Tales of Magic Swordsman



  • Chapter 31 - Evil Mistress' Dungeon (1)

    [You have entered Evil Mistress' Dungeon.]

    [Kill the Noble]
    Maximum Players: 10
    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days
    Description: Kill the Noble Rick to clear the dungeon.
    Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (0/1)
    Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +10.000, Silver +1
    Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die
    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 2 days.

    [You have activated a Hidden Boss. Beware an evil spirit aware of your presence! Quest Updated]

    [Destroy the Evil Spirit]
    Maximum Players: 10
    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days
    Description: Eliminate evil spirit haunting the mansion to clear the dungeon.
    Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (0/1), Kill Evil Mistress (0/1)
    Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +50.000, Silver+5
    Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die
    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 4 days.

    Dark Mansion actually the first dungeon for the player. The mansion was the entrance for the dungeon which was the deceased noble built. This was a 10-player dungeon. A maximum of 10 players in a team could entered this dungeon.

    In Two Worlds, there was no minimum player for entering the dungeon. Whenever a player felt strong enough to clear the dungeon, they could entered the dungeon alone. To clear the dungeon, a player needed to complete the dungeon's quest. There were different quest for each dungeon. Mostly, the quest was to eliminate the boss to clear a dungeon. The reward of completing a dungeon was all the player in the party would received experience point, money, and the dungeon cooldown would not be prolonged. If one failure to complete the dungeon quest, the cooldown for that dungeon, for all the player in the party, would be prolonged depending on the dungeon's difficulty. When a player dead or logged out, then they would be resurrected outside the dungeon and they would be considered as dead. So, when a player entered a dungeon they could not stopped halfway, there was only success or failure. 

    Whenever a party entered a dungeon, they had a slight chance of activating a hidden mission in the dungeon. The chances of activating the hidden mission would fluctuate depending on the dungeon's situation. When there were many party entering the dungeon, then the chance would went down drastically. A hidden mission could only be activated by one party. So, when a party got the hidden mission, then there would be no other party that could activate the hidden mission. The other party could only got their chance when the involved party failed their quest. However, if the involved party successfully cleared the quest, then there would be no more hidden mission for that dungeon for 2 days.

    When activating a hidden mission, their quest would be updated and their clear rewards would raised a lot. However, with the increase in rewards, the difficulty of the quest also increased significantly. For ordinary team, a hidden mission could be a nightmare for them. Meanwhile, for a team of experts, a hidden mission could be considered as blessing from heaven. This was why, there were some guild fighting each other for the hidden mission right.

    However, since now all the player was high leveled enough, the could not be bothered with a low leveled dungeon. Because of this, when Auron entered the dungeon, he automatically activated the hidden mission.

    Auron actually knew that he would activated the hidden mission, but he still went into the dungeon because he believed in his strength. Actually, for Auron, hunting inside the dungeon was easier that hunting outside because the monster in the dungeon could not re-spawned. So, if one was careful enough, they could eliminate all of the monster before fighting the boss. This way, they would only face the boss and their guards. 

    Luckily, this was a low leveled dungeon, so the monster inside would only moved inside their designated place. In a higher leveled dungeon, the monster actually moved around all the area in the dungeon. So, if a party was not careful enough, they could be ambushed by another monster. There was even a dungeon where the boss roamed around the dungeon and always summoned his guards to roamed with them.

    When Auron regained his vision, 2 skeleton guards already waited for him. The skeleton guards automatically moved to attack Auron, when he regained his vision.

    [Skeleton Guard] (common monster)
    Level: 17
    HP: 2800/2800
    MP: 30/30
    Skills: Shield Bash
    Description: A walking skeleton with a shield and sword. It has normal movement speed.

    Auron held his sword in his hand tightly. One of the skeleton slice towards Auron. But, Auron successfully dodged the attack. He circled around the skeleton and launched a slash toward the guard.

    -103. Auron managed to hit one of the skeleton guards. he continued his attack. He turned his slash into a chop. However, the chop was blocked by the skeleton guards. The other skeleton guard also started to swing his sword. Although the skeleton guard was stronger than most of the monster outside, for Auron, these two skeleton guard was an easy prey. They could not compared when Auron had to fight with a bunch of monster outside. Auron took his time to kill the skeleton guards. After around two minutes fighting, both of the skeleton guard died.

    "Should I cleared all the monster before fighting the boss or just directly faced the boss?" Auron pondered while picking the loot dropped by the skeleton guards.

    Because this was just a low leveled dungeon, a party could just directly went and faced the boss went they knew the way to the boss. In this dungeon, one just need to went up through the stairs and move into the hall to fight with the Noble Rick.

    "I should just used this chances to quickly raise my level. I need to swept all of the monster for experience point and the loot." Auron quickly dismissed the idea of directly faced the boss. He was in need of experience point and money, and this low leveled dungeon was like a gold mine for him.

    Right now, he was in the first floor, there were three ways he could choose, left, right, or move forward toward the stairs. Since, he had decided to swept all the monster first, he dismissed the third option.

    "Left or Right don't matter since I will swept both of them. Let's sweep the monster on the left first." Auron decided.
  • Chapter 32 - Evil Mistress' Dungeon (2)

    Auron started to walked toward the left way. From the entrance he could see a hallway filled with undead monster. At the end of the hall, there was a door leading to another room. That room was Auron's destination.

    He started to pull the monster in the hall one by one. With Auron high leveled skill and his footwork, he easily defeated the monster. He arrived at the entrance to the room. It took 5 minutes for him to clear the monster in the hallway. 

    He opened and entered the room. Upon entering, He could see a bookshelf neatly arranged along the wall of the room. There was a window on the left of the room. One could see the outside through the window. In the middle of the room, there was a desk and a chair. He could also saw a big painting of a man hanging on the wall across him. The man in the painting exuded a noble aura. This man was Noble Rick painting when he was still young and this room was Rick's study room.

    In his life, he would used this room to study and worked. He would arranged all his business strategy here and directed all of his subordinates from here. There were many book when he was still alive, however, right now, there were only few book left here. Moreover, the book was in a very bad condition. Although you could hold and opened the book, you could not decipher the content of the book since the words almost gone. There were even a torn page and page with dried blood on it.

    Although the room was not very large, however, it could hold 40 people with all the furniture inside. When entering the room Auron could see a bunch of undead monster on it. There were 5 skeleton guards, 3 skeleton archers, 4 ghoul, and 5 skeleton.

    The monster inside sensed Auron's presence. They immediately turn facing the door. When they saw a human, they started to roar and attacked the human. The skeleton guards leading the mob attacking Auron, with skeleton behind them and ghoul at the rear since ghoul had the slowest speed. The skeleton archers also started held their bow and took aim toward Auron.

    Seeing the monster's reaction, Auron didn't stay silent. He activated his [Weapon's Aura] and slashed horizontally to the incoming skeleton guards. A wind blade coming out of his weapon and flying toward the skeleton guards.

    -432. -498. -523. -482. -398. All the skeleton guards in the front took some damage from the wind blade. This was one of the swordsman's skill they could learned after they learned [Weapon's Aura].

    [Wind Slash] (Swordsman's skill)
    Level: 30
    MP: 30
    Type: Active
    Target: Area in front of user
    Cool down: 3 minutes
    Prerequisites: [Weapon's Aura]
    Description: Dealing 130% of user's attack as a damage to the enemy in front of the user.

    This skill was named, [Wind Slash]. It could only damage the enemy in front of the user. Although this skill could be considered as an area skill, however, the area covered by this skill was only the front of the user. Also, the wind blade was not large enough to cover the side. However, this skill could make the enemy's halt their movement for a seconds if the enemy took the damage from the front.

    This was what happened to the skeleton guards. Since, they were the one took the initiative to charge towards Auron, they could not dodged the [Wind Slash] and took the full damage from the front which stopped their movement for a second. In battle, a second could turn the tide of the battle. As an expert, Auron didn't miss the opportunity, he side stepped to the right and used [Charge] toward the skeleton archers at the back.

    A ranged monster usually had fewer health that the melee monster. However, because they could attacked from far away, this made them very annoying, especially if there was another monster tanking for them. This was what made Auron aiming to eliminate the skeleton archers first.

    With the sudden increase in movement, Auron arrived at the nearest skeleton archers. The skeleton archers had just shot their arrows toward Auron's previous spot which resulted in a big miss. Because they just shot their arrows, the nearest skeleton archer to Auron didn't have enough time to reload his arrows. Taking this advantages, Auron used a single targeted skill to the monster, [Bash].

    [Bash] (Swordsman's skill)
    Level: 30
    MP: 20
    Type: Active
    Target: Single Target
    Cool down: 2 minutes
    Prerequisites: None
    Description: Dealing 180% of user's attack as a damage to a single enemy. There was a chance inflicting stun to the target for 2 seconds.

    -640. A red damage floated above the skeleton archer's head. There was also a dizzy animation above the monster's head. The monster had been stunned.

    While damaging the skeleton archer, the others monster had come closed enough to Auron. Auron directly used his wide area skill. A bunch of red text floated above the monster. However, the monster not affected by the damage, the nearby ghoul started to launched their attack toward Auron.

    No time to dodge, Auron took a defensive method. He used [Aura's barrier].

    [Aura's Barrier] (Swordsman's skill)
    Level: 30
    MP: 20
    Type: Active
    Target: Self
    Cool down: 10 minutes
    Prerequisites: Weapon's Aura
    Description: An Aura will enveloped the user and will act as a barrier. The incoming damage will be reduced by 50%. The barrier will last for 10 seconds or until it took 10.000 damage.

    -20. -18. -21. -30. A series of damage floated above Auron's head. He directly consumed another health potion and mana potion. His health rises once again to full health. Also, his mana which was depleted after using series of skill filled again. He launched another AOE skill again and again. With the [Aura's Barrier]'s effect, in 10 seconds, Auron had killed half of the monster. Meanwhile, the other half only had a sliver of their health, with the most had 13% of their health.

    After a few second more, Auron finally managed to kill all the monster inside the room. He consumed another health potion and mana potion. After that, he took all the loot on the ground. He looked at his status. His experience point raised to 61%. From this battle, Auron had already consumed 10 health potion and 5 mana potion. 

    "It was worth it." Auron thought.
  • Chapter 33 - Evil Mistress' Dungeon (3)

    Auron came back to the entrance of the dungeon. This time, he took the right path. He could saw the identical hallway as the left one. The decoration filled the hallway was the same as the left path and also, the monster filled and place were the same as well.

    He cleared his way toward the end of the hallway. At the end of the hallway, he saw an exit lead to the back of the mansion. He exited the mansion and arrived outdoor. A barrage of arrow greeted Auron. He directly went back inside and took cover by the wall.

    Most of the arrow were missed and hitted the wall. However, because of the sudden attack and there were many arrows, Auron took some damage. Although, the damage was not critical it was enough to make Auron health dropped below half.

    "Dammit, I forget about the arrow's barrage." Auron cursed while taking a health potion to replenish his health. Because this dungeon was the first dungeon player would encountered, so it had been a long time since Auron finished this dungeon.

    Luckily, the arrow's barrage didn't kill him. With his quick reaction speed, he could dodged most of the arrow. If he was one step slower, he would already became a corpse.

    "Next time I go to low leveled dungeon, I will looked at the guide first." Auron said.

    Heaven's actually had a completed guide covered all the dungeon in Two Worlds. The guide had been compiled from the knowledge of many guild member's experience in the dungeon. If one followed this guide properly, he could easily finished the dungeon. However, Auron didn't even have one copy of it. When Auron was still the Heaven's guild leader, he never thought that he would run a low leveled dungeon again, so he didn't make a copy of the guide.

    "Maybe, Roan has a copy of it. I will asked him the next time we met." Auron thought. "Well, it actually doesn't matter whether I use the guild's guide or I look for the online one."

    Since Two Worlds had been running for 10 years, it was easy to look for a dungeon's guide online. Although, the guide was not as complete as a high ranked guild's guide, but it was enough. What Auron needed was some key points about the dungeon, so the online guide was enough for him.

    "Let me finish this dungeon first and think about the guide later." Auron thought in his mind.

    He had to think how he should dealt with the arrows' barrage. When a group of player run through here, they would made the swordsman to tank the arrows while the cleric heal the swordsman from behind. However, right now, Auron was alone and he had no healer beside him. He could not rely on his health potion because of there was one second cool down when he used the potion. Even if he was somehow succeed and could killed all the monster, he must had used a lot of potion.

    "What could I do, without a healer it will cost me a lot of potion. Let's just leave this place and continue upstairs." Auron abandon his intention to clear all the monster and went back to the entrance.

    He directly went to upstairs. Arriving at the second floor, Auron was greeted with a huge door in front of him. This door lead to the main hall used by the noble to held a party for his guest or a celebration party. This place was also where the boss of the dungeon, Noble Rick, was located.

    Meanwhile on the left and right side of the hall, there were a path lead to the back of the hall which were the room for the noble's family resided. There were also room for the guest. Right now, the room was filled with monster and along the way there were some undead monster guarding the path.

    For a party that only looked to clear the dungeon, they would ignored the path and directly challenged the boss in the main hall. However, for Auron, the monster was practically an experience point and a gold mine for him.

    With his high leveled skill and his fighting techniques, it would be easy for him to kill all the monster. Since, he needed four times more experience point than ordinary player to level up. He would not ignored these monster. Moreover, he also in need of money, the monster would also dropped some loot that could be sold. Although it could be considered like a little drop in a bucket, however, a little drop could also filled the bucket full given some time.

    Auron didn't want to missed this chance, he took the left path. He focused all of his though in hunting as he wanted to minimize the use of his potion. He tried to dodged or blocked all of the enemy attack. He also only used his basic attack to attack the enemy.

    This way, although, he needed more time to clear the monster, he could save a lot of money for buying potion. Auron took his time to kill the monster safely. He went to a bunch of monster and clear it first before went to the next group of monster. He also would got inside the room one by one. When the battle was ended he would took his time to rest to replenish his health. Sometimes, he would used his skill when he had no other choice. It was better to spend some money rather than tried to save it and died.

    After 20 minutes, trying to clear all the monster on the second floor as cheap as possible, Auron finally managed to clear all the monster and he was back at the entrance of the main hall. From clearing all of the monster on the second floor, he managed to raise his level to level 13 with 62%.

    As usual, he allocated his attribute as he had planned before. After raising his attribute, he found out that his mana, with the help of silver necklace, already surpassed his health.

    "After this dungeon, I need to take some loan again to Roan. I need to have some decent equipment or I would always have a hard time finishing a low level dungeon." Auron sighed. He didn't want become burden to his friend, but he was also had a hard time because he didn't have proper equipment.

