Refining the World(祭炼山河)



  • Chapter 28: Death beneath the sunlight

    Ning Ling slightly relaxed, lowered her head while looking down with a guilty and grateful expression. For her, today is simply dangerous, but for Qin Yu is a complete disaster and yet he still didn’t ran away, rather stayed to help facing Black Devil. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve already fallen under Black Devil’s assault.

    Moreover, Qin Yu was willing to expose some of his secrets, making her even more astonished, so much so that she couldn’t help but wonder how many secrets does he hold exactly. Recalling the time when, in Sacred Mountain Sect, he was hiding under the mockery and ridicule of others, made her smile. ‘Junior brother Qin Yu must be very proud for deceiving so many people.’

    ‘Wonder what face will they make when they find out the truth? It’s too bad I won’t be able to see it.’

    Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes, their eyes met by sheer coincidence, making Ning Ling’s heart slightly panicked and quickly averting her gaze.

    Qin Yu lightly coughed, “Senior sister Ning, how is it?”

    “We are slowly drifting apart from Black Devil, just that his spiritual sense is still fixed on us. Maybe he’ll quit after a while.” Pausing, her pupils brighten earnestly saying, “Thank you, junior brother Qin Yu!”

    Qin Yu waved his hand, brows wrinkled in deep thought, and then in a deep voice, “Senior sister Ning, something isn’t right. A Golden Core cultivator has many hidden methods that are beyond our expectations. Since you recognized him, Black Devil definitely isn’t unknown, and won’t be this easy to shake him off.”

    Ning Ling’s elegant eyebrows slightly knit, “Black Devil is indeed a famous demonic cultivator, and now that you mention it, I also found this to be too easy.” She lifted her head, inspecting the quiet surroundings. Although both sides are releasing their auras, the forest creatures already fled, making this silence give birth to a certain pressure.

    Suddenly, a deep shout was heard spreading everywhere, creatures rushing towards the locked-on Ning Ling and Qin Yu with cold, ruthless and deadly intentions. Above them, bird cries could be heard, belonging to some relatively huge sized hawks circling the air, with their ten meters wings leaving wide shadows on the ground.

    These beasts aren’t at all ordinary, and have awareness by taking in the essence of the sun and moon that contained spiritual energy that made them smarter. And at this time, their eyes are all completely black, as if dipped in ink, with no trace of any other color.

    “Black Devil’s Beast Manipulating Art!” Ning Ling said in a low shout.

    A black panther turned its head as it ran. The black eyes reflecting its intelligence, opening its mouth and spoke, “Junior Ning Ling is truly knowledgeable, to actually recognize this old man’s Beast Manipulating Art from ancient times. Then you should know these demon beasts are now my puppets, with no fear of death. Can you escape from them?”

    Pausing, the black panther’s eyes land on Qin Yu, with a gloomy laugh, “Of course, if you kill yourself, I promise not to kill him. This is what I, Black Devil, guarantee.”

    Ning Ling’s heart tighten, her determination shaking a hit, she lowered her head and exchange glances with Qin Yu. He still had the same calm look with no fluctuations what so ever, amazing her.

    Qin Yu laughed coldly, “Demonic cultivator breaking out of their deal is common knowledge. If I were to truly believe you, it would be better to kill myself right now and avoid your endless torment when falling into your hands.” He then straightened himself, “Senior sister Ning, he is buying time to bring more and more demon beasts. We must break through them as quickly as possible.”

    Qin Yu embraced her, “Senior sister Ning, pardon my rudeness.” He stomped the ground repeatedly and with his energy exploding forth, they shot off like arrows from a bow.

    Ning Ling’s charming face turned slightly red, suppressing her chaotic thoughts, and lifted her hand to send out rays of golden light, bathing the mountain forest into a sea of golden fire.

    The golden light, containing a hard to describe exalted trait, that even the puppet demon beasts felt an instinctual veneration, their black eyes showing signs of vying for control.

    Behind, Black Devil spat a mouthful of blood, roaring towards the heavens, “Punk, I will crush your bones to dust!” Qin Yu moved directly. After foiling his plan, making his demon beasts even more fierce in escaping his control and giving him backlashes, anyone would hate his guts.

    “Junior brother Qin Yu, the flying demon beasts are ascending and can’t deal with them. With the hawk’s sharp hearing we won’t be able to escape!” Ning Ling shows her worry. The beasts on the ground, thanks to the golden light, don’t dare to approach, but once it is spent, they will be in the same difficult situation.

    Qin Yu was silent, each time his feet land on the ground they leave a deep mark, pushing them forward at extreme speeds. His sharp eyes sweep the surroundings, searching for a way out. Even in this dangerous state, he still keeps his wits about him.

    Panic doesn’t help.

    Suddenly, sounds of a water flowing could be heard, a river of imposing and unyielding presence appears in front of him.

    Qin Yu’s eyes brighten slightly, taking in a deep breath as his leg muscles contract, then like shooting from a bow, he rushed towards the river!

    “Ahh!” Ning Ling cried out, holding him closer inadvertently, their two bodies sticking to each other. Allowing Qin Yu to feel a certain softness that stunned him, but soon he ignored this, eyes landing on one of the river banks finding the right place to jump in.

    The two quickly moved, with fog rapidly appearing and making it even harder to see, but Qin Yu still keeps his calm even in this thrilling situation. His uncommon eyesight displays its advantage, finding the right way and rushing towards it.


    The ice-cold stream water made a splash, and then engulfed the two.


    The beasts surrounded the place where they entered, and roaring nonstop, while the hawks above let out angry cries from losing their target. The could only stare, as the young embracing couple entered the waters and were pulled by the current.

    Black Devil stood on a rock, even with the wind blowing at his robe, his black eyes still roamed the river, while roaring in anger, “You think you can escape me? I will find you, I will definitely find you!”

    The hawks shrieked as they each went in a different direction making sure to lock down the area. When Qin Yu and Ning Ling show up, they will have nowhere to hide from their sharp eyes! The demon beast ran along the river, and where the flow of water was slower, they jumped in.

    This chase, is far from over!

    Qin Yu just discovered that Ning Ling is afraid of water. Since they jumped in, she held him in a tight embrace, to the point it impaired his movement. He could only do his best, in her hug, to avoid the dangerous water currents.

    The water of this river doesn’t flow outside the forest, but inside the mountain. This went beyond his expectation, only hoping to borrow the river’s current to facilitate their escape outside the forest. And if they were in luck, might even find a powerful sect, scaring Black Devil in retreating. But now, he could only resign himself to fate, and keep themselves safe.

    Very soon, Qin Yu felt something isn’t right. Ning Ling became increasingly hotter, to the extent that it felt she was burning him in this ice-cold water.

    Not daring to stay any longer in the water, Qin Yu risked popping his head outside, avoiding on multiple occasions the dangerous rocks, and finally found an empty area. He carried Ning Ling closely, taking themselves out of the water and on a protruding rock.

    Looking around, this place should be a cave that the water carved over the years that turned empty after it changed its course. Not discovering any danger, Qin Yu lays Ning Ling on the ground, her eyes closed tightly, delicate face devoid of blood, and unconscious.

    “Senior sister Ning!” Qin Yu shouted repeatedly to no avail. His heart sank slightly as he took a pill and carefully put it in her mouth.

    But immediately she vomited, along with the pill, gasping for breath and slowly opening her eyes, “I suffered a backlash for overdrawing my blood’s power. Can only recover through cultivation and no external sources would be of anyhelp.” These words were filled with feebleness, as it could be seen from her weak state.

    Qin Yu was about to say something but his face changed, lifted Ning Ling on his back and tying her with cloth from his robe, “Senior sister Ning, hang on tightly!”

    The demon beast’s roars could be heard from the water.

    Ning Ling bit her lip, “Qin Yu, leave! You won’t escape if you carry me.”

    Qin Yu straighten his body, took a few deep breaths, “I thought about it.” As he said this, he entered the water.

    The two were quickly submerged, Ning Ling could feel his wide and warm back, with a strong pulse inside, inadvertently holding him closer.

    Those words he said, how could Ning Ling not know what he meant? Making the deepest part of her heart surge wildly.

    The still immobile Black Devil, is using the Beast Manipulating Art at its peak, making even more demon beasts entering the waters to find Qin Yu and Ning Ling’s whereabouts. If it weren’t for the many caves eroded by the water and complex water flow, they would have already been found.

    But even with this advantage, after three days, Qin Yu is like an arrow at the end of its flight. The big wound on his chest opened and making the surrounding waters dyed in blood, picturing a frightening scene.

    This was left by a demonic fish that caught him off guard, and along with it, a profound memory to Qin Yu. If he hadn’t reacted fast, his whole chest would have been torn open by its sharp fangs. In the end the fish was killed, but its goal of making Qin Yu’s smell of blood leak out was accomplished.

    With a bit of time, and some help from a pill or two, it would be healed, but without a chance to do just that, his only choice is to run and tire himself to save his life.

    Ning Ling still tied to his back, hearing his difficult breathing, her tears stared falling down like rain, “Qin Yu, leave, leave!”

    Qin Yu paused, sighing, “Three days ago it might have helped, but now it is too late. And since it came to this, might as well persevere. If I were to give up now, it would make all my effort meaningless.”

    “Aren’t you afraid of dying?” Ning Ling said.

    Qin Yu took some pills, and while chewing, “I am. All those countless heroes in this world that says otherwise are liars. Of course, even someone unknown like me is scared. But even dying, it has to have value. Making a Golden Core demonic cultivator chasing my ass for three days will make anyone gasp in amazement.”

    This joke had no humor, so Ning Ling didn’t laugh, only faintly said, “Do you regret it?”

    Qin Yu shook his head, intending to get up, “Senior sister Ning, there is no point in talking about this. Save your energy for recovering, maybe the chance to live lies with you.”

    This was rather blunt, but Ning Ling doesn’t mind, “Qin Yu, I don’t want to run.” She fixed her gaze on him, “So, there is no need to suppress your injury and since we can’t escape, we might as well die together.”

    Qin Yu sat down, and began spitting out mouth after mouth of blood mixed with clots, to the extent that it made people think his insides are full of them.

    Luckily, he stops in the end, although with an even worse expression, but gasping for breath in content and sighing, “So spitting blood can also be an enjoyable activity!”

    The two of them are less than a foot apart, vaguely sensing each other’s warmth, becoming the only solace in this dark cave—even if they die, they can at least accompany each other on the journey through the Underworld River.

    Ning Ling patted Qin Yu, “Can you still move? I don’t want to die here, remember that crack? Let’s take that crevice to the surface and bask in the sun.”

    Qin Yu nodded, standing with difficulty, tying her once again to his back, “Let’s go, and die beneath the sunlight!”

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  • Chapter 29: Dazed fisherman

    The crevice wasn’t wide, making it difficult for Qin Yu to get out. If it were any other day it would have been a breeze, but now, each step is incredibly difficult, gasping as if he was working the bellows with the fiery pain from his chest causing his vision to darken.

    Ning Ling sticking to him, seems to realize that he might collapse at any moment, while watching him with a peaceful and content expression. Before death, her heartstrings appear to be even more taut, but now she suddenly relaxed showing her true feelings buried deep in her heart.

    Qin Yu finally managed to crawl out of the crevice, collapsing on the floor. This place appears to be a cave, with a round hole at the top bathing the two of them in sunlight.

    Gasping for breath, Qin Yu untied the cloths, and struggled to sits cross-legged, taking out another batch of pills. Along this chase, he always relied on pills to survive until today. But the effect of the pill he just took, don’t have any effect on his tired and beaten body.

    He simply isn’t ready to resign himself to fate, thus this final struggle.

    The person behind him hesitated a bit, then leaned lightly on his back, “The was no Grandmaster in Dongliu Town, was there?”

    Qin Yu was silent.

    “Even without telling me I know, that that so called Grandmaster is yourself, or how could you have eaten so many pills along the way. Did they drop from the Heavens? Don’t try to say that Grandmaster bestowed them upon you, that’s something not even you believe.” Ning Ling laughed lightly, then shook her head, “Who would’ve thought, Dongliu Town’s everything, is all because of your lie, acting in such a big play, with even the demonic cultivator playing right into your hands. Truly hard to believe it.”

    Her voice stopped for a while, and then embarrassed, “I am truly sorry, with your talent in alchemy and just at Foundation Establishment stage, your future would have been limitless. Yet I dragged you into this mess ending up in this wretched state. Qin Yu, tell me honestly. When I entered Dongliu Town that day, did you see anything? We will die after all, so let’s not have any regrets. If you admit it I will forgive you, and even make it up to you.”

    Qin Yu’s body froze, smiling bitterly, “That was an accident.”

    Ning Ling’s beautiful eyes became big, muttering, “So you saw it!” She was angry from embarrassment, so she bit his back.

    “You said you’ll forgive me!”

    Ning Ling’s slightly red face relaxed her mouth, “Before forgiveness, you should also receive some punishment, pervert!” Not giving Qin Yu a chance to defend, she let out a charming laugh, “I suddenly feel my heart strangely relieved, although, the price you payed for your perverted act was a bit steep. Qin Yu, the way I see it, this kind of ending isn’t so bad…”

    Her voice gradually grew fainter until it couldn’t be heard, and fell into a deep sleep after seeing the sunlight one last time.

    Ning Ling is what others are calling a Heaven’s child, but hiding inside her, is a pain that cannot be so easily revealed. And at this moment, her final muttering made Qin Yu’s heart tremble. He suddenly feels like he should do something, and not stand around waiting for death to come.

    After a few breaths time, Qin Yu turned around laying Ning Ling on the floor, giving her one more look, and sighing, “Rather than have two people dying, it is better for one of us to survive. Just take it as me owing you my life.” His palm shined lightly, taking out the black robe, draping it over her body.

    The black robe hides auras, him doing this is entrusting his life to the Heavens, to see if he will come out of this alive. Turning around, Qin Yu leaves the cave, with the sunlight gradually drowning his body, as if he enters another world.

    Inhaling the fresh mountain air, Qin Yu finds his direction, dragging his body with each step, and charging into the mountain forest. Very quickly, cries of hawks could be heard, their eyes already locked on Qin Yu.

    Qin Yu, being immersed in his run, doesn’t notice this. His only thought is to delay Black Devil as much as possible so that Ning Ling could have a chance at life. He doesn’t know if this is foolish, but what youngster isn’t reckless? For a bit of happiness, dying for his lover, perhaps it’s thoughtless, but there will be no regrets left behind!

    “Junior!” Black Devil thundering howl of rage could be heard. In these three days, his condition recovered by a lot, his eyes flashing from anger, soon turned mockingly.

    “You actually came to face me alone. Is it for that lass of the Ning clan? Never thought you of being such lovebirds. But you, what right do you have? I will first kill you and then dig her out to accompany you on the Underworld River!”


    Without a word, Qin Yu, in a burst of energy, sped forward.

    Black Devil’s face darkened, angered from being ignored, his rage once again reaching the heavens, “Where do you think you’re going!”

    The Golden Core cultivation’s power, like a tiger came chasing after him.

    With wind lashing at his face, and the inner bitter pain, made Qin Yu almost instantly know that death is near, and yet instead of fear, he was incomparably calm. Precisely because of this calm, did Qin Yu was able to sense, a chill straight to the bone, coming in front of him.


    But his thoughts were churning, he still had no intention of stopping, and used his last trace of power to forge ahead through the danger. He took a jump from the cliff in front, while soaring his consciousness growing vague, and could only faintly feel the bottomless pool beneath him.

    “Die!” Black Devil laughed wickedly, his terrifying aura surging forward, but the next instant a sound of amazement could be heard from behind, “What is this place!”

    The water soared as Qin Yu entered, turning his vision black and losing consciousness.

    As if entering in an endless dream, he could still feel the pressure on his chest like a majestic mountain, unable to gasp for breath, making him go crazy from the lack of air. But no matter what struggle, it was all in vain as he still couldn’t break free.

    Just as Qin Yu was feeling that he would die in this dream, a breath of precious air suddenly came from outside, just like a withered seedling bathed under a sun recovered its life, it aloud him to keep on living.


    Gasps could be heard in the darkness, with Qin Yu sitting down and wiping de blood stains from his face, to free his breathing. Thinking of the blood-filled nose that almost got him suffocated to death, his newfound life was suddenly assaulted by fear.

    ‘How come I’m still alive?’ Qin Yu was suddenly thinking, quickly taking in his surroundings, but as he was about to move, all his body began hurting, making him let out a stifled groan and collapse on the ground capable of only breathing. This place seems to be without danger, or else he wouldn’t have been alive until now.

    Exerting himself to take out some pills, and some leaves from his storage bag putting them in his mouth, Qin Yu thought about the still recent decision of not letting himself lose consciousness and be defenseless, then forced a smile as he sunk into a heavy sleep.

    After an unknown amount of time, the Qin Yu in the darkness once again woke up, with each movement of his body letting cracking sounds, although still painful but a lot better than before especially the burning sensation of his inner organs subsiding a good deal. It should be because of eating Snake Orchid, truly worthy of a spiritual plant needing hundreds of years to grow.

    This is what it feels to survive!

    Qin Yu’s mind relaxed slightly and opened his eyes, but his body immediately froze. Even in complete darkness, with his outstanding eyesight, he could still barely see his surroundings. More than ten meters from him, a big strange fish stood on the ground with its bloodshot eyes as big as a palm, and between his smashed fangs, a dangling leg.

    This odd fish should be around fifty meters long, comparing the small demonic fish from before, this one seems to be its ancestor. The question is, who did him in? Was it the one who’s leg belongs to?

    Qin Yu’s eyes shined, Black Devil’s bone deep hatred isn’t that easily removed, and the fact that he is amazed of his own survival, is not because he let him off, but because he didn’t have the chance to finish him!

    His heart was shocked, not knowing where the strength came from, he managed to get up and carefully stepping towards the weird fish. But very soon, he was overcautious, because the abnormal fish’s mouth was slightly parted, and allowing him to see through its shattered teeth, the hedgehog like Black Devil from all the teeth fragments stuck inside him. But this old devil really is fierce, before his death he managed to break the top of the freaky fish mouth, with his hand still lodged in there.

    Killing each other!

    Qin Yu was laughing hard, the sound echoing throughout the cave, seeing it a few more times to make sure it happened like this. Before he fainted, the danger he felt must have belonged to the uncanny fish. Black Devil following close behind, for some reason fought against it and ended up with only Qin Yu coming out alive.

     If any of them would have lived he, without a doubt, would be the one to die.

    Along this whole process, Qin Yu was amazed of his luck. Could he really be one of those legendary people under Heaven’s divine protection? This thought was quickly suppressed. If he truly had such amazing luck, then just by walking around he should be picking up treasures left and right, meeting a famous master, advance unhindered, and proudly do what he liked.

    This is a far cry compared to his journey, and doesn’t need all the attention, or the lucky events. For him is enough to stay alive! Moreover, with Black Devil dying here, his Beast Manipulation Art should be cancelled, saving Ning Ling.

    Thinking of this, Qin Yu was happy, letting out a nasty laugh. Although through unexplained means, he became a fisherman(1). It even brought unexpected profit, Black Devil capable of killing the creepy fish in one blow should be more generous than Li Yunmo’s storage bag.

    Taking out a dagger, glinting coldly in the darkness, the one gifted to him in Dongliu Town by a young talent to become friends with him. Although of common material, but its sharpness should be enough.

    The dagger followed along the split mouth of the peculiar fish, making a long incision, exposing the teeth inside. Qin Yu ignores the blood and begins dismantling the body.

    Of course, he isn’t a deviant, leaving Black Devils skewered body in one piece. Thinking of the profits, he first tried to remove him from the fish’s mouth to no avail, and had no choice but to pull the teeth out! Besides, this bizarre fish should be a Golden Core equivalent demon fish, his teeth must have some value, maybe even used to refine treasures. They definitely can’t be left alone.

    As the final fang landed on the ground, working on the queer fish’s dead body still tired Qin Yu out, leaving him gasping for breath and whole body reeking of blood, but still sporting a bright smile.

    The teeth’s hardness and sharpness went beyond his expectations, counting 108 in total. Thinking of using them to make a flying sword controlling it to float around him, left him drooling!

    Good things can’t be wasted. Although, only Golden Core cultivators can control items with a thought, but his consciousness has surpassed Foundation Establishment cultivators by far, it might even allow him to do it.

    Taking a breather to relax for a bit, Qin Yu then put his hand inside the soft and tender mouth of the unnatural fish and took out Black Devil’s corpse. This famous and powerful demonic cultivator, at this moment looked completely miserable.

    Qin Yu not in the mood to ponder this, left him on the ground, and put his own hand inside the hole made by Black Devil’s arm in the fish’s mouth. Groped around, and then his expression brighten, took his hand back, shaking off all the brain matter while smiling at the bead that he is holding.

    The bead is the size of a pebble, with a similar atypical fish inside moving about and roaring at Qin Yu. As if to question why did he desecrate his corpse!

    (1)    Chinese idiom about two people fighting only for the third one to come out on top.

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    Chapter 30: The new era’s cultivator role model

    An Inner Core! As expected from the Golden Core stage freaky fish. This precious item can be refined to become the core of a great formation, or could be turned into pills that are of great benefit to demon beasts.

    As for the mini peculiar fish’s death stare, Qin Yu pays it no heed. If he doesn’t try refining the Inner Core, the soul of the freaky fish won’t be able to affect him. And once it comes out of the Inner Core, will vanish like smoke in thin air even without Qin Yu’s help.

    After the being pleased with the haul from the fish, Qin Yu turns to Black Devil’s body, ‘With such an outstanding reputation of a Golden Core demonic cultivator, not even this wretched state can lower your value!’

    He took the storage bag from the body and send a probing thought inside. Then sighed in amazement, ‘What a good fellow! The huge difference in contents compared to Li Yunmo’s bag, is enough to make anyone shed tears. It seems that even when looting the dead, it’s all up to luck!’

    Inside Black Devil’s storage bag, with a space bigger than ten zhang in size, there are more than two thousand spirit stones, piled up into a small mountain. There is no need to mention what Qin Yu can do with these and that is because of his pill-based cultivation. So, he cannot do the same as the average cultivator that uses them to absorb the spiritual energy in the stones. They are also a currency in the cultivator world and there is never enough amount when someone is on the verge of breaking through.

    And there’s also the Black Devil’s Beast Manipulating Art!

    Yet after flipping the manual, made from an unknown beast’s leather, Qin Yu was certain of Black Devil’s rise to fame. Just from skimming through it, he discovered that this text contains a plethora of information.

    What he was certain, though, is that even thought it is an ancient manual with many of the demon beasts inside already extinct, it still allowed Black Devil to bring glory to this Beast Manipulating Art.

    Leaving these things aside, there is also a palm sized black flag. Without a doubt, it is the magical weapon Soul Seizing Flag that capture the souls of powerful enemies and when using it in battle can make them release 30% of their power. Even with it being limited in seizing Golden Core souls before they could scatter, this amount of power is still enough to astonish many cultivators.

    Unfortunately, Black Devil already died, and his soul vanished before it could be sealed, or he would already been able to test its power. When he was binding it with blood, Qin Yu was sighing in amazement of how great are demonic cultivator’s magic weapons and something occurred to him.

    He suddenly smacked his head, cursing under his breath, ‘black bastard’, and quickly urged the Soul Seizing Flag to release a black mist to envelop Black Devil’s corpse. Moments later, just when Qin Yu started to feel disappointment, the black mist was roiling, with a thorough black and stiff Black Devil appearing before him.

    Qin Yu’s thoughts stirred, trying to control the Black Devil and with a raised hand, it sent dark energy that caused a booming sound to spread inside the stone cave. Qin Yu was puzzled; Black Devil appears to be at the initial stage of Golden Core realm and not the original 6th layer of Golden Core realm. Was it because he’s been dead for a long time and the heavy wounds before this?

    What Qin Yu didn’t know was that apart from these two reasons, the most essential one is his cultivation of 4th layer of Foundation Establishment. If it weren’t for the Soul Seizing Flag removing the remaining traces of energies from inside itself, not only he wouldn’t have been able to call out Black Devil’s soul, but be devoured instead!

    After a while, Qin Yu recalled about Black Devil, noticing that his methods of staying alive improved thanks to the his’s gifts. Not only the treasured storage bag, but even his soul was taken. If it were known, then the Black Devil’s reputation of more than ten years would completely collapse!

    Two thousand spirit stones, Beast Manipulating Art and the Soul Seizing Flag are laid before him. The rest of the items he doesn’t pay to much attention, but a Golden Core expert’s storage bag sure has some interesting things. Like the bamboo dragonfly, that each time you put energy inside it, for a month, it can keep watch of the surroundings. Also, there is a small bag with more then a dozen seeds preserved inside that seem to be covered in dots shining like golden stars.

    The last items that appeared before him, are several black jade slips, and after inspecting them, they all contain sinister demonic cultivation methods. These are manuals that even a powerful demonic cultivator would covet. With all of the riches lined up, Qin Yu thinks that he is somewhat connected to the demonic path of cultivation, but he has no desire to turn towards it.

    A demonic cultivator’s start is fast, but later will slow down sharply, and with methods that goes against the will of heavens will guarantee that one won’t have a good end. Before they could reach Golden Core or Nascent Soul realm, they will have to endure heavenly tribulation, these calamities are also known as gates of hell.

    The final jade slip feels different to the touch. Qin Yu, leaving no stone unturned, swept it with his though thinking it would have no use to him, but soon his expression became solemn.

    Releasing the jade slip after some time, Qin Yu scratched his head mumbling, “Why does it feel like what the content mentions is familiar?” He took out the other two storage bags and from the golden string one he fished out the 36 jade boxes he has gotten from Li Yunmo.

    “36 types. The same amount.”

    “Spiritual Demonic Feeler, soft to the touch and with a weird smell.”

    “Demonic Jade Bone, a Nascent Soul demonic cultivator’s bone, that has all of the cultivator’s demonic energy converged inside after many years of stabilizing.”

    “Ancient Oyster, from the pitch-black abyss of the ocean, not seeing the light of the sun throughout its life, and amassing cold and dark energy.”

    While muttering in a faint voice, Qin Yu’s eyes became more and more alive. He was so moved that even traces of red appeared on his face. As he was comparing, he was increasingly certain, that the method inside the jade slip, the Demon Body, needs some special items to cultivate. It just so happens that the ingredients are the ones in Li Yunmo’s 36 boxes.

    Qin Yu finally understood why, at the time he received the storage bag, Li Yunmo showed regret and hesitation. It was definitely because this method, Demon Body, that required one to spend a long amount of time to gather these 36 different ingredients, especially for some of them that are extremely rare. Only to finally land in Qin Yu’s hand and make Li Yunmo’s heart pained.

    Truth be told, his pain is certain, as to collect all of the 36 boxes it took more than several hundred years for his clan to gather, with only a drop of demonic blood missing. But compared to searching for them, the search for the drop of blood is insignificant.

    When Li Yunmo reached Golden Core stage, he inherited these boxes, but even after searching for more than three hundred years, he still haven encounter any information related to the demonic blood. That pure and strong drop of blood essence hardly seems capable of appearing in the mortal world and perhaps could only exist in the far lands of cultivators. But with his strength, he will have no chance of reaching it.

    Therefore, Li Yunmo was hesitating when handing them over, yet still did it since he was certain that whoever obtains these boxes, could only leave them in a corner somewhere. Of course, his grudge towards Qin Yu hasn’t lessened one bit even from this.

    Qin Yu didn’t know these things and only thought he received a great harvest filling him with excitement.

    Demon Body, the best demonic path body cultivation method. After achieving it, one’s body would be as hard as iron, with a strength of countless demons, and when it reaches its peak, he would never grow old and die! But the most important thing, is that this method doesn’t need demonic energy to cultivate it, therefore, when using it others will have a hard time recognizing it.

    Qin Yu feels as if it was made especially for him! He already tasted the benefit of a strong body, and decided to continue on the path of body cultivation. Encountering this method and not using it would be a sin and should be struck down by heavenly lightning.

    Not to mention that the only thing standing between him and Demon Body is a drop of demonic blood! Seemingly, just by stretching his hand he pressed the jade slip to his head and it began shining a golden light.

    ‘Sorry to blame you, brother Li Yunmo, you’re such a great friend’ Qin Yu inwardly admonished himself, that he would never wrongly blame someone again!

    Besides, demonic cultivators are such awesome people, not only gifting him such treasures, but even matching his tastes, with all of the gifts tailored to him, as if becoming the new era’s cultivator role model.

    Carefully putting all of the jade boxes back in the bag and wearing it close, Qin Yu calmed down slightly, and seeing the Black Devil’s corpse dry and shriveled as a dead tree along with the odd fish dripping in blood, decided to bury them. But first and foremost, he must find where he is exactly.

    With the death of Black Devil, Ning Ling’s safety is assured, and he is afraid of worrying her if he returns late. As he was thinking this, he unconsciously picked up his pace. Following the tunnel of the cave, the darkness seems to be endless, and after around eighty meters it ended.

    Blocking his way is an unknown layer of light. Qin Yu waved his sleeve to clear the rocks away, revealing the light that went between those rocks and hearing some vague booming sound.

    This is the only entrance of the cave, that laid before him. It was clearly the light that passed the stones from before and poses no danger. Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu stepped inside, and once he lifted his foot, he suddenly froze in place, with cold sweat soaking his back.

    What this scene looks like from an outside view, is this:

    In the middle of the huge and dark tunnel, there appears to be a certain confining power, that flows around and charging towards the underground submerged in darkness. Inside the wall of the dark tunnel, a zhang big rock was shimmering. Half of Qin Yu’s body came out from this shimmering and stepped into nothing.

    If he wasn’t cautious, and not walking slowly, his empty step would cause him to fall in the tunnel. Seeing the roaring vortex of water below, made his scalp numb.

    Suddenly retreating, Qin Yu gasped for breath, recalling the imminent feeling of death from before. Forcing himself to calm down, he started to ponder clearly after a moment of panic. Thinking of the time when he jumped down and saw the abyss, as well as the dead unnatural fish, his expression became ugly.

    If there were no problems, he would be below this abyss, but god knows why, the scene below him is incredibly frightening! As for why this cave turned out to gather the eerie fish and Black Devil, didn’t seem to occur to him. The only thing on his mind, is how to leave this place.

    On a certain point, it is very simple, if he were to swim against the current, he will be able to get out, in the end. But the key point is that the tunnel below him containing the vortex of water is letting out sounds that are making him shiver. Even though he doesn’t know why there are those sounds, he is certain that falling inside will crush him to pieces!

    Qin Yu very quickly chilled his mind. After experiencing the Pill Disposing Facility’s restriction, his tenacity improved. He and Black Devil are intruding in this place, and only the bizarre fish as the native. A fish needs water, even a Golden Core fish is no exception, but the only water is inside the frightening vortex below.

    The strange fish can live in these waters!

    Qin Yu’s eyes slightly brightened, he vaguely caught on the crucial point, but doesn’t seem to grasp the whole idea. After a while, he clenched his teeth and hardened his face. If he doesn’t try, then the only two options are to train to Golden Core stage slowly, or wait for death here. No matter how he looks at it, the later seems more probable.

    No choice!

    P.S.: first of the delayed chapters
  • Chapter 31: Sudden reversal

    Qin Yu with a quick step, returned where the odd fish corpse was laying, muttered a faint ‘sorry’ and took out the dagger he preciously used to dismantle it beginning to peel its hide along the mouth. That’s right, precisely from inside he started to skin it completely, believing this is the crucial part in Qin Yu’s survival.

    After an hour, and with a complete skin of the unnatural fish in hand, Qin Yu was inspecting it with ragged breath, feeling content with not finding any damaged areas. Its toughness can be seen from not being affected from the battle with Black Devil.

    Once he folded it carefully and put it in his storage bag, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged and took several pills one after the other. Topping it off with some spiritual leaves for recovering, that he got from the underground area. He has to be wasteful, as he needs to be at his best since the fish hide can’t stay for long in his storage bag.

    Four days later, Qin Yu stretched himself, making his bones letting out creaking noises. He had no choice but to stop his recovery once he inspected the fish hide’s condition.

    Reaching the cave’s entrance and taking out the fish hide, Qin Yu entered it, making sure it is tightly fastened. Then, with a deep breath he stomped his foot launching himself toward the veil of light.

    The next blink, his whole body felt as if it was struck by a hammer, vision going black and ears buzzing, with the sweet taste of blood rushing out of his mouth. What followed, are the countless fist like blows that smashed every nook and cranny of his body, almost causing it to collapse.

    While stifling a groan, Qin Yu took out the inner core of the fish, releasing a layer of faint light in this complete darkness. With the repeated roars from the mini freaky fish, the fish hide began to swell. The blows’ shockwaves still came, causing Qin Yu to feel dazed and eyes dimmed, but not with the same force that terrified him before.

    He began to calm down slightly, but as time passed, Qin Yu felt his heart increasingly cold. Because at this time, regardless of his struggles, unable to oppose the fierce current outside, he began to sink into the dark abyss under the protection of the fish hide and its inner core.

    Feeling the gradually stronger hits, Qin Yu was helpless, originally thinking he’d escaped death and earning a fortune, only to turn into such a joke.



    The low muffled sounds intensified in their strength, making Qin Yu’s inner organs vibrate and the unhealed wounds to once again burst open. His seven apertures began to leak blood, while he only closed his eyes waiting for the end to come.

    He might truly die and couldn’t refrain from thinking ‘Are there really no regrets?’. In the end he clearly doesn’t have that ambitious thinking some people have in this world!

    ‘Never mind, at least I got to live for a while longer. Just that, after many years have gone by, will she still remember me?’

    As these thoughts spin in Qin Yu’s head, the fish hide let out a tearing sound, and with it, a terrible attack struck him, as if a mountain fell on top of him!

    Yet managing to dodge at hairs breath, Qin Yu groaned as his chest hasn’t yet recovered from being pressured, only to feel that the frightening force completely disappeared, as if it never occurred in the first place.

    His foot touching the ground, Qin Yu lifted his head, looking at the horrifying crushing force of the water currents. He then spat a mouth full of blood and while smiling, started cursing, “What a messed-up luck!”

    A bloody light unfurled in the area, its faint and thin appearance possessing an unimaginable might instead. Yet the force of the water current seems to have no effect on it at all. As if it could sense someone entering, the bloody light intensified, scaring Qin Yu. Only then he realized that under the light, there is actually a bluestone laying on the floor. The stone resembling a crouching bull, with an ancient feeling coming from it.

    Instinct told him that all of the peculiar happenings bellow the pool originate from this bluestone. Bathing in the bloody light, he suddenly has a feeling of being watched, as if an unknown existence peering down on his meager struggles with a detached look.

    He laid stock-still, not daring to move an inch, but just then, from his chest a sound came out. The storage bag belonging to Li Yunmo burst, and with it its 36 jade boxes came out of his clothes, landing on the ground.



