Tales of Magic Swordsman

Tales of Magic Swordsman - TOMS

The no. 1 player in VRMMORPG, Two Worlds, fall under the scheme of his lifelong enemy. From the top of the heaven he crashed to the bottom of the world. Being laughed at and with huge debt in his shoulder he try to get his revenge and conquer the game so no one will looked down on him anymore. With his best friend, can he conquer the game?


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  • Chapter 1 - Bet

    "Do we really need to do this?" Auron asked to a big burly man in front of him. "Why? Are you afraid?" The man answered. 

    "Ha ha ha. Darius can't you see the Two Worlds' player ranking? It has been 8 years since you are ranked no. 2. Do you think I, ranked no. 1, will afraid of you? There will be a big update next week, I just want to spend this week peacefully. But, since you want this to do this then let's get it on". 

    Darius smirked and handed a contract to Auron. "Then you just need to sign this contract with Two Worlds' god as the witness".

    Auron read the contract and started. "Darius, are you insane?!". The contract was about a 1 vs 1 duel between Auron and Darius in front of their guild mate today at 8 pm. What make Auron started was the loser had to disband their guild and permanently deleted their character.

    It had been 10 years since Two Worlds, a VRMMORPG, was released. To this date, almost 95% population in the world played this game. Two Worlds became an effective advertising tools for many companies. By advertising in Two Worlds, their company's sales could be boosted over 50%. There was even some company which claimed they made a 80% increase in the sales. Of course, this could be achieved if they invested in the correct place. And, Heaven, the no 1 guild, with Auron, the no. 1 ranked player, as their guild leader would be more attractive for these company.

    "Ha ha ha. For 8 years, my Character, Raging Bull, always ranked behind yours, God Of Sword and this also happen to Red Storm, my guild. For 8 years, I am always behind you, if I lose this battle then I don't need to play this games anymore," Darius laughed.

    "We both are maxed character and next week the level cap will be double up to lv 1000. we will have start over again to achieve maxed level. Even if you lose this battle you can still raise your level and challenge me again. Don't you realize how hard for us to achieve lv 500?" Auron tried to persuade.

    Darius looked calm and smiled. "Enough with the talk, do you dare or not?". Auron wanted to spend week before a big update peacefully. However, he can't imagine what will happen to his and Heaven's honor, if he decline this bet. Auron gritted his teeth and signed the contract, "Fine, if you want to delete your character, let us do this tonight 8 pm at the arena". Darius smirked evilly and parted ways with Auron.

    Soon, news about a bet between ranked no. 1 and no. 2 become a big event for all Two Worlds' user. Forum's discussion started to boom. Many predictions about who gonna win with some reason and speculation flew around. Haters from both side started to mock each other. Even some broadcasting companies started to empty their 8 pm schedule to live broadcast the duel.

    Heaven's guild mansion.

    A female with white robe elegantly walked to Auron's office. This is Cold Candle, Heaven's vice guild leader. She joined the guild since 4 years ago and actively doing guild activity. With high contribution to the guild and an easy going character, she became vice guild leader since two months ago because the last vice guild leader was expelled due to corruption and intended to dethrone Auron. Cold Candle contributed the most in collecting proof about last vice guild leader's suspicious behavior. Due to these reason, she unanimously win the voting to become the next guild vice leader.

    "Guild leader, do we really need to do this? I think there is something suspicious with Raging Bull's behavior," Cold Candle asked. 

    "Yeah, I also have the same opinion with you, I have known Raging Bull for 8 years, even if he is brave but he isn't someone who brave enough to bet something this big without 100% confidence. I feel suspicious but I can't figure it out," Auron answered. "But, well, I don't need to think about this. For 8 years, I always beat him. We both are maxed character, what makes us different is our skills and our equipment. Even if he can raise his skill to my level, his equipment still behind me. I don't think he can found legendary rated item".

    In Two Worlds, items are rated into different grade. From lowest to highest, common, uncommon, rare, epic, king, and legendary. These item can be identified by their name's color, white, green, blue, purple, orange, and yellow. To these dates, there are few king grade item and none of legendary grade item. There are some rumor which said, a legendary grade item could make a level 100 character fight on par with level 500 character. This could represented how overpowered and how hard to get legendary rated item.

    "Correct, if Darius get a legendary rated item, with our big intelligence network we should get the hang of it. But just in case, you should still be careful," Cold Candle advised him. 

    "I will, help me to prepare everything for tonight's duel, investigate all of Darius recent activity, get all information about his teammate and his sponsor, we still need to find out what makes him so confident," Auron commanded. "Oh, also, have you compile information for next update? When I win this duel, we still need to prepare for the next update, I don't want to get behind from other big guilds because of this event."

    "Relax, here is the information for the next update, we just need to pay attention to several things. I think it is better for you to focus on your upcoming duel. You don't want to tarnish your guild reputation right?" Cold Candle handed over a pile of document containing information about next update. When she was prepared to leave the room, she brought out some item out of her inventory and put it on the floor, "Our guild's expedition team has come back from worlds' expedition and here are the spoil for you to distribute to our guild member, maybe there are some useful item that you can use for upcoming duel. I see there is a good potion which can temporally increase you strength".

    "Thank you, I will sort it out." Auron answered.
  • Chapter 2 - New Update

    Just as its names, Two worlds, comprises of two worlds, Gaia and Regalia. Each person can only make one character and they would always start as a citizen of Gaia. Because of this, Gaia comprise of 90% player and 10% NPC, on the other hand Regalia comprise 100% NPC. So, it could be said Two Worlds is a game between player versus NPC. 

    In game, There are two types of expedition, guild's expedition and world's expedition. The latter would give better reward, but it is more dangerous than the previous and could only be issued by the world's supreme ruler. The expedition team's needed to go to other world and finished an expedition quest. The quest could be destroying other's world city, snatching resource, even killing other world royal families.

    This time, Heaven, sent one of their elites' team to the expedition. Fortunately, they get a rather easy quest with low chance of dying and Cold Candle have brought all the reward they get for Auron to distribute it. 

    Auron walk over to the pile of item and started to sort it out.

    [Abyssal's Dagger] (King grade equipment) 
    Type: Dagger
    Requirement: 70 Strength, 86 Agility
    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant
    Attack: 232 - 532
    Strength + 15
    Agility + 10
    Effect: no effect

    "This is a bad king grade equipment, There are some good epic grade equipment better than this king grade. Forget it, I can still give it to Roan," Auron though. After sorting everything out, Auron get 1 king grade equipment, 12 epic grade equipment, 30 rare grade equipment, and many miscellaneous item which include, potion, alchemy ingredients, forging ingredients, and many more.

    [Giant's Strength Potion] (Epic Item)
    Type: Potion
    Class: All Class
    Effect: Increase 30% all attribute for 30 seconds

    "I think this is the potion Cold Candle mentioned before. What a wonderful potion. With this potion, I can defeat Raging Bull easily. I will use this potion in duel to give more security," Auron though. After distributing all the item to the expedition team, the leftover item were putted in guild's warehouse and could be exchanged with guild's contribution point.

    Auron sat back on his chair and started to read a pile of document about the new update. "Cold Candle really can be trusted, she even give suggestion for further action."

    New Update Key Point:
    - Maximal Character level doubled to lv 1000
    - Skill level Capped increased to 70
    - New Item grade: Mythical (Gold colored). Item will be rated above Legendary with 0.1% drop rate through world's expedition and 0.05% through guild expedition or hunting.
    - Legendary rated item drop rate increase to 1% through world's expedition and 0.5% through guild expedition or hunting.
    - Kingdom military opened to Player: Player can now joined the world's military and get contribution through war with enemy from Regalia. Player will start from soldier rank and needs to get more contribution to occupy higher position. Player can also exchange contribution point with item. With Higher position, player also can get more benefit even meeting the king. Restriction: Player can only solely serve the kingdom and can't join player's guild. 
    - Noble Title: Player needs nobility point to upgrade their noble title. Nobility point can be earned through quest given by royalty member or important army member.
    - Guild now can be measured by Nobility point: All active member Nobility point will be added to guild's nobility point. More guild's nobility point, more benefit the guild can get. For example, exchanging item with royal family treasure room, request to issued world's expedition, getting more slot for world's expedition and many more.
    - NPC level adjusted accordingly.

    We can forget about Kingdom military since we are in guild, instead we should focus on obtaining Noble Title. I think the royal family treasure room will have a legendary rated item and maybe even mythical rated item. We should form an elite group to farming noble quest. From what I see, there is no update about new hunting grounds which mean above level 500 we can only depend on quest, expedition and hunting other world's troop. Next step, ...

    "This damn company, there's still no player that have legendary rated items yet they already add mythical rated items," Auron cursed. "Based on the suggestion from Cold Candle, looks like we need to hold audition to form a new elite group. Let me think it over later."

    Suddenly, door to Auron's office opened. A fat man wearing a white robe run into the room. While panting he said "Auron! why you accept such insane bet?". 

    This fat man named Roan, he is Auron's best friend. They were classmate since they were in school. At age 15, when Two Worlds first launched, they started to play together. Roan played as a merchant while Auron choose swordman. One year later, both of them founded Heaven. Both of them dedicated all of their time to develop Heaven. 

    As time pass by, Roan rise slowly which made him fell behind other guilds member. To avoid becoming a burden for Auron. Roan decided to moved to Heaven's first branch guild and helped the main guild in terms of funds. With Roan talent in trade and financing, Heaven's first branch become the no. 1 source of funds for the main guild. Unfortunately, to help the guild fund, Roan has to keep moving around between city and ignore hunting which was why until today he still level 432. He said "There is always something need to be sacrificed". Although, Roan was okay with his condition, Auron still felt guilty which was why sometimes he provide some high graded equipment and item to Roan. Because of this, many main guild member looked down on Roan but they kept it in their heart since Roan was their guild leader's best friend and one of the Heaven's founder.

    "Brother, I also don't want to do this, but Raging Bull keep pushing me. I can't harm our guild's honor. I have to do this," Auron said with warm tone.

    "Bu... but I still feel it is not okay to do this, what if you lose? This is your hard work for 10 years." Tear started to fill Roan eyes "I can't imagine if you lose, what will happen to me?"

    "Relax, I know Raging Bull seems suspicious, but he can't beat me. Although, he has a hidden card, I also have my own hidden cards." Auron smiled.
  • Chapter 3 - Duel Start (1)

    "Really?" Roan still feel insecure with the bet. "Yes, just believe in me. I have my own plan." Auron assured. "Brother, look at this dagger. I think this dagger suitable for you," Auron handed over King's level dagger to Roan. "Remember, this dagger is for you to use, so don't sell it. Even though this is a bad king's level equipment, it is still king's level after all. It can boost your fighting power."

    knock.. knock..

    Cold Candle walk into the office bringing a pile of paper, "Guild leader, Am I disturbing your meeting?". 

    "No, it is okay. I am leaving," Roan walk to the door turning his head. "Be careful, bro".

    "What a kind brother," Cold Candle handing pile of the paper, "Here is what you asked me to investigate. I see there is no suspicious movement from Raging Bull and Red Storm. I still cannot figure out what makes him confidence". 

    "Thank you Cold Candle you always can be relied on. I will read this first, call me when the time comes," Auron replied.

    At 7 pm.

    "That's weird, I can't find anything weird from this report," Auron looked confused. "The only thing that possible is this thing. He got a new fund from his sponsor but he doesn't seems spend that much money."

    Knock.. Knock..

    Cold Candle walk into the room. "Guild leader, do you find anything weird?"

    "No. One thing that bothering me is, recently, his gives him a new funding, but he doesn't seems spend that much money. It is really not like Raging Bull. I know he is the type of guy who will spend almost all of his money just to show off his might," Auron pondering. "Cold Candle, do you know something about this?"

    "I heard he request that fund just to defeat you. He promise to his sponsor that he will defeat you so that he can become ranked no. 1 player, that way his value will rise and it benefiting his sponsor, that's why his sponsor agreed to give that. I also heard that if he lose this battle his sponsor will pull all of their sponsor to his guild. I think that is also why he willing to raise the stake very high," Cold Candle handed out a piece of information. "I also got the latest rumor, that he actually spend a lot of his money to change all of his equipment to King's level. He carefully selected the equipment attribute so it can maximize his fighting power. He also bought some items that can temporally boost his fighting power. The rumor also said that, right now, his equipment actually beats your equipment."

    "Why I don't see that piece of information in the document you handed me first time?" Auron furrowed his brows.

    "He keeps all of the his spending information tightly. I just got this news before I come here. This is just a rumor, but I think I still need to give you this information so you can be prepared for it," Cold Candle said.

    Auron solemnly look at Cold Candle, "Cold Candle, in your opinion, between me and Raging Bull, who's stronger?"

    Cold Candle cross her arm and pondered deeply, "I think you are stronger since your skill level and your equipment stronger than Raging Bull. However, if we include all the information we just gathered, and if the information are all true, then your equipment will we slightly lower than Raging Bull, but your skill will still stronger than him. However, this advantage can be overcome by consuming buff potion". Cold Candle continued, "With your difference right now, Raging Bull needs to consume epic buff potion or higher to defeat you. What I don't know is whether he has that potion or not. Calculating by his money, I think he could afford epic buff potion but for higher grade, I don't think he has the money for it."

    Auron asked, "If all what you said are true, then how do you think I can win?"

    After thought for a while Cold Candle answered, "I assumed that all the information are true and he has an epic buff potion also since there is no news about him raising his skill level, then I assumed he can't raise it yet. Based on all of this, I think your way to win is to consume a buff potion. It don't have to be epic buff potion, if it is uncommon buff potion then you will be on par with him and all will go to your way of fighting. if it is rare buff potion then you can slightly defeat him as long as you don't make any mistake. I remember that there's a buff potion in the pile I give you last time, do you find it? what grade is it?"

    Auron smiled and showed over [Giant's Strength potion], "I found it, it is an epic grade buff potion and it is a pretty decent one."

    "Great, with this potion you can easily defeat Raging Bull, you should bring it. Keep it first, if all the rumor are true and Raging Bull has a buff potion, then you can consume this to assured our chances for winning." Cold Candle excitedly advised Auron.

    "Ha ha ha. Great, it is time to move, get all of our brothers to the arena and let us how Red Storm disbanded" Auron laughed.


    "Boss, are you sure we can win this bet?" Red Storm's vice guild leader asked nervously.

    "Yes, just trust me, I have my own plan, you just need to record all of this and make sure it is spread widely" Raging Bull smiled. "Today, I shall defeat God Of Sword then become no. 1 ranked player and our guild will become no. 1 ranked guild".

    A few moments later, a group of people came into the arena. They all released a mighty killing intent. Their combined killing intent could even make a corpse rose from the dead and ran away.
    "I guess you are not running away from our bet." Raging Bull laughed disdainfully. Auron furrowed his brows, "Why should I run away from a weaker player? Can you see our ranked?"

    "Ha ha ha. All will ends today. Prepared to delete your character, oh and if you start over again, look for me, I can help you" Raging Bull smiled evilly.
  • Chapter 4 - Duel Start (2)

    "Don't you think I should be the one who said that?" Auron refuted. "Are you still dreaming? Well, it is time for a baby to go sleep. Unfortunately, we still have a bet to conclude. Guys, can you help me look for her mom and wake him up he has a bet to conclude?" Auron said to his guild mate, followed by huge laughter.

    Raging Bull started to get angry, he raised his tone, "Auron, do you think you can beat me by making me angry?"

    Cold Candle, who stand beside Auron, whispered to him, "Guild leader, look at his equipment, looks like the rumor are true. His equipment are changed and slightly better than yours. You need to be careful. We still don't know whether he has a buff potion or not."

    Auron observed Raging Bull in front of him. From top to bottom, Raging Bull equipment changed and he looked more mighty and muscular than before. "Darius, do you think I am afraid with your new equipment? It look dazzling, but that's it nothing special with it? Don't you forget your skill level are lower than mine? I think it still hard for you to raise your skill level with all of the money you sponsored." Auron smiled.

    Darius didn't surprised to hear him know about the sponsored money, He maintained his posture, "We all know how hard to raise our skill level, even you the ranked no. 1 still can't surpass level 50, even my skill level are lower than your but the difference is not too far."

    In Two Worlds, there is no restriction on how many skill a player can learn, as long as the requirement were fulfilled. There are only two requirement which were, player could only learned skill based on his class and to learn a skill or raised it, player needed a skill book and the amount is varied depending on the skill level. To raise a skill, player needed to use skill book of respective skill double amount of the next skill level and every 10 level player needed to use a higher grade skill book. To raise from level 0 to level 1, player needed 2 common skill book, from level 1 to level 2, they needed 4 common skill book, from level 2 to level 3, they needed 6 common skill book, and so on.

    When player get to level 10, the skill book needed raise by one grade. From level 10 to level 11, they needed 22 uncommon skill book. From level 11 to level 12, they needed 24 uncommon skill book, and so on. This goes on until player's skill reach level 30, when a player want to raise his skill to level 31, he only need 1 epic skill book. From 31 to 32, they needed 2 epic skill book, and so on. Although the amount seems reduced, the truth is the difficulty to raise it still high even more difficult than before. Skill book from rare and below can be traded between player, but starting from epic grade, the skill book couldn't be traded because it was bound to the player who take it. Moreover, the skill book drop rate very low. The drop rate for common grade skill book almost the same as the drop rate of rare grade equipment or item. That's why, in Two World, even after ran for 10 years, common grade skill book still pretty expensive.

    Fortunately, for epic grade skill book and higher, Two Worlds gave a chance to exchange bounded skill book they grade. Player could exchange 10 epic grade skill book regardless of the class to 1 epic grade skill book of their choice. When player learn about this news, player started to make a service which was skill book's hunting service. The one who want to use this service will paid some amount of money to a group of player and made a party, then they went to hunt whether it was an expedition or grinding monster or even invading other worlds. When an epic skill book dropped, it will went to the one who use this service. Of course, it was very expensive to use this service, but still, many rich people used this service.

    Also, in Two Worlds, although one has the same class, one could be stronger than other. This can be looked from their skill level, their equipment, and their character's attribute.

