Learning Chinese (and some translation)

So, my friend and I are planning on translating a chinese novel over the summer. It'll either be 云海玉弓缘 or some random novel off of a website that looks interesting to us. The thing is, neither of us is particularly good at chinese. We're both ethnically Chinese, so we have the opportunity to speak it at home, but we've never really had a chance to study it formally. My questions are:
a) would attempting to translate a Chinese novel be beneficial to our understandings of chinese?

b) for any of you who have achieved some proficiency in chinese: what is the best way to bring your chinese to fluency if you already have a decent enough grasp of the language to make yourself understood? i.e. I can order food, tell people what I like and don't like, but I can't understand the news, or talk fluently about my feelings.


  • I think translating would be beneficial to it anyway, but it will aslo be a tough work to do. Fluency maybe asked more practice, not just read more, maybe speaking will more likely to be the case. Anyway, my advice may not be on point, just from my English learning experience. ( I‘m Chinese
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