[Request] Ability to mute comments

TLDR: comment sections make me quit novels, can we get a button to remove them?

first off, I have no idea if this is the right place to put this but I couldn't find a better page.

So I've been a longtime reader and it took me ages before I finally even made an account ( was tempted to sub for soul land 3 then found out another page was 300 chaps ahead)

But I just wanna say, the main reason I quit a novel is because I look through the comment section. I normally am enjoying the hundreds of chapters until I scroll down to click next, see a comment ranting on how shitty the author is and how bad the writing is. This happens a few times and i lose interest in the novel. If there was a way to remove all comments so it was just the chapters I'd be happy. :/ But until then I'll continue Get fucked over by comments and quit reading novels.
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