Contract of Devil by Lisi

Chapter 0 The son of the count

It was a summer afternoon, and the fierce heat of the sun hung in the sky.

In anticipation of the coming triumphal ceremony, numerous guards in bright red armor have spilled over into the dock at Pier 1.

And in the 100-step perimeter of the dock, the soldiers of the embattled Yanjing police have been able to pump out all strength they had.

Many of them had their clothes torn, and their shiny shoulders had been ripped off, and their proud hats were seized, and their boots had been stamped out.

The 1,000 men who had been ordered to keep order at the perimeter of the harbour were frustrated by the presence of more than 50,000 enthusiastic Yanjing citizens.

The enthusiastic crowd of onlookers prepared flowers, cheers, applause -- and, of course, many of girls even prepared to give their kisses and even virginity.

In this emotional state of mind, 1,000 security guards felt like a boat in the middle of the ocean, at any moment in danger of being overturned.

At the moment they were envious of the guards who stood on the dockside, as they were able to line up their teams, showing off their most brilliant armour and weapons, without having to worry about being scratched by an enthusiastic citizen next.

For this grand triumph, the great emperor of the empire, Augustine VI, broadened the Lancang canal to reach Yanjing twice as much!

The imperial government paid nearly 3 million ducats for the work of 10,000 river workers.

The price was paid only to allow the empire's flagship Dandong to sail through the canal to the east gate of Yanjing, to celebrate the mighty force of the empire, to be greeted with cheers from all the people.

No one cares if it's worth the price of showing off for such a situation.

The last chancellor of the exchequer, who had originally raised a strong objection, had been rushed back to his old home by his angry emperor.

The only choice for the next chancellor of the exchequer is to rack his brains and try to squeeze the money out of the empire's finances to meet the " overambitious and unrealistic man ".

Of course, the term " overambitious and unrealistic man " can only be buried deep in the heart of the chancellor of the exchequer, deep, deep.

As the afternoon sun shone on the broad river, the first bit of the sail began to silhouetted, and the crowd began to cheer.

As the 200-step giant battleship slowly approached the harbor, the magnificent silhouette of the battleship stunned all the citizens of Yanjing.

The empire's sixth fleet flagship, Dandong, the pride of the imperial navy, the largest ship ever built by the imperial navy.

The ship had been thoroughly whitewashed and renovated, and the ship was painted a forbidding black, and in the midst of a wave of cheers, the Dandong was like a huge black monster approaching the harbor, with a huge bramble waving in the wind.

When the anchor was dropped, tens of thousands of people in the harbor were already boiling, millions of hats were thrown into the sky, millions of people stepped on their shoes, and countless others were injured.

And the poor sheriff's soldiers were able to narrow the cordon and narrow it down as far as they could.

The earl, Raymond, the conductor imperial expeditionary force, was standing on the prow of the bow, looking at the jubilant crowds at the harbor with a solid face.

The 39-year-old imperial general, the earl of empire, now clad in his most ceremonial dress, covered his body with light armour, and his red cape was hunting with the wind, and two medals on his chest -- the first two expeditions to the expedition.

And there is no doubt that this triumph will win him the third imperial medal.

The earl's eyes were a little loose, and his focus was not on the cheering crowds at the port, but if you had looked closely enough, the brow of the earl's brow seemed furrowed, and seemed rather impatient.

Heck, this armor is too heavy and stupid!

The earl does not think that being a member of a naval fleet would require such heavy armor to be worn at sea.

That's what the army uses.

As for the medals, it was even more stupid in the count's heart.

It was as if the nouveau riche were showing off their wealth -- the real nobility was above doing it.

He felt that such a move was a bit infra dig.

What's more, the cheering crowd was so loud that their cheering, like the waves of the tsunami, was eroding the count’s patience.

A subliminal glance at the deck below.

The Dandong had been freshly painted three days earlier to cope with today's welcoming ceremony, and there was no blood on the deck.

The wrecked decks of the expeditionary war had already been relaid, and the bow had been replaced by a new one. To the devil, those who liked to kowtowing to the emperor had turned the bow into a statue of his majesty the emperor himself, and it was said that the statue had been made by an imperial master in the previous days. So the imperial navy paid an additional 10,000 gold pieces. Mighty as it is, don't the fools know that when the battle is at sea, the first one to be destroyed is the angle of the bow?

In his opinion, the 10,000 gold pieces were really wrong. The sculptor's work is not even more effective than looking for a sharp stake.

In fact, even further, lord Raymond's own belief in the idea of organizing the so-called Xth imperial expedition was a ludicrous and absurd decision.

From a few decades ago, the empire began an expedition to the South China Sea.