    Auron could only sighed. He opened the door to the main hall and entered to face the boss.
  • Chapter 34 - Noble Rick

    Auron entered the main hall. Although he already know how big the hall was, he still could not help but awed at the size of the hall. It was almost as big as his living place. The hall was decorated magnificently and extravagantly. The floor and the wall was coated with gold and one could find a diamond installed on the wall. There were also diamond on the two huge pillar in the middle of the hall.

    The decoration could make a player's greed rise up. A player once tried to take the diamond from the wall, however, Once he took out one diamond, the boss become invincible. No physical damage or magical damage could hurt the boss also his damage become ten times than normal damage. However, when one putted back the stolen diamond, the boss' attributes become normal again.

    A player once tried to store the diamond in his inventory and let the boss killed him. However, his plan was a big failure. Not only, his dead punishment become twice more severe than normal, but the diamond also dropped on the ground when he died. After this news spread out, many player stopped thinking on how to take the diamond out for their own wealth. Until now, there were no player had tried to attempt to take the diamond again. Well, there were occasionally some first timer player tried to, but soon they could only regretted their actions.

    Insides, there were a big stage. On top of the stage there were a chair that was no less magnificent and extravagant than the wall and floor. When one entered the room, they directly imagine that they had entered a king's hall in upper class kingdom.

    Auron could see a middle age man sitting on the chair. With a black haired and expensive royal robe, the man sitting comfortably on the chair. When the man saw Auron entered the hall, the man frowned and stood up from his chair.

    "Who are you?" The man asked.

    However, before Auron said anything, the man actually continued his sentence as if he already got an answer from Auron.

    "You are not invited to the party. Guards! Bring this man out and execute him!" The man howled.

    Not long after the man shouted, 4 skeleton guards showed from behind Auron and 2 skeleton archers showed beside the middle aged man. This man was actually the boss of this dungeon, Noble Rick.

    [Noble Rick] (common boss monster)
    Level: 20
    HP: 7500/7500
    MP: 500/500
    Skills: Summon guards, Noble's Scream
    Description: An insane undead noble. It can summon 4 skeleton guards and 2 skeleton archers. Beware of its scream.

    After the guards showed up, the boss appearance started to changed. Before, it was a black haired middle aged man with an expensive royal robe, right now, the black hair was missing. The boss became the same as his guard, a skeleton. Although there were some difference between the boss and the guard which was the expensive royal robe. 

    The boss took a sword from beside his seat, unsheathed it and as if Auron was some intruder that gave resistance, he howled, "Killed him right now! Execute him on the spot! Don't let him leave alive!"

    The boss and his guards started to attack Auron. From Auron entered the hall until the boss attacked him, it only last for 5 seconds. However, Auron was not surprised by this, because he already knew that this was only the scenario played by the game system.

    The skeleton guards behind him attack Auron. However, Auron already prepared, he dodged the attack easily. He first ran to the middle of the hall and hide behind the hall to dodge the skeleton archer's arrow. The skeleton guards chased behind him and the boss, Noble Rick, also moved slowly toward Auron.

    When the skeleton guards was closed enough with him, Auron started to use his skill to kill the skeleton guards. He could easily killed the skeleton guards. When the boss arrived near Auron, all of the skeleton guards already dead. Auron took this chance to attack the boss.

    However, after Auron's attack landed on the boss. The boss directly used his summon guards again. Four skeleton guards appear beside the boss, and two new skeleton archers also appear beside the old skeleton archers.

    Auron frowned and thought, "Since the boss used his skill very randomly, this could happen. If I don't killed the skeleton archers behind, it will only stack up until it was hard to dodge. I need to kill them first"

    Auron dodged the skeleton guards and used [Charged] to the skeleton archers beside the chair. While charging, he also took some damage from the skeleton archers and the nearby skeleton guards. However, he ignored it and just took a health potion.

    With close combat fight, the skeleton archers could not fight back and quickly all of the skeleton archers already eliminated. Auron quickly focused his attention on the remaining skeleton guards. Although, there were 4 skeleton guards and 1 boss, Noble Rick, without the pressure from skeleton archers, Auron could easily defeated the skeleton guards with his high leveled skill.

    After 30 seconds into the battle, there was only the boss left alone. Auron attack the boss and reduced his health slowly while preserving his potion. He know that there were still the hidden boss after this. He didn't want to take the risk, so he preserve his potion.

    Although the boss sometimes used the combo which was using the summon guards skill followed by the roar skill, Auron still could easily defeated them. All of this thanks to the skill given by Roan. Auron felt that this battle actually was easier rather than when he was fighting against the goblin's leader with his clone.

    "I am sorry my wife, I cannot accompany you anymore." A shouted was heard.

    After 10 minutes of fighting, the boss finally gave his life and fell down to the ground. Auron quickly swept all the loot without inspected it. Although the boss was dead, Auron quickly adjusted his mind because he knew there still was the hidden boss left. A notification appeared in front of Auron.

    [Quest Updated]

    [Destroy the Evil Spirit]
    Maximum Players: 10
    Dungeon Cooldown: 1 days
    Description: Eliminate evil spirit haunting the mansion to clear the dungeon.
    Quest Clear Condition: Kill Noble Rick (1/1), Kill Evil Mistress (0/1)
    Quest Clear Rewards: Experience +50.000, Silver+5
    Quest Failure Condition: All player in the party die
    Quest Failure Punishment: Dungeon will be in cool down for 4 days.

    The dungeon's quest was updated because Auron already kill the Noble Rick. Not long after the notification appeared. A beautiful woman appeared from the entrance and ran towards Auron.
  • Chapter 35 - Evil Mistress (1)

    Not long after the notification appeared. A beautiful woman appeared from the hall's entrance and ran towards Auron. She wore a thin almost transparent white night gown. Her night gown made her body curve more stood out. Her beauty combined with her appearance could surely seduced a man.

    A stream of tears could be seen running through her face. She wore a sad as well as worried expression on her face. She ran toward Auron while shouting pitifully, "What have you done to my husband?"

    It looked like she had lost her whole world and there was nothing more in this world that could made her happy. She was like a frail beautiful woman letting out her anger to the killer of her husband. Moreover, because of her frail appearance, one could not help to feel pity on her.

    When she only two step away from Auron, she wore a wide sinister smiled. Her claw suddenly grew longer. It was long enough for her to claw Auron from her position. She clawed towards Auron and aimed at his vital spot.

    Clang. Auron blocked her claw and he kicked the woman. Kicked by Auron, the woman staggered backward. However, despite her frail appearance and force from a man, the woman didn't wore any painful expression. On the contrary, the woman laughed loudly like a crazy woman. 

    She suddenly float a little bit above the ground. Her expression become more sinister and bloody. She looked like a psychopath which had cold bloodily killed many human without any regrets. A wind suddenly come onto the room and surround her.

    Baam. The hall's entrance door closed hard. The wind was so hard flew around her that one could even saw the wind with their naked eyes. A dark aura started to seep out from the woman and mixed with the wind around her. The aura was so dark that whoever touched it without protection could become crazy and cold blooded.

    The effect last for about 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the wind around the woman started to faded out. The woman appearance changed. Before, she was a frail and beautiful woman, but right now, she was like a strong devil that had enough strength to conquer the world.

    The floated woman landed slowly to the ground. A very strong dark aura could be seen with naked eyes surrounding her. She wore a sinister smiled and then she pointed her finger toward Auron. A dark rays coming out from her finger and attacked Auron.

    Auron easily dodged the rays and took step back maintaining his distance with the woman. This woman was the hidden boss of the dungeon, Evil Mistress. All of the scene from her running toward Auron and she shot a dark rays from her finger was actually a scenario that always played every time player fight with the hidden boss.

    [Evil Mistress] (uncommon boss monster)
    Level: 25
    HP: 15000/15000
    MP: 2500/2500
    Skills: Summon undeads, Evils' Scream, Dark Rays
    Description: A devil possessed the body of noble Rick's wife. Be careful, she is strong and sinister.

    After the Noble Rick was killed, a woman frail and beautiful woman would appeared and crying his husband's death. With her pitiful appearance, if one didn't know about the scenario they would left their guard down. At that time, the boss would launched her claw toward all of the player. If her attack was a success, then it would guaranteed a critical hit and dealt a huge damage toward the player.

    After she clawed toward the player, she would took a step back and transform to her true form like the scene played before. When she was transforming, the player could do nothing because the wind and dark aura protected her. So, the player could only wait until her transformation ended. However, when the transformation ended, the boss would shot a dark rays from her finger just like what she had did before towards Auron.

    There was once a group of leveled 18 player with strong equipment met the hidden boss for their first time and they let their guards down. Just from the scenario played, that group lost all of their tank and melee player. Left with ranged and magic player only, they could not killed the boss and wiped out. However, because Auron knew about all of this, he could be prepared and dodged the attacked so he didn't take any damage.

    The hidden boss started to summon her guards. 6 skeleton guards, 2 skeleton archers, and 2 ghouls appeared at her summon. She commanded her guards to attack Auron while she stayed on her spot.

    Although Auron forgot about the skeleton archers on the right way on the first floor, however, he knew all about this hidden boss information. The boss has a high damage, however, she also had two weakness.

    The first was after using her Dark Rays skill, she could not move for 1 minutes. She could only used her other skill than Dark Rays, or attack with her basic attack which was the claw. Although the claw was longer than usual claw, however it still was categorized as a melee attack, it ranged was as far as an ordinary sword. So, after the boss used her Dark Rays, the player could attack the boss using ranged attack and be safe because the boss could not fight back.

    Her second weakness was unlike other boss that had regeneration rate of their health. This boss didn't have any regeneration so she could not regenerate their health when attacked. However, this boss could recover some health by consuming his summoned undead. The boss would summoned 6 skeleton guards, 2 skeleton archers, and 2 ghouls for 5 minutes. If in 5 minutes, there were some of her guards still had their health left, she would consumed all of her guards and recover her health in proportion of the consumed summoned undead's health.

    As it had said before, the boss would used their skill based on their intelligence which corresponded with the boss grade. Although this boss' grade was slightly higher than the other monster's grades, uncommon was still considered as low grade and their intelligence could be classified as low.

    "I need to clear out all of the summoned undeads." Auron though up his plan.
  • Chapter 36 - Evil Mistress (2)

    Auron started to take actions against the boss' guards. Since the boss could not move after using Dark Rays, the pressured Auron felt was lessen. First, he moved back and lured the guards away from the boss.

    After far enough from the boss, Auron used his [Weapon's Aura]. He brandished his sword toward the nearby ghoul.

    -350. The ghoul took some damage and faltered back. Meanwhile, the other ghoul attacked Auron. However, Auron managed to dodged the attack. Auron didn't stop at his place, he quickly moved away again since the skeleton guards' attack followed afterwards. While dodging, Auron also kept his vigilance toward the skeleton archers at the back.

    Auron could not fight back because of the series of attack by the boss' guards. If he braved his self to accept the attack, although he could survive the damage, but it will cost him a lot to heal himself and putted him in danger. Moreover, the boss' health was still at full. If Auron wasted all his potion in defeating the guards, he could not be sure that he could survive the boss.

    Moreover, the boss would unleashed her skill randomly. A randomly skill would not as scary as a planned skill, however, it also had its own danger. The player could not read what the boss moved. So, if the player not careful enough to maintain his vigilant, a random skill could blasted him off and turn the battle tide over.

    "I cannot kept things moved this way. The boss still could not moved, I must take this chance to reduce the guards to lessen the pressure over me." Auron thought

    He started to formulate a plan in his mind. Auron lured the group of monster towards one of the pillar on the middle. The group of mobs would followed Auron closed the pillar. While the melee monster chased Auron closely, the ranged monster would stood at the back and took aim at Auron.

    When nearing the pillar, Auron started to circled the pillar and lured the melee monster pillar while the pillar also served as a blocker to the ranged monster. The pillar was big enough. It had a diameter of 2 meters. 

    Auron moved from one side of the pillar and circled the pillar. He and the melee monster which chased after him was gone behind the pillar. Not long after that, Auron showed up at the opposite part from which he gone behind the pillar.

    After he showed, Auron didn't hesitate to use his [Charge] to aim toward the skeleton archers at the back. With the sudden increased in his speed, Auron managed to left behind the melee monster chasing behind him while he closed the ranged monster. Since, it was a low level intelligence monster, they didn't had any emotion. So, when Auron's speed increased suddenly, the ranged monster didn't had any sign of panicking, instead they took the posture of aiming the bow and aimed toward the incoming Auron.

    However, Auron speed had increased several fold, so, before the skeleton archers managed to unleash their arrows, Auron used his wide area skill. The skill successfully hit all the skeleton archers. The skeleton archers could not unleashed the arrow, instead they seems lost their momentum to attack. The skeleton archers started to re aiming their attack to Auron. However, Auron didn't let it happened, he followed his attack. Auron used [Bash] to one of the skeleton archers and managed to stunning the skeleton archers.

    Auron even used his basic attack to chipped away the health of the skeleton archers. However, before Auron manged to kill any of the skeleton archers, the melee monster chasing him had moved closed enough to him so Auron could only maintain his safety and moved back. He took several step back and lured the monster toward the pillar again.

    Auron wanted to use the same strategy to kill of the skeleton archers behind. Because the monster grade was low, they could not learn from their previous mistake. The melee monster just blindly followed Auron toward the pillar once again, while the ranged monster stayed at the back and shot some arrows which was easily dodged by Auron.

    After using the previous tactic Auron once again, Auron manged to kill one of the skeleton archers behind. Then, he would used the same tactic to kill the rest of the skeleton archers. When the ranged monster already dead, Auron focused toward the ghoul and skeleton guards. With no cooperation between the monster and Auron's vigilance, he could easily defeated the guard one by one.

    There were 1 ghoul and 1 skeleton guard left. Auron brandished his sword toward the ghoul. Suddenly, he felt a sharp attack coming from his behind. Auron quickly stopped his attack and dodged the attack coming from behind him.

    The boss' immobile time had already over, and she launched an attack toward Auron. That sharp attack was done by the boss. With no support from ranged attack, Auron could maintain to dodge the attack from 3 melee monster.

    Auron easily killed the leftover ghoul and skeleton guard before the boss consuming the guards. Left alone with the boss, Auron's pressure was lessen a lot. He chipped away the boss health however he still kept his vigilance toward the boss' sharp claw. The boss' attack was sharp and fast but not as fast as the higher level monster Auron had already fought before.

    When the boss' health was at 83%, she used her roar skill and reduced Auron's attribute. However, Auron still managed to dodge all the boss' attack. However because of the reduced attribute, Auron could only fought passively. He could only dodged and blocked the attack. He didn't dare to launch the counter attack because he was afraid when he was counter attacking the boss would attack him. The boss had high damage plus with the lack of Auron's equipment, Auron afraid that the boss could one shot him.