    All of the 36 boxes opened at the same time, the ingredients inside beginning to float, flying at the side of the bluestone crouched bull. Inside the bluestone bloody lines started to appear like veins, and the light quickly vanished, while all the bloody colors converging on top of the crouching bull.

    Under the shocked eyes of Qin Yu, a dark-red bloody bead formed on the bull’s head. Soon after, a wild howl could be heard and in the depths of his soul a majestic scene unfolded. A demon of over ten thousand zhang tall, his feet trampling the earth while his head piercing the skies, roared, making the mountains crumble and rivers dry up!

    Qin Yu’s pupils suddenly dilated, quickly expanding to the edges of his eyes, turning similar to the ones Black Devil had, completely black. But this black is many times more pronounced and deep, like the unfathomable abyss of the earth, capable of swallowing everything.

    With his dazed consciousness it is startling that his instinct propelled him forward step by step, while the floating bead separated from the crouched bull and even with his lowered head it still entered his mouth.

    “Aagh!” Qin Yu suddenly raised his head, and let out an agonizing cry, leaning backward to the extent that it might break his waist at any moment. His veins throbbed and twisted like worms beneath his skin, with his whole body turning red, while blood was flowing out of his each and every pore.

    Qin Yu felt like he was on fire, that even his very soul was ignited, making his roaring and struggle unable to release him from this suffering. Yet at this moment, the 36 types of ingredients floating slightly turned to dust as if they were ravaged by time, and covered Qin Yu’s body, burrowing inside of it.

    A cool feeling, in an instant covered him from top to bottom, rescuing him from the immolating hell. Before he could let out a relaxed breath, this savior turns out to be akin to oil and started fanning the flames. Qin Yu’s blood-curdling screech abruptly stopped, as if voiceless, and from his seven apertures a black demonic flame arose, causing his skin to crack like a dried-up riverbed.

    Demon Body is known by demonic cultivator to be the supreme body refining method for a reason. Even with all the ingredients gathered, practicing it is tantamount to entering hell, on top of its already high rate of failure. ‘Luckily’, Qin Yu got a complete record of Demon Body, devoid of any warnings. Even knowing them, the particular circumstances that he is in right now are something that he can’t influence.

    Qin Yu’s talent is average, although his body is stronger than the average cultivator, but it can hardly compare to the Demon Body! It might as well be said that it won’t be long before he will be burned to ashes by the demonic fire.

    After the bluestone crouching bull released the blood bead, it turned into an ordinary rock, but just when the demonic fire came out of Qin Yu’s head, it suddenly flew above him. As if an enormous mountain was pressing down, the flames dimmed to the point they were almost extinguished.

    “Aagh!” the soul as if hearing a howl of fury, it suddenly soared, and when Qin Yu opened he’s eyes he found himself in another place and time, in an ancient battlefield.

    Before him the towering demonic image still remained, his roar shattering mountains and reversing rivers, yet in this scene, a finger appeared. Veins as big as a human, descending from the Ninth Heaven, and with its endless spiritual power rushing outwards, changed the weather.

    Sensing the threat, among his roaring, the demonic image’s arm broke the clouds as it faced off against the finger, only to be buried to his knees in the ground!

    Immediately after, the second finger came, while not as immense as the previous one, only human sized, caused the appearance of countless figures to show between heaven and earth. Whether complete or damaged, small or big, they all contain astonishing power.

    These figures, one after the other stepped forward, turning into lights and merging with the finger, making it shine ever stronger with a dazzling aura.


    With a huge sound, the second finger struck the demonic image, making him roar endlessly and burring him more than half of his body in the ground. Perhaps from realizing he’s outclassed, along with the rise of the demonic clouds, the demonic image exposed its body. Shockingly, it’s actually a demonic bull as huge as a mountain. It was using the power of its hooves, trying to get out of the ground, unfortunately the skies parted to reveal the third finger’s descent.

    It pointed and pressed in an instant, its power worlds beyond compared to the previous two fingers. Because this third finger drew on the power of heaven and earth, and then launching an attack meant to annihilate everything, the demonic bull let out an unreconciled roar, as it sank completely into the earth by this, final finger, with only a bottomless hole in his place.

    Then, in a radius of a thousand li the earth shook and rose up like a mountain, leaving behind a valley. The next instant the weather changed for the worst, clouds gathering and lightning flashing, raining a great flood, with all the water converging and rumbling down through the round hole.

    Wide eyed, Qin Yu watched these scenes, as his mind fiercely shook. If he is right, then the bluestone crouching bull at the bottom of the terrifying water vortex inside the round tunnel should belong to the demonic bull. Exactly because of this, the bluestone released the demonic blood, and regardless of his consent, began the process of turning him into a Demon Body.

    His soul quickly sank, in a proverbial blink of an eye, entering the body. The astonishing battle scenes he turned spectator of seem to be only an illusion… yet deep down, he knows it to be true!

    Qin Yu opened his eyes, the dried blood on his eyelids, breaking and falling off. With a mere thought, his body moved, his muscles quaking as he moved and letting out a thunderous sound echoing inside the cave. Like a surging wave as it moved, throwing off all of the dried blood on himself.

    His robe long ago soaked in blood, at this moment was shredded apart, revealing the tender and soft skin beneath, shining with a faint light. This softness only appears on the surface, containing inside is the power of tens of beasts, ready at any moment to launch and tear apart anything and everything!

    The Demon Body known to have 100% death rate, actually succeeded under such unclear circumstances. Aware of each and every inch of his body and the power flowing within, what surfaced in Qin Yu’s mind are the three fingers descending from the heavens. He engraved that scene deep inside so that, not even his soul would be able to forget.

    “Boundless Azure… Azure Soul… Azure Sea…” Qin Yu mumbled. He doesn’t know how he is aware of these three fingers’ names, but what he does know is the feeling of being able to use them.

    He lifted a finger, suddenly a fierce wind whipped by, with his energy bursting out of his body, only to cease completely the next moment. Qin Yu’s face still had an expression of a lingering fear, he didn’t completed the move, or his body would have been sucked dry of all his energy.

    The bluestone crouching bull fell at the side, and as if to mean that it completed its mission, soundlessly shattered. The next moment, the frightening vortex lost its power, allowing Qin Yu to smash through it!

    At a pool next to a waterfall in the mountain forest…

    A boar was calmly drinking water, eyeing the pool with a curious look since its lost all its aura. As it was hesitating whether or not to go deeper and taste the cold water, a black figure suddenly emerged from within.

    The water splashed everywhere, revealing Qin Yu in the middle of breathing in mountain air with a smile on his face. All of a sudden, something was released from his body, the bright sky suddenly darkened, with stars appearing within.

    In a radius of a thousand li the world experienced a sudden reversal!


    A black pillar of demonic power descended from the night sky, shining upon Qin Yu, causing his smile to end and mouth to twitch.

    ‘Too much commotion, need leave this place’ thinking, ‘the demon hunting group will soon surround this place!’.
  • Chapter 32: Misunderstanding

    Ning Ling hugged her knees while leaning on the stone wall, the black robe draped over her still seem to hold his scent, while the shining light of the sun wrapped around her. But Ning Ling found no warmth in it, with an ice-cold feeling rising from her heart instead, turning her face slightly pale.

    She was awake for five days, and Qin Yu still haven’t returned. He silently left the black robe behind, and because of it, Ning Ling felt her heart tighten with painful emotions. That is because she knows what this means.

    Having this black robe, having that many pills, having shown his resourcefulness and cautiousness in this escape, if he had chosen to abandon her, he would have had no problems in fleeing. But in the end, he didn’t gave up on her, and even left her with the hope of life, while he was swallowed by the darkness.

    Ning Ling gazed at the cave entrance, as if she could still see his departing back, and unable to suppress her sorrow, tears began to fall. In these five days, based on Qin Yu’s state, he would be unable to last until now. Not returning signifies she will never see him again in the future.

    For so many years, Ning Ling had never known this kind of desolation. Just like a shooting star’s bright shine suddenly coming to an end. But no matter what, Qin Yu left a deep impression in her heart that will never be erased.

    She wiped her tears away and walked outside wearing the black robe. As she went despite her slightly red eyes, her face showed an unprecedent coldness. This coldness is different from before, it came from inside surrounding her, as if to seal her inside.

    A sudden sound broke the silence, as a black demonic sabre moved like lightning straight to her throat. Its ruthless aura as big as a lake and constricting gave birth to the wind fluttering her hair while blowing the black robe inside the cave. Ning Ling wanted to catch it but was unable to, watching in a daze as it flew inside, as if they belong in two different worlds, bringing sadness in her eyes.

    The demonic sabre was frozen by an invisible power when it reached a zhang from her, and started letting out mournful cries while crushed inch by inch.

    Not far, a miserable and alarmed shout was heard, then a figure was soaring in the sky. With surging demonic energy denoting a Golden Core cultivation fully revealed, that it is even stronger than Black Devil. But even so, this strong demonic cultivator looked no different than a stray dog, completely frightened.

    An old man suddenly appeared in the sky, eyes half closed, casually saying, “Since you came, why not stay!”

    He waved his sleeve making the space twist, while the Golden Core demonic cultivator like a fly, was squashed on the ground with a heaven shaking loud noise crushing the cave entrance, then spiting blood as he was falling apart into nothingness.

    One strike, not only it annihilated a Golden Core demonic cultivator, but also destroyed all his possessions!

    Yet Ning Ling doesn’t pay attention to him, staring fixedly where the black robe was buried under the rocks, the woe in her eyes turning into desolation. This happened in a flash, covering her feeling inside her heart, with only endless coldness remaining in her pupils.

    Unaware of when the old man appeared behind her, he greeted, “Seventh Young Miss, we should return.”

    Ning Ling turned around, lightly breathing, “Elder Yun, I don’t want any demonic cultivator to remain in a thousand li radius.”

    Elder Yun frowned, “How would it help Seventh Young Miss, the dead can’t revive. If I were to act, it will cause a great commotion.”

    Ning Ling’s voice turned icy, “And if I insist?”

    Elder Yun sighed, as he was about to reply, his face changed drastically, and looked towards the distant mountain forest with a look of realization. The sky above them turned dark, with stars appearing one by one, and that frightening pillar of demonic energy. In this thousand li range there is complete silence, with all of the creatures feeling in the depths of their soul a certain fear and shivering.

    “World reversal, Demonic Pillar’s descent!” Elder Yun gloomily said, each word surging around with a pressure akin to a mountain, “Seventh Young Miss, a powerful demonic cultivator arrived. We must leave this place!”

    Ning Ling’s eyes became red, then turned around paying respect, “Qin Yu, I promise you. One day I will kill Black Devil and let the demonic cultivators’ blood flow in rivers!”

    Elder Yun sighed inside, and took her on his sword, flying in the distance, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

    After four hours, Qin Yu finally arrived at this place in a rush, speechless from the collapsed cave. The anticipation, excitement and happiness, upon gazing on this scene, gradually cooled down and disappearing in the end.

    After a while, Qin Yu frowned, ‘How can it end like this?’ After many perils returning here, he couldn’t believe the Heavens would be so cruel!

    Taking a deep breath, Qin Yu began to clear away the rocks. His Demon Body’s power completely released, throwing away the human sized rocks with ease but Qin Yu takes no notice of this while the sweat slowly soaked his clothes.

    Suddenly, Qin Yu froze, the familiar black robe revealing itself, then cleared around it to pick up the now dirty and dusty cloth with few dried bloodstains. Like a sword it struck his heart, almost halting his breathing.

    A long silence followed, as Qin Yu folded the robe carefully inside the storage bag, then turned and walked away. At this moment, this eighteen-year-old youngster straighten himself, but still let out endless sorrow, causing anyone to feel their nose stinging and eyes hazy.

    Exerting himself, Qin Yu gradually increased his speed. Like a fierce horse, galloping through the mountain woods. He kept this pace until he reached a deep valley, where he suddenly stopped after exhausting his body’s strength and letting out an earsplitting roar at the top of his lungs that reverberated throughout the valley.

    Two female cultivators outside it were frightened, their tender faces gazed upon Qin Yu, unaware of how a painful feeling rose in their hearts, lightly saying, “Senior sister, this person seems so heart-broken.”

    Senior sister frowned, “Just now the heavens changed, a terrible monster must have appeared, so don’t mind other’s business. We need to leave this place faster.”

    “En.” The young girl softly nodded, flying after her senior sister, but still couldn’t refrain herself from turning her head, looking at Qin Yu figure thinking ‘Why is he so devastated, did his beloved left him? So pitiful! It must be related to demonic cultivator’s matters; I heard from master that they rushed to invade the Southern Nation. They must not succeed, or heaven knows how many people would be buried under their might!’

    From start to finish, Qin Yu didn’t sense the two cultivators passing at all, not to mention the sympathizing gaze from one of them. Gasping for breath after his yelling, the pain in his chest seems to have subside somewhat. Lifting his head and checking his bearing, he picked a direction, rushing towards Sacred Mountain Sect.

    Maybe Ning Ling is alright, although the chances are small, he still doesn’t want to believe that that girl, who he doesn’t want to admit that she entered his life, is gone.

    Five days later, Qin Yu crossed the northern river, thinking back to that time when Ning Ling stood at the riverbank, her delicate fingers pointing while earnestly inquiring, “Junior brother, what is this river?”

    His heart tightened slightly and as he was about to continue onwards, his face changed as he looked in the distance at the five figures fleeing in panic. Behind them surging with demonic energy, are actually three demonic cultivators in pursuit.

    Not giving Qin Yu time to think, the fleeing party was closing in, and a middle-aged cultivator, upon noticing Qin Yu urged him, “Run quickly!”

    Seeing the unresponsive Qin Yu, only acting scared, feeling slightly ashamed inside, the middle-aged man lowered his head and ran with the rest of them.

    A tall demonic cultivator let out an evil laughter, “There is actually someone who isn’t afraid, it matches perfectly with my plan to collect heart blood and refine my demonic weapon!” A whistle was heard as he made a grabbing motion, his fingernails lengthening several inches planning to tore his chest apart and fish out the heart.

    Qin Yu raised his head all of a sudden, eyes cold that made the demonic cultivator’s mind shiver, but not letting him react and directly threw a fist.


    A muffled sound of broken bones rose, causing the fellow’s companions’ scalp to turn numb. The tall one flew and struck the ground like a pile of meat, hardly resembling a human.

    The other two demonic cultivator cried in alarm only to turn around and flee.

    Qin Yu’s eyes locked on one, launching the Mind Stab, making him froze in place, while a Blade Edge came and beheaded him. At the same time, he also struck with the Corpse Sealing Nail, punching a hole through the las person, and dying as he hit the ground.

    In just a blink, three demonic cultivators were killed on the spot. The not far group of five on the run, turned wide eyed, barely believing. But soon they began to hesitate, a moment before they were focusing on running away, in case he would take it out on them for leaving him behind. Yet they don’t dare to do it again, and the only choice is to come pay respects.

    “Greetings senior!” The five of them are all Foundation Establishment cultivators, even with the aura released by Qin Yu the same as theirs, because he was able to kill three demonic cultivators, it wouldn’t be good to use any other way of greeting.

     Seeing the people in front of him, Qin Yu indifferently said, “What happened, why are demonic cultivator attacking openly, here in Southern Nation?”

    The middle-aged cultivator’s heart relaxed, rushing to reply, “Senior, four days ago the demonic cultivators invaded the Southern Nation. All of the southeast region is engulfed in the fires of war with countless sects destroyed and even more people killed.” Pausing for a bit, then continued, “It would be best if senior wouldn’t continue further.”

    Qin Yu’s face changed, “Do you know what is the state of Sacred Mountain Sect?”

    The middle-aged cultivator hesitated, “This…”

    “Say it!”

    “Sacred Mountain Sect was the first sec to fall under the invasion, with almost all of the people inside killed, the scene is… horrifying.”

    Qin Yu fell silent, the air was still as if frozen, he didn’t felt too affected by the Sacred Mountain Sect situation, but thinking of that familiar place being destroyed couldn’t restrain himself from being sad.

    Of course, the greatest reason is the fact that his thoughts of continuing his acting were completely destroyed along with the sect.

    Just as the five of them were sweating from fear, Qin Yu waved his hand and ended the pressure, “Leave.”

    The middle-aged cultivator was about to say something but was stopped by his companions, all of them leaving in a rush, their only thought, to go as far away as possible from the conflict zones.

    Qin Yu was silent for a moment then continued on his way. First of all, Sacred Mountain Sect is close by, and even if he heard of its destruction, he still wants to witness it. Secondly, now that Sacred Mountain Sect is wrecked, there should be no powerful demonic cultivator left behind, with only some small fish sticking around, not feeling any threat from them.

    Inside the storage bag, there is also the Soul Seizing Flag, and with Black Devil sleeping inside, is enough to cope with an early Golden Core cultivator.
  • Chapter 33: Hidden deep

    Half a day later, Qin Yu reached Sacred Mountain Sect Main Gate, the jade arch already collapsed, with its imposing words no longer there. Black smoke rising everywhere, with everything in disorder, signified the end of a thousand-year-old sect’s foundation.

    Qin Yu thought about Lang Tu’s grave, but the Pill Disposing Facility was destroyed and could only watch silently, ‘Ning Ling isn’t here after all.’ As he was about to leave, he heard from the side a cry of panic, sharp and stinging to the ear. As it was heard a body with half of his feathers burnt showing its bald rear of a certain pheasant, fluttered his wings and flew towards Qin Yu.

    Jumping and gesturing on and on, even managing to squeeze a few tears, that with earlier experience, allowed Qin Yu to more or less understand the meaning:

    ‘This king enjoyed his endless fortune with women, thinking of living in seclusion far from the mortal world, but who would have guessed that a calamity befell his home, harming his family. This king was filled with a great sorrow, and decided to leave this painful place, vowing to someday pay back this vengeance in blood! If you use all your might to help this king, once this king will rise, will not treat you unjustly!’

    Doing everything to make himself heard, with arrogance hidden in between, although fitting to his acting and style, but ridiculous nonetheless.

    Yep, this amusing chap, doing quite well, is our dear Pheasant King.

    Qin Yu unmoved said, “We are connected by fate, and if you want, you could follow me.”

    The Pheasant King was fluttering his wings, even without half his feathers he could still fly, landing firmly on Qin Yu’s shoulder, with a style as if to say ‘it is good that you know propriety’.

    Qin Yu ignored him, his image moving about, even if he wasn’t worried about safety, he was still cautious. But he never thought that before he passed the Min Gate, bumped into a dozen of people, with few familiar faces among them.

    With a surprised face, Tao Jie said, “Junior brother Qin Yu! Right, I heard you returned home and fortunately avoided this disaster…” He watched the destruction of the Sacred Mountain Sect with red eyes unable to continue.

    The others around him were sad, they should also be fellow disciples.

    Xu Wei watched Qin Yu, with a vague look in the depth of his eyes, devoid of any arrogance. It could be said, that with the annihilation of Sacred Mountain Sect, his pride was also crushed.

    Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Greetings senior brother Tao Jie.”

    Tao Jie reigned in his sorrow, “After you left, so did senior sister Ning. At least like this, she was able to escape.” His face showed a trace of contentment, clearly not placing Ning Ling and Qin Yu together.

    Qin Yu lowered his head without a word.

    A cultivator broke out of the group and came over, patting Tao Jie’s shoulder, “Don’t feel sad fellow Daoist Tao, the Sacred Mountain Sect’s fight with demonic cultivators caused them heavy losses, we all admire them. Moreover, we are about to enter the main forces to fight them off, with plenty of opportunities for revenge later on.”

    Recovering himself, the other female cultivators’ eyes brighten, then towards Qin Yu, “Fellow Daoist, this meeting must be fate, come with us to look after each other in battle, and use each chance to avenge our masters.”

    Tao Jie repeatedly nodded, “Junior brother Qin Yu, come along. This is fellow Daoist Zhao Chan, a disciple of Sacred Water Sect, not far from here is a Righteous Alliance camp where we will be safe.”

    He truly wants Qin Yu to join them, although he didn’t put him in his eyes before, they are from the same sect. this connection seemed all the more precious now that Sacred Mountain Sect is in ruins.

    Xu Wei knit his brows.

    Qin Yu, calm and collected watched Zhao Chan, then slowly shook his head, “I don’t wish to hold everyone back. It would be best if I go alone.” Seeing Tao Jie’s disappointment, Qin Yu muttered something to himself, then out loud, “Senior brother Tao, the demonic cultivator that invaded Southern Nation might be everywhere, take care of yourself at each step.”

    Zhao Chan eyes twitched, stared at Qin Yu with cold eyes, “Fellow Daoist Qin, what are you implying?”

    Qin Yu was unfazed, “Spoken too much, if I have offended, please don’t mind the words. Goodbye!” Then turned around intending to leave.

    “Such arrogance, a measly 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, who would pay attention to you!”

    “Right, if not for us, after we leave, he will soon be killed by demonic cultivator!”

    Among the people of Sacred Mountain Sect, a female cultivator threw a despising look, “Lucky enough to encounter Grandmaster, or how could just a mere outer sect disciple be qualified to speak with us.” With the Southern Nation in upheaval and the Sacred Mountain Sect crushed, she was planning on finding a tree to lean on. What better choice then a core disciple of Sacred Water Sect like Zhao Chan? So she couldn’t help speak up exposing his low background when Qin Yu was being rude.

    This female, is Lin Lin. At the Foundation Establishment Trial, she thought of every way to get close to Xu Wei, and now she doesn’t even spare him a glance.

    Everyone was enlightened.

    “So that’s how it is. You’re the Sacred Mountain Sect cultivator with the heaven defying luck. There’s not much to see it seems!”

    “I would understand if it’s him. Others might not know, that fellow Daoist Qin’s fame is from looking after himself, to the point of even abandoning his companions several times. Not mentioning joining the righteous forces, even killing demonic cultivator is out of the question.”

    “Stop, stop. This kind of person will make anyone embarrass to associate with. Let him go, before he dirties our eyes.”

    Lin Lin, looked down coldly, ‘in crucial times like these, he still can’t see the bigger picture. You have only yourself to blame for reaching this point!’

    “Wait!” Zhao Chan gazed unfriendly, “Just now, fellow Daoist Qin was sowing dissention, and eager to leave afterwards. I am beginning to believe you are a demonic cultivator spy, and if I let you go, I’m afraid it won’t be long until out group will find ourselves at the gates of hell.”

    These words caused everyone’s expression to change, with some showing hostility.

    Tao Jie in panic, “Fellow Daoist Zhao Chan it’s just a misunderstanding. Junior brother Qin Yu is our Sacred Mountain Sect’s disciple, with deep hatred towards those evil people. How can he be a spy!”

    Zhao Chan was adamant, “Apologies, fellow Daoist Tao. For the safety of everyone here, Qin Yu must stay. And if he insists on leaving, I will have no choice but to act!”

    Lin Lin approved, “Senior brother Tao, doesn’t seem odd how Qin Yu with his feeble cultivation and demonic cultivators in the surroundings still reached the Main Gate without a scratch?” She thought she was sharp, with a satisfied expression and the appreciative glance of Zhao Chan only boosting it further.

    Thao Jie hesitated, “This…” he looks at Qin Yu, urging him to reply.

    Qin Yu stared at Zhao Chan, uncaring, “You really won’t let me go?”

    As if looking at a dead man, Zhao Chan’s black robe was fluttering while he was stepping forward, “Die, spy!” A fist was thrown, with the force of 8th layer of Foundation Establishment, enveloped in a golden light, its glint reflecting the murderous intent inside.

    “As expected of a core disciple of Sacred Water Sect, this Killing Water Manipulation Art is the first this old man has seen one this profound, rarely seen among the arts of other Foundation Establishment cultivators!” A goatee old man expressed his admiration. He is a lucky rogue immortal that reached the 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, deserving of his arrogance.

    Hearing everything, he nodded approvingly, sneering coldly, as if to say that this young fellow doesn’t know what’s best for him.

    Moving to attack Qin Yu as he stamped his feet exploding with force moving backwards, while grinning, “You can’t escape…” once he finished, his eyes instantly went wide with shock!

    A pitch-black figure appeared in front of Qin Yu, its cold and ruthless aura caused everyone’s scalp to turn numb. But what terrified them is the boundless demonic energy on this figure.

    Golden Core demonic cultivator!

    This horrifying thought rose in their minds, with just a muffled sound, the old man’s body smashed the ground as it bled from all seven of his orifices, dying on the spot.

    Zhao Chan panicked, devoid of the calm he showed before, “Spare me senior, it’s a misunderstanding!” repeatedly kowtowing while sweating all over.

    Qin Yu narrowed his eyes, “You said I am a spy, so why do you mention it being a misunderstanding?”

    Zhao Chan slapped his forehead, a mark suddenly twisted and crumbled, turning his previous water attribute aura into a sinister demonic one, then respectfully answered, “Senior, junior is a disciple of and elder in Thousand Illusory Demonic Sect. Master Feng ordered to gather bodies to raise his demon beast.”

    His companions also removed the illusion, showing their true features.

    Tao Jie and the rest were horrified, one by one retreating, with the charming females sporting pale face, never imagining, that the tree they wanted to lean on is actually their enemy!

    Lin Lin froze on the spot, with an expression drained of blood.

    Zhao Chan holding an inky black jade Ruyi Scepter, not letting down his guard ever since Black Devil attacked, carefully assessed Qin Yu while continuing, “I am unaware of who your esteemed self is, and please forgive our offence.”

    Qin Yu coldly replied, “Black Devil! Today’s matter has no relation with you, but the next time will!”

    As he turned around to leave, Zhao Chan who stared at him, relaxed slightly, bowing in reverence, “Take…” Before he could even finish, he was struck by a cold feeling, and on the verge of using the inky jade Ruyi Scepter, his head was assaulted by pain, thrown in the air, and the next moment his head was crushed.

    After Black Devil’s attack, without stopping, he charged among the other demonic cultivators like a fierce tiger, making them wail one after the other as they hit the ground.


    Black Devil returned behind Qin Yu, head slightly lowered, his hand holding the bloody inky jade Ruyi Scepter, a terrifying sight.

    Tao Jie and the others were shocked, not knowing how to respond to this event, but still showed their reverence as they gazed upon Qin Yu, especially those unbridled teases, their face pale yet pairs of peaks trembling.

    But Qin Yu stays silent, and turned around leaving quickly, disappearing along with Black Devil  from the others’ sight in mere moments.

    A dead silence enveloped the group, and only after a long time someone opened their mouth, “Is… is he really the lucky cultivator you mentioned?”

    Lin Lin’s lips moved, but before she could speak, Tao Jie gave her a stare, “Everyone, junior brother Qin Yu is absolutely not a demonic cultivator. The fact that he saved us today is testimony to that. I just hope that, in the future, you won’t mention this matter.”

    Xu Wei took a deep breath, “The sect is already destroyed, with the grudges from before insignificant, therefore, about this matter, I won’t speak a word.” He lowered his head and tightening his fist hidden inside the robe.

    How could that brat he used to despise, could now hold their lives in his hands?

    After some hesitation, they all nodded.

    Tao Jie relaxed inwardly. He wanted to resolve this matter’s crucial point. If the news of Qin Yu being a spy was spread, even if he bathed in the Underworld River he would still feel stained. Seeing the collapsed memorial arch, recalling Qin Yu standing over there, as he was accused, he let out a bitter smile, ‘Junior brother Qin Yu hid himself deeply!’

    P.S.: second of the delayed chapters
  • Chapter 34: Perfect pill auction

    After leaving the Sacred Mountain Sect, Qin Yu put back Black Devil’s soul back in the Soul Seizing Flag. That inky jade Ruyi Scepter was actually also able to enter the flag. No wonder, when Black Devil dealt with Zhao Chan took it out of instinct from him. Thinking about it, with the help of this item the power of Black Devil will rise and so will his safety.

    Speeding along his way, meeting not a small number of other fleeing cultivators, several days later, once he left the southwestern area of conflict, Qin Yu began to ponder his next step.

    With the large-scale invasion of demonic cultivator, and based on their strength, it won’t be long before a large part of Southern Nation will be engulfed in war. Despite having the Soul Seizing Flag, in the end it’s not his own strength, and with his 4th layer of Foundation Establishment, if he isn’t careful, soon he will be laying in a ditch somewhere.

    “It looks like I have to find a place to lay low.” Qin Yu muttered.

    With Little Blue Lamp he won’t be lacking pills, but he will lack time instead. Southern Nation’s news of this great upheaval will spread everywhere, which makes this the perfect time to give his full focus towards advancing his realm. The best result would be to reach Golden Core stage, so that no matter the situation, he would at least have the power to defend himself.

    But before he’d seclude himself, there is a need to collect some things, especially regarding all kinds of Foundation Establishment pills, with more the better.

    Qin Yu whistled by as he ran.

    Four days later, Bolan City.

    Considered one of the largest cities of Southern Nations, bustling with activity, with its walls towering towards the sky, several zhangs think and countless formations laid over it, makes anyone either inside or out feel safe.

    Countless cultivators from all around are gathering here, and in just half a month, this big city started to become crowded.

    On this street people were walking almost shoulder to shoulder, yet most of them going about their way in a hurried manner, their brows filled with anxiety. The demonic cultivators’ invasion, like a sword, seems to hang above everyone’s head. It might not fall in a short time but its presence is making them restless.

    In the city’s biggest auction house, the place was packed, with many strong and renown cultivators among them, welcomed respectfully as they walk inside. The more experienced know, that today’s auction must have something amazing for it to gather all these powerful figures.

    Qin Yu handed over his identification, and entered along with the other, seated in the back, matching his 4th layer Foundation Establishment cultivation.

    “I heard yesterday that there are pills auctioned, making such a huge publicity and turn it into this grand occasion!”

    “Pills? Are you certain? If I’m not mistaken, the one on the sixth seat in front row is Ancient Immortal Valley’s elder, a grandmaster who spend most of his life focusing on the art of alchemy. This kind of public figure actually came here for some trifling pills?”

    “Humph! If they were so common, it wouldn’t have caught his attention. From what I know, this auction presents the Foundation Establishment grade Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill. Each numbering a hundred, and all of them of perfect quality!” After saying this he looked around proudly, “Do you know what a perfect pill is? It is the best one among the same type, ten times as potent as a normal one!”

    “What it means is, besides going against the will of heaven, when a cultivator takes it in his moment of breaking through, will improve his chances of success.” Another one laughed coldly, “Just think, what do all powers have in abundance? They are Foundation Establishment cultivators. But what about Golden Core ones? The ones that came could be counted on one hand. These 300 perfect pills might be able to bring about five or more new Golden Core cultivators. And with the demonic cultivators banging at their doorstep, it’s no wonder they are all vying for them. Just wait, and today you will see some big prices!”

    Among this spirited discussion, Qin Yu sat with his eyes closed, turning a deaf ear at the surrounding noise.

    The auction soon began, the presenter being a red-faced old man climbing up the stage, cupping his hands, “This low auction house welcome all of you for gracing us with your presence today. Whit how high are the spirits, I won’t drag things on and will proceed to start the auction.”

    He clapped his hands and a crystal box as big as a fish bowl was brought by two people presenting the neatly ordered 300 pills inside it for everyone to see. Thanks to the light stones inside of the box, the blue rays shining from the pills spread around to the outside eyes!

    The auction was filled with clamor!

    The two people next to the box inhaled once, releasing their Golden Core auras, enveloping the stage, making anyone who is anyone react instantly.

    The red faced old man made a calming motion, and in a moved tone, “Today’s first item, are these 300 perfect Foundation Establishment grade pills, Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill. This auction house has appraised them and can confirm that these are perfect pills!”

    “Three types of pills each with its own bidding, with only ingredients accepted as bids. We shall start with the Primal Soul Pills, at a thousand sets of Primal Soul Pill ingredients. With each subsequent bid no less than a hundred!”

    The first to announce his bid is the elder from Ancient Immortal Valley with eight thousand, terrifying the others with this insane price. And in the end, the first set of pills went to this figure.

    But in the next two auctions, the people became more frenzied instead of calming down. The benefits a perfect pill has to offer aren’t to be ignored, and the appearance of 300 of these in the same place is unheard of, difficult to meet with this opportunity. And if it’s missed, there might not be another chance.

    The imposing reputation of Ancient Immortal Valley had spread far, giving such a high price, even taking the next set, Spirit Increasing Pills, with the same amount. This outcome made all the other parties unable to hold back and gathered their resources in a short time. Therefore, the last auction of Body Molding Pills sold at a sky-high price of eleven thousand to the joined group.

    The elder from the Ancient Immortal Valley with his huge reputation, waved his sleeve and left!

    There were also, some people who couldn’t bare the fervor inside and with a pale face left, their heads still buzzing from the noise.

    Primal Soul Pills sold for eight thousand sets, the same for Spirit Increasing Pills, while the Body Molding Pills sold for eleven thousand, totaling twenty-seven thousand sets of ingredients. Although their price might change, but all in all they can be exchanged for three spirit stones per set, this is eighty-one thousand spirit stones!

    Regarding a Golden Core cultivator, a thousand spirit stones are enough to be considered a fortune, while more than eighty thousand would make even a Nascent Soul’s eyes red!

    Removing the 20% cut for the auction house, is enough to fill a basin. Therefore, the manner in which the auction house head received the guest was extremely respectful. Of course, it also had to do with the concealed aura he had.

    A cold voice came from under the hood, “Where are the items?” a coarse voice without inflection, as if two rocks scraped each other.

    The head of the auction beamed a warm smile, “After taking 20% from twenty-seven thousand, I am giving fellow Daoist twenty-two thousand. As per request, ten thousand sets were changed into thirty thousand spirit stones. The rest are divided in three four thousand per each pill of ingredient sets.”

    A storage bag was taken out of the black robe, “Put them inside.”

    The head clapped his hands, bringing the items in the room then thrown in the bag. The signed contract was then torn, signifying the completion of the trade.

    “How about resting here for a while, esteemed guest?”

    The head of the auction house frowned slightly but covered it up perfectly, then smiled, “If esteemed guest agrees, we will arrange the best chambers, attending to your every need if asked.”

    Cupping his hands eyes following the black robed guest as he left with a guard, flashing with deeper meaning.

    “Master, this guest clearly is renowned, why not try to get close to him and cooperate in the future.” A frowning youth at the side opened his mouth.

    The head shook his head, “You mean to say why I was just strictly business with him.”

    The youth respectfully bowed, “Please enlighten me master.”

    The auction house head’s face was grave, “You’re still too young, you think that in this world there will be such a perfect outcome? More than sixty thousand spirit stones are enough to move even me, not to mention the wolves waiting outside. Even with great power a pair of hands can’t defend against two pairs. I’m afraid he won’t be able to leave Bolan City!”

    Qin Yu followed the stream of people exiting the auction house, with a light sweep of his eyes finding many cold auras, staring like eagles on each person that passes, as if searching for something. Then without a word, he avoided crowds, arriving at a remote location. His hand inside the robe flashed, now holding the Soul Seizing Flag. He sent a thought inside it making the dark energy come out and blending with the ground.

