The Gods That Run My School (Preface)

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Hello, my name is Rina and for as long as I remember, I have enjoyed writing stories about normal people gaining overpowered or inhuman powers. Please feel free to get in touch if you have any comments or thoughts on my story ~

The Gods That Run My School

Born as the future king of all supernatural beings, Ace had his whole life planned out for him. Given the unbeatable power of controlling probability, nothing could stand in the way of him taking the throne alongside the newly crowned Queen. 

Yet one day, on a bridge that was famous as a suicide location, a freak accident with a lowly human schoolgirl renders him unable to use his powers. In a quest to find his powers, the creature once hailed as the strongest creature in the universe must now learn to live his life as a normal human being. As he walks away from a life of luxury, magic and endless parties, he realises how difficult it is to find the culprit behind his stolen powers can be when trapped in the body of a typical, powerless human teenager.


A harsh wind blew that day, banging against the metal poles of a dual-carriageway bridge. The rustling of trees (as loud as it was), didn't block out the sound of the traffic as barely a single car drove past. A young girl was standing on the side of the bridge by the railings. She had misjudged the weather that day and was shivering in her school uniform. Her back was hunched over as she looked down at the rushing water underneath the bridge. She was in the process of attempting to guess the distance between the bridge and the river below her. What was it? A hundred metres or maybe more?

Sometimes, in the corners of her eyes, she would see the dark shadows of people following her. The internet told her that it was normal to be hallucinating such things: a desperate side-effect from sleep deprivation. The shadows were a haunting presence and she was grateful that she would simply be able to blink them away. That's why, when she heard a voice just over the rustle of the leaves, she ignored it, assuming it was another trick that her mind was playing on her. 

"Hey", the voice rang in the wind as the girl kept her eyes locked on the water below. 

"Aren't you at least going to say bye to me?" The familiar voice repeated with a hint of amusement, making the girl jump and spin around. She looked left and right, behind her and even down at the river below but saw no one. Exhaustion mixed with what she could only suspect to be depression had settled into her brain like a terminal illness. She wondered if hearing voices was just another symptom of her tired, delusional brain. 

She looked up a second time and saw a boy of her age, wearing black clothes. He was standing perhaps an arm's length away from her, in the spot that was empty just seconds ago. His sudden appearance had made her jolt a little, but she was not surprised at her carelessness. Lately, it was becoming difficult to focus anything, even concentrate on the words coming out of someone's mouth when they were speaking.

"Hey." She smiled feebly at the all too familiar face. She knew her plastered smile was fake, but wearing a mask of fake happiness had felt so natural to her these days. She wasn't sure how he had found her. Had she told what she had planned to do today? She was so sure that she had kept this a secret. Looking at her friend, she noticed that he was wearing his usual neutral expression. She wondered whether he was at all affected by her need to leave this world behind, yet somehow it didn't matter as she had only known the boy. He looked no different from how she had seen him any other day: relaxed and approachable. But behind his calm composure, she was sure that he had his own demons to battle with. 

"Are you here to stop me?" She asked, realising oddly how it was possible to be lethargic and in a state of complete panic at the same time. She was tired of the fighting and the noise in her head. If she tried to tell anyone about the noise, the hallucinations, she was sure that they would argue with her, talk her out of a decision she had already made. In the worst case scenario, she imagined her family taking her to some awful therapist who would explain with a planted smile that all problems can be talked away or some other mushy rubbish along those lines.

"Please don't tell anyone, just let me do this." She pleaded, feeling the pressure of being discovered from not only his gaze but also from every car passed that occasionally passed the bridge. Yet as if invisible, no driver stopped to care for two teenagers that were skipping their classes on a Monday afternoon. The boy took a few seconds to look around the bridge: a bridge where suicides happened so frequently that CCTV cameras and purple "calming" lights were installed across every inch of the place. This girl knew how to entertain him; she was begging for him to keep secrets while publishing her death in one of the most monitored areas of the city. In fact, he was sure that if it wasn't for him, the police would have already seen the girl acting suspiciously on their CCTV footage. 

The boy spread his arms out. "Let me at least drop you down, as I promised", he said, wrapping his words with care and kindness. His tousled silver hair moved in the wind as if alive. With his perfect features, the girl wondered if an imaginary guardian angel had come to speak to her in her last moments. No, it was more accurate to say that over her last few days on Earth, she had accidentally made friends with the devil himself.

They had joked about this situation just days before and at the time it was easy to plant this idea into the girl's head. She was paranoid, but also desperately irrational. The only reason she was only afraid of him because she didn't like people becoming involved in her life. This deceivingly normal-looking boy was used to things going his way and it really wasn't that hard to talk the girl into his idea. The girl was so far gone in her depression that she didn't see the oddity of a stranger she'd met only days before joking about being with her for her suicide, only afraid of his involvement of who he would talk and what he would tell. He promised her that he would drop her off the bridge himself.

His arms were warm on the underside of her thighs as he took her in a bridal position and lifted her over the hollow railing. He smiled down at her gently the whole time. The last sound she heard was the metal zipper of his coat hitting the railing with a sharp clang and the rush of wind against her ears.

He released her, letting her plunge down towards the river. She felt like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. It was a moment and an eternity at the same time. The adrenaline in her blood warmed her from the ice air that rushed past. She never saw the boy's face again for she closed her eyes on the way down, praying for minimal pain and a fast end. 

The police cameras that monitored the bridge saw a young high school student rush to her death on the bridge. Ambulances and the police were called as soon as she was spotted on the bridge but as if by coincidence, the girl spent most of her time standing in the blind-spot of the cameras such that by the time they realised, it was too late to save her. 

The girl's fragile limbs hit the rocks of the riverbed and she was unconscious even before the water had time to fill her ears. No one had ever survived such a fall and the medics that arrived on the scene were there only in order to declare the body as dead. 
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