    Raging Bull and God Of Sword, both of them, have the same class which was swordsman. So, this bet can actually be called duel of the two top swordsman. Although their class was same, however they built their character differently. Auron gave his attribute equally between strength and agility. On the other hand, Darius gave almost all of his attributes to strength.

    Auron looked calm and smiled, "Enough of the talk, let us start our duel now".

    Raging Bull and God Of Sword, both, stepped on the arena stage at the same time. Darius then handed over the signed contract to an NPC officer. "Both of you, have signed this contract and agreed to this. After this battle over, the loser will has 3 days time to execute the penalty. If he don't execute it in time, he will receive a severe penalty".

    The one who neglected to execute penalty from the contract will got his attribute permanently reduced by 99%, all of his skill level will be gone, and all of his equipment, money, and item will be gone. The penalty received actually almost the same as deleting a character. But, because the stake of the bet right now was very high, there was no different between the stake of bet and penalty.

    "Let the battle begin in 10, 9, 8, 7,.. 3, 2, 1, begin" NPC officer started the duel.

    When the battle started, Auron directly use his movement skill. Added with his agility attribute, his speed rose. He swung his sword directly to Darius' head.

    "Bang" Darius parried Auron sword with his axe. Darius was strength very high, because of the collision, Auron flew back. He spun once and landed smoothly on his first spot.

    Darius laughed, "Why are you so impatient?".

    "I am just testing the water." Auron also laughed. "Let's get serious"
  • Chapter 5 - Epic Buff Potion

    The weapon Auron used is a black broadsword. This broadsword actually longer and heavier than ordinary broadsword which mean Auron range are longer than ordinary broadsword. This was a high king grade's weapon that had accompany Auron for one year. He got this sword from participating in a World's expedition. At that time, he and his party attacked one of the enemy camp in other world. And one of the enemy general got surprised by the sudden attack and couldn't properly prepared.  Even after the enemy got surprised by the sudden attack, they were still in large quantities, which made Auron loss 80% of his party. At the end, the enemy general died and drop this sword which Auron picked and used until now. Although he had to pay a heavy price, he still satisfied with the sword.

    Although this sword was strong, there was still a stronger sword in the game. However, this sword was classified as the number 1 sword in player's possession. This can be shown by comparing his sword and Raging Bull's axe. Axe can be considered as one of the weapon with high damages and sword's damage couldn't be compared with the axe's damage. But, Auron sword only has slightly lower damage than Raging Bull's new axe.

    A purple mist started to enveloped Auron broadsword completely. This purple mist it one of the swordsman's skill, [Weapon's Aura]. This skill could enveloped any weapon and made the weapon stronger in collision and added the weapon's damage. Seeing Auron used [Weapon's Aura], Darius also used the same skill. A purple mist enveloping his axe.

    Auron started to move toward Darius slowly. Not waiting for Auron to come, Darius used [Charge]. [Charge] was a charging skill, it increased user's speed and charged toward the target. The weakness of this skill was it made the user moved in a straight line. With high reflex, Auron moved to the side and swung his sword. A damage float above Darius' head.

    After getting hit, Darius not stood still, instead he also swung back his axe to Auron and it connected. A damage also shown above Auron's head. Thanks to Darius strength, he dealt almost twice of what Auron dealt. Auron started to move away from Darius.

    Auron thought, "I will lost if we exchange damage, I need to maintained some distance". Auron started to use his advantages in agility. He circled Darius and keep use a combination of his skill and basic attack. This was the same strategy that an out-fighter boxer fight against an in-fighter boxer.

    Darius maintained his position and focus his concentration. He swung his axe several times, some connected, but there were also which missed the target. Darius slowly moved toward Auron, he started to lead Auron toward the corner of the arena stage.

    Knowing Darius' intention, Auron started to move against Darius' wishes. However, Darius was not some amateur, he was player ranked no 2 after all, Auron started got leaded to one of the stage's corner. To escape from this predicament, Auron decided to use [Charge]. He charged to Darius. Seeing this, Darius prepared to accept the strength battle. He swung his axe horizontally. Surprisingly, Auron started to jump. He used his sword to parry Darius' axe. His sword collided with Darius' axe and he used the collision force to make him jumped higher.

    Auron jumped over Darius' head spun once and tried to land on the other side of the arena. However, since Auron get increased speed from using [Charge], he actually missed the jumped timing, so he fell down and get some damage. He quickly got up and prepared to act against Darius' next move.

    Surprisingly, Darius only stood still and watched Auron got up. "Ha ha ha. What a move, unfortunately you are lucky. A ranked number one player fell down so miserably" Darius laughed. Using this moment, Auron maintain his calm composure and started to observe the situation.

    From the exchange before, Auron actually chipped away more than 50% of Darius health, while his health was still over 70%. "Can you see your health?" Auron replied, "Your health is below 50%. Do you have any other move? If this is all what you have, then I am going to win."

    "What if this is all I've got? What if it isn't? I am 100% percent sure you are going to lose." Darius declared confidently. Auron replied, "Is there any missing screw in your head? Can you learn and calculate?"

    "I think he is crazy" 

    "Darius is such a newbie, he can't even calculate. Do you want my kid to teach you?"


    Some of the crowd belonging to Auron's guild started to shout and mock Darius. Darius' guild member in the crowd also completely baffled by Darius' behavior. They feel ashamed and couldn't refuted the opposing mocking. They could only maintain their calm behavior and thought,

    "Is our guild leader really crazy?"

    "He can calculate can't he? Does he have a hidden move?"


    Auron observed Darius and the situation. Darius looked very calm, it was liked he was in advatage. Seeing Darius' guild memberlook calm, Auron got misunderstand, "Seeing his guild member calm behavior, I am 100% sure if he has a buff potion. The question is what grade is the buff potion he has."

    Darius smiled and slowly retrieved an item from his inventory. He showed it to Auron and the crowd. 

    "An epic grade buff potion", One of the crowd shouted. All of Darius' guild member started to get excited from this development. Meanwhile, Auron's guild memberlooked solemnly.

    Auron's guild member shouted, "You are cheating, This is an one on one duel, how can you use a buff potion."

    "What cheating?! You just some poor kid go beg to you mother." Darius's guild member replied.

    On Stage, Darius smiled, "Sorry Auron, with this, today you are going to lose". He then looked at the crowd, "What cheating? There is no rules stated in the contract that buff potion is prohibited. You are just a loser. He can also use one if he has it". Darius consumed the buff potion.

    "What a surprised, he actually has an epic buff potion. I can't imagine how much he spend for it." Seeing Darius consumed the buff potion. Auron smiled and lifted his hand, an epic item was in his hand, "What a surprised, coincidentally, I also have an epic buff potion."
  • Chapter 6 - Something Wrong

    "What a surprised, coincidentally, I also have an epic buff potion."

    The epic buff potion Auron showed, made other people reacted differently, Darius and his guild member looked surprised and felt pressured while Auron guild member looked brightened and excited.

    Auron started to consumed the buff potion. 

    "Damn it." Darius cursed in his heart. 

    Seeing Auron consumed his buff potion, Darius charged to Auron and tried to caught Auron by surprise. Unfortunately, Auron quickly consumed his buff potion and had prepared to take on Darius attack.

    "Bang", the sound of an axe and sword collided rang loudly. Darius pushed Auron back. Because of the potion, Darius can only manage to push Auron back several meter and couldn't make Auron flew like the first clash. Auron moved sideways and maintained his distance with Darius.

    "Damn it, how can this be. How can he has an epic buff potion and I can't get the news?" Darius cursed. He looked at his guild member. All Darius' guild member in the crowd felt dejected. Darius pondered, "Is there a spy in my guild? How can I not know the news about this?"

    "Where are you looking at Darius? We still have a battle to concluded. Don't run away" Auron smiled evilly. He started to launch his attack. He used some of his skill combined with his agility and his basic attack get managed to chip away 30% of Darius health.

    "Damn it, I can only defended his attack and try to look for opportunity" Darius tried so hard to fight against Auron, with his high strength he only managed to reduce 10% of Auron health. "Damn it, because of the buff potion he moved faster than before, many of my attack are missed." Darius started feeling nervous. "Relax, maintain my calm, I can still beat him. He is still a human, he can make a mistake. Focus, Focus, Focus"

    With his mind calmed down Darius started to defend. Darius could actually improved his performance. From ten exchange he can defend 9 of the attack. This boosted Darius confidence. Another ten moved he actually managed to defend all of it and not getting damage.

    "That is weird, Darius started to get faster" Auron pondered seriously. "Is he stealthily consumed another buff potion? I don't think he prepared another potion. From the looks of his behavior when he first showed his buff potion, he really confident that I will fell for his scheme. So, he must only prepared one buff potion."

    "Forget it, I think he just got lucky, I need to get focus. If I manage to hit him again, I think he will get panic and he can make a mistake. I need to varied my attack and boost my speed", Auron thinking strategically.

    Auron started to varied his move pattern, he moved zig zag toward Darius. Auron swung his sword. Darius prepared his axe to block the sword. Suddenly, midways, Auron stop his attack moved to the side and swung another attack. Darius taken by surprise tried very hard to defend. He, reflexively, turn his body to the side and moved his hand.

    "Bang" Darius axe manage to block Auron sword.

    Auron taken by surprised, he use his movement skill to move away from Darius. A look of surprised can be seen in his face.

    "Whew, so lucky," Darius felt relieved. "I don't know how can I block that, am I getting stronger? Forget it, I need to maintain this advantages". Darius laughed loudly, "Ha ha ha. Surprised? Already feeling lose?"

    Auron face got ugly, "You are just lucky! Try to block this one". Auron using [Charge] and moved toward Darius. Darius become serious he swung his axe toward the charging Auron.

    "Bang" Auron flew away because of the collision. Taken by surprised, Auron couldn't land properly and fell down.

    "How can I fly away? Before, he can only push me back. There is something weird going on. I need to be careful" Auron felt strange. He got up and charging toward Darius. This time, he didn't use any skill and only used combination of his footwork and basic attack. Auron used all of his moved. He moved zig zag, attacking from the side, tried to circled around and more. Auron tried to varied his attack pattern. However, Darius managed to block all of his attack, he even manage to counter attack Auron and chip some of Auron health. 

    "There must be something going on, I need to maintain calm and be more observant." Auron thought. He looked at his health, there's only 42% left. While Darius still have 18% of his health left. While Auron was occupied by his thought, Darius used [Charge] and swung his axe toward Auron. Taken by surprised, Auron moved his sword to in front of his chest and tried to block Darius' attack.


    "What!!!!" Auron's guild member in the crowd looked very surprised.

    What made them very surprised was, in this collision, Auron actually flew farther than the collision before. Auron tried to get up. He couldn't hide his surprised face. "Darius, yo... you are shameless. you actually used two buff potion for this duel" Auron shouted. Auron was 100% sure that Darius prepared two buff potion. Auron started to get angry, his expression change from surprised to angered.

    "What are you talking about? How can you accuse me?" Darius felt wronged. "I know you are incompetent, but I don't know it is to this extent. You are weak, I am stronger. You have to accept the fact," Darius proudly refuted. Actually, Darius also very surprised, but he managed to maintain his calm composure. "Forget it, I actually super lucky, he made many mistake. I can win this," Darius thought. He started to smile widely, "You are always weak, you have to thanked me for all of this time I played with you, now play time is over".

     Auron not believed by what Darius said. He knew all of this time Darius not playing with him. Suddenly, Auron got enlightened, he opened his attributes panel. He got surprised, all of his attributes got reduced a lot. He read his description status.

    [Player inflicted by an epic curse, attribute temporally reduced. Every 10 seconds, attribute will be reduced by 10% of the current attribute for 6 hours or until player is dead]

    "An epic curse, damn it"
  • Chapter 7 - Cursed

    "An epic curse, damn it" Auron cursed. "How can I get inflicted by this curse?"

    "Ha ha ha. You only have 25% of you health left. Let's finish all of this," While Auron daze in thought, Darius laughed loudly and started to attack Auron.

    Auron reflexively moved to the side. He succeeded in dodge the attack. However, he still thinking about the epic curse. So, instead of counter attacking, he move away from Darius and make some distance.

    "Don't you run away! What a shame, player ranked number 1 is running away so miserably! You don't deserve the title. Let me take that title today!" Darius mocked Auron and started to charging toward Auron.

    "Damn this curse! Looking at my attribute right now, I still have 70% of chance to win this match. However, in the next 10 secs, my chance of win reduced to 60%. Another next 10 secs and it will go down to 50%.  Another 10 secs and it will be almost impossible for me to win this match" Auron calculated in his mind.

    "I need to finish this before 30 secs mark," Auron made up his mind. He started to attack aggressively. Auron attacked Darius like he was possessed by a madman. Auron swung his sword, whether the sword connected or blocked by Darius, he immediately moved circled Darius and launched another attack.

    This strategy actually succeeded. Auron managed to reduce another 9% of Darius health, but he also left with 12% health.

    "He is so defensive before, why he attack aggressively right now?" Darius shocked by this sudden changed. "He tried to finish me quick. He must had a reason to fight this aggressively. I need to prolong this battle" Darius enlightened. He started to move defensively. "Whoa.. why are you so aggressive. Be calm please. Do you need to take a pee?" Darius taunted Auron.

    It had been 20 secs, Auron felt more pressured. He used his movement skill and charge recklessly toward Darius.

    Darius not stood still, he swung his axe. Auron tried to dodge the attack. However, because of the cursed, even after using his movement skill, his speed greatly reduced. He couldn't dodge in time and got hit by the axe. Auron flew back and crashed on the ground. He only had a sliver of health left.

    "I lost" Auron had given up. "Where I got the curse?" Auron still didn't know where he got the curse from. "And it is even an epic curse. Wait... epic curse, I only consumed an epic buff potion. Both of them are epic item. [Joker's Trick]!!" Auron suddenly enlightened.

    [Joker's Trick] was an item used to change an item's description and appearance. It could change an item's description and appearance of the same grade for 24 hours. After the item changed, player could not identify it unless they used an identification skill or waited for the item's duration went off. When Two Worlds began, It was a very popular item to trick another player. A player used it to change the item into something mighty and sold it with high price to another player. Although they couldn't change the item grade, many player still tricked. Just imagined, A low level common equipment could be changed into another common equipment with an attack the same as uncommon equipment or even higher than that. Because of this, many people filed a complain to Black Eagle, the company behind Two Worlds.

    Finally, in the second year, the company give an updated to all player. They give all player an identification skill as soon as they create a new character. Although it had been updated, some player still got deceived. However, slow but surely, with the help of many newbie's guide in the forum, only a careless player got deceived by this trick. When Two Worlds entered the fifth year, almost none of the player got tricked. Because of this, the [Joker's Trick]'s popularity went down. Some people still used this tricked but on below rare grade equipment since the one who could afford bought an epic item or higher must had played the game for long time which made them couldn't fall to this trick.

    "Why am I so careless" Auron mocked his carelessness.

    "Ha ha ha. Prepare to lose!" Darius charged to Auron. Auron just laid on the ground and not tried to dodge the attack.

    A few second later, "Darius win the match. Since Auron has lost, he has 3 days time to fulfill his obligation as the loser or he will suffered severe penalty," The NPC offficer declared.

    Because of this was just an arena fight, after the fight, the player health will completely healed. However, instead of got up, Auron just laid on the ground and lost in his thought, "Who put that potion there? Is there any spy in the elite's team?"

    "Wait... Cold Candle is the one who's hinting me that there is a good potion among the pile, she is also the one who brought the pile over. She also know that with the potion I can win against Darius easily." Auron suddenly got up, he looked back to the crowd behind him.

    Auron saw a crowd of his guild member feeling dejected. They all lowered their head, even there was some member who cried. In the middle of the crowd, a woman with white robe elegantly stood. She wore a calm expression as if she had know the outcome of this battle before the battle even begin. Seeing Auron gazed her, she mocked him by making a shocked expression and then smiled evilly.

    "Damn, that woman" Auron felt furious he wanted to charge toward her. But before he could done it, a hand grabbed his shoulder. "Ha ha ha. You have lost. Even after using an epic buff potion, you still lost" Darius laughed mockingly to Auron, behind him all of his guild member laughed out loud.

    "This guy... he must have worked together with Cold Candle. If not, how can the timing so precise. F*** this guy! F*** Cold Candle!" Auron gazed furiously at Darius and gritted his teeth.

    "Hey, ranked number 2 player, why don't you kneel before me the ranked no 1. Oh wait, he will not ranked number 2 anymore since he will deleted his character." Darius continuously mocked Auron. "Enjoy your 3 days, don't forget to delete your character. Actually, I don't care whether you delete your character or not since you will suffered severe penalty if not." Darius laughed loudly and went back with his guild member out of the arena.

    "Wow, this is such a breaking news"

    "I can't believe God Of Sword lost"


    Many of the media broadcasting started move back to their headquarter quickly to make a headline news.

    At the end, only Auron and his dejected guild member left behind at the arena.
  • Chapter 8 - I'm Done

    Only Auron and his dejected guild member left behind at the arena.

    "What will we gonna do now?"

    "Are we really disbanding?"

    "Why all of this must happen?


    Many of Auron's guild member wailing desperately. Suddenly, Cold Candle elegantly approached him.

    "Guild Leader, Darius must be cheated. There is something weird about this, we will need to investigate this," Cold Candle pretended she didn't know anything. "Before that, you should leave all of your item and equipment to us. After that you can create a new character and start over again. We will help you to level up, after you got to this level again, we will give back all of your item. We will challenge them and get our revenge!"

    "Yeah, guild leader we will exact our revenge to them"

    "I will help you to level up"


    Many of his guild member agreed to Cold Candle. Auron stood still. He out of focus. All of the event happen today shocked him. From a shockingly huge bet to the joy of knowing all of his plan working well until feeling betrayed by his guild's vice leader.

    Auron gazed furiously at Cold Candle, "You...!!!".  He wanted to beat her up, but he looked at all of his guild member behind her.

    "Although I know how all of this happen, I actually don't have any concrete proof. What will happen if I accuse Cold Candle colluding with Raging Bull without proof? Will all of my guild member believe in me?" Auron have some thought. "Forget it, this is all because of my carelessness. If I really accuse Cold Candle without proof, the others will really looked down on me. They will say that I can't accept any lose and blindly scapegoat the one who support me. This will only harm me." After some thought, Auron got rid of the plan. 