    Once done, Qin Yu left the area and entered the flow of people, not moving too far from the auction house and entering a shop selling spiritual seeds. He originally thought was to wander around to pass the time, but soon decided to go shopping. The Art of Medicine has many methods of growing spiritual plants, and with him going into seclusion for who knows how long, he might as well use this opportunity to study them.

    Below the Golden Core grade, pill ingredients can still be bought, but above that, the ingredients are very precious with hardly any being sold. And if there might come a day, he will need to grow them himself, he should get used to it sooner.

    His mind set, Qin Yu began to carefully chose seeds, looking upon the hundreds of types of seeds before him. Qi Refining seed are missing, with the most important being Foundation Establishment ones and some rare Golden Core seed here and there. Just looking he realized that Nascent Soul seeds aren’t here, treated with utmost care and not shown to just anyone.

     Qin Yu recalled the seed bag in Black Devil’s storage bag, the way they are carefully preserved must denote their uncommon quality. The seeds inside might give him some nice surprises when he grows them.

    After an hour, Qin Yu chooses thirty-seven types of seeds, and perhaps from the invasion, the price was close to a hundred spirit stones, attracting not few astonished looks. But seeing his young appearance and unimpressive cultivation, along with the calm demeanor, they thought it might be one of the famous sect’s disciple, usually followed around by a protector, making sure the other won’t have any ill intention towards him.

    As Qin Yu received the seeds, a commotion was occurring outside. The cold auras waiting outside the auction house ran with gloomy faces, with even more people in the crowd sending messages. Very quickly all the figures left the city in haste, disappearing from sight.

  • Chapter 35: Seclusion in desolation

    Among the startling cries of the crowd, Qin Yu sneered coldly in his mind, it seems that the sellers were found. But no matter how much they wrack their brains, they still won’t believe that Black Devil is inside Souls Seizing Flag and his storage bag hidden in the inky jade Ruyi Scepter.

    This demonic treasure isn’t forged from materials, its essence containing condensed pure demonic energy, fluctuating between illusion and reality, therefore able to contain the storage bag and also enter the Soul Seizing Flag. Qin Yu therefore changed his plan because of this discovery.

    And he is very pleased with the results.

    After three days, Bolan City’s fervor subsided, with Qin Yu turning to a tavern, then along with the people, left this great city. When he was ten li away, he turned his head looking at the imposing view of it, vowing that next time he won’t leave in this cautious manner and use his power to deter anyone who has ill will towards him!

    He stomped his foot, rushing inside the forest, finding Pheasant King who was waiting for him, and without delay went towards northeast.

    Half a month later, the travel-worn Qin Yu, stood outside the outstretched mountain range, carefully checking his surroundings, eyes lighting up in satisfaction.

    With how dangerous the terrain is, hardly any normal person enters, and what it is even better, is the extremely thin spiritual energy making it unappealing to cultivators. The fact that demonic cultivators are far away from here also makes it a good place to train in seclusion.

    Qin Yu entered the mountain forest carefully inspecting the place for a day, unexpectedly finding a desolate area inside, a valley surrounded on all sides by mountains. The steep cliffs tall enough to hide this place in the deep mountain range, makes it hard to find.

    This is the spot!

    When others choose a place to train in seclusion, the main point is spiritual energy, but for Qin Yu this has no hold on him, whoever knew him aware that his cultivation is based on pills.

    Building a house from the trees, with the help of Foundation Establishment cultivation and Demon Body is light work, and after half a day a wooden house rose up from the ground, while using the rest of the wood to make a simple table and chair. Having a place to stay, the next part is a bit difficult, to set up a simple formation. A concealing formation to hide from the outside view.

    This is also one of the reasons Qin Yu exchanged some of the materials into spirit stones.

    The art of formation is wide and profound, and Qin Yu never studied it. But this formation isn’t an advanced one, with even the Sacred Mountain Sect inner disciples capable of arranging some formation to guard their dwellings by copying the method and using spirit stones.

    After three days of continuous effort, burring 400 spirit stones, the whole valley was covered in dense mist concealing its bottom.

    Qin Yu climbed on a mountain top, seeing the first formation he set with his own two hands. The fog in the surroundings not too high blended perfectly with the mist from the formation, made him smile.

    Returning to the valley, Qin Yu lifted his head to look at the bright sun, and sighed when thinking of the miraculous effects of formations, planning to delve deeper in this area when he has the chance.

    Now, is time to cultivate!

    Heading inside the wooden house, being familiar with it since he made it, he directly sat cross-legged on the praying mat.

    Eating and cultivating!

    The perfect quality pills give a thrilling feeling from the abundant energy inside, something that ordinary people can’t experience. Therefore, Qin Yu doesn’t pay it any mind and closes his eyes focusing on the task at hand. It’s sad that most of his pills were sold at the auction, and has to temporarily stop after a few days despite his intention to continue.

    As someone who is in possession of the Little Blue Lamp, it is shameful to not have enough pills. Qin Yu called upon Black Devil to take out the storage bag, then laid down a cauldron beginning his work.

    Of the twelve thousand sets of ingredients for Primal Soul Pill, Spirit Increasing Pill and the Body Molding Pill, a third for each type, based on Qin Yu’s current accomplishments, he can refine at least six thousand pills. Plus, under the help of Little Blue Lamp, if he doesn’t reach Golden Core stage, he might as well kill himself!

    A half a month later, nine hundred pills were freshly taken out, with Qin Yu collapsing asleep, and maybe from being in a place made by himself, the sleep is very deep. Waking up at dusk, Qin Yu takes out Little Blue Lamp, starting the process of upgrading the pills. Even though he has seen each time the pills bathed in the blue serene light, turning the ordinary pills slightly azure, it still gave him a strong feeling of admiration.

    Little Blue Lamp, truly a treasure that can change fate!

    And along with cultivating this way, taking pills as if he were an addict, two months passed in a flash.

    When Qin Yu suppressed his happiness from reaching 6th layer of Foundation Establishment, he suddenly frowned, feeling as if he forgot something, but soon slapped his forehead, shaking his head while laughing bitterly, “The place is hidden, and even used spirit stones to lay a formation, but I actually forgot to grow spiritual plants.”

    Wasting two moths time of growing potential, yet better late than never, Qin Yu took from his bag an impressive machete made of special iron, resting it on his shoulder, as he left the house starting his life as a farmer.

    But he didn’t anticipate, that this impulsive act actually opened an important door for him, becoming a great help on his road of cultivation!


    Pushing the door open, a youth in black slowly came out, taller and more upright than before, with his previous somewhat tender face, now, completely tranquil. Standing in the wide doorway, he stretched releasing cracking sounds, as the wind lightly fluttered his robe while sporting a faint smile.

    This youth of course, is Qin Yu!

    Today marks the two-year period of being in seclusion, with his cultivation reaching the peak of 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, needing  just a single step to reach Golden Core stage.

    A flying bamboo dragonfly landed on his shoulder, and Qin Yu once again supplied it with energy, making it fly away and disappearing from sight. The bamboo dragonfly has a trace of his consciousness inside, alerting him if there is anyone intruding in the valley. Only needing to supply it with energy each month.

    The big valley was tilled, irrigated by the close mountain spring, with all kinds of spiritual plants growing, forming a lush and green medicine field.

    Speaking about spiritual plants, it’s not that easy to grow them. Especially when pollinating the flowers, it needs extra care not to be contaminated by other types of pollen. Even with The Art of Medicine having detailed records, Qin Yu’s path in growing spiritual plants is arduous, needing extra care from his part to grow successfully.

    The only complaint he has is that they grow slowly, and the most precious the plant, the slower it’s growth. From the three types of Golden Core seeds it can be seen, that in they are still only saplings after two years. To mature they surely need several decades.

    This thought made Qin Yu frown, knowing that to advance to an even higher realm he will need even more precious spiritual plants. It seems that even with Little Blue Lamp, he still won’t have a smooth journey!

    Looking over the medicine field, certain that there are no urgent issues, Qin Yu entered the field tending to the plants. Tilling, pulling weeds, killing pests and watering, differing from plant to plant. Like the Fire Grass for example, who doesn’t need much water, or the Flowing Flower which on the contrary, needs to be watered thoroughly to maintain a normal growth.

    These trivial matters don’t make Qin Yu impatient, his expression calm and his arms steady, his whole mind entering into a state of relaxation. This is also a kind of cultivation, one of the heart, as he walks a peaceful path. After the event with Ning Ling, his method of refining became more profound.

    Finishing the last part of the medicine field, Qin Yu let out a relaxed breath, then went to the water ditch to wash his hands. Not far he sees two dried sprouts, making him frown unconsciously.

    Walking over, even with following The Art of Medicine to the letter, they still worsen by the day, not having much time left, and making Qin Yu regretful.  These two are the ones from Black Devil’s storage bag, growing smoothly at beginning until they reached this size, but very soon turning up like this.

    If they were common spiritual plants it wouldn’t matter much, but from The Art of Medicine he confirmed they are an extinct ancient plant, Thousand Gold Tree. Coincidently, Qin Yu found that in the Beast Manipulating Art from Black Devil, there is a list of one hundred most ancient insects, and number 73, Blue Winged Ant is one who can be reared with the Thousand Gold Tree.

    In the Southern Nation there is a rumor, that in the first sect, the Ancient Immortal Valley, uses the Blue Winged Ants as spiritual beast protectors, and if he could grow the Thousand Gold Trees… It’s a pity, these two are going to wither away.

    The wooden house is very simple, inside the pills are very elaborately arranged on a wooden support, moving slowly by the water coming from a bamboo, so that the Little Blue Lamp above can, in time, upgrade all the pills on the support.

    Looking around, Qin Yu casually put the two Thousand Gold Trees in a corner of the support, then entered his cultivation room, sitting on the prayer mat calming himself down. Some time later, when his state is tranquil, he waved his sleeve making five jade bottles appear before him, with each having thirty Spirit Increasing Pills, totaling a hundred and fifty.

    This time, Qin Yu wants to use all of these perfect pills, to reach Golden Core stage! He opened a bottle and swallowed four Spirit Increasing Pills in one go. From experiments, he found that taking four of them gives him the quickest, the best and the optimal results. Any more and it would be wasteful.


    The power from the pills spread throughout his body, blending with the spiritual energy in his flesh, quickly absorbed in the Dantian, with a constant flow entering the foundation. At the 9th layer of Foundation Establishment, the foundation hasn’t increased, and only the color deepened to a blue hue, shining like a jade, containing a feeling of dignity that knows no bounds.

    Time passed one day at a time, with Qin Yu’s foundation in his Dantian filled with energy, and the blue color at its peak, letting out waves of light with increased cadence.

    Suddenly, Qin Yu opened his eyes, swallowing up to ten Spirit Increasing Pills at once. He can’t afford to be stingy now, because of the banging noise in his Dantian, like the winter ice’s first crack in the sun, the waves of light gather inside the foundation.

    The entire foundation dimed, with only a spot in the center burning like the sun, sending a blinding light. At this moment the profound foundation, that went through countless prosses of accumulating energy, began to nurture this spot to completion and then release it!

    P.S.: third of the delayed chapters
  • Chapter 36: The second ability of Little Blue Lamp

    A powerful absorption from the foundation engulfed the energy of the ten Spirit Increasing Pills. Qin Yu then lifted the jade bottle swallowing the remainder of pills, thinking this is the moment to break through and reach Golden Core stage!

    The light coming from the center of the foundation became increasingly brighter, the surging power of the swallowed pills strenuously reached the foundation, but right then Qin Yu’s body shook slightly with a muffled sound, his nose and mouth dripping blood.

    He opened his eyes, incomparable dim, showing disappointment.


    It is fortunate he has the experience from reaching Foundation Establishment, not expecting to succeed in one try. He took a breather removing some of the disappointment, then started inspecting his body.

    In his Dantian, the light in the center of the foundation scattered, with the foundation itself dimming, clearly damaged from not succeeding. But its color seemed to be more concentrated. Moving his energy around Qin Yu was dumbstruck.

    Apparently… its been purified slightly. Strange, he never heard of anyone having this benefit after failing!

    Qin Yu’s face was gloomy, in the depths of his eyes a light shined. If his body’s energy would be considered a bucked of water with a hundred percent purity, then after breaking through, the remaining energy, of more than half would be at ninety percent purity(1). Everyone knows the benefit of having a pure energy, but to accomplish it, a highest cultivation method who can refine it is needed. That is how all those disciples from great sects can pressure others and become outstanding!

    No matter if it is techniques or treasures, when the others use the same amount of energy, he only needs to use half to achieve the same results. This is where the energy’s purity shows its strength.

    Qin Yu’s method of cultivation is Sacred Mountain Sect’s damaged, three pages long, True Wood Art. But today, he discovered, a way to forcefully change the purity of his energy!

    The others who failed in reaching the Golden Core stage, have their bodies suffer under the attacks of their energy, ending with some grievous wounds. But he only had a slightly pale face from his inner organs being shaken up a tad bit, that with his powerful Demon Body, just from some sleep will be as good as new.

    This outcome allows Qin Yu to attempt a break through every few days, so that even if failing it would at least purify his energy. Making so that the more he does this the better his energy and the stronger he becomes.

    Delaying entering Golden Core stage might be more sensible, for the purpose of purifying his energy. If this opportunity is missed, he might need to wait until he reached the peak of Golden Core stage to encounter it again.

    As this thought swirled in his head, his heart became more relaxed, and used the Body Molding Pills to restore his body. This proves that Demon Body is much stronger than he imagined, with all his wounds healed after one full day. The several Spirit Increasing Pills enter his stomach releasing a surge of energy, while gazing inside at the dazzling foundation in his Dantian, a grin taking shape on his face.


    Opening a bottle and downing it, the power of the foundation once again focused on its center. After an hour and a muffled noise, Qin Yu wiped the blood from his mouth, sporting a smile when discovering the purer energy inside.

    Then, eating pills to recover his body.

    In theory, the process of breaking through requires one to concentrate his energy, with the aim of rushing at the right moment to succeed in promoting your realm. Therefore, even though he failed in breaking through, the process increases the purity of the energy.

    But no one can be as overbearing in taking pills as Qin Yu, using perfect ones to recover his to peak condition and therefore the others who also failed and had went through this purification can’t hold a candle to him.

    Even more so with the power of his Demon Body. If his body is compared to a bucket, the stronger it is the more is able to stand against powerful blows, and the purifying result would be more pronounce. Not to mention that the strength of the blows weakens as they hit his flesh, resulting in lesser injuries.

    This is the difference between Qin Yu and the others. Using the process of breaking through to purify his energy, is not something that can be replicated easily.


    From the cultivation room a low smothered sound came, with the sudden force that followed breaking the windows and causing fine cracks to spread on the ground like a spider web.

    Qin Yu’s eyes opened spitting a mouth full of blood, the stab of pain in his abdomen making his face pale. Inspecting himself, the happiness is soon replaced with worry.

    This is the seventh time he failed, and along with the increasingly pure energy, the power from the backlash also rose with it. As the first time only gave him some flesh wounds, this one truly hurt.

    Now, it might not bother him, since after some days of rest he can recover. But what worries Qin Yu is that sooner or later, will come a day when he fails and his body might not hold. Imagining that in a certain day, because he would have failed once again his body blown to pieces with a bang, his face darkened.

    In the end the benefit is accompanied by side effects. In this world there are no entirely beneficial encounters, and since he couldn’t find a way to deal with it for now, he restrained his worries.

    “Golden Core, just why is it so hard to reach it?” Qin Yu muttered in a low voice, forgetting that not long ago was hoping of delaying his successful break through.

    Ten days in a row, Qin Yu used them to recover from the backlash of his energy. And after some hesitation, didn’t continue to break through but walked outside the cultivation room.

    Sure enough, the bamboo dragonfly was asleep in front of the door after exhausting its energy. Qin Yu shook his head as he supplied it with his energy, waking it, with its wings more forceful and with an unexpected light in its eyes made of unknown material. Then, disappearing in a blink.

    Qin Yu was somewhat soothed, since under the purified energy, its effect on the bamboo dragonfly clearly showed that this time it can hold for more than three months.

    At the surroundings of the medicine field, when the dragonfly wasn’t awake, although there were no human signs, there were some bite marks in the area of Seven Stars Flowers.

    Qin Yu frowned while cursing ’damn glutton’, actually daring to act with such guts. He must teach him a lesson.

    As he was thinking this, somewhere on the edge of the valley the mist was roiling, gradually revealing the colorful feathers on a pheasant, strutting with an arrogant attitude while sometimes shaking his wings as a beautiful hen came and combed his feathers.

    Pheasant King wandered his eyes around the valley, then slightly froze and with several cries, the hens obediently went behind him as he flew and landed in front of Qin Yu putting on any cute act he could think of with his tail rubbing his pants, as if to say ‘this loyal dog greets you master’.

    Ever since he witnessed that scene two years ago at the ruined Sacred Mountain Sect Main Gate of Qin Yu calling out Black Devil and slaughtering Zhao Chan and the others, he changed into this immoral character, that only deepened with time.

    Sure, he is still arrogant among other hens… Wrong, even more arrogant, with that ‘I have a powerful boss and don’t feat anything’ attitude that made other’s teeth ache.

    Qin Yu kicked him, coldly, “Your attitude seems to have grown more daring recently, to even act two-faced and eat the spiritual plants.”

    Pheasant King skipped around, gesticulating, as if to say he is wrongly accused, and making Qin Yu’s eyebrow twitch. He is very used to this thing’s behavior, if he did it then he would do the usual cute acts to ask for forgiveness. With the valley’s concealing formation set up who else could be if not him?

    Qin Yu entered the Seven Stars Flower area, looking for clues. There are only some light traces on the ground, not matching Pheasant King’s. Not noticing his pitiful appearance of ‘I am wrongfully blamed master’, Qin Yu had a pensive look.

    He walked towards the edge of the valley, uncovering the dirt, and saw the dark spirit stone, that turned to dust with a light touch. He quickly walked to another and seeing this one almost completely dark, unable to last much longer.

    After inspecting several places, he discovered the weakening of the formation allowed a wild creature to enter the field.

    Qin Yu frowned, according to what he knows about this simple formation, its strain on these spirit stone is very small, able to hold for several years. Yet from just two years they were depleted signifying a problem occured. But after searching over ninety percent of the formation’s spirit stone locations he still didn’t find the cause, and could only blame the thin spiritual energy in this place.

    Four hundred spirit stones are nothing to the sixty thousand Qin Yu is holding, and went to replace them to avoid any further damage to the field.

    Glancing at Pheasant King, with his pathetic appearance, he seems to have done something since he was on the verge of crying.

    Cursing once, Qin Yu took out several pills, that were devoured by Pheasant King in one bout, sporting a satisfied look. But then left two uneaten, and seeing Qin Yu not reacting, took the two as he flew outside the valley at the hens where it continued his arrogant display.

    Fluttering their wings, two beautifully colored hens came forth, each receiving a pill, immediately looking like ‘this little hen loves you’. The rest of the hens crowded around with red eyes, crying all over the place, provoked by Pheasant King’s manner.

    Feeding spiritual beast with perfect pills, even more so, some useless hens, is something that no one in the whole territory of Southern Nations would do.

    Qin Yu doesn’t think to deeply, or better yet, he doesn’t care at all, ‘what’s so great about people who have pills?’.

     Pheasant King’s meeting with him was of little importance, but since they had some fate, he might as well raise him well. Sure, this punk is unruly, but he fits him perfectly. Cleaning his hands in the water, he inadvertently turned his head, only now recalling the Thousand Gold Trees inside the house. His previous unconcerned manner completely gone.

    Qin Yu was filled with regret as he entered the wooden house, and after one look inside he froze. The two Thousand Gold Trees that were almost dead, grew vigorous and strong to a foot in height, with several small leaves sporting golden stars on them, radiating an ancient aura.

    The Thousand Gold Trees on the support were in the end moved by the water and entered the Little Blue Lamp’s area. If someone would say the two aren’t related, Qin Yu wouldn’t believe one word of it!

    If it’s true…

    What cultivating! What breaking through! Any thought was thrown at the back of his head as he quickly rushed in the field to take a type of each plant, and waited for the night to descend.

    As the sun sets, it signified the end of this endless day. When the night covered the valley, Little Blue Lamp began releasing a serene blue light. The spiritual plants were bathing in the light, looking like treasures, but soon something astonishing happened. All of the plants began to sway, the leaves shuddering slightly in excitement, as if they were taking the world’s best supplement and incredibly slowly, began to show signs of growth.

    The sun pierced the darkness, the golden light of the sun sprinkling over the earth, as Qin Yu still stared dumbfounded in the same place. This stare wasn’t one of loss, but one of exultation exceeding his expectations, unable to bear what he witnessed in a short time.

    After a long time, he blinked, pinching himself several times.


    It’s not a dream!

    Qin Yu threw his head back and laughed at the top of his lungs, the unrestrained sounds passing through the wooden house, echoing throughout the valley.

    ‘Little Blue Lamp, my Little Blue Lamp, truly worthy of being best treasure in this world.’

    This day, on top of upgrading pills, Qin Yu discovered its second ability: speeding the growth of spiritual plants!

    (1)    Must be an author mistake. He must have meant to say that it is purer after the break through but wrote it weirdly.

  • Chapter 37: Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion

    After a night of being shined upon by the blue light, all of the spiritual plants clearly entered the adult state, experiencing more than three years of natural growth!

    After all the excitement, Qin Yu quieted down, quickly starting a new experiment. If the Little Blue Lamp has a second ability, what stopped it from having a third, or a fourth? Thinking of this possibility, Qin Yu’s somewhat smothered happiness, once again ignited.

    After three days Qin Yu’s experiments came to an end. With over a hundred of items shined upon by the blue light, with the results making his burning heart cool down a little.

    Little Blue Lamp’s function of increasing the growth of spiritual plants, is able to make all the plants that receiving the blue light show change as if they were transformed. But regarding its ability, it couldn’t improve a creature, materials for refining, treasures nor spirit stones.

    Qin Yu was a bit disappointed but soon realized, that the current abilities of Little Blue Lamp are heaven defying. If it wore any more powerful, he was afraid the Heavens would not allow it to exist in this world, so he should be content with just this.

    Having this second function of growing spiritual plants, it relieved his future problems related to the higher-grade ingredients needed for pill making. With its pitiful range of only a foot, unable to use it on a large scale, he would have to be content by using high grade plants, like the Thousand Gold Tree. In The Art of Medicine it is recorded that this spiritual plant needs a thousand years to be able to evolve into a Great Sun Tree and ten thousand years to evolve into an Immemorial Celestial Tree.

    The Great Sun Tree is capable of rearing the Blue Winged Ants, with a certain chance of evolving them into one of the hundred ancient insects list, number 24, the Heaven and Earth Ants. Its two wings, one black one white, allows it to be unafraid of the five elements, incredibly ferocious and of terrifying killing power, making even a Nascent Soul cultivator flee for his life.

    As for the Immemorial Celestial Tree, the reason for its name is because on each of its leaves appears a starry sky. Rumor has it, it even contains the power of the stars, that are used to raise the Heaven and Earth Ants, with a chance to evolve them into Ancient Converged Ants(1). This ant is the sixth on the list of most ancient insects, capable of using the five elements to fly when appearing among the Heaven and Earth Ants. In the ancient times, when an ant disaster came, wherever it passed not even a blade of grass remained, its power unfathomable terrifying!

    Qin Yu wiped the saliva from his mouth, deciding that at some point he will need to make a visit to the Ancient Immortal Valley. And if he could obtain the Blue Winged Ant, at the time it evolves into a killing weapon, he would use the Beast Manipulating Art to showcase its talents!

    But going now when he is just in the Foundation Establishment stage, it won’t be any different from throwing his life away. The important thing at the moment, is to reach Golden Core stage so he can defend himself.

    Letting the two Thousand Gold Trees continue improving in the wooden support, after a short rest Qin Yu began concocting pills, refusing to believe he can’t smash the door to Golden Core by throwing huge amounts of pills at it!

    After three months.

    A startling noise erupted, even the ground shook, with the wooden room used as a cultivation area shamed to pieces, countless wood fragments sent flying and landing in the medicine field crushing some spiritual plants. As the dust spreads, a series of coughing sounds came from within, the severe extent of it makes one believe he is coughing up a lung.

    Qin Yu was alternating between coughing and spitting blood, countless fine cracks appearing on his body, as if he was a ceramic urn overcooked in the oven, covering him in blood. Only later did he manage to stop himself, caching his breath, while each time he inhaled knives seemed to cut at his throat and lungs, making his vision go dark from pain.

    The seventeenth try to reach Golden Core stage, failed!

    This time’s wounds went beyond Qin Yu’s predictions. If it weren’t for the resilience of his Demon Body, he would now be a pile of meat. Though his body is in one piece, there are wounds all over it. Any other person in this state would become a cripple if he doesn’t hurry to use medicine to cure himself.

    With the power of his body and the help from the pills, after a month he could begin moving, and only after four months did he recovered fully. But doesn’t dare to try again, and even stopped cultivating.

    Qin Yu has is now incredibly close to reaching Golden Core stage. The purity of his energy in his Dantian reaching unimaginable heights, that with just a slight urging began boiling, while thinking of the next time he would try when he will be using this force to break through.

    The result ain’t bad, but if he failed… the scene of him popping like a firecracker into a beautiful blast, made him covered in cold sweat.

    Standing in the valley, and raising his head to look at the shining disk like moon, Qin Yu faintly sighed, “How can breaking through to Golden Core can be so… so damn hard! Seventeen times! Ah, seventeen times, bastard! It’s a miracle that young master, I, haven’t died yet!”

    In the end he still couldn’t bear it, his angry roar echoing in the mountain forest, causing many of nocturnal ferocious beasts to run with their tail between the legs.

    Pheasant King shrank his head, making up his mind not to return for now, to avoid being the target of his anger and end up plucked and stewed.

    Venting his anger, Qin Yu was a bit pleased, then turned around to sit in front of the wooden house.

    This night he started pondering for a long time, finally settling on leaving the mountain. He must find the reason why he can’t form the Golden Core, and thoroughly eliminate it!

    Inspecting the formation, and supplying the bamboo dragonfly with energy, then gathering the Little Blue Lamp, the pills and even the Thousand Gold Trees in his storage bag, he climbed the perilous mountain in relaxed manner. As the sun was shining above him, he took one last look towards the valley in which he stayed for three years then with big steps, left.

    “Perhaps some people haven’t heard of Ancient Immortal Valley, but everyone knows my Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion.”  This, coming from a shopkeeper from a big city inside the Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion, its name spread far in the Southern Nation’s territories. Standing opposite is someone from the always arrogant and overbearing number one sect in Southern Nation, not making a peep as if validating the credibility of those words.

    Qin Yu, soon after he left the mountain, chanced upon this information, then rushed for thousands of lis,  arriving in front of Juxia City. There are many cultivators entering the city today, with nervous expressions and in a rush, because the war in the southwest spread in these three years.

    Built at the side of a thousand zhangs wide valley with no bottom in sight, Juxia City is at the edge of the warzone, making many great sects send their cultivators to gather here, wanting to borrow the favorable location of this city and fight the war against demonic cultivators.

    Qin Yu entered along with the crowd of people inside the city, and from a simple inquiry, he found the imposing, longstanding and uncommon three-story pavilion.

    Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion!

    On a big and wide red sandal wood board, these three grand words were inscribed, containing a spirit as big as the sun, making everyone avert their gaze. Seems imposing enough, but dealing in information, claiming to be all-knowing isn’t it intriguing?

    This boldness, and the Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion’s behavior, simply don’t match at all.

    Feeling apprehensive inside, Qin Yu stepped into the building. With the developed system of receiving guests, a pretty female cultivator came to welcome him, smiling charmingly. She made an old fashioned bow revealing her somewhat ample chest, with a white valley entering his eyes, “Welcome guest to the Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion. If you would like, please follow me so we can speak in private.”

    Qin Yu calmly nodded and followed behind, looking at her undulating willowy waist, quickly arriving at an empty room.

    A maid came with tea while she gestured, “Please sit. What would you like to know?”

    Qin Yu creased his brows lightly.

    But the smile of the female cultivator remained, “Please be at ease. This establishment has been operating for over a thousand years, never divulging a guest’s information.”

    Qin Yu hesitated a bit, then, “I would like to know, the reason for not being able to break through to the Golden Core stage.”

    The female cultivator’s smile grew, not minding Qin Yu’s cautious behavior. She has met some people who were even more guarded.

    “Guest has to be aware, everyone’s experience and capabilities are different, therefore the reason also varies. You must thoroughly explain your situation, so that I could find the information suited for your case.”

    Qin Yu refused, “It is inconvenient.”

    The female cultivator thought for a moment, “Then there is only one way. The Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion has many information regarding this matter and could all be given to guest, but this way would be very expensive. Since the information is different from other things, once sold it is hard for it not to spread.”

    Qin Yu was unfazed, “How much?”

    The female cultivator paused, running some numbers in her head, then parted her red lips, “Five thousand spirit stones.”

    This price is truly excessive, with not even normal Golden Core expert would have this amount upon himself, not to mention Qin Yu with his lower cultivation.

    The female cultivator doesn’t think highly of Qin Yu, but the next moment her pupils widened slightly.

    Qin Yu nodded, “Alright.” Then casually moved, making others feel amazed by his bearing.

    The female cultivator recovered very fast, “Guest, according to the rules of Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion…”

    Qin Yu took out the storage bag and dumped a small mountain in the form of five thousand spirit stones.

     The female cultivator checked, her voice becoming more respectful, “Please wait.”

    She left the room and quickly returning with a jade slip.

    Qin Yu sent his thought inside, the information it contains is incredibly vast, with all kinds of reason for not being able to condense the Golden Core exceeding his imagination. Even so, he still doesn’t dare to be careless, thoroughly examining if there are any similarities with his situation.

    Soon, an information appeared: if the cultivator took to many pills, the residues from the pills remain in the body, blocking the process of condensing one’s Golden Core.

    Qin Yu’s heart sank, but doesn’t show it on his face as he finished the rest of the information. And when he took back his thought, the jade slip turned to dust with a light sound.

    The female cultivator apologized, “The information of Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion can’t be taken outside. Please forgive me.”

    Qin Yu frowned, “I understand.” And after a pause, “There is some more information I would like to know.”

    He immediately chose four reasons from the jade slip, with the one regarding pill residues left inside the body among them.

    “Each is two hundred spirit stones.”

    “Ok.” He waved his hand and eight hundred spirit stones appeared.

    The female cultivator was prepared this time, sending the information into an empty jade slip, “Please check.”

    Qin Yu directly read the method regarding excessive pill usage: Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, a rare and ancient spiritual plant, that can discharge thunder removing the impurities in the body. Although he is interested in only this, Qin Yu deliberately searched for a longer time, and when he raised his head the jade slip crumbled.


    He got up intending to leave, while the female cultivator opposite of him smiled, “Guest made suck a big purchase at out Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion that I am inclined to give an information for free. Every sect of the Southern Nation has cultivators fighting the demonic cultivators, and to increase the morale they have taken out many treasures, with the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo among them.”

    Qin Yu was unmoved, “Many thanks.”

    Waiting for him to leave, the female cultivator took out a jade slip, writing inside: “The mysterious Grandmaster’s disciple , from the Sacred Mountain Sect, Qin Yu, today at five, entered Juxia City’s branch, spending five thousand and eight hundred spirit stones regarding four reasons for not being able to condense a Golden Core, deducing that it should be because of the residues left behind by the pills.” Marking the date, she touched the wall and threw the jade slip in the round whole which appeared.

    Qin Yu, who left the Heavenly Inquiring Pavilion, doesn’t know of this. He only turned around and frowned, ‘was it a coincidence?’ He shook his head lightly, pressing down his worry and quickly departed.

    Coincidence or not, what is important is the value this information, regarding the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, has for him.


    (1) 万古归一蚁, can’t seem to find a better name

    P.S.: final delayed chapter

  • Chapter 38: Negligence

    An hour later, Qin Yu showed up at the Juxia City’s biggest restaurant, a place where all kinds of people, whether good or bad, exchange information. Before he even finished his meal, he already got most of the news he needed.

    Each sect of Southern Nation established a reward system, that through killing demonic cultivators one would receive merits and use them to exchange with items on the Hundred Treasures List.

    The items on the Hundred Treasures List, are sold in various places, this information costing only one spirit stone. Qin Yu gave the servant boy in the restaurant two spirit stone who in turn, filled with smiles hurried to bring a jade slip.

    Inspecting it, the Hundred Treasures List is indeed filled with treasures. With cultivation methods, magic weapons, pills, materials and other types.  Qin Yu took a quick peek, finding the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo in the tenth place.

    Spirit plant: Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, eight hundred yeas old, one item, ten thousand merits.

    Qin Yu’s eyes brighten at this. It is actually eight hundred years old. With Little Blue Lamp, if he manages to obtain it, the problem of breaking through to Golden Core stage would be easily solved.

    The only question is, under what identity should he enter the war? Sacred Mountain Sect’s Qin Yu can’t be used, and his appearance must also be changed a bit, or it would bring unnecessary trouble on his head. Taking three years to reach the peak of Foundation Establishment, even a fool would think it’s suspicious.

    Leaving the restaurant, Qin Yu bought from a magical tool shop an appearance changing mask for seven hundred spirit stones that can hide him from a Golden Core’s spiritual sense. Going into a deserted alley, he changed into a completely unremarkable common youngster, easily overlooked.

    With everything in order, the only thing he lacks now is an identity.

    To guard against any demonic cultivator spy, the cultivator forces are thorough in their background checks, making Qin Yu renounce the identity of a rogue cultivator. As he was wracking his brains, from the corner of his eyes, with flickering pupils, he sees some people in a rush.

    Following behind them, moving left turning right, he entered an alley, then they turned around with the leader’s cold voice questioning, “Respected sir, what is the reason for following us?”

    Two cultivators appeared behind, blocking the exits.

    Qin Yu was unperturbed never masking his presence, and with this obvious outcome, he revealed a black badge.

    Kong Xuan’s face changed a little, “Patriarch’s badge!” he then continued, startled, “Respected sir is…”

    Qin Yu indifferently replied, “Not important, what is though, is if the Kong clan will abide by its promise.”

    Kong Xuan hesitated, following with cupping his hands, “This badge is something the Kong clan presented to Grandmaster. Although I don’t know what is fellow Daoist’s relation with Grandmaster, but since it fell in fellow Daoist’s hands, then you should also be aware of the reason behind it. The Kong clan will, of course, honor its promise.”

    “Clan Head!” a person at his side was nervous, “We have pressing matters to attend to that can’t be delayed!”

    Kong Xuan said in a low tone, “Grandmaster’s kindness towards Kong clan is as big as a mountain, say no more!” he lifted his head, “Dare to ask fellow Daoist, what matter needs Kong clan’s help?”

