"Finding Mr. Bear" with Audio

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An inspiring,eccentric young female writer who tends to helps others more than her self. This is my glorious entry into the world of short story writing. This is a short story which is being broken into parts to make audio easier to handle.

Finding Mr. Bear
By Tasear

Genre: Slice of Life
Style: Simple Prose


A young girl wakes up and find something is off with her day.


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    Where is Mr. Bear?

    A young girl barely over seven woke up one morning, and knew something was off with the day. Usually, there was a glass of apple juice next to her bed, but today it was not there. She knew today would not be a very good day.

    She hopped out of her bed and found her clothes weren’t waiting for her on the dresser. Had it been any other day, they would be there. So, it took her forever to pick out clothes for the day.

    Going down the stairs, she smelled something was off. There weren’t any smells coming from the kitchen. There would always be bacon and eggs, sizzling on the grill just, before she arrived at the table. She frowned as she thought of the milk from last night which stank just like her day.

    Arriving at table, she heard someone was in her spot. This little person was in her red squishy chair which sat just beside the window. She would listen to bluebirds chirp every morning, but today she only heard the baby wailing. Slumping into the red, and not so squishy chair, she wanted to cry about her really bad day.

    Sitting down at the table, she awaited to taste some bacon. When it finally came, what she tasted, wasn’t how it should be. Instead it was overly salty, and more than slightly burnt. Looking around, she about to talk to her mother, but she noticed her mother was talking to the baby about his day. This really was the worst day.

    Her mother finally looking at her, she thought it was going to be a better day, but then she heard the worst thing of her day.

    “How about you give him Mr. Bear?” the young mother said in a soft voice while looking at her daughter sitting across the table.

    “Why, it’s my Mr. Bear?” flapping her arms, the young girl wails in the kitchen at her mother.

    “Jane, you want to be to be good big sister to your little brother, lane?” the blond haired mother says with a low sigh.

    “Who said he was my brother anymore?” the young child frowned at her mother.

    “Jane, go upstairs right now, and bring the bear! There are no more questions” the mother yells loud enough to startle the baby, increasing the sorrow of Jane’s day.

    Eyeing the worst annoyance of her day, Jane then looks at her mother straight in the face. Looking straight in her eyes, Jane tries hard to resist, but stomps her feet before she trudges up the stairs to get on with the foulest of her days.

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    Reading with Mr. Bear

    One step, two steps, three steps, she slowly toke each step, but with each step she got closer to the top. She tried to delay her approach, but she knew she would eventually have to bring Mr. Bear to her mom. She didn’t want to do it. Mr. Bear was her favorite person in this whole world. Even her mom no longer could compare. Every day, since she could remember, she had been with Mr. Bear, but everything would be really, really,really bad after today.

    Standing up at the top the stairs, she realized she hadn’t seen Mr. Bear since yesterday. It wasn’t her fault. There had been no apple juice today. Nothing was going right with her day. As she would have usually brought him downstairs with her to breakfast, just after getting dressed, but she hadn’t today.

    Everything had been different since yesterday. Out of no where! She been told she had a new brother! She didn’t understand why some bird called the Stroke gave her mom such a gift. They were a perfect family who lived happily together until today.

    Arriving at the library, Jane finds it was a mess. There were books everywhere on the floor. Yesterday her mom, and she had left in a rush to the hospital. Her mom had gotten sick from eating too many cookies or she thought when she found the cookie jar in her room. She told her mom it was a bad idea, but she had been getting bigger and bigger, since the start of this year. It's been about nine months, but the doctors finally made her mommy’s tummy ache go away. So, she was very much smaller today.

    This all happened in library while they were reading “How the stroke brings babies”. She really liked books, but she didn’t like that book. It was a really bad book that explained why they brought Lane back from the hospital. The story reminded her of when Santa brings charcoal to naughty children but instead she got Lane. She didn’t understand. She hadn’t been bad, well at least not today.

    She wasn’t mean girl, so she was careful not step on the books. Though one of the books “How the strokes brings babbies” had a few marks from her footprints after she walked by it. Usually she wouldn’t be so bad, but things were different today.