    Auron suddenly felt very tired. He looked up to the sky, then a stream of tears can be seen washing through his face.

    The more he thought about all of this, the more he felt regret. All of his hard work for 10 years. All of his effort to build the guild. All of his effort to reach the peak. All of his life. If he didn't accept this bet before, If he listened to his best friend, All of this will not happen. He will not lose his character. He will not lose a guild he build with his best friend. All of this is gone.

    Silently, Auron logged his character out.

    Cold Candle and Auron's guild member shocked because Auron just logged of without saying anything. However, they somewhat know what his guild leader feel and they will also do the same if they was in Auron's place. They started to dispersed and go back to their routine. Some of them even logged off too.

    Cold Candle stood still in the arena smiled. All of her plan worked, now she just need to wait for the reward to be reaped. However, she suddenly shocked.

    Auron's Room

    Auron opened his eyes. He was inside a game capsule. He very lost in thought. He couldn't think straight. He blamed himself. He blamed his stupidity. He just wanted to run away from reality. He thought he started to get crazy.

    He closed his eyes again and opened the game settings. He looked at his character.

    [God Of Sword]
    Level: 500 (maximum level)
    Class: Swordsman
    Ranked: 2

    Auron looked at his character with teary eyes. He move his hand and press a button.

    [Are you sure want to permanently delete your character?]


    [Warning!!! All of your equipment and item will also be permanently deleted. Please enter your character's name to confirm!]

    Auron not moving. He stood still lost in thought. A few seconds later, he gritted his teeth and started to make a move.

    "God Of Sword" Auron then pressed confirm button.

    [Your character has been sucessfully deleted. Do you want to make a new character?]


    Auron opened his eyes. He then exited the game capsule and lied on his bed.

    "I'm done" Auron still couldn't believe of what he had been throught today. It felt like a dream.

    Feeling very tired, Auron started to close his eyes and slowly his consciousness went in to dreamland.

    [Your guild leader has gone. As the vice guild leader, you will become the new guild leader. Congratulations!]

    "Damn guild leader, He already deleted his character without sparing his equipment and items. Such pity, I can't get his sword." Cold Candle silently cursed Auron. "Well, forget it, I can move my plan to the next step."

    The other guild member also received same news and the guild went uproar. The news of Auron deleted his character started to spread like a wildfire.

    Many player looked at the player's ranking and they couldn't found God Of Sword in the ranking. 

    "He really deleted his character this quick?" This question was what in  the mind of other's player.

    This huge news actually make the event before become more bigger. It was like pouring oil to a flame. Many high leveled player confirm that their ranked went up by 1. They felt excited as well as pity. They pity Auron. Such a high skilled player has gone in one day.

    Many high leveled guild started to call Auron. They tried to befriending him and encourage him to play again. Of course, all of them ask Auron to play for their guild. They started to make a list of benefit they could offer to Auron.

    Some of them offered an important position in the guild. Some of them used money to enticed Auron. There was even a guild offered guild leader position as long as Auron willingly to marry his daughter.

    They keep calling Auron but the call was not picked up. They tried over and over again. There was some guild tried to contact Auron's friend to make them persuade Auron to join their guild. 

    However, Auron, source of all of this event, didn't aware at all since he has already entering deep slumber and went into dreamland
  • Chapter 9 - Misfortune (1)

    At around 8 am next morning.

    Auron woke up from his sleep. A trace of tears could be seen in his cheek. He sat up on his bed and sighed, "I wish yesterday was a dream". He got up from his bed and grab his phone on the table. When he checked his phone, he was surprised. There were so many missed calls and message on his phone. He scanned through his phone. He realized almost 40% of the calls and message were from his best friend, Roan. He felt sad and warm.

    He looked at the last message Roan sent, "I am coming over to your place right now". It was sent an hour ago.

    "Ding.. Dong..." Suddenly, there's a bell ringing. Auron went downstairs and opened the door. It was fatty Roan.

    "Good morning bro, I am bringing you some breakfast," Roan smiled widely and lifted a bag of plastic containing food. "Good morning Roan, I just get up from sleep. Come in," Auron replied flatly.
    "Whoa... such a lazy bum, go get ready. I will prepared the food." Roan commanded Auron.

    Auron felt akward. He couldn't face Roan. Their hard work, their guild, is now gone. Auron could only followed what Roan wanted. So, he dejectedly went upstairs to take a bath.

    15 minutes later,

    Auron went to dining room. In the dining room, he found Roan sat nicely waiting for him. In front of him, there were so many food prepared by Roan. "Whoa... Bro, you bring so many food, Both of us can't finish all of this, We can died from eating this many food." Auron tried to cheer up the situation but sadness could be seen on his face.

    "Don't worry bro, can you see my body? Also if we really can't finish this food you can just save it for lunch. Come on let us eat." Roan replied. Auron sat down and both of them went to eat. The atmosphere were very quiet. Only sound of chopstick could be heard. It was an awkwardly atmosphere.

    "Bro..." Suddenly, Roan said. Before Roan could finish what he want to say, Auron intercepted in the middle and said, "Let us finish our eating first". The atmosphere went quiet once more. After they finished eating they sat on a sofa. "I am sorry Roan, I am not listening to your advice and now everything is gone." Auron apologized. Roan started to feel sad, "Forget it bro, as long as you are okay, I don't care about the guild. Let's start over again, I will help you to leveled up and we will get our revenge."

    "Sorry, but I don't want to play anymore. I feel tired." Auron dejectedly said. "What bro, then what will happen to me? What should I do?" Roan tried to persuade Auron. "I am really sorry Roan, but..." Before Auron could finished his word, a sound of bell was heard.

    Auron went to get the door. When he opened the door, a group of black suited man with a black glasses stand outside of the door. One of them said threatenly, "We are here just to inform you, since you have broke out contract agreement, we have already confiscated all of your asset including your bank's account and it still not enough, you still owe us five hundred thousand dollars". Then he continued, "If you can't pay it in 3 days, we will have to take you to the court to finish all of this."

    These men were the representative of Heaven's sponsor. Since, Heaven, was disband, they have tried to contact Cold Candle as the new guild leader to ask about their sponsorship agreement's penalty. Unfortunately, Cold Candle as the new guild leader decline to accept the penalty and blame Auron, "Our previous guild leader has left us without saying anything, He also the one who signed the contract using his name. So, you can look for him. All of this is not related to us. Good bye, I still have many matter at my hand". That was the reason how this situation could happen.

    When he signed the contract he really couldn't imagine all of this will happen, that was why he felt secured when he signed a very long term contract under his name. Even with all of Auron's wealth, as the number 1 player and guild leader of number 1 guild, he collected before, the contract's penalty enough to make him go down being poor again.

    "You don't have to wait for 3 days, I will pay the rest today!" Roan heard and had already guessed why all of this happen. He picked up his phone and started to transfer his money. "Done. Come see this." Roan showed his phone to the representative. "Well then, thank you. Hope we can still maintain our relationship" The black suited man from before said and he left followed by other representative.

    Auron looked at Roan, "Thank you, I will pay all of this to you later."

    "We are brothers. Although all of my money is gone, we are still brothers." Roan smiled and pat on Auron's shoulder.

    "No, I will pay to you later" Auron felt warm, he felt grateful to Roan. He suddenly remembered, "Roan, I didn't see representative from your father's company. I also breach your father's company contract and should pay up for the penalty."

    Not long after he said that, Auron's phone was ringing. Auron picked up his phone and see it was a call from Roan's father. "It comes" Auron thought. 

    "Calm down, if he try to make you pay, I will throw tantrum to him. He pampered me so much, he will make way for you." Roan tried to calmed Auron down.

    Auron gritted his teeth and answered the phone, "Uncle..."

    "I am sorry Auron. I am here to tell you about our sponsorship agreement. I have tried very hard for you to not pay this penalty. However, the board of directors pressured me so hard. I can only help you by pending your due date. The board of directors agreed you need to pay one billion dollars at the latest ten years from now. I am really sorry Auron, this is all what I can do"
  • Chapter 10 - Misfortune (2)

    Right now, Auron and Roan are childhood friend as well as a very best friend. However, before long, Auron's father and Roan's father were actually also a best friend. Auron's father always help Roan's father no matter what happen. This made Roan's father very grateful and promised to repay all of this one day.

    When Auron was 7 years old, Auron's parent went to go to a business trip. Since Auron still need to go to school, Auron's parent left Auron to Roan's family. Unfortunately, when Auron's parent went back from the business trip, the plane they used, crashed and all of the passenger were dead. After this event, Roan's father adopted Auron and treated him as if Auron was his own child.

    When Auron and Roan started to make a guild and in need of sponsorship. Roan's father was the first one to jump in. With his company he started invested in Heaven. So, it could be said that Roan's father's company was the first sponsor to Heaven. When Heaven started to rising up, income started to come, because Auron didn't want to become a burden to Roan's family, he decided to leave Roan's house and rented a house. Roan's father could only reluctantly agreed to Auron's request. Although Auron had move out, Roan and his family still frequently come to Auron's place to eat together.

    At the beginning, Roan's father's company was only a small sized company. When Heaven started to get famous, Roan's father's company also expanding. From a small sized company to a medium sized company, and now, Roan's father's company was one of the top ten largest company in Asia. Because of this fact and history with Auron, Roan's father successfully persuade the board of directors to make some leniency to Auron. They agreed to postponed the due date to ten years later.

    "It is okay uncle. It really helps me a lot." Auron thanked Roan's father.

    "If you need my help, just tell me. Why don't you come back and live with us again?"  Roan's father asked. "I will think about it. Thank you so much for your help." Auron replied. 

    Auron hung up the phone call and sighed. "Who's calling?" Roan asked. "It is your dad. He's calling to talk about the penalty from his company." Auron told Roan, his conversation with Roan's father.

    "What?! It still insane to collect that much money in ten years. I am going to talk to my dad. He's the owner, he should do something" Roan started to get angered.

    "It is okay Roan, don't make things difficult for your father. You don't know how complicated a company's politics can be. This is more than enough." Auron calmed Roan. "I will look for a way to make it somehow."

    "By the way bro, how can you lost to Raging Bull. He must has cheated right? I knew it, there was something fishy with the bet." Roan asked.

    "Yeah, I can't imagine Raging Bull can persuade Cold Candle to do such thing. He..." Auron told everything he knows to Roan.

    "That b****" Cursed Roan. "How dare she does something like that. I will help you brother, we will our some revenge back."

    "Why don't you play again brother. We can revenge Raging Bull and Cold Candle. Oh yeah, don't you remember, there's also the reward from completing the game. With this we can get revenge as well as pay your debt." Roan persuaded Auron once more.

    On the first day of Two Worlds launching, Black Sheep declared that their income from this game will be separated. 90% will be used for the company fund, and 10% will be keep as a reward for whoever completing this game. Although 10% seems small, over ten years, the accumulation couldn't be considered small. Moreover, right now, 95% of the population played this game. Over ten years, the reward money already more than five billion dollars.

    Based on what Black Sheep told, there were two ways of game completion. First, Gaia successfully defeated and ruled over Regalia. Regalia's supreme ruler must be killed to achieve this. The reward will be distributed to the player based on their contribution on defeating Regalia. Second, Regalia defeated Gaia and Gaia's supreme ruler was killed. If the latter happened, then the reward money will be gifted to the company.

    This declaration attracted interest from many people. However, there were also some people who doubt the company fairness, after all, the company could get the reward for themselves. Knowing this, Black Sheep declared that there was a hidden feature that could help players to defeat this game and it was true. Until now, there was no player had found it. 

    In the fifth years since Two Worlds launched, there was a moment where Gaia successfully pushed Regalia to its last base. Because of this, the player's greed started to grow they reduced their participation and waited for the last moment to killed the supreme ruler. There was even some player who killed other player to fight over contribution. This made Gaia in chaos. Using this opportunity, Regalia united their power and successfully pushed back Gaia to equilibrium. Based on this incident, many people started to believe the company's fairness and many more people started to play this game.

    After that incident, the NPC's intelligence could be seen. The Regalia's supreme ruler started to make changes. They solidify their foundation and started to adopt dictatorship. By changing to dictatorship, they became united. All of the player's tactics used before was analyzed by the NPC and they prevented it to happen again. That's why after that incident it really hard for Gaia to pushed Regalia again.

    "Can you see it just a lie to make the game more attractive? Don't you see the new update? The NPC's level will be adjusted. At first, I thought, we can overpowered them by level, but I think it can't be done." Auron pessimistically said.

    "But, there still the hidden feature. We can do this." Roan was still trying to persuade Auron.

    "It has been 10 years and there is no one who found it. Even there is no a little clue pointing to the hidden feature. I believe it was just another lie the company make to assured us." Auron said. "Forget it, Roan. Right now, I need some time alone."

    "Bu... but..." Roan sighed, "Okay bro, I will not giving up. In the mean time, just think about all of this. See you bro, if you need my help just tell me."

    "I will think about it later. Thank you for coming, Roan" Auron smiled weakly.
  • Chapter 11 - Surprised

    Over the past three days, Roan keep coming to Auron's place to persuade and accompany Auron. And, Auron always declined Roan's persuasion by saying "I will think about it later". However, Roan still not giving up, he kept telling Auron how big the reward was, How they could get their revenge, etc. Roan even gave Auron some called at night.

    One hour before the update begun, 

    "Okay, okay, I will played again after the game updated." Auron finally giving up, "Please stop saying the same thing over and over again, I will have a nightmare. Be safe on your way back." Auron said to the leaving Roan. 

    "Really? Don't you lie to me, I will wait for you after the update. I have a big surprise for you. See you later brother" Roan said excitedly.

    "Hah." Auron sighed, "I am really grateful to have such a caring brother." Auron felt warm and thankful for the past three days, he wasn't lonely. When he was stressing thinking about all of his debt, Roan called and cheered him up. 

    "Without Roan, I might have suicide." Auron thought, "Well, there's still one hour before the game updated, I might just make a new character." Auron started to move into his room. He sat on his bed and thinking what class he will make. Should he play over a new class or should he choose his class before, swordsman.

    "Well, I will just make swordsman since I am very familiar with this class." Auron decided. He started to move into the game capsule and entered into the game.

    [Welcome player, it looks like you don't have a character yet. Want to make a new character?]

    "Yes" Auron choose.

    Then, Auron warped into a circular space. In the middle of the space there was a girl with bunny's ear sitting on a strange machine. This was Aurelia. She was NPC assigned for player. She helped the player in character creation and some basic control for the game. Even if you deleted your character, you still will meet her when you create a new character.

    Auron walked to the middle of the space to meet Aurelia.

    "Hey Aurelia." Auron greet her.

    "Oh hey Auron, you want to make a new character right? Do you want to start over from questionnaires or you have chosen your class?" Aurelia asked.

    There are six class in Two Worlds, Swordsman, a melee class with all around characteristic. Mage, a magic class using spell and curse as it's attack. Cleric, the healer class, it is usually act as support. Archer, a ranged class using bow as their weapon. And the last was Thief, a melee class with inclination to it's speed and stealth.

    Every time a player wanted to create a new character, they could took a questionnaires. They will answer some question listed from the game. From their answer, the game will give a class recommendation to them whether they took it or not, it was left to the player. When Auron made a character for the first time, he used this questionnaires. He was recommended to take swordsman and he took it.

    Along his journey, sometimes, he felt jealous to other class. He wanted to attack from ranged like archer. He wanted to have heal skill to reduce his spending for healing potion. He wanted to use curse magic. But, in the end, he still played his chosen class up until to becoming the number one player in Two Worlds.

    However, this time, Auron had made up his mind to choose swordsman. He only played because of Roan's persistence. Because of this, he didn't want to take it seriously and only played to farm for money to pay his debt. So, he choose the class he knows best, swordsman. If he choose another class, then he need to learn over again and it will wasting his time. "No need, I will choose swordsman as my class." Auron replied Aurelia.

    "Okay. Then, what is your character's name?" Aurelia asked another question.

    Auron pondered for a minute, "Should I use my previous name?".

    "No. Let bygones be bygones." Auron decided. "Sword of Life will be my character's name".

    "Sword of Life", inputted the information Auron provided. "Do you want to enter training camp and learn the basic again?"

    "No, skip it over." Auron answered.

    "Okay, I will now create the character" Aurelia started to type and clicking on his computer.

    In Two Worlds, player's character's appearance will be the same as the player. They couldn't change any feature of their body and face. So, if they were ugly in their real life, their character will also take the same characteristic. Because of that, many ugly people, who feel not confidence, will use cloak to hide their appearance. 

    What player could do was to choose whether they will got rid of their body scar, if they had any. Two Worlds only made some exception for disabled person. They could designed their part of body which was maimed or missing. Although Auron was not a handsome man, but he was also not bad.

    "Hmm..." Aurelia mumbled. "Congratulations Auron, you met all requirement to received a hidden present".

    "Huh..." Auron felt confused and surprised. "What requirement?"

    "There were several requirement need to be fulfilled. First, there is only one chance to get this present, so you must be the first one to get this. And, you are the first one to met the requirement. Second, you need to permanently delete your character and start over again. Third, The deleted character need to be maxed leveled. And the last was your deleted character need to be ranked in the top 3." Aurelia explained. "You met all the requirement. You are so lucky, if you made your character after the update you will not get any of this since the maxed level is raised."

    "However, since your character previously only ranked 2, the prized level will be lowered," Aurelia felt pity. "Don't worry the prized still unique. It will only get reduced effect."

    "You can checked it when you enter the game. I will putted it in your inventory. Be ready to enter the game in 5... 4... 3... 2... 1..." Aurelia didn't care about the shocked Auron and continued to transfer Auron into the game.

    Surprised and confused could be seen on Auron's face, but he could not care about it since suddenly his vision turned black.
  • Chapter 12 - Awesome

    When Auron's vision turned bright once more, he was inside an inn. This was the standard's procedure. When a player started the game, they will be teleported to one of the room in Beauty Rest. This was the biggest inn in Miderian, Gaia's one and only kingdom where the supreme ruler was resided. This inn was ran by the royal family, so no one dared to mess in this place.