    Qin Yu answered, “I would like to enter the cultivator force and need an identity.”

    Kong Xuan released a breath, immediately following, “This isn’t difficult. Fellow Daoist is related to Grandmaster, and definitely not a spy. Kong clan will stand behind you.” Then turned around ordering, “Kong Lin, bring…”

    “I am called Ning Qin.”

    “Bring fellow Daoist Ning to our residence.” Kong Xuan cupped his hands, “There is an important matter to attend to, please forgive my rudeness.”

    Qin Yu acted in the same manner, “I understand.”

    Kong Xuan then left in a hurry.

    Kong Lin was nervous, intending to follow after them but had to refrain. With a gloomy expression he eyed Qin Yu, “Follow me.”

    The tone was somewhat harsh, but knowing that he is a guest of the Kong clan, he wasn’t too excessive.

    As Qin Yu was about to ask something, he saw his unwilling look and only nodded his head, following quietly behind.

    Kong clan altogether has more than two hundred members, including the elderly, woman and children, the entire clan seemingly relocating here, making it odd. After all, everyone knows, Juxia City might be stable now, with many cultivators gathered here, but it might not necessarily hold.

    Based on the style of demonic cultivators, when the city is breached, everyone would be in dire straits!

    Qin Yu’s arrival attracted little attention, and with a few words of explanation from Kong Lin, no one was concerned with him. Instead, there were a few youngsters who unafraid, slightly hesitated before they came before him, acting all mature and trying to pry Qin Yu’s background from him.

    Qin Yu smiled while making conversation, not revealing any of his information, and actually made them divulge everything, making matters clear.

    Kong clan used to suffer under the persecution of the Qiu clan, and so, they moved to Juxia City, to seek aid and avoid disaster. No wonder Kong Xuan and the others were nervous.

    Qin Yu was in a corner of the garden, talking with other youths, occasionally attracting the vigilant look of a Kong clan member, only to curl his lips and returning his gaze when seeing this scene.

    Just a person with no background, no need to pay any attention to him. The calamity about to fall on the Kong clan is imminent, with no one having enough time to waste on him.  Coming and going, Qin Yu is soon forgotten, and when it was time to eat the Kong clan didn’t invite him, but the youths brought their meal and ate there with him instead.

    The sun was setting as the Kong clan members returned, not saying much, but the result, based on their dark faces was clear.

    The atmosphere in the Kong clan became more oppressing.

    At dinner time, Kong Xuan recalled of Qin Yu, sending someone to invite him to eat, while stared down by a clan Uncle.

    “The danger is unavoidable, why waste time on an outsider when we should think of a solution to come out of this crisis!”

    Kong Xuan’s thoughts were filled with worry, and soon forgot about Qin Yu. This night will be a sleepless night for the Kong clan until they found a solution.

    Qin Yu reclined in a handcart covered in sheets brought by a clan member, while watching the sky. Tonight, the sky is clear with hazy moonlight from the mist; it might rain tomorrow.

    The sun was covered at dawn, with the wind whistling.

    The grey and vast sky made anyone downcast. At breakfast, the Kong clan were even more worried now, with the gloomy weather, as some youth obediently sat on their chairs, not making any noise.

     Kong Xuan is finally aware of Qin Yu, a trace of guilt passing through face, “The matters pertaining the clan are serious, making use neglect fellow Daoist Ning. After I finish writing this letter of proof, it would be best for fellow Daoist to leave to avoid dragging you in the Kong clan’s troubles.”

    These words made Qin Yu improve his view of him, smiling, “it’s alright, just some minor obstacles, won’t be long before they will be overcome.”

    Perhaps from seeing his smile unsightly, the Kong clan Uncle snorted coldly, “Naïve! If it were a small matter, then my Kong clan wouldn’t be in this wretched state!” turning around and chiding, “We already have enough on their hands, and you came to stir up trouble, asking for proof for your unclear identity. If it’s discovered it will bring even more trouble!”

    Kong Xuan’s face was slightly red, “Uncle is overthinking things, fellow Daoist Ning Qin is holding the Patriarch’s badge, his identity won’t bring problems.”

    The Uncle’s face changed, as if thinking about something, then turned silent after a low snort. If it were that Grandmaster instead, the clan would be most respectful and courteous. But instead, came a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator, unable to resolve the crisis.

    Kong Xuan embarrassedly said, “Come eat, fellow Daoist Ning Qin.”

    Qin Yu just nodded.

    After a nervous meal, Kong Xuan withdraw to his study room to write a letter, then gave it to Qin Yu, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin, please take it. You can now enter the forces and receive and identity badge.”

    Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Many thanks.”

    Kong Xuan waved his hand, “It is us who were rude, it is good if you weren’t offended. Let me see you off.”

    Just when the two stepped in the courtyard, the gate was forcefully kicked open, revealing several black clothed cultivators standing outside, “Kong clan, long time no see!” 

    As he was shouting in a low voice, the middle-aged man strode inside, his arrogance unbridled, considering everyone beneath him.

    Kong Xuan’s face showed change, with clenched teeth, “Han Cheng, my clan already moved to Juxia City, what more do you want?”

    Han Cheng sneered, “Don’t want much, just that our clan’s Patriarch is interested in senior Kong’s Golden Core. Please part with it.”

    “You’re dreaming!” Kong Xuan roared, “Han Cheng, don’t be to excessive or we will fight you to the last breath!”

    A deep voice rose from outside the gate, “Fight us? With just you juniors? You aren’t worthy!”

    With half of his hair white, an old man walked inside, his tall and imposing stance pushed to the extreme, a mysterious light flashing in his eyes, causing an invisible pressure to fall on the garden.

    The cultivators gathering behind Kong Xuan, instantly paled.

    Golden Core!

    Despite being only a 2nd layer, it’s still enough to suppress the entire clan.

    Kong Xuan clenched his teeth while bowing, “Greetings, senior Han. Is it that you want to use senior’s Golden Core cultivation to force us, when the juniors are fighting?”

    Han Cheng and the others stepped aside, “Greetings, Patriarch.”

    Patriarch Han’s expression was frosty, “This is something you should ask your dead old-man. When he entered the Golden Core realm, he forced us to flee Dongliu Town, doing the same thing, regardless of his new status. Enough talk. Hand over the Golden Core or I will be forced to act!”

    Qin Yu stood at the side, hearing the two parties cursing each other, getting the idea of the situation. The two clans were both once influential in Dongliu Town, and because of accumulated hatred, the Kong Patriarch, once reaching Golden Core stage, expelled the Han clan.

    Never imagining, that now, when the Kong Patriarch is dead, one of the Han clan’s older Foundation Establishment cultivator was fated to enter Golden Core stage. With the two sides’ position exchanged, not long after the Kong clan left Dongliu Town, they were found by the Han clan. Only to suffer endless humiliation and pressure, then to finally mention their intention of buying the old Patriarch’s Golden Core.

    With careful refining, the Golden Core can maintain its state for ten or even a hundred years, becoming a powerful treasure. But the biggest benefit, is providing insights into the realm, helping someone who is on the verge of breaking through to Golden Core realm.

    An average cultivating clan, if it weren’t for the profound wisdom passed on, the chance of reaching Golden Core are negligible. Why the Han clan desires the Golden Core, is to destroy any hope of the Kong clan’s rise.

    The Kong clan came to Juxia City to ask for help from an old acquaintance. Never expecting they would wait, with cold tea and not meeting them at all. Thus came today’s situation with the Han clan threatening them.

    This matter has no wright or wrong. The fact that Han clan came to pressure Kong clan after being driven out that year, is something they brought it on themselves. Qin Yu had helped the Kong clan retrieve their Golden Core, and today he had taken advantage of them to obtain a letter of proof, with no intention of involving himself in this matter.

    Of course, he isn’t completely unrelated to their current state, and although he doesn’t really care, but in the end, he still has some cold thoughts regarding it.

    Kong Xuan was dejected, if he hands it over, he’ll become Kong clan’s sinner. If he doesn’t, the clan will face a calamity. As he was hesitating, the Uncle bellowed, “We can’t give them the Patriarch’s Golden Core! With different powers gathered in Juxia City, I don’t believe the Han clan will fight us!”

    Qin Yu swept his eyes, cursing inside ‘Fool, with the attack of demonic cultivators imminent, all Golden Core experts are being roped in. Who would spare any effort on the broken Kong clan.’ This old fellow seems dignified, perhaps with some selfish reasons, as he is entitled, being a 9th layer of Foundation Establishment to receive the Golden Core’s insights.

    This reckless shout, unfortunately, brought a disaster to the Kong clan.

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    Chapter 39: Kong clan’s Venerable

    Not surprisingly, Patriarch Han brandished his sleeve, and the clan Uncle burst into a miserable scream, crashing directly on the handcart Qin Yu used to sleep on last night. Then followed with the said Uncle coughing blood repeatedly, his pale and dried up face terrified completely, incredulous that Patriarch Han dared to attack.

    “You don’t know what’s good for you. After today, Kong clan will be completely finished!” Patriarch Han spoke coldly, his Golden Core stage aura pressing on everyone’s chest like a heavy stone, making them breathe heavily.

    Kong Xuan smiled begrudgingly, “What goes around comes around. Kong clan’s disaster of today has nothing to do with other people. Fellow Daoist Ning Qin is unrelated to our clan, let him leave, senior Han.”

    Patriarch Han’s cold eye brushed over silently.

    Han Cheng hastily said, “Patriarch, since this person stayed the night here, he must have some connection to them; to remove the threat completely, we also need to include him.”

    Kong Xuan was very anxious, “I swear, that there is no connection between fellow Daoist Ning Qin and Kong clan!”

    “The more you emphasize this point, the more careful we need to be. Whether or not he is related to your clan, you can only blame his lack of fate for chancing upon us today!” Han Cheng turned, making a respectful gesture, “Please make a decision Patriarch!”

    Patriarch Han eye’s flashed, speaking indifferently, “I will let you handle it.” An insignificant Foundation Establishment cultivator doesn’t count as much.

    Han Cheng laughed evilly, “Capture him!”

    First remove the useless, then slowly crush the Kong clan, and after today, there won’t be any more meddlesome people.

    Qin Yu frowned as he looked at Kong Xuan, seeing his distress real, his coldness lessened slightly and shook his head inwardly. Perhaps he did it with good intentions, but being dragged in this mess and seeing the two Han clan people approaching, thought ‘Never mind, meeting each other again in Juxia City was fate. Might as well help them a second time.’

    On another note, if Kong clan is destroyed, it will be hard to use the recommendation letter he is holding.

    Lifting his head, Qin Yu’s eyes leapt over the two Han clansmen, landing on Patriarch Han, suddenly shining with a brightness that seems to have been ignited from the abyss. After failing to break through seventeen times, the quality of Qin Yu’s energy has already surpassed the Foundation Establishment stage. Now, he wants to know to what extend his strength has grown, with Patriarch Han to being the sensible choice.

    The consciousness of a Golden Core cultivator is sharp, so that when Qin Yu was gazing upon him, Patriarch Han was aware of it, as eyes met Qin Yu’s midway. This old geezer’s heart jumped slightly from the unexpected trace of threat he felt, thinking ‘Not good’, and when he tried to block it was already too late.

    Among the low muffled sounds, a fierce wind rose sending the two Han clansmen flying rolling as they touched the ground, only to be stopped by a wall, which began cracking and then collapsed on them soon after.

    Patriarch Han’s eyes shrank, seeing the blown away clansmen. Startled at first, but relaxed slightly when he found their injuries weren’t grave, only to continue on the same dignified tone, “From where does your distinguished self come from?”

    All of the Kong clansmen were struck dumb, watching dazed as Qin Yu retracts his hand, with blank wide eyes. Not recovering even after Qin Yu finished sending the two Han clansmen flying.

    Qin Yu flatly answered, “Unrelated to Kong clan, I was about to leave, but can only stay since the Han clan won’t allow it.”

    Patriarch Han’s imposing manner faltered, struggling to hold himself back, glaring fiercely at the sweating Han Cheng, with cupped hands spoke, “It is the Han clan that was wrong, and I convey my apologies to fellow Daoist. You still haven’t stepped aside to let fellow Daoist Ning leave?”

    Not long after Kong Xuan woke up from his daze, his heart felt both joy and regret. If he knew the extent of junior Ning Qin’s cultivation, he wouldn’t have gone to seek help from outside. Recalling not inviting him to diner the night before and not knowing where he spent the night, he couldn’t help himself cursing ‘Rotten bastard, if it weren’t for you, how could Kong clan be inconsiderate to its guest to this extent!’

    Then thinking that, he must draw Qin Yu close no matter what. When he heard Patriarch Han words, he knelt on the ground, “Senior Ning Qin, save my Kong clan!”

    The Kong clan members weren’t dumb, all of them realized their ignorance, feeling apprehensive, ashamed and afraid, as one by one dropped on their knees.

    Qin Yu swept his eyes, making many Kong clansmen’s heart jump, afraid of hearing him ‘Oh’ and take his leave. But requesting help… just based on their previous manner, changing into the present one, is not something they wanted, and soon they started crying.


    Kong Xuan was having trouble breathing as his eyes rolled, only feeling like he was struck by thunder making his vision go dark, his only thought ‘Damn old thief, you wronged our Kong clan!’

    “I believe the youngsters of the Kong clan are pretty good, and decided to spend some more time in their company.”

    As air traveled through his nose and filled his chest, Kong Xuan’s roll of his eyes and whatnot instantly vanished, replaced with his previous vigorous look, “The Kong clan feels endless joy, welcoming senior to reside here!”

    Patriarch Han’s complexion was gloomy, “Is Fellow Daoist Ning certain?”

    Qin Yu indicated towards the youngsters from yesterday, “They are all children, not understanding the adult’s conflicts, what’s done is done.”

    Patriarch Han’s eyes contain boundless coldness, and after some time in deep voice, began, “Since fellow Daoist Ning interferes, you need to first deal with this old man!”

    Qin Yu smiled faintly, “Please guide me fellow Daoist Han.” Through his intent of helping the Kong clan, he will inadvertently make an enemy out of the Han clan and with Patriarch Han being a cautious man, the manner in which he spoke to, left some leeway.

    Patriarch Han shook his head, “Juxia City restricts high level cultivators from fighting among each other casually, therefore I look forward to meet you tomorrow at the Fighting Stage in the barracks.” Then all of the Han people took their leave.

    Old geezer Han retreated today, taking the rules of Juxia City in consideration and planning to find more information about Qin Yu to be better prepared. Qin Yu doesn’t really care about this, but also doesn’t like to fight openly, frowning slightly when thinking about revealing his strength.

    At this Kong Xuan’s heart skipped a beat, ‘Is it possible senior Ning Qin won’t be his math? If so, Kong clan’s return would be cut short.’ Making the people apprehensive and unsafe.

     The rain finally began to fall.

    The Juxia City might be big, but it doesn’t have a Nascent Soul deployed here. This is also why none on of the true power of the righteous and demonic sides was sent here. The respected identity of a Nascent Soul is one of the reasons, but the true reason is that this invasion of the Southern Nation is only one small battlefront.

    A Golden Core is a peak force on the battlefield, as such, the fight between Qin Yu and old geezer Han, made great waves in an instant. With countless cultivators being affected by it, determined to go tomorrow at the Fighting Stage and witness this high-level fight!

    The sun and moon exchanged places as the other matters were laid forgotten.

    On the morning of the third day, Qin Yu opened the door and stepped outside, with Kong Xuan and other people waiting respectfully for some time. That arrogant Uncle not among them, with yesterdays wounds and scared on top, he almost gave his last breath, terrified of even stepping outside his dwelling.

    “Greetings senior Ning Qin!”

    Hearing the clear shouts inside the courtyard, that clan Uncle shivered, a wet stain begining to spread on the quilt covering him.

    Qin Yu, himself, is of no intention of bothering with said Uncle, roaming his eyes, “Lead the way.”

    Kong Xuan presented a letter with both hands, respectfully speaking, “Yesterday’s recommendation letter was to crude, not worthy of senior’s prestige. Please accept this letter.”

    Qin Yu didn’t reach for it, “What identity did you gave me?”

    Kong Xuan gathered his courage, “Kong clan’s Venerable.”

    Qin Yu raised a corner of his mouth, “You’re getting ahead of yourself.”

    Kong Xuan was then and there covered in cold sweat, “I beseech senior Ning Qin to consent, the Kong clan is willing to offer a worthy girl, whether as slave or maid, to attend to your every need!”

    Several dressed up girls with blushing faces, prostrate before him.

    Qin Yu frowned, “Ask them to leave!”

    Kong Xuan turned pale, while the girls’ countenance became gloomy.

    Qin Yu simply said, “Does the Kong clan not believe in me?”

    Kong Xuan wanted to explain, as Qin Yu took the letter, “Remember, this is Kong clan’s choice, and if there will be any implication because of it in the future, don’t come to regret it.”

    Kong Xuan was overjoyed, “No regret, no regret!” and turned around berating, “You still haven’t paid respect to Venerable?!”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “Don’t delay things.”

    “Y-yes, please follow me Venerable.” Kong Xuan respectfully led the way, feeling as if a huge load was off his chest. As long as Qin Yu consents, Kong clan will have a Golden Core watching over them, and after today’s defeat at the Fighting Stage, the Han clan won’t dare to continue their bulling.

    Regarding a small cultivation clan, having or lacking a Golden Core expert, represents a difference as big as heaven and earth. As for the implication Qin Yu spoke of, there is nothing in this world without a price. Since they will be protected, they will also be prepared to bear the consequences.

    It can also be seen from this, that the Kong clan has some foresight.

    Juxia City northern area’s residents were all moved, turning it into barracks, with all of the cultivators participating in this war stationed here, with strict guards everywhere. Led by Kong Xuan,  they met no obstruction along the way, with all of the cultivators they encountered expressing their surprise upon setting their sights on Qin Yu.

    Wasn’t there talks of Kong clan’s expert fighting against Patriarch Han? How come it’s a Foundation Establishment cultivator?

    This information caused an uproar, the numerous cultivators attracted here confirmed and reconfirmed, that the person Kong Xuan brought to the barracks is indeed a Foundation Establishment cultivator, causing rage to burst everywhere, feeling deceived. Exempting the few that left, the great majority which remained, wasn’t because of expectations from the Kong clan’s Foundation Establishment cultivator, but to see the wretched state he’ll end up after this fight.

    Foundation Establishment against a Golden Core, tch, what a ridiculous joke!

    With Kong Xuan appearing in person and carrying the recommendation letter, Qin Yu very soon received his identity badge affiliated with the war force. This badge also holds his merits, that once bonded, when he kills a demonic cultivator, according to his cultivation and identity, it will automatically record it, and then use them in exchange for items on the Hundred Treasures List.

    Not paying attention to the weird gazes from other cultivators belonging in the force at the side, Qin Yu’s mouth drew a faint smile. After many twists and turns, they finally entered the Rightous Alliance camp, the only thing left is to gather enough merit to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo. But first, he must deal with the Kong clan’s matter.

    “Let’s go.”

    Kong Xuan said, and as they were about to leave, a light flickered before them, with a middle-aged cultivator drawing near. He opened his mouth, eyes wide, having a grand appearance and the imposing blue clothes only intensifying this feeling, as he spoke in a deep voice, “Kong Xuan, the battle is drawing near, the experts of the Alliance can’t have personal fights…”

    His eyes landed on Qin Yu, closing his mouth and frowning, “Who’s he? Didn’t you come for the identity badge of your Venerable?”

    Kong Xuan respectfully saluted, “Greetings senior Zhu Qingyun. This person is precisely the Venerable senior Ning Qin.”

    Zhu Qingyun with a dark expression said, “Kong Xuan, I am warning you, the Alliance doesn’t allow for high-level experts to have personal fights. Quickly find your Venerable and prevent him from going on stage!”

    Kong Xuan with a sullen look, “Junior doesn’t lie, senior Ning Qin is here.”

    Zhu Qingyun was so angry he started laughing, ‘You dare to say a Foundation Establishment is a Venerable. If it’s like this, then why would old geezer Han retreat? Has he gone senile!?’

    “Kong Xuan, don’t play dumb, or don’t blame me, an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, for sanctioning your Kong clan!”
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    Chapter 40: Victory

    Qin Yu suddenly spoke, “Han Beishan is already on stage.”

    Zhu Qingyun’s face became even more unsightly, ‘What a great clan, the head feints ignorance while a mere junior, dares to just say a Golden Core cultivator’s name directly. Such impudence!’

    “Kong Xuan, take care of your juniors. If he dares spew lies once more, I won’t forgive him!

    Qin Yu’s expression was flat, “Why didn’t you stopped Han Beishan before he walked on stage? And now you want Kong clan to retreat, does this count as a difference in treatment?”

    “Shut your mouth!” Zhu Qingyun angrily said, “An ill-mannered junior like you, dares to act cheeky with me! I will definitely teach you a lesson, and cure you of your arrogance!”

    Kong Xuan shouted, “You misunderstood, Senior Zhu. He truly is Kong clan’s Venerable!”

    As Zhu Qingyun turned his head to the register area and seeing several people hastily nodding, his expression became weird. ‘A Foundation Establishment Venerable? Has the Kong clan gone crazy or has the world turned upside-down, just when did a Foundation Establishment cultivator dared to challenge a Golden Core expert?

    His face darkened to an unprecedent degree, and looking at Qin Yu, in a deep voice, said, “Ridiculous! I will deal with this instead of Han clan. Kong Xuan, take your junior and get lost. If he truly wants to die, there are plenty of chances fighting the demonic cultivators.”

    Although the words were harsh, they were said with the intent of saving Qin Yu’s life. Thinking of this, Qin Yu found that Zhu Qingyun isn’t so bad, and smiling said, “Rest assured, no one will die.” And then walked away.

    Kong Xuan gave a hurried and courteous gesture, then quickly caught up with Qin Yu.

    Zhu Qingyun was getting angrier by the second, since when could a Foundation Establishment cultivator ignore him like this, ‘This junior is too rampant! He definitely reached this far only through fortuitous encounters. Not knowing his place, and daring to despise the Golden Core realm with a few tricks, he really wants to die!’

    Then, he started deliberating if he should stand aside, ‘But his cultivation at 6th layer of Foundation Establishment at his age isn’t bad, only, it would be a pity to perish on the stage. Never mind, let’s just watch the fight and save him after he endured some hardship. Hmph, how great will you be then?’

    Zhu Qingyun walked away, feeling his anger lessening, and even revealing a slight smile. He might not admit it, but he is starting to like this youngster.

    The Fighting Stage is the place where the cultivators of the Alliance settle their grievances. As long they don’t overdo it, and revenge being the exception. Yet even so, the fights are still extremely vicious, with the difference between wining and loosing often comes down to spilled blood. Which in turn covers the holes in the arena, pervading it with a baleful aura.

    Han Beishan was standing on the stage, with a deep and insurmountable scholarly look in his slightly closed eyes, many sights landing on him, each filled with reverence.

    “As expected of a Golden Core cultivator, even at the initial stage, his demeanor is also out of the ordinary. Such a huge gap between us!” a 9th layer of Foundation Establishment cultivator sighed, eyes filled with admiration.

    The people next to him weren’t much different, nodding again and again. They are already at the peak of Foundation Establishment realm, the sheer number of them clearly denoted the great disparity between the Foundation Establishment and Golden Core realms.

    A burly man with a darkened face cursed, “I wanted to witness a Golden Core fight today, to realize the extent of my cultivation. Yet I was actually fooled. After today, someone must definitely go and pay a visit to the Kong clan for this!”

    “Foundation Establishment Venerable, what a dumb joke. Wonder if the Kong clan was too terrified, or they’re just buying time!”

    “Come on, everyone, just treat this as a farce. I want to see how great this Kong clan Venerable is when he fights with senior Han!”

    Kong Xuan rolled his eyes at the heated discussion around them, ‘Morons! Foundation Establishment realm? With a flick of his wrist he sent two Foundation Establishment experts of the Han clan flying, even making the old freak Han retreat. What a joke! Senior Ning Qin is absolutely at the Golden Core realm, just that I don’t know what method he used to hide his aura. He might not be as strong as old geezer Han, but he can at least defend himself.’

    Just wait and see!

    Kong Xuan respectfully said in a low shout, “Please climb the stage Venerable.”

    The already waiting Kong clan cultivators, also spoke in unison, “Pleas climb the stage Venerable.”

    It would be hard for him to remain hidden after this.

    Qin Yu instantly came under everyone’s focus, with many stunned or shocked. It can be said that only now were they finally certain that Kong clan brought a Foundation Establishment Venerable.

    The place immediately sank into pandemonium.

    On the Fighting Stage, Han Beishan opened his eyes, releasing his mystical aura of a Golden Core cultivator, as if he was a huge python looking downwards, the coldness within chilling to the bone.

    The chaos was silenced on the spot!

    Countless faces paled, crying inside, ‘A Golden Core cultivator is truly formidable.’

    Qin Yu’s eyes stared fixedly as their gazes met halfway, then steadily made his way towards the stage, the crowd automatically splitting before him.

    Zhu Qingyun who rushed to arrive, felt the corner of his mouth twitching, ‘What a show-off, a Golden Core’s gaze isn’t that easily received. With the pressure from a small amount of spiritual sense released by Han Beishan, it is likely he is forcing himself forward.’

    ‘Hehe, a Golden Core isn’t just hot air, what is wonderful has yet to come.’

    Qin Yu arrived before the stage, and with a simple stomp he jumped steadily on top of it.

    Han Beishan’s pupil shrank.

    Behind, Zhu Qingyun had a solemn expression, he clearly sensed, that Qin Yu showed no sign of using any energy. That is to say, he relied only on the strength of his body to jump on the Fighting Stage, a zhang above the ground. Anyone who cultivated the body for a bit could achieve it, but someone who can make such a calm and simple stomp, reaching more then a zhang high, is exceedingly rare to find!

    ‘Could this kid’s trump card be physical strength?’ The corner of his mouth rose, suddenly feeling that the kid is becoming more appealing. Who doesn’t know of Watchful Land’s Zhu Qingyun, his valiant rise to fame in his youth through the use of his body’s strength!

    Qin Yu cupped his hands, “Fellow Daoist Han, please.”

    Han Beishan breathed in, “Let’s fight!”

    He lifted his hand, palm outstretched, creating a fierce gale, like a whirlwind of blades.

    Zhu Qingyun slightly startled, began cursing, ‘Never would have thought Han Beishan would use his full strength against a Foundation Establishment junior. Even if I am here, I still can’t reach him in time to save him.’ Thinking of the junior he took a liking to about to be turn into a pile of flesh, his face contorted so much that it could almost squeeze water.

    Qin Yu’s eyes were narrowed stomping heavily, his body exploding with fierce strength like a tiger, forcingly charging into the whirlwind, exceeding everyone’s expectation, with even Han Beishan in a slight daze. But very quickly, he stared wide eyed in disbelief.

    The anticipated splashing of blood and shredded clothes didn’t happen. Qin Yu marched forward, forcing the experienced Han Beishan to begin moving backwards, but just as he was about to move, he stopped. A hand with an iron grip grabbed his throat, with the blood from the wounds falling on the Fighting Stage.

    With his clothes damaged and hair in a mess, Qin Yu opened his mouth, “You lost.”

    The world sank into a deathly silence!

    Qin Yu relaxed his hand and moved back a step, turned around then jumped down from the Fighting stage. As if a mountain was thrown into the sea, the crowd below rushed to retreat, eyes filled with astonished reverence.

    Han Beishan’s body was stiff, clothes soaked in cold sweat. If this would have been a battlefield, he would have already been a corpse. This thought made his scalp numb, difficultly opening his mouth and speaking in a rough voice, “The grievance between Han and Kong clan is wiped clean.”

    Qin Yu slightly stopped, nodded his head, and continued forward.

    Kong Xuan along with the clan’s cultivator, followed behind ecstatically, finding that their knees were trembling with joy.

    He won!

    Venerable actually… won!

    The Fighting Stage was once again in uproar.

    “Resisting a Golden Core’s technique and overpowering senior Han in one move, his strength is so overwhelming… ” Said a cultivator at the peak of Foundation Establishment, the light in his eyes scaring the ones around. If he could learn this method, wouldn’t he also be able to crush a Golden Core cultivator?

    All of the people in the vicinity were thinking thusly, their faces brightening, with a single ideea swirling in their minds: ‘Does senior Ning Qin accepts disciples?’

    Suddenly, someone faintly said, “Jus who spoke before, of paying Kong clan a visit?”

    The dark faced burly man turned and left, with a ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ attitude.

    Several people watched him leave, mouth twitching and eyes filled with derision. Yet they soon realized, that this guy chased after the Kong clan, and cursed him for being despicable, ‘How can we let you be the first?’

    In a blink, there was almost no one left at the Fighting Stage, as the countless cultivators competing against each other in the rush to Kong clan! Zhu Qingyun just stood there. As an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, on a normal day in Juxia City, no one dared to slight him. But now, he was treated like air, with nearly a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators flew by, having no intention of stopping.

    His mouth twitched while mumbling, “What an oversight!”

    Qin Yu had somewhat foreseen this situation, and so he separated from Kong clansmen not long after they left, then away from prying eyes, donned the black robe. When he left the remote area, he was met with a fanatical flock of cultivators charging towards the Kong clan. Without hesitation, he walked away, in the direction of the city gate.

    With an identity in the Alliance, and Kong clan’s crisis averted, Qin Yu, didn’t want to wait any longer, since if the only Heavenly Thunder Bamboo was to be exchanged by someone else, it will cause him endless troubles.

    Three months later.

    In the wilderness, the surge of demonic energy pierced the silence, revealing a pale faced Golden Core demonic cultivator with a deep-seated fear in his eyes, ‘Never imagined I would actually encounter the Fiendish Star.’ The day before, the information said that he was still thousands of li away, so how could he appear here, making the demonic cultivator howl inside: ‘These useless spies will be the death of me!’

    He suddenly turned his head, cold energy coming out from the back of his head, with several strands crumbling and terrifying him.

    Curse it, this is clearly just a Blade Edge, a trashy Foundation Establishment technique; but it’s so powerful.

    Scared out of his mind, he has no desire to fight, only thinking of fleeing. Right then, a sound was heard behind him, the demonic cultivator cursed inside, ‘Not again!’

    After dodging a black flag’s attack, with no time to relax, demonic energy moved and a black figure suddenly came from within, smashing downwards the inky jade Ruyi Scepter in his hand. The Golden Core demonic cultivator was the verge of evading, but a sudden pain in his mind made him froze stiff, watching helplessly as the Ruyi Scepter dropped.

    The headless corpse fell on the ground, in a fountain of blood!

    After killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator in one hit, the pitch-black figure dissolved and entered the flag, then flew towards a youngster’s hand. He put the flag on the ground and took out a badge; watching the light flashing, his mouth smiled faintly, “The tenth.”

    This youngster, is precisely Qin Yu.

    Juxia City was already at war, the righteous and demonic cultivators fighting unceasingly. He didn’t join the fight, and instead infiltrated the areas under the demonic cultivators’ control to hunt for powerful demonic cultivator. The Alliance merits gathered depend on the cultivation, with the quickest way being hunting high-leveled demonic cultivator.

    Just a Golden Core demonic cultivator, is actually more valuable than a hundred Foundation Establishment cultivators!

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    Chapter 41: The two-teamed Fiendish Star

    In these three months, Qin Yu moved unhindered thousands of li, even killing nine Golden Core demonic cultivators creating a huge commotion, that resulted with the name Fiendish Star. Although the ones he eliminated were in the early Golden Core realm, it was still a loss the demonic cultivators’ side couldn’t bear, thus they started sending men to hunt him down.

    Qin Yu sensed this, and relying on the power of the Demon Body, cut across thousands of li a day, until today’s event of hunting this Golden Core demonic cultivator.

    As the ground crumbled from his step, Qin Yu soared, vanishing from the place of battle. Being in an area controlled by demonic cultivators, he must be twice as cautious, when even a slight mishap could bring a great danger. The fact that he changed areas each time he killed, helped him to move freely for three months and also take out ten Golden Core demonic cultivators.

    An hour later, Qin Yu flew above a lake, and directly entered its waters, sinking to the bottom next to a large rock. He circulated his energy, a thin layer of light appeared, and the so called rock is now actually a cave entrance.

    Qin Yu flashed inside, using his energy to turn his soaked body into steam, drying his clothes, and then walked forward.

    The cave wasn’t big, with traces of rough digging. This is one of Qin Yu’s places used in laying low. With early Golden Core stage demonic cultivator as his targets, even with Black Devil mounting a sneak attack, their strength still left some wounds on him afterwards, thus needing a place to recover.

    As for the formation concealing the cave, it was actually from a formation disk he found on a demonic cultivator he killed. This item could be activated using any energy, and deploys its formation once used, making it a heaven sent for any novice in formations.

    Sitting cross-legged, Qin Yu took some pills, replenishing his energy. Today was a smooth battle without receiving any wounds, thus, he opened his eyes an hour later, to check his storage bag of what he gained.

    He couldn’t help express his admiration towards demonic cultivators. Even after giving him so many merits, they were still magnanimous and admirable enough to fill his storage bag.

    His only regret being that all demonic cultivators have demonic treasures, so even if he could bind them with blood, his energy isn’t able to activate them and he was left with no choice but to throw them in a corner somewhere, gathering dust.

    But it seems that his luck has turned, as the tenth demonic cultivator unexpectedly had useful treasures: Cloud Stepping Boots, a magical treasure that allows a cultivator’s speed to reach extreme heights.

    Qin Yu tried them on at once, and in a flash, appeared at the cave entrance, a smile on his face. Worthy of the name Cloud Stepping Boots, with the help of this treasure, his speed increased almost one-fold, and if he were to use the forbidden aspect of Wind Walk, the speed would be comparable to a late Golden Core cultivator.

    ‘Thanks again, demonic cultivators!’

    As he was tidying up his things, Qin Yu figured that ten Golden Core demonic cultivators and some Foundation Establishment demonic cultivators should amount to half of the required merits needed to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo. It’s not that the Alliance had a dark heart and set a sky-high price, but because it’s an ancient spiritual plant, with only the eight hundred years stalk left.

    This huge price could also mean that there was no one else fighting him over it. Three more months should be enough to gather the rest of the merits. And when he breaks through to Golden Core realm, his power would increase many times over, enough to at least defend himself in this time of war.

    Qin Yu was smiling, intending to cultivate for several days on the bottom of the lake, and avoid the recent ruckus he made from killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator.

    Yet after only a day, he was roused from of his cultivation. He rushed outside the cave and saw the turbulent lake waters, mumbling, “To actually come at my doorstep to die, should I use this opportunity and finish them off?”

    Zhu Qingyun was filled with frustration. Ordered by a higher-up in the Alliance, he entered the demonic cultivator’s area to destroy a formation, preventing them from taking the items inside. At first everything ran smoothly and allowed for an easy completion of the mission. Only to be discovered as he was about to leave, with a Golden Core demonic cultivator barring his way.

