Here is the prologue of my first FF. Really I didn't thought it was this difficult to write something on your own. 
I wanted to write so many things but I don't have words to describe my words. Damn man my english is bad. English is my second language but still I really sucks in writing.This story is really quite good, but I am not able to write it with 

Please point out all the mistakes you can find. and if you understand what i tried to define in some sentence but i did it wrong then please tell me how to correct it.

I know I am being childish, but i am like this only. Hehehe.
Anyways, Hope you enjoy.

*** Chapter 0 - Prologue ***

“And I thought I can save this world” - while watching the scene in front of his eyes, sweat emerges on his face, falling down his cheek.

In front of his eyes, volcanoes were erupting from ground to sky like a hot spring. A rage of wind in the form of cyclones breaking apart things in pieces. A red sea flows with proud in this chaos. But its not a sea of water,Its a sea of flames.

A mountain of corpses lying down, blood's Shattered everywhere in the vicinity. Upon seeing his companions dead bodies, a sudden burst of anger emerges. Sorrow, sadness and powerlessness could be seen in his blue eyes.

His left hand held a brilliant shining gem embedded in a shining blue sword, as he leap his right hand toward his shoulder a brimming wand with a angel like sculptor on its top reveal itself.

He roared like a dragon with anger as it will burst any time soon " I want to save this world"- tears crawl down from his cheek, and overcome all the hurdle and falls down.
"Damn it- I want to save this world, I will save this world and every living being in this world." yelling in his mind to save every one he hold dear.

Filling with rage he turn towards the crisis showing his black colour robe with golden string as an outline which shows its dignity.

His shining white hair, which looks like a bright thread, many cuts and bloods drop from all over his body showing the intense fight going on. A weak looking body holding weapons in both hands standing majestically. As his mind was clouded with anger and sorrow, he planned to save everyone even if its cost his own life.

Then he remove the gem from his sword and combine the gem in his wand which has a same shape as a gem on its back side.
Powerful golden aura started to emerge from his body, a powerful glowing energy which looks like an armour protecting him from evil deeds.

His hair waves in air because of intense mana flow from his body and wand.
Standing still, his lips react revealing his chanting spell. A powerful forbidden spell created by him has been chanted.

"Let the Heaven and Hell combine its power, O' almighty God! Help your servant and grant his wish -[Khalq al-aalim]- " as the first spell completed, he started to chant another spell.

"Heed the contract and serve me, oh King of Time! Come, and fulfil my wish -[tahirik takhatar]- means 'teleportation' ". all his magic power started collecting in his wand, his spell shows majestic rays of light shines in all direction.

As the light slowly fades away his strength slowly decrease and he was out of mana
As he started losing his consciousness, a smile shines on the side of his lips, All the living being started to fade away leaving not a single trace of life in this shattering world. as he falls from sky holding his wand and sword.


All the living being of gaia, a world of magic. A world which was the home of living being like humans, elves, beasts, dragon. 

A world full of mana, had been destroyed because of a war between good and evil. All the living being teleported into different world.

A world unknown to these creatures, a world with martial arts, a world with different techniques than magic. A world known as FIRDOS.


  • Book 1 - Raheem
    Chapter 1- Ending and Beginning

    “It feels so refreshing, laying on this beautiful grass field, watching as clouds passes away in the blue sky.” a cool breeze touches the clumsy chin of a young boy, making his blue eyes to close.

    “Geez! what are you snoozing here. Don’t sleep so carefree under tree shadow.” turning his eyes towards the passionate voice, a silhouette with a pair of shining silver eyes looked towards him. Wearing a spectacles which shows his great intelligence, a smart but gentle looking boy having a grey colour hair was there.

    “Yo, Sarfu! what are you standing there, come join me.” said  the clumsy guy while stretching his hands.

    “Don’t wanna.”

    “Your mom is calling you Raheem, Lets go. And today my dad will teaches us some basics about spirit energy and sword.” sarfu says while adjusting his specs with the tips of his two fingers.