    After the roar debuff was gone, Auron started to fight actively again, he swung his sword toward the boss, sometimes he would use his single target skill. The boss' health dropped slowly, but since the boss could not recover her health, so her health kept dropping down. Meanwhile, with Auron's cautious actions, he had not suffered any damage from the boss. Auron only occasionally gulp down his mana potion since he still used his skill.

    "The boss' health was at 76%, there was still a long way to go, but I can do this." Auron excitedly though in his mind while being cautious.
  • Chapter 37 - Evil Mistress (3)

    Up to this point, the boss' health was reduced to 76%. To reach this point, Auron already spent some of his bought potion before. Although, he didn't consumed much health potion, however, he still consumed a lot of mana potion. He still had 75 health potion left while his mana potion already consumed until there was only 15 left.

    The boss attacked Auron relentlessly. However, with Auron's experience of 10 years playing the Two Worlds, a small boss like this was nothing. Auron kept chipped away the boss' health while maintaining his vigilant state.

    75%, 74%, ... , 68%. After some minutes passed by Auron managed to reduce 8% of the boss' health. For that amount of time, Auron didn't take any damage at all. Although his lack of decent equipment, he still managed to reduced 8% of the boss' health without taking damage. This showed how easy for Auron to fight the boss. 

    The boss suddenly raised her finger toward Auron. Seeing this, Auron took several steps back and maintained some distance from the boss. He focused out all of his attention to the finger pointing at him.

    This stance was a sign from the boss that she would used Dark Rays skill. The boss would pointed out her finger and not long after that a dark rays would shot out from her finger. The process from pointing the finger until the rays shot was short. So, sometimes, if the player not cautious enough to realize the stance, he would be late to dodge.

    The closer one to the finger the higher the damage. Also, when one close enough to the pointed finger, the chance for them to dodge the rays also reduced a lot. That was why when Auron realized the boss pointing her finger toward Auron, he immediately took several steps back.

    Surely, not long after the finger pointed at Auron, a dark rays shot out from the finger towards Auron. Seeing the rays, Auron immediately took a sidestep to dodge the rays. The rays walked straight, hit the chair behind Auron and destroyed the upper half of the chair.

    Meanwhile, Auron who took a sidestep didn't take any damage at all. After the boss used the skill, the boss immediately suffered the aftereffect of her action. She could not moved at all.

    "This is my chance." Auron thought.

    Without any guards around the boss, Auron went straight to the boss. The boss could only rooted at her place and swing his claw to attack Auron. Although, Auron had his magic skill, he didn't used it at all. The reason was he only had a little mana on him. Moreover, a magic skill needed a lot of mana potion while he only had few mana potion left. One magic skill needed 80% of his current maximum mana. Although, there was still leftover mana, however, the leftover mana could not be used to launch another magic skill. So, it could be said that every time he want used his magic skill, he need to consume one mana potion.

    This was why instead of maintaining the distance and attacked the boss from distance, he engaged the boss in close combat. Moreover, he had abundant experience in close combat battle as he was the ranked number one swordsman for eight years straight.

    The boss clawed toward the incoming Auron. However, Auron dodged the claw using his sword and directly went to the side of the boss. The boss needed time to turn her body to face Auron again. When the boss already turned and faced him, Auron already launched an attacked. Because the boss turned her body and she was rooted at her place, the boss could not block the attack nor moved to dodge the attack. The attack chipped her health. Although, it the damage was little compared to her maximum health, slowly but surely the boss health went down. Moreover, the boss didn't have any regeneration rate, so she could not recover her health over time.

    Auron kept launched his attack. He would moved to the boss side and launched an attack while the boss turned her body. This continued until the boss immobile time was over. When the boss could moved again her health already reduced until there was only 40% left.

    The boss used her summon guards skill and a bunch of guards was showed up and immediately attacked Auron. With the guards and boss attacking Auron at the same time, the pressure Auron felt immediately went up significantly. However, Auron still could maintained to calm his mind and not panicking.

    He didn't attack the boss, instead he attacked the guards and killed it one by one. He didn't want the boss to recover her health and made all of his effort turned into dust. He used his wide area skill and combined it with basic attack and single target skill.

    When the summoned guard almost ended, Auron managed to kill all of the boss' summoned guard. The boss could not replenished her health. Instead, the boss' health reduced become 35% because she took damage from Auron using his wide area skill.

    This time, however, Auron not left out unscathed. With the pressure, he could not help but took some damage from the guards. However, he quickly consumed a health potion and kept maintaining his health above 80%. He also used some mana potion left on him. 

    For the rest of the boss' health, the boss didn't used any more skill. So, Auron easily defeated her. When the boss was at her last moment, she cried loudly and a dark aura could be seen flew out of the woman body and dissipated in the air. Meanwhile, the woman's body already turned into a pile of bone and slowly the bone turned into dust and scattered into the air. Auron relieved that all of this was over. A notification was popped up in front of his. 

    [Quest 'Destroy the Evil Spirit' was completed. Experience +50.000, Silver +5]

    A yellow light showed around Auron, the reward made Auron leveled up to level 14 and boosted up his experience to 8%. After allocating his attribute point, he walked toward the spot the hidden boss was dead. It was time to collect the boss' loot.
  • Chapter 38 - Dungeon's Loot

    When a dungeon finished, a portal to exit the dungeon would be formed. A player would had two options, to use the portal to exit or used a return scroll. If the player chose the former, they would be teleported to the dungeon entrance, which in this case was the outside of the mansion. If they chose the latter, they would needed to spend a return scroll. The player only had 5 minutes after the dungeon finished to choose one of the options. If not, they would be forced to exit through the dungeon portal.

    Although a return scroll was not expensive, however, there was a case when a player forget to replenish their return scroll stock. There was also a player who like to lived frugal, so they would chose to exit through the portal to save for the return scroll.

    Auron would surely not chose the portal options because outside of the dungeon was filled with monster. He had already spent a lot of effort to go into the dungeon, he surely would not spare another effort just to save the cost of one return scroll. He also just bought the return scroll and hadn't used that item yet, so he still had some return scroll to used.

    After picking up the boss' loot, Auron used his return scroll. A blue light warped Auron and a progress showed up in front of Auron. When the progress bar was full, Auron disappeared from his previous place. Not long after, he showed up on the teleportation point in Miderian.

    A return scroll would bring the user to the save point he had chose before. Miderian would be automatically selected as the save point for new players. Later, if they not set another save point, when they used their return scroll, they would return to Miderian.

    Auron walked exited the teleportation point and went to the medicine store to replenish his potion. After finishing the dungeon, Auron got 5 silver as the dungeon rewards. This 5 silver was helpful for Auron. He spent his money to buy another 300 health potion and 200 mana potion and he saved the rest of his money.

    After resupplying, Auron started to check his loot gained from the boss.

    [Skeletal Sword] (common grade equipment) 
    Type: One Handed Sword
    Requirement: 15 Strength, 5 Agility, level 13
    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant
    Attack: 30 - 50
    Strength +1
    Effect: no effect

    [Mistress' Ring] (common grade equipment) 
    Type: Accessories
    Requirement: 10 Strength, 5 Dexterity, Intelligence 8
    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer
    Defend: 3
    Effect: Increase 1% damage against undead.

    [Chain mail] (common grade equipment) 
    Type: Body - Upper
    Requirement: 25 Strength
    Class: Swordsman, Merchant
    Defend: 19
    Vitality +1
    Effect: no effect

    After inspecting the loot gained from the boss, he could see there were three equipment that he could used immediately. So, he directly changed his equipment to the new one while he would sold the old one to the NPC store.

    With the addition of the new gear, Auron felt stronger than before. he quickly found a place to log out. Auron went to the inn and logged out.

    Auron opened his game capsule. He looked at the clock. It was almost midnight. Tomorrow, he would needed to login before 8 o'clock. At 8 o'clock, there would be a ceremony held for the freshman at the military academy. He would needed to control Smiling Wizard and be there.

    "Ah, I just go directly to sleep" Auron quickly went to his bed and tried to sleep.

    At around 6 a.m, for some reason, Auron woke up from his sleep. There was a bell rang at his place. With tired and grumpy face, Auron walked downstairs to open the door.

    "Who is visiting this early in the morning, I am so tired" Auron grumpily walked downstairs.

    "Coming!" Auron shouted from inside because the bell kept ringing.

    Auron opened the door. In front of him stood two men with uniform. In the uniform, there was a logo of black sheep. One of the men handing Auron a paper for Auron to sign.

    "Good morning Mr. Auron, we are from Black Sheep. We come here to deliver your nutrient solution. Please sign here and here." One of the man introduced himself and pointed at the paper for the place Auron needed to sign.

    Auron's face started to change. Before, he was grumpy and tired, but right now, his become excited. He already forgot that he asked Roan's help to buy nutrient solution. Auron quickly signed the paper needed.

    After Auron signed the paper, the two men started to bring the nutrient solution inside. There was 5 box of nutrient solution with each box contains 4 nutrient solution.

    "Please, bring it upstairs. Put it beside the game capsules." Auron said.

    The two men brought the box upstairs and putted it beside the game capsules as Auron's wish. After all done, they left Auron's place.

    "Thank you Mr. Auron. We hope you enjoy playing Two Worlds and don't forget to change your nutrient solution." One of the men bade farewell to Auron.

    After the men left, Auron went upstairs. He was so excited that he forgot he was grumpy because the disruption of his sleep. 20 nutrient solutions would last him for 20 days. In 20 days, he needed to get enough money to buy another nutrient solution. He also needed to get money enough to pay his rent.

    "Hah... I still had a lot to do." Auron sighed at the thought of money.

    "Forget it, Better focus on what I can do rather than what I can't do!" Auron kept his mind positive.

    He opened the nutrient solution's box and putted 10 nutrient solution in the game capsules. After that, he went inside the game capsules and login.

    [Welcome to Two Worlds]

    [We detected the presence of 10 nutrient solution. With nutrient solution you could play for 24 hours a day. We will warned you when the nutrient solution almost ran out. You could also look at the game options to check your nutrient solution. Enjoy the game!]

    Auron stood at the place where he logged out the previous days.

    "What to do?" Auron excitedly thinking what he should do since he was login very early.
  • Chapter 39 - Academy's Class

    Since Auron login very early, he was confused on what he supposed to do now. 

    "There were still a lot of time, should I go hunt and raise my level?" Auron thought. 

    However, soon, Auron dismissed the idea of hunting because when he was hunting, he would forget about time and the chance of him late was high.

    "Maybe, I should go over to Smiling Wizard and read information about how the academy works." Auron decided, "That's it, I am going over to Smiling Wizard now".

    Although, Auron already accepted into the academy and got the handbook, however, up until now he still never read it. After deciding what he gonna do, he prepared first for his main character. He went to the medicine store and bought another batch of potion. Buying another batch of potion made him only got 1 silver on his pocket. He didn't want to spend all of his money and kept it for emergency use.

    Auron commanded the system to went over to the Dark Mansion's area once again and told it to hunt there until all of his potion ran out. Auron also made the system only hunt the monster near the entrance, so the level of danger was much much lower and the system could easily ran away. Because it was morning and he made the system to hunt in the entrance, Auron felt safe to leave his main character to the system.

    As soon as he finished issuing his command, he switched over to his clone character, Smiling Wizard. He looked at his surrounding. He could see Feather Slice still asleep and snoring. He saw Black Bull was awake and doing something, but he could not find Deadly Tower anywhere in the room.

    "Good morning." Auron greeted Black Bull.

    "Oh you are awake, good morning." Black Bull nodded and replied.

    "What are you doing? and where is Deadly Tower?" Auron asked.

    "I am calculating my asset. This was very important step for me to survive in the academy." Black Bull replied with serious tone and concentrating on calculating his asset. "About Deadly Tower, He woke earlier than me. When I woke up, I could not find him anywhere, so I went outside and found him exercising and practicing his archery."

    "He must really eager to make his dad in heaven proud of him. Because of him, I also become motivated and that is why I am also preparing myself for the academy. Go out if you want to meet Deadly Tower." 

    "Wow, he practiced very hard. I cannot lose to him. I am intending to read about the academy's handbook first. I haven't read it before." Auron told Black Bull.

    "Sure, I will not bother you anymore. As an advice, read the academy's point part and memorize it." Black Bull giving advice to Auron and directly went back to calculate his assets.

    Auron thank him and brought out his academy's handbook. He read it carefully so he not missed a single word. When he didn't understand about something, he would read it many times until he understand what it meant about.

    After 1 hour reading the book, he finished reading it and closed the book. The book was very detailed especially the academy's point part. Based on what he read, for the first 3 months he needed to attend two type of lesson, the general lesson and the class specific lesson. As it named, the general lesson would teach about everything in general, like how to raise one rank or how to fight in the war, what they needed to do when they were in danger, etc. Meanwhile, the class specific lesson would teach the way of that class, which in this case was mage, on fighting in war.

    The general lesson would be divided into two class, the noble class and the commoner class. Of course, they would be treated differently. The book said that the treatment for noble class would be better, their practice tool also more expensive than the commoner class. Because of this, there was one time that one of the commoner raised a protest to the academy. However, his protest was quickly dismissed by one sentence, "Military needs money, war needs money, rather than protest about the unfair treatment, why don't you raise your contribution point and become noble."

    For the class specific lesson, there would only be one class for each specific class regardless of their status. The class would be a mixed of noble and commoner. From the book, Auron also learned that this class would teach them about how their class would contributed to war. Even the merchant class also had their own important role.

    In general, Swordsman would be the vanguards so they would learned everything they needed for close combat. Thief would learned on how to assassinate their enemy in the chaos of war or spying into the enemy camp. Archer would learned to snipe the enemy from far away and supported the close combat class. Mage would learned on how to cast their magic efficiently also they would learned on what they needed to do when they were trapped in close combat. Cleric would learned on the timing to heal and buff to support the other class. Meanwhile, merchant would learned on how to distribute the logistics and defend themselves and their carried goods from their enemy.

    As it mentioned before, they would learned all of it in 3 months everyday without break even on Sunday. After 3 months, they would be released from any guidance and they free to choose what are they gonna do. Although, they were free to choose on what they gonna do, they still needed to achieved a certain amount of academic's point each month. If they could not achieved it, they would be punished by sent to the war zone for a month before they could get back to the academy.