    With his 5th layer of Golden Core realm, he could have gotten rid of this demonic cultivator in a short time, but he never thought, that this area had so many experts hidden. And once the third Golden Core demonic cultivator came, his situation started turning from bad to worse.

    He was retreating and fighting while arriving above this lake, having four Golden Core demonic cultivators attacking him. He would have already been dead if it weren’t for his cultivation along with powerful magical treasures and strong body.

    Yet even so, he can’t hold on for much longer, thinking ‘My life is over!’

    His opponents were also aware of his state, akin to a spent arrow, and began showing their excitement, ‘Slaughtering powerful demonic cultivator with your higher cultivation, today is your turn to die!’

    Correct, the four Golden Core demonic cultivator believed that Zhu Qingyun is the famed Fiendish Star. He was suffering in Qin Yu’s stead, because these experts laid in wait for him.

    “Die, Fiendish Star!”

    “Revenge for the fallen demonic cultivators!”

    “Finish him!”

    “Flay his skin and pull his tendons!”

    Zhu Qingyun was anguished, wanting to shout, ‘You’ve got the wrong man’ but it won’t save him, so he might as well save his energy.

    The four Golden Core demonic cultivators’ attacks were growing ever fervent, all wanting to finish Fiendish Star themselves, adding the fact that Zhu Qingyu had a slower reaction, gradually weakening his defense.

    The surface of the lake suddenly exploded, with Qin Yu shooting out, instantly closing in on a demonic cultivator, bursting forth with his fist, after using Mind Stab.

     A head exploded high in the sky. Caught off guard, he died on the spot!

    Almost at the same time, a demonic cultivator not far from him, shrieked miserably as his chest bursts open, a huge hole left behind by the black Corpse Sealing Nail as it passed.

    In a blink, two demonic cultivators suffered a cruel death!

    Zhu Qingyun narrowly escaped death, almost cried from joy, but when he saw Qin Yu, his face suddenly went rigid.

    Qin Yu lowered his voice, “Each man gets a target to finish them quickly!”

    Recovering, Zhu Qingyun was ignited by a sudden fury, ‘Four surrounded to kill me, now, I should show my might.’

    Activating his magical treasure with a roar, Zhu Qingyun started pressuring his opponent, the barrage of attacks turning him into a sorry sight. It won’t be long before the fight will end.

    The final Golden Core demonic cultivator, seeing the tragic turn of events chose to flee. Qin Yu’s energy exploded as the Cloud Stepping Boots flashed, leaving afterimages behind.

    ‘When it comes to speed, I am unequal!’

    The demonic cultivator turned his head showing, no fear in his cold smile, as a bloody flame enveloping him, increasing his speed ten times, disappearing in a flash. The ‘unequal’ Qin Yu had a dark face, watching helplessly as the demonic cultivator’s figure grew ever smaller. He then stopped and frowned.

    All this time, each of his action was completed without a hitch, none of his targets managing to escape. This caused his arrogance to grow unknowingly, and the demonic cultivator’s escape came as a rude awakening, crushing his overconfidence. In this world there are countless fortuitous encounters, with other people holding hidden methods or trump cards as him. If he were to maintain his previous mentality, he was bound to suffer.

    Qin Yu stared deeply in the direction the demonic cultivator fled. To certain degree, he is quite grateful towards this enemy, but if the chance reveals itself, he won’t hesitate to kill him. The method to increase one’s speed ten times piqued his interest.

    When he flew back to the lake, Zhu Qingyun’s battle concluded, exploding the demonic cultivator before him into pieces, painting the surface of the lake red.

    “What arrogance? What flaying and tendon pulling? This old man will blow you into a thousand pieces first! Come, chase me again! Kill this old man!”

    Qin Yu’s mouth twitched.

    Zhu Qingyun then coughed drily, showing his awkwardness.

    Qin Yu waved his hand, “No need to thank me, and leave quickly. This place will soon be crawling with demonic cultivators.”

    He then sank into the lake, took the formation disk and disappeared in the distance.

    Zhu Qingyun heaved a long sigh of relief. He was known as a stubborn person, one who did everything to keep appearances, thus, he felt as if his body was torn apart when lowering his head in gratitude.

    “Wait a minute!” Zhu Qingyun stomped as he rained curses, “Ning Qin, you bastard! They thought I was you!”

    Hearing the faint roars behind him, Qin Yu mouth drew a smile, as his body stuck close to the ground while rushing forward. He can’t stay here after getting rid of three demonic cultivators in one go.

    Along with wearing the concealing black robe as he moved, after two days, Qin Yu traveled more than three thousand li, arriving at Bolan City while taking care of any Foundation Establishment demonic cultivator on his way.

    This city that was once big and flourishing, has now, most of the wall collapsed, with the remaining areas covered in marks, marks left from the devastating war.

    After taking out the Soul Seizing flag, with a thought, Black Devil’s figure appeared. On his surface, demonic energy moved about, changing his appearance into that of the black robed Qin Yu.

    The two of them strut inside Bolan City, Black Devil in front, Qin Yu behind.

    The demonic cultivators standing guard were filled with reverence, only straightened their back once the two people disappeared from their sight.

    The ranks of demonic cultivators are very strict, and with their ruthless nature, often killing low ranked demonic cultivator, they wouldn’t dare to offend an obvious Golden Core cultivator like Black Devil.

    Many times, Qin Yu avoided demonic cultivators chase by using this exact method. No matter how much they wrack they brains, they still couldn’t guess that he openly pranced inside a city controlled by demonic cultivators.

    With Black Devil stepping forward, a residence was quickly found. The original owners respectfully greeted them and left voluntarily. This is an open rule of demonic cultivators —power above all else!

    Qin Yu was relieved, sitting down and cultivating with pills. Many times before, he used Black Devil to wander Bolan City, killing his targets by using the ‘traitor’ excuse.

    He doesn’t know why, but the demonic cultivators seem to be quite tense these days, with Golden Core demonic cultivators sticking together when leaving the city. Pondering for a bit, Qin Yu soon found the cause of this, realizing it is because of the escaped demonic cultivator at that time revealing what had happened and making the high ranked demonic cultivators take precautions.

    With Black Devil’s subtle inquiries, he soon confirmed it. From the escaped demonic cultivator mouth, the Fiendish Star isn’t a single person, but a pair of two Golden Core cultivators, with one of them belonging to the Righteous Alliance, the powerful Zhu Qingyun. The other person was unknown, but his strength seemed to be above Zhu Qingyun, killing two great Golden Core demonic cultivator in a split second.

    As this news traveled, the demonic cultivators cursed the despicable cultivators from the Righteous Alliance. The experts they sent were assassinated, making them itch for revenge, vowing to slaughter these two cultivates, so that they never return! Yet, revenge is revenge, while cursing is cursing, all of them despised this Fiendish Star team, but they showed their fierce character by killing three of the four Golden Core demonic cultivators.

    Because of this, the Golden Core demonic cultivators formed teams when going out, careful in each movement, and returning at the first sight of danger, giving Qin Yu no opportunities to exploit.

    “Leaving matters unsolved brings endless troubles!” Qin Yu smiled bitterly inside, having no alternative but to patiently wait for a chance.

    Several days later, Qin Yu, not waiting for an alone Golden Core demonic cultivator, saw someone familiar through the eyes of Black Devil.

    The fleeing demonic cultivator!

    In his room, Qin Yu suddenly opened his eyes, and after a bit of reflecting, exposed a chilling grin.
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    Chapter 42: Blood Escaping Technique

    The war destroyed almost half of Bolan City, but with the influx of demonic cultivators, it will soon recover to its former glory.

    At a newly repaired restaurant, with the smell of paint still drifting within, the guests came in doves. The invasion swept through the Southern Nation, making most of the demonic cultivator’s bags swell with riches, then spending it on food and drinks.

    In a private room on the third floor, more than ten high ranked demonic cultivators gathered together, with each of them toasting to the host, sounds of flattery and laughter were heard unceasingly.

    “Fellow Daoist Dang Yun fought with the Two-teamed Fiendish Star and survived. This information spread around and saved us, high ranked demonic cultivators, for further losses. You’ve made great contributions!”

    “What luck for us to have fellow Daoist Dang Yun, or else who knows how many would we have lost.”

    “Come, come, a toast everyone. Let’s drink a cup in honor of fellow Daoist Dang Yun!”

    Dang Yunmo who is only at the 3rd layer of Golden Core realm, never had the chance to be regarded so highly among his peers. His face was flushes red not bearing to accept praises, though the corners of his mouth reached his ears.

    He intended to say a few modest words, but was instead made to drink several cups in thanks. The room’s door was suddenly kicked open, and a black robed man started talking coldly, his eyes locked on Dang Yunmo, “Rotten bastard, you killed my family! After twenty years, I have come for your life!”

    It could be felt that these resentful words contain a deep hatred. The originally furious men at the table, are now looking at each other in dismay, simply from hearing, the matter became crystal clear: Dang Yunmo slaughtered his family, and now he was seeking vengeance.

    Several of them weren’t initially convinced with this Golden Core demonic cultivator, but then shot glances at Dang Yunmo, cursing ’Idiot, so what if a demonic cultivator killed a wife or children! Everyone here did this at some point; but if you did it then also end it, or you’re just asking for trouble!’

    The black robbed’s aura wasn’t released, but his killing intent was still present. It is obvious from a glance that he isn’t an easy opponent.

    A Golden Core demonic cultivator hesitated, “Brother Dang Yun, this…”

    This also confused Dang Yunmo. He forgot long ago what he did twenty years ago. Did he kill anyone’s family then? ‘Seems like it’. At this thought, his face had slight traces of embarrassment, but soon turned dark. In the best moment of his life, to be sought for vengeance, from a dirty affair no less, caused a Golden Core demonic cultivator as himself, to lose all radiance from his face.

    “Hmph!” Dang Yunmo sneered, “I killed your family then, and now I can kill you. If you want revenge, then strike!”

    When the people at the table saw him, they immediately got up to pacify the two of them. One persuaded “A Golden Core cultivator is tough, with a Golden Core demonic cultivator even tougher”, while another one said “Someone at the Golden Core realm seized hundreds of women. If the wife was killed, you just take another.” And the final one did his best to advise “It’s foolish to risk your life for the dead. We must embrace life and carry on towards the beautiful future.”

    The black robbed man sank into silence, apparently moved. Some of the demonic cultivator exchanged a glance, their mind set. The demonic cultivators’ faction might be chaotic, but fights between high ranked demonic cultivators, especially among the soon to clash ones at the Golden Core realms, is strictly forbidden. If Dang Yunmo and the others fight to the death, they will invite needless trouble.

    “Come, come. Drink a cup with Dang Yunmo, reveal all your grievances, and then everyone becomes friends!” An outspoken Golden Core demonic cultivator opened his mouth, getting two big cups and pouring wine, even dragging black robbed to sit at the table.

    He hesitated again and again, but still lifted the cup.

    Dank Yunmo sneered, feeling his face distending, ‘So what if I killed your family, in the end you obediently bowed your head’ and said, after downing the cup, “Be more careful of what you say in the future. If it weren’t for everyone here, I wouldn’t have been so lenient!”

    Some at the table inwardly frowned. Good or bad, they are still at Golden Core realm, and speaking like this, if something unexpected happens it will cause a mess to all of them. Fortunately, black robbed stopped a bit but finished the cup, giving the rest a sense of relief while also feeling contempt.

    This guy has no resolve!

    Dang Yunmo became prouder, thinking of berating him further, once the drinking is done, ‘Let people know that, old Dang, isn’t easily provoked.’

    No one imagined, that the black robbed who swallowed his anger, would attack at this moment. Sending a fist straight at Dang Yunmo and sending him flying into the table, breaking it and spilling wine everywhere.

    “I am unable to become friends with you. With this fist, our debts are settled!” Leaving this sentence, he jumped through the window, vanishing from sight.

    The people inside the room felt their mouths twitch, ‘Since you attacked, don’t run away. What settling debts. Ridiculous!’

    ‘Eh? Not good, Dang Yunmo is still a Golden Core in the end. Even after being caught off guard, it shouldn’t be as bad as to not being able to move.’

    Turning their heads around, the faces of Golden Core demonic cultivators contorted. Dang Yunmo’s neck was twisted, already dead, with someone emitting a cold aura taking the storage bag from his chest.



    Among the startled cries, a powerful aura exploded. The assassin didn’t give them the chance to strike, disappearing in smoke with an eerie laugh.

    “We’ve been had!”

    “They’re the same person!”

    Their reaction was extremely fast, but when they left the restaurant, the black robed was nowhere to be found.

    “Find him!”

    “He mustn’t escape!” Shouting as they rushed outside the city.

    A moment later, Qin Yu appeared not far from the restaurant. Although he doesn’t have the aura of a demonic cultivator, the killing aura surrounding him caused the people to shiver. This rampant slaughter tainted him with killing aura, making him more demonic than a demonic cultivator, assuring his safety as he left the city.

    Who knows where the group of Golden Core demonic cultivator went to.

    Several tens of li outside Bolan City, he stumbled upon someone. The surging demonic energy denoted his early Golden Core cultivation, and a loner too.

    Qin Yu’s heart was stirred, showing alarm.

    “Stop!” The demonic cultivator blocked his path with a shout. He is indeed one of the Golden Cores from the restaurant, eyes cold, “What are you afraid of?”

    Qin Yu repeatedly shook his head.

    “If you don’t speak the truth, see how I’ll force it out of you!” He then made a grabbing motion, while Qin Yu flew straight at him. But at that moment, his heart suddenly shrank, a calm voice was heard at his ear, “I was afraid you would flee.”

    A fist landed, and creaking of bones were heard, as the caved in chest prevented the demonic cultivator’s call for help. Black Devil then appeared behind, and easily twisted his neck backwards.

    Looting everything with practiced speed, Qin Yu recalled Black Devil and soared in the sky. The next moment, several Golden Core demonic cultivators rushed here, and seeing their companion killed violently, they stomped in anger but didn’t dared to chase after the killer.

    Very quickly, news of the Two-teamed Fiendish Star being in Bolan City circulated, and that he even killed two Golden Core demonic cultivators. Dang Yunmo’s death triggered a rage, feeling as if the whole demonic cultivator faction was provoked. Thusly, the high ranked demonic cultivator passed down a stern command: no matter what cost, kill Zhu Qingyun and his partner!

    In a mountain cave, Qin Yu held tightly a jade slip from Dang Yunmo’s storage bag, smiling brightly, “This Blood Escaping Technique was simply built for me!”

    This technique, stimulates one’s blood and burning it through a secret method, increasing the user’s speed by ten times! Qin Yu’s body, refined by taking countless pills is very tough, and with his training in Demon Body, the quality of his blood reached an incredible degree. Dang Yunmo could use it three times at best, before reaching the limit his body could take. But with Qin Yu, even after thirty times it would still pose no threat.

    After executing the Blood Escaping Technique, only a Nascent Soul can catch him, while the others would be unable to restrain Qin Yu at all. Like this, freely coming and going on the battlefield, the amount of merits he would rake in would increase dramatically.

    Deploying the formation disk for concealment, Qin Yu entered seclusion, spending one month to finish learning the Blood Escaping Technique. After waving his sleeve and collecting the formation disk, he walked outside the cave then soared into the sky with one step. Next, a bloody flame burned, feeling an increase in speed of ten times, his figure appeared akin to a shooting star on the horizon, disappearing from view!

    Southern Nation’s location has mild and humid climate, with little distinction between the seasons. The forests grew verdant and lush, sporting green leaves throughout the year, making this place exceedingly common.

    Suddenly, a low and deep sound echoed, making the earth tremble slightly. From above, a cleared area could be seen in the deep forest, with many trees uprooted, while others pulverized into dust. In a range of three hundred zhang, as if a plow passed through, cracks spread throughout the area, while beast roars were heard as they ran further and further away.

    Qin Yu sent a wild dog flying in a random direction with a punch. The action triggered the pain in his chest, coughing up blood with a pale expression. At his side lay Black Devil’s half destroyed body. Luckily, he isn’t a living being, capable of recovering to its normal state in the Souls Seizing Flag.

    If not for Black Devil standing in front of him just now, Qin Yu, even with the Blood Escaping Technique, he would have been also taken out along in the self-destruction of the Golden Core demonic cultivator. Even a Demon Body isn’t capable of enduring such an explosion.

    A cold thought went through Qin Yu’s mind, ‘Who would ever guess this demonic cultivator would be determined enough to self-destruct his own Golden Core!’ Taking Black Devil back, Qin Yu swallowed some pills and left, thoughts swirling in his head, aware of the unusualness of this matter.

    Half a month later, through the use of Black Devil, Qin Yu found out that the high ranked demonic cultivators issued a kill order on him. He knows he can’t continue hunting. These high ranked demonic cultivators have clearly gone insane; if he were to be engulfed by several self-detonations, he would most definitely die.

    Adding the two sneaky kills when he saved Zhu Qingyun, with the unfortunate Dang Yunmo from Bolan City, plus this self-destructing fierce fellow, the amount of Golden Core demonic cultivators that died from Qin Yu’s hands already reached fifteen. Although he is still a bit off from being able to exchange for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, what is certain, is the fact there are many opportunities of gathering battle merits.

    If he said he’ll leave, that’s what he’ll do, clean and efficiently. Thus, Qin Yu traveled more then thirty thousand li, returning to Juxia City ten days later. The two sides fought tooth and nail here, with Juxia City taking advantage of its favorable location, unyieldingly repelling countless assaults.

    Until now, the sects’ Alliance of Southern Nation was standing firmly, and after the initial chaos, they steadily began strike back.

     Qin Yu took the identity badge from his ways, and after passing the check without trouble, he was allowed entrance into Juxia City. Without delay, he made a beeline for the Alliance’s barracks. The price on Heavenly Thunder Bamboo might be high, but it’s still first come, first served.

    At the Fighting Stage.

    As the war progressed steadily, many people in the Alliance decided to gather here in times of respire. Even now, there are a couple of Foundation Establishment cultivators engaged in a fierce fight, drawing cheers from the crowd.

    A sudden low sound rose, and the cultivator holding a sword, was blown off the stage, stopping after retreating several steps. Although unhurt, his complexion was still unsightly.

    With a cold harrumph he turned and left, almost knocking over the one behind him, then vented, “Don’t you have eyes? Make way!”

    In the moment of pushing forward, his movement froze, with the surroundings eerily quiet. Innumerable amount of people stared at him wide-eyed, with a ‘Oh sh*t!’ expression. The sword cultivator’s heart twisted and face pale. He wasn’t stupid and naturally discovered this peculiarity, but the one in front is just a 6th layer of Foundation Establishment. Does he have a high status?

    As he was thinking this, the person’s figure flickered and several people rushed forward, bowing in respect before him, “Greetings Venerable Ning Qin.” 

    Ning Qin…

    The sword cultivator turned stiff!

  • Chapter 43: Fifteen!

    More and more people paid their respects, drowning Qin Yu’s figure in the crowd. The sword cultivator might not see him, but sweat never stopped flowing. Seeing the Kong clan’s Venerable crushing a Golden Core cultivator, was one of the most talked about topics in Juxia City. Even if he hasn’t been here for long, the sword cultivator heard it many times, almost making him shed tears.

    Qin Yu didn’t expect for others to still recognize him after several months. The people were exceedingly respectful, causing him to nod his head out of politeness. Many were overjoyed, thinking ‘Is it possible senior Ning Qin thinks my talent is outstanding? Should I make use of this opportunity and become his disciple?’

    Feeling the fervent gazes of the crowd, Qin Yu didn’t give them the chance to voice themselves, bluntly saying, “There are matters I need to attend to, please withdraw.”

    They felt despondent, but still stepped aside, not daring to disobey him.

    This exposed the frozen stiff sword cultivator. Many eyes admiring him, ‘You’re awesome!’

    These people were sweating all over, faces pale, while Qin Yu walked forward, slipping past him, and entering the Alliance camp. With neither embarrassment nor staring fixedly at him, just walking leisurely.

    Being startled a bit, the crowd exposed their admiration, secretly thinking ‘As expected of senior Ning Qin. Calmly doing things with a broad-minded view, unwilling to make things difficult for him and just passed by. Not even berating him.’ Recalling that day, when he charged through Han Beishan’s technique grabbing his throat, then jumping down the arena, more and more, the crowd began to feel that he is releasing an overpowering aura, sharp and direct.

    Senior Ning Qin is our idol!

    In the Merit Hall, the people were making exchanges, checking the identity badge, converting merits, and so on. But the next moment, the place was turned upside-down.

    Suddenly, outside the Merit Hall, a big purple bell let out a thunderous sound. The deep and low sound seemed to contain a certain power, spreading far and wide in a blink, and finally enveloping the whole of Juxia City.

    This the Alliance’s respect towards the strong. The Merit Bell was especially refined, so that when a person slaying a Golden Core demonic cultivator came at the Merit Hall, it lets out this imposing sound and announce it throughout the city.

    The people looked towards the Merit Hall’s entrance with reverence. Capable of killing a Golden Core demonic cultivator, he must definitely be a renown person in the Alliance. Following closely was another bell sound. The faces of everyone changed, ‘He actually killed two Golden Core demonic cultivators!’

    But it went on. With the third sound, then the fourth, the fifth…

    The unending sounds enveloped the entire city, shocking countless cultivators, and gazing towards the Alliance camp, ‘Is the bell broken?’

    At the Fighting Stage.

    The many Foundation Establishment cultivators meeting in secret to discuss senior Ning Qin’s feats, heard the unceasing sounds of the bell. Respect and shock was conveyed on their wooden faces. Only to curse in the end.

    “Merit Hall is too outrageous; the bell’s sound is so annoying!” An old Foundation Establishment said angrily, drawing the others’ approval.

    Suddenly, another one spoke, “What do you think, was it senior Ning Qin?”

    Silence. Everyone was scared, fiercely denying it in their hearts.

    “It can’t be! That was over then sounds, which means that someone killed more than ten Golden Core demonic cultivators. Senior Ning Qin is strong, but not that strong.”

    “Right, right, it’s definitely not him.”

    “Hehe, it just happened as senior Ning Qin was around. He must also be surprised.”

    Everyone gradually calmed down, yet their eyes unknowingly focused on the Alliance camp’s entrance, while thinking of the Qin Yu’s speedy dispatch of Han Beishan. An indescribable feeling rose from the bottom of their hearts, ‘Is it really him?’

    After the bell sounded ten times, the Merit Hall cultivators’ faces flushed. A woman among them suddenly began, “It must be broken. I’m reporting this to the manager!” Unable to wait any longer, or the dignity of the Merit Hall will vanish completely.

    She hurried her pace, and on the verge of walking through the Merit Hall’s door she stopped, looking stunned at the scene before her. The purple Merit Bell lit up, with its sounds spreading far and wide, while the black-robbed cultivator bellow it, frowned doubtfully at it.

     The female cultivator saw his face from the side, felling he couldn’t be more ordinary, yet possessing a certain attraction. Her face reddened slightly and then saw he is a 6th layer Foundation Establishment cultivator.

    Her mind relaxed, face growing redder as she thought ‘Why am I calming down?’, then said flustered, “Whoever you are, step aside, don’t let the broken bell smash you.” Musing to herself how amusing and ridiculous is the fact that Qin Yu was the one that caused this commotion.

    Qin Yu suddenly understood, ‘No wonder this bell sounded as he entered.’ He quickly walked where he was told, smiling, “Thanks for the reminder fellow Daoist.”

    Just then, the bell stopped after the fifteenth sound.

    Seeing the person’s entire face, ‘Truly exceedingly ordinary, but what the hell is with that intense attraction?’ Feeling her face burning, the female cultivator rushed to lower her head , “Why have you come here?” when she was about to speak, her body stiffened momentarily, ‘Why would anyone come to Merit Hall? How laughable.’

    Qin Yu also found it funny. The awkward female cultivator in front of him, made him relax after these months of always having his mind focus. He revealed a faint smile, “I came to see the remaining items on the Hundred Treasures List.” 

    Seeing that he didn’t notice her red face, the female cultivator’s heart relaxed a bit. But when she lifted her head, the dazzling smile left her fascinated. Only recovering when a Martial Hall cultivator started welcoming guests.

    With disappointed heart, she glared at the youngster, blaming him from interfering, letting this chance slip by, so she could only stand at the side and keep her ears open. As to informing the Merit Hall manager regarding the bell… it’s fine now!

    Qin Yu started by asking the current state of the Hundred Treasures List, the scope of the Righteous and Demonic Factions battle, and which cities in the Alliance are allowed to exchange items. So that he can be certain if the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo is still exchangeable, since this place is the most certain to know this.

    Towards this stiff faced youth regarding him with hostility before him, Qin Yu was a bit surprised, but soon recalled the dazed female cultivator from earlier. He smiled inside but shows no concern, sending his though inside the jade slip.

    10th : Heavenly Thunder Bamboo.

    Luckily, no one snatched it.

    Qin Yu was smiling faintly, making the youth’s face increasingly ugly. He doesn’t want to admit it, that, although ordinary, his smile is too attractive! A grown-up man having this smile, is definitely up to no good!

    “Anything else? We’re very busy!” These hard words, actually revealing his insecurity, a common occurrence with hot-blooded youngsters.

    Qin Yu smiled, putting down the jade slip, about to leave.

    The female cultivator panicked, glared at the youth, and went over with a reddening face, “He is frustrated from constant work, please don’t blame him fellow Daoist.”

    Qin Yu shook his head, “I understand.”

    His plain manner, unintentionally showed his generosity, making the female cultivator’s heartbeat to speed up, so she quickly changed to a better topic, “Fellow Daoist, want to see the items of the Hundred Treasures List to confirm they are still here?”

    It wouldn’t hurt, thus, Qin Yu nodded with a smile.

    She relaxed a bit, then hastily added, “In fact, fellow Daoist can use some merits too reserve an item on the list. And on the event that someone with more merits than you wants to reserve or exchange for it, we will notify that the item will be detain by you for seven days.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes brightened slightly, “Then I would like to reserve an item.”

    The youth who saw him in a bad light snorted coldly, “To reserve an item on the Hundred Treasures List, it is required at least thirty percent of its value. The higher it is, the bigger this limit, as to avoid any indignities!”

    The female cultivator clenched her teeth, “Shut up!” Then on more carrying voice, “In the limits of my authority, the most I can do is to lower this limit by ten percent.”

    The youth felt it in the pit of his stomach, almost bringing him to tears, ‘Senior sister, how can you so openly show your favor. And what about me!’

    Qin Yu smiled, declining, “It’s alright, I have enough merits. Please reserve the tenth item on the Hundred Treasures List.”

    The female cultivator’s heart jumped, ‘Gathering almost half the price in such a short time. He must be skilled.’ Her voice became softer, “Alright, I will immediately help you reserve it.” She turned and beckoned, “Shan Shan, quickly take out the records.”

    Seeing her close friend staring blankly next to the restroom, she stamped her foot, speaking annoyed, “What are you staring at. Hurry up and bring it over!”

    The youth snorted coldly, “Heavenly Thunder Bamboo? Are you certain fellow Daoist, or are you trying to make trouble for Merit Hall!”

    “Positive.” Qin Yu flatly replied, “The one that I want reserved is precisely the tenth item on the Hundred Treasures List, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo.”

    Everyone in the Merit Hall had weird expressions. The earnest attitude of Qin Yu’s, made them unsure of how to react, ‘Just at 6th layer Foundation Establishment… and you still dare say it!’

    The youth let a hearty laugh, “Do you know how much it costs? Do you know there has been no one who has exchanged or reserved the first ten items? Do you know your limits?” He fervently said, ‘Such a fool, seeking fame through any means. I will use this chance to expose his true colors in front of junior sister Zi Qiong!’

    Gasping for air, he was waiting for Qin Yu to be embarrassed or to deny it, but it never came. Qin Yu took his identity badge, talking to the female cultivator, “I’ll be troubling you to reserve it.”

    Zi Qiong was a bit dazed, “You… really want to reserve the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo?”

    Qin Yu nodded, “Yes.”

    The youth’s rage suddenly peaked, snatching the identity badge, “I’ll help you exchange the deeds into merits first. Let’s see if you deserve to be so arrogant!”

    Some cultivators watched Qin Yu with respect, secretly saying ‘When doing everything to chase after women, having confidence isn’t enough. It will end up in ruining yourself, with no dignity left to speak of.’

    Zi Qing bit her lip, considering stopping him from humiliating himself, but couldn’t find an excuse, and only gave a reproaching glare. ‘This guy, really! Did he not understand my intention, and still wants to use this manner to get my attention?’

    What should I do? You will be demeaned!

    Zi Qing gazed at Qin Yu still unfazed. There was no loath in her heart, but a deep curiosity instead. ‘This guy’s skin is really thick, still acting like it’s an everyday occurrence. Does he want to this method to make me remember him?’ Thinking thusly, her face reddened a bit, her heart suddenly pounding.

    What do I do if he asks me to be with him? Do I agree, or… should I agree? Should I be more aloof? Women say that men are fickle. If you’re too easy, he won’t cherish you.

    A sudden cry woke Zi Qing from her chaotic thoughts. She raised her head slightly flustered, as if she was caught red handed. All except Qin Yu, stared wide eyed, being shocked to the core. Her heart shrank, slowly turning around and seeing the merit board, a deep, rich and awe-inspiring purple light.

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    With the blossoming blue light, the insignificant struggling at the bottom, grasping the opportunity to change his fate, he embarks on an unprecedented path…

    When the blue sea blooms, the small people struggling at the bottom, grasp the opportunity of destiny, and embark on an unprecedented path...

    I will control my destiny, not Heaven!

    Perhaps he is naïve, or perhaps, is the start of a new epic journey!

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    Chapter 44: Running into Zhang Zhang again


    The exquisite purple felt as if a stone came off his chest.

    Qin Yu flatly said, “How many merits do I have?”

    The youth unconsciously swallowed, feeling his entire body numb, murmuring, “One hundred and sixty-seven thousand…”

    All were struck by lightning, staring fixedly at him, with a ‘Are you certain?’ expression.

    The youth scowled miserably, “I-it’s true!” Burning inside from embarrassment.

    Qin Yu was calm, “Is it enough to reserve Heavenly Thunder Bamboo?”

    “Yes…” the pale youth, looking as if he was gazed upon a wolf, twisting his insides.

    Qin Yu nodded, “Reserve it,”

    “Y-yes!” Th youth suddenly collected himself, and finding that Qin Yu had no bad intentions, color returned to his face. He almost ran the entire distance, and in not even half an hour, he presented the warrant with two hands, “Please receive it senior. You can use it when you want to pay the rest.”

    Zi Qing paled, her ears hummed, not expecting to have such good foresight. Yet… it was a bit too good. She wavers no longer, because in the end, they belong to two different worlds.

    A girl’s naïve, pure and sweet love, died on the spot.

    This is the cruelty of the world!

    Qin Yu looked on a bit apologetic, then taking the warrant, turned around and left.

    The entrance slightly flashed, and Zhu Qingyun entered with big steps, eyes shining, “I knew it, that …. you returned!” Just as he was about to say the disrespectful word ‘kid’, he swallowed it. He just doesn’t want to admit, but as he looks upon Qin Yu, he feels admiration.

    He moved unhindered through the demonic cultivators’ area, killing fifteen Golden Core demonic cultivators, earning the name Fiendish Star, and angered the high ranked demonic cultivators. Zhu Qingyun wants nothing else but to cut him open and see if there is an old freak hiding inside. Just how did he do it!

    “Greetings Elder Zhu!”

    Zhu Qingyun waved his hand, “Let’s leave, I want to ask you something.”

    Qin Yu frowned, “I am somewhat tired, and would like to rest.”

    “Hehe, you have no choice!” Zhu Qingyun laughed coldly, then lowering his voice, “Don’t make me reveal the name of Fiendish Star, or the demonic sects will definitely come to greet you.”

    Qin Yu’s brow tightened.

    Zhu Qingyun laughed contently, “Let’s go.”

    At this moment, several figures entered Merit Hall, led by a person with a refined scholarly air. He smiled and then said, “Brother Zhu, long time no see. Still as refined as before.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes were slightly unfocused but soon recovered.

    Behind the middle-aged cultivator, Zhang Zhang had a puzzling look. The dull expression of the other’s eyes couldn’t escape her noticed, ‘Does he know me?’ But after careful searching, she has no recollection of him.

    Zhu Qingyun and the middle-aged man exchanged a few lines, plainly looked behind him, then said his goodbye.

    Qin Yu focused on keeping up with him.

    Zhang Zhang watched his rear view, feeling it somewhat familiar, and frown slightly.

    Next to her, Zhang Hua was gloomy, “Zhang Zhang, he dared to disrespect you. I will go and teach him a lesson!”

    Zhang Zhang hadn’t yet spoken, and the eyes of everyone in Merit Hall landed on him, akin to looking at an idiot.

    Head Zhang’s heart jumped, turned around and chided, “Shut up, don’t act brazen!”

    The next moment found the Zhang clan leaving the Merit Hall. Head Zhang pondered a bit, then said, “Zhang Zhang, did you recognize him?”

    Zhang Zhang hesitated briefly, then shook her head.

    At the Fighting Stage.

    In the wake of Zhu Qingyun and Qin Yu, a peak Foundation Establishment cultivator couldn’t reign his curiosity any longer, and said loudly, “That fellow Daoist knows someone in Merit Hall. Is it possible to ask and clear our confusion?”

    “Right, right, I also want to know!”

    “If it were someone else, I would have thought it was a joke, but for senior Ning Qin to be implicated, I feel somewhat ill at ease.”


    A female cultivator stood up, “I am a junior sister working at Merit Hall. I will be back shortly.”

    A while later, when everyone thought she left at some point, the female cultivator finally appeared in their sight, dazed and pale. As if she was terrified.

    Zhu Qingyun lived in an exquisite garden, with water gathering from the mountain, making it a quiet and secluded scenery. He stands at the edge of the lake, sneered, “Do you like that girl?”

    Qin Yu refrained from looking at him.

    Zhu Qingyun wasn’t angry, “Then you must be old sweethearts. Even if you don’t admit it, I have very good eyes. Don’t think you can fool me.”

    Qin Yu simply said, “If you only want invade my privacy, I will take my leave.”

    “Stop!” Zhu Qingyun gritted his teeth, “That being the case, let’s get straight to it. Say, why am I included in the Fiendish Star? Did you know I can’t take even a step outside Juxia City, for fear of being surrounded and killed by a crowd of demonic cultivators? How are you going to solve it?”

    “I saved you.”

    Zhu Qingyun was hopping mad, “I took the fall!”

    “I saved you.”

    “Shut it. I want an explanation! You did such a good job, so why did you drag me down!”

    Qin Yu calmly stated, “I don’t understand what you’re saying. I saved you then.”

