The Road to Heaven(通天之路)by Wuzui(无罪)

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WeiSuo, a low-ranking rogue cultivators in Lingyue City, was deceived when trading and got a broken low-ranking magic treasure.But in this worthless broken magic treasure, there is a spirit that has lived for tens of thousands of years… 

Moreover, compared with tens of thousands of years ago, a lot of scarce things are common now. Wei Suo first found that the refining materials for fire Talisman which is worth half piece of low-level Spirit Stones is very common, so the low-ranking Rogue Cultivator who only has a few pieces of low-level Spirit Stones began to make a fortune. 

His first goal is to marry Shuilinger, the most famous beauty in the Cultivation World of Tianxuan Mainland.


  • Chapter 1   Little beauty with plump buttocks


    "Where does this idiot girl come from?"

    In the Huangsha Canyon, a beautiful girl wearing a silver-white vestment is emitting a wind blade, and fighting with a stone-tailed lizard. This beautiful woman is very charming, her waist is thin, and her butt is also the type that Weisuo likes. She is hot like hell, but Weisuo, who is hiding in a small pit, less than 50 feet from her and the stone-tailed lizard, covered with a thick layer of yellow sand, only one head with a pile of dead grass exposed, is very pissed of now.

    Stone-tailed lizard, second-class mid-level monster.

    Two pieces of metal-like fluorescent armor on the back, worth three pieces of low-level Spirit Stones; black bright belly leather, delicate and tough, is the best material for the Inner armor, worth two pieces of low-level Spirit Stone; one lizard tail full of fine scales ,which can cut of the black iron ,worth one pieces low-level spirit stone.

    A total of six low-level spirit stone.

    The stone-tailed lizard is usually a male and a female. Their nest is built in the cave of a cliff. It walks on cliffs and falls. If killing it at once failed, it will escape into the cave on the cliff. It’s impossible to find out it again. Weisuo stayed here for two days and finally waited until one of the stone tail lizards was alone, and stayed away from the cliff. Seeing that the low-level spirit stone are already flashing in his pockets. However, before Weisuo ready to start, a beautiful girl wearing a silver-white vestment came out of nowhere, was so excited that she called “ha-ha, I’m so lucky, a second-level monster”. She even didn’t notice Weisuo, who was ambushing in the back of the pit, and she was very excited to start fighting with the stone-tailed lizard.

    This beautiful girl’s cultivation seems to have reached the fourth level of God’s sea, two level higher than Weisuo. The silver-white vestment on the body is obviously made of silver silk, embroidered with a strip of pattern, the price is very high. The wind blade is also shinning, with a hint of ice and cold, hitting on the body of the stone-tailed lizard with sound and a piece of popping on the carapace slices of ice. She looks like a master style and has the upper hand, but in Weisuo's view, the appearance of this beauty is simply inversely proportional to IQ.

    Almost everyone outside the Huangsha Canyon know that the most vulnerable part of the stone-tailed lizard is in the neck, but the wind blade of this beautiful woman is actually hitting the thick armor on the back of the stone-tailed lizard.

    If she can break these two thick armor so easily, then it is worth three low-level spirit stone?

    Moreover, even if the general Cultivator thinks about it with his buttocks, he will know that he will fight with pulling back, try to pull away from the stone-tailed lizard. However, this silver-shirted beauty is actually standing in the same place and emitting blades. What makes Weisuo speechless is that every time emitting a wind blade, this beautiful girl must be shouted with a scream, "Ice wind blade."

    Dammit, do you think that you are acting?

    Obviously, this beautiful girl should be a child of a big clan, who has not suffered any bitterness. With the fourth level of God’s sea Cultivation Base, it is easy to kill a second-level monster.

    Even if a pig is lying on the ground, if you work hard to insert a knife on the pig's trotters for a long time and insert it into your exhaustion, you can't kill it! You really think that the amount of your QI is inexhaustible, just like the sea water?

    Sure enough, it was exactly the same as Weisuo’s imagination. just a moment later, the beauty’s face was really a bit white, and take two bottles of Refund QI powder.


    But when drinking the second bottle, the beautiful girl applied the wind blade a little slower, and the stone-tailed lizard was very close to her, so the stone-tailed lizard swept the tail very unkindly. It was close to be swept, but the beauty was obviously shocked and her face went white.

      "Good chance!"

    At this time, the stone-tailed lizard was just facing Weisuo. with a slamming sound, Weisuo jumped up among spurting sands, initiated a hurricane slammed into the ground beside the stone-tailed lizard, which turned it over. At the same time, Weisuo's hand turned a blue water blade and smashed toward the neck of the stone-tailed lizard.