    They would continued doing this until they were graduated. They would graduated 9 months later. So, it could be said that they would learned in the academy for 1 year. After 1 year, they would be sent to war zone as a soldier of Gaia and they could started to raised their military's contribution point to raise their ranks.
  • Chapter 40 - Academy's Point

    After the learning period of 3 months over, there would be 9 months of internship in the military. To produce a good quality soldier, the military decided to put some pressure on the students. During the 9 months of internship, the student would be ranked based on their point gained. Their point would decided their fate in the academy.

    They could gained point through many ways. From a safe ways to the most dangerous ways. They could gained point through helping the teacher in a task, collecting certain resource task, killing monster, patrolling in a town and many more. The more dangerous a task the more point it would gifted.

    To put more pressure to the students, at the end of each months, there would be an evaluation to evaluate their performance. The students needed to collect certain amount of academy's point, else they would get punished. The amount would increased each month, so the student needed to select more appropriate task to keep on the safe zone.

    After each month, the point would be reset back to 0 and they would need collect it again from scratch. The highest point, which was collected on the previous month, would be the safety limit for the next month. This would ensure the student to keep certain standard and keep moving forward.

    The top 10 students on the ranking would get a reward. The reward consists of money and equipment. The point they got would be converted to money with 1:1 ratio. 1 point would be converted to 1 copper. The more they collected the point, the more money they would get. However, the one who could get this privilege were the top 10 students on the ranking who already passed the safety limit. The rest, their point would just reset back to 0 and they would get nothing.

    Also, the top 5 students could get additional reward which was an equipment of their choice. The ranked 5 student would get a random common equipment of their class. The ranked 4 student would get two random common equipment of their class. The ranked 3 student would get one random uncommon equipment of their class. The ranked 2 student would get two random uncommon equipment of their class. And, the top student would get a rare equipment of their choice.

    This rewards was given to motivate the competitiveness of the students. Although the top student would only get 1 piece of equipment, however the equipment's quality was rare and it could not be compared to 2 uncommon equipment. Moreover, the top student could choose their desired equipment.

    The money and the equipment given could ensure the competitiveness and quality of the student because the student would try to get as many points as possible to get to ranked 1 and get the rewards. After that month, the highest point would become the safety line for the next month. With this, the student need to achieve more and more point as the time passed. From history, from each batch, 90% of the student would get punished because they could not keep up with the safety limit or they just choose the safe task to get point.

    When a student could not reach the amount of point needed, they would be sent to the war zone for a month. Although they would only get an easy job like transporting supply, patrolling in the outer of war zone, however, it was still called war zone and the danger still high. Many case, the student who was sent to the war zone because of the punishment died under sudden assault or they were not careful enough and get killed.

    Even for the noble student, this punishment was very scary. The reason was, in war zone, their influence, money, or noble title means nothing. The war zone was under a strict supervision by the king and the crown prince. When they tried to do something bad such as bribery, they could implicate their family and it could lead to the eradication of their family. Moreover, the survival rate for the punished student was as low as 30%. This was due to the danger in the war zone, lack of experience, and also their level. Usually, the student in the academy would only leveled around 150-200 where as their enemy would leveled around 300-500. Also, this was the case before the update. After the update, their enemy level could get around 300-1000.

    However, based on the data collected through during the academy was built, There would be only 1 out of 100 noble that get punishment. It was due to their status and influence in the academy. Almost all of the punished student was from the commoner student. That was why many of the commoner student would licked the boots of the noble student to maintain their safety.

    When one point could increased, there were also ways for the point to decrease. Some of the task taken, needed them to pay some point for deposit. When they succeed the task, they would get the reward and their deposited point. However, when they were failure then, they would get nothing and they would also lost their deposited point.

    They could also bet their point in a duel or a fight. The winner would take all the point and the loser would lost their point. The duel content could be anything, from fighting until the fastest to collect certain things. Many of the student wanted to collect their point through this method. However, it was very difficult to search for opponent who would agreed to their duel content. Usually, only the confident one would agree to their opponent's duel request.

    For starter, after the student past 3 months of learning period, each student would get 10 point for their use. Also, in the first month, there would no penalty because there was no target point needed or it could be said that the target point they needed to reach was 0. As long as, they kept their 10 points given, they would be safe.
  • Chapter 41 - Ceremony (1)

    Auron kept his academy's handbook back to his inventory. He stretched his body a bit then looked around. He saw Black Bull still focused on counting his assets. Sweat could be seen on Black Bull's forehead. Auron thought, "Is he really has that much money? It has been 1 hour and he still counting?"

    Not long after that, Black Bull suddenly lifted both of his arm in the air and shouted, "Done!!!"

    "Finally, I am done preparing." Black Bull wiped the sweat on his forehead. Quickly, he tidied up his things and kept it on his pocket. He looked around and found Auron looking at him. Auron looked at him and smiled.

    "Wow, you must have so many money that it needs 1 hour to sort it out." Auron started a conversation.

    "Ck ck ck." Black Bull waved his index finger to left and right. "No, it is not about the money. It is about how you use your money wisely. If you just give your money blindly without calculating it, you would just waste your money without getting the best outcome possible."

    "All things about money is complicated." Black Bull talked seriously. "You need to consider many things when allocating your money. If someone would helped you with just 50 copper, why would you give him 1 silver? If you give him 1 silver, will his work really worth 1 silver? Instead of money, could I give him another things or favor?"

    "Also you need to choose whom you gifted your money. That person's personality and condition could affect the counting. Will he really help you with all of his strength? Is he a sly person? Should I go to another person? and many more things to consider." Black Bull explained.

    Black Bull added, "You are lucky to enter the academy using your way. But, you could not depend on luck forever."

    "What time is it guys?" Because of the conversation's sound, Feather Slice who has been sleeping all the time, woke up.

    "Why are you guys so noisy in the morning? I need some more sleep." Feather Slice said and putted his head under his pillow.

    Suddenly, the room's door opened. A short man entered the room with bow on his hand. Sweat covered all of the man's body. A tired look could be seen on his face. "Hey guys, you all awake." Deadly Tower greeted his roommate.

    He sat on his bed and putted the bow beside him. He grabbed his towel and wiped all of the sweat on his body. "So, what are you guys talking about?" He asked.

    "I am just lecturing Smiling Wizard on how to use money wisely. He really is ignorant on how to manage his money." Black Bull shook his head.

    Auron could not help and smiled wryly, "You practices very early."

    "Yes, this is my routines everyday. I could not leave it, I need to become stronger." Deadly Tower shrugged his shoulder. "Are you guys ready? In a minutes, we need to gather in the field to attend the ceremony."

    Black Bull kicked Feather Slice's bed, "Wake up you pig! Go prepared! we need to go in a few minutes. Can't you follow Deadly Tower's example?"

    "Huh... Okay, okay." Feather Slice answered half awake.

    After they finished preparing, They all went to the field to attend the ceremony. When they arrived at the field. There was so many student already gathered on the field. There some student who chatted to each other. There was also some student who just do nothing and waited patiently. There was some student who observed other carefully.

    Two large group could be seen on the student gathered. One group consist of people who wore a nice and expensive clothes, while the other just wore ordinary clothes. The group who wore nice and expensive clothes was the noble group, while the other was the commoner group. There was an invisible line which separate this two group.

    The noble chattering among the other and make new friends while boasting their position and family's wealth. While there was some commoner student who observed the noble group and trying to choose which noble they would follow to ensure their safety.

    Auron's group arrived at the field and joined the commoner group. When he arrived, Auron observed his surrounding. There was around a thousand student in this batch. Around 90% of the student was the commoner and the rest was the noble. Although, the noble number was fewer than the commoner, however their aura and presence suppressed the commoner. Many commoner awed at the noble's group.

    Auron observed the noble's group. Many nobles talked to each other. There was some low level nobles who flatter the higher level noble intending to join their group. There was also some noble forced to laugh at the higher level noble's joke.

    Among the group, Auron could saw three people that absorbing many noble's attention. The first one was a handsome and majestic guy stood in the middle of a circle. He always smiled and answered all of other nobles flattery surrounding him. The second one was a well built guy with a cold face. He always wore a cold face like he would ate you alive. He also stood quietly and ignored all the other nobles flattery like they were not exist. The last one was a big and muscular guy that laughed and seems enjoyed other nobles' flattery. He throws a joke which was not funny but the other nobles would forced to laugh at his joke. His voice also was very loud so almost all the student in the field could hear what he was talking. Auron looked at him and he recognized the man. He was the guy who drove Auron away on his first room.

    Anger started to build inside Auron. He wanted revenge and throw away the humiliation back at the guy. However, he quickly suppressed the urge. He still weak. If he insisted on revenge right now, it would just like throwing himself to death.

    "Just you wait, I will take my revenge back on you!" Auron swore in his mind while looking at the muscular man murderously.
  • Chapter 42 - Ceremony (2)

    Auron look at the muscular guy with much anger and hatred. If gaze could kill someone, that guy had already died many times over. Killing intent could be seen accidentally seeped out from his body. Auron quickly maintain his composure and retracted his killing intent.

    Although, the killing intent only showed out for a brief, however, it quickly attracted all of the other students' attention. All of the student looked over to the source of the aura. They followed Auron line of sight and saw the guy in the noble's group.

    All of them had many thought on their mind. Some of them scared, some of them frowned thinking why this guy showing his killing intent to the noble's group, some of them smirked while cursing and mocking Auron thinking why this guy seeking death.

    Even, a shock expression could be shown on Auron's roommate. They looked over to Auron and followed his line of sight. When they saw who was the one that attracted their roommate, they understood. With their knowledge about Auron's problem, they come closer to Auron.

    The student in the noble's group also looked over at Auron and they could saw Auron looking at their group. When they followed Auron's gaze, they could saw the muscular guy frowned. Many thought also appeared on each of their mind about the guy background and how come he could be brave enough to show their killing intent to them who had a noble status.

    When other people could felt the killing intent, how could the muscular guy, the target of the killing intent, not felt it. He frowned and looked back at Auron. He could not remember who this guy was and why he shown his killing intent. He felt confused at this guy. This guy stand at the commoner's group and showing such killing intent and hatred gaze to him.

    "Is this guy had a big background showing such killing intent to noble group while standing in the commoner group?" The big guy thought in his mind.

    He didn't dare to act rash when he still not sure about the guy background. This place was military's academy. Although, not many officer in the academy who could be bribed, there still few of them who could make his life hard. Moreover, despite his family was in the top 3 noble's family in the academy right now, he was still the lowest among the three. Also, his family was only ranked 3 in this student's batch, there were still a lot of noble's family with higher status than him outside the academy.

    He already decided to make an apology if this guy background was higher than him. While he had a big and muscular body, his courage was actually not so high. He only liked to bully others who were lower and weaker than him. He could not afforded to offend someone with unknown status or he would only brought disaster to himself.

    While he was frowning and trying to remember who was this guy and why he was showing such hatred gaze, one of his roommate and his henchmen recognized Auron. He also frowning and whispered to the muscular guy. When the muscular guy heard from his henchmen, he suddenly remembered and a shocked expression could be seen. However, the shocked not last for long, it quickly changed to an evil smirked and anger.

    The big guy walked over to Auron's direction followed by his follower and flatterer. Around 10 student could be seen walked over to Auron's group. The commoner who was closer to the big guy's group didn't dare to blocked their path afraid if they could become the black sheep. They quickly departed and make way for the big guy's group.

    When the big guy arrived at Auron's group, he smiled, "Why are you looking at me with that gaze?"
    The big guy talked kindly and with noble's way of talking as if he was confused and didn't know the reason Auron shown such gaze.

    Auron only stared silently. "Hmm... Are you deaf and mute? Hey brother can't you at least tell me my mistake?" He looked behind his back and shrugged his shoulder. He asked his henchmen behind him with a loud voice, "Hey, Pollack do you know why this guy angry at me?"

    The henchmen behind him named Pollack took the hint from the big guy and answered it with a loud voice, "I think I remember this guy. He seems like the student who you chased from the room yesterday."

    "Really? Did I really chased someone out? I don't think I would do something that cruel without any reason. Do you know the reason why I chased him?" The big guy still maintain his confused looked and continued his act with Pollack.

    "He entered the wrong room. He said that he got our room's key, the noble room's key, however, looked at his appearance. Everything ordinary and shown no noble's sign. When we asked him about his background, it turns out he was a commoner with no background. Can you imagine? How could a commoner got noble's room key?" Pollack shouted with mocking voice and emphasize his word on the noble and commoner status .

    "I thought at first, he stole a key from a noble student. But, look at his level and strength, I don't think there would be any noble weak enough that could be defeated by him. Unless..."  Pollack stopped for a while like he got a sudden revelation, "He was a gigolo and was hired by some noble woman so he could get his recommendation proof. With his handsome face I was sure it was because this reason he could get a noble room's key." Pollack said with a mocking tone followed by laughter by other the big guy and people around him.

    "You....!!!!" Feather Slice could not endured what Pollack said and instantly rage erupted from inside him like a volcano.

    Deadly Tower and also Black Bull also showed anger face. The three of them quickly brought out their weapon and ready to fight.
  • Chapter 43 - Ceremony (3)

    When the others student know Auron's background, some of them shook their head in pity of Auron, some others wore an excited expression waiting for a show to play in front of them. Meanwhile, all of the nobles frowned and a little anger could be seen on each one of their face. They were angry because there was a commoner braved enough to face the noble. Auron's action like slapping their face. However, they didn't act because they knew Auron was weak and the big guy was enough to deal with Auron.

    Seeing Auron's roommate released their weapon. The big guy's henchmen also went up to the front and unleashed all of their weapon. A tense atmosphere could be felt in the field. However, before any of them could moved, suddenly a huge pressure press down on Auron's roommate and the big guy's henchmen.

    The pressure was so huge that they could not continue standing and fell down. The pressure then spread out to all of the other student in the field. Didn't matter whether they were commoner or noble all of them felt the pressure and fell down, Auron included.

    Because of the pressure all of the student laid down on the ground. The stronger only laid down with minor injuries, while the weaker felt as a huge boulder was placed behind their back. Auron belonged to the latter group. Moreover, because Auron was the weakest among all of the student, blood could be seen on his lips. However, the pressure was not meant to kill only to restrict their movement, so the casualty was not high.

    Not long after that, a middle aged man walked from the inner building. The man wore a green uniform. A star could be seen on his uniform which represent his status in the military. From the star on his uniform, the man rank in the military was colonel. He put his hand behind his back and walked slowly into the field. The man was only slightly muscular, however, each step he took was very firm and heavy, like a huge beast walking slowly over to the scared prey. Behind him, there were 20 others uniformed men followed him. Each of them was ranked lower than him.

    When he arrived in front of the crowd who was still laid down the ground, he spoke casually, however, the voice could be heard to all of the people in the field.

    "What do you think this place are?"