    Zhu Qingyun was boiling with rage, but thinking of something, he calmed down, and was even pleased, “Ning Qin, you’re dreaming if you think you can continue acting like you’re weak and hide yourself! Isn’t it odd, how Merit Hall bell sounded?”

    Qin Yu’s face changed slightly.

    Zhu Qingyun laughed pleased, “That is the Merit Bell, heard when someone killed a Golden Core demonic cultivator. What was heard before was fifteen sounds, fifteen Golden Cores! No wanted the high ranked demonic cultivator were enraged, putting a kill order on you.” Recalling being dragged into this, his face darkened a bit but became more elated soon after, ‘Where are you going to hide now? Come with me, and reveal yourself to the demonic cultivators’ raging vengeance!’

    Qin Yu was feeling glum, if he could, he would go and beat those who set the Merit Bell up. Never expecting for his journey through the demonic cultivators’ area for several months to be exposed like this.

    Seeing Zhu Qingyun’s smiling face, Qin Yu snorted coldly and walked away. He knows he can’t keep his identity secret. Even if the Alliance sent a silence order, Demonic Faction’s spies would definitely know of this and report back. But luckily, he has some contingencies.

    Walking by a corner, Qin Yu turned and stood, “You must be happy, thinking that now, I would be going with you, right?”

    Zhu Qingyun’s smile froze, “What are you trying to say?”

    Qin Yu replied, “That you’re too naïve.” He pointed at his face, then turned around and left with big step.

    Zhu Qingyun blanked out briefly, then reacted, cursing in anger, “Despicable. What a rotten bastard!”

    Hearing the curses behind him, Qin Yu smiled. Perhaps people’s encounters are fated, finding Zhu Qingyun to his liking, ‘This guy looks dignified yet vulgar inside, but is also very fascinating.’

    If there’s a chance, maybe we can be friends.

    But very soon, Qin Yu felt regret when thinking of this, wondering if it’s possible for him to truly remove Zhu Qingyun from his life.

    Because this guy, is a loud mouth!

    “Ning Qin, do you know Elder Li of Western Mountains Sect? If not, I will tell you. He is over three hundred years old and unexpectedly married a eighteen year old female disciple belonging to the Patriarch of Rainbow Immortals Sect. I even doubted if his waist would hold in bed. Tch, you don’t know, but this old guy is very dignified in front of people.”

    “Ning Qin, you want the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo? Don’t look at me like that, I am still an Alliance Disciplinary Elder, that also gives me the right to check this information. Relax, I won’t fight you over it, moreover I don’t have enough merits. Let me remind you, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo is not easy to grow, very picky about its environment. Wouldn’t it be tragic if it were to die in your hands?”

    “Ning Qin, the red carp in this lake are very restless recently, I will need to find someone to check if they’re alright. Do you know why? Hehe, estrus! That’s right, these red carps are in heat. It is the first time I see a fish in heat. According to a veterinarian, it is because they can detect the situation in Juxia City, feeling danger, thus eager to lay eggs and leave descendants.”

    Too much!

    Even ignored, Zhu Qingyun in front of him, keeps on yapping for several hours, unceasingly.

    The days thusly pass, one by one, after the event at Merit Hall!

    As Qin Yu was reflecting, whether or not to skip town in secret, Zhu Qingyun finally brought a useful information.

    “There’s excitement!” This guy is hyped, “A new report say that the demonic cultivators that attacked Juxia City without results, have sent a letter of challenge, to decide the owners of the city with three fights. If demonic cultivators lose, they will retreat three hundred li, not invading for  another half a year!”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, “Can I get merits?”

    Zhu Qingyun with a ‘You’re quite smart, kid’ expression, “Yes, a lot, a whole lot!” The three battles are divided into initial Golden Core realm, middle Golden Core realm, and peak Golden Core realm. Each win will bring thirty thousand merits, the same as killing three Golden Core demonic cultivator.

    Qin Yu revealed a smile.

    Zhu Qingyun threw him a glance, “What, you want to go?” An attitude that says, ‘Quickly ask for my help. Ask, and I will make you content with my help’.

    Qin Yu indifferently said, “Since you leaked this information to me, they would let me participate.”

    Zhu Qingyun’s mouth twitched, showing disappointment, “You’re too sharp, how boring. Truly boring!” Feeling inside, ‘I feel refreshed, since this mission has a reward from the Alliance. Hehe, Ning Qin, even if you’re crafty you still have to drink the water I used to wash my feet.’ (1)

    Qin Yu shook his head, “Don’t force yourself. If you want to laugh, laugh. There must be a reward for convincing me to participate, while I only care about merits. Don’t be disgusting and think of whatever feet washing water, or i’ll leave.”

    Zhu Qingyu’s face changed, blurting, “You can read minds?”

    Qin Yu’s eyes were dejected, “Zhu Qingyun, you actually though of feet washing water?”

    “N-no way. I still have stuff to do, bye!” Zhu Qingyun turned and walked away.

    Seeing him leave, Qin Yu relaxed a bit, ‘It’s finally quiet today.’ Since the Alliance asked for Zhu Qingyun to come, it’s obvious this matter is settled. It will soon be done, and I will obtain thirty thousand merits, closing in on the price left for exchanging Heavenly Thunder Bamboo.

    Several days later, Zhu Qingyun payed a visit, bringing confirmation: the fights will be held thirty li outside the city, in Hidden Wind Valley. The side with two wins out of three is the victor. Once on the stage, the lives of the participants will be up to heaven’s will.

    In regard to Qin Yu, this makes no difference.



    (1)  It means that he will eat this loss. Left it like that since there’s a follow up.
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    Chapter 45: Righteous and Demonic Factions meeting

    Zhu Qingyun said in a low voice, “Qin Yu, you must understand, these fights between the Righteous and Demonic Factions doesn’t involve just Juxia City, but also the two side’s morale, to the point that it affects the entire war in Southern Nation. As far as I know, the high ranked demonic cultivator sent some powerful people, with astonishing strength compared to their generation. These fights are absolutely not as simple as they appear!”

    He paused, “You might be strong, but there is no certainty you’ll win. Thirty thousand merits can be earned by you in a short time. There is no need to face such great danger. If you don’t wish to go, I can explain it to the Alliance. They can’t force you”

    Qin Yu felt a bit of warmth inside, smiling, “Causing you to be so anxious, indicates that they are clearly known. Who are the ones the demonic sects sent?”

    Zhu Qingyun never doubted his intelligence, sighing, “If you don’t withdraw, your opponent will be the most talented demonic cultivator of the younger generation, Po Qianjun. Reached Golden Core realm at twenty-seven, although only at first layer. When he was still in Foundation Establishment realm, he once killed a Golden Core in straight combat. His strength must now be terrifying, impossible to fathom.”

    Qin Yu’s mind shivered, the cultivator ranks in this world are harsh. A higher ranked cultivator when speaking to a lower ranked cultivator, can almost control his life and death with but a word. As there are fewer cultivators in higher ranks, the ones that can fight higher ranks are few and far between. But these people, are either geniuses, or their body have an incredible high talent, or maybe they had outstanding techniques. Whichever the case, they are all extremely hard to deal with.

    But on the surface, he is calm, thinking, ‘The big waves are far from turning into a storm.’ Killing a Golden Core at the Foundation Establishment realm is nothing, even he could do it. And not just one!

    Seeing his expression, Zhu Qingyun was worriedly shaking his head, “I know, that you won’t withdraw. How can you be scared of a little devil, when you enter alone in the Demon Faction’s area, killing left and right.” He turned around, “Let’s go, follow me to the Alliance. The secret information regarding Po Qianjun might be of some use.”

    Qin Yu nodded, “Alright.”

    Confidence isn’t arrogance. Po Qianjun is definitely strong, and knowing about him beforehand, can help him decide on an effective counterattack.

    Alliance camp.

    The one tasked with receiving Qin Yu is the 7th layer of Golden Core realm, Jiang Yuanhao. His status shows, that he is higher than Zhu Qingyun, yet his attitude towards Qin Yu is accompanied by a bright smile. After Qin Yu requests information regarding Po Qianjun, he immediately stopped the conversation and sat at the side with the jade slip in hand, his elegance stirring admiration in the hearts of men.

    After receiving the jade slip, Qin Yu expressed his tanks. Then sank into searching the information within, and only much later did he raised his head, eyes flashing. Countless information converged in his mind, piecing together Po Qianjun’s figure, giving a brief and basic knowledge about his situation.

    Deep cultivation, powerful body, holding demonic treasures, and fierce like a god… Qin Yu frowned, feeling that this person’s behavior is somewhat familiar. And finds, that it isn’t his imagination!

    The many coincidences, cautiousness, luck and dangers, are what tempered his cultivation. Po Qianjun, having this power and even reaching Golden Core realm, through numerous experiences, brought him very close to Qin Yu’s strength. He is expecting an even harder fight.

    Just thirty thousand merits. Are they worth the risk? As this though arose, Qin Yu immediately suppressed it. The meaning of walking the path of cultivation is to change one’s fate. If he backs away now, it will leave a shadow in his mind, affecting his determination.

    Opening his eyes, Qin Yu’s expression was focused, drawing the eyes of the other two, and spoke, “I will enter seclusion until the fight.”

    Jiang Yuanhao’s heart relaxed slightly, but his smile ever brighter, “Of course. Fellow Daoist Ning Qin can stay in the camp, with no one disturbing you.”

    Qin Yu stood up, “Also, I won’t be fighting as Venerable Ning Qin of Kong clan.”

    “No problem.” Jiang Yuanhao agreed, “I will take fellow Daoist to your place of seclusion.”

    Zhu Qingyun lagged behind, his eyes sweping over.

    Qin Yu didn’t say anything, just nodded, face calm and undisturbed.

    So what if it’s Po Qianjun? Who’s weak or strong, will be revealed after the fight!

    The Alliance’s cultivating area is strictly guarded, with even a great spiritual energy gathering formation set up. One need only pay a small fee and will have a safe room to practice.

    Jiang Yuanhao guided Zhu Qingyun and Qin Yu. He was treated highly, with the one in charge of the cultivating area arranging it personally, sending people to immediately prepare the best room.

    Coincidently, the Zhang clan is also here, waiting for someone to come out. Jiang Yuanhao’s coming here and his actions, attracted a lot of attention, and Zhang Zhang among them had her sight land on Qin Yu. She is unable to get over just who, this extremely average youngster is, capable of even having a senior from the Alliance accompany him.

    Right then, Head Zhang came out of his room with a pleased smile. Of course he would be happy, since staying several days in seclusion allowed him to reach 3rd layer of Golden Core realm. Seeing Zhang Zhang’s group, as he was about to greet them, he paused briefly. He turned around, finding Jiang Yuanhao, and after a slight hesitation, walked over, cupping his hands, “Greetings fellow Daoist Jiang, fellow Daoist Sun, fellow Daoist Zhu.”

    His smiling face clearly shows his intent of getting close to them. But except for Zhu Qingyun returning his greeting, the others only nodded faintly, resuming their conversation.

    Head Zhang’s smile felt forced, feeling the blunt coldness, unable to walk nor leave. Quite embarrassing.

    When Zhang Zhang saw her father being ignored, her heart ached, eyes reddening, biting her lip and barely stopping herself from shedding tears.

    The observant Qin Yu, muttered something, then cupped his hands, “Greetings fellow Daoist Zhang.”

    Jiang Yuanhao blanked briefly, watching Qin Yu, his expression calm, concealing his thoughts, then smiled, “Fellow Daoist Zhang, we’ve seen each other a few days ago.”

    Head Zhang’s heart was moved, hurriedly replying, “Y-yes, when I came to Juxia City, I met fellow Daoist Jiang once.” His eyes gazed upon Qin Yu, filled with gratitude and confusion.

    The one in charge with the cultivating rooms, Sun Siyuan, also exchanged a few phrases with him. This caused Head Zhang’s face to flush red, replying with the intent of meeting more often in the future.

    Although he wanted to continue, Head Zhang restrained himself, gave a respectful goodbye and left. His group was moved, bowing endlessly, worshiping gazes landing on the clan head.

    ‘Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan, the Alliance’s high ranked and famous people. What status does our clan have for them to talk so closely with clan head? Giving us such respect!

    Zhang Zhang was overjoyed, “Congratulations dad!”

    Head Zhang smiled, gazing unconsciously behind him, at the people who took their leave after preparing the room, then at Zhu Qingyun leading Qin Yu inside. Upon seeing this, his heart jumped briefly, then along with his group, they left the cultivation area.

    At their residence, each went left and right, leaving father and daughter alone. Zhang Zhang couldn’t help but say, “Dad, senior Jiang and senior Sun are so friendly. News of this will spread and bring you benefit, so why are you depressed?”

    Head Zhang dejectedly smiled, “Ah, daughter. You truly think, Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan have eyes for your father? They were like this today, because of someone else.” Immediately recalling Qin Yu rescue from embarrassment.

    Zhang Zhang let a sound of surprise, shocked, “He is only a Foundation Establishment cultivator, not much stronger than me. How come he has such great respect…”

    Head Zhang’s eyes shined, “Wait! Foundation Establishment, Foundation Establishment. I should have realized it’s him. Yes, it’s definitely him!”

    “Who are you talking about, dad?”

    “Kong clan’s Venerable, Ning Qin!”

    Zhang Zhang gave a low cry, “It’s him!?” Not long after arriving in Juxia City, this name was heard many times by people filled with respect.

    “I should have realized sooner. Who besides him would have such status, making someone like Jiang Yuanhao and Sun Siyuan to change their attitude.” Head Zhang muttered.

    Zhang Zhang hesitated, “Dad, senior Ning Qin might be strong, but how could he affect senior Jiang and senior Sun?”

    Head Zhang smiled bitterly, “Of course he can. Ah, Zhang Zhang, do you still remember the fifteen sounds of the Merit Bell?”

    Zhang Zhang’s pupils widened.

    “It was him. The Alliance gave a silent order regarding this. If not for finding this by chance, how could I have known.” Head Zhang shook his head inwardly, thinking, ‘It’s truly regretful we didn’t become friends at the time we met outside the Merit Hall.’

    But, why did Ning Qin help him?

    Head Zhang’s eyes landed on her loving daughter, suddenly speaking, “Zhang Zhang, you really don’t know him?”

    Zhang Zhang shook her head, “I do not.”

    Can it be that, Ning Qin is interested in Zhang Zhang? Head Zhang’s pulse quickened, ‘This explanation is plausible, and if it’s true…’ Hesitatingly, he doesn’t say anything, then ‘If it’s true, Ning Qin will definitely approach us again, and it won’t be late to mention it.’

    Six days later, the Righteous and Demonic Faction met at Hidden Wind Valley. From an unknow intention, or perhaps from Zhu Qingyun finding something, Jiang Yuanhao sent Head Zhang an invitation. With the later very moved, brought Zhang Zhang and a few remarkable disciples.

    Surprised by Jiang Yuanhao’s invitation and Sun Siyuan friendly greeting, the Alliance cultivators felt apprehensive. When talking to Head Zhang they weren’t cold, letting him feel endless joy, entering this circle after countless tribulations. Every day bussing himself with meetings.

    Compared to the subtleness of the seniors, the younger generation are using simple cruelty, not even putting the Zhang clan in their eyes. Some ardent people, felt how Zhang Zhang was looked on differently, and in their hearts drew a clear line between them and the other juniors. Thus, they walked alone, appreciating the scenery around the camp.

    Hidden Wind Valley had a great depth and complicated terrain. Inside, there are countless places intertwined like a spiderweb, with the wind blowing through it, hardly ever coming out; thus earning its name. The scarlet and bared mountain rocks, plagued by countless winds and sunny days, cracked and split, bringing about a desolate view.

    Here, Zhang Zhang felt her emotions settling a bit. Zhang Huo was happy as he is intending to chat with her and accompanied her throughout the valley.

    “Zhang Zhang look at these tens of crack interconnecting, giving an image from afar. Doesn’t it look similar to a bear?” Zhang Huo with a wide smile pointed, but the next moment, his face froze.

    Across this cracked area, suddenly stood many cultivators. Just from seeing them, he could feel their cold aura.

    Demonic cultivator!

    Zhang Zhang said in a low voice, “Big brother Zhang Huo, let’s go.”

    Zhang Huo recovered and hastily nodded.

    But just then, the opposite demonic cultivators already discovered them. After a brief halt, one figure among them flashed and barred their way.

    Golden Core!

    Zhang Huo’s heart shrank, “Senior, what is the meaning of this?”

    The demonic cultivator’s eyes were frosty, “I want to ask you, why are you intruding on our territory?”

    Zhang Zhang hurriedly turned around, while the flustered servant told her, “Young miss, we haven’t crossed the border!”

    “Girl, are you calling me a liar?” the cold killing aura struck her, making Qiu Qiu’s face draining of color.

    Zhang Huo grinds his teeth, “This isn’t worthy of your status, senior!”

    Golden Core demonic cultivator sneered, “Shut up. You have no right to talk to me. Hurry up and give me an explanation, or no one is leaving!”

    Zhang Zhang prevented Zhang Huo from continuing, and gave a bow, “Junior pays respect to senior. Today, juniors came to enjoy the scenery, and unknowingly crossed the border. I beseech senior to be benevolent and spare us.”
  • Chapter 46: Meeting of enemies

    The Golden Core demonic cultivator’s sternness faltered slightly, “Little girl, I am pleased by your manners, but I still need to punish you for this mistake. Come, follow me for an inquiry. Once you explain it clearly, I will let you go.”

    Zhang Zhang’s face stiffened. Of course, they can’t agree to this, or else once inside the Demonic Faction territory, not words would be enoug. Besides, this old devil’s eyes makes her feel terrified and incredibly disgusted! Taking a deep breath, she lightly stressed, “Senior, this matter, in regard to the identities of us juniors, can’t degenerate. How about letting us go, since nothing happened?”

    The ruthless eyes of the demonic cultivator showed hesitated, “Alright, I will let you leave. But you must stay!” Not wishing to part with the meat already in his mouths.

    Zhang Huo was pissed, “Old demon! My master is high ranked in the Alliance. You won’t escape if you dare touch young miss!”

    A wave of his sleeve sent him flying, while the demonic cultivator’s eyes grew sinister, “I want to know, how exactly will your master make me suffer!”

    “Stop.” The sweet smiling Liang Taizu came over with his group, “Withdraw, don’t be rude to this young miss.”

    Li Yunmo respectfully agreed.

    Liang Taizu eyes swept around, sighting inside, ‘Because of Li Yunmo’s cultivation method required females that he lacked, his body had an accident.’ But Zhang Zhang’s beauty is unexpected, and cupped his hands, “My subordinate was rude, and startled young miss.”

    Zhang Zhang felt shocked inside. The old man in front of them, had a deep and unfathomable aura, probably the strongest of the group. Who is this youngster, being this extravagant?

    “Senior wasn’t deliberate, young master exaggerates.”

    Liang Taizu’s eyes showed admiration, “Young miss is magnanimous, Little Master won’t feel embarrassed. But since my subordinate wants someone, please choose one of your two servant girls, then you can safely depart.”

    The two girls behind Zhang Zhang, had their expressions greatly change.

    Qiu Qiu looked next to her in panic, and seeing her pale face, she was sure inside, ‘I accompanied young miss since childhood. She couldn’t bare abandoning me.’ The other person must also think this, as seen from her eyes. It is somewhat regretful, but in no way can she say it, or would she expect for Qin Qin to replace her? Ridiculous!

    Gu Ling’er bit her lip, with a pleading expression.

    Zhang Zhang forced a smile, “Young master…”

    Liang Taizu was impassive, “Young miss, don’t make me take back my promise.”

    Gu Ling’er felt despair, unable to stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks.

    Li Yunmo licked his lip, indicating, “Young master, this servant thinks that girl isn’t bad. A tear stained beauty has a certain flavor!”

    Zhang Zhang’s body went rigid. Everything was already settled.

    In this silence, a black trace shifted through the valley, someone extremely ordinary, yet held eyes as deep as the sea.

    “Such excitement!” The cold voice, entered everyone’s ears.

    Zhang Zhang turned around suddenly. She met with an unfamiliar face, but his steps denoted a certain bearing… It’s him, it’s definitely him!

    Happiness bubbled in her heart, as she rushed to greet him, “Greetings… senior.”

    Zhang clan’s group and the demonic cultivators, had all weird expressions. Can a Foundation Establishment cultivator change anything?

    Li Yunmo’s face changed. His gloomy expression laded on the black-robed youth, then whispered something in Liang Taizu’s ear.

    Liang Taizu’s eyes shined briefly, shut his eyes and took a deep breath. After a pause he opened them, his mouth tracing a smile, “What familiar smell. We meet again.” He swept his eyes around, “And where is Grandmaster? Little Master could never forget the kindness he showed me that day.”

    The black-robed youth was unfazed, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    Liang Taizu faintly smiled, “it’s alright, we have plenty of time. It would be better to come to my camp, and discuss it thoroughly.”

    The black-robed youth replied impassively, “Liang Taizu, the Righteous and Demonic meeting is near, holding the will of the higher-ups. Even with your status, if you destroy their plan, you will still have to pay the price. You won’t have the same respect as before. Think carefully.”

    Liang Taizu smile grew more resplendent, “You seem to know a lot. But if you all remain here, who is to know of what I’ve done?”

    The black-robed youngster gazed upon the old man, “You can try.”

    The old man slowly raised his head, aura instantly peaking, as invisible blades were on the verge of ripping the surroundings!

    Liang Taizu focused on the small changed of Qin Yu’s face, then raised his hand, “Uncle Hai.”

    The old man lowered his head and returned to being unremarkable.

    He smiled weakly, “As Grandmaster’s disciple, I leave you with some respect. Since you interfered today, we’ll leave it at that. But this Little Master is starting to dislike you more and more. You better not run into me in the future, or I will end you.”

    All of the demonic cultivators turned around and left.

    The air was broken by a fierce sound, as Head Zhang landed, alarmed, “Zhang Zhang, are you alright?”

    Zhang Zhang’s eyes reddened, suppressing her grievance, “Thanks to senior Ning Qin’s assistance, the demonic cultivators retreated.”

    Head Zhang hesitated, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin?”

    Qin Yu was helpless, why is it that he meets people who can easily identify him? He nodded, “Please keep my identity a secret. There are still matters that need my attention, goodbye.” As his eyes land on Gu Ling’er, he paused briefly, then left.

    Zhang Zhang wanted to say something, but seeing his back her eyesight grew dull. He might have an average appearance, but his character, along with is cultivation are first class. The composure he had when driving the demonic cultivator away, made him more dignified. This Qin Yu, is like a killing blow for the heart of a young lady yearning for love.

    Head Zhang witnessed everything, a smile creeping on his face. The way he sees it, today’s involvement of Qin Yu, is proof enough of what is in his heart… The important thing, is Zhang Zhang’s acceptance. If it succeeds, their marriage will bring endless fortune to his daughter and Zhang clan.

    But for some reason, Head Zhang suddenly though of the kid with the spoken marriage, freezing his smile.

    His daughter is now the disciple of Rainbow Immortals Sect, reacheing Foundation Establishment in three years. Her talent is first rate and with an appearance of a fairy. She now finally has karmic luck and met her companion in life, incomparable to that country bumkin in every way.

    Zhang Huo already told him about this, ‘I thought I was too cold, but now I believe what I did was right!’ His daughter isn’t someone anyone can set his sights on.  

    Li Yunmo wasn’t content, “Young master, that kid’s appearance might have changed, but his aura is unmistaken. The storage bag is still on him, and today was a good chance. So why didn’t you capture him?”

    Liang Taizu touched his forehead, simply stating, “You think, he can act arrogant before me just based on his Foundation Establishment cultivation? Even with Uncle Hai present?”

    Li Yunmo was startled, “Are you saying, that that Grandmaster reached Nascent Soul?”

    Liang Taizu nodded, “Even if it’s just thirty percent chance, I still can’t risk it. Or else we would be burned to ashes by a Nascent Soul’s rage.”

    “But…” Li Yunmo continued.

    Liang Taizu smiled, “The storage bag is in his hands, with the materials for Demon Body still inside. The chance to kill him will come at Righteous and Demonic meeting. But in this matter, we must be the victims. If he himself comes to kill me, yet dies instead, then even if his master reached Nascent Soul, he will still be unable to move against me. Or else, he will have to face the might of the Demonic Faction and be hunted down.”

    Li Yunmo shot a glace at Shen Haimo, contently saying, “Brilliant, young master!” As Shen Haimo is faithfully devoted to young master.

    Also, young master’s veins, talent, character, and methods are all exceptional, with high probability of becoming a Sacred Lord.

    Someone like him, is worth following.

    “Subordinate will investigate their whereabouts!” Li Yunmo then left in a rush.

    Liang Taizu suddenly said, “Uncle Hai?”

    Shen Haimo’s tone was serene, “In a hundred li range, there is no Nascent Soul.”

    Liang Taizu smiled, “Good, everything is going according to plan. After these events, I will become the undisputed first in my generation!”

    Thus, the time of the meeting arrived.

    On the two sides of the steep valley, a portion was cut into them to make room for a viewing platform. Righteous and Demonic Faction cultivators sat here to watch the coming fights, a fair distance between them.

     Despite restraining themselves, invisible auras were released, forming a red pillar that seems to reach the ninth heaven, and changing the weather.

    Behind, stood each of the Faction’s armies with an imposing presence, eyes fixed on the Hidden Wind Valley.

    The first match begins.

    Liang Taizu’s seat isn’t remarkable in any way. He turned and said, “Go.”

    Behind him, a suntanned cultivator rose and gave his respect, “Please take care of my family young master.”

    Liang Taizu spoke in a deep voice, “The Demonic Faction won’t forget your loyalty.”

    The suntanned cultivator soared in the sky, landing on the arena in a blink, roaring, “Demonic Faction’s Han Shanmo, 7th layer of Golden Core realm. Who will fight me?”

    The deep sounds akin to metal, engulfed the platforms. The Alliance gazed upon the arena, with some higher-ups frowning slightly, then turned around.

    Jiang Yuanhao explained, “The Alliance decided that the sequence of the fights will be settled by the Demonic Faction.” He turned and said, “Brother Ku, the Demonic Faction’s momentum isn’t bad. You must be vigilant!”

    Ku’e lowered his head, exposing his Jieba(1), and joined his palms, “For all of the living beings in Southern Nation. This monk will give his all.”

    The Alliance’s high ranked people cupped their hands.

    Southern Nation did not have buddhism. Ku’e was an ascetic monk, who dedicated himself to spreading it everywhere. His cultivation as a buddhist was unfathomable, with a noble and admirable character to venture through this danger.

    Calmly stepping forward, without releasing his cultivation, Ku’e arrived on the arena, and began preaching, “Demonic Faction’s invasion caused endless slaughter. This karma must be avenged, entering the sea off bitterness from which there is no escape!”

    Han Shanmo let out a big laugh, “The extent of our slaughter is meant to cover the world. I will kill all living things in this world. If you want me to stop, you’ll have to kill me!”

    Demonic energy soared, surging into a thick smoke, dark and sinister, in all directions. A loud sound was heard, with some of the valley’s red rocks cracking all around, as Hai Shanmo, like a berserk bull charged forward. Every area he passed couldn’t handle the frightening pressure, and one by one the rocks were smashed apart, as if it came from a meteor’s impact.

    Ku’e slapped his hands forward, his aura of a buddhist giving birth to countless Buddhists images, each one of them staring angerly, in condemnation!

    Han Shanmo charged into them, and as if they were touching a mountain, they gave of a tremendous explosion on contact. Each of the images collapsed without the slightest resistance. He rushed through easily, his killing intent astonishing, as if a great demon descended to crush all living things.

    The Alliance watched from afar, as the juniors cried in alarm, eyes filled with fear, caught by surprise by Han Shanmo’s violence.

    Jiang Yuanhao and the others had calm expression, Not only were they serene, their eyes actually held some joy. It seems as if Han Shanmo held the advantage, but the Buddhists images didn’t scatter, and gathered instead, with him in the middle, forming layer after layer of suppression.

    A Buddhist’s method of cultivation is patience and perseverance. A crude boor like Han Shanmo, is unable to resist with just his demonic power.

    If this goes on, the result is set.

    Jiang Yuanhao and the others were smiling.

    The next moment, they suddenly got up, the smile frozen on their faces.

    “Hahahaha!” Han Shanmo laughed maniacally, “Bald donkey, since you want to challenge my demonic cultivation, then join me in the Underworld River!”

    He grew almost a foot, the veins on his skin exploding. A devastating and chaotic energy exploding from his body.

    A heaven shacking and earth-shattering sound erupted, making an area of a li in radius be filled with dust. On the two cliffs cracks appeared everywhere, as countless rocks fell.

    As if a lightning surged through.

    On the Alliance viewing platform, the higher ups had ashen expressions!


    (1)    Monks inscribe nine dots on their forehead. This is the Jieba, and these dots indicate that a monk has finished his training. Each of the nine dots represents a tenet in the Shaolin discipline, and each monk undergoes a long ritual before earning the Jieba on his head.

  • Chapter 47: Powerful Po Qianjun

    Han Shanmo self-destruct.

    By igniting one’s Golden Core, the strength of the detonation will reach a terrifying degree, destroying everything in its path.

    Qin Yu’s pupils shrank as his face hardened. He has experienced the self-destruction of a Golden Core demonic cultivator, and he is very clear of its harmfulness. But the one he experienced belonged to an early Golden Core, while Han Shanmo’s is at the late Golden Core. Ku’e’s strength was greater than his opponent, his cultivation higher, but facing this ruthless mutual destruction, all seemed useless.

    Jiang Yuanhao rushed to the arena, with a wave of his hand dispersing the dust, exposing a horrifying scene. The ground was torn apart, with holes tens of zhang deep. And the level in the area of several li was lower by a foot perfectly flat, like a broken mirror, with cracks everywhere.

    Ku’e was lying among this, his torn robe soaked in blood, and face filled with wounds deep enough to see the bone. On the Alliance platform, not one person wasn’t angry and restless. Their only movement being their rising chests, proof that they’re alive.

    Jiang Yuanhao hissed in anger, “Despicable!”

    On the Demonic Faction side, a strong demonic cultivator stood, “Life and death are according to heaven’s will. One can only use any means to kill his opponent, brave enough to even sacrifice everything and take him down with you. What’s despicable about this? According to our agreement, this fight is a draw.”

    The boundless demonic energy rose, spreading the cold voice throughout the valley.

    On the Alliance viewing platform, a 6th layer of Golden Core cultivator was sweating like a pig. He is next, “Seniors…” He wanted to say something, his meaning very obvious.

    The Alliance’s higher-ups sported dark faces, yet said no word of encouragement . Since the Demon Faction was willing to use this cruel method, the result of this next fight couldn’t be more obvious.

    Jiang Yuanhao returns with Ku’e, handing him over for medical care. With blood all over and finding the extent of the damage, he immediately flew into a rage, “Monk Ku’e and our Southern Nation had no relation but still climbed the arena. As an outstanding righteous cultivator of Southern Nation, you actually have the intention to withdraw!?”

    Ashamed, they lowered their heads in silence.

    “Brother Jiang, calm down. With these cruel methods of the demonic cultivators, it can’t be helped for fellow Daoist Lin to panic and think of retreating.”

    “Indeed. None of us anticipated the Demonic Faction’s viciousness. This must be their plan.”

    “We had better think of a way to handle the following match. No matter who climbs up there, they must not lose. Or the Alliance’s morale will collapse.”

    Jiang Yuanmo’s rage subsided. He is one of the people in charge of this meeting, and he is also responsible for this, evident from his unpleasant expression. After an urgent counsel, the Alliance found a solution, but it isn’t very ethical. Even if they believe this is the only way, none is bold enough to say it.

      In the end, it landed on Zhu Qingyun.

    Holding the jade slip, Zhu Qingyun’s face was ever dejected. He put up all kinds of vehement refusals, but still had to force himself to come here.

    “Ning Qin… um, I’m ashamed to say it. Take a look, and if you don’t agree immediately reject it, I will stand with you!”

    Qin Yu received the jade slip, and soon after he returned it, “I know.”

    Zhu Qingyun’s veins on his forehead throbbed, “Are you saying that you agree? The Demonic Faction’s intent to win is clear from using self- destruction. If you go there now, you might die!”

    Qin Yu’s felt slightly warm inside. He is also not thrilled of the Alliance higher-ups’ decision. But the Righteous and Demonic Factions outcome isn’t the only point of this fight, it also his trial. Today, his spirit and willpower is at its peak. He mustn’t retreat even half a step, or his confidence will suffer.

    “Relax, I will win.”

    Zhu Qingyun’s mind blanked for a bit. He doesn’t understand it. Qin Yu and monk Ku’e are the same, not willing for Southern Nation’s to suffer under the hands of demonic cultivators. ‘I am ashamed’, and cupped his hands in respect, “Brother Ning, after your victory. We won’t stop until we’re drunk!” then turned and left in big stride.

    A jade slip was quickly sent to the Demonic Faction’s stand, making Liang Taizu smile once he saw the contents.

    Li Yunmo respectfully said, “Young master, truly a great plan!”

    Shen Haimo’s flashed with content. Coming to realize that his thoughts were correct, that Liang Taizu has a big chance in becoming a future Sacred Lord.

    Liang Taizu sensed this and became even happier inside. Shen Haimo is the strongest under him. What a great gain. What is more important, is if he made the greatest contribution at this meeting, it will increase his status in the Demonic Faction and building his foundation for the future.

    Up till now, everything was under his control!

    Giving up Han Shanmo, getting rid of the strong monk Ku’e of the Righteous Alliance, and even regarding this aspect, was all taken into account. Of course, everything comes down to the results of the final fight. But is there anyone from the Righteous Alliance capable of standing against Po Qianjun?

    Liang Taizu waved his hand, “Agree to their request. Let the second fight be considered a draw and let the third one begin.”

    Po Qianjun opened his eyes, killing intent flashing inside. His straightened body isn’t tall, however, had the imposing air of a mountain, very terrifying.

    “Once it’s done, I don't owe you anymore.”

    Liang Taizu smiled faintly, “it’s only natural. As one vying for the Demon Lord position in the future, I look forward to facing brother Qian Jun.”

    “Humph!” PO Qianjun snorted coldly, then exploded forward. And like a meteor, he dropped from the sky, a heaven frightening sound rose, as it shook the earth and spread in all directions. He lifted his hand and pointed, “Who wants to die!”

    A cacophony of noise broke through. Showing his might, made the Demon Faction’s stand erupt in cheers.

    Li Yunmo’s face was contorted, “Young master, he is formidable!”

    Liang Taizu’s smile never wavered, “He is all muscles and no brains. Nothing of concern.” Capable of making Po Qianjun fight shows how much he put in his plans.

    His smile stiffened all of a sudden, then slowly straightened his back in his seat, eyes narrowed.

    Li Yunmo gave a low cry, “Young master, it’s him!”