    But what Weisuo didn't expected was, before the blue water blade hit the stone-tailed lizard, and a large-sized fire group suddenly slammed on the stone-tailed lizard, and the stone-tailed lizard was blown out.

    Weisuo was scared to roll on the spot, and he was not burned by the flames that came from the front.

    "Fireball Talisman! What are you doing!"

    Weisuo couldn’t help it. He couldn’t help but scream when he jumped up from the ground.

    Originally, this stone-tailed lizard would be half-mutilated even if it won’t die. There was no threat. But this idiot girl who Came out of nowhere, initiated a fireball Talisman at this time!

    It was easy to kill this stone-tailed lizard. Such a powerful item is unnecessary

    Under the lingering light of Weisuo's eyes, the heavy-skinned stone-tailed lizard was burned badly, but because it did not hit the key, it looked just hurt and was not directly killed.

    And the problem is that the fireball's momentum is so amazing that it is likely to draw another stone-tailed lizard back.

    "Who are you, just sneaking and hiding there, get out, don't get in the way." However, the silver-shirt beauty is very arrogant rampage.

    "Fireball Talisman, ice Talisman, and wind Talisman?"

    Weisuo had no time to say anything, and he saw three more Talismans in the hands of the girl.

    This silver-shirted beauty is indeed very wealthy. Just the added value of two bottles of Refund QI powder and those Talismans have already passed four of the low-level Spirit Stones. Now with these three Talismans in her hand, even if another stone-tailed lizard came back, it should be able to deal with it easily.



    The scene that made Weisuo stunned turned up.

    The beauty of the silver shirt turned out to be... actually, the ice and the fireball Talisman were directly used on the stone-tailed lizard that had been seriously injured.

    The stone-tailed lizard was first pneumatically frozen into a hail by a group of white Frozen air, and then grilled by a horrible fire group.

    But almost at the same time, another stone-tailed lizard appeared, and the mad-like smoke rushed toward the two.

    "There is another one!"

    The silver beauty directly initiated the wind Talisman to herself, wrapped herself in a hurricane, and jumped around quickly, and continued to slap the wind blade around the rushing stone-tailed lizard.


    The ice-wind blade of the silver-shirt beauty looks powerful, but it still poses no threat to the stone-tailed lizard. The stone-tailed lizard also feels that it is not able to get close to the body of the silver-shirt, and turned over to Weisuo. .

    The stone-tailed lizard also made itself impossible to smash it by moving to avoid the wind blade of the silver-shirt beauty, so that Weisuo could not overturn it and hit its key.

    At the moment, this one does not know whether it’s wife or husband who was killed by a silver shirt beauty with three Talismans. The singer is obviously mad at Weisuo.

    "You coward, why don't you stop and fight, what are you run from."

    The stone-tailed lizard quickly caught up with Weisuo, and what let Weisuo want to cry without tears is that the silver shirt beauty actually despised him.

      "Oh shit!"

    Weisuo felt that he couldn’t run away. His face was ugly and he took out a earthy yellow jade Amulet from his arms. After Weisuo Pumping in a stream of QI, a yellow airflow with a strong earthy scent came out of the Amulet. It kept pouring out and soon became a two-foot-sized earthy yellow shield in front of Weisuo.

    Pat!" "Pat!"

    The stone-tailed lizard continued to attack Weisuo, but was completely blocked by this khaki shield.

    " Chi!"

    A bloody light Spewing out of the violent stone-tailed lizard’s neck, it stared to twitch. "Ha ha", after the silver shirt beauty emitted consecutive wind blade hit, the stone-tailed lizard finally shakes twice on the ground, does not move.

    " What the hell?" Weisuo shook his head silently. When the stone-tailed lizard attacked him, the silver-shirted beauty was lucky , like a blind squirrel finds an acorn. The wind blade just cut the stone-tailed lizard’s most fragile neck.

    "You haven't answered my question yet. Who are you, what are you doing here just now? Are you trying to grab my two stone-tailed lizards?" The silver-shirted girl looked at the two stone-tailed lizards with pleasure. Her attention returned to Weisuo.