    “Really? when?” Raheem stood up with excitement after listening that.

    “Tonight after dinner.” sarfu committed.

    “OK lets go” Both of them turn toward the town and started walking.

    He really is carefree person ha! Watching him from behind really makes anyone happy. 

    His full name is Raheem Mukeri.

    Rahim is very clumsy, hyperactive guy, his sea blue eyes really looks as clean as sea water.
    Sometimes being stupid, but what’s special about him is not his eyes, but his pure heart. A heart which respect friends, a heart which care for others.

    at one time, he beat 2 child from village because they were teasing me.

    We are best friends, I admire him,I want to help him, protect him because he..

    “Come fast. Or i will leave” suddenly a voice interrupted his thoughts, bringing him back from his memories.

    Opening my eyes I saw a familiar place, a door in front, windows on left, many useful home use resources laid down everywhere.
    [i]Ah! Its my home. Right, when I return from green field i slept.[\i] raheem thought himself.

    Getting up from sofa, i searched for someone.” Mom, where are you?”
    “My shone, I am in kitchen.” a sweet voice ring through his ears, indicating the way the voice came.

    Slowly working toward kitchen, a shining figure, with crimson black hair, cutting meat with knife. Of Course she is not shining, but my heart sees her like that.

    She is someone I love more than anything. she is everything for me. My mom Mehrun.
    Scratching my chin, while laughing “Shehehe Mom I am hungry.” Standing behind her, as my stomach gave a Grrr sound as confirming my previous words.

    “My sweet baby is hungry, Here eat this meat i just grilled for you.”
    Without further waiting I started eating the food.
    “Ok mom, now i am going to Sarfu’s house. Bye.” Turning his back running through the front door he disappear as a flash.


    “Good Evening Uncle Mehboob and aunty saira.” I greeted Sarfu’s parent while closing the door. Sarfu was doing something in backyard.
    “Good evening Raheem. Come lets go, I was waiting for you.” Holding my hand uncle mehboob started dragging me in backyard.

    We sat on ground with uncle in front of us,holding a wooden sword in his hand, uncle started teaching.

    “Let’s first revise some basics. As we all know we uses Martial Arts to fight, to protect. Different people uses different techniques. Some uses Bare Hand, some uses dagger, some uses sword and some has their unique way of fighting. But what is common in all techniques is they use spirit energy or spirit force. Raheem you understand what is spirit energy, right?” pointing the wooden sword towards Raheem.

    “Spi- spirit energy is….” not able to answer...


    “Spirit energy is a power aligned with the spiritual sensitivity and willpower of the user. Every living being have certain amount of spirit energy. If this amount is higher than a certain level, it grants the person a super abilities. But with that level of spiritual energy is very rare. We uses spiritual energy to fight, to create a shield, to do almost anything.” touching his glasses, Sarfu completed his boring explanation with prideful smile.

    Uncle Mehboob sigh as he saw my doubtful face. “Ok, let me show you practically.” He put the wooden sword in front of him, taking a deep breath and calming himself.

    Slowly a white aura emerged from his body, and started to flow into the wooden sword.
    The sword covered in sharp edge aura indicating its sharpness.

    Uncle opened his eyes and pointed the sword toward a stone and swung the sword in air. The aura which was on sword now flew towards the stone with incredible speed. In a matter of second the rock split into two.
    “WOW” Raheem declared.

    “See. this is what the spirit energy is, and it’s how we use. Concentrate your spirit energy in sword, define its properties, and make it powerful. Understood?”
    They nodded in unison.

    They started practising spirit energy. Raheem had many difficulties to utilize the spirit force, and on the other side sarfu was utilizing spirit energy as easy as breathing.
    They also did some martial arts and sword techniques.

    Sun has yet to rise, but a young boy stood from his bed, slowly walking without making any noise, he walked towards the door. As he put his step outside the door Raheem slowly closed the door and started running to the green field which is just outside the town.