    The coldness in Liang Taizu’s eyes grew ever stronger. An originally easy matter is now making him feel as if a shadow enveloped his mind.

    “Relax, young master. Whether righteous or demonic early Golden Core cultivator, there is no one in Southern Nation who can match up to Po Qianjun.”

    Li Yunmo gave a peal of maniacal laughter, “This guy is seeking death. Might as well use this chance, and have him perish at the hands of Po Qianjun!”

    Liang Taizu kept silent, then nodded, “Let’s watch.”

    Not even three years have passed since Dongliu Town’s matter. That small Foundation Establishment kid actually reached Golden Core realm. And since he dared to walk forward after Han Shanmo’s self-destruct, it must mean he has some skill.

    Thoughts spinning in his head, Liang Taizu’s heart is far from his calm exterior.

    Qin Yu flew from the viewing platform. The Alliance higher-ups knew of his identity while watching, ashamed and expecting. How can they not, when Liang Taizu was betting everything on the third match.

    The juniors were all hyped, each commenting in a low voice. Like “Who is he?” or “How come I never heard of him?” and also “Simply wants to die”.

    On the sideline, Zhang Zhang’s heart was in chaos, ‘Who would have guessed, that he would be the third fighter’. But there is nothing that can be done at this time.’  She could only pray with all her heart, that senior Qin Yu will return safely.

    Head Zhang’s expression was ashen. The best opportunity was about to fall on his daughter, which will also benefit the Zhang family. But Ning Qin actually goes to face Po Qianjun. Demonic cultivator Po Qianjun!

    Seeing Zhang Zhang with the corner of his eye, Head Zhang sighed inwardly. Although Ning Qin strength is commendable, he isn’t optimistic about the result. What’s regretful is also a rejoiceful. He and his daughter didn’t confirm their relationship, and also not making any significant progress.

    The energy dispersed, and Qin Yu planted his feet on the ground.

    Po Qianjun’s figure suddenly released his boundless demonic energy. A bloody devilish image formed on top of his head. The demonic skull released a lamenting roar, its aura containing horrifying pressure.

    Instantly rushing for the kill!

    Qin Yu’s face is unchanged. He lifted his hand and as the mournful howl almost destroyed ones hearing, a Blade Edge more than a zhang across appeared like a broadsword, landing heavily on the demonic skull.

    A metal clashing sound was heard, resulting in the demonic skull screaming in pain from being split open. Po Qianjun’s pupils shrank subtly, musing to himself ‘He is strong as expected!’ Since the Righteous Alliance was focused on winning the third match, he long has foreseen his opponent strength, not showing any alarm, just his heart moved slightly then returning to normal.

    Regardless of who his opponent is, the result will be the same, now that he ran into him.

    He pressed on, nearing him, then Po Qianjun threw an explosive fist. At the same time, a dot of black light appeared behind Qin Yu, striking ruthlessly!

    With a boom, the two fists collided. Po Qianjun let a muffled groan, retreating, again and again, each step crushing the earth.

    Qin Yu also retreated, an aching feeling spreading from his arm. At this time, his face was slightly pale and stopped for a bit. The black dot behind him was about to strike his back!

    Another black light appeared, and with a light ding sound, they repelled each other. With one of them lingering at Qin Yu’s fingertips in the form of a black round nail.

    Po Qianjun’s face was heavy, “Corpse Sealing Nail!” The repelled demonic treasure suspended in front of him, fang-shaped, and tremendous killing aura, had its tip somewhat damaged. Caused by colliding with the Corpse Sealing Nail.

    On the Demonic Faction viewing platform, several Golden Cores rose up, fear plastered on their faces.

    Liang Taizu sighed, “Be at ease everyone. I already know his identity, and he has no relation to us. Killing him will bring us no harm.”

    Some old demonic cultivators brightened a bit, but realizing the Righteous Faction had members who could control the Corpse Sealing Nail still had dark expressions.

    Liang Taizu got up and walked in front of the arena, “Brother Qian Jun need not worry. If you kill this person, little brother will promise you that the Corpse Sealing Nail will belong to you.”

    “Martial nephew Liang…” An old furious voice suddenly said.

    Liang Taizu didn’t turn around, “I am in charge of today’s meeting. I hope seniors will support my decision.”

    Shen Haimo stood up, a ruthless aura spreading out of his body.

    Some old devils’ eyes flickered but remained silent.

    Liang Taizu showed no emotion, but hidden in his sleeves, his fists were clenched. Promising the Corpse Sealing Nail diverged from the plan, and also offended the demonic cultivator experts. But he can’t afford to have apprehensions at this time. The strength Qin Yu showed shocked him, and if he doesn’t incite Po Qianjun to give his all, his plan will most likely fail. At that point, all of his preparations would look funny and stupid. Not mentioning his current status, it could even bring harm to his future aspirations.

    The process of rising to his status in a vicious sect like the one he is in, yet only reaching this far, is something he is unwilling to accept!

    Po Qianjun’s eyes shone. Liang Taizu’s promise moved him. Wielding the Corpse Sealing Nail, as a venerable demonic cultivator, would give him a status akin to a sect leader. If he can have it, he can rise from his low rank.

    Taking a long and deep breath, Po Qianjun’s chest swelled. His bones creaked, his robe fluttered, his demonic energy surged and boiled as it increased, while the eyes turned a bloody red color.


    The sound hasn’t arrived, as Po Qianjun moved while leaving afterimages, charging straight.

    The two viewing platforms were in an uproar!

    Who would have guessed, that Po Qianjun, with his deep demonic power, strong body, along with demonic treasures and an impressive spiritual sense, still concealed such astonishing speed?

    The two sides strength is mostly the same, so what does it mean for someone to suddenly increase his speed? All of them knew.

    Zhu Qingyun smashed the table at his side.

    Zhang Zhang bit her lip hard, his charming face pale.

    Head Zhang secretly sighed, ‘He can’t escape!’

    P.S.: I made a mistake. It's not Zhu Qingyu but Zhu Qingyun. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Chapter 48: Who said… I lost!

    The faces of the higher-ups on the Alliance side were ashen. Once Ning Qin lost, they will have to bow their heads and give Juxia City to the Demonic Faction. The great effort the Alliance has put into establishing a foothold is about to be wasted. This will make Southern Nation’s situation take a turn for the worse.

    “Congratulations young master. You’ve won!” Li Yunmo said.

    Shen Haimo smiled.

    The tense demonic cultivators relaxed somewhat. Liang Taizu great contributions made them feel unsatisfied, but held it in, as long as Juxia City is captured.

    The result seemed obvious.

    Liang Taizu’s nervous heart eased up, and seeing the distant Qin Yu, smiled, “In the end, you’ll still die before me.”

    Qin Yu raised his hand, stopping the life-threatening fist of Po Qianjun. This threw him backward and landed on the ground with a pale face.

    “Pointless. How much longer will you be able to resist now that I triggered my blood?” Po Qianjun spoke coldly, “You should be proud for making me go all out.”

    Qin Yu shook his numb arm, smiling, “Is this your trump card? Doesn’t look like much.”

    Po Qianjun was unaffected, “What a sharp tongue. I won’t waste any more time; this is the end!”

    He bursts forward, with a terrifying killing intent to match!

    His fist landed on his chest, yet Po Qianjun’s expression changed since Qin Yu didn’t resist. As he was about to retreat, an iron grip caught his wrist, “Got you!” Qin Yu said.

    A fist was thrown!

    Po Qianjun shouted, but despite his reaction, another fist came.

    At the same time, two hits landed on his chest. Like beating a leather drum, making him groan as his bones creaked. In a blink, the rocks turned to dust, enveloping the two of them. The endless sounds coming from it showed that inside, a battle of life and death was unfolding!

    The Demonic Faction’s atmosphere was heavy. Not expecting for Qin Yu to use such a crude and simple method, thus countering Po Qianjun’s advantage. The fists might be fast, but regardless of their powerful bodies, the final winner will be the one who hits the most. This eased their minds a bit, but Qin Yu’s fierce decisiveness, caused them to secretly sigh.

    If he’s not ruthless enough to himself, Po Qianjun speed is enough to kill him. ‘How is this man a righteous cultivator, he is more like us! Regretfully, he will die today!’

    With fast and powerful blows, and without much difference between their bodies, the result is just as predicted, but they didn’t consider one thing.

    Chest heaving, eyes, ears, and mouth bleeding, are all symptoms of having his inner organs crushed. Each gasp was excruciating, tearing at his lungs.

    Po Qianjun stared wide, wanting to ask, ‘Why aren’t you dead yet?’ He struck three times, while Qin Yu only once. From the start, he had an expression akin to expecting him to drop dead at any moment. However, Po Qianjun was severely damaged instead, and what he wants to say now is that his power didn’t lessen at all. Each blow to the chest shook his bones, with even minute creaking sounds rising to his ears. That is proof of his body collapsing.

    The more time passes, the confident Po Qianjun began to feel fear. He is aware that it was a trap from the start. How could a righteous cultivator have such a formidable physique? Po Qianjun doesn’t want to believe, unwilling to accept it. So he chose to crazily attack Qin Yu in a flurry of blows in an attempt to end him.

    However, his body is getting increasingly weary. His fists start to lose most of the strength, while on the other side, Qin Yu was still going. Heavy and tyrannical, making his chest burn.

    Po Qianjun finally realized he’s been had. His eyes show unwillingness and rage, but he can’t avoid it. Never imagined, he will go down like this, feeling his bright future lose all of its splendor.


    His eyes dimmed, but in the next instant, shined like never before. ‘Since I’m destined to die, I will take you down with me!’ The demonic energy inside went wild, followed by a groan, as if a hard nail pierced his mind, turning his body rigid.

    He wasn’t the only one with a powerful soul!

    A fist strikes his face, blowing his head to smithereens. White and red scatters all around, while the headless corpse landed heavily on the ground.

    It ended.

    As the booming noise dissipated, a faint smell of blood assaults the nose, making it clear to everyone who is the victor.

    On the Demonic Faction side, everyone was delighted. Even more so from the berserk assault of Po Qianjun that was hidden from them. Fortunately, Po Qianjun advantage in speed blew his opponent to pieces, not giving him the chance to self-destruct.

    As expected of our number one junior, exceedingly strong. Who knows where the Righteous Alliance found that freak, but in the end, he was still killed by Po Qianjun.


    Simply excellent!

    Across, the Alliance side was deathly silent. Each had extremely sullen looks.

    Zhu Qingyun’s eyes reddened, body shaking constantly, “Bastard! You died, you actually died!” He regrets dragging Ning Qin into this. With his talent and potential, he had a high chance of reaching the Nascent Soul realm.

    Zhang Zhang was saddened. With red eyes, she barely held herself from crying, feeling empty inside, gasping for breath from sorrow.

    Head Zhang sighed, “Ning Qin was too careless. Although possessing an unyielding strength, in the end it wasn’t above Po Qianjun’s. If he refused to go up there, it would have never come to this. Such is youth!”

    “Dad!” Zhang Zhang shouted lowly.

    Head Zhang shakes his head, “Alright, I won’t say it. Don’t feel sad, it’s all in the past.”  He is once again happy. Nothing happened between Zhang Zhang and Qin Yu, or trouble will follow.

    Liang Taizu breathed out, back straight. His entire person seems to glow, and turns around with a smile, “The outcome is certain. In the next few days, Juxia City will be ours.”

    “Haha!” An old devil laughed, “Martial nephew Liang is a marvelous young hero. With today’s merit, your future is limitless!”

    Liang Taizu cupped his hands, “Senior exaggerates. Junior is still lacking in his naïve ways. Today’s victory belongs to seniors.” No one can fight him over the contribution. Saying these beautiful words was to make the others feel satisfied, that costs him nothing.

    Obviously, the old devils' smile grew. Even praising Liang Taizu for being a dragon among men.

    “Cough!” Finally, there was one who intervened, “Since the outcome is certain, we should tell the Alliance to fulfill the agreement.”

    “Alright! I am eager to see what expressions our old friends have.” Another laughed eerily.


    After many modest refusals, the strongest and the highest ranked of old devils was chosen. After glancing admiringly at Liang Taizu, he stepped forward proudly, “The outcome is clear. When will you withdraw from Juxia City?”

    The Alliance side is eerily quiet.

    Despite foreseeing defeat, hearing it let the higher ranked Alliance cultivators feel as if a rock was pressing down on them. Handing over Juxia City will cause all of their effort to collapse. Who knows what efforts will require to stand back up again. Or maybe… this is how Demonic Faction defeated them!

    Suddenly, a calm and hoarse voice rose from within the dust, “Who said… I lost!” The world turned still. All seem to freeze, with everyone watching the mess inside the valley, shocked and lifeless.

    Footsteps can be heard, as a tall and straight youth slowly comes into view. He left the area obscured by dust, presenting himself before everyone’s eyes. He cut a sorry figure, with a ruined black robe, yet serene expression. Facing the Alliance viewing platform, he cups his hands, “Fortunately, I didn’t fail!”

    More than a thousand people sucked in a cold breath in amazement.

    The Alliance side was resurrected, as explosive cheers resounded.

    Zhang Zhang covers her tears of joy. Her heart had only one thought, ‘He’s alive. He is still alive!’ Experiencing loss and happiness, on this roller coaster, her heart seems to float far away.

    Head Zhang was happy, nevertheless embarrassed. Fortunately, his previous voice was lower, or his words would feel like a loss of dignity. Ning Qin killed Po Qianjun. Whoever has him as a son-in-law will be able to sleep smiling.

    The atmosphere on the Demonic Faction is so cold as if the air was about to freeze over. The old man who asked the Righteous Alliance to hand over Juxia City had a dark face. He turns, glaring at Liang Taizu, and in a cold, ruthless voice, “You had better give me an explanation!”

    Then soared, disappearing in a flash.

    The rest of the old devils didn’t leave, but also had cold looks as they gazed at Liang Taizu, a stark contrast from before. Sacrificing Han Shanmo, along with the talented Po Qianjun, only to have the plan fail in the end… ‘What marvelous hero, what dragon among men? If who said that gets up, see if I don’t kill you!’

    Li Yunmo shouts, “He is at Foundation Establishment, not Golden Core. We agreed to a fight between early Golden Core practitioners. The result is void!”

    Zhu Qingyun rushed into the valley, roaming his eyes all over Qin Yu. Seeing him unharmed, and hearing this, got him angry, “Nonsense! Why would brother Ning like to play the pig to eat the tiger? If there is a Foundation Establishment demonic cultivator who is so great then let me see them!”

    Li Yunmo wanted to argue. But then cold looks suddenly focused on him, and lifting his head, he saw the unpleasant expressions of the higher-ups, making him swallow his words in fear.

    The Demonic Faction might be violent and ruthless, but not irrational. A loss is a loss, and concealing it will only make it more shameful. Another reason for admitting their loss was because Qin Yu showed the power of an early Golden Core when fighting with Po Qianjun. Or fallout would have followed.

    These old devils never would have guessed, that this hole found by Li Yunmo, is precisely the reason for losing this match. The truth would have been known if they made Qin Yu prove he is a Golden Core cultivator.

    Liang Taizu shouted, “Return!”

    Li Yunmo retreated in a rush.

    Demonic light flashed, and Liang Taizu jumped off the platform, and in the valley.

    Zhu Qingyun is alert, “What? So angry that you want to kill?”

    Liang Taizu is serene, “A loss is a loss. Demonic Faction will keep its end, but there is something I want to say to him.”

    Qin Yu waves his hand. Zhu Qingyun stands at the side, but still watchful.

    “It doesn’t matter what you’re called, I don’t even want to know. But I really want to kill you, from the first moment I laid eyes on you I wanted to kill you. It seems my intuition was right, that you are the bane of my existence. All my life I only suffered twice, and each of them because of you. Perhaps the third time I will die by your hand, so I will do my best to kill you first.”

    Liang Taizu smiled, lowered his head, then said, “Do you remember that day you intervened? It seems like everyone believes you did it for young miss Zhang Zhang. But I know that it was for that servant girl. It was Gu Ling’er, right? I was thinking, that after obtaining Juxia City I would act. But you got me to experience an overwhelming defeat. I truly hate it.”

    “Therefore, I will very soon make my move. I want to make you see how she dies bit by bit after endless torment. This, I promise you.”

    Qin Yu was silent, then said, “You want to provoke an attack from me, to cancel the agreement.”

    Liang Taizu shakes his head, “You are an intelligent person. It’s not so simple. What I ask, is for the opportunity to kill you. Give me this chance, and I will let her be.”

    Qin Yu nods, “Alright.”

    Zhu Qingyun anxiously said, “Be reasonable Ning Qin!”

    “I am very reasonable.” Qin Yu watches Liang Taizu, “After three days if you are still here, I will visit your camp.”

    Liang Taizu smile dropped, “Little Master welcomes you!”

  • Chapter 49: Explosive kill

    Thus, the curtain fell for the Righteous and Demonic Factions meeting. The Demonic Faction stood true to their word by promising to formally leaving three hundred li after three days, not returning for at least half a year. Why three days later? Well, it’s the will of the higher-ups, wanting to witness the end of the one who ruined their plans!

    Jiang Younhao with a dark face, “Reckless! How can Ning Qin agree to go to their camp? I don’t  approve!”

    “The Demonic Faction hates fellow Daoist Ning to the bone. Stepping inside their camp, is akin to stepping inside the lion’s den!” Another Alliance higher-up added calmly.

    “Is it something inappropriate? If he explains it to us, the Alliance will do everything to help fellow Daoist Ning overcome this crisis.”

    “That’s how it should be! Zhu Qingyun, you and fellow Daoist Ning are fairly close. Can you bear to watch him throw his life away?”

    Like this, Zhu Qingyun instantly became the center of attention. Facing harsh stares, he smiled dejected, “I have used everything but was still useless in the end. This concerns Ning Qin’s private matters. He will definitely go, so please don’t try to persuade him.”

    Jiang Yuanhao brows tighten, “Is there no way to change his mind?”

    Zhu Qingyun shakes his head, then, after some thought, “Ning Qin said, ‘The Alliance should prepare itself.’ What he meant, I am not sure.”

    Jiang Yuanhao and the others’ expressions changed. These words had many meanings, and after a bit of pondering, a scary thought formed. How can this be? But he wants to enter the Demon Faction camp, and besides Nascent Soul, who can cause an upheaval? However, Ning Qin isn’t one to speak without thinking.

    “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin really said that?”

    Zhu Qingyun replies, “Yes, how could I treat it lightly?”

    Jiang Yuanhao nods. Watching Qin Yu’s place, he said, “Alright, we won’t stop him. Hope that fellow Daoist Ning Qin will return unscathed.” Turns around, “Gentlemen, we must make our preparations.”

    The Alliance’s higher-ups had apprehensions, but Qin Yu’s display left them shocked. Maybe not overwhelming, but enough to denote, that with some carefulness he can return alive.

    They left in a rush.

    Zhu Qingyun lets out a breath, but still can’t help the bitterness in his smile to appear, “Using his own power to enter the demon’s nest. Even close to death, he still makes waves. Something must be wrong with my head, for me to believe this outrageous matter.”

    Zhang Zhang anxiously greets, “How is it, dad?”

    Head Zhang felt gloomy. He slaps the table, “Arrogant fool, he doesn’t know his limits! I was wrong about him!”

    “Ah!” Zhang Zhang cried, “Senior Ning Qin still wants to go?”

    Head Zhang snorts, “Jiang Yuanhao, Sun Siyuan and the others, went to persuade him, to no avail. And even told Zhu Qingyun for the Alliance to make preparations. What preparations? Thinks he can turn the Demonic Faction camp upside-down! Killing Po Qianjun inflated his ego. It’s good that nothing happened between you, or perhaps it might not be so peaceful today, and it might involve him in the future!”

    Zhang Zhang coyly said, “Dad, don’t talk nonsense. Daughter is only grateful for senior Ning Qin’s assistance. There… there’s no other meaning.”

    “That’s good! If there is even a bit, we need to remove it. Ning Qin is not a good husband. Act like you don’t know him. Hmph! In any case, he won’t be coming back after this!” Head Zhang left with a brush of his sleeve.

    Zhang Zhang opened her mouth, but didn’t say anything. She is very confused in her heart, ‘Why would senior Ning Qin go to his doom. What my father said is true about his arrogance? This is such a disappointment.’

    The third day.

    Qin Yu leaves the tent. Zhu Qingyun who guarded him greeted, “Ning Qin, you can still change your mind!”

    “I must go.” Qin Yu shakes his head, following, “Have some faith. Since I said it will be fine, then surely will be. You still owe me that drink.”

    Zhu Qingyun shook his head, “Hope you won’t regret it.”

    Qin Yu smiled and soared on the other side of the Hidden Wind Valley.

    In the Alliance camp, countless eyes followed him, some with admiration, but more with confusion and regret.

    A promising youth, entered the enemy camp just like that. It is no different than handing himself over to die.

    Zhang Zhang bit her lip, looking distracted at his retreating figure.

    “Hmph! I said that Ning Qin is too arrogant. He earned a decisive victory and now seeks disaster!”

    “Even senior Jiang along with the others went to change his mind, but Ning Qin was unmoved. What telling the Alliance to be prepared? I only see arrogance!”

    “The win clouded his judgement. Just wait and see. When he regrets, it will be too late!”

    Among the mocks of the juniors, Zhang Zhang’s heart shook strongly, ‘What my father said was really true?’

    Suddenly, a junior female says, “I have something to say. It is something senior Zhu Qingyun slipped. Why Ning Qin went alone, is because of Little Master’s threat, regarding a girl.”

    “No way! Ning Qin is already a Golden Core, with more than five hundred years before him. How can he give his life for a girl?”

    “Yes, this is complete bullsh*t!”

    Zhang Zhang’s charming body froze, not listening any more. Her mind holding one thought: Ning Qin went to the Demonic Faction camp, because a girl was threatened.

    It must be so!

    Moreover, what saddened Zhang Zhang the most, is that all this time, Ning Qin had never talked with her. Silently bearing the gossips, protecting her from wind and rain, and in this danger, a sprout began to grow inside.

    Knowing this, Zhang Zhang easily guessed what happened. Liang Taizu entered the valley and threatened him with her! It is not hard to confirm it, with many witnesses at that time. Zhang Zhang flew away, quickly finding the worried Zhu Qingyun.

    “Senior Zhu, please tell me. Senior Ning Qin entering the enemy camp, was it all for a girl?”

    Zhu Qingyun sighed, “Yes, such infatuation. Tried everything, but still didn’t work, and gave the others the chance to kill him…” He was suddenly on guard, “How did you know?”

    Zhang Zhang was already crying as she flew away.

    Zhu Qingyun was dazed, ‘This… seems to be a misunderstanding.’ He was about to go after her but refrained from chasing. Whether Ning Qin returns or not are two different things. What’s the use of explaining?

    ‘For me! it’s actually for me!’ Zhang Zhang eyes ran dry, as her heart felt so unbearable that it would explode.

    Head Zhang seeing her loving daughter, was alarmed, “Zhang Zhang what’s wrong? Did someone bully you. I will make it right!”

    “Dad!” Zhang Zhang’s cried mournfully as she embraced him, “For me, he went there for me. You were wrong, they are all wrong!”

    Head Zhang froze, “Zhang Zhang, what are you saying?”

    “Liang Taizu threatened senior Ning Qin with me. So he agreed in entering his camp, for the opportunity to kill him! Dad, I am so sad, very sad!”

    The Zhang clan members’ eyes were blank. Up till now they were still criticizing Ning Qin. Who would have expected this reversal?

    Willing to accept death for the sake of young miss Zhang Zhang? Qiu Qiu was moved, with Gu Ling’er at the side crying her heart out.

    “Don’t cry Ling’er. Young miss found someone who cherishes her, we should be happy. Senior Ning Qin might not die, he will come back alive!” Qiu Qiu said.

    Gu Ling’er wiped her eyes, to no avail. She is not only moved, but also taken by an unbearable feeling. That day, when senior Ning Qin rescued them, she felt familiarity, but was afraid of the others’ mocking, to speak up. Seeing through her tearful eyes his retreating figure, the desolation in her heart grew, similar to that year when her mother departed.

    “Brother Yuan Hao, you truly believe, Ning Qin can cause a chaos at their side?” An old man frowns.

    Jiang Yuanhao was silent, then, “I don’t think so, but it’s always better to be prepared…Hope he will return alive.”

    The people next to them sighed while shaking their head. They might not voice it, but their manners reveal it.

    Easier said than done!

    Qin Yu lands outside the Demonic Faction camp, where several defenders looked on coldly with a trace of admiration. Their leader said, “Sir, Little Master is waiting for you in his tent. Please follow me.” His tone was rather respectful.

    “Lead the way.”

    Entering the camp, he was instantly the focus of many cold stares. The frosty killing intent is unmistaken. Qin Yu frowned, but calmed soon after.

    This behavior made many demonic cultivators raise their eyebrow, following with an increase in killing aura. With such a character, he mustn’t be allowed to grow, and must be killed on the spot.

    If they weren’t concerned about Liang Taizu invitation, Qin Yu would have already been attacked by an impatient expert, killing him with a bang.

    The demonic cultivator brings him before a red-black gorgeous tent. Cups his hands and, “Little Master is inside. Please enter sir.”

    Qin Yu lifted the tent flap and entered.

    Liang Taizu clapped his hand, “Fellow Daoist is so brave, please sit.” He reclined in a chair, calmly. Shen Haimo stands at his side, eyes looking at a dead man.

    Qin Yu stands, coldly speaking, “No need. Since I am here, do you promise not to hurt her?”

    Liang Taizu’s eyes flashed, “Seems she is very important to fellow Daoist, making Little Master curious of your relation. Of course, it’s irrelevant. What’s more important is the outcome, right? This Little Master swears, that only me and Shen Haimo knows about this. After today, no matter what the outcome, there will never be a third person, or let my body be devoured by a thousand demons!”

    Qin Yu turns, watching Shen Haimo.

    Shen Haimo opens his eyes, stating, “What young master said, I also swear.”

    Qin Yu nods, “Good!” Before he even finished, the Corpse Sealing Nail was launched at Shen Haimo with a flick of his wrist.

    Shen Haimo’s eyes exploded with a fierce light, “Seeking death!” The demonic energy bursts from his arm, trapping Corpse Sealing Nail.

    At the same time, his face contorted.

    The Corpse Sealing Nail exploded, tearing the demonic energy. Caught off guard, Shen Haimo jolted in retreat. Qin Yu moved then, shaking the ground with each step, the bloody flame around him increasing his speed ten times, and throwing a fist at Liang Taizu.

    His head was crushed, with red and white flying everywhere.

    Demonic cultivator Little Master Liang Taizu, died!
  • Chapter 50: Exchanging for the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo

    “Ahh!” Shen Haimo went crazy, “You killed Liang Taizu. You actually killed Liang Taizu. I will crush your bones to dust!”

    The power of the 8th layer of the Golden Core realm ran rampant, destroying the tent as if it was paper. Qin Yu flew away, violently coughing blood. The horrifying demonic energy tore a finger-sized cut on his forehead, revealing the white bone beneath.

    Seeing stars and his stomach-turning, Qin Yu soared with a shout, the wind cutting at his mask.

    Shen Haimo howled, “You won’t escape!”

    The surge of demonic energy soared.

    At this time, the entire Demonic Faction was in chaos. When Shen Haimo’s shout was released, countless people trembled. 

    After finding Liang Taizu’ headless corpse, in each of the old devils’ eyes, a ruthless fire starts to burn! And in the camp, many experts started surrounding the tent. Killing Seven Murdering Demonic Sect’s Sacred Son, a candidate for the Sacred Lord position will incur a punishment, that not even their status could help escape it!

    “Get him!”

    “Pull his soul out and refine it!”

    “Remove his chance at reincarnation!”

    Among the roars, one by one, the old devils rushed to chase in a frenzy.

    Jiang Yuanmo raises his head. In the Demonic Faction camp, there are more than ten terrifying auras exploding, all containing ruthless killing intent. Even with his cultivation, he also can’t help shuddering and prevent the coldness in his heart. A thought occurs to him: just what did Ning Qin do to enrage them to this extent?

    A bloody figure appears in sight, with a dozen demonic flames chasing him.

    Jiang Yuanmo’s pupils shrink, shouting, “Activate the formation!” It’s good they were prepared, releasing a simple Guarding Formation, with countless Golden Core talismans flashing.

    In a blink, the bloody figure goes through the formation. As someone holding the identity badge of the Alliance, Qin Yu wouldn’t be restricted.

    Shen Haimo’s fist exploded forward, making the vast demonic energy rush like a tide, crashing into the formation, and crumbling some of the talismans.

    “Southern Nation cultivators, if you stop me from killing him, we will fight to the death!” the thunderous voice resounded throughout the area.

    Jiang Yuanmo sneers, “You charged over here, making us activate the formation. How is it our fault?”

    “Hmph!” Shen Haimo snarls, “Let me kill this bastard, and our debts are settled!”

    Demonic energy rushed after the bloody light. Soon followed by more than ten fearful demonic energies passing through the Alliance camp.

    Very quickly, the Alliance’s scouts sent a piece of information. Ning Qin directly killed Liang Taizu in his tent!

    The entire Alliance cultivators were blank.

    In the Demonic Faction camp, in the main tent, directly killed… Ning Qin is truly brave!

    Jiang Yuanmo laughed hard. The meeting between Righteous and Demonic Faction is over. This fight can be seen as a revenge killing for private patters, unrelated to the Alliance. What’s more important is, this second blow to the demonic cultivators’ morale. Perhaps the invasion of Southern Nation will end here!

    Ning Qin, as long as you survive, Southern Nation will have a place for you in the future.

    Zhu Qingyun was smiling brightly. It seems that everything is under Ning Qin’s control. What’s to worry? So what if the demonic cultivator experts charged over? They’ll return empty-handed!

    “So you had another appearance, kid. Ha-ha, it looks quite handsome, but still lacking, compared to mine.”

    Head Zhang’s face stiffened, feeling it swell from all the daring words he said before. Killing Liang Taizu and escaping the Demonic Faction camp. This Ning Qin is too evil! He suddenly rejoiced, since no outsider heard him. Or it would have brought regret when Qin Yu would be keeping his distance.

    No, we must grow closer and not let anyone breathe a word of this. Moreover, my daughter’s eyes are good, to have such luck. The first man she fancies is actually remarkable to such extent. What matters is if Ning Qin also likes her. Ha-ha, this cannot be more wonderful.

    Head Zhang turns, intending to say something. But seeing the blank look of Zhang Zhang, along with the two servant girls behind her having the same reactions, he anxiously said, “What’s wrong? Ning Qin is well. Zhang Zhang, you should be happy, why are you like this?”

    Zhang Zhang doesn’t speak, but her tears start falling.

    “Don’t cry!” Head Zhang panics, turning to berate, “You two say it. Why is young miss like this?”

    Qiu Qiu swallowed, “T-this person, young miss knows him…”

    Head Zhang brightened, “You’re talking about Ning Qin? I said his behavior was strange when he saw Zhang Zhang that day. This explains it. After all, love at first sight is quite rare. Very good, this shows that he always liked you.”

    Zhang Zhang cries harder.

    Head Zhang panics, “Qiu Qiu, just what is going on?”

    Qiu Qiu didn’t dare speak, paling when remembering that day, “Master, Ling’er also knows him. Ask her.”

    “Ling’er, say it!”

    Gu Ling’er looks at young miss, shily speaking, “The one who flew over, is brother Qin Yu…” The girl’s heart is filled with joy. It explains why she always felt a familiar air around him.

    She also remembers Ning Ling, the fairy-like big sister. And thinking of brother Qin Yu’s alias, her heart was incredibly happy. So big sister Ning is brother’s beloved. If they can be together, they would make a perfect match.

    But very soon, Gu Ling’er became distressed. Brother Qin Yu likes big sister Ning, then what about big sister Zhang Zhang? How pitiful. The little girl didn’t know, of the events in the Zhang manor, always believing Zhang Zhang has been a good friend to Qin Yu.

    Head Zhang frowns. Qin Yu… this name feels familiar. He definitely isn’t important, or I would’ve remembered him. But then, his eyes suddenly widen and breath roughens. He turns, with a look as if he wants to eat someone.

    Zhang Huo’s scalp is numb, “Master, that’s him.”

    As if struck, Head Zhang’s vision blackens, then shakes it off, shouting lowly, “Impossible! How can it be?”

    Zhang Zhang wipes her tears, “Dad, it really is him!” she almost drew blood by biting her lip, and continued, “When senior brother Zhang Huo talked with him, daughter was hidden. I know it’s him.”

    Head Zhang’s face is ashen. Pointing at his daughter, and then the others, he sighs, “What did you do!”

    Even though he forgot, that he, not long before recalled Qin Yu, and became even more pleased by Zhang Huo.

    Don’t bully a poor youngster and don’t laugh at a youngster’s misery(1)… Perhaps today, the Zhang clan will now understand these words.

    Zhang Zhang cries harder, feeling shame and remorse. Despite her heartless and cruel manner from before, Qin Yu still helped her, causing her to feel even more shame.

    Head Zhang suddenly spoke, “Wait, he acted despite the way you treated him. This shows he really likes Zhang Zhang and might still be a chance to amend this!”

    Zhang Zhang felt some hope, ‘Is it true?’

    Just then, Zhu Qingyun came, frowning. Showing no interest in Zhang clan’s matters, directly saying, “Who’s Gu Ling’er?”

    Head Zhang squeezed a smile, “What is it, Brother Zhu?”

    Zhu Qingyun says, “Fellow Daoist Ning Qin entrusted me to take away Gu Ling’er.”

    Gu Ling’er was happy, “It’s brother Qin Yu!”

    Zhu Qingyun’s eyes flashed, smiling, “Yes, he is Qin Yu.” Appearance, name, cultivation, are all fake. Such an outstanding kid!

    He gives a warm smile, “You have a good brother. Because of Liang Taizu threat, he ventured alone in the Demonic Faction camp for you. And yet he easily killed Liang Taizu. Hahaha, to the satisfaction of everyone!”

    Zhang Zhang froze! It was all for Gu Lin’er. Since small he had great pride. How could he like her after how she hurt him?

    The others were quiet.

    Zhu Qingyun frowns. What’s up with the Zhang clan? They’re all so weird. But an idea came to him. Zhang Zhang misunderstood Ning Qin, and finding it out now is very awkward.

    “Cough!” Zhu Qingyun’s expression didn’t change, “Brother Zhang, I will take Gu Ling’er with me. No complaints, right?”

    Head Zhang shook his head dejectedly, “Brother Zhu, do as you like.”

    Zhu Qingyun nods pleased, “Gu Ling’er, follow me.”

    Gu Ling’er hesitated.

    Zhu Qingyun hurriedly said, “Qin Yu is also worried about being threatened by demonic cultivators again. Come with me, I will guarantee your safety.”

    This time, Gu Ling'er agrees, expressing her apology, “Young miss, brother Qin Yu… I want to see him.”