    Auron blinked his eyes. The he directly opened his inventory, to check the reward. Each starting player will got a beginner's dagger and beginner's clothes in their inventory. However, surprisingly, in Auron's inventory there was a third item. It looked like a doll.

    [Mighty Clone] (Legendary item)
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Class: All Class
    Effect: The user can create a permanent clone. This clone will be treated the same as a player and linked to the user's character. The user can only control one character at a time. When a user control a character, the other character will be controlled by the system based on the user command's setting. There are...

    There was a long description about the item's effect. As Auron read the description, he grinned more and more excitedly. From what Auron's read, there were some weakness of this item, but compared to the advantage, overall, it was an awesome item.

    Based on what he read, Auron conclude the following:
    - User could only control one character at a time, the other character will be controlled by the system.
    - The cloned character and main character will be treated as a different player
    - The clone will have the same level as the main character. 
    - Clone could choose the different class as the main character.
    - Clone and the user will share the same experience pool, attribute, inventory bag, and skill pool.
    - The user needed four times more experience point to level up.
    - Each time leveled up the user will got doubled attribute point, which was ten attribute point.
    - Clone will have its own equipment and can only use equipment available for its class.
    - When the main character died, the player level will got reduced by two level which was double than other player's penalty.
    - When the clone character died, it will be forever gone. Its equipped equipment will be permanently gone. The user will keep all its existing attributes and skills. The experience needed will be the same but the attribute and penalty the player get will be reverted to normal.
    - When the main character logged out, then the cloned will be treated as a logged out character.

    "So, basically, My clone and I will be treated as a different entity. But, we will share the same attributes, skills and inventory. Although, I need four times more experience, I will get double attribute point. It is worth the effort." Auron thought. "The penalty for dead was pretty harsh, when I died, the penalty will be doubled. It is normal considering the advantage I get. However, when my clone die, almost all of this item effect will be gone. Although I still retain the skill and attribute, but when the clone die it can't grow anymore. I need to be careful, so I don't die on early level."

    "The sooner I use this item the better. Although I need longer time to level up, but my growth will be double than others. Fortunately, My clone and I share the same experience pool, this can reduced my burden"

    "Hold on, this is just the second ranked prize, won't the first ranked prize will be more awesome." Auron suddenly thought. What Auron thought was correct, although the different between the items were only in the growth speed of the character. The first ranked prize, when used, the user, will need three times more experience point to get triple attribute point. All others effect will be the same as the second ranked prize.

    "Forget it, I need to be grateful for getting this item. I think I really need to thank Raging Bull and Cold Candle for doing this. If I didn't do the betting, I don't think I am willing to delete my character. Oh, I also need to thank for Roan's persevering persuasion." Auron smiled, "Let's use this item". Auron used the item on his inventory.

    [You have used Mighty Clone (Legendary item)]

    [Clone will be created, please adjust the clone appearance!]

    "Wow, I could adjust its appearance, I though it will used the same appearance as mine. It is better this way, I don't need to make my character hide behind the cloak."

    Auron started to adjust the clone appearance. He designed the clone to make it very different than Auron and more handsome than him. The clone's body was slim with a little bit of muscle, His face was made handsome, his skin was white and very smooth. If others see the clone they will not relate it to Auron, instead they will think if it was some artist playing the game. After satisfied with the clone's appearance, Auron continued.

    [Please select the clone's class!]

    "What class should I choose?" Auron thought hard. "What swordsman lacked was ranged attack, I think I will choose one of the ranged class."

    "Hunter is not compatible, since to use the hunter skill, I need to use bow and arrow. So, it will be between cleric and mage." After thinking so hard, Auron decided, "I think I will choose mage, although cleric heal is pretty good, with my footwork I can dodged most attack. It is better to defeat the opponent quickly and mage with many magic spell and curse can compliment my swordsman class."

    "I choose mage"

    [Please enter clone's name!]

    "Smiling Wizard"

    [Clone creation is in progress! Please wait for a moment]

    Suddenly, beside Auron, A light shone and a character emerged. A handsome male with red robe and slightly taller than Auron. This was Smiling Wizard. If others saw him, they wouldn't think that the handsome male in front of them was just a clone character.

    "Wow, you are so handsome, if I was a girl, I will fall in love with you." Auron praised the clone appearance.

    [Please choose the system's setting for controlling the clone]
  • Chapter 13 - Stay Low

    [Please choose the system's setting for controlling the clone]

    A screen appear in front of Auron. There were three choices written in the screen, free, moderate, and strict, with some description below it. Free, system will control the character just like any other NPC, it will freely acted and made decision according to the situation based on system's judgement. Moderate, system will freely acted and made decision for small matter and will notify the player to make judgement for larger matter for example, matter that could affect the player's fate, affect the kingdom, etc. Strict, player will be notified for every decision need to be made. There was also a note at the bottom of the screen, "Player can also command the system to do specific things for example, hunting, making potion, standing still, etc. This way, player can restrict controlled character's movement and prevent it from doing something unwanted."

    "Hmm... although the system's AI level is high, I can't feel safe if I don't know what other character doing." Auron thought, "I think it will be better if I choose moderate". After choosing moderate, the system started to work, Smiling Wizard smilingly said, "Hey, main body, how do you do."

    Auron replied, "How do you do".

    "Because I can also control him, it feels weird to do this conversation. It feels like talking to myself with different appearance," Auron thought. "With this clone, my future will be more promising as long as my clone and I don't die" 

    Auron pondered for a minute, "I need a plan to make this happen. All my enemy from before will surely try to hinder my progress especially Cold Candle and Raging Bull. I need to stay low."

    Auron said to his clone, "We need to stay low and pretend to not know each other. You should call me by my name and stay low. To be safe, you should go and enter the army. I believe at the army you chance of dying will be low since they have their own rules. Remember, stay low and don't provoke anyone."

    "Roger that, Sword Of Life." Replied Smiling Wizard.

    "Oh, one more thing, try to befriend with your superior there. I think it will help us in the future. If you need to make a big decision you should contact me as soon as possible. For smaller things, you could make your own decision. Okay, let's start" After briefing his clone, Auron walked to the door of the room. When he wanted to open the door, suddenly a system's notification rang out.

    [In 5 minutes, Two Worlds will be undergoing update maintenance for approximately 24 hours. All players should find a safe place and log out. You can visit the forum for more details]

    "Oh well, we just get out of this building and separate our own ways." Auron looked back at Smiling Wizard. Auron and his clone started to get out of the room. When they was outside the inn, they went to separate ways as they don't know each others. After walked a bit, Auron logged out the game.

    Auron opened the game capsule and walked out of his room smiling, "This is truly a blessing in disguise. I really need to thank Raging Bull and Cold Candle."

    However when he though about skills and equipment he needed to supply, he sighed, "It costs a lot to fulfill one character skills and equipment, but now I need to provide skills and equipment for two characters. Moreover, one of which is a mage."

    Mage class was very famous for it's expenditure. Although mage's equipment didn't cost a lot, but mage's skills really squeezed a lot of money. Mage had four element that they could raised, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. Each element consist as many as other class' skill. So, in short, if you wanted to raise all four element, then it was the same as you raised skills for four character. Of course, when you had a lot of skill you would be more superior than others. However, even the top ranked number 1 mage right now, had only raised two element and from the rumor goes around, after the update he would beginning to start the third one. For 10 years playing, he could only raised all skill from two elements to the highest level possible, king's level, since legendary's skill was like its name 'legend'. From all of this, you could imagine how hard it was to raise all four elements. 

    That was why, many mage actually didn't cared about the element they raised as long as they had a skill they needed they would automatically pull all effort to raise that skill. There was advantage and disadvantage by doing this. The advantages was they would had a lot of skill quickly and didn't have to wait for all skill in specific element to be maxed. However, the disadvantages was they would have to spend money a lot more than focusing on one element. Moreover, when you focus on specific element you would get more familiar to all your skill from that element and could made more combination and chain skill.

    "Right now, I only have ten thousand dollars in me and no more savings. After deducting costs for living for three months, I only have a thousand dollars left. If it was converted to Two Worlds' currency, I will only get 1 silver," Auron sighed more. "1 silver probably will be enough until I get level 10. I really need to look for a way to get more money and reduce my expenditure."

    There were three type of currency in Two Worlds, copper, silver and gold. 1 Gold equivalent to 100 silver. 1 silver equivalent to 100 copper. The current exchange rate when you want to convert real world money to Two Worlds' money was 10 dollar for 1 copper. On the contrary, 1 copper coin only could be converted to 9 dollar since there was a ten percent tax in the exchange.

    "At first, I will buy all the basic skill for mage, then I will think about it afterwards" Auron thought of his plan.
  • Chapter 14 - Shameless

    After arranging all his though and satisfied with all of his plan, Auron started made some dinner. After dinner, he smilingly went to bed.

    The next morning, 

    "Bang... Bang..." A loud knocking could be heard on Auron's place door.

    "Auron... Auron... wake up quickly." Fatty Roan's voice could be heard.

    Auron half wake got up from his bed and walked to the door. He opened the door and furiously said, "What!! Don't you know it still early in the morning? What makes you act like this?" 

    "Early my ass, It is almost 9 am right now. Quick you need to see this." Roan get into the house and quickly turned on the television and looked for specific channel.

    Since there was an update, there was no one could logged in. That was why, many television station used this chances to make some exclusive news about the update. Also some station even tried to make some exclusive interview with the top ranker or guild.

    On the television screen, Auron could see an announcement about what next will be showed by the station.

    "What's next - 9 am - exclusive interview with Cold Candle and Raging Bull, former ranked number 1 guild and new ranked number 1 guild"

    This was what made Roan's acted like before.

    "So, you wake me up early in the morning for me to see the interview?" Auron frowned. "I don't care about what they will say in the interview."

    "Auron, why are you so stupid? If you want to take some revenge you should know what your enemy up to." Roan replied.

    "It is still early, I should hide my secret first. If you want to successfully deceive your enemy, you should successfully deceive your friend first." Auron thought. "Who says I want to take revenge? After long thinking and your persuasion, I will play the game to look for money to pay my debt. I don't care about the revenge anymore. I will just play to pay my debt."

    Roan frowned and shrugged his shoulder, "Well then, just watch, after all you have awake"

    "Okay, fine" Auron acted helplessly.

    Auron and Roan started to watched the television. The interview had just began. It started with the host introducing Raging Bull and Cold Candle and he started to delve into the topic.

    "So, Heaven are disbanded now. What will you do afterward?" The host asked Cold Candle.

    Cold Candle wanted to say something but Raging Bull interrupted it, "Ha ha ha. That's what you got for challenging me."

    Cold Candle frowned a little and quickly went smiling, "It is a pity, that we lose against some unruly barbarian. Afterwards, we have to keep our promise and disbanded. However, many of the old member actually can't accept this and want some revenge. So, they talked to me and persuade me to make a new guild. At first, I also wanted to do what they wanted and tried to contact our guild leader."

    "Sadly, before I even can contact our guild leader, he had left without any message. He even delete his character without sparing his equipment. I can't left my guild mate hanging. I told them what happen. Surprisingly, they nominate me as the new guild leader. Although, I still want our guild leader to lead us, but I can't just refuse my guild mate's opinion. So, I accept their offer" Cold Candle talked like she bring justice to her guild mate and made Auron the bad guy.

    "After the update we will made a guild 'New Heaven'. We will start from the bottom. I have contacted several of our sponsor before and had secured some contract. With the sponsor and our experience, I believe our guild will soar quickly. This is also the first time I made this announcement publicly. We will accept anyone as long as they passed our guild's entrance test. Even for newcomer. I hope you guys don't miss this opportunity." Cold Candle calmly advertised the new guild.

    "Ha ha ha. You can always come to us anytime. Just don't become desperate after losing." Raging Bull loudly laughed.

    The host continued with several more question regarding the new guild and others matter. Cold Candle calmly answered all of the question asked. When there were some question relating to Auron, she didn't forget to emphasis how disappointed she was and how bad Auron was. At the end, she would always said that they had already forgave Auron and New Heaven will always welcomed her former guild leader anytime.

    Near the end of the show, the hosts started to ask specifically about Auron, "Any of you have any news from God Of Swords?"

    "Nope, I think he was desperate right now. Poor him, but what could I say, it is the consequence from challenging me," Raging Bull proudly answer.

    "I have contact him several time, however there were no reply from him. Sadly, I can only give up and give him some time. I think he just need some time alone. I have tell his best friend, who was also one of the founder, about all of this. We just need to wait for his reply. Hopefully, he can get back up from the fall," Cold Candle answered.

    The host said, "At last, before we end this, any message for God Of Swords?"

    "Ha ha ha. Hey, mate I know you are desperate. Forgive me, If you play again contact me, I will help you level up" Raging Bull sarcastically said.

    "For our former guild leader, we will wait for you for comeback. Please contact us as soon as you play again. Oh yeah, don't forget for all other player after the update we will start to recruit for our new guild." Cold Candle said sadly and didn't forget to advertise the recruitment.

    "That's all guys for the exclusive interview. Thank you for watching and keep watching for other amazing show on our channel. See you again" The host ended the interview.

    "How Shameless of them. They still pretended like enemy when they actually working together. Cold Candle even made a lie about contacting me," Auron furiously cursed. "Did she really contact you?"

    "That damn witch, after she disbanded the guild, she didn't say anything to me and there is no news since then. I thought that everyone need time to processed all of this. If I don't watch this interview, I will not know anything," Roan cursed more furiously. "Actually, even if I know about it, I don't care, since I know what has she done to you."
  • Chapter 15 - Trading

    "So, what are you going to do right now?" Auron asked Roan.

    "I have some loyal friend from back when I was in the first branch. When they know, I will help you to start over again, they said that they want to help," Roan said. "However, all of us are merchant and there was no one who has maxed level. So, we think to do what we are strong at, trading. That's why we are gonna make a trading company to support you."

    "Although we can't help you because our level difference are too large. We can still support you by providing you some item," Roan smiled.

    In Two Worlds, a party could only hold ten persons and the level difference between the lowest leveled and the highest leveled player no more than ten level. So, if a person want to join a party, that player need to be at least ten level below the highest leveled player in the party or no more than ten level above the lowest leveled player in the party.

    Auron felt touched by what Roan planned to do. However, since he had to keep his secret, he somehow felt a little bit guilty for not telling his best friend this secret, but he just shook his mind and gritted his teeth, "Thank very much, bro."

    "Don't need to think much of it. Oh right, I still have a gift for you but, I will keep it secret for now. You will know it tomorrow when we meet in the game." Roan smiled mysteriously. "How about you? what are you planning to do since you are not going on your revenge?"

    "Hmm..." Auron made a serious face and pretended to think deeply. "Since you are going to make a trading company, I think I will join your trading company. You know, a trading company, if it is successful, I can make money as easily as fish swimming in the water. Maybe, I can pay my debt quicker and lessen your dad's burden."

    "You are right. However, you also know how hard it is to make a trading company. Moreover, it has been 10 years since the game opened." Roan wavered a bit. 

    At first, he only wanted to make a trading company to support his brother, Auron. Then after Auron high leveled enough, Roan intended to persuade Auron to make a new guild with him and take revenge. Roan still can't forgive Raging Bull and Cold Candle for doing such thing to his brother. After he know what his brother wanted to do, Roan started to feel nervous. He felt pessimistically toward the idea of making a serious trading company, but he didn't want to dismiss Auron's idea since he was afraid Auron would felt dejected and not played the game anymore.

    "Don't worry brother, we can make it. You know how hard we make Heaven become ranked number 1 guild right, but at the end, we still manage to do it right?" Auron reassured Roan, "I believe we can do the same with trading company."

    "Yes, you are correct. I will encourage my friend to do a more thorough research about this. We will make our trading company become number 1 trading company in all Gaia Worlds. We will rule all over Gaia through trading." Roan started to feel spirited.

    "We need to make a serious plan about this." Roan thought deeply. "I will go back and talk this to my friends. For now, you just need to level a bit."

    Auron said, "Yeah, let us put it to the side first. Right now let's look for lunch, I am very hungry."

    "Oh sorry, I forget you haven't eat anything since morning. You go take a bath first I will wait and let us go eat somewhere nearby." Roan agreed.

    Auron went to take a bath. After 10 minutes, Auron and Roan started to leave for lunch. After lunch, Auron and Roan decided to separate and went back to home.

    "Let us meet up in the game later. Don't forget to contact me." Roan waved his hand to say goodbye.

    After that, Auron went back to his place. He started to make his own detailed plan regarding his two character.

    "I will make smiling wizard entered the military and reap contribution point there. It will be safe for mage since they will only be placed behind." Auron thought, "For me, I think I will need to stay low in the trading company first. Hopefully, I don't attracted my enemy's attention."

    After dinner, Auron started to entered into his game capsule. When he tried to logged in, There's a notification in the screen.

    [We will need to prolong the maintenance time until tomorrow at 6 am. Sorry for the inconvenience]

    Auron opened the game capsule and sighed, "What a pity. Well, it doesn't matter to wait for another hours. I better researched up for the requirement to enter the military".

    Auron started to look the information from the official site and the forums. However, the official site didn't give detailed specific information regarding this. They only told some general information such as the benefit and the military structure in Gaia. However, they didn't mention anything regarding the requirement to enter except for the rules for the player only solely to serve the kingdom, which they couldn't join any other organisation beside military, including guild, adventure's guild, or even trading company. So, if a player wanted to join the military they had to abandon their organisation. The site mentioned that the player could know what the specific requirement by coming to the military booth in the central plaza of Miderian.

    Meanwhile, in the forum, there are many post regarding the military. However, most of them were only knowledge which had been stated in the site and the rest of it were speculation. Many wild speculation regarding this such as, only the swordsman class could enter the military or military was a place for male so a female could not enter the military. The most wild one stated you could only entered the military when you were level 1000 or in other words, a max leveled.

