how deep his strength was. However, he wasn’t able to see through Zheng Yucheng’s strength. Now that he knew this, it made him even more unhappy. 
    “No, no, brother Wu didn’t show his real strength last time. Perhaps the Lin family isn’t  qualified to make brother Wu come onto the arena, right?”  

    Zheng Yucheng answered politely. Even if he responded politely, Wu Shiyue naturally reminded of the fact that he had been defeated by Lin Haoxue. His face turned pale and he said, “I’m not going to fight this time.”

    After saying this sentence, he immediately changed topics, “I’ve heard that Uncle Zheng is the overseer this time. Why don’t I see him here?”
    “Since my father accepted, he won’t break his promise. According to my father, he seemed to view this fight with importance.” The calm and introverted Zheng Yucheng smiled and looked forward, “Ha, see? Here he comes.”

    Wu Shiyue followed the direction where Zheng Yucheng was looking, and as expected, the three who were waiting ahead surrounded three others and walked toward the arena. That three that had just come were Wu Haiping, Zheng Shiling, and Wang Xunyuan. As these three people arrived, the crowd got more excited. 

    Zheng Shiling and three others came to the front of the arena and sat down in the chairs. 

    After they were all seated, Zheng Shiling looked at Lin Geng who had shown up very early. He saw that he didn’t have any reactions to their arrival and then he looked at Wu Haiping saw him nod his head. He had eye contact with Wang Xunyuan and then cleared his throat saying, 

    “Everybody! Since the Lin family and the Wu family can’t put aside their grudges, they now are willing to fight each other in the arena to determine who is stronger and put an end to their hatred. It is the Second Young Miss, Lin Haoxue, from the Lin family who will challenge all the younger generation disciples from the Wu family. No matter who wins or loses, they’ll all have to accept the result and not get into this anymore. Now, please, the Lin family and the Wu family come to the stage.” 

    Right after Zheng Shiling finished speaking, a young man from the Wu family jumped out onto the arena platform which gave him warm applause. 

    “Wu Shiling?” Someone called out this name from the crowd. Wu Shilin was at the Profound Grandmaster realm, and he was also one of the most top-notch cultivators of the upcoming generation in the Wu family. He was pretty proud that he had aroused the crowd and got their applause, so he happily looked out at the crowd.  

    When he looked around, he immediately turned gloomy. The person he imagined to be trembling with fear and look like she would regret her decision, Lin Haoxue… Wasn’t even here. Even though Wu Shilin hasn’t seen Lin Haoxue, he had seen a picture of her before. Anyone who has seen Lin Haoxue before would never forget her appearance easily. 

    Now Lin Haoxue wasn’t on stage nor in the crowd... Could it be that she ran away?

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  • Chapter 42 - Utterly Suppressed

    Not only did Wu Shilin think that Lin Haoxue had slipped away, but most people in the crowd thought so as well. They thought that such actions were normal and that Lin Haoxue was impulsive to make such a decision. As a result now when she really had to face them, she was too scared to show herself… After all, it was a normal thing when facing the Wu family whose strength far exceeded her family that she would have stage fright and want to escape. 

    “What? Could it be that Lin Haoxue ran away?” somebody said. 

    Originally it was noisy, but suddenly it turned quite. 

    “Dang, I thought I would be able to watch a marvelous fight. Who knew that the challenger would run away like this.”

    “Yeah. The Lin family really is good-for-nothing! When they first spread this news, they seemed so certain of themselves. What about now? Where the fuck is she?”

    “It’s obvious that they were just showing off. When faced with a real fight, they escape faster than anyone!” 

    “Exactly. Now they’re not only shameful but also wasting our time!” 

    After waiting for a while, people didn’t see Lin Haoxue show up so they were completely disappointed and dissatisfied. They started criticizing the Lin family saying there was nothing good about them and made it seem like the Lin family really had stage fright. 

    “Zheng family head, what’s going on?”

    Wu Haiping asked Zheng Shiling with a sly smile. His implication was obvious, he was implying something like didn’t you think highly of the Lin family? Now, where is she?