    "This is military's academy, there are rules to follow. Not a playground. Since this is the first time, I will let it slide. However, if this is ever happened again, prepared to be sent to the war zone. Now, stand up and make 50 line!"

    Although the voice was not loud, it still could be heard by all of them. Not only that, the voice seems to contain some sort of mystical power that give chill to all of them who heard it. Everyone on the ground who heard it got a goosebumps.

    After the man spoke, the pressure suddenly lifted. When the pressure lifted, all of the student struggle to stand up. The weaker student and Auron could felt their legs trembling because of the aftereffect. However, they didn't care about it and quickly walked to get into the line.

    Because of the pressure before, the student didn't dare to dilly dally. It took 3 minutes for 50 line to be formed. Many of them afraid to be punished more harsh. Some of them even stood up in line while their legs still shaking.

    Seeing the line already formed, the man with the highest rank smiled widely, and with a soft voice said, "I am Brock. Your chief training officer. I will oversee all of your training while you were in the academy. Behind me were 20 officer which will also become your mentor. Enough for the introduction, let us start the ceremony."

    The ceremony didn't take long. It only took around 30 minutes until the ceremony reach to the end. Actually, what so called ceremony was only a gathering for the student to hear the rules of the academy and also what was important. The content of it was actually recorded in the student's handbook given when they coming for the first time. Once a student read the handbook, he would recognized all of the content given during the ceremony. However, the academy deliberately doing this because they want to emphasize how important the rules were.

    "Before we end this, there was one important announcement I would make." Brock announced with a serious tone.

    Brock smiled sinister, "You guys are special. This batch are special. Your lesson period will last only for one month. After that, 11 months of practical period will follow."

    "However, don't you worry, we will still give you all the knowledge same as the previous batch. Since your lesson period will become shorter, we would arranged your lesson schedule tightly."

    "All of you would start your lesson today. After this, we would divided you into twenty groups. When the officer behind me called your name go and make line in front of them."

    After that, all of the twenty officer called the student name one by one. When a student heard their name was called, they directly went to the front of the officer and make line. Not long after, all of the student already assigned to their own officer.

    Despite there were twenty line, the separation still could be seen. 5 line was containing only noble student while the rest was containing only commoner student. Auron was called last and he was joining the commoner group. He was separated from his roommate. When his name was called, all of the other student attention focused on him. Many of the commoner student trying to avoid him as if he were a calamity. On the other hand, the noble student all smirked mockingly, especially the big guy and his henchmen. 

    "Now, go a followed your own officer and start your lesson!" Brock commanded.

    All of the officer turned back and saluted Brock before went their separate ways followed by the student which they had called previously. From the start he gaze the big guy until now, he was silent with cold face all the time. He swallowed all the humiliation and only clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

    "This is the beginning. I will become stronger and stronger until no one can humiliate me." Auron swore by his heart. He release his clenched fist and silently followed the officer from behind. Blood could be seen on his palm.
  • Chapter 44 - First Lesson (1)

    An officer walked into the building followed by 25 students behind him. After following the officer for a few minute, the group was brought outside again, but this time they went outside from another door. The door led to the back of the main building. The walked through a soil path until they reached to a four story building placed remotely behind the main building. 

    The group went inside the building. The group walked passed a set of stairs until they arrived at the highest floor on the building. When they arrived at the highest floor, they could saw a door, which was the only door on the floor. There was only one room on the highest floor.

    The door was full of cobweb and there was even a spider on it. The officer with cold and straight face put his hand on his pocket and brought out a key. He put they key through the keyhole and turned it out. Then, a 'click' sounded.

    The officer opened the door and went inside the room followed by the student behind him. A big hall could be seen, though, it was not as big as the boss' room in the dark mansion, but it still could be considered big. Auron predicted this hall could accommodate 200 obese adult.

    However, despite the hall was big, it was not maintain properly. It could be seen from the cobweb in the door. Inside the hall was also full of cobweb. The air was so humid and it stinks like corpse. The group could also saw many puddle of water on the floor which was the result from the leaking rooftop. There was also some excrement from rats. It was so dirty that it could not be considered as a place for living.

    The student that followed the officer felt disgusted by what they see. All of them thought that even their place was not as bad as this place. This place was actually the place where the academy built first. After some time, their student number increased, so they decided to build a new building to replace this building. When the new building was done, they all moved to the new building. The new building was the main building that they had seen before.

    After moving to the new building, this place was gifted for the servant in the academy for them to stay. However, because the number of the servant was not many, they only occupied the first three floor, whereas they abandoned the fourth floor. Because it was abandoned so long and it was not cleaned, the place became so dirty. Once, there was a servant that invited the other servant to clean this floor. When the servant arrived at the fourth floor and saw what it looks like, they quickly changed their mind. They thought that it would need a lot of effort to clean this place while they were not going used this place so their effort would be useless. They also thought this was a hall which could contain 200 adult which mean they would not lived here alone and all of them had their own room at the first three floor. This made the place become more abandoned and more dirty.

    Back in the days, when this building was used as the main building, this hall was used to for important lecture and it was opened to all student. This place also where the academy would held graduation ceremony or receive an important guest from the royalty. But now, it was just a big abandoned dirty hall.

    Although disgust could be seen on the student's face, they were not brave enough to complain to the cold officer. The student followed the officer with disgust to the middle of the hall. In the middle of the hall, the officer stopped and turned around to face the student. Before, the officer was so cold that a person would be afraid just to say hello to him. However, after turning around, a wide smiled and happy expression could be seen on his face.

    "My name is Peter Adam. I would be responsible for your class for this month. It can be said that I am your homeroom teacher." Peter said with a friendly tone.

    "This place would be your learning place. All of your general class would be held here. You guys should be happy to get a learning place as big as this place. You..."

    "This place was big but it was so dirty" One of the student murmured slowly when he heard Peter's speech.

    Bang. Suddenly, a loud sound could be heard. The student which was murmured slowly was pushed several meter back and crouched on the floor. He shouted in surprised and a pained expression could be seen on his face. He coughed out blood on the floor.

    The sudden loud sound take all the student's attention. All of them turned their head around and looked behind them. They could saw the student crouched on the ground with one hand held his stomach. Although the student was not dead but from the look, the student suffered a serious injury. The student coughed out a lot of blood and still coughing.

    The pained expression of the student also not escape from the eyes of the other student. They all thought that they would died when they received the sudden attack. A shocked could be seen on the face of the other student. Even, some of the girls in the class shouted hysterically seeing the blood.

    "Silent!" A loud and sinister voice could be heard.

    Hearing the voice, all of the student quickly shut their mouth. The girls who was screaming quickly cease to scream anymore. A shiver ran through all of the student including Auron. This incident caught them in surprise. All of them quickly turned their head once again and looked at the officer once more.

    "I don't like when there is someone interrupting in the middle of my explanation." Peter wore a wide smile and explained in a friendly tone
  • Chapter 45 - First Lesson (2)

    Peter was smiling widely while putting his hand on his back. If a stranger looked at him, they would thought that this man was very friendly. However, for the student here, it was nightmare. Despite only attacking once, it give the student sense of fear.

    What they fear most was not the power but the officer's personality. At one time, he was smiling so friendly, but suddenly it could change 180 degree and he became brutal. After that he smiling friendly again as if what he had done was nothing big.

    This unpredictable personality was what made the student scared because they could not predicted this officer at all. Moreover, they could not defended themselves and fight back because of the difference in power.

    "Now... " Peter said while smiling. He still wore a friendly expression with his hand on his back. However, when the student hear what he said they felt like a disaster gonna come to them. Some student even had their leg trembling.

    For Auron, although he was shocked by the brutality and the unpredictable personality of the officer, he could still composed himself. After all, he had 10 years experience as a top ranked player in all of Gaia. He already when to the war zone many times before.

    "Now, can you guys line up properly?" Peter sounded very friendly like a kindergarten teacher telling his student.

    The student who heard this felt shiver on their body. Many thought appeared on their mind.

    "Is this officer crazy?"

    "Is this officer has a split personality?"

    "Will he get angry again?"

    "Is this just an act and he is testing us?"


    However, none of the student brave enough to voiced out what was on their mind. They hurriedly line up in front of the officer. Some even fell down because he was so nervous, but he quickly stood up ignoring the pain and quickly went to the line. The student who was attacked also quickly stood up with difficulties. Although, he was not coughing anymore, but he still held his stomach with his hand in a pained expression. He quickly joined the line.

    Auron also quickly joined the group without saying anything. His calm composure also shown in his face. No trembling. No fear. Only calm face, he stood up and stared to the front of him like there was nothing that could disrupted his gaze.

    "Ho..." Peter sensed the difference in the student in front of him. He also spotted Auron and a little bit shocked by Auron's attitude.

    It only took 3 minutes for all the student to line up. When all the student already lined up, Peter raised his finger and pointed into the group. Seeing this action, a sense of fear came to all of the student once again. The trembling student trembled more even in the brink of collapse. All the student looked at the pointed finger.

    Some of the student relieved because the finger was not pointed to them. All of the student quickly traced the finger and trying to find out the student who was in trouble this time. The finger pointed at the back of the line. All of the student saw a handsome student with ragged clothes, such a contrast between the student's face and the clothes he was wearing.

    The finger was pointing at Auron. When the student found out that Auron was the one who was pointed at, they felt pity on him. However, what followed after that shocked them.

    "From now on, you are the class' captain. You will be in charge of this class." Peter said.

    Auron was also shocked by the news. However, before he could say anything, Peter continued, "Now, this place would be your place to study. Also you have heard before that your learning session would be on tight schedule. Let me tell you something. You can forget about your home or comfortable bed because for almost 24/7 you would be in this place or other place in the main building. So, let us begin our first lesson."

    "Your first lesson was to clean and fix this place. 25 of you would clean every corner of this place and also fix the hole in the rooftop."

    "You have to clean and fix this place before dinner. At dinner time, I will come back to check everything."

    "You cannot find any help from outsider. And for lunch, just think it among you guys." Peter explained.

    After stating that, he walked to the door with a following gaze from the student who was very scared to move. When Peter arrived at the door he turned his head and said "Oh yeah, if you guys not finished by the dinner's time, I would be very happy to help you guys." Peter said it with a very wide smile and continued went outside.

    However, when the student heard it, they shuddered. All of them only thought one thing, "If they are not finished by dinner's time, they would be dead." When Peter had left them and went downstairs, suddenly many of them felt weak on their knees and they slumped down to the ground. They could not think about the dirty and disgusting floor as they felt very weak and they even didn't have the strength to stand up again.

    "Ehm..." Auron tried to break the tense atmosphere. All of the student looked at Auron.

    "My name was Smiling Wizard. I know you guys are in a tense mood right now. But, we had only little time to clean this big place."

    "How about we rest first around 10 minutes. In the meantime, let us introduce ourselves. So, we could know each other better." Auron suggested.

    After they went through all the incident before, they felt scared. Moreover, this guy was the class' captain that Peter had chose. However, from the look, it looked like this guy was friendly and it was not an act like their officer. They gradually felt relaxed and calm. All of them nodded and they started to introduce themselves one by one.
  • Chapter 46 - Cleaning

    All of them took turns to introduced themselves. After a few minutes, all of them already introduced themselves. There were 25 students in the room. Out of the 25 students, 9 of them were woman and the rest were man. Their average level was 43, with level 51 as the highest level and level 35 as their lowest level, excluding Auron's level. 

    Their class were varied from swordsman to cleric. With swordsman as the class with the most number among them and cleric as the class with the least number among them. What surprising was none of them had mage class. From their story, Auron learned that the cost to become a mage class was on a different level than other class and they could not afford it. If they insisted to become a mage, without help, they could only become at most a mediocre mage.

    Among the commoners, mage was like a special class, only nobles and nobles' follower, who could become a mage. Of course, it was hard to become a nobles' follower. Their freedom also would be restricted. On top of that, not all of the nobles' follower would be supported to become a mage. They need a to proof their talent by completing a series of test before they could get the nobles' support. With this difficulties not many of the commoner could become a mage. However, there still many of them that dreaming to become a mage or at least befriend with a mage, so they could have a little share of the mage's fame.

    When they learned that Auron was a mage, their impression of Auron went up by one level. Also, they was wondering which nobles that Auron, a commoner mage, served. To disperse their confusion and misunderstanding, Auron started to kindly told them about his story. Even more, Auron had a kind attitude towards them. This things made their impression of Auron went up by another level. Before, they only respected Auron because they were scared of Peter, but now they genuinely respected Auron from their heart. This also made the student with higher level than Auron didn't mind to take command from him.

    "Okay, enough for the rest. We need to start the cleaning else we cannot make it in time." After the introduction, Auron started to urge his classmate to start the cleaning process. He divided them into four group. One group would fixed the hole in the roof. Two groups would be in charge of cleaning the room. And, the last group, which consist of the most female students, would be in charge transporting clean water from outside of the building to the fourth floor.

    When it was 3 p.m, they could only finished 50% of the work. The dirtiness of this place was almost in different level. They could not clean a spot in just a wipe, they needed to wipe in several attempt and with more power to clean a spot. This made them very exhausted. Also, the clean water needed was way more higher than the ordinary cleaning. The group that went to the roof to fix the hole also had their hard time. They didn't have any tools to help them to climb up to the roof. So, they could only climbed up to the roof by themselves through the window. With a high danger looming around them, they work with more cautiously, this made their progress slowed. Moreover, up till this time, they haven't had their lunch yet. Their energy almost depleted.

    In case of Auron, he doing more works than the others. When the water was nearly ran out, he quickly helped the group to bring more clean water. When the water supply was sufficient, he went to clean the room. When the roof's group need some help, he quickly went to help them. This made the other students respected him more. Auron didn't abuse his power, instead, he was the one who doing the most work. Also, a mage like Auron with a level lower than them, could do more work than them without exhausted, this made them encouraged to do more work. What they didn't know was that Auron attributes was double than ordinary person's attributes. Also, although Auron was a mage, he still invested some of his attributes point to attributes that swordsman needed.

    Auron looked at the time and looked at his friends, they all exhausted. Auron decided that they need to replenish their energy. So, Auron decided to use his "cheat". He commanded his swordsman character and sold some of his loot item to buy some bread and placed it in the inventory. When he finished buying it he commanded his swordsman to went back to hunt again. Auron left the room quietly, so there were no one that notice him missing. Then, he directly went back with a bunch of food.

    "Hey guys, I brought some food here, let us rest for 10 minutes before continuing the work." Auron shouted.

    When the other student heard there was a food coming, they felt grateful. 10 minutes after they ate their food, they continued their worked. They felt energized. With their energy boosted, they could finished their works more quickly.