    After spending most of his time and not found anything useful, Auron decided to take a rest, so he can wake up early tomorrow. Before going to sleep, he looked up his message and there was a message from Roan that said how furious him for the prolonged maintenance. Auron replied the message saying to meet up after lunch since he had something to do in the morning. After replying Roan's message, Auron fell asleep.
  • Chapter 16 - Recruitment

    The next morning, Auron woke up at 5.30 am. After that, he took a bath and prepared for his breakfast. After eating his breakfast, he directly went into his game capsule.

    [Welcome to Two Worlds]

    A notification came as soon as he login into the game. He was outside the Beauty Rest. He directly set his character's level and equipment to be hidden from other player. Then, he issued some command to the AI system controlling his clone.

    "System, walked Smiling Wizard to the city plaza and just stayed there until I controlled the character." Auron talked to the system through his mind.

    "I need to level up a bit before I looked for the military recruitment." Auron thought.

    Auron controlled Sword Of Life and went to outside of the city. On the outskirt of the city, he found some rabbit monster.

    [Crazy Bunny] (common monster)
    Level: 1
    HP: 30/30
    MP: 0/0
    Skills: None
    Description: A common rabbit monster. Beware, it is crazy.

    This was a low level monster and suitable for the new player to grind. Auron moved closer to the rabbit and started to attack. He stab his dagger to the rabbit's body.

    -3. A string of damage appear above the monster. The monster looked at Auron and started to retaliate. However, since this was a low level monster, for Auron it was an easy feat to dodge its attack. Auron dodged the monster's attack and launched another attack.

    After around eleven hits the monster died. A blue light appeared from the monster corpse and directly went into Auron's body. As soon as the blue light entered Auron's body, his experience went up.

    In the ground, the monster corpse slowly faded until its gone and some item suddenly appear.

    [Rabbit's Meat] (common item)
    Type: Miscellaneous
    Description: Inedible! Need to be processed before being eaten.

    Auron picked it up and continued his hunt. After killing 40 rabbit, a glowing yellow light could be seen from Auron body. He leveled up to level 2.

    "Whoa, others need only to kill 10 rabbits before leveling up to level 2 but I need to kill 40 rabbits." Auron started to realize how hard it was, "I thought four times experience will mean nothing. I guess I underestimate its difficulty."

    Auron continued his hunting process and continued to grind the rabbit. Two hours later, Auron reached level 5.

    "System, grind the nearby monster, if necessary, move to the higher leveled monster . I will switch to my clone." Auron issued another command to the system and switched into his clone.

    After that, it took 3 seconds before Auron switched into his clone. When Auron regained his vision, Auron looked around. He was already in the city's plaza. The city's plaza was a big place. There were many merchant's stall selling various item. People bursting around in the city's plaza visiting one stall to another. Occasionally, a group of city's patrol guard could be seen patrolling the plaza and maintained safety.

    In the middle of the plaza, there was a big fountain of water. Beside the fountain, there were a crowd gathering on a stall near the fountain. This was the military's recruitment stall. Usually, near the fountain was a restricted place for anyone to make a stall. However, since this was the military stall, they could build it and occupied a pretty large space beside the fountain.

    There were a line of people in front of a desk. These was the players wanted to register for the military. Behind the desk, four seated men could be seen recording and questioning the player and behind these four men a big burly men could be seen supervising these four men.

    After a long wait, Auron arrived at the desk.

    "Do you want to register into the army?" The man in front of Auron asked.

    "Yes. What are the requirements? Is there any restriction on the class?" Auron answered.

    "There are no restriction on the class as long as you fulfill the requirement. Show me your level!" The man replied.

    Auron show his level to the man and it was level 6. His main character was still grinding for monster and managed to successfully grinded enough monster to leveled up to level 6.

    After seeing Auron's level, the man furrowed his brows and furiously shouted, "Do you think military was some joke? You need a minimum level of 100 to enter the lowest military camp! Go back again when you reached level 100."

    The man voice drew attention from nearby player and other examiner even the supervisor. Many player started to laugh with contempt seeing Auron's level.

    "Ha ha ha, a baby want to go to war? how funny it is?"

    "Level 6? A new player? Why don't you go to you mommy and asked some milk?"


    The others examiner also shocked and felt angry because of Auron's doing. They only had one  though in their mind, "Do you think military was a place for children? What a joke!"

    Auron felt embarrassed and started to think how naive he was. However, he thought that this was not his faults since there was no information at all.

    "I know I was to naive to think a level 6 could enter the military. However, this is not my fault there is no information about it and they should not humiliated me because of this." Auron felt furious. He started to glared the laughing players and the examiner. His killing intent could be seen.

    However, for these player, a level 6 could not kill them so they were not afraid of Auron's glare and continued to humiliated him. When one of the examiner want to dismiss him, the burly supervisor shouted, "Silent!"

    This burly supervisor started to emit a frightening aura. Although this man was just an NPC however, the aura was so frightening it made the surrounding become quiet. His aura even made one of the examiner felt nervous and started to sweat a lot.

    This burly supervisor looked at the glaring Auron and said, "What a fierce mage. Although mage always stayed at the back, there are many times when mage can't get any protection from the melee and need to fight a close combat. Mage's body are weak, you will just become a burden!"

    "I will prevent for that situation to happen. Even if that situation occur, I can guarantee that I will not become a burden!" Auron replied with high tone, his killing intent started to rising because of the humiliation.

    "What a confidence! I like it! There is still a way to enter the military before level 100" the man smilingly said.
  • Chapter 17 - Academy

    This man was Blood Axe, a prodigious military's lieutenant. His talent was so high and he already become the military's next rising star. In war zone, He always led his troops and charge into the middle of the enemy despite losing in quantity. He was so strong he almost wiped out half of the enemy by himself. Although, it seems amazing, many other military official and his friend regard his action are a suicide action. Because of this, he earned a title, crazy killing machine.

    His bravery were paid off, He gained a lot of contribution and even the king give him a weapon. His superior all regarded him as the rising star and believed soon he will become a great general. His value was so high that there was some people afraid of him taking their position. So, when there was a recruitment position opened, they suggested for Blood Axe to supervise the recruitment. By doing this, they could hinder Blood Axe from racking up his contribution and somehow buy some time for them to raise their contribution.

    Although, Blood Axe didn't like this boring job, he didn't want to defy orders. So, he carried it out. Who knows he met someone this interesting that piqued some of his interest.

    "Before level 100, there was only one way to enter military, which is through military academy." Blood Axe started to explain. "However, to enter the academy, you still need to get into level 10 and the application closed at 3 pm today. You still have 4 hours to level up 4 level and apply. The academy is located near the military camp beside Bloody Swamp."

    Blood Axe toss a badge to Auron, "Here, take this badge when you apply. Don't forget to get to level 10 in 4 hours. Now, please go, there still many player need to be examined."

    Catching the badge, Auron stood up from his chair, nodded to Blood Axe and went away from the recruitment place. After went away for a little, he started to examined the badge and a quest notification appeared in front of him.

    [You are forced to accept a quest]

    [Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof]
    Countdown: 3 hours 57 minutes 33 seconds
    Description: Bring this badge to the military's academy before the countdown is up.
    Quest Clear Condition: Reach level 10 and apply to the academy before the countdown is up.
    Quest Clear Rewards: You will enlisted in the military's academy
    Quest Failure Punishment: affinity with Blood Axe -50. Reputation in Gaia -10.

    "To gain 4 level in 4 hours is easy for ordinary player. But, for me, I need four times more experience than others. It will be challenging for me." Auron gritted his teeth and promised, "However, I will take this challenge and beat this."

    He looked a his experience bar, it was filled by 43%. He needs 57% more to reach level 7. Because the time was short, he didn't dare to stay idle for too long. He need to hunt with both of his character.

    "I need to familiarize with mage spells and their way of hunting. I think it is pretty safe to leave the system control my main character. I will use this character to hunt" Auron decided.

    Before he went hunting, Auron needs to buy some of basic spells. Because his money was very limited, he exchanged his real money and get a silver from it. He spent some of it to buy 4 basic spells skills book for all element, [Fire Bolt], [Ice Bolt], [Earth Spike], and [Wind Bolt], two for each element. He spent the rest of his money to buy some basic potion.

    After that, He directly use all of the skills book he bought, and get the respective skill to level 1. He swiftly went to nearby hunting grounds near the city. After a while he arrived near a hill. This hill was the lair of goblin so many players called this [Goblin's Hill]. 

    In the hill, you could see many goblin wandering around. Afraid of alerting all of the goblin, Auron went to the outskirt of the hill and found a single goblin wandering alone.

    [Mace Goblin] (common monster)
    Level: 6
    HP: 200/200
    MP: 10/10
    Skills: Heavy Strike
    Description: One of the goblin types. It is using mace as its weapon.

    Auron started to chant [Fire Bolt]. A progress bar shown in Auron's vision. A red bar could be seen moved along the progress bar. From its moving speed, Auron calculated that it needs about 3 seconds, before the skills ready. After 3 seconds, A fire bolt started to emerged from his staff and hit the goblin.


    "What! only 15? It supposed to be not this low. Am I doing it wrong?" Auron shocked and confused by the low damage.

    The goblin looked over to Auron and start to charge towards Auron. Auron took several step backs and started to chant another spell, [Ice Bolt]. However, to chant a spell Auron can't move or his spell will be canceled. The goblin charge toward Auron, when it was close enough to Auron, it swing his mace. However, before the mace reached Auron, his [Ice Bolt] was ready. A bolt of ice emerged from his staff and hit the goblin. The goblin took the hit and flinched a bit but his mace continued moved closer to Auron. It finally hit Auron.

    -12. A damage appear above the goblin.

    -10. Auron got hit by the mace and his health reduced. However, compared to Auron's full health, 200, it didn't mean much.

    Auron frowned confusedly by the low damage, because the goblin closed enough to him he couldn't chant his spell. So, he hit the goblin using his staff.

    -25. A damage higher than the spell's damage appear above the goblin.

    "What?!" Auron confused because his staff damage apparently higher that the spell damage. Putting it to the side, Auron focused his mind to defeat this goblin first before searching for the answer. Auron moved swiftly dodged the incoming attack. He didn't forget to launch a counter attacked. After several hit and dodged, the goblin died and give some item and experience to Auron.

    "What is wrong with my spell? Why my damage was so low?" Since this is his first time using a mage, Auron felt confused. "I didn't know it was this hard to use a mage. Is there some sort of secret to know in using a mage?"

    Auron pondered seriously, he started to examine his equipment. He looked at his beginner's staff and there was nothing strange with it. After a few minutes looking, Auron finally found the answer.

    "Oh damn! I forgot to raise my attribute point"
  • Chapter 18 - Attribute

    [Smiling Wizard]
    Level: 6
    Exp: 61%
    Hp: 100
    Mp: 50
    Strength: 1
    Agility: 1
    Vitality: 1
    Intelligence: 1
    Dexterity: 1
    Luck: 1
    Attribute point: 50

    Strength could increase melee weapon damage. Agility could increase movement speed as well as attack speed. Vitality increase a character's health and its physical defense. Intelligence increase magic damage and character's magical defense. Dexterity would increase ranged weapon damage and increase how well a character's using his skill or magic spell. Lastly, luck would increase the chances of doing a critical attack whether it was physical attack or magic attack.

    Every time a character leveled up, they would got 5 attribute points to spend as they wished. Other than leveling up, they could used a buff potion to temporally increased their attribute or through quest reward to get an attribute book which could gave the user 1 bonus attribute point. However, to get a quest which rewarded an attribute book was very rare. It was like looking to find a needle in a haystack. Moreover, when they found one, it was still unknown whether they could finished the quest or not.

    Because of the [Mighty Clone], Auron got double attribute point than other player which was 10 points. However, because the incident in the military's recruitment and how he rushed to leveled up to level 10, he forgot to allocated his attribute point. In the end, his magic damage was low because of his low intelligence attribute.

    "How should I allocated my point?" Auron pondered deeply.

    Previously, when he still played God Of Sword, he allocated his attribute to keep his strength agility ratio of 1:1. Occasionally, he increase his vitality and luck to keep up with his strength and agility. However, he never increase his intelligence at all.

    If he applied this allocation ration to his character now, it would kill his clone character. Well, he could still use staff and fighting in melee combat, but by doing this, it would reduce his clone character's value. His magic spell would produced lower damage than his melee damage. That's why, right now, he think deeply how to allocate his point so it would accommodate both of his character instead of ruining one of them.

    Finally, Auron make a decision, "I will allocated 2 in strength, 2 in agility, 2 in intelligence, 2 points in dexterity, and 1 point both in vitality and luck. This way, I will not ruin one of my character"

    Auron thinking the best way to accommodate both of his character was to keep all his important attribute in same ratio. Because Auron still loved his previous character build, he chooses strength and agility for his swordsman character and intelligence and dexterity for his mage character. Although dexterity not to important for melee character, since it only affected his control over skill, however for a magic user, dexterity will allow them to reduce their magic spell's casting time. Auron decided to keep his strength, agility, intelligence, and dexterity attribute in 1:1:1:1 ratio.

    Auron started to allocate all of his attribute point using the ratio he has decided on. Then he looked over his character's attribute once more.

    [Smiling Wizard]
    Level: 6
    Exp: 63%
    Hp: 115
    Mp: 80
    Strength: 11
    Agility: 11
    Vitality: 6
    Intelligence: 11
    Dexterity: 11
    Luck: 6
    Attribute point: 0

    After raising his attribute, his magic point almost the same as his health point. However, this was normal since he raise his intelligence twice from his vitality. Although, it was weird for melee class to have low health, it was still in an understandable range. In Auron previous character, his health also low compared other melee class, however he cover it using his movement speed and damage. Right now, he intended to do the same, since he was using the same class as before, swordsman, he could use the same strategy from before. Moreover, right now, he could use magic spells, though he still in the phase of learning on how to combine his swords and magic attack.

    "Now, I need to test this out." Auron started to looked another monster. Soon, he found another goblin. 

    [Shield Goblin] (common monster)
    Level: 6
    HP: 500/500
    MP: 10/10
    Skills: Shield Bash
    Description: One of the goblin types. It is using shield as its weapon.

    -113. A fire bolt hit the goblin.

    "Now, this is what I am talking about." Auron satisfied by the damage. He took a several step back and cast another spell. After repeat it for twice the goblin now left with less than 40% of its health. However, the goblin managed to approach Auron, its directly used his skill, shield bash. Auron dodged the shield and could only fight in close combat. After several hit, the goblin collapsed and dead.

    "Well, it is hard to use a mage. There are many restriction in using the spell. I can't move or get hit when casting the spell." Auron realized the difficulty of casting a spell. "How can I utilize my speed when I can't move. Should I raise my dexterity so I can instant cast my spell?"

    Auron soon put the idea out of his mind, "No, I can't change the ratio or it will ruin my character. There must be some way to do moving casting."

    Auron had seen many high leveled mage could cast their spell while moving, there was even some mage who could double casting their spell. Of course, there were difference in the quality of the spell. There was some mage who could only chant a basic spell while moving. Others could chant a slightly higher spell while moving.

    From all of this, Auron conclude that there must be a way to do it and it could be learned and trained. "Should I use my spell more frequently?" Auron concluded that he lack the knowledge of mage. He needs to use his spell more frequently. Auron started to hunt more and more goblin.

    After killing more than dozens of goblin, Auron leveled up to level 7.

    "I still can't get any idea how to cast while moving." Auron thought. Then, he looked at his quest.

    [Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof]
    Countdown: 2 hours 43 minutes 53 seconds

    Auron gritted his teeth, "I need to increase my speed, let's put the matter of casting while moving to the side. I need to get 3 level under 2 hours and 45 minutes."
  • Chapter 19 - Hunting (1)

    Auron raised his attribute then he signaled the system to bring his main character over. After a few moments later, Sword Of Life arrived at his location.

    "Let us party. I will go over and control that character. Meanwhile, you control this character and support me from behind." Auron commanded the AI system.

    After partying up, both of the character went to the inner region of goblin's hill. In the inner region, one could see a pair of goblin walked around, there was even some goblin who patrolled in group of 3 or 4.

    If one not careful, when they hit one group of goblin, they could alerted the other group. And, if they could not finish them in time, more and more goblin will swarm over them until they all wiped out. Back then, this hunting ground was very popular. Many party come over here to hunt, even there was a time when the monster's spawn rate could not keep up the killing rate of all the player. However, right now, there was no other player could be seen around. All of them were high leveled enough and busy trying to become the first one to get level 1000. This was why, in all surrounding of the goblin's hill only Auron and his clone could be seen.

    When hunting in a party, all party's member need to hunt close one to each other because, when a monster died, they will only give experience points to the party's members who were in 30 meters radius from the monster's corpse. The experience point will be divided up equally according to the number of player in the 30 meters radius. So, to say, when there was a monster died and gave a 100 experience point and there were 4 party member's in the radius of 30 meters from the corpse, each player would get 25 experience point. However, if there was only two member then each player would get 50 experience point.

    Although it seems the player would get reduced experience point, the hunting speed will increased. So, in the end, the experience point a player would get almost the same as when they hunting alone, there was even a chance that the experience point they got would be higher than hunting alone.

    For Auron, this actually a benefit for him because when he and his clone share the same experience pool. That was why when a monster died, although by system, the experience was divided by two, actually the experience when to the same player. So, Auron still would get 100% experience point from the monster while his hunting speed became faster.

    "I need to look up for a place safe for my clone to cast a spell." Auron lead his clone to look for a cliff nearby. Then he finally saw, a place suitable for hunt. There were two high cliff and in between there was a small space enough for 5 people. In entry, could only fit for 2 goblins, at most 3 goblins at the same time. This would make it easier for Auron controlled the mobs and prevent the mobs moved closer to his clone.

    "You will attack from inside the space, and I will fight near the entry point. Attack the monster that I attacked." Auron told his clone. Although he could deal with 3 goblins at a time and cover his clone, he didn't want to take a risk any risk and slow down his hunting speed. After all, what he need the most right now was speed.

    After settling his clone inside the space, Auron started to mob over a group of goblin over. A group of 3 goblin came over. Auron started to hit one of the goblin while dodging the incoming attack from the other goblin. Meanwhile, his clone safely cast a spell over and over to the goblin which Auron attacked. It was a pity that all the basic spell a mage could learn were only a single targeted spell. They could only learn an AOE spell when they had reach level 100.

