Why the hell Bell knew about synchronization? (Not really latest but recent)

So I've been bothered by this so I'm asking for your thoughts. Why the hell Bell knew about synchronization? Bell read hajin's memories and he was able to conclude that hajin is not the same as chundong. Sahyuk used the item and saw only the synchronization but she didnt know what that is. How come they were able to connect that? Hajin could be synchronizing with something or someone else but they knew the synchronization is with chundong. What's more baffling is sahyuk knew that the effect of synchronization which is change in attitude and from her words like she's looking forward to it she seems that she knew how to accelerate it. The information about the synchronization was only known between Hajin and co-author.

So is this a plot hole that we'll have to let go again? Well maybe I should be contented with the sloppy reason 'the co-author just made it that way'. But if the writer of this novel really intended it to be like that then I have a very wild theory. If I'm not mistaken, Bell isn't supposed to exist in the original story. Now if the author can enter the novel and mess the plot like reforming the last boss, why can't the co-author do too? To conform with my earlier argument that Bell knows too much, he could be the co-author. Just a theory though hehe
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