There is no denying that there are many islands in the south, like scattered pearls scattered over vast expanses of ocean, where there are strange woods, wild and foolish, still in the clan stage, with gold, gemstones, spices, and seafood.

But the earl doesn't think it's " an expedition " to " take a dozen or so large ships to bully the native canoes ".

It was a plundering, a massacre, a robber, an invasion, a naked robbery!

The count does not think there is anything wrong with it.

The weak have always been bullied by the strong, and the weak need to remain subordinate to the strong.

But he argues that the empire's policy toward the southern ocean was a mistake: this so-called expeditionary operation, which was carried out too frequently, seemed to be getting weaker and weaker.

During the early two or three expeditions, the mighty imperial navy had a strong presence in the southern ocean, and the whole ship was brought back by the whole ship.

But after all, the rich granaries can not withstand such frequent harvesting.

Too much looting has wiped out the aboriginal tribes in the waters off the coast, and the expeditionary force has had to take its course further and further, a huge test of fleet replenishment.

After all, the Nanyang is not only the only indigenous people who are bullies, not only the golden gems, but also the sultry weather, the changing climate, the terrible waves, and the countless reefs, whirlpools, storms.

The harvest of the transition made the fertile field, which would have been the granary of the empire, quickly deserted.

The subsequent expedition was less than once.

Ironically, however, the ceremony was bigger than once.

Raymond, who has presided over three expeditions in recent years, got a reputation in the southern ocean.

The imperial admiral, the earl, had a string of nicknames in the southern ocean:




His hands were stained with the blood of the natives. He was the notorious aggressor in the tribe of the native tribes, who burned their homes and enslaved them.

The earl of course did not care, but the only thing that bothered him was that the excessive war of aggression had, in some ways, distorted the development of the indigenous people, especially the armed forces.

Even before he came back, he had heard that some of the island's indigenous peoples had formed a so-called alliance against the endless plunder of the empire in the far south.

Fortunately, those annoying things have not been taken into consideration.

Because he knew it was his last expedition.

Next, he will stay in Yanjing, and if all goes well, he will take a prominent position in the imperial command, and then, for a decade and a half, he will become the new secretary of the armed forces, with his family's influence, and perhaps, if he is lucky, to become a Prime Minister in the final years of his political career.

As for the expedition, fuck it.

That was the headache of the next expeditionary force.

Even if the natives have evolved enough to make a magic weapon, that's not their problem.

In the heat of the heat wave, the earl walked down the flagship deck in front of the crowd, and his foot finally stepped on Yanjing's land!

He waved to the cheering crowd. but it was more like driving a fly.

First, a civil servant, dressed in court, boarded the ship and read the order of the emperor's grace, and announced that the earl would come to the palace early tomorrow morning to see his majesty the emperor, and to receive the honours.

As it is, the political future is bright.

But then a grey-dressed servant crowded up and whispered another message in the ear of the earl, and the news sent Raymond to the bottom of his heart!

The news is from home.

The expedition was more than three years away, the sea was vast, and the news was inconvenient.

Raymond didn't know what was going on at home.

The most important is his wife.

Three years ago, his wife was pregnant, and now he doesn't even know if it's a son or a daughter!

The news at home: it's a son.

The son, however, seemed an idiot.

The news was nearly so bad that the earl was knocked down from the top of his delight.

God damn it!

But almost every one of the Yanjing dignitaries, who had come to greet them, saw that the victorious commander in chief had a sombre look on his face to the point of collapse.


  • Chapter 1 idiots

    In fact, when Duvet Rollin was just born, no one dared to call him an idiot, and he was once even thought to be a genius for the Rollins.

    Three years ago, when Duvet came out of the countess's belly into the world, the maids who were in charge of the birth were horrified.

    For he neither wept nor cried, nor did he ever need an adult to coax him.

    His life is more normal than that of an adult. He wakes up every day, opens his mouth to eat, and goes to sleep.

    But every day, except for the opening of his mouth, the child's mouth hardly uttered any sound, and the only thing he did every day was staring into a trance.

    He even had very little record of bed-wetting.

    For he had learned to gently shake the bell beside the cradle, and for a long time, every time there was a bell in the cradle of master Duvet, the maid ran to give him a urinal.

    Such a move, to the whole family, praised the young man for being so clever as a child, and must have been a genius for the Rollins.

    Unfortunately, the word genius lost its luster in his head for less than half a year. Because he couldn't speak.

    Children of his age, at his age, have been able to babble, or have simple sounds in their mouths, such as " papa, mama, pee, " and so on.

    But master Duvet's mouth seemed to pass through the spell of the magician's spell, and let the countess teach him how to speak, and he could not make a single note in his mouth.

    Even though someone is a born mute, he can at least hum two, but this master is silent as a stone.