    It could be seen that the hunting speed and experience gained faster than when hunting alone. When all of the goblin had died, Auron would quickly looked for another group and brought them to the cliff. Sometimes, there was a group of goblin got alerted and came over to the cliff on its own.

    Auron could not be bothered to pick up the item. He left all of it to his clone. When he gone out to look for another group of goblin, his clone would pick up the item scattered on the ground. When Auron brought over a group of goblin, his clone would go back to his position and support Auron from behind.

    The hunting efficiency increased, after almost 2 hours hunting, Auron already reached leveled 9 with 39% experience. Auron brought over a pair of goblins over. When there was one goblin left, a group of goblin could be seen coming over to his place. There was 6 goblins, with one goblin had body slightly bigger than the other goblin.

    Auron sped up his killing on the last goblin. After the last goblin died, he directly looked over to the coming group of goblins.

    [Goblin's Leader] (common boss monster)
    Level: 13
    HP: 3000/3000
    MP: 300/300
    Skills: Summon guards, Goblin's Roar
    Description: Goblin's Leader, it has 5 guards. It can summon guards. Beware of its roar.

    [Goblin Leader's Guard] (common monster)
    Level: 10
    HP: 1000/1000
    MP: 100/100
    Skills: Heavy Strength
    Description: Goblin Leader's guard. Its sole purpose is to protect its leader.

    "A boss monster coming. Luckily, it is just goblin's leader. I could defeat him." Before the group of goblin arrived at the cliff, Auron took the initiative and charged to the group. He attacked one of the guard.

    -60. The defense of the goblin was higher than any other goblin, so his damage was rather low. Moreover, he still used his beginner's dagger. Auron dodged the attack from other goblin.

    -125. A wind bolt hit the goblin leader's guard. The goblin flinched a bit, then continued to attack Sword Of Life.

    The duo continued to killed the goblin leader's guard one by one while ignoring the boss. When the last guard had only a sliver of his health left, Auron stabbed his dagger to the guard. At the same time, the goblin's leader also launched an attacked to Auron.

    -56. The last guard fell down and died. -100. The boss's attack finally hit Auron. It reduced Auron's health to under 20%.

    Quickly, Auron step back and took some health recovery potion. +50. Auron moved back to the cliff's entrance.

    The boss chased Auron. When the boss arrived near the entrance, it stops then let out a roar.

    "Goblin's Roar" Auron murmured.
  • Chapter 20 - Hunting (2)

    A boss monster would always had a minimum of two skills. They were a summoning skill and a roar skill. Just like its name, summoning skill would summon guard to protect them. The number of guard and the quality of guard depend on the boss grade. The other skill was a roar. A roar skill would reduced speed and strength of the nearby player and increased the attribute of his guards for an amount of time. 

    The boss would used both of this skill randomly. The lower the grade of the boss, the lower the intelligence. So, it could be said that lower grade boss would used their skill very random. While the higher grade boss would use their skill based on the situation and they could even made a strategy using his guards.

    "Lucky me, all the guards has been dead" Auron felt relieved. 

    After the boss used his roar skill, he started to charge toward Auron. Seeing the boss charge toward him, Auron took another health recovery potion, and prepared to dodge the incoming attack.

    The boss launched an attack to Auron. Although, his speed was reduced, Auron was a former ranked number 1 player. He could even dodge many high leveled player attack, let alone a lower grade boss monster. Auron dodged the attack smoothly. And launched a counter attack.

    -50. The boss defense was higher than his guard, so Auron damage got reduced more.

    -80. A spell hit the boss. Smiling Wizard not forget to support Auron from behind. He continuously, cast a spell after another. When his mana point was low, he would took mana recovery potion and cast another spell. 

    When the boss' health was slightly over 80%, he used his summoning skill. Five goblin leader's guard emerged. Auron and his clone stopped attacking the boss and focusing on wiping out the guards. When the guards was wiped out, they would focused back on attacking the boss. This cycle continued over.

    When the boss' health reached 50%, he used another roar skill. He, immediately, summon his guards. Auron and his clone would shifted their target to the guards. Because of the roar, it took a slightly longer time to finish the guards. However, the difference not too much.

    Auron's experience point could also be seen rising up as he killed the guard over and over again. Right now, his experience point had surpassed 50%.

    "Maybe, after I killed this boss I will gain a level." Auron smiled at the thought of reaching level 10.

    When there was only 10% of the boss' health left. It used his summoning skill and immediately, use his roar skill. Auron speed and strength reduced. However, there was a different situation compared to the other situation before. The guards got a buff because of the roar. Their speed and strength got buffed.

    "Damn it, I need to be more focused." Auron determined and became more focused. "What a pity, I haven't buy any swordsman skill's book."

    Auron gritted his teeth, while attacking and dodging all of the guards and the boss attacks. He could only rely on his clone to deal damage to the goblin. He successfully dodge all of the attack and sometimes launched a counter attack.

    However, a dangerous situation rise up when there was only two guards left. Because the guards got buffed up, Auron had to spent more energy to dodge the guards and the boss attacks. That was why his attack rate dropped a bit. 

    -113. An earth spike hit the goblin leader's guard who was their target. The goblin leader's guard who got hit flinched and looked over to Smiling Wizard. Then, he charged toward Smiling Wizard.

    "Damn!" Auron chased along the goblin he desperately launched an attack.

    Smiling Wizard moved over and tried to run away. However, because the space was small, it was hard to maintain distance.

    -100. A damage float above Smiling Wizard's head. Smiling Wizard moved back and took some health recovery potion, while Auron kept hitting the goblin and dodging the other goblin and boss attack.

    After two hit from Auron the goblin who chased Smiling Wizard died, Auron focused back to the boss and the last guards. Right now, they were inside the space, it was very small, so it gave more difficulties for Auron to dodge. Luckily, the debuff from the boss' roar ended. He gain his speed and strength back, while the goblin leader's guard became more weak.

    Auron and his clone started to bombarded the last guard with their attack. Soon, the last guard died. The duo directly bombarded the boss. Not long after that, the boss collapsed and died. A yellow light shown indicating Auron leveled up to level 10. He looked over his experience it was already filled for 5%.

    Suppressed his happiness, Auron looked over the boss' loot. There was an equipment and a necklace

    [Leather's Boots] (common grade equipment) 
    Type: Shoes
    Requirement: 10 Strength, 5 Agility
    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer
    Defend: 13
    Effect: no effect

    [Silver Necklace] (common grade equipment) 
    Type: Accessories
    Requirement:  5 Strength, 5 Agility
    Class: Swordsman, Thief, Merchant, Mage, Cleric, Archer
    Defend: 5
    Intelligence +5
    Effect: no effect

    "A pretty good loot" Auron could not contained his joy and smiled. He gave the necklace to Smiling Wizard and equipped the boots to Sword Of Life.

    The battle with the boss last for 30 minutes. Auron checked his quest. There was still around 15 minutes left to report for the quest. Then, Auron allocated his attribute points and switched over to Smiling Wizard.

    "I will need to report the quest. So, not to waste any time better for you to hunt on the safer zone near the city." Auron commanded the system. He was afraid that the system could not dodged like what he do, so he told the system to hunt on the safer zone instead in the goblin's hill. Auron didn't want to take any risk. He could not imagine when he arrived at the academy only to find his leveled went down by 2 because his character died.

    After giving command, Auron and Sword Of Life started went separate way. While he went to report the quest, Sword Of Life would hunting a lower leveled monster near the city. This way, he would not waste any time.
  • Chapter 21 - Humiliated

    After 5 minutes, Auron arrived in front of the military's academy. He directly went to the inside. However, he was stopped by the guards in the front gate.

    "Stop! This is military's area. Unauthorized personnel are not permitted." One of the guards shouted. 

    "I want to apply to become a student in the academy." Auron replied.

    "The public registration has over a month ago. Right now, you can only apply when you have recommendation from one of the military's higher up." The guards still didn't permit Auron to enter.

    As the guard said, the public registration had over a month ago. Then, for a month after that, the academy opened up a special registration. In a public registration, with a minimum of level 10, the applicant needed to take a test. The test actually pretty hard for an ordinary level 10. After they passed the test, they could only be considered academy's student. However, in the special registration, one only needed to get into the minimum level of 10 and got a recommendation proof from military's personnel ranked lieutenant and above.

    Many of the noble children were accepted through this special registration. Although, their family needed to pay a huge amount of resource to the military's personnel to get a recommendation proof, they still willing to pay. After all, each military's personnel could only issued a recommendation proof for one person. So, if a family want to make application for his two children they needed to get proof from two different person. You could imagine how high a family needed to pay to get a proof. And, Auron got it for free, but none of the guard knew about this matter.

    Considering Auron's level and equipment, the guards could only stopped him. They couldn't think that Auron was from a noble family or had a rich family. After all, every applicant who used the special registration process had an average of level 150. Even the lowest was at level 80. Their equipment also sparkling. One could determined how expensive the equipment they wore just by seeing the appearance. Right now, the young man in front of him only had level 10 and the equipment was so ragged.

    Auron could see the guards' frowned expression, but he could not bothered with it. After all, if Auron was in their stead, Auron would do the same as what they do right now. Auron calmly smiled and showed the proof.

    "Is this the recommendation proof you are referring to?"

    One of the guard take it from Auron's hand and examined it. After he carefully examined it, this was really a genuine proof. However, he still could not believe someone like Auron could get this proof. He even showed it to the other guards and the other guard also shocked and couldn't believe it either. However, because this proof is genuine, they could only comply as the rule.

    "This is really the proof. I am sorry for being rude. Here, take you proof back. You got under than 10 minutes left before the registration closed. You better hurried up" The guard handed over the proof back to Auron and apologized.

    "It is okay. You just doing you work." Auron could not be bothered by this little incident and smiled. He took the proof and went inside to register.

    Auron directly went to the registration place and successfully registered. A notification appeared in front of him.

    [Quest "Blood Axe's Acceptance Proof" completed]

    "What a pity I don't get any other reward except being accepted into the military's academy." Auron thought.

    "Here is your academy's rule book, read and memorize it. Tomorrow is your first day. In the morning gather up in the academy's main hall." The receptionist began explaining about what Auron needed to know for his first day. "Go to the dormitory to get your room key."

    After the explanation, Auron went to the back of the academy towards the dormitory. Arriving in front of the dormitory, he could see an old man was sitting in the dormitory's reception desk. The old man was so old that when he exhale his breath, he looks like exhaling his last breath.

    "New student?" An old voice could be heard.

    "Yes" Auron replied.

    The old man frowned, he examined Auron for a bit and shook his head. He took a key and give it to Auron.

    "Here is your key, you will have to share room with other student."

    Auron took the key. He thanked the old man and went to look for his room. Entering the room, he could see a large sized room with four beds in it. There were already three others student chatting inside. When Auron entered the room, the other student looked at Auron and frowned.

    "Hey, are you not come into the wrong room?" One of the student said to Auron.

    "Nope, this is the correct room number. So, where is the empty bed at?" Auron replied.

    The biggest student asked Auron, "Which noble family are you coming from? How rich is your family?"

    "I am not from any noble family and not from any rich family either. I am just an ordinary man. So, is that my bed?" Auron pointed at the emptied bed.

    Auron walked to the emptied bed and tried to lay on the bed. Before he could do it, the other student stopped him. 

    "Get out! This is not your place!" Shouted the biggest student.

    Auron got shocked and frowned, "The old man gave this room key to me. So, this should be my place"

    Anger started to build up inside Auron. The other student started to take action to him. They took Auron's room key and pushed Auron to the outside. Auron tried to resist. However, he could not do it since he was only leveled 10. Although he could not see the other student's level because they hide it, Auron could feel that they were somewhere between level 90 to 100 and the biggest student was somewhere between 130 to 150.

    The other student pushed Auron to the outside easily. After Auron pushed to outside, they slammed and closed the door. Then, they locked it.

    "Look at your level. You are not worthy to be in a same room with us. Get back to your mommy!" A shout could be heard from the inside and a laughter followed.

    Auron felt humiliated
  • Chapter 22 - Roommate

    Angered boiled inside Auron. However, he took a long breath and blew it out, 

    "Stay calm... Stay calm..."

    Auron gritted his teeth, he went back to the old man on the receptionist. Seeing Auron, the old man could only sighed as if he know that this will happened. Actually, the old man, same like the guards, very shocked to see Auron got into the academy through special registration process with such a low level and ragged equipment. However, he thought positively and gave a room key the same as other special registered student.

    "From the first time I see you, I am very shocked you could get into the academy through special way. Although your level are low and your equipment are ragged, I am still positively think you have a huge background. That was why I gave you the same room as the special registered student." The old man explained.

    "However, from think it could be seen that I am wrong. I don't know how you can get into the academy using the special way. It is better for you to hide your level since many noble kid pampered by their family, they become a bully for the lower status student."

    "Here I give you a room key the same as public registered student. Hopefully, they would not bully you. With your appearance, they somehow could relate to you." The old man handed over another key to Auron.

    Auron could not refuted at the old man's words. He also knew the matter of noble bully a lower status person. However, he could not imagined it was to this extent. He gritted his teeth and swore, "Wait until I high leveled enough, I will take my revenge on them."

    Auron went to his new room. Before entering, he hide his level. However, he could not do anything to his equipment. When Auron entered the room, a voice could be heard,

    "Wow, what a handsome roommate."

    "I could not believe he is a man."

    "If I am a woman, I surely will fall in love with him. What a pity, I am straight man." 

    The room was small sized. With four bed inside, there was barely a space. Inside, there were three man sitting three bed each and one empty bed. When Auron entered, each of them commented on Auron.

    "Is that the empty bed?" Auron looked over to the empty bed.

    "Yes, that is your place." One of them answered.

    Auron went to his bed and sat on it. He could feel his roommate were friendly enough and tried to befriend each of them "Hi, I am Smiling Wizard. I am a mage."

    It was true that all of them were friendly. They started to introduce themselves. After their introduction, Auron felt they somehow bizarre. Feather Slice, a plump guy who loved to eat. His class was a thief. Deadly Tower, a short man who become an archer. And, Black Bull, a skinny man with glasses who become a merchant.

    Auron thought in his mind, "There was even a merchant in military. How could he pass the test?"

    Their class, and appearance could not related to each other. Auron could not help and asked. They started to explain their history and motivation to get into the military. 

    "I was skinny back then. After I got into accident, I could not moved for a month. At that time, what I could do was only eating. After several days, I loved eating so much. When I realized, my body has already become this big. However, I could not stop eating because I loved it so much. My Father puts me into the military, hoping my eating habit could be reduced and I become normal like before" Feather Slice told his story while opening a snack he brought into the dorm.

    "For me, my dad was an archer and I am his only son. I idolized him so much. When I was still a kid, my parents died. My father always told his friend that his wish was for me to become the greatest archer better than him. After he died, one of his friend told me this and after that I decided to become archer. But who knows, when I reached my current height, I stopped growing. I can't just abandon my father's wish because of my height. This is also my reason to enter the army, to make my name spread wide." Deadly Tower followed.

    "I am from a merchant family. However, because I am the youngest and I don't have any talent in trading, my family don't have much hope in me. They focused on my brothers. It makes me sad. I decided to enter the army, since no merchant had ever entered the army. If I can dominate the army I believe I could put my family in regret. With my intellectual, I believe I can do it." Black Bull told Auron. 

    "What was the test? How could you guys passed the test?" Auron confusedly asked. This was also one of Auron's concern.

    "Didn't you also take the test? Are you got through the special registration?" Feather Slice asked and could not believe Auron took the special way.

    Auron felt complicated and didn't know how to explained. Finally, he told them how he got to meet Blood Axe and told them honestly about his level and how could he moved to this room. After the story, Black Bull patted Auron's shoulder, "How lucky you are to get into the academy through that way"

    Deadly Tower sighed, "Everyone has their own luck."

    After knowing Auron's story, the three of them feeling sympathetically for Auron. They began to tell Auron the test and how the passed. The test was to bring back a loot from a level 50 or above monster before the registration's deadline. The loot had to be brought back through killing the monster and could not be bought. The examiner had a way to differentiate a loot brought back from killing or buying it.

    Feather Slice was actually very lucky, he saw another person fighting a level 55 monster. When the monster died and the person was going to take the loot, a boss monster appeared and attacked that person. That person could not help but run away, but the boss chased him. After the boss chased that person far enough, Feather Slice took the chance to get the loot and submit it to the examiner.

    Deadly Tower used his own strength, because he was short, he climbed a tree and snipped a boar type monster from above. He moved between trees and snipped the boar. After a hundred hits the boar finally died and he took the loot.

    Meanwhile, Black Bull was smart. He deceived one of his brothers into killing the monster. He mocked his brother saying that he could not kill the monster. In rage, his brother proved by killing the monster alone. Black Bull acted like he was very shocked. His brother looked at Black Bull disdainfully and left him with the corpse and loot of the monster. After his brother left, Black Bull easily took the loot and submitted it. When his brother knew he was being used, he flew into rage. However, Black Bull had long gone into the academy's dormitory.
  • Chapter 23 - Friends

    Auron and his roommate continued to talk. After 2 hours talk, it was almost dinner time. In the dormitory, they only provide food for lunch. For breakfast and dinner they should look it for themselves. Their roommate invite him to have dinner together. Auron agreed to them. 

    He had long realized that all of his roommate were NPC. So, when they asked Auron to go to have dinner with them, He directly logout from the game. Coming out from the game capsule, Auron thought, "If I want to catch up with the higher ranked player, I can't waste any time to make food and dinner. I need to buy a nutrient solution."

    A person could attached a nutrient solution to their game capsule, by doing this they didn't need to logout to have take breakfast, lunch, or dinner. A solution could fulfilled a person's nutrient for 24 hours. This way, they could hunting almost 24 hours. After that, they needed to exchange the nutrient solution. Also, the more expensive the game capsule's model, the more they could hold the nutrient solution. Auron's game capsule was the most expensive game capsule and it could hold 10 nutrient solutions.

