what is the difference between a kun peng and a roc

i keep reading descriptions of the life cycle of the kun peng and the roc and they are very similar both start as fish then become massive birds at first i thought they were the same creature but then i read other stories that referred to them as being 2 different things and i've tried googling it but i keep getting the wikipedia page for the roc and nothing telling me what differentiates it from the kun peng


  • Roc is like a giant bird. Think eagle/hawk but giant and much stronger

    Kun Peng is more like a fish with wings. Think a long like a snake but not as much and long wings that extend out. It was a originally a fish that wanted to fly so it grew wings. I imagine it as chinese snake dragon with wings but shorter and thicker
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  • I always pictured a Roc as some kind of bird that looks like a manta ray and a Kun Peng as a whale with wings.
  • If you guys watch movies called "Big Fish and Begonia" then that fish is the closses one to kun peng

    Aboutt Roc, i don't know why i always imagine it as zapdos :'3
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