    At 5.50 p.m they finished their work. All of them felt relieved and started to take rest while waiting for Peter. Meanwhile, Auron felt responsible of the group that instead of rest, he checked all over the place to look for a flaw and quickly fixed it so that Peter could not making excuse to blame them.

    At 6 p.m sharp, Peter walked slowly with a friendly face into the room. He said nothing and directly inspecting the place slowly. He inspected the place and didn't even bothered to look at the student as if this place was empty.

    While Peter inspecting the place, the students didn't dare to make any sound and just stood quietly. Seeing Peter way of inspecting, Auron frowned. Peter would stop at a spot for 5 minutes before moving to other place. 

    "So thorough" Auron though in his mind.

    "Good." Peter finally said after around 55 minutes inspecting the place.

    "After this you would have your dinner in the main building, then you would get into your class specific lesson for the rest of the day. Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m you would need to gather here. Don't be late" Peter said friendly like congratulating the student for passing a test.

    After saying that, he quickly went out of the room. When he was at the door, he turned around and said, "Oh yeah, one more thing, your class specific lesson would start at 7 p.m. Hurry up to take your dinner."
  • Chapter 47 - Question

    All of the students, including Auron, rushed out of the building and went directly to the main building. With the help of nutrient solution, Auron didn't need to eat. So, instead of going to the dinner room, Auron went directly to the mage lesson. 

    In the way of going to the class, Auron looked at his classmate expression and he felt pity. For Auron, eating in the game was only for the purpose of replenishing his energy point. When Auron didn't anything in the game, his energy point would depleted which would resulted in his attributes reduces. Although it was not good, but it was better than what would happen to NPC when they were not eating. When an NPC not eat anything they could died. Auron could only sighed and prayed for his classmate safety. 

    After a few minutes, Auron arrived at the mage lesson class. Despite rushing to the class, he still arrived late. When he entered the class, all of the other student already sit on their chair and the class already started with some introduction.

    "You are late! Since this is your first time, I will overlook this. However, there is no second chance. Now, take a seat."

    A beautiful woman scolded Auron. This woman had a white smooth skin. She was wearing an red long robe. From one look, one could recognized how expensive the robe she was wearing. Her black long hair added more to the beauty image of the woman. This woman was only slightly shorter than Auron and she seems younger than Auron. Despite her scolding, she still had a kind image on her. This woman was the mage class' teacher.

    After scolding Auron, the teacher continued her teaching. Auron took his seat at the back of the classroom. The class specific lesson was a one big lesson for that specific class ignoring their social status, in this case was mage. Auron could saw there was a clear separation between the noble and the commoner. All of the nobles were sitting at the front of the class and the commoner were sitting behind them. 

    There were 200 students in the class. Auron could saw that this class was dominated by the noble and their commoner henchmen. From the way the commoner interact with each other, Auron could count the commoner which was not related to the nobles. Including Auron, the commoner that was not related to any nobles could be counted by finger.

    Ignoring all of this, Auron started to pay attention to the class. Since this was the introduction lesson, it explained about the element on their spell and all other basic things. Auron already knew all of this, but he still payed attention to the lecture of the teacher. 

    The teacher's explanation was very clear and easy to understand. Since Auron never played as a mage before, his knowledge limited. However, with the help of the lecture now, Auron could answer some question on his mind. A big question like how a mage with the same dexterity could have different spell casting speed was also answered. As a mage, you would have an elemental understanding which could help you to cast the spell faster. However, not all of the mage could understand this. Also the higher the understanding, the higher it could reduce the casting time.

    After hearing this, Auron looked at his character's status panel to checked his understanding, but he could not find anything related to this in his character's status panel.

    "Could it be not recorded in the panel?" Auron thought.

    "No, it must be recorded. There is only one reason why I cannot find anything related to the elemental understanding. My understanding was so low that it was not recorded"

    What Auron thought was correct, there was no elemental understanding in his character's status panel was because he had not understood anything related to the elemental. It could be said that his elemental understanding status was 0%. This was why he could not find anything related to the elemental understanding in his character's status panel.

    Auron could already imagined how hard it was to raise his elemental understanding. Moreover, Auron never played mage before and didn't know anything about this. And right now, he was sitting in a classroom that discussing about this. Auron could not missed this chance. Auron interrupted the teacher's teaching by raising his hand wanting to ask a question.

    The teacher who saw this stopped his lesson and pointed at Auron, "Yes, you".

    When the teacher said this all of the others student looked at Auron including all of the nobles. Auron took this chance and told his question.

    "How can we get to know our elemental understanding?" Auron asked.

    When Auron asked this, all of the nobles laughed out loud. Some commoner also laughed along with the nobles. Some other commoner had their eyes opened wide shocked by the question. Auron was so confused by the sudden laughter.

    What Auron didn't know was all of this was recorded in the basic mage books that could easily acquired even as a commoner. Also, for them, to determine one had a talent as a mage or not, they should had at least one elemental understanding. So, when they heard Auron's question, one things appeared at their mind.

    "This guys didn't had any talent and knowledge to became a mage but insisted to become a mage. Just a low level mage."

    There were many mage that didn't have talent but insisted on the path of a mage. At the end, they were just a low level mage and at most a mediocre mage. However, to become a mediocre mage without talent they needed to spent a lot of resources and from the image of Auron, which was a commoner it was impossible to achieve. By asking that question, all the student especially the nobles, sneered at Auron. What all of them didn't know, Auron was different from them all. Auron was a player not a NPC.
  • Chapter 48 - Elemental Understanding

    "Silent!" The teacher said.

    All the other student who was still mocking and laughing at Auron, quickly became silent. This was their first time meeting this teacher and they didn't know how this teacher's temperament. Many of the teacher here was a freak and unpredictable just like, Brook and Peter Adam. One missed step and you got the nerve of this officer or teacher, you would be in big trouble. Your family could get dragged into the mess.

    At first, when hearing Auron's question, she also shocked. "How could a mage accepted into the academy, didn't know about this?". However, she quickly changed her mind after knowing Auron was from commoner's group. She thought, the same as the rest of the student, Auron was insisting to become a mage despite his low talent. However, she quickly shook her head and didn't want crushed this student's hope and effort.

    Seeing all of them quiet, this teacher started to explain to Auron and the rest of the student about elemental understanding. The teacher explained all basic information about elemental understanding. Since the other student already knew about what the teacher said they didn't pay attention to what the teacher said. However, they still nodded their head as if they were listening.

    After listening to the teacher's explanation, Auron get some basic knowledge regarding the elemental understanding. The same as 4 types of magic elements, there were also 4 types of elemental understanding, fire, ice, earth, and wind. The higher the elemental understanding of the respective element, the shorter the casting time all of the spell of belong to that element. In addition, higher understanding also means their spell would got power enhancement.

    Each power enhancement from their understanding differed one element to another element. Fire based spell would get an addition in their power and area of effect. Ice based spell would get buff on their slow effect and controlling debuff. Earth based spell would get a longer duration and the sturdiness of their spell. And, wind based spell would get enhancement on the spell traveling speed and the quantity of the spell.

    A person could learn all type of spell however, the spell with elemental understanding was way more powerful than the other element. Usually, someone who had talent in magic would had minimum one elemental understanding. Someone with two elemental understanding would be considered as an elite. Someone with three elemental understanding would be considered as a top grade talent. And someone with four elemental understanding would be respected by all of the people including the king. However, someone with four elemental understanding was only in the legend.

    These days, the highest achievement in elemental understanding was fell to the royalty. The first prince also known as the crown prince was the one who had three elemental understanding. When the king knew about this. He directly nurtured the prince and guard him very attentively. With the help by the king, the prince growth was exceptional. And now, he was named as the strongest mage in all Gaia with three peak elemental understanding.

    Although you get an elemental understanding of an element, it would not mean you would become strong. You would need to raise the level of your understanding. However, to raise the understanding was not an easy feat. There were many mage stuck at some level and could not raise their understanding with any possible means. They could only accept their fate. There were two ways of raising the understanding.

    One of the way to raise their elemental understanding was to use the spell and analyze the spell. When one analyze the spell their understanding would raise a little bit. The higher the understanding, the higher the requirement. They needed to analyze more complicated and more higher leveled spell. If he didn't had any persistent, he would easily give up. However, persistent only was not enough, they also needed a smart brain. Once there was a mage who was persistent, he never give up to analyze the spell and keep researching it. He finally completed his research and achieved a full complete understanding of that element, however, he had spent 90 years to complete it and the next day he was died of old age and exhausted body. He didn't get any chance to show off his skill.

    Another way was to encounter a lucky chance. Sometimes, a lucky encounter could give you an insight and helped you easily analyze the spell. This was also the case for the mage in NPC world to determine their magic talent. When they were born, some babies were lucky enough to be born with affinity in some element. This was what they used to determine one magic talent.

    However, this was not applied to player. A player would always start from zero. They didn't have any understanding and they could only raised it by experimenting or learned from others. So, at the beginning, a mage player would always got ridiculed by the NPC. However, if that player could get to the top, many NPC would turned 180 degree and respected them, like the top number 1 mage player.

    "Any question?" After finishing her explanation, the teacher asked while looking at the student's expression.

    Seeing no one raise another question, she concluded her lesson for that day, "If there are no more question, that's it for today, tomorrow we will learn about the way to cast while moving. If you don't know what that mean is you could learn first from the book at the library."

    When the teacher was about to left the classroom, the noble student quickly stood up from their seat and bowed toward her, "Thank you teacher Alice for the lesson!". Seeing the noble did this, the commoner including Auron followed the noble student and thanked Alice. The noble student did this was to get on the good side of the teacher so they could get a leniency when they did some mistake. Alice looked at them and nodded at them once, then she left the classroom.
  • Chapter 49 - Ridiculed

    After Alice left the room. The noble student looked behind them with a frowned face.

    "You guys should just be quiet when the lesson is on going. Don't do something unnecessary!" One of the noble bellowed followed by nodded from other nobles.

    "Especially you!" He pointed at Auron. "You just a mere ant with low talent. You could dream becoming a dragon but don't hinder us with your dream."

    "In reality, just stand still, we had a rule here. If you want to dream go home first and you can dream all the way you want."

    "If you follow the rules, at least your life will not be so miserable"

    All the commoner felt afraid by this situation. Some of them glanced at Auron and stared harshly as if all of this was Auron's fault. Auron didn't bother with his fellow commoner's stare, instead, he looked at the noble who said this. Surprisingly, he recognized him. This noble was the big guy's henchmen, who chased him out of the room when he first come to the academy, Pollack.

    "So, you think that as a commoner, I, doesn't have the same right as you?" Auron stared at Pollack.

    "No no no, you are wrong! I don't against commoner to ask a question" Pollack corrected Auron. "They have the same right as us, nobles. However, as I said before, they have to follow the rules and they have already follow the rules well."

    "However, you, a lowly ant dreaming to become a dragon, not only you do not follow the rules, you even made us all like an idiot by asking that question!"

    Pollack bellowed at Auron harshly, this time not only the nobles agreed at what he said, even some commoner nodded at what he said. He successfully change the opinion of the commoner from fear to support him and blamed all the fault at Auron.

    "Then, what is the rules?" Auron tried his best calm himself.

    "Rules? You still dared to ask about the rules? With your low talent, you don't even qualified to know the rules. Just be quiet next time and don't do anything. It would be better if you don't attend the class" Pollack ridiculed him

    Auron looked at Pollack, he was a level 53 mage. From the equipment he wore, that boosted fire element damage, it looks like Pollack was a fire elemental mage. Auron exploded, "You scum, let's have a bet one week from now, If I win, you would kneel and publicly apologized to me! If I lose, I would not attend the class specific lesson anymore. Do you dare?"

    "Bet? If you voluntary want to leave the academy then I would gladly helped you." Pollack smirked. "How should we bet?"

    "From the lesson before, Ms Alice said that one week from now, there would be an assessment on mage simulation tower. We will do it at that time. Whoever has the higher result will be the winner." Auron suggested.

    "Ha ha ha. Sure. Start packing your thing now and enjoy your one week lesson." Pollack agreed to Auron's suggestion and felt as if he already win. After settling his bet with Auron, he left the room followed by the other nobles and some commoner. When he was about to leave the room, he instructed the other nobles and commoner to spread the news to all other student, so whoever lose didn't reneged their bet.

    The other nobles left the room laughing as if they also believed that Pollack surely win the bet and they ridiculed Auron. They thought that Auron was an idiot because asking such question in the class, but now, they thought that Auron didn't even have brain to think.

    Most of the commoner here were noble's followers, so they also ridiculed Auron as if he was an idiot. While for the non noble's followers, they felt pity toward Auron. They also thought that it was impossible for Auron to win the bet. They also believed it would be a miracle if a lowly talent mage could win against a noble mage with huge support behind their back. They patted Auron's shoulder before they left the room. Auron was left alone in the class.

    What they didn't know was Auron already calculated all of the possibilities he had and this was the bet with the highest win chances. Right now, Auron was still level 15 due to his other character keep on hunting and leveling up. He predicted that with this pace one week later his character would still level 20. if A level 20 mage fought one on one against a level 53 mage, it would be a suicide. That was why Auron didn't even suggested that.

    Mage simulation tower was the right way to win the bet. From what Auron read at the handbook, the simulation tower was a place to do some fair assessment within the academy. It was fair because, all of them would get the same quality equipment and weapon. They would also get the same leveled opponent. This way, the level would not affect much on the assessment. In addition, this would ensure that the assessment only assess the participant's skill and battle experience.

    If he was given enough time, Auron was sure that he could defeat Pollack easily at the end of the month, however, time was what Auron didn't have. If he endured the ridiculed until the end of the month, he could not imagined what would happen to him during that time. Moreover, it would also hinder his progress and build stress inside him. The assessment was his only chance although he knew his skill as a mage was still low.

    Auron also didn't pushed the bet to far despite he hated that guys so much. He didn't bet with his life, instead he took a step back and only want Pollack to apologize. Also, the punishment set for him was some leeway for him. If he lose he would only lose his class specific lesson. Although, it was a loss, but he could still do something to cover that loss, such as by going to the library or asking the non noble's followers for the lesson.
  • Chapter 50 - Library (1)

    Auron left the classroom. It was an hour past midnight. All of the things that happened today made him very tired. However, instead of going back to his room and rest, he went to the library. The library in the academy was opened for 24 hours. Although, it was opened for 24 hours, the student visited the library was not many. Almost all of the student that visited the library was the commoner student.

    Auron arrived at the library. It was just as he thought, the library was empty. Auron could only saw less than five students inside. It was not a surprised since it was past midnight time. In addition, the tight lesson's schedule made all the student very tired. Some of the student who was planning to visit the library, canceled his plan because they were very tired.

