Looking for specific novels

Hi so I’ve been really interested in sort of sci-fi monster and evolution novels recently (bare with me for a minute) I’m looking for novels related to novels like “Monster Paradise” and “Super God Gene” I’ve been really into that whole vibe of world being taken over by monsters and humans whole cultivation is influenced by them defeating said monsters. I don’t want it to be like most wuxia novels where promenently it’s only humans fighting each other I want it to be a mix with mostly monster fighting. I also don’t want it to be like a Japanese light novel I want it to be a wuxia novel. Romance would be good to if there is any but if not then it’s not important. The main thing is I would like it to be a monster killing based wuxia cultivation novel with at least 500+ chapters with the novel still ongoing. I dislike novels that end in less than 1200 chapters.


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