    Wu Haiping was feeling quite confused. Most people were unaware of Lin Haoxue’s stubborn personality, but he had witnessed it before. To be honest, to say that Lin Haoxue would ever flee before a fight, he couldn’t believe it. 

    “Wu family head, don’t be hasty. Now since you’re here, why don’t we just wait for a while? I believe you won’t be disappointed.” Zheng Shiling said while looking calm. Of everyone that wasn’t from the Lin family, he was probably the person who had the best opinion of Lin Haoxue.

    Therefore, he believed that Lin Haoxue wasn’t the type of person who would flee before a fight. However… Where was she!

    Thinking of this, Zheng Shiling subconsciously glanced at Lin Geng but saw that he didn’t look worried in the least, and seeing this he felt relieved. 

    Wu Shilin, who was on the stage, laughed coldly and made fun of Lin Haoxue, “Everyone, as you can see back then she had so much courage to challenge me and yet, she’s not here. I thought the Lin family was about to rise once more, but it really does seem like they’re just good-for-nothing trash.”

    “Sorry, I seem to be late.”

    Suddenly, a sharp, clear female voice sounded out. A voice which interrupted Wu Shilin’s next words. 

    She caught everybody’s eye. She was an absolute beauty with black hair in a white shirt who stood there in the arena platform opposite Wu Shilin. She slowly looked around the crowd seemingly causing the temperature to drop and those who were just berating the Lin family shivered and lowered their heads. 

    Her imposing manner was so dreadful! This kind of aura, this kind of pressure, couldn’t be from a normal twelve year old girl. Everyone surrounding the stage was shocked, and they couldn’t understand why they were actually scared by such aura. What they didn’t know was that if one had an overwhelming willforce it could make others subconsciously acknowledge allegiance to them without any thoughts of hatred. 

    “Haha,” Zheng Shilin was relieved as he saw Lin Haoxue show up. He stroked his beard, and smiled, “It’s alright. It’s late now and since you are here we can begin.”

    He was to be the witness and judge at the same time so of course, he had a right to speak. Lin Haoxue’s arrival made him relieved because this little girl hadn’t let him down. Back then when Lin Haoxue had used her own power to fight the He family, he already felt that this little girl was remarkable. 

    Lin Haoxue stopped looking around and looked at Wu Shilin. The coldness in her eyes didn’t disappear, instead, it became even stronger. She had heard all the insults thrown at her Lin family. 

    Wu Shilin saw Lin Haoxue’s sharp gaze and felt a bit terrified. However, he quickly calmed down and looked at Lin Haoxue, “You’re Lin Haoxue?”

    “I am.” Her voice was sharp, clear, and it had a freezing coldness to it. 

    “I see that you didn’t flee before the battle. This isn’t bravery, on the contrary, you’re just a fool. Now, since you’ve shown up, you won't make it through in one piece.” 

    “If the whole younger generation of the Wu family is like you then this challenge will be meaningless.” Lin Haoxue coldly said while looking at Wu Haiping who was sitting outside the arena.

    “You’re seeking death!” Wu Haiping felt that he was being looked down on, therefore he flew into a rage. He angrily shouted, “You’re speaking conceited nonsense. I’ll make you beg for death before I’m done with you!”

    “You talk too much!” Lin Haoxue coldly waved her hands as if she were driving away a buzzing fly. 

    “You!!” Wu Shilin’s face turned green. He’d never been humiliated like this before.

    “Let’s begin,” Lin Haoxue looked impatient. 

    This time Wu Shilin didn’t respond. He took a few steps back while he slowly raised his hand. A dazzling golden light shone from his palm.

    Gradually, his palm came to look like it was made of gold and filled with power. This was because he had used his profound power to strengthen his already powerful physical strength resulting in a power with enormous destructive potential. This skill could only be used by cultivators who were higher than the Profound Grandmaster realm. 

    “This is the profound skill Golden Palm, the Wu family’s prized skill. This really is a difficult skill to learn! Unexpectedly, Wu Shilin has successfully learned this skill! He deserved to be called a genius!” Someone from the crowd who knew the details of Golden Palm shouted out.
    “It’s just a small achievement. It’s not like he is very brilliant.” A young man couldn’t help but say. 

