Love intrests

Ok so as the thread suggests this one is pretty straightforward i want to know a couple of things. I read on wiki that he has 2 kids with 2 different girls but only nighteye is listed as spouse so.... 
1. Who are the main love intrests of Qianye?
2. Will he end up with nighteye at the end? 
3. Will he cheat on nighteye after they get together finally? 
4. What happens to the other 2 girls i read about.
Please answer them seriously if you know i hate harem i don't wanna waste time on it. I appreciate it. Thanks guys! 


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    I'm also interested in getting answers to all these questions. I believe that only two people should be in a relationship. By the way, cheating for me is unacceptable. I found an emotionally abusive relationship test This is very interesting, because thanks to the result, you can draw conclusions about the quality of the relationship. This source is very important to me, I visit it every day. I like that I learn a lot of new things for myself about relationships in general and about the internal state.
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