Chapter 3500+

Is there anyone here who has read past chapter 3590? Im just feeling down lately with how LQ does things like playing with the younger generations and acting very stupid, kind of. I know hes been super low key since the beginning but now, it feels like he shouldnt have to. Was there any plots or does he have any goals after 9 worlds become 8 desolate?


  • Uhh it's pretty much a reset tbh. But the interesting thing is that there is an off chance he might meet his own offspring.

    You get to meet some of the old characters but even Li Qiye admitted that he have to climb to the top again.
  • Is there an end in sight to the series, or do you think it will drag on more? Can't see why it would take a long time for him to reach peak strength since he invented the cultivation method of the current epoch.
  • The reset basically made him start from scratch again. With a new world that even he doesn't know about fully. Unlike before the reset where he knows everything. Now he is facing a rather unknown world. 
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