    Yesterday He and Sarfu decided to do Martial Arts and Spirit force training early in morning. Raheem happily runs toward the field to meet Sarfu who maybe waiting for him. 

    Chirp of birds can be hear from trees, wind blows through grass making a faint sound. 
    Leaping forward, he reach the big tree where they decided to meet.

    But what he saw shocked him, his legs started to shake as he saw the scene under the tree, shiver ran down in his spine.

    A creature 3 meter tall standing, black shining fur all over its body, fang like a vampire, and drops of blood dripping from one of its claw. But this creature doesn’t caused him to shock, it was a silhoutte who had an injury on his shoulder standing beside that werewolf.

    [Image: G8V070f.jpg]


    “ yahhh… “ yawning after getting up from his bed. Sarfu went to backyard to take some wooden sword. He and raheem is going to practise martial arts today. 

    He held two wooden sword in his hand and run to the grass field, while reaching 
    he saw that Raheem hasn’t come yet, so he decided to wait for him.

    “Really man, laying on this grass field feels great.” I smiled.

    But before I completed my sentence, a roar came behind me. As i turn toward the voice, A werewolf taller than me, standing as waiting for his food to run. Cold run down my spine, my body started to shiver looking to the creature.

    Suddenly the beast jump towards me, reaching his claw to attack me. In the state of panic I somehow stepped to other side, dodging the beast attack. I held the wooden sword in my right hand, a white aura started to emerged from my body and flows into the sword.

    At the same time Werewolf jumped high and attacked with his claw, Hesitating I point my sword  where the beast going land.
    My sword aura pierced through his skin, injuring his left claw, but beast claw landed on my shoulder making blood spills from it.
    A burst of pain flows through my body making my body tremble with pain.

    I gazed at beast with anger, but i didn’t had any more strength remaining to run away, let alone fight. 
    A flashback started to run in my mind with electrifying speed. 
    Tears comes crawling down my eyes, overcoming all bruises and finally falling down.

    Suddenly a loud scream came behind me, The voice was familiar but was very dense and had killing intent. 

    Just as I tried to turn my head to see the source of scream, a figure ran in my direction, and stood between me and beast stretching both his hand, which indicates me to hide before him. 
    The figure was shaking like me, murmuring something.

    “Sarfu, ru-run! I wi-will try to hold him”

    “Dammit! Are you stupid, Why did you come when you saw this beast. Stupid! Stupid! Stupid Raheem.” his eyes wasn’t able to hold back and burst of tears comes down.

    “Hehehe, aren’t we friends. Friends are to protect each other” trading his response with sarfu while shivering.

    There chat interrupted by a loud cry from werewolf. Beast roar in pain from the injury given by sarfu.

    Beast full of anger leap towards his food, using his fang to attack his enemies. Scared, raheem stands still as beast claw landed on his body causing him to fly 6 meter away. With just one attack all his strength seems lost.

    But despise that, he tried to stand, his whole body was trembling from pain but the desire to protect his friend gave him power to stand.

    In anger, the beast open his fang and run towards raheem to finish him off with this attack.

    “Noooo……” seeing what was going to happen sarfu screamed with all his remaining strength.

    But, what happens in fronat of him was unacceptable to him. Raheem covered in crimson red aura, making his hair fly in air. Emitting a powerful aura, he roared.

    “”AAAHHHHHHH” All the crimson aura combined in a single form which looks likes blade, flew toward the beast which was close enough to bite him.



    The beast body has been split in pieces, and blood all over the green grass. Beside all this a black haired, clumsy guy laid down unconscious on ground.


    Author Note:- Phew, Damn it! Finally first chapter is completed. Thank you for reading friends.
    Please point out all the mistakes you can find. and if you understand what i tried to define in some sentence but i did it wrong then please tell me how to correct it.

    Also I will try to release 2-3 chapter a week if you guys like it.
    Anyways, Hope you enjoy.

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