"Mang Huang Ji" show (Desolate Era, minor spoilers)

Hi all, 

So I was browsing though anime site and saw an anime titled "Mang Huang Ji" and clicked it -- discovered that it was adaption based on Desolate Era! I was THRILLED. So I went and watched episode. 

I'm speechless......... it was... WORST THING I have ever SEEN in my life. EVERYTHING is wrong! EVERYTHING! The background, his personality, and so on. It was just downright disgusting. Only thing it was done correctly was probably their own names and few minor parts that it is. 

I thought "Okay it can't be that bad on 2nd episode, maybe he'll suddenly have personality change or something become more like the character in novel" 

I WAS WRONG. They had time skip of 15 years and Ji Ning was.. unenthusiastic, not determined and all wanted to be lazy and do nothing. OPPOSITE of true Ji Ning. They don't even show whether he trains in Crimsonbright Diagram or much details about Nuwa Painting. It was just terrible. THEN there's scene where he supposed to fight against the serpent in the arena, Ji Ning... wait, for it... was COWERING and being afraid. At that point, I basically just couldn't continue, I can't let this sinful piece of anime taint my eyes any further. 

Oh before I forgot, you know our loveable Uncle White? He can go human form APPARENTLY LOL! 

Okay, I just needed to rant to someone about this piece of shit and warn everyone to not get their eyes tainted if they find out about this anime.  
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