    Previously, Auron also using this way to become the ranked number 1 player. He commanded his guild almost 24 hours. Only one year ago, he started to not use this method again. He believed at Cold Candle way of doing things, so he could felt relieved when he was not online. But, who knows, that all of this would happen.

    "I only had enough money to last for the next 2 months. With one month expenditure, I could buy 10 nutrient solutions. If, in 10 days, I can't make the same amount of money, I will go back to do things the slow way and it will hinder my progress." Auron thought

    He gritted his teeth and make decision, "I am a former ranked number 1 player. Before, I could easily make money that much. If I can do it once, then I can do it many times more."

    He went to check his phone, and there was a message from Roan asking why he still not contacted him yet. Auron just remembered that he had a promise with Roan. He replied that he would contact him after dinner. He also asked Roan to help him bought 10 nutrient solutions and he transferred the money to him.

    After eating his dinner, Auron directly login into the game. When he regained his vision, he was in the body of Smiling Wizard in the academy's dormitory and his roommate were chattering about the dinner before. When a player logout or login, it will not affect the NPC's behavior. It was as if the NPC's memory tampered with fake memory. That was why, his roommate was talking with him as if he was eating dinner with them, when actually he was not.

    Auron directly went over to his main character and told the system to just made his clone stayed in his room. The first thing he did was opened up his character's info. He saw that his experience had building up until 80%. He was short 20% from reaching level 11. Then, he went into the city and started to contact Roan.

    Since he know Roan character's name, he directly message him. Not long after, Roan replied Auron's message and named a place for them to meet. After confirming the meeting place, he went to the meeting place to meet Roan.

    After walking a few minutes, Auron arrived in front of a building at the most northeastern part of Miderian. A high building could be seen on his line of sight. On top of the building there was an image of a scale which was the symbol of the building. This building was trading guild's headquarter.

    It was ran by the one of the prince. Its function was to supervise all of the trading company who run their business in all of Gaia. One who want to create a new trading company should submit their application at the headquarter. Then, the headquarter would evaluated their trading company requirement. If the managed to fulfill all the requirements, then they could start doing their business in Gaia.

    The trading guild also offered the trading companies some help by providing a low rate loan and if the trading company could reach certain level, they could rent some land in the business district of Miderian.

    Auron could see a big fat guy in front of the building waiting patiently. Beside him, there were 3 other guy. The fat guy was Meatball, Roan's character. Auron quickly walked to them and over his greet. 

    "Hey, bro!"

    Seeing Auron coming over, Roan hugged him and said, "Hey, bro! you finally arrived."

    "Ha ha ha. Finally, this day is come. Back then, you always bully me with your level. But now, I could defeat you with a blow from my mouth." Roan teasing Auron.

    Auron smiled, "Just you wait, I will catch you up and let us have some duel. By the way, would you introduce me to your friend?"

    "Oh yeah, This were all my friends from the first branch back then. This is Rejan" Roan pointed to a huge guy who hold a note on his hand.

    "This one is Red Pepper" Roan pointed to another guy who was almost as fat as him.

    "And last but not least, Jedi which also is his real name" Roan pointed to the last guy who use his real name as his character's name. Except his name, what make this last guy more standing out was his appearance. He wear a glasses and has a skinny body which was very contrast to the other three guy. It look like all of his fat was absorbed and distributed by the other three.

    "Nice to meet you, Sword of Life" Rejan patted Auron's shoulder.

    "Hey, former guild leader and former ranked number 1 swordsman, I never think I would meet you in a situation like this." Red Pepper said frankly.

    "Hmm... just as I predicted, you create swordsman character. Based on what I analyzed, you have 90% chance to create another swordsman character, other 6% you would create a mage character. 3% for creating an Archer character. As the rest, the chance are so small, that it will be considered as a miracle if you choose to create the other class." Jedi crossed his arm in front of his chest while observing Auron's character.
  • Chapter 24 - Vow

    Back in the Heaven's first branch guild, These four guys were the key people who were responsible for managing the main guild's supply. Without them, the first branch could not keeping up with the main guild supply's demand. At first, they didn't know each other. However, because of continuous interaction within the guild they become very close and loyal to each other.

    Cold Candle's knew these three and valued them highly. So, when she intended to create a new guild, she directly proposed them to maintain the guild supply. She promised many things to persuade them. They actually enticed by Cold Candle's offer. At the end, they asked about would Roan also joining with them. Hearing their question, Cold Candle sighed and shook her head saying that Roan already rejected her offer.

    Hearing that, these three guys felt dejected. They want to accept the offer but they didn't want if there was one of them missing. So, all of them postponed their answer. Then, they tried to persuade Roan to join them. When persuading Roan, they know the truth that Cold Candle actually never contact Roan and talked about joining them. 

    Furious, they confronted Cold Candle and decline her offer. Then, they asked Roan about his future plan. At that time, Roan still didn't know what he want to do. So, he just said that he would help Auron to create his new character. When hearing this, Jedi voiced his plan to create a trading company and it was all started from here that they continued to sharpen their plan.

    Although all of them were merchant class and their level were almost the same on to each other, in the first branch back then, all of them had different role in term of business. Roan was the head as well as the one who give the new idea. Rejan was the one who collect all information like collecting the price of all various product throughout all of Gaia, information about who was in need of specific material, etc. Red Pepper was the one who execute the plan, He was the one who negotiate to all the supplier for lower price and to high leveled business partner for higher price. While Jedi, was the one who analyze all of the information collected by Rejan and helped Roan and Red Pepper to make a decision. Their teamwork had been tested back then in the first branch and had already passed it.

    Seeing them, Auron could not help to think how wonderful to have these four guys. "Thank you for your help back then. And also thank you for helping me now" Auron bowed and thanked them.

    Feeling embarrassed, Roan quickly said, "What are you doing? This is just small matter. You are my brother so of course, I will help you."

    "Yeah, yeah, you are Meatball's brother. So, you can be considered as our brothers as well." The other three quickly agreed with Roan.

    "Here is the skill book for swordsman My brother and I had collected through this morning." Feeling awkward, Roan quickly changed the subject and hand over a bunch of swordsman's skill book to Auron. "For the nutrient solution, I have ordered 20 of it and it will arrived at tomorrow morning."

    Because of this, Auron felt touched by their actions and vowed in his heart that he will not let them down. Since he was in his path for his revenge, Auron quickly accepted all of this. "I will sure to pay it back to you guys."

    "Never mind of it, just level up quickly so we can play together" Roan replied. "Right now, we could only provided this for you. For the epic level and higher we have to wait until you are high leveled enough.

    Auron directly used all of the skill book provided by Roan and the others. All of his swordsman's skill raised until level 30. After using it, Auron could not help but felt more touched, he even felt that a tear was welling up in his eyes. Auron calculated that to buy all of this using the current market price they would spend a huge amount of money. If it was converted into real life money, It was as huge as 5 years expenditure of a small company.

    In Two Worlds, when you had money you could just buy all of the skill books needed and use it directly. So, you could have a level 1 character with a high leveled skill as long as you could afford the skill book. Up until level 30, you could just buy the skill book. However, for level 31 and higher, you need to use the skill book's hunting service. It already cost a lot to use the skill book's hunting service and if you want to get level 31 and higher as a low leveled player, you need to spend more to hire a bodyguard service to keep you safe because the place where the skill book dropped was in high leveled area.

    Auron could deduced that Roan was the one who afford the money to buy all of this. He also believed that Roan already used all of his entire 10 years saving just for all of this. Auron looked warmly at Roan, "No, this is enough. This helps me a lot. With this I could hunt a lot faster."

    "You guys have sacrificed a lot. I will never forget about this and repay you guys when I am stronger." Auron vowed, "From now on, you guys are my brothers. If you want me to suicide, I will not think twice to do it."

    Roan and the others shocked by Auron sudden vow, they could not help to feel warm. Not waiting for each other, they directly vowed.

    "You guys are my brothers from now and forever...."

    "I vow, from now on, you guys are my brothers...."

    "I also vow, from now on, you guys are my brothers...."

    "I vow, we are brothers...."

    After vowing, they looked at each other and laughed out loud. They felt satisfied and warmed because of their actions. They smiled at each other and continued to laugh. If others people saw this, they would think that these guys found a jackpot or they just crazy.

    "So, now let us talk about our trading company and out future plans," Roan interjected their laughed.
  • Chapter 25 - Dragon's Den

    "What do you think we should name our trading company?" Roan asked.

    "How about Secret?" Rejan suggested.

    "I suggest we should use Money Talk" Red Pepper suggested another name.

    "Why you guys suggest a childish name, we should use something like dragon or tiger to symbolize our power," Jedi shook his head. While fixing his glasses, he said, "Dragon's Den, we are as strong as dragon"

    Roan nodded his head hearing Jedi suggestion. Auron also agreed with Jedi suggestion. Meanwhile, Rejan and Red Pepper felt embarrassed by their name suggestion. 

    "Hence, from now on, our trading company will be Dragon's Den," Roan declared. 

    "Now, who should be our leader? I suggested Sword Of Life to become our leader"

    Jedi shook his head again, "No, I think it is better if you become our leader. If Sword Of Life become our leader right now, it will bring us harmed than benefit."

    "Don't you remember there are many enemies of him? Even if not all of them will come seek revenge, there will be someone who will seek revenge." 

    "Right now, we are still weak, we are only consist 5 people. Moreover, 4 of us are merchant and not a fighting class. Even one of Sword Of Life's enemy can crush us easily."

    "I think it is better for him not to join us first and focus on raising his level. Meanwhile, we can just support him from outside. By doing this, we can show to the others that Sword Of Life just a mere customer to our trading company. It will solve a lot of our problem."

    After hearing Jedi's explanation, Auron nodded, He was strongly agree with Jedi's explanation. "Let us just do what Jedi has suggested. Just think of me as one of your customer."

    Roan felt conflicted, "Umm.... Well, if you all agree then let us do it that way."

    "Okay let's do it that way" Rejan and Red Pepper agreed. They felt grateful for not voicing their opinion or else they would felt more embarrassed. They could never thought as deeply as what Jedi had thought.

    All of them walked inside into the building. They walked over to the receptionist desk.

    "Good evening, what could I do to help you?" The receptionist warmly greeted them.

    "We would like to create a trading company." Roan answered.

    "Please fill this form first." The receptionist handed over a sheet of paper to be filled.

    After filling all the question in the form, Roan handed back the form to the receptionist.

    "Okay, from now on you are temporary trading company. Here is your badge. It will record all information necessary for your trading company to passed the test and upgrade into the copper trading company." The receptionist handed over a badge to Roan.

    "Would you like to hear explanation about how trading company works?" The receptionist asked.

    "Although, we have seen how trading company works, our knowledge are still on the surface of it. Please explain it to us." Roan answered.

    After a long explanation, they had better knowledge regarding how trading company worked in Gaia. Trading company could be divided into 5 different rank, copper, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. To raise the rank, one need to fulfill certain requirement to promote. For example, to raise from a copper to bronze, they need to get an approval from a noble NPC. There was one trading company which was ranked platinum, Royal Trading Company, which was a trading company owned by one of the princess. Right now, the highest ranked player's trading company was in gold rank. They said that to promote to platinum they need to get an approval from the supreme ruler of Gaia which made it very difficult because they never had any interaction with the ruler. With the new update, they hoped they could get an interaction with the king and got promoted to platinum rank.   

    Creating a trading company was easy. One only needs a minimum of 2 members for applying to create a new trading company. However, they were still not an official trading company, but rather a temporary one. Although copper rank was the lowest, there was a lower one which was a temporary trading company. The could get rid of their status as temporary by passing the test which was making a 100 gold profit in 6 months. If they failed the test, they need to wait for another month for applying a new application. If they could passed the test they would be promoted into a copper rank trading company which was could be called the official trading company. 

    Although, getting 100 gold profit seems easy, it was actually rather difficult. What counted towards the goal was only a profit from the result of trading with NPC. Whether it was a noble NPC or ordinary NPC. So, it could be said that the requirements for the profit to be counted were it had to be a trade and it should be trading with NPC. Outside from this, it would not be counted towards the goals. Another thing was, the one which was counted was the profit from the trade and not the selling price. For example, you had a product with a base price of 5 copper and you sold it to NPC for 10 copper. Only 5 copper will be counted since you only gained a 5 copper profit.

    After passing the test they could applied a promotion to copper rank. A different ranked trading company would get different treatment and benefit. A gold ranked could build their shop in Miderian and also got discount when buying a goods. This way, many trading company was racing to promote their trading company. However, it was easier said than done. The difficulty rise as they went up in the ranking.

    "A profit of 100 gold in 6 months. It was quite easy," Red Pepper said. The others except Auron agreed to what Red Pepper said. After all, when they was in the early days in first branch , 80% of their profit was by selling to the NPC or buying a goods in a village in low price and sell it in another village or town for higher price. Right now, with their knowledge and information also connection to several NPC, this goals was not a difficult one.

    "Yeah, Sword Of Life you should went hunting and wait for us to officially promote to copper rank" Roan said smilingly. At first he was surprised that there was a test to make an official trading company. However, after hearing what the test was about, he was relaxed.
  • Chapter 26 - Dark Mansion

    Auron felt confused. He thought 100 golds profit was very hard to achieve since, back then, he never done this before because the first branch always supplied it for him. However, after seeing his friends confidence he felt reassured. "Okay then, I will quickly leveled up"

    As what they had discussed before, everyone, except Auron, got a badge showing their identity as Dragon's Den Trading Company's member. Quickly, they went into discussion mode to determine which goods should they sold first. However, Auron could not get into the discussion since this was not his expertise. He could only forbade them a farewell and leave into another hunting.

    Auron walked outside of the city. However, this time, he didn't went into the goblin's hill, instead he went the opposite direction of goblin's hill. After walking for a several minutes, he could see a big area surrounded by big hill around it which acted as natural fence enclosing that area. There was only one way to enter or exit that area which was through a 'small gap' in the hill. Although it was said 'small gap', actually the entry was like a small cave as big as an ordinary house.

    Inside the area, there was an abandoned village. With the silent of the night, the spooky aura could be felt when one step into the village. All the building inside the village had became ruin and there was no sign of living creature inside. It added more to the spookiness of this area.

    Auron walked inside the cave. There was several bat creature looming inside the cave. They aggressively attacked Auron. However, these bat creature are just a weak creature. They even weaker that ordinary goblin in goblin's hill. So, with several attack, Auron could easily got rid of the bat.

    It not take too long before Auron arrived at the end of the cave. He could see the abandoned village. The chilling wind could be felt on his skin. The silent and darkness of the night added more eerie feeling. Not too far from him, he could see a moving object moved slowly around.

    [Zombie] (common monster)
    Level: 13
    HP: 2000/2000
    MP: 0/0
    Skills: None
    Description: A dead creature. It is said it was raised from the dead. Although it is a bit durable, Its movement speed was slow.

    This place was Dark Mansion. In history book, it story start when a kind and rich noble looked for a place to build his mansion. After long search, he finally found this place and fell in love with this place because of the natural fence formed here. He build his mansion on the innermost of the area. Although he built a very large mansion, as big as 8 ordinary house combined into 1, the area surrounding it was still large. So, he gave some of the land to his subordinate and his maids.

    As time went by, the subordinate and maids built building around the area and it become more lively. Traveler and merchant often come around this place to make business and trade with the noble and the people here. One day, a merchant come and enchanted by the noble's wife beauty. The merchant decided to live here, he told the noble about his desired to live in this place.

    However, the noble know the merchant's intention, so he politely decline the merchant's offer. The merchant felt offended and he hired many mercenary to attack this place and kidnap the noble's wife. With the meticulous plan and the careless of the noble, the merchant successfully invaded the area and wreck havoc.

    However, noble still a noble, he got reinforcements from the kingdom and successfully defended the area and killed the merchant and all the mercenary. Sadly, his wife also died in the attack. After the incident, the noble getting sad and more sad each day. Until one day, who knows how, the noble got his hand on a black magic. He want to use the black magic to resurrect his wife. He sacrifice all the villager inside the area to see his wife again. At last, he finally saw his wife. However, it was only his wife body, inside of her body was a demon soul. The demon took over his wife body and killed the noble.

    The demon cast a cursed on this land and made this area as a land of undead. This was why, a zombie and undead could be seen walking through the area. The demon tried to conquer the surrounding area. However, he was failed because of the kingdom's army. Since then, he made a pact with the supreme ruler that he will only operate in the inside of the hill and not step outside of it.

    Although it had spooky and sad history, this was a favorite hunting place back then. The reason was the unlimited undead and the slow movement speed undead. That way, it was easier to hunt these undead. Aside from that, this place was actively operated in night than in days. In night time, the undead spawn here was three times faster and it gave more experience point than in the day time. Beside that, back when Two Worlds launched, there are still many people not played Two Worlds fully and still took a job in real life. So, at day time they worked and when night came they started played. Since they played at night and this place gave more experience point when night, this place was very popular back then. With faster spawn rate, there was no worry they would run out of monster to kill.

    Right now, because there was no player hunting here anymore, Auron could see many undead monster walked around aimlessly here. If one looked from above, it looked like a swarm of ant filling all over the place until there was little space left.

    Auron quickly start his hunting session. He attack the nearby zombie with [Charge]. -250. A damage float above the zombie's head. The zombie attacked started to look at Auron and tried to attack him. Not only that, other surrounding zombie attracted by the noise and they started to walk in the direction of the fight.
  • Chapter 27 - Undead (1)

    Auron quickly dodged the attack from the zombie. Relying on his speed, Auron moved around and calmly attacked the zombie. However, the longer the battle took, the other zombie had moved almost close to him that left him with more little space to dodge.

    When the first zombie he attacked died, a dozens of zombie had moved closed enough to attack him, followed by another dozens of zombie behind. It looked like a wave of zombie approached. Auron quickly used his [Whirlwind Slash], a swordsman's skill which damage an area around the user.

    A series of damage float around Auron. But, he not just stood still. He quickly followed his attack with another AOE skill, [Twister]. Another series of damage float. After that he used another AOE skill. After several AOE skill, all the surrounding zombie died and a lot of blue light went to him.

    Although his intelligence was pretty high for a level 10 swordsman, After using the series of AOE skill his mana point depleted and empty. Auron not waited until the following zombie's wave come close to him. He ignored the loot on the ground and quickly charged back to the village's entrance.

