How Bad Guys Are Made by Lisi

The first volume  Young Blood

Chapter 1 Bullying

In the 1990s, it was in the corridor of the second middle school building in J city.

" Hey, boy, give me all the money! "

Two of the boys with their hair dyed colorful were pushing a thin student into a corner.

" I have no money, " whispered the student.

One of the two teenagers slapped the face with a tall slap in the face.

" Fuck your mother, don't talk rubbish, quick! "

The student was slapped flushed with the corners of the mouth, and the tears fell down.

The squat boy next to the tall boy said, " Come on. Don't hurt him. This boy is the top student in my class, haha!

The tall look at the student: " Fuck, see the little poor. What’s the fuck can a top student do! . "

He turned to the fat man on one side and said, " old fatty, you go to his pocket, I don't believe he has no money! "

The fat one came to the student and say: " Xie wendong, loosen your hand. "

The student heard the tall boy's words and grasped his trousers with his hands.

The student, named Xie wendong, still held his hand over his pocket as if he had not heard it.

" Fuck you, don’t you hear what I say? "

The fat man pedaling on the small belly of Xie Wen dong.

Xie wendong banged against the wall.

The fat man pulled his hand away and the other hand reached into his pocket.

Take out a folded five-dollar bill.

The fat man handed the money to the tall boy, and spat on the ground: " Fuck, I’ve told you!"

Then they left with laughing, leaving a bitter face in the face of Xie wendong.

Xie wendong is the 3rd student of J city No. 2 middle school, studies hard, the brain is clever, the result is very outstanding, can rank top the first.

But he is a little introverted, has no friends, and he is often bullied by others.

Secondary school is not a good school in J city, and the management of the school is lax, and often there are bad juveniles from outside school.

These people are not old, they are not going to school for a variety of reasons, they are just muddling along.

Seeing the student who seems weak and good deceit, they are always finding fault or extort money, perhaps so they can feel a sense of achievement!

Standing in the school hallway for a while, Mr. Xie stooped and picked up the schoolbag on the floor and walked out of the school.

On the way home, Xie wendong's eyes were all tears of injustice, and he kept asking himself: why? why do they always bully me? why don't they bully others? why is it me?

No one could give him the answer, and the darkness of the evening covered up his tears.

When Xie returned home, he wiped the tears away from his face. He didn't want his family to know he was being bullied at school.

A weak person does not mean they have no self-esteem, even their self-esteem is better than anyone else's.

Xie wendong opened the door with his key and only his mother was in the house.

A good meal is on the table waiting for him to come back from school.

When he came back, his mother said, " hurry up and eat. it's cold for a while. "

Xie wendong nods and asks: " my father? "

" Your father is working night shift tonight, don't go home, " said Xie wendong's mother, while taking a meal.

Xie wendong, " All right ", sat down to watch the food on the table, without any appetite.

See Xie wendong not to have a meal, his mother worry to ask: " wendong, what is wrong? is it ill? "

" No!

In order not to arouse his mother's suspicions, he picked up his rice bowl and ate it in silence.

Xie wendong lives in an ordinary family.

My father works in the railway, drives his motorcycle, and often works the night shift.

My mother was a laid-off worker and do a little business outside.

The family is not rich, but he has never been short of money.

Because of his good grades, his parents were glad that his parents never rejected him as long as he asked for money.

The next day, as usual, he got up at 5:30 .

After studying yesterday's lesson, he ate some food and asked my mother for ten yuan to go to school.

His home is not far from the school, just two blocks away, and within five minutes he can get there.

Xie wendong came to his  classroom. there was no one in the classroom.

Xie wendong opened the door with the class key and went in.

He sat in the front row of the class, not because he was not tall, but because he studied well.

This is true in many schools in J city, high grades, you can sit in front of you or you have to sit behind.

Class seats are scheduled for each major exam ( midterm and final ).

The school has its own explanation for this method: the students who didn’t get high grades in the class are the ones who speak or not listen to the class, so that they can sit in the back without affecting others, and give them a better environment for the students who are willing to attend the class.

Xie wendong sat in his seat and read.

After a while, the students came to class, and the silent classrooms were slowly stirring.

The good friends got together, there was a talk about last night's TV series, and some of the recent stars came out with new songs, and some of the little girls came together and exchanged their favorite stickers for each other.

The classrooms are as busy as farmers ' markets.

As the noise grew louder and louder, Xie wending frowned and put down the book in his hand.

The fat man who robbed him yesterday went into the classroom and put the bag in his seat.

He saw Xie sitting there in the daze, and he walked over.

Coming near, he pull Xie wendong's head, " hey! today take money? "

Xie wendong was shocked, shaking his head and saying, " no money. "

" No? "

Fat man smiled to say: " then you let me check. "

As he saying, he reached Xie’s pocket.

Xie wendong blocked his hand, his voice trembled: " don't turn over, my money still has to be reserved for lunch. "

Seeing Xie didn't give the money, the fat man slapped in the face of Xie wendong " Fuck you asshole, are you playing tricks with me? ! "

The pain in his face reddened his eyes.

The students in the classroom turned their eyes to this, some with questions and some gloating.

The students in the class were all looking at themselves, and Xie Wen was very red in his face. He knew his pride was being trampled to the ground.