    Zhang Zhang forced a smile, “Ling'er, if you see Qin Yu, please send him my thanks. And please ask for his forgiveness regarding what happened. I was the one at fault.” She then bursts into tears.

    Zhu Qingyun took Gu Ling'er and left.

    Head Zhang sent Qiu Qiu to look after young miss, then watched the others with gloomy eyes, coldly stating, “I hope there will be no word of this mentioned, or the consequences will be dire!”

    Zhang Huo and the rest hastily agreed.

    Xu Wei and Tao Jie stiffened, feeling a mix of shock, dizziness and other similar feelings. This caused their expression to become unnatural.

    A while later, Tao Jie swallowed, “Junior brother Xu Wei, h-he is… junior brother Qin Yu?”

    They stood out with their talent and their background, and so, they were taken in by a Golden Core cultivator as disciples, allowing them to see today’s event.

    Xu Wei’s mouth moved, yet only a sigh escaped. His straightened back, now stooped. He thought that these three years he cultivated arduously and overcame him. But how did Qin Yu became this strong?

    Xu Weixu had a feeling, that there will never be a day when he will be above him. He will be lagging further and further behind until he won’t see his back anymore.

    Shen Haimo crazily used his demonic energy. His aura of late Golden Core expert reached his pinnacle, but could only stare helplessly at the disappearing bloody light.


    He raged, as his fist shattered a mountain peak, face contorted. A moment later, the rest of the demonic cultivator experts arrived. Pale and gasping, they looked at each of their messy appearances.

    A righteous cultivator, having the demonic treasure Corpse Sealing Nail, cultivating the number one demonic escaping arts, the Blood Escaping Technique. Who exactly is the demonic cultivator here, you or us?

    This world still has laws!

    A ray of bloody light whistled closer. Hard to imagine such speeds, as the generated wind shook even the treetops, then storming through the forest.

    The light suddenly scattered, revealing a black-robed cultivator. He landed on an old tree and turned to make sure it is safe, his pale face smiling. The result of using Demon Body along with Blood Escaping Technique is really powerful. Not even a late Golden Core could catch him.

    This person is Qin Yu.

    He watched his surroundings, then jumped down and in a few flashes, disappeared in the deepest parts of the forest.

    Five days later.

    Qin Yu comes out of a cave. The resplendent bloody aura surrounding him shows that he has recovered from the use of the Blood Escaping Technique. He picked a direction and disappeared.

    After two days, Qin Yu appears outside a large city. The cultivators inside were smiling, talking about the Alliance’s victory. They were all excited when discussing the two events: the killing of Po Qianjun in battle and getting rid of Liang Taizu in the Demonic Faction camp. The name Ning Qin spread throughout the Southern Nation!

    If Qin Yu reveals his identity, he will instantly be everyone’s focus, with the highest cultivators coming to greet him. Should he choose to, he can even have a high status in any sect in Southern Nation, becoming widely respected and admired. But he turns a deaf ear at these things, black robe covering his features, and makes his way towards the Alliance barracks.

    Merit Hall.

    “Please help me finish the payment on the item I reserved.” Black-robed Qin Yu simply stated.

    Half an hour later, black-robed left the Merit Hall with its cultivators in awe. Before the Alliance high ranked cultivators arrived, Qin Yu left the large city with the Blood Escaping Technique, disappearing in front of countless surprised faces.


    (1)    A youngster can become powerful in the future and seek revenge.

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  • Chapter 51: Have you eaten human flesh?

    In the mountain range, lay a valley covered entirely by clouds. But these clouds appear like a mirage, as the sunlight landing on the medicine garden bellow, a faint aura is reflected. The medicine fragrance strikes the nose like an exceptional gourmet meal. Just standing before it and opening your mouth, you can have a taste. Yet this is actually a life and death test for the hen!

    Pheasant King stands at the side of a medicine garden with his throat moving constantly as he swallows, face twisting. Can I eat? Should I eat? His eyes wide, wings flapping, acting like a starved tiger. When suddenly, the mists shifts.


    With a loud cry, Pheasant King flew over creating gusts of wind that also has some of his grandeur showing. This miserable and poor manner meaning to say, ‘Once this king leaves, will never return! Someone as devoted as me, facing untold perils, have defended master’s medicine garden, with no one allowed to touch it!’

    Qin Yu walks through the mist and stumbled upon this scene. He smiled at Pheasant King’s appearance full of devotion, then waved his sleeve, swatting him aside.


    Unable to ask why, Pheasant King cried as he was tossed in the air, then rolling on the ground and then flopped down, unmoving. What a miserable cry, what an authentic tumble. But why were his wings protecting his face while thrown? No progress what so ever!

    Qin Yu waved and the bamboo dragonfly lands in his hand. He then noticed that nothing unusual happened in the time he was gone.

    He renewed its energy reserves, then walks towards the wooden house.

    Pheasant King was embarrassed. He struggled for three seconds, straighten in a jump, and rushed Qin Yu, his tail wagging.

    “Weren’t you unconscious?”

    Pheasant King: I can take it!

    “Don’t wag. You’re no dog!”

    Pheasant King: I can still take it!

    “If you act, then be thorough. You’re fault of covering your face never changes. Moreover, do you have to protect it?”

    Pheasant King: I constantly… no. Mock me all you want, but don’t mock my face. Little Qin, you’re too excessive!

    He valiantly raised his head, on the verge of ‘speaking’ to express his rage, when several pills lad directly on his face.

    Ah… Such a familiar fragrance. The flavor I love the best. So intoxicating!

    What face, can you eat it? Pheasant King holding the pills shows his contempt. He gave a ‘You’re too naïve and pure kid’ coy attitude, then turned and fawned. Showing his master 120% of his flattering skills.

    Little Qin?!

    Who said it? Not me. If you want to scold you need proof first. This king’s iron beak isn’t used to play around!

    The jade box is four fingers wide and palm-sized, entirely blue, and slightly cold. Opening the lid with the talisman on it reveals a stalk as big as a finger. It possesses many roots, but some showing signs of withering while flashing with a trace of green lightning.

    This is Heavenly Thunder Bamboo!

    Qin Yu spent two days rushing. Going to the large city with the Alliance’s base inside, where the exchanges are made and buying the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo. All because of the trouble revealing himself would bring.

    As for exposing his identity, it might bring benefit, but Qin Yu can’t risk it. Because sooner or later he will be found out as the outer disciple of the Sacred Mountain Sect. At that time, everyone will realize that there is something greatly suspicious upon his person.

    He can’t go seeking his own death!

    The priority is getting the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo and reaching Golden Core realm. Based on his current strength, after achieving it and going even further, except for Nascent Soul, there will be nothing that can threaten him in the entire territory of Southern Nation.

    He rummaged for a flower pot and put the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo among the Thousand Gold Trees. He sneers at the sight of the somewhat dried roots.

    Cut so that only this finger sized length remained, how could they have the nerve to say it’s also at eight hundred years old? What matters is that the bamboo shows signs of withering. If he doesn’t solve it, it will soon die.

    He would be raging if it weren’t for the Little Blue Lamp.

    Now, he can only wait for night to come.

    Half a year later.

    Qin Yu sits below the half a person tall Heavenly Thunder Bamboo, submerged in green thunder.  Soreness and pain could be felt from within as if countless ants were biting and crawling. Despite having done this many times, his body still tensed and perspired profoundly! Traces of grey mixed in the sweat were released through his pores, giving off a fishy smell.

    After an hour, the green lightning scattered, and Qin Yu opened his eyes. Inside, a faint image of thunder flashed. He gets up and entered the wooden cask filled with hot water, letting out a comfortable groan.

    Leaning on the cask, and calming his breathing, Qin Yu was struck by a wave of exhaustion, falling asleep. But only for a short while. He opened his eyes, filled with vigor, smiling as he sensed the changes on his body.

    The Heavenly Thunder Bamboo grows a segment every hundred years and was less than four fingers. Under Little Blue Lamp, it grew to fifteen segments in half a year. Each day representing around eight years of growth. Making the previous eight hundred old bamboo to reach its new age of two thousand and three hundred years.

    This shows that Little Blue Lamp’s ability to increase spiritual plant growth is constant no matter the type of plant. At least, the plants who were further away from Little Blue Lamp still had the same growth speed.

    In this cultivator era, a thousand-year spiritual plant is priceless. A plant over two thousand years is only possessed by large sects. And the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo from antiquity, is worthy of its name, with the lightning it releases having a miraculous cleansing effect. Qin Yu can clearly feel it, now that his body has fewer and fewer pill residues.

    But it’s still not enough.

    His body resembles a bucket filled with water. If he adds a bit more, there is a high of exploding, so he doesn’t risk it. Qin Yu must first break through to the Golden Core realm.

    He was lucky that, as it grew, the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo’s green lightning increased in strength. Eliminating all of the pill residues won’t take much longer.

    In a flash, another half a year passed.

    Following a muffled painful roar, Qin Yu’s body released the last trace of pill residue with the help of the green lightning. Once it scattered, it exposed his wretched figure, clothes soaked in sweat and with a fishy smell attacking his nose.

    The Heavenly Thunder Bamboo at the side is now taller than a man, with exuberant branches and leaves. The surge released with each passing of the current throughout the bamboo shakes one’s heart. After a bit of counting, its current age nears five thousand years! If it were to be exchanged, it wouldn’t be for less than a million spirit stones, enough to stir a great sect into taking it by force.

    But at this moment, Qin Yu doesn’t pay attention to the bamboo. With the removal of all of the pill residues, Qin Yu can begin breaking through to the Golden Core realm.

    In a hidden cave a hundred li away from the valley, Qin Yu deployed a formation disc and activated it.

    The formation’s energy is released, sealing the place, preventing any outside detection.

    Today, in this place, he wants to shed the Foundation Establishment realm and enter the Golden Core realm!

    Around himself, thirty thousand spirit stones appear with a brush of his sleeve, forming six small spirit stone hills. The upright sitting Qin Yu takes some Spirit Increasing Pill. The strong medicinal power inside quickly spreads, bringing him to his peak. To break through to the Golden Core realm, he needs to absorb a large amount of spiritual energy in a short time, and that’s where these spirit stones come in.

    While breaking through, Qin Yu’s Dantian, because of being suppressed, it has always been peaceful. The Foundation was shining brightly with countless lights converged, as if a sun was about to emerge illuminating the world.

    Qin Yu’s body trembles, his veins visible on his skin. His pure energy from failing to break through seventeen times began to move, large enough to condense the Golden Core. In fact, this is what happens. The Foundation trembles, with the dazzling brilliance soaring from within soaring into the sky. That’s the light of the Golden Core!

    Qin Yu’s whole aura turns dignified as a suction force exploded, making the thirty thousand spirit stones shake from the restless spiritual energy inside. Like a river that broke its dam, all the spiritual energy rushed inside Qin Yu.

    As his energy exploded, Qin Yu opened his eyes. His skin starts to crack, covering him in countless cuts, from which blood gushes out. The ground shatters from the trembling, as the spirit stone flew, destroying the formation disc with their terrifying aura!

    A muffled sound like a thunderclap was heard, spreading far away from the forest’s depth. Qin Yu faced upwards letting out steam, then collapsed!

    With his strong Demon Body, when it came to condensing the Golden Core, for some reason it dispersed. Unable to bear the severe backlash, it then crumbled.

    Why did it fail?

    Above his rage, this thought resounded the loudest.

    The second thought was that he can’t stay here for long.

    Qin Yu struggles to get up. This simple movement turns his vision black, but with sheer willpower, he resists the urge to faint. He takes some pills and leaves staggering, forgoing the thirty thousand spirit stones 

    As his breathing was getting rougher, his crushed body gradually turned cold. Not knowing how far he walked, Qin Yu is clear that his time has come. Leaning on a rock, his body slides on the ground. With great difficulty, he managed to get into a comfortable position then became silent.

    Everything was done right and he was careful enough. So why did he still lose? For what reason did he go on living?

    Qin Yu frowns, unable to make peace with it, ‘I am unwilling to go down like this.’ Steps were approaching, probably from a woman. Qin Yu didn’t look, still searching for an answer inside.

    The newcomer opened her mouth, voice pleasant as an oriole, “Are you thinking why you failed?”

    Qin Yu lifts his head, and a wound opened on his neck, showing the scarlet flesh. Yet he seems to not notice, “Do you know?”

    With vocal cords damaged, the sounds are hoarse and unpleasant, but surprisingly serene.

    The woman’s brow rose, smiling, “Your thinking is much calmer than mine.”

    “Because I know I’m about to die. What’s the point of being worried. I won’t lie, I will really die. So if you want to tell me, it would be best to take it into consideration, or there won’t be much time.”

    The woman walks next to him, her finger tracing his face. Then she stuck the blood covered finger in her mouth. Her countenance relaxes, showing an intoxicated look, “It really is the taste of the Demon Body…”

    Qin Yu frowns, “I don’t care what happens to me after I’m dead, but could you wait for me to close my eyes first?”

    “You scared?”

    “Only nauseous.”

    The woman was fascinated, “Have you eaten human flesh?”

    Qin Yu was silent for a while, then, “Only seen it.”

    With loveable laughter, the woman gently caressed his face, murmuring, “Relax, how can I let you die…”

    Her fingernail pierced her delicate palm and violet blood enters his wound. A scorching feeling assaulted him as if countless branding irons were imprinted inside and outside his body!

    Qin Yu fainted without uttering a word.

    The woman blanked a moment, the smiled, “Truly a fascinating guy.”

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    Maybe I'm still lacking, but I will continue my work since I enjoy the novel and I learn so much along the way. 
    The speed will increase sometime in the future as my grasp on Chinese language improves.
  • Chapter 52: Ignorant

    Qin Yu faintly sensed how someone was looking after him. What he drank fell in his stomach, transforming into a fire. Then, his consciousness once shattered from the ordeal, slowly recovered.

    After who knows how long, a day or two, or maybe a year or two, the thoroughly exhausted Qin Yu opened his eyes. The sun’s ray passes through the window, shining with a faint yellow light on a messy skirt. Then continued next to it, on the clean and perfect back of the woman, leaning in the wooden cask, asleep.

    Right when Qin Yu’s eyes land, she opens her eyes.

    Water hits his face, soaking it. He closes and opens his eyes, but she is already completely dressed, standing at the edge of the bed, with droplets of water falling from her hair, saying “Pretty?” A pleasant voice, in an enticing setting, yet Qin Yu’s heart was frozen. Therefore, he shakes his head, only to hear his bones creaking.

    The woman squints her eyes as if to figure out if he was lying, and with a light snort, she stands straighter. Her stature is very tall, like an enchantress, so the sight of her coming out of the bath became even more eye-catching.

    Qin Yu closed his eyes naively.

    The sound of light laughter reaches his ear, then she spoke, “It seems, you aren’t as brave as you showed.”

    “Many thanks for saving me miss, but we don’t seem to know each other.”

    The woman has a pondering look, “Really? Then why do I feel, that you recognized me.”

    Qin Yu bluntly shakes his head.

    “It doesn’t matter. Sister has never forgotten you, the little man I wounded that year.”

    Qin Yu felt he couldn’t deny it, and seeing the familiar face, he helplessly nods, “So it’s young miss You Ji. It seems that enemies are fated to meet on a narrow road.”

    You Ji covers her charming laughter, “The road isn’t narrow. Sister saw you at the Righteous and Demonic Faction meeting. But you ran too fast, and I had to make some sacrifices to find you. Right when you failed to break through and almost died exploding.”

    Qin Yu smiled dejected, “There’s no need to reveal my scars.”

    “The wounds aren’t healed, so how can there be scars.” You Ji’s eyes moved smoothly, “Sister is very curious. How have you trained in Demon Body?”

    “Would you believe if I said it was all a coincidence?”

    You Ji smiled, “I do. Because the only one I found who could train in Demon Body is one lucky bastard.”

    Qin Yu smiled, “Young miss doesn’t kill me because of Demon Body?”

    You Ji threw a coy gaze, “Little brother is so smart.”


    “Wait for the wounds to heal, and sister will tell you.”

    “Young miss You Ji isn’t afraid I will hurt you when I recovered?”

    You Ji’s eyes are cold, “Is little brother not worried that these words will cause your death?”

    Qin Yu shakes his head, “If young miss wanted to kill, you would’ve done it already.”

    “Hehe. I can’t scare you, how boring.” You Ji smiled, “Rest well. Since sister saved you, I’m not afraid of your retaliation. Unless you never want to condense your Golden Core.”

    Qin Yu’s expression changed.

    You Ji was pleased, then turned her enticing body to leave.


    “Is there something else, little man?”

    “Despite feeling honored for the bathing water young miss used, after careful consideration, young miss is still being taken advantage of. So please wipe yourself dry.”

    You Ji’s charming body froze, her silver teeth clenching, then came over, “You truly want me dry?” Using a gentle voice with a loveable and slightly flushed face, along with tender eyes.

    Qin Yu smiled, “It’s dry now!”


    You Ji left.

    After a short while, the bamboo dragonfly entered through the window, confirming her departure. Qin Yu was lying paralyzed on the bed, gasping for breath, with fine sweat on his brow.

    It seems, You Ji won’t kill him for now.

    This is enough.

    With a relaxed mind, Qin Yu sank into a deep slumber.

    Outside the wooden house, space began to twist and You Ji stepped out. She grabbed the bamboo dragonfly, smiling, “What a cautious guy. But before sister, you’re still naïve.” She looked around the verdant medicine garden, “Living in seclusion?” Her eyes flashed, then returned to normal.

    Qin Yu woke up once again and opens his eyes to see the loveable face of You Ji as she drips violet blood from her fingertip in his mouth. Once in his stomach, it starts to burn like fire, yet his limbs felt rather warm and cozy.

    You Ji’s eyes were lazy, “How do you feel?”

    Qin Yu finally realizes what he drank when unconscious. Eyes flashed with a complicated expression, and smiled, “Much better.”

    His tongue touched her finger and they both froze as if struck by lightning.

    You Ji took back her finger, healing with a demonic light, then said unaffected, “To save you, sister suffered a huge loss. You must keep that in mind.”

    “The kindness of saving my life is bigger than a mountain. If young miss says it, I will give my all.”

    “Even killing?”


    “I’m not joking. If it’s that easy, sister would have settled it already. Why would I complicate things?”

    Qin Yu coughed, “Young miss You Ji, what do you want from me?”

    You Ji looked over lazily, “Why the interest? Never mind, telling you won’t matter. Sister wants to go to a place, where the Demon Body acts as the key. If you help me retrieve an item I want, sister will tell you how to break through.”

    Qin Yu was solemn, “Young miss is serious?”

    “Of course, sister won’t deceive you.” She turns, “You’re tired, continue your rest. Oh, here is the bamboo dragonfly. Sister likes to sleep without clothes, so don’t peep.”


    The mysterious You Ji’s violet blood is the best cure for Qin Yu. The crushed Demon Body gradually showed its vitality, and he soon made a speedy recovery. Like this, his grave wounds that could leave an ordinary man crippled and in bed all his life, for Qin Yu, it required only a month to start walking. And half a year later, he was practically cured.

    Qin Yu walks outside, bathing in the sun’s rays, as he stretched his body, making creaking sounds and taking long breaths. His heart beats strongly in his chest, pumping blood throughout his body and feeling every inch containing explosive vitality.

    Destruction and reconstruction!

    This new Demon Body has almost twice the power of the one before.

    You Ji sighed, “You benefited, while sister suffered.”

    This was actually true. Taking out so much blood, made her face paler and aura slightly weaker.

    Qin Yu smiled dejectedly, “I don’t think this result will happen a second time.”

    “Hehe, then be good ad help sister accomplish her wish. Then you can break through the Golden Core realm, and in the future, this trouble will be removed.”

    Qin Yu nods, “When do we start?”

    “No rush, there are still more than three months left.”

    “That’s fine. Young miss You Ji, can you return my storage bag now?”

    You Ji shouted in a low voice, “So embarrassing. Sister forgot.”

    But her smiling face lacked any sincerity.

    As she threw the several storage bags, You Ji’s voice was faintly heard, “Little brother is so rich, but why are there only demonic items from my Demonic Faction inside?”

    Qin Yu shakes his head, “They wanted to kill me, so what was I supposed to do.”

    You Ji laughed coldly, “You’re still shameless? Fiendish Star!” Emphasizing the last two words.

    Qin Yu shrugs, with an ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about’ attitude and soared away, “I am raising a pet and don’t know what happened to him, so I will go and check first, then return shortly.”

    You Ji clenched her silver teeth secretly and stamped her foot. She always seems to come at the losing end when talking to Qin Yu.

    This scoundrel. If it weren’t… I will get you one day!

    Flying out of the valley, Qin Yu finds that no item is missing from the storage bags and increased instead. In the manner of a small item.

    An unremarkable small stone, not reacting when he searched the storage bag. If not for Qin Yu’s cautious nature, he would have overlooked it. While pondering, he entered the forest and flew further away.

    Half an hour later, You Ji stood silently on an old tree, expression grave, carefully pushing away a branch.

    Then, she was struck dumb.

    A black and white plump wild boar was comfortably lying in a shaded area, sleeping peacefully, with a storage bag tied to its neck.

    You Ji’s charming face flushed, giving a wrathful shriek, “Qin Yu, you bastard!”

    The startled wild boar straightened its short legs and ran away in panic. The storage bag at its neck shaking in the wind, extremely taunting.

    At this moment, the bastard Qin Yu was a hundred li away, in a hidden valley. The plants here are green and lush, with a stream forming a small lake. He was about to reveal himself when a “bawk” was heard, as Pheasant King came out of hiding with a moved expression.

    Half a year ago, Qin Yu left him here, to do nothing but watch after the small lake, an extremely boring job. He was always thinking about his huge harem not being there with him for half a year. Saddened at the thought that they were making him wear who knows how many hats.

    Qin Yu’s heart relaxed and smiled, “Alright, I know you suffered, I will make it up to you later. Did anything happen this half a year?”

    Pheasant King shakes his head, chest out, head raised, ‘With this king here, who would dare act arrogantly.’

    Qin Yu jumped in the lake, then soon came out. He then used his energy to make the water turn to steam, cleaning him.

    In his hand, was now a golden string storage bag.

    When he explored it, he found that Little Blue Lamp, Thousand Gold Tree, Heavenly Thunder Bamboo and a great number of spirit stones were all intact.

    Qin Yu smiled, rejoicing inside. Luckily, he impulsively took the important items and hid them in this small lake. If not, the secret of the Little Blue Lamp would have already been exposed!



    This is my credit.

    Qin Yu took a jade bottle, “There are fifty pills inside. Don’t return to the house for four months. Understood?”

    Pheasant King bowed and nodded. Holding the bottle in his beak he then flew away. The attitude in the way he flew conveyed ‘How come you’re so impatient. That’s fine, from partying every night I was made to cultivate like a monk for half a year. Who could ever endure this.’  

    Qin Yu puts away the storage bag and looked to see if he left any traces before soaring in the sky.

    The entire month, You Ji’s face was cold, and pissed. Perhaps she thought of herself as a beaten wild goose for an entire year that was actually annoyed and embarrassed by a lousy chicken.

    Qin Yu cheerfully and quietly entered cultivation. His Demon Body has almost doubled in strength, but to endure even more energy, despite the unforgettable taste of explosion, he decided to continue his cultivation. Perhaps this is called going to the mountains despite having tigers(1).

    Of course, in front of You Ji he’ll keep the same act, faking ignorance!


    (1)    Meaning he is taking a risk despite knowing the danger

  • Chapter 53: Sealed Demonic Zone

    Even with the sun high in the sky, it was still cloudy. The wind whistled through the barren wasteland lifting the dust along the way. Akin to a wailing, it made people’s sight cloudy and feel a certain chill from deep within.

    Two lights sped, one behind the other, landing on a short mountain top. The stop exposed their figures, an upright and imposing youngster along with a tall, flirtatious and enticing woman.

    These people are Qin Yu and You Ji. They have already left the valley fourteen days ago, crossing several tens of thousands of li in a rush and entering the Northern Dynasty’s territory. 

    You Ji takes out a compass, the black and red mixed together made it similar to blood. She lowered her head to check, then put it away, saying, “One more day and we are there.”

    Qin Yu’s eyes flashed, “Young miss should now tell me. Just where are we going?”

    You Ji was aggrieved, “Little man, you really don’t trust me after all.”

    Qin Yu remained unmoved, “For us to establish a mutual trust we must both open up.”

    You Ji passionately weeps, “Then are you open with me?”

    Not long after the storage bag incident, the Heavenly Thunder Bamboo experienced a change. And Qin Yu’s strong refusal towards You Ji’s closeness generated You Ji’s complete resentment.

    Qin Yu had a wooden expression, “My refusal is related to my secrets. But what young miss You Ji is hiding is entirely different. How can they be related?” He paused, then in an indifferent tone, “If young miss continues to refuse, then I am sorry but I will be leaving.”

    You Ji’s face was unnatural, sensing the determination in those words. Biting her lips, “You win!”

    The place she wants to go is called Sealed Demonic Zone, completely unrelated to the Righteous Faction, being a place where the Demonic Faction seals demonic cultivators. Every faction has people they don’t accept or hate; Demonic Faction is no exception. Of course, the ones qualified of being exiled in the Sealed Demonic Zone are all powerful and vicious monsters, while the weak ones are eliminated very early.

    What You Ji wants to find in the Sealed Demonic Zone, she doesn’t say, and Qin Yu doesn’t ask either.

    “And now you know. Are you satisfied!” You Ji said reproachfully. Before, she was so hateful that her teeth itched, and is now like this. An enchantress is very fickle, and this couldn’t be more than true.

    Qin Yu says unrestrained, “No! As you said, Sealed Demonic Zone is a place the Demonic Faction imprison its monsters. Despite glossing over it, their power should be terrifying, right? If the two of us enter, then it will be very hard to come out alive.”

    You Ji was undisturbed. The flirtatious and enticing body is actually emitting a serenity and calmness, “Of course there’s danger, but not as much as you are thinking. They’ve been sealed for many years, and even if they’re still alive, their cultivation is surely weakened. Moreover, the seal of the Sealed Demonic Zone is suppressing them and as long as we don’t look for trouble and unseal them, then there will be no problems.”

    Qin Yu mutters to himself and doesn’t reply.

    You Ji sighs, “Little man, you’re so greedy. Never mind, sister will still trust you completely.”

    This phrase, its as if nothing is right about it.

    “The root of your failures in breaking through to Golden Core lies in training the Demon Body. It is an overbearing training method, restricting other powers from surpassing it. Therefore, you need to first evolve your Demon Body, and then you can advance to the next realm. For the Demon Body to evolve, it requires swallowing powerful demonic blood. You already succeeded in training it, so you should know how important demonic blood is to the Demon Body. You can tell if what I said is true.”

    You Ji smiled, “And the Sealed Demonic Zone, well, it’s probably the only place in this world that fulfills your requirement for demonic blood. Are you going?”

    He closed his eyes and breathes steadily.

    You Ji’s pupils flash, not uttering a word.

    Two hours later, two people flew, charging into the wasteland’s abyss.

    North of Southern Nation lays the Northern Dynasty, with an area three times as big. Its population, however, is not even half of the former, and that’s because a large part of its territory is a wasteland.

    Legend says, that the wasteland was cursed in ancient times, gradually sapping its lifeforce. Despite the lack of proof, over the years every single one who entered, more often than not died violently. This is an undeniable fact, that over time, rarely would there be one stepping foot inside.

    You Ji and Qin Yu, at this time, are in Northern Dynasty’s largest wasteland’s deepest parts. The sun hangs high above their heads, but no warmth could be felt. The chillness in the air almost makes the blood solidify.

    Without any prior notice, the ground violently quacked. A crevice tore the earth, appearing in sight, and faint demonic energy spilled from within, mixing with the chill and froze.

    In an instant, it started snowing with black snowflakes. Qin Yu’s face changed, based on his current strength, he actually perceived a threat from the chillness of these snowflakes.

    You Ji’s eyes brighten. She takes out two badges, old and dirtied, with an aura resembling the compass.

    “This is the Guarding Badge used to enter the Sealed Demonic Zone. Don’t lose it.”

    Qin Yu took it and a faint coldness entered his mind. Looking at the black snowflakes again, they no longer have a dangerous vibe.

    You Ji brushed her sleeve and a wisteria vine appears from within the demonic energy, moving as if it were alive, then spoke, “I am finally out to take a breath of fresh air. Young miss, we need to talk, how about letting me out more often? I might be a Demonic Vine but I also have the right to live!”

    You Ji’s eyes squinted, as a flash of danger passed through them, “Little Demonic Vine, what did you say? Say it again since I didn’t catch it!”

    Demonic Vine’s five vines… no, many vines, threw themselves to the ground and making a thumping sound with its large body. And with a flattering voice, as if it was dripping honey, “Young miss is beautiful as a fairy, with a divine appearance, matchless in beauty, with her twin peaks standing proudly…”

    “Shut up!” You Ji said in exasperation.

    Qin Yu’s mouth twitched.

    The Demonic Vine was confused, unable to understand why this sure-fire method doesn’t work as before. It gazed at Qin Yu, blinked its eyes, and suddenly understood. This blow made her heart turn cold, while You Ji’s face was blushing.

    Suddenly, Demonic Vine was very alarmed, “Young miss, h-h-h-his… his aura, h-h-h-he…”

    “Shut up!” You Ji sent it flying with a slap, feeling the urge to beat someone up.

    Demonic Vine’s body made a pretty arch and then rolled on the ground. But why did you guard your face?

    Qin Yu’s expression became increasingly strange.

    You Ji saw it and her flushed face seems to be on the verge of dripping blood, “If you dare speak any more crap, I won’t take you out for ten years!”


    This miserable cry deserves praise, as it contains three meanings. Grief winding with pleading, and something that gave the target a feeling of satisfaction. Pheasant King is a mere beginner in comparison.

    “Young miss, I know my wrong. I will behave in the future, please be lenient!” Demonic Vine threw herself forward apologizing, but why are you winking at me?

    “Roll(1) and find the way!”

    “Right away!”

    It actually… went rolling…

    Qin Yu pulled a long face, not a word uttered.

    You Ji charming face was icy, “Laugh if you want.”

    Qin Yu frowns, “Is this good?”

    You Ji had the urge to bite him. What’s with that answer? What’s your point!

    As she is gnashing her teeth, on the verge of exploding, Qin Yu’s expression turned to normal, speaking in deadly earnest, “The Sealed Demonic Zone is down the crevice?”

    You Ji’s face was ashen, giving only a cold snort.

    Demonic Vine rolled at the side of the crevice. The black snow landing on it bounced off, unable to harm it. It turned towards Qin Yu, winking several times, then sent some vines inside the crevice to explore.

    Suddenly, Demonic Vine opened its eyes, shrieking miserably. Its body shuddered violently like a sieve as if it’s on the verge of loosing consciousness.

    Qin Yu’s heart contracted, stealing a glance at You Ji from the corner of his eye. She was cold, expressionless and unmoving.

    A good while later, Demonic Vine returned, rolling once again, with a bitter face.  

    You Ji extends her hand, demonic energy lingering, “No worry, just return.”

    Demonic Vine withdrew her head, then shrank its body in a light jump, disappearing inside the demonic energy.

    Qin Yu’s vision flashed. This time he saw it clearly. The Demonic Vine wasn’t put away in a storage bag, it seemed to have entered her body instead.

    “Let’s go.” You Ji flew inside the crevice.

    Qin Yu sucked in a breath, then leaped.

    The crevice is extremely deep, and after sinking down more than a hundred zhang, there was still no end in sight.

    You Ji waved her sleeve and the demonic energy formed a black cloud, supporting the two of them.

    Feeling the softness at his feet, Qin Yu was a bit distracted, recalling the time another girl did the same three years ago.

    You Ji sensed his inattentiveness, and after some thought, she smirked, “Were you thinking about that damn girl from the Ning clan?”

    Qin Yu frowns, facing her, “I don’t know what grudges you have with senior sister, although she’s dead, I hope you can let them go!”

    You Ji eyebrow jumped, thinking, ‘Damn you Qin Yu. This entire time you never got angry at me, so why are you angry when i mentioned that hussy? Eh, something doesn’t seem right.’

    Dead? Who died? Maybe…

    A strange expression passed her face, “How come I don’t know when it happened?”

    Qin Yu replied apathetically, “Three years ago.”

    You Ji’s anger dissipated, nodding honestly, “Alright, I’ll give you some face and won’t mention it again.”

    Turning her head, she almost couldn’t hold her laughter. 

    Making me angry, then grieve. I’ll pretend I don’t know!

    Qin Yu was a bit amazed, not expecting her to speak these kind words. After some hesitation, he cupped his hands, “Many thanks to young miss You Ji.”

    You Ji: My stomach hurts…

    She hurriedly changed topics, “Careful, we are almost there!”

    Qin Yu looked on with rapt attention. The bottom of the crevice is ending, while the light above them became like a fine thread. 

    The demonic cloud scattered and the two landed.

    A cave appeared in front of them, with no aura coming from it, but the pitch-black darkness made it seem like the deep abyss.

    You Ji calmed her mind and takes out an ash colored jade missive, “Use your blood to feed it. Relax, it only needs three drops.”

    Qin Yu pierced his finger and three drops of blood landed on the jade missive.

    A bloody light burst forth, and the jade missive changed, with a sinister demonic face appearing on its surface, surrounded by dignified air. You Ji flung her arm, and the jade missive flew inside the cave. Unexpectedly, it touched water, making waves. Afterward, the pitch-black darkness gradually transformed into a vortex, leading to an unknown place.

    As if it sensed the opening of the passage, demonic howls came out of the vortex!

    A black face appears from the vortex, tone imposing, “Who disturbs the Sealed Demonic Zone?”

    You Ji holding the Guarding Badge, respectfully bowed, “With this badge, i was ordered to investigate the demon blood.”(2)

    Not needing to be reminded, Qin Yu also took out the Guarding Badge.

    The face paused a moment, but in the end, “You may enter.”

    The human face dissipated, and the vortex opened completely, as the demonic energy erupted outwards!

    You Ji sucked a breath, exited, then grabbed Qin Yu and rushed inside. 

    The sky above the wasteland, the instant the Sealed Demonic Zone opened, became dark with countless stars as if it was a night sky. The vast sea of stars condensed, but before it could descend, it drew all of its aura, and abruptly vanished.

    The night then scattered with it. 

    But this incident already shocked the Northern Dynasty and Southern Nation with countless demonic cultivators showing excitement, while the righteous cultivators worried. Several days later, many shady characters gathered in the wasteland and despite digging three feet, they still couldn’t find any traces. 

    The crevice disappeared as if it was a mirage, and that chillness was suppressed by the sunlight.


    (1) the author made a pun, as 滚 can mean get lost and also to roll. Left it like this since there is a follow up.

    (2) 持魔令,提审血魔 ,not sure how to translate it.

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