    He's cold, he's hot, he's hungry, he wants to pee, he just shakes the bell.

    By the age of three, the master's golden mouth had not yet been opened, and the countess had invited countless brilliant physicians, and even some famous magicians to see if their son had any magical curses, and nothing had been done.

    In the end, even the most optimistic countess couldn't help but sigh, and it seemed that her son was an idiot.

    Luckily, the three-year-old, master Duvet, had learned to walk.

    It's still staggering, but it's no different than the kids of the same age.

    It's just such a little kid who doesn't cry, doesn't laugh, doesn't talk, and spends the whole day in a daze.

    There really isn't much to explain except idiotic.

    More than a month ago, suddenly, the sky was thundering and lightning, and the rain was so heavy that even the grand canal outside Yanjing came close to a decision, and a big thing happened in the earl's palace.

    The young master, who was taken care of  by his maid who didn’t notice, climbed out of the room and stood in the courtyard in the rain, looking up at the sky.

    The sky was full of lightning, and the thunder of thunder, the child seemed to have no fear -- perhaps an idiot, who did not know what to fear.

    Instead, he squeezed two small fists, and screamed at the end of the day.

    The young master, who had not opened his mouth for three years, was standing in the rain, screaming at the crack of thunder, and letting the rain wash over his little body, and when the servants found him, he was as if he had been fished out of the water, shivering with cold, pale face, and purple lips.

    Hearing this, the countess of the house quickly fainted, and the servant of the house hurried to the room, and the countess were soon awake and cried out holding her son, who had already fainted, , and all the potions had been fed, and the two sorcerers had to wait for a long time with the light healing spell.

    But the child's body was still getting colder.

    Immediately the countess ran to the temple of the goddess of light in Yanjing, and brought in a black-dress teacher, who performed the blessing of the goddess herself, and the countess knelt for a night before the goddess of light in the goddess temple and prayed for her son.

    The next day, the boy's body finally warmed up, and a little life was saved.

    It was just another night in a coma.

    When he was in a coma, the countess held her own son without eating anything or sleeping, and, two days later, the countess pined away dreadfully.

    Suddenly, in his sleep, master Duvet opened his mouth. He closed his eyes, but as if he had a dream, a few syllables came out of his mouth, but the sound of the little boy did not know what it meant, and he thought that the little boy had not yet learned to speak, and that he had no meaning to speak.

    But the countess wept with joy and listened for a while, but at last she heard a little bit of a clue.

    Looking back at a group of servants who were silent and silent, " is there a servant named Damon who takes care of the young master? "

    They looked at each other for a long time, and at last there was a bold, bold head, and said, " madam, there seems to be no one named Damon who is in charge of the master's living. "

    Then he found a servant in the house of the house, and found a servant who had fed horses in the stables, and was immediately brought to the  countess.

    " My son is calling your name in his sleep. Damon. I don't know why he called your name, but this is the god of the goddess of light, goddess bless you, from this day on, you don't have to feed the horse and move to the master. "

    Damon was so pleased that he suddenly rose from the lowest rank to the master's house, and he seemed to see the bright future beckoning to him!

    But Duvet, in his sleep, did not know that he was only a little angry, and he ran outside to shout at the heavens, and in the rain, he nearly lost his life.

    He didn't know, just because he was in a coma and scolded two " Damn ", so there was one person who was greatly benefited.

    It was a month since the young master had been sick, and the body of the little boy had grown weaker, and a few months later, the little face was reappearing.

    But, as always, the master did not speak, and since he woke up, he had not breathed half a note out of his mouth.

    Even the servant, " Damon " , who was called in his sleep, did not get any good looks. The young master was just in a daze or a daze every day.

    The only difference was that when the maids talked about that the countess had been holding him for two days and nights, and had knelt all night before the statue of the goddess.

    Later, when the countess came to visit her son every day, she noticed that the child's natural eyes were a little warmer when he turned to her.


  • Chapter 2. Neither scholar nor warrior ( first half )

    In contrast to the boiling atmosphere on the streets of Yanjing, the earl's palace was silent.

    There was no grand banquet, no ceremony, not even a simple cocktail party.

    After leaving the dock, the deputies were left to be in charge of the 1,000 soldiers who had been drafted from the expedition to enter the city to meet the citizens ' parade, the count turned down a few visitors after a hurried home.

    The excuse of the outside world is that the lord, who has been in the army for years, needs a little personal time to comfort the lonely hearts of his family.

    Despite the disappointment of many who had been painstakingly prepared to kowtowing to the empire's new heroes, this grandiose excuse was immediately supported by everyone.

    And right now, in the earl's mansion, the victorious hero of the imperial navy is looking at his own son.