    “You know nothing. This is a very technical profound skill to use and is considered a top-notch profound skill of the Wu family.” The person who spoke stared at that young man and said, “The difficulty to learn this skill isn’t something you can possibly imagine.”

    “Oh.” The young man replied simply and didn’t retort back as he had faith in his senior. 

    As everybody knows, profound skills are divided into Yuan, Heng, Li, and Zhen these four levels. Every level is further sub-divided into high-quality, medium-quality, and low-quality. As for the cultivation level for profound skills they are divided into Elementary, Small Success, Big Success, and Perfection. Wu Shilin had mastered this difficult profound skill to the Small Success stage. As a cultivator that was at the Profound Grandmaster realm, it was quite amazing to have accomplished such a feat. 

    On the stage, the golden palm was firmly chopping toward Lin Haoxue’s dainty body and it seemed like it would certainly take Lin Haoxue’s life. 

    Lin Haoxue just tensely stared at that golden palm, and she didn’t have any intention to dodge.

    “Look, it seems like she isn’t going to dodge the attack!” Someone spoke full of surprise as they saw Lin Haoxue didn’t react.

    “What is going on here? Could it be that she was startled?”

    “I don’t think so. It looks like she has a plan in place.”

    As the person exclaimed guessing what was going on, many people started talking. 

    Three meters, two meters, one meter…

    It was coming closer and closer, but Lin Haoxue still didn’t react. 

    Two feet, one foot…

    It was still getting closer and closer. When the golden palm was only half a foot from Lin Haoxue’s head, she finally moved. She didn’t dodge, instead, she raised her left hand slowly. 

    Her small hands were slim and beautiful. Therefore, they didn’t seem to have any chance to oppose that powerful golden hand. 

    The whole audience was so scared that they all closed their eyes as they couldn’t watch this beautiful girl get so horribly injured. 


    Wu Shilin’s Golden Palm struck Lin Haoxue’s slim hand. Unexpectedly, an ear-piercing noise resounded as if iron weapons had struck each other. 

    Soon, an astonishing scene unfolded. Wu Shilin staggered backwards a couple meters then fell to the ground. He covered his bloody palm as his face turned increasingly pale. Soon after he passed out. 

    The outcome of the battle had been decided in an instant.
    “Lin Haoxue is quite remarkable. Wu Shillin used his whole power in that palm attack, but it was effortlessly dissolved by her.”

    “She really rapidly defeated her opponent, so incredible!” Someone exclaimed in admiration.

    At this moment, people truly realized what Lin Haoxue was capable of.

    “Next,” Lin Haoxue said with the same cold expression. She looked as calm as if she were literally doing simple daily activities.

    “Humph! What a malicious mindset. How dare you hurt my brother like this! I’ll let you taste my power!!” A raging roar came towards the stage. 

    “It’s him! Wu Shihe.” The twin brother of Wu Shilin and his strength and cultivation realm are not lower than Wu Shilin at all. Now that he saw his brother hurt, a wave of raging anger had been set loose. 

    “Let’s go.” Lin Haoxue said calmly as if she didn’t attach any importance to him. 

    Wu Shihe didn’t say anything but gave a huge strike with his whole strength. He cultivated Golden Palm too, and it was apparently at a higher stage than Wu Shilin’s. It was dark golden, therefore it was definitely at least at the Big Success stage. 

    However, just like Wu Shilin, he failed to hurt Lin Haoxue at all. Instead, he fell on the ground with his hand damaged it was just that his perseverance was a lot better than Wu Shilin, so he didn’t pass out.

    “Again,” Lin Haoxue looked calm like always. 

    Now, at this moment, nobody would think that Lin Haoxue didn’t know the immensity of the heavens and earth. Even though there were still a lot of people that thought that the Wu family would win in the end, but they all approved of Lin Haoxue’s strength and also of the Lin family. 

    Winning two battles probably don’t mean anything, but winning two fights so easily definitely meant she was unordinary. 

    Looking at the little girl in a white shirt who always looked at ease, everyone was amazed. Seems like this little girl’s future would reach heights that none of them could ever imagine.

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