    Auron come inside the library. He greeted the librarian. But, the librarian only nodded at him and didn't bother with him. Auron walked into the library. The library was very big, with many bookshelves. There was five floors in the library. Auron was in the first floor.

    If you go to the higher floor, you would find there were less book than the floor below it. However, the quality of the book was better than the previous floor. But, not all of the student could go to the higher floor, they needed to fulfill certain requirements. The first floor was opened to all students and it contained only basic book and few of the advanced book.

    Basically, the second floor also opened for all of the students after they finished their learning period. However, if they wanted to enter during their learning period, there was an additional requirement. All of the nobles student could show their identity as a nobles and enter the second floor easily. However, for the commoner student to enter the second floor, the student needed to proof they were excelled in their lesson. And to proof that, if the commoner students felt that he was excelled, they could asked one of the teacher to give them an approval. 

    For the third and fourth floor, the student needed an entry pass to enter. To obtain the entry pass, they could got their entry pass by exchanging their academy point later on. Which mean, they needed to wait until the learning period over and entered the practical period to obtain the point. Luckily, for Auron's batch they only had one months of learning period, so they could obtain the point longer.

    The entry pass was divided into 24 types. Each types corresponding to how many hours they could enter inside. The entry pass was a one time used item. When the time limit was passed they needed to putted back their books into the shelves and left the floor in at most 10 minutes after the time limit passed. If not, they would get punished. For the first time punishment, they only barred to enter  the library for one day. The second time, they barred to enter the library for one month. And, the third time, they barred to enter the library for the rest of their time in the academy. Needed to be noted that this was barred to enter the library which mean that they could not entered even the first floor.

    Also, when they used the entry pass, they needed to used it in one go. After they used the entry pass, the countdown time would go on whether they were in the library or not. The entry pass also recorded the identity of the one who exchange for it. So, they could not handed it over to their fellow student to use.

    The entry pass could be fully reimbursed back to academy point, if they had not use the entry pass. The reimbursement process needed to be done within one week after the exchange. One week after the exchange, they could not do the reimbursement and could only used the entry pass or throw it to the trash bin.

    The entry pass to the third floor and fourth floor were different. For the one-hour entry pass to the third floor, the student needed to spent 100 academy points. For the two-hours entry pass, they needed to spent 200 academy points and so on. Following this pattern, the student needed to spent 2400 academy points, if they want to get the one day entry pass to the third floor. For the fourth floor's entry pass, they needed to spent double the amount they needed to spent for the third floor.

    However, the entry pass was not a popular item to be exchanged. The reason was, first, 100 academy points was not easy to get. They needed to accomplished almost 10 easy task to get the equivalent point. Moreover, a 100 academy points could easily get them a high specification common equipment. Second, one hour was not enough for them to learn something from the book and they could get nothing. Meanwhile, an equipment could directly be used and give them strength as soon as the equipment used. This was also the reason that there were lesser student would attending the library.

    The fifth floor was special. Not only the student needed to fulfill the requirement, the academy's teacher also needed to fulfill the entry requirement. To enter the fifth floor of the library, the student and the teacher needed one thing only which was permission from the headmaster of the academy. However, to obtain that permission was not easy, they needed to impress the headmaster. And, the so called headmaster could not be bribed. The headmaster already administered the academy from the very first the academy was built on. Up until now, there were only two people that could enter the fifth floor. One of them was Blood Axe.

    It was said that fifth floor was where the true skill books kept. It was also said that when you mastered one of the book kept there, you would become a master comparable to the royalty. Even if you failed to mastered it, the knowledge you get from the book could made you an individual above the rest. This was the reason the fifth floor was very enticing to many people despite the difficulty of the entry requirement
  • Chapter 51 - Library (2)

    Auron strolled around at the first floor of the library. There were already so many bookshelves in the first floor. Fortunately, there was a sign telling the library visitors which section they were right now. Right now, Auron was at the swordsman section. He glanced around at the bookshelves inside the section.

    Since he was a peak swordsman before, he could easily recognized all of the skill books here.

    "Bash, Whirlwind Slash, Shield Bash, ...." Auron recited the book's title while tracing the book. 

    There were several volumes just for each skill. The number of volumes differed from one skill to another skills. There were some skill that had 10 volumes while there were some book that had more than that number. There were even some skill that had less than that number.

    In Two Worlds, there were another way to learn skill beside using skill books, which was to learn manually from the library. The advantages of this way was that it required no money since it was free to enter the library. However, the downside, it was way more difficult to learn skill through this. When a person want to learn from the library, first, they needed to read from the library, then practiced according to what they read.

    When they practiced there was a chance that they would learned the skill. Yes, it was just a chance. The chance to learn the skill also random. It depend on the person way of doing the skill. If they done it almost the same as in the book then their chance obtaining the skill would be higher.

    Another thing was, one volume was not enough to raise the skill to its peak, they needed to read another volume when they done with one. When they already got the skill, they needed to keep practicing to raise their skill's level. At some point, they would not get anything no matter how much they practices. That indicated that they should found the next volume of the skill's book.

    Another issue was, in a public library, in a town, not all of the collection were complete. There were some skill that were incomplete and they needed just to give up or looked it at another town or bigger town. But, as you could imagined, to traveled around all the Gaia just to learn from a book was not worth. This was why, many despised this way of learning. However, there were some who mixed it. For the first few level of the skill, they would just learned it from the library and when they felt that they could not handle anymore they just learned it from the skill book directly. This way they could save some amount of money to buy another things.

    Auron took one of the volume of [Bash] skill book in front of him. Then, he took another volume from another skill. After doing this for several different skill, he realized that in the academy library, the collection were complete. When a person could not found a volume they needed then that volume must be in the floor higher. But, what you need to keep note was that there was complete collection just in one library. Moreover, there was a book that you could not found outside of the academy, even in the capital's library, but you could found it here.

    "So, this was the reason why NPC's skill was so strong. They could learned endlessly in the library. Also with more talent, they could easily learned even the difficult skills." Auron shook his helplessly.

    Up to this date, over 50% of the NPC were stronger than the player. The number kept fluctuating. Sometimes, there were over 60%. Sometimes, there were over 53%. But the number never went below 50%. This was one of the reason.

    "No wonder, most of the NPC stronger than the player had military's background." Auron awed by the fact he just uncovered.

    Auron putted this matter at the back of his mind and walked toward another sections. He went to the mage sections. This was the main reason he came to the library. He remembered what Ms. Alice said before and looked for a book relating to casting while moving.

    Auron took all of the book about casting while moving and putted all on a table nearby. He looked at the pile of book in front of him. He smiled wryly while thought, "I could never found this book outside."

    You could not found casting while moving skill book outside from this place. Meanwhile, with just a few minutes he could get all the completed basic book about this skill. Although, there were still more advanced book in the above floor, but the pile of books in front of him, was enough for him to get the basic about this. This was why there were few player could do it, but it was not surprising for a NPC mage to do this.

    Auron could only sit down and started to read the book. He was very interested in this skills. When he was still the peak swordsman, very few player could really learn this. Many of the player just interpreting this skill wrongly. They raised their dexterity to the maximum to achieve an instant cast of a spell. But that was wrong, because doing that would made them very weak and the spell's damage was not high.

    However, there some player that could really achieve the skills. There was a time, when he fought against the number one mage player in a friendly match. At that time, the mage still only learned the basic of the skills, but he already giving a headache to Auron. When Auron chased him, he cast his skill while running away. Meanwhile, while Auron don't chased him, the mage chanted the skill from far away. Luckily, the mage's skill was still low level which made him failed some of his spell and give Auron chances to win.

    At that time, Auron curiously asked that mage how he get that skill. That mage told him that he got it from a quest. When Auron asked for more information, the mage refused to told him telling that it was part of the quest to not indulge the secret or he would lose the skill. Auron chose to believe him and not asked further. In addition, he was a swordsman so he just didn't need that skill.
  • Chapter 52 - Library (3)

    Auron read carefully the content of the book. However, Auron could not help to feel headache. Since, in high school, Auron didn't like to read. And this, was his first time reading a book again after so many years passed.

    Auron tried his best. He read a part of the book again and again until he understood what it means. After some time, he gradually adapted to reading. His reading speed gradually increased over. After four full hours, he finished reading all the book.

    He still could not get the skill since he hadn't used it. But, he got all the theory behind it. Many people thought to chant a skill while moving they needed to increase their chanted speed. This was not entirely wrong, but doing this would only do harm than good. To achieve this using that way, the person would need to spend all of his attribute to increase dexterity. This would left their other attribute lacking.

    Their damage would be so low that it practically looked like a tickle. Moreover, the dexterity requirement to instant cast a spell would be varied depending on the spell. However, the dexterity required to instant cast the most basic spell, [Fire Bolt], already as high as 800 dexterity. It would be the same as 160 levels.

    When the most basic spell already required that high, it was not a surprised when the stronger spell would need more than that number. Like the [Fire Pillar], the more advanced spell than [Fire Bolt], would need 2500 dexterity to instant cast. Moreover, when it was an AOE spell, the dexterity required would be double than the amount of the same graded single target spell.

    In addition, after you successfully chanted the spell, the damage was very low. That it needed two or more successfully hit spells to achieve the desired damage. Which mean, they needed more mana point to achieve the damage. That was why, there were some player that build their character to instant cast the basic spell only and allocating their attribute to intelligence to raise their damage.

    This way they could be considered achieved a pseudo casting spell while moving. However, a copy was not as effective as the real one. When you could do the real casting while moving, they only raised their dexterity to increased their casting speed not to achieved the instant cast. This way, they could spend their attribute point to other attribute such as intelligence to raise their damage or vitality to raise their health and defense.

    However, to achieve it was not easy. From what Auron read, when you got the [Walking Chanting] skills, a spell would 100% produced by the skill. However, there was a chance that the spell would exploded on the caster and damage the caster. This was what the book called a failure one. Also, when you successfully chanted a spell, the damage of the spell would be varied. It would be a random between 0% until 100% of the damage when the caster chanted the spell while not moving.

    When you unlucky and get the 0%, although it didn't damage the caster, but it still a failure one. Basically you would not hurt the enemy at all. However, there was a way to reduce the failure chance and increase the chance of producing high damage.

    First, to reduce the failure chance, you needed more concentration and calm and quick mind when chanting the spell. When one mind was calm they could looked at their surrounding better and carefully. They could also planned what they wanted before to raise their chance of success. Also, different from not moving, when you used [Walking Chanting] you get a 1 second chance to continue your spell when you get disrupted.

    If the traditional way, chanting while not moving, would get cancelled when one moved or get attacked, then the [Walking Chanting] allow you to continue to chant your spell when you get disrupted by enemy's attack or your mind not focused. However, they would only get 1 second chance after they got disrupted. If not, it would caused the spell to exploded and damage them. The damage when the spell exploded would be 100% of their magic damage. So, concentration and calm and quick mind could prevent them from getting their spell exploded and hurt themselves.

    Second, to increased their damage randomized, they needed a high level understanding of the spell and high level understanding of the elemental of the spell they chanted. To achieve it, they could analyzed their spell or used the spell over and over again. As a saying said, if you do something over and over again you would mastered it someday, practice makes perfect. This was also what practically they needed to do over time. If they could achieves this, their randomized damage could start from 1% or 2% or even 100% depending on their understanding.

    Also, a high understanding of elemental would helped them to get a higher damage. 1% from 100 would mean 1. But, 1% from 1000 would mean 10. So, basically elemental understanding would helped you to raised your damage, so when you get a low percentage of damage, you damage would still be high enough to hurt your enemy.

    "This was considered a must have skill for a mage. However, to get this it was not easy." Auron sighed at this new knowledge he got. But, he was not dispirited, he believed he could do this. He gradually smiled as he was imagining a swordsman fighting enemy in close combat then when he moved suddenly a fire bolt shot out from the swordsman and caught the enemy in surprise.

    Imagining this made Auron's blood boiled. He was someone who like challenge. And, this was a challenge that intrigued him. The more difficult a challenge, the more excited he is. Moreover, he always imagining how amazing would the result be when he successfully defeated the challenge.

    "Let us see how long I need to learn this skill" Auron smiled excitedly.
  • Chapter 53 - Secret

    Auron closed the book he read and put it back. Then, Auron went out of the library and back to his room. It was almost 5 in the morning when he arrived at his room. He found his room was empty.

    "Their lesson was this long that they haven't come back yet" Auron shocked by the fact that his roommate hadn't finished their class but he already finished his class.

    Auron found nothing to do. He felt anxious about what should he do now. There was still one hour to go until he should go to the next class. He felt tired but one hour was not enough for him to sleep.

    Two Worlds gave a function to link your real world phone to the game. When Auron decided to play 24 hours straight, he linked his phone to his account. Auron looked at his phone and there was a message from Roan. It was a very short message, "Call me". Auron looked at the time the message was sent. It was sent 10 hours ago.

    Auron could not help and directly called Roan in hope he was still awake. Auron dialed Roan's number. Luckily, after a few second, Roan answered his phone.

    "Hello Roan, what's up? Why you called me?" Auron said.

    "Brother.... Where were you?" Roan said pitifully. "I messaged you so many time before but you did not answer any of my message."

    "Sorry Roan, I was so busy hunting before. So, I didn't pay attention to any of the message I got." Auron felt guilty.

    "Forget it bro. Just focused on leveling up your character. By the way, what's your character's level now?" Roan asked

    Since Auron wasn't the one who hunting, he looked at his character's level. It was still the same as before level 15. But, the experience bar almost indicating that he could get to the next level in less than 12 hours.

    "Right now, I am level 15, almost leveled up to 16" Auron answered.

    Hearing that, Roan frowned, "How come you leveled so slow? Do you encountered any issue? Do you need my help?"

    When Roan bombarded Auron with many question, Auron could not help but felt guilty. He could not lied to his best friend any longer.

    "I.... Sorry Roan, actually I have some secret" Auron sighed and decided to tell his best friend about his secret.

    Auron started to tell his best friend his secret. He told Roan how he got the 'cheat' until what situation he got right now.

    "That was all my story." Auron sighed apologetically, "Sorry for hiding this from you."

    "So, this was the reason your hunting speed was so slow." Roan felt relieved," I thought you have some problem that you not telling me. Or, you were found out by Darius and being harassed by him and you kept the fact from me."

    "Are you not angry?" Auron asked carefully.

    "Why should I become angry when my brother got a cheat that could make him the most powerful person in the game" Roan answered proudly. "So, I need to start to collect all thing related to mage"

    Auron hastily answered, "No, you don't. Let us focus on my swordsman class first. Because, for some time, my swordsman was the one that will hunt for me. Moreover, if we divided our focus then we would be lacking."