    "Thanks to Roan giving me skill's book, I could survive the zombie's wave" Auron thought.

    Actually, Auron just wanted to test the water since he never hunting here with so many undead around and alone. He was startled by the fact that many zombies attracted by his fight first time. Luckily, he had all of his AOE's skill. If not, he had to fight the zombie one by one and he was sure that he could not fight for long until the zombie swarmed upon him.

    He looked at his emptied mana and shook his head. "Luckily, I raise my intelligence status and it gives me more mana. If not, I am sure I can't launched that series of AOE's skills."

    Auron took mana potion from his inventory and use it. His emptied mana now restore for a bit. He used another mana potion until his mana point was back to full. He looked over at his experience point. It was raise to 8%. So, from that one waved he raise 3% of his experience. Although it seems small, in fact, it was pretty high since Auron needed four time more experience that others player.

    Auron sighed, "It only raised 3% of my experience. I emptied my mana pool and it only raised 3%. If I keep doing this way, who knows how many mana potion I needed to raised my level. It will cost me a lot."

    Right now, Auron don't have many money and he could not afford to keep buying mana potion since he still had other things he needed to buy. Thinking to this point, Auron discarded the way of his fight before.

    "I need to move fight carefully. I think I will pull the zombie to the entrance and attacking it in front of the entrance. This way I can avoid being surrounded by the zombie and I can easily run away when I am in danger." Auron thought.

    Keeping his plan in mind, Auron started to pull the zombie to the entrance of the village. Although, there still many undead attracted, Auron could fight safely than before. He used his skill and sometimes he just killed the undead using his basic attack and dodging technique. This way, he could save more potion.

    After seeing the zombie seems thin out, Auron carefully moved from the entrance to deeper inside. When moving, he always keeping in his mind that he had to be carefully and looking for a way to reduce his usage of potion. Sometimes, he fight with a wall or ruin behind his back. He also moved to the place with few zombie.

    With his careful fight and skill, Auron could successfully went deeper into the area. He also could already saw the mansion the noble built before. After a pretty long and tiring fight and moving, Auron could found a resting place beside a ruin of house in the most right corner of the area. With a ruin surrounding him and few zombie looming around the place, Auron took his time and took a little rest. Although, while resting, some zombie still managed to found his place, there was no danger involved and Auron easily got rid of the zombie without attracting another zombie.

    He looked over at his experience and status. He was at level 11 with 10% experience While moving around he actually managed to gain a level.

    "Huft... I managed to arrived here thanks to the high leveled skill I have." Auron thought. With his high leveled skill, he could produced higher damage. He imagined if not for Roan raised his skill level to level 30 and he only had a lower leveled skill, it would be impossible to arrived to his place right now.

    "What should I do? Should I continue or go back?" Auron thought deeply. He looked at his inventory, there was some potion left on his inventory and there was also a return scroll. There were also quite many loot from the undead he killed before. Although there were no equipment, but the miscellaneous item he got still could gave him around 1 silver in the NPC shop.

    Auron looked into the direction of the mansion. He was still halfway to the mansion and there were many undead monster on the way. The undead also got stronger the closer one to the mansion.

    [Ghoul] (common monster)
    Level: 18
    HP: 3200/3200
    MP: 0/0
    Skills: None
    Description: A dead creature. It is said it was raised from the dead. Although it is a bit durable, Its movement speed was slow. Stronger and faster than zombie

    [Skeleton] (common monster)
    Level: 15
    HP: 2300/2300
    MP: 0/0
    Skills: None
    Description: A walking skeleton. It has normal movement speed.

    [Skeleton Archer] (common monster)
    Level: 15
    HP: 1800/1800
    MP: 0/0
    Skills: None
    Description: A walking skeleton. It has normal movement speed. Beware it attacked from far away!

    Auron pondered deeply, "As I remember before, when one got into the mansion, although the monster stronger inside, there were few monster inside and many space to move around. Also, the experience point higher inside the mansion"

    "Should I take the risk?". Auron decided, "I can do this, my skill's level are higher than other player when they were hunt here back then. I have my advantage, also I believe with my fighting technique and skill I could defeat the monster inside. I will move slowly and carefully just like before."
  • Chapter 28 - Undead (2)

    Auron started to pull monster one by one to his hideout. After killing the monster pulled, he tried to pull another monster. Sometimes, he tried to pull two monster at the same time. However, after 30 minutes killing the monster, Auron realized that he could not move an inch from his current hideout.

    "After 30 minutes killing this undead, I can not move away from here. The spawn rate was faster than my killing rate." Auron thought.

    After Auron killed the monster he pulled and pulling another monster, a new monster appeared at the empty spot. So, he could only turtled inside his hideout.

    "At this rate, I could only stayed here. Who knows if I could went to the mansion or not." Auron pondered while looking for a way to move into the mansion.

    After looking for a while he found a way, 30 meters from his place he could see another place with few monster around. Then, 40 meters north west from that place there was another ruin with few monster. And from that last place, there were only a distance of 50 meters to the mansion.

    "Using this way, I could reach the mansion. However, it is still hard to move to each place." Auron looked at his inventory. "There were still 50 health potions left in my inventory. I think I can try to reach the mansion"

    After made up his mind, Auron started to move outside of his hideout. However, he didn't go straight to the next place. He made a detour by moving to the nearest big hill and moved along with it. There were few monster near the hill. So, Auron could moved safely. After moving and killing undead for 5 minutes, Auron arrived near his first destinations. From his place, he just need to move straight and charged to the entrance of the ruin.

    His first destination was a ruined house. The roof of the house wrecked and fell down inside the house. Although the roof was wrecked, the four wall of the house still stand strong. This was why Auron chose this house for his destination. Luckily, the entrance of the house was facing Auron. He could just charging straight and went inside.

    After preparing his mind, Auron used all of his movement speed's skill and charged straight into the house. There were many undead alerted by Auron sudden movements and started to chase Auron. However, because the undead had slow movement speed, they lost track of Auron. When Auron arrived near the house entrance, an arrow dashed out and successfully hit Auron.

    -25. A red damage float above Auron's head. Auron gritted his teeth, ignoring the damage, he keep charging into the house. Another three arrows was move toward Auron. However, Auron had successfully went inside the building. Quickly, he sidestepped and take cover behind the house wall. The arrows missed the target and hitted the wall. 

    The nearby undead alerted by Auron started to charged into the house. However, the entrance of the house was small and could only afford one undead at a time, so Auron could easily killed the undead one by one. Because there were many undead alerted Auron he could only killed them one by one.

    Auron spent all his effort to kill the monster. The monster outside the house could be seen reduced from Auron effort. Although the undead could only enter the house one at a time, Auron still maintained his vigilance because sometimes there were arrows aimed at him. When there was and arrow coming, Auron could only took cover behind the wall. When he was taking cover behind the wall, some of the undead could went inside the building. 

    When that happens, Auron used his high leveled skill and kill the undead quickly. Then, he prevented another undead from entering the house. After killing all the undead chasing him, he looked at his status and inventory. He only need 12% more experience to level up.

    "I can level up when I went to the next destination." Auron thought, "I still had 32 health potions left. It is enough to go to the next destination."

    While in rest, Auron looked at his next destination. He tried to look for the most feasible way to reach that place. He had two ways to reach his next destination. He could use his method before to reach this place by walking alongside the hill or he could just charged for 40m to the north west of his place.

    If he used his method before, he needs to spent more energy since the distance will be farther. He also needed to charge farther than before to reach his next destination. If the chose to charged directly to the next destination, the distance he had to go through were shorter however it was more dangerous since along the way to the next destination were packed with monster.

    "This is getting more difficult. What should I do?" Auron pondered deeply since this was his first time to be in the middle of monster alone. Usually, he would have his guild mate hunting with him, so whenever he was in trouble he could escape by relying his guild mate.

    He observed his surrounding carefully. A place, 50 meters north from his current place, draw his attention. A ruined huge three storey building. There were only a wrecked wall surrounding the third floor. One, from the outside, could saw what was inside. There were five skeleton archers on top while on the first floor there were a dozen of undead monster. Auron could also saw, from the croaked wall, a bunch of undead monster roaming on the second floor

    Auron suddenly got an idea. If he could went into that building and went to the third floor, then from the third floor he would use all of his acceleration skill and jumped up in the direction of the mansion. With the accelerate speed and momentum, he could jumped and landed directly around 10 meters near the mansion entrance. From there he could just run to the mansion while dodging the undead.

    Although he would get damage from jumping that high, however he could minimize the damage by using skill and rolling on the ground.

    "This is it, This is the only way. I have to do this." Auron made up his mind.
  • Chapter 29 - Undead (3)

    Auron checked all of his preparations. He looked at the path to the three storey building. There were so many undead roaming around. He unsheathe his sword and started to move toward the building.

    He charged at the nearest zombie. -263. A damage float above the zombie. As soon as the damage float, many undead around the zombie started to look at the commotion. The melee monster started to move close to them and the ranged monster started to take aim. Luckily, there were only few of ranged monster.

    A ghoul slash Auron. However, Auron blocked it with his sword and kept moving forward ignoring the ghoul. While keeping his vigilance toward his surrounding, Auron started to use [Dash]. 

    [Dash] (Swordsman's skill)
    Level: 30
    MP: 30
    Type: Active
    Target: Self
    Cool down: 10 minutes
    Prerequisites: None
    Description: Raise user's movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds.

    [Dash] increase Auron's movement speed by half. Although, it was only for 5 seconds, it is still could help Auron to reach his destination faster. The difference between [Charge] and [Dash] were, while [Charge] also increasing movement speed one could only moved on straight line and could not change direction. Meanwhile, [Dash] could raise the user' movement speed for a short time. However, the downside of [Dash] was its cool down time. Because of this, many swordsman used charge to attack while dash to escape or defense.

    With his movement speed increased, Auron easily dodged the undead's attack. Sometimes, he launched and attack the undead in front of him and made them stumbled or flinched for a second. This way, he could open a path in front of him and easily passed them.

    After 5 seconds, the [Dash]'s effect faded out. His speed went back to normal. However, he only still half way towards his destination. He used another [Charge] to increased his speed.

    Although Auron could dodged almost all of the undead's attack, he still took a bunch of damage since there were so many undead monster around. He could only gritted his teeth and took a health potion to keep his health above half.

    After moving for a while, the building entrance could be seen in Auron's line of sight. However, around the entrance there were some monster roaming around and also inside the building, Auron could see a bunch of ghoul and skeleton.

    Auron could only used another [Charge] and went inside the building. Many undead monster followed him inside the building, however not all of them could fit the entrance. So, the monster could only went inside in turn.

     Taking this chance, after Auron arriving inside the building, he directly unleashed all of his wide area skill. He didn't care whether his skill hit an enemy or not, he just unleashed all of it until his mana drained out.

    -250. -300. -600. -120. -400. -370. - 323...

    Many red number floated above the monster's head. If this was ordinary MMORPG, one could only see a red number covering his monitor. Luckily, this was a VRMMORPG, so this red number didn't disturb anything. 

    A wide area swordsman skill's damage were variate depending on the distance between the user of the skill and the enemy. The closer one to the user, the higher the damage they would receive. 

    After unleashing all of his wide area skill, there were some monster stumbled and fell down. There were some monster took some critical damage. There also some monster who were close to Auron died in the process.

    Although, there were some monster who were dead, the stream of monster keep coming from outside, also the monster who were fell down started to stand and chase again. Auron could not relaxed for a second, he consume both health potion and mana potion then went to the stair ignoring the loot.

    He quickly went to the second floor of the building. Although there were some monster on the second floor, but it was fewer than on the first floor. However, he didn't stop on the second floor and directly went to the third floor.

    On the third floor, there even fewer monster. Auron quickly used his single target skill and killed all of the monster on the third floor. After all of the monster on the third floor dead, he went to the stair lead to the second floor.

    On the stair he could see a bunch monster tried to go upstairs. However, since the stair was narrow, it filtered out the monster quantity. With his high level skill, Auron defended the stair easily.

    After a few minutes, the monster on the stair started to thin out. After killing a few monster more, all of the monster downstairs were dead. Auron finally could take a breath. He slump down near a ruined wall.

    Auron inspected his status, he was level 12 with 43% experience points. After killing that many monster, it was not weird for him to gain a level. After allocating his attribute point, he could see that his mana point, with the help of silver necklace, almost overtake his health point.

    He also looked at his inventory, there were only 3 health potion and 40 mana potion left. He needed to resupply his potion. However, since the first time he arrived at this place, he was surrounded and could not bothered with the loot, so he only had few miscellaneous item to sell. 

    He suddenly remembered that he hadn't pick the loot from the monster on the second floor. Quickly, he went down to second floor to loot up some item. Luckily, there were so many monster before, although some loot had vanished because it littered around so long, there still many loot to take, there was even some equipment dropped. However, he could only equipped it once he was level 15.

    "It was so hard to hunt alone with no money." Auron could only sighed.

    Because he was short of health potion, he could not continue his hunting or only dead that waiting for him. He could only switch to his clone character while commanding the AI to keep his main character safe.
  • Chapter 30 - Undead (4)

    Regaining his consciousness in his clone character, Smiling Wizard, Auron could only see the rooftop. He looked around and could not find his roommate around.

    "It looks like they are looking for some air outside." Auron thought.

    Ignoring them, he went to the academy's receptionist to ask for permission to leave the academy. After walking for several moment, he arrived at the receptionist and quickly asked for permission to leave.

    "Uhm... I want to apply for permission to leave the academy." Auron asked carefully.

    "It is past the dinner's time. You could only leave for 30 minutes. Don't be late or bear the consequence yourself." The receptionist glanced at Auron and warned him.

    Handing out the temporary leave pass to Auron, she warned him once again "Remember don't be late. Don't say I didn't warn you!"

    "Thank you." Auron replied.

    He quickly took the pass and went outside. He knew how heavy the punishment he would get if he didn't heed the advice. 

    Although it was an academy, however it was still a military one. So, the academy placed the importance of discipline to their student. Actually, the punishment for being late was varied depending on the situation. Even, there were some occasion with no punishment at all for being late. However, that situation only happened to some prodigious talent in the academy, which Auron could not get right now.

    Although Auron had already admitted and got a dormitory's room, he wasn't an official student yet. He would become an official student in the ceremony tomorrow morning. Auron knew how strict the academy with their rules. Moreover, he was nobody with no background at all. If he broke just one small rule, the lightest punishment would be a month labor worked in the academy. However, the heaviest punishment could make him left the academy forever.

    After working so hard to get admitted into the academy, he didn't want to get kicked out because of something small like this. If he was get kicked out for something like this, then it was the same as him slapping the face of Bloody Axe, the one who gave him recommendation. If it was really happened, then Bloody Axe's enemy would not let this chance slipped away. They would fan out the flame. Auron still didn't know Bloody Axe's character well enough, so he just wanted to play safe. What would happened if Bloody Axe had a vengeful character and he take out all his resentment to Auron. With Bloody Axe huge background and many supporter, he could killed Auron easily. Auron didn't want to take the risk of making a big enemy, not at his current level.

    Auron directly went to the nearest weapon and armor shop to sell some of his equipment gained from the undead. He was in need of money. He left some equipment that could be used either by his main character or clone character and sold the remaining equipment. After that, he went to medicine store to sold his miscellaneous item.

    After selling all of his need item. He purchased all the money he got to potion's supply. All he got was 100 health potion and 50 mana potion. The miscellaneous item and equipment actually sold at low price in the NPC store. If he sold to player, the price could be 50% higher even up to 400%. However, selling to player would waste his time and time was essential for him right now.

    "I only got this few potion from hunting the undead that long." Auron sighed sadly. However, he quickly regain his composure.

    "I will not go down because of this. I have greater mission and not will fell down because of this insignificant matter." Auron reassured himself.

    What Auron didn't know was, what he got could be considered as high considering he was hunting alone in such a crowded monster. If ordinary player got in Auron situation, they would long become a corpse.

    After buying all the potion he become broke once more with no money at all. Placing all of the potion he bought in the inventory, he walked back to the academy.

    Arriving at the academy he return the pass to the receptionist and went back to his room. He still could not find his roommate anywhere. All it took for him to sell and bought all the potion was only 10 minutes. He could not be bothered with his roommate because his main character was in a place full of monster. He lied down on his bed and switch to his main character.

    With his consciousness in his main character, he started to look at his surrounding. From all of the rest, his mana already fulled. He looked around and started to formulate a detailed plan to get into the mansion.

    "Okay, let's do this!" After a minutes, he was ready.

    He started to move further back until he was at the corner. Then, he used all of his skill that raised his agility attribute and movement speed. He started to run toward his destination. When he arrived at the other end, he jumped with all his might. Because of the speed, it could be seen he was flying in the air.

    However, it didn't take long before he started to descend. He could see a ghoul at his landing place. Before he landed on the ground and collided with the ghoul, he unleashed his [Weapon's Aura] and placed his sword in front of him. With a quick speed, Auron collided with the ghoul.

    -90. A red damage float above Auron's head. He got a pretty high damage because of the collision and his speed. Meanwhile, the ghoul also took some damage and fell down. Not waiting for long, Auron quickly took some action. he rolled over and quickly stood up. He directly used potion to replenish his health and mana.

    All of the undead monster around took notice of this and started to swarm toward Auron. However, Auron didn't stood still and waited for them, he looked at the mansion entrance. With the speed, he was only 8 meters from the entrance, however, he didn't have any skill that raised his movement speed available anymore.

    "This is it, I have to take the gamble" Auron started to run with all of his might toward the entrance. He dodged and blocked the incoming attack. When his health was under 50%, he would took a health potion.

    Auron reached the entrance. There was a ghoul blocking his way, straight from his place. The ghoul also sensed Auron and launched an attacked toward him. Auron ducked down to dodge the attack and moved toward the entrance.

    A confirmation notification popped up. Didn't care with the message, Auron confirmed the notification. Then, his vision went dark for a seconds. When he regained his vision, he was inside the mansion. He could see a grand and luxurious staircase in front of him.

    A sound rang on his ear and a notification popped out in front of him.
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