Xie wendong's deskmate, a chubby girl sais: " Li shuang, what’s wrong with you? How can you hit a person? "

Li shuang pointed to the girl: " Fuck off and there is no your business"

The girl stared at her eyes loudly and said: " You can not hit a person!"

The girl who has a good relationship with the her said, "come on, Li shuang, don't make so much noise, the teacher will come soon.

" Xu na, come on. Don't shout so loud." said the girl.

Xu na is the name of Xie wending’s deskmate, she is very fond of noisy, like a tomboy, but she studies very well.

Li shuang nodded and looked at the silent Xie wendong saying: " Well, fuck your mama, I am watching you! "

He turned back to his seat and sat down, panting and wheezing.

"Don’t be scared. What can he do? " she saied loudly to Xie wendong, who had a low head. Then she sat down with a fierce anger.

" Why are you so timid? The more you afraid of him, the more he bullies you, " said Xu.

“There is no elder brother in your family?  If so, you can beat him up, he will stop.”

" Thank you, " said Xie, nodding his nod, without any expression .

As soon as she saw him like this, she turned away and ignored him.

The hard day finally passed.

After school, the teacher and students left one by one, but he did not dare to leave. he was afraid that Li would find someone to block him in the school hallway.

In the end, he and his classmates are in the classroom.

The student today is called Zhang qiang, who was once bullied by Li shuang.

Seeing Xie wendong still not go, Zhang asked him: " Xie wendong, why don’t you go home. It is 6 o'clock ( the class ended at 5:30 ). "

Xie wendong felt embarrassed and said, " I still have a geometry problem that I didn't understand. I'll leave later. "

" Ha Ha, you really work hard. No wonder your learning is so good! "

After a while, Zhang qiang cleaned the classroom, picked up the bag and said, “Xie wendong, I have cleaned up. Are you going? We can  go together. "

Xie wendong shakes his head, " you go first, anyway our houses are not in the same  direction. "

Zhang Qiang said goodbye and ran out of the classroom.

Xie wendong waited a while, the watch had been more than 6 o'clock, feeling that  Li shuang would not wait for him for such a long time, perhaps Li shuang thought he had already left.

Mr. Xie packed up his books and took his bag out of the classroom.

Lock the door and turn away.

( Second middle school's teaching building is a large five-story building. The first and second, and the third floor are classrooms. The fourth and fifth floor is the laboratory, the microcomputer room, the language room and so on. Xie wendong's classroom is on the second floor. )

Most of the students in the school had already left. The light in the corridor was quite a bit dim. Xie wendong walked to the corridor on the first floor, where he was most afraid of him, because Li shuang was always waiting for him here.

Seeing that there was no one in the corridor, Xie Wen's heart finally fell down.

Halfway through the corridor, the door of the classroom opened and four or five people walked out of it.

There was Li shuang and the tall man who robbed him yesterday.

Li shuang sneered and said: " Xie wendong, you finally come out, we’ve been waiting for you for a long time! "

Four or five people surround Xie Wen.

Xie wendong had a little cold in his heart. He had never been bullied by so many people. He nearly fell down. " Li shuang, today. I'm sorry this morning. "

" Fuck you! don't say anything else, give me the money first. "

Li shuang has many people and has a lot of hard talk.

" My money has been bought for lunch, and I don’t really have one piece. "

Li shuang shouted: " Have no money? Let me beat your ass out!"

He kicked on the thigh of Xie wendong.

Everyone else is no more good, not afraid of big issues.

Seeing Li shuang kcking, they gave Xie Wen bashes and kicks.

Li shuang said, " Don't hit the face. it's bad to say. "

Xie wendong was forced to lean against the wall with his hands on his head.

By this time he did not feel the pain, because it was much lighter than the pain in his heart.

There was no sound, and the ears were buzzing.

"All right! Stop."

Li shuang looked around, and stopped others.

He doesn't want to make it big.

Grabbing Xie wendong's hair, Li shuang patted him on the face and said, " you will bring me ten quick money tomorrow. If you don't, I will get someone to beat you, you know? "

Xie wendong leaned against the wall, bent over his waist, bowed his head, and tears fell down his face to the ground.

Seeing Xie wendong not to talk, Li shuang vigorously pull his hair to say: " Fuck you, I am talking with you, didn't hear? "

Xie wendong's mind-numbing " ah! "

Li shuang nods his head and goes away with the rest. "What will you do later?

“Play the game!”

“No fun, why not play billiards!”

“Fuck you, you have money? "

Li shuang, a few people, laughed and walked out of the school.

At this time Xie wendong lean on the wall, body slowly slide, crouching on the ground with both hands in his head and cry bitterly, now he feels that he didn’t want to live. He is always being bullied! why? He beat his head with his fist. “Why I am too weak to fight back, why i did not dare to tell my parents about the bullying at school.”

After a long time, the mood calmed somewhat, Xie wendong got up and put out the folded clothes and walked out of the school.

The outside sky began to rain, and Xie wending strolled down the street.

He thanked heaven for its rain, at least for others to see its own tears, and that it was difficult for him to live the life of ordinary people. Why should anyone else be able to go to school without any worry except him?

If this is god's punishment for the weak, then he is determined to be strong at this time.

No longer being bullied by anyone.

It was raining outside, and he could never forget it, because it was the beginning of his life.

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