    "What does it mean that I grabbed your two stone-tailed lizards! I have been ambushing here for two days. If it weren't for your mess show up, how would I use this shield Amulet?" Looking at the earthy yellow jade Amulet on his hand, it was obviously bleak and there has been a crack of, Weisuo can't help it. This earth shield jade Amulet is worth at least six of low-level Spirit Stones. It is a treasure that Weisuo hardly found in the market. It only can be used three times in total, and each time the earth elemental shield can be used to defend the fifth level of God’s Sea’s attack. Weisuo has used it once. Normally, after ambushing and killing a stone-tailed lizard, another stone-tailed lizard is also likely to be able to be ambushed and killed. There is no need to use it another time. But when the idiot beauty came out of nowhere, Weisuo was forced to use it again, and at least it was equivalent to losing two of low-level Spirit Stones. "What a reckless spender! If I have so many first-level fireballs and ice Talismans, I can go to ambush a third-level monster, and she actually use three Talismans to kill a stone-tailed lizard!" Once realized that Four Talismans was used by the girl, which usually Weisuo can't bear to buy, he is even more painful.

    "You want to kill two stone-tailed lizards by youself? Look at your stupidity just now. I killed all these two stone-tailed lizards, of course, all of them are mine." The beautiful girl in the silver shirt looked at Wei Suo with a look of great contempt.

    "I am stupid? Are you coming to kill the stone-tailed lizard or c Waste Spirit Stones for fun? The stone-tailed lizard is blown up by you like that, and it is worth at most two pieces of low-level Spirit Stones. Your two bottles of Refund QI powder and four Talismans are added to worth four pieces of low-level Spirit Stones. Even do not know the most vulnerable part of the stone-tailed lizard is that the neck, how dare you come and kill the stone-tailed lizard. Wind blade like yours, one hundred of them can’t cut the back of the stone-tailed lizard. I am stupid?" Weisuo looked at the silver girl with sneer.

    "You!" The beautiful face of the silver shirt girl went white but arrogant. "In any case, these two stone-tailed lizards are killed by me. I will not give you one. If you want to grab it, try it. "

    "Sorry, can you avoid for a little?" Weisuo said suddenly.

    The silver shirt beauty is a bit awkward, “Avoid for a little?"

    "It seems that I had something bad to eat, , and I have been in the pit for so long, I am tempted to have diarrhea." Weisuo said as he began to undress his pants.

    "You....!" The silver-shirted girl turned around in a panic. After a while, it seemed to feel wrong. When she turned around, she only saw Weisuo carrying two stone-tailed lizards, who had almost disappeared.

    "You are a shameless person!" The wind Talismans of the silver girl has been used up, and she can't catch up with it. she looks pale.


    "Ha_ha!" Weisuo, who continued to run as smog, laughed and threw a kiss at the beauty of the silver-shirted girl. "Beauty, see you later and may have tea together next time!"

  • Chapter 2  I was not afraid since I was a child.

    "My thirteen Spirit Stones!"

      " Ah ——"

    In the middle of the night, in a small stone house west of Lingyue City, there was a sorrow scream.

    Among this humble stone house, there is no decent decoration at all. Instead, there are several portraits of beauty in palace dresses hanging on the wall of the bed. The portraits are all the same girl, the breasts are full and round, the faces are amazingly beautiful, the most important thing is that the skin is like snow, white as ivory. These beautiful portraits are extremely brilliant, and the beautiful girls are so vivid and their eyes are flowing. It seems that she can go down from the paper, and it can be faintly light. It looks like a lot of value, but on those portraits, the position of the girl's chest, the color is slightly gray, it looks like it is stained.

    The man in the stone house couldn’t stop screaming, it looks like his mother just dead. He is wearing a rough black cloth, looking good. This man is Weisuo , who hit two stone-tailed lizards in Huangsha Canyon, Huanglong Mountain not long ago.

    The reason why Weisuo scream like this is that, today while he tried to sell the Common white cub with stripes painted on the body as a Black Wind Cub on the free market in the east of the city, Old-fashioned, he notices a guy who looks like very honest but dull, is selling a black jade can.

    This black jade can is very glossy black, and there are many small oracle-like ancient symbols on it, which looks like a powerful magic Treasure.

    After some bargaining, Weisuo bought the jade can with 13 pieces of low-level Spirit Stones. On the way back, Weisuo was extremely excited, because even if it is a lowest spirit-level tool, the value is definitely far more than 13 pieces of low-level Spirit Stones. However, after Weisuo drenched the rain on the way back, when he came home, he saw that the black jade can had become a gray porcelain jar. The layer on the surface of the jar was actually turned out, as if it was just a layer of gum.

    Even if it is fake, at least used a real jade jar. This can was made basing a porcelain jar with something wiped on, even the rain can wash it out, Is this too fake? At least the black balsam juice that I used to paint on the Common white cub can’t be washed out.