    Heading further into the library, Jane arrived at the second floor. The second floor of the library is her favorite place in the whole house. This was where her mother would read her books every day. These books were amazing. Some were about saving princess, while others were about slaying dragons. She loved the books about dragons the most. They were scary books at first, so she would hold Mr. Bear real tight. Until her mother would smile and tell her how the hero comes to save the day. Sometimes she was still scared, so her mom would give her a hug. She really liked her mom’s hugs. She missed her mommy's hugs She hoped her mom would read her another story today, but it was not a good day so it was unlikely to happen today.

    Unlike yesterday Lane was here. There should only be four people, but now there were three. She counted the chairs in her head. There were not enough round squishy chairs for everyone. Somebody would have to leave, and it wasn’t going to be her, or Mr. Bear. She thought about her mom, but then she thought about lane. There was only one good option. They would have to bring Lane back to stroke, before the end of today.

    She had to go let Mr. Bear know that everything would okay. She smiles as she thought everything would be okay after today.

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    Jane looked under nearby table, but didn’t find Mr. Bear. She looked around the squishy chairs, but didn’t find Mr. Bear. Looking up, she looked above at the top selves of the book.  Jane was a glad Mr. Bear wasn’t there since she was afraid of heights and she hated using the ladder. Suddenly, she remembered her mom’s stare. Her mom used to never look at her like that but things were different from other days.

    Jane turns left then right, taking one last look at the second floor of the library. She had to find Mr. Bear today. She goes to the first floor of the library. As she had done before, she looked above the bookshelves. She doesn’t see Mr. Bear. She starts feeling sad, because she can’t find Mr. Bear. About to cry, she thinks of how Mr. Bear doesn’t want to leave her unlike her mom. She used to be enough for her mom, but things had been different since the other day.

    Jane loved her mom, why didn't her mom love her? Her mom didn’t care about her apple juice. Her mom didn’t care about what she wore. Her mom didn’t care about her burn food. Her mom really didn’t care about her. Only Mr. Bear never changed, always loving her. She thought about it more. Mr. Bear should go into hiding. She would be strong and face her mom’s glaring stare, and have Lane brought back to Stroke. Then, it would be like other days.

    First Jane would have to find Mr. Bear in order to tell him the news then she would help him go into hiding. After looking around one last time, Jane knew Mr. Bear wasn’t in the library, so he had to look elsewhere. She exits the library and enters the hallway. She stands there for a moment while she tries to think where she had seen Mr. Bear. She patted her knees in hopes to stir her memory. Yesterday wasn’t a bad day, it had almost been a normal day. So much happens every day, but even more the other day.

    Not a moment more did she waste,she recalled where she had seen Mr. Bear. It was so very silly that she had forgotten. It’s was around noon, when Mr. Bear along with her mom and herself was having afternoon tea. She was practicing being a lady with Mr. Bear and her Mom. They were having tea and biscuits like every other day.

    Lady Practice started a few years ago. It was a day when she Jane, so sick that she could only cry. Her stomach hurt like it had monsters inside of it and her nose was running like Niagra Falls while her sneezes where like a Yellowstone geyser. She felt there was no hope until her mom told that she had to strong like a lady. Her mom continued to tell her how she could cry, but since she was a lady she had to drink tea. The tea was really nasty, but her mom gave hug and said it would get easier after practice. So every day at noon they had tea and every day was better than the other day.

    Every day she practiced with her mom, making tea, drinking tea, eating biscuits with honey. It wasn’t easy to become a lady. It was something so very simple, yet so very hard. The teapot was like a monster when it screamed, so Jane cried for many days. She could only be comforted by hugging Mr. Bear and her mom. Then she would smile afterwards and continue to practice. Having biscuits without putting on too must honey was the hardest part. She loved the honey because it was same color as Mr. Bear and felt like her mom’s kisses. Her kisses always made her feel better, If only she could have them like every other day.

    Every time she thought of her mom, she also thought of lane. Who was lane to take her mom away? Why did she have to have such bad day? When will she get her mom back? She could only hope that after today it would be like every other day.

    After a while she arrives in the tea room. Looking around the room, she doesn’t see what she expected. She hoped today would be like every other, but today was not like those other days.

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    Hiding Go Seek with Mr. Bear

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    Finding Mr. Bear

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