    "This is also good for my mage character to stay low and not brought any attention. Oh yeah, how should I tell the others about my secret?" Auron asked Roan's opinion.

    "You don't have to worry about it. Let me tell them about your situation. I bet they will understand." Roan assured Auron.

    "Thank you, bro. How is Dragon's Den doing?" Auron turned to ask Roan.

    "We are also in a slow pace. But, everything is on the right track. We are just going to start our deal with one of the village in a remote place" Roan answered. "It seems we will get this deal. I was 90% sure that we would get this deal."

    "However, because it was in remote place, the transportation cost was not cheap. So, after deducting our operation cost, our profit will not be as high as you imagine." Roan told Auron.

    "It was okay. Since, we are new to this business, we should take one step at a time. This is a good start for us." Auron cheered Roan.

    "It was about time, I go to the next class. See you again. Oh yeah, kept my secret carefully." Auron reminded Roan.

    "Relax. I will only tell our brothers and that's it. I will not tell any other soul about this." Roan promised.

    Then, they hung up their phone. After that phone call, Auron felt relieved. He felt like one of his burden lifted and he felt more relaxed. For all this time, he felt burdened by the fact that he was not telling his secret and lies to his brother. But now, all of this was gone. Auron felt more relaxed and could focused on his growth more.

    He also felt happy with the trading company's growth. His decision to leave the trading company to his friend was a right choice. Although, he was betrayed once by his most trusted subordinate, he felt lucky that he could still put faith on his brothers.

    Now, Auron can focus his mind on his next class. He felt a weird feeling on the class officer, Peter. He felt that Peter had some issue on his mind. But, he also recalled another feeling when they were in the ceremony at the field. He felt that out of all the officer come to the field, Peter was the strongest among the officer. He felt weird by the fact that Brock was the chief officer and Peter was just in charge on one of the weakest class in the batch. He could not think any reason behind it. Auron dismissed the idea an putted it at the back of his mind.

    Auron looked at the time. It was almost the class time. Auron went out from his room and started to walked to the hall.
  • Chapter 54 - Running (1)

    Auron arrived at the hall 15 minutes before the class time. When he arrived at the hall, it was empty. However, a few minutes past and one by one his classmate coming into the hall. Many of them had a baggy eyes indicating their lack of sleep. Some of them even breathed heavily because the class they went into just finished a few minutes before and they quickly ran to the hall afraid irritating their class officer, Peter.

    5 minutes before the appointed time, all of the student have arrived. All of them were tired. Some of the sitting on the corner leaning on the wall. Some of them even, didn't care about their surrounding and just laid down on the floor breathing heavily. Auron looked at them and felt pity. This was what the player advantage over the NPC. As long as the player using nutrient solution, they would never felt tired even though the hunted for 24 hours. They just need to kept their in-game energy high enough to feel refreshed.

    Auron, suddenly, sensed a slow step on the stairs. He know whose step it was belong to. As the class captain, he had a responsibility to take care of the class like what the officer wanted. Although, he felt pity toward his classmate because their tiredness, he could not help but woke them up. In just a few seconds, Auron and his classmate already formed a line. However, because some of them very tired and sleepy, they could not focused out and made the line become somewhat messy.

    Auron didn't have enough time to fix the line as Peter already arrived at the hall on 6 a.m sharp. Seeing Peter arrived, the less tired students tensed up and stood still like a wood. Meanwhile, the sleepy and tired students could not concentrate enough, so they somewhat kept make the line looked a mess while maintaining their balance so they would not fell down.

    Looking at this, Peter, with his hand on his back, merely smiled. Auron and the student didn't know if this smile was a good sign or a bad sign.

    "Okay kids, you all could sit down." Peter said.

    Hearing this, Auron and some of the student relieved and breathed out. They thought Peter forgave them and didn't mind about the messy line. However, they quickly sit down, didn't dare to move slowly as if they were afraid that Peter would changed his mind.

    "As I have told you yesterday, I am in charge of your class." Peter explained.

    "This class purpose was to train you to become more fit and more suitable in the war zone. Also, this class would trained your survival ability. So, if you were left out in the war zone without anyone beside you, you could still survived."

    "This is not easy and this class would be more harsher than your class specific lesson. But, I promised you if you could survived this class you would become above anyone else."

    Auron felt shivered when he heard Peter mention the word survived. He though why Peter chose the word 'survived' instead of 'passed'. But, he just kept it in his heart.

    "It looks like some of you were tired. Do you want to take a rest for one hour before we move to the first lesson today?" Peter asked friendly.

    When the student heard about this they could not believed this. They thought they were dreaming. Is this the cruel officer that beat down the student because a small interrupted. However, because they were very tired, they could not help to feel this was like a gift from heaven. They thought that the officer felt sorry to them because he was to harsh to them yesterday and this was his way of apologizing.

    "Yes" One of the tired student shouted. Followed by dozen of another shouted confirming their agreement.

    "Do you really want to take a rest?" Peter confirming.

    "Yes" All the student except Auron answered in unison. Auron still felt weird by this sudden change. He could not help to feel suspicious.

    Peter realized Auron didn't voiced out his answered. He asked Auron friendly, "Class captain, you didn't answer my question before. Is there some concern in your mind?"

    All of the other student eyed on Auron. Seeing being the attention of the others, Auron knew his decision would determined if the other student would rest or not. 

    "No. I also believed some of the student lack of rest and they needed to rest a bit." Auron voiced his agreement to the student's opinion. However, his expression was still confused it was very lack of determination and uncertainty.

    "Okay then, you could rest for one hour. Take your time to rest. I will also wait here." Peter said still with a smiling face. He walked to the middle of the hall, sat down meditating, and closed his eyes.

    Seeing this, all of the student felt relieved, they unleashed their tense atmosphere and quickly lay down on the floor. Some of them fell asleep even snoring. Auron also sat down on the floor however he was not sleeping, instead he sat down across Peter and looked at him confusedly thinking what scheme was this officer doing right now.

    One hour later, Peter opened his eyes and stood up. When Peter stood up the student quickly stood up also and woke up the other student who was still sleeping. Auron also stood up in front of them.

    "Each of you take one of these and putted it in your body." Peter commanded while handing out a device to each of the student. The student accepted it and putted it on their body.

    "Okay, don't lose the device because it was an important thing for today's lesson. Oh yeah, today you would only had one lesson that you need to finish before the dinner's time. It is an easy task. It only need your determination and your perseverance. It is not a complicated task so you don't need to think"

    "And that lesson was, Running."
  • Chapter 55 - Running (2)

    "Follow me outside" Peter turned his back and walked outside. The students directly followed Peter outside silently. They had a thousand things in their mind right now. What were they gonna do? Is it really an easy task? Is the officer turned to a new leaf? and many other things which made them confused.

    When they arrived outside, Peter stopped and turned again facing the students.

    "As I said before, you task is running. Now, I will show you, the running path you need to take. Follow me closely." Peter said it while smiling.

    He turned again and start running. It was not fast also it was not slow. The student started followed Peter with their speed. At first, they just ran straight out of the academy. Up until now, it was easy for them because it was only a straight path. After a few minutes, they were outside of the academy. 

    When they had gone outside, Peter turned left. The sudden turn didn't surprised the students because it was in a normal speed, they followed him. After a few minutes running, they arrived at a big river with a heavy current. If you fell to the river you could died because of the current. Even if you didn't died, you would surely suffered serious injuries.

    The river was very wide. It was as wide as 30 adult feet line together. Luckily, they didn't need to crossed it by swimming. On top of the river, there were a stone lining up that could be used as a step to cross.

    Although, the stone was not in order and made an easy path, but if you still could cross it easily. Even a kid could crossed it if they were careful. Peter jumped up to the first stone then jump to the next stone and next until he arrived across the river. The students easily followed Peter, although they didn't take the same stone step as Peter, all of them crossed the river safely. 

    When Peter arrived across the river, he didn't stop and continued his running. This time, it was running at an uphill path. The students needed to spend more energy since this was an uphill path. In addition, the path was natural-made so it was not easy to step. If you were not careful, you could slipped and rolled to the bottom.

    The uphill path was pretty long, it was way longer than the straight path they took from their hall to the outside of the academy. However, all of the student including Auron knew what path they took. When they started to cross the river, one thing popped out in their mind. This path was a path to the [Training Forest] behind the academy.

    Although, it named [Training Forest], it was not as safe as it's name. The outskirt was safe, but the inner region was not safe. There were many monster in the inner region and the monster was not weak. Despite they could killed the monster when the group together, however it would still wasted their time. All of them sighed, "As I thought, it would not be as simple as running. We still need to fight". This was the first things that popped out on their mind.

    The students didn't dare to voice out what was on their mind and blindly followed Peter. When they almost arrived at the inner region of the [Training Forest], Peter took a left turn followed by the students. Seeing this, the student relieved, "So, we are not going to the inner region. It looks like the officer really become kind man"

    Their running inside the forest was not easy. Although, there was no monster at the outskirt of the [Training Forest], the path that they took was not easy. There were many tree that blocked their path. Peter, who was at the front of the group, dodged the tree many times. When there was a branch, he would ducked out while running to evade the branches. When there was a big tree's root protruding out from the ground he would jumped up. The student also followed Peter's action. They ducked and jumped to evade the branches and roots.

    After a few minutes running inside the forest, they already out of the forest. What welcomed them was a long circular downhill path. Peter slowed down his speed so as the students. It was relatively easy at the downhill path and in no time they arrived at the wide river. This was the same river as before however it was not the same place they crossed before. The place they crossed now was at the back of their academy. They crossed it easily. Then, they ran straight back to their starting point, their hall.

    When they arrived at the starting point they stopped. From the start until the end, Peter was not talking so did the students. While the other student felt relieved on the fact that their officer changed to the new leaf, Auron didn't think so. Inside his mind, he kept thinking what this officer's scheme was. He didn't believed that this officer suddenly become a kind person. On the way here, he saw his surrounding carefully and calculate in his mind. It took them around 30 minutes to finish this path.

    When Auron was deep in thought, Peter, who was silent all the way, suddenly talked, "That was the path you need to take. Looked at your device right now."

    The students looked at their device. Before, when they start, there was a number zero on their device, however, right now, that zero had changed and become one.

    "As what you all have think, this device will record how many laps you have finished. And just now, you have finished one lap. Remember, you could only deviate as far as 300 meters from the original path to be recorded. if you took a path deviate more than 300 meters from the path before, it will not record anything in there even if you arrived here." Peter said kindly.
  • Chapter 56 - Running (3)

    "As I said before, this is the only lesson you will do today. So, you will run until you fulfill the objective today" Peter explained.

    "You only have time until dinner's time to fulfill this objective. If you can finish it before the dinner's time, you will need to find me and report it to me first then you can go to have some free time"

    When the students heard about the chance to have free time, their expression became more brightened. They became more excited in the thought of having free time. They still thought that this was the way of Peter apologizing to them. He would give them free time, but since he still have some dignity as their class' officer, this was the way for him to apologize to us.

    "Officer, how many lap should we finish today?" One of the student raised his hand and voluntary asked. Still with his thought before, he asked Peter excitedly.

    "Good question!" Peter wore friendly expression. "Wait, let me think first"

    All of the student still excitedly wait with all sort of reason they thought to justify their thought before. Some student even thought that Peter doing this was just an act and at the end, he would still give a low number to completed.

    "I think 5 for each of you will be enough" Peter expression became serious as this was something important to decide.

    Hearing this, All of the student except Auron had their thought running wild. "This officer really turned a new leaf". With the calculation from before, if each lap took them 30 minutes to finish then for 5 laps they would only needed 150 minutes or in other words 2,5 hours. Right now, there were still more than 10 hours until dinner's time. This mean, with simple math, they would have 7.5 hours of free time.

    Thinking about 7.5 hours of free time, Many plans popped out at each of their mind. Smiled also surfaced on each of the students face, except Auron. However, Auron was still on state of disbelieve. How could a cruel officer like him felt wrong and apologize. This was something didn't make sense to Auron. He kept his gaze on the officer and wore a plain expression.

    "But, you form such messy line this morning, if the other officer know about this, it can make me lose face. I could not help but to punish you and add another 10 laps." Peter added with a reluctant tone.

    Another 10 laps mean another 300 minutes or 5 hours. Their free time would be reduced to 2.5 hours. However, the students still think that it was justifiable. A messy formation of the students surely would led the other officer to think that the officer could not managed the class properly and it would make them lose some face.

    "Well, that's okay. There is still 2.5 hours of free time." One of the student thought inside his mind.

    "When you rest before, you let your guard down. Fortunately you are just in front of me your officer. If I am your enemy, all of you can end up as a corpse. In military, your action was not good. It can lead you and your comrade to death" Peter added more, "So, I will add another 10 laps as a means to remind you to not let your guard down in any situation.

    All of the student's face become pale. They quickly rethought about the chance of their officer turned a new leaf. Their expression darkened. However, Peter added more with exciting tone, "Also, you have rest for 1 hour, I bet all of you was brimming with energy that need to be unleashed. As your class' officer, I would help all of you. Let me double your laps."

    Hearing this, Peter's good image in all of their mind shattered. This was still a cruel officer. They blamed themselves how could they had such stupid thought that this officer would turned a new leaf.

    "Luckily" Peter still added some more, "You class' captain was such a keen and meticulous person, when you were relaxed and let your guard down. You class' captain despite having the lowest level among you all, he still keep his guards up. For this, I have give you all reward."

    At the mention of Auron, all of the students looked at him and silently thanked him. Finally, they get something good. However, what followed shattered their thought.

    "As a reward, the lap we went through before would be counted towards your lap." Peter smiled satisfied as he already shown a huge kindness towards them.

    All of the student, no longer had any hope to fulfill this. Their spirit become low and their mind was in chaos. At first they only needed to finish 5 laps then it grew to 15 laps. And it did not stopped there and grew to 25 laps. Suddenly, it quickly doubled to 50 laps. Also their rewards was only one laps. Compared to 50 laps, one lap was like a drop of water in the ocean.

    "Okay. That is all from me. Each of you need to finish 49 laps before dinner's time. Remember to followed the path before and not deviate more than 300 meters from the original path or all of your effort will be useless." Peter concluded and reminded each of them.

    "Oh one more thing, since you are in one class, I want all of you to help each other. So, your device was equipped with a function to transfer your lap to others. However, it is up to you whether use it or not. After all, if you already finished your lap you can find me and get your free time."

    "I hope that all of you could finish this lesson and there is no one among of you guys fail." Peter lastly said before he left. 

    "Good luck guys, if you fail, then..." Peter didn't complete his sentence and just smiled sinister. He turned and left the students.
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