    His eyes were deep, melancholy, and complex.

    If it were not for the faith of his wife that the Raymond saw the child in front of him for the first time, the first response was: was it really the seed of his own?

    Because the child's appearance is very different from himself!

    The Rollins are famous for their macho image.

    The standard image of the Rollins is a tall, burly man with a broad chest, broad arms, a square face, a straight nose, and a hero's man!

    At least that's what lord Raymond is.

    He was a man of great stature, who stood out among the empire's aristocracy, and was a famous man in the empire's aristocratic circle when he was young.

    “But the small one in front of me...”

    Even though he was only three years old, he was a bit too thin for the Rollins, who had always been known for their macho masculinity. “Well, I heard that the child was seriously ill a month ago, perhaps that’s why he was weak.”

    At the age of three, Duvet, the heir to the throne, looked at his father in an indifferent way.

    He did not cry as loudly as his children his age, which displeased the earl.

    Traditionally, the more loudly the children cry, the more robust they are!

    The child in front of him was a little bit too quiet, and he sat on the bed with his hands on his knees, staring at himself, as if with curiosity, as if with a glance.

    The earl thinks he must have been wrong.

    How can a 3-year-old's eyes have such a complex emotion?

    While the earl was depressed, duvet #8226 was no doubt more complicated than he was.

    The beautiful and mature countess, with mother's heart and the actions of a month before, had succeeded in softening her heart.

    But this sudden jump of " father ".

    Oh, where did he come from?

    " He. really still can't talk? "

    He looked at his wife's eyes, only to see the tears in her eyes, and to think that she had not been there for three years, and that she had not been able to speak to her, and that the only son had become this, and that I could not blame the poor woman, and the tone softened: " well, my dear, the child will not speak, and we will ask the most knowledgeable teacher of the empire to teach it.

    It's just that his body is so weak that our Rollins are always based on the empire, and my son will naturally inherit my path and become an imperial general, not so weak. Well, he's three years old. I think it's time for him to look for an enlightenment teacher to be physical strength. what about Alpha? He is my most loyal bodyguard, a martial artist, high, loyal to the family, and I will allow alpha to start teaching some of his basic exercises next month. "

    The countess's beautiful eyes were filled with tears. " But, he's still so small. "

    " Just because his body is so weak, it's better to exercise his body early!

    Otherwise, how to inherit the family of our Rollins!

    The earl, who had been on the horse for many years, was resolute at this point, and made the decision with a wave of his hand.

    The next day, after seeing his imperial majesty in the imperial palace and accepting the third imperial order of the imperial army, his majesty, the emperor, publicly announced the elevation of the count of Raymond to the post of Vice President of the imperial command, the second most powerful man in the imperial court.

    After conversing with his imperial majesty in a separate room for a moment, the earl offered to take over the title of the first rank general of the imperial navy, and then came out of the palace, again rejecting his colleagues ' greetings and numerous invitations to dinner, and even the invitation of some of the great religions of the temple of god to be politely declined, and hurried back home.

    The son of lord Raymond, the earl of Rollins, is an idiot. This is no secret in Yanjing.

    Watching the count, even at the ceremony, with a hint of melancholy on his face, a few colleagues shows some sympathy and, of course, some of his political enemies gloating.

    At home, the earl faced his own son again, unlike the beautiful countess, who was standing next to him is a faithful servant of the past twenty years, an empire's first class swordsmen, and one of the most famous swordsmen in Yanjing.

    For some reason, Raymond always felt a little dislike for his son, and he felt that the child's eyes were not mere wooden, but vaguely inclined to resist.

    But he also thought he might have thought too much: what would a 3-year-old know?

    And the child, from birth to present, has never hugged him once, and is taken for granted.

    First, he knelt down in front of duvet's bed with a standard family courtiers, and then took him in his arms, stripped him of all his clothes, and carefully, with a single hand, he had to inspect from head to toe.

    In the process, Duvet struggled, and he seemed very uncomfortable with being touched by a man, but the power of the first class of the empire was not something he could resist.

    " Hout. " the expression was very serious, and he sighed, put down the earl's heir, and then bowed his head to the count, and then stood up and said, " count, I. "

    " Alpha, you're the most trusted person around me, don't worry too much about it, just say it. "

    The count sighed.

    " Master Duvet's body is very weak, and he seems to be. born deficient, his bones are delicate, his heart is beating, and his body is a little bit worse than the average man.

    In the future, if I want to learn martial arts, I'm afraid. " the alpha gnawed the teeth. " I'm afraid it won't be a success. "

    " What do you think? "

    " I think it's not a good choice for a young man to learn martial arts, so let's see if he has any talent in other fields. "

    The captain's face had sunk down, as the captain of the alpha guard said.


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