    What Weisuo couldn't accept most was that there were two cracks in the inside of the jar, and after the surface was washed off, the two cracks were exposed.

    The incomprehensible symbols on the jar are not faked, but even if this stuff is really a magic Treasure, with two cracks, it should be useless. Anyway, Weisuo has just tried to wake it, and he has tried everything, such as Pumping in QI, flooding, and burning... Any method has been tried, (just left peeing in the inside), there is no reaction to this broken thing.

    Weisuo is not the spendthrift beauty in the Huangsha Canyon. The thirteen pieces of low-level Spirit Stones is a big sum to low-ranking rogue cultivators like him. Like the two stone-tailed lizards that was struggling to kill, because one of them was damaged badly, there was not much goodness in the body, and the two ends added up to sell at eight pieces of low-level Spirit Stones.

    Nowadays people are as savvy as ghosts. It is not easy to earn Spirit Stones, and they have to use it after earning it.

    Although Weisuo is at the twice level of God’s sea now, but if he uses Spirit Stones to cultivatingQi without restraint, it will spend at least six or seven of the Spirit Stones one day, but now Weisuo only dare to use one or two of the Spirit Stones a day, his cultivation has long been in a state of hunger and thirst, which is because extremely lacking in Spirit Stones, and even so, usually only a dozen or less Spirit Stones could be saved in two or three months.

    These dozens of Spirit Stones can not be used for cultivation, but have to be the cost of doing some business, in order to prepare for some occasional needs.

    However, Weisuo lost 13 pieces of low-level Spirit Stones at one time, how could Weisuo not be hurt.

    "My thirteen Spirit Stones!"

    WeiSuo was so angry, and he smashed the broken can that were replaced by the thirteen pieces of Spirit Stones to the ground.

    After the crushing of this broken can, Weisuo will step on the feet at least 7 or 8 times to ease the feeling of depression that he wants to be killed.

    "What the fuck?" Weisuo was a little dumbfounded now. The can that seemed to be able to broke into seventy or eighty pieces was thrown to the ground, but it was not broken. There was a crack in the shape, and green light flashed on the broken can.

    "Quick, give me  some blood."


     A mournful scream blew in the stone house, and Weisuo jumped to the slate bed.

    The green light actually gathered into a three-inch old man in a green robe,with a grassy head, a sharp-nosed monkey face, he is staring at Weisuo and Pouting his mouth.

    "Hurry, take some blood to me for drink." Seeing Weisuo who jumped on the bed and scared like a pendulum, this secluded old man in a green robe floating on a broken can was very disdainful and screamed fiercely" what are you yelling about? you can't even tell the deference between ghosts and the spirits.

    "The… the instrument spirit boss. I have liked to go to Liuxia Lane in the past two years. You know what it is in the Liuxia Lane. It is the brothel, so I got a little illness. It is estimated that my blood is not very good..."

    "Who wants to drink your blood? Get the blood of the fire-earth dragon for me to drink, but look at your stupidity, if there is no blood of the fire-earth dragon, the blood of the fire scorpion is also okay." The old man in the green robe abused impatiently..

    "The instrument spirit boss, you are not going to drink my blood?" Weisuo put down the quilt that was covering his head. "Can I ask a question?"

      "what is the problem?"

    "Can you put a magic art? I know there is a place where there is a lot of fire scorpion, I will take you there ,and you can kill them and drink enough."

    "If I can, why am I still talking to you like nonsense? I might beat you up and go out to find out by myself."

    "You can't seize my body?"

    "Crap! I am the spirit of the ghost cans , only can help the owner to control it. Now the ghost cans are broken. What else can I do?...Hey, what are you doing?" The old man in green robe suddenly screamed.

    Weisuo jumped out of bed and untied his waistband...

    Shh, Shh, Shh, Weisuo whistled and peed to the scared green robe old man, and slowly tied his waistband. "Since you can't do anything, then you dare to be such a badass? I don’t have any of fire-earth dragon blood, but there is a pot of urine."

    "I..." The old man in the green robe stayed for a long time, and he cried out incredulously. "How dare you to pee me? How dare you to pee me?"

    "What? Can you bite me? Come and bite me?"

    "I... Do you know how powerful I am? If someone else meets me, it is too late to beg me Immediately, how dare you to pee me?"

    "Bullshit! You even can’t put a magic art,and the trash can you controlled is broken, nothing could scare me? I was not afraid since I was a child. You go out to inquire, when I was 13 years old. I dared to go out and peek at the beauty bath." Weisuo rolled his eye . He noticed that the old man could not even leave the broken can.

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