Suggestion for "My Bookmarks"

I have recently started picking up more and more series as well as finishing up a lot of series which have been completed. My suggestion is to switch the "Manual Tab" into an archive section which novels you have discontinued reading and novels which you have finished reading appear in. I have 7-8 novels which i have completed reading but i do not want to remove them from my bookmarks just in case a friend wants to know a good list of novels I enjoyed. Instead of needing to try to remember what the names of the novels were i would rather check the bookmarks or in this case the archives for what i can recommend. Sometimes you put off a novel for the future because you either find new novels that you want to read or you are burnt out on it/loose interest. both good reason to also put novels into the archives just in case you want to pick them up in the future.

"My Bookmarks" should be renamed into "My Novels" and then have these different groups being Bookmarks, Archive, and maybe Completed.


  • I agree with you I would love to have a tab where I could move my inactive novels into since I got a lot of those ... I also have accidentally deleted some and I can't remember the name of those that i have so I don't know what I've read and what I haven't :s
  • I came to the forum to suggest exactly this... I want to be able to put the novels I completed into its own section. 
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