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Hello guys! hope u all doing great
I have just completed reading Against the God and Tales of demons and gods, and i liked them veeeery much! especialy the comedy and the revenge! basically against the god is the best novel i have ever read! especialy the revenge thing, his famous quote: Against someone who I had no quarrels or enmity with, yet still wished to destroy me, I have absolutely no reason to be modest with my actions. "If possible, I would kill him, and if otherwise, cripple him. Regardless of who he is, I would never hold back... This is one of the most basic principles of how I handle my affairs." and especialy this one "i have always been a man who repays favors with favors and grudges with revenge and death!"
basically a novel that satisfy the urge if someone harms the MC, the MC harms them 10 or 10000 folds. i have began to read Martial God but its tooo weak and booring, the MC is a sissy who can't even kill someone that wants to kill him and let them go because of various excuses. im sure u understand by now! many thanks.

so i am looking for a novel similar (with cultivation, comedy, revenge) as ATG! Many Thanks!


  • You can try Martial World, it's similar to ATG in that both MC has a cheat-like object and they both start weak and train to become strong.
  • Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts

    The Venerable Swordsman
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