Graze The God

Chapter 1 Don't go out in the dark

When it's dark,don't go out.

The word has been handed down in Disabled Olds Village for many years. It is impossible to verify when it was handed down. But this is the truth, no doubt.

Grandmother-Si of Disabled Olds Village was nervous again when she saw the sunset hiding behind the mountains. With the setting sun, the last ray of sunshine disappeared, and the sky and the earth were silent without any sound suddenly. Darkness eroded from the West slowly, swallowing trees,roads,mountains and rivers, and then came to the village of the disabled olds, engulfed it completely.

Four ancient stone statues are erected in the four corners of the village. The stone statues are mottled and dated. Even Grandmother-Si does not know who carved them and when they were erected here.

When darkness came, the four stone statues glowed in the darkness. The statues were still bright, which relieved Grandmother-Si and the old people in the village.

The darkness outside the village became more and more intense, but with the light of stone statues, the olds village was still safe.

Suddenly, it was as if something had come to Grandmother-Si’s ears, and she stunned. She was surprised and said, "Listen, there's a child crying outside!"

The Old-Ma next to her shook his head and said, "No way, you're mistaken... Well, there's a baby crying truly!"

In the darkness outside the village came the cry of baby. All the other old people in the village except those who were deaf heard the cry. The old people looked at each other face to face. The Disabled Olds Village was remote and desolate. How could baby appear nearby?

"I'll see it!"

Grandmother-Si got excited and ran on tiptoe to a stone statue in the village. Old-Ma hurried over and said, "Grandmother-Si, are you crazy? It's getting dark. You'll die if you leave the village!"

"I will take this stone statue out of the village.The things in the dark are afraid of stone statues, And I can survive for a long time!"

Grandmother-Si stooped and tried to carry the stone statue, but she was hunched and could not carry it. Old-Ma shook his head and said, "Let me come. I'll accompany you with a stone statue on my back!"

On the other side, an old man limped up and said, " Old-Ma, you have only one arm. The stone statue will not last long. And I have both hands, so let me carry it."

Old-Ma stared at him: "Dead lame, you have broken a leg, can you go? I have only one arm, but it's very powerful!"

He picked up the stone statue with one arm steadily, and the stone statue was unimaginably heavy: " Grandmother-Si, let's go!"

"Don't call me Grandmother-Si(sound like death in Chinese)! Lame, dumb, you all have to be careful. There is a stone statue missing in the village. Don't be touched by something in the darkness!”

Old Ma and Grandmother-Si walked out of the village. There was something strange which they did not know were going around them in the darkness.When they were illuminated by the light of the stone statue, they squeaked back into the darkness.

Following the cry, they walked out of a hundred steps and came to a big river. The baby's cry came from the river. The stone statue emitted a quiet light, and the light was not too far. The two people captured the direction of the sound carefully and walked up the river. They took dozens of steps,finding that the crying was nearby. At the time Old-Ma's one arm was quite difficult to support,the Grandmother-Si's eyes lit up and she saw a little fluorescence. It was a basket parked on the bank of the river. The fluorescence came from the basket, and the cry came from the basket.

"There is a child truly!"

Grandmother-Si came forward and lifted the basket.But she was a little shocked and could not lift it. Under the basket was a white arm soaked by the river. It was this arm that lifted the basket and the children to the shore.

"Rest assured, the child is safe." Grandmother-Si whispered to the underwater woman.

The corpse seemed to have heard her words, and her palms were loosened, then washed away by the river and disappeared in the darkness.

Grandmother-Si lifted the basket. In the basket was a baby in swaddling clothes. On the swaddling clothes, there was a jade which emitted fluorescence. The light of this jade is very similar to that of the stone statue, but it is much weaker. It is the jade that protects the children in the basket from things in the dark.

But the light of jade was very weak. It can only protect the children, but it can not protect the woman.

"It's a boy."

Back to the Disabled Olds Village, the villagers who are old, weak and disabled all surrounded the basket. Grandmother-Si opened the swaddle and looked at it. She grinned and her scattered teeth were revealed. "At last, there is a healthy person in our Disabled Olds Village!"

The lame man with only one leg was shocked and said, " Grandmother-Si, are you going to keep him? We can hardly support ourselves! I think it's better to send him out..."

Grandmother-Si was furious, "Why should I give away the children?It is my own ability to pick up him."

A group of villagers were submissive and dared not to refute her. The head of the village who was sitting on a stretcher came. He is more miserable than others. Others had hands and feet at least, but less than normal people. He was helpless without any limbs. But everybody respected him very much, and even the wicked Grandmother-Si dared not to act recklessly and care for nobody.

"If you want to support him, then you should give him a name?"

The village chief said, "Old lady, do you see anything else in the basket?"

The Grandmother-Si turned it over,shook her head and said, "Only this jade, there is no other note or anything. There is a character on the jade. It's a Qin character. There are no impurities in this jade, and there are strange forces in it. It's not an ordinary product. It should come from a aristocratic family, isn't it?”

"Is his name Qin or his surname Qin?"

The village chief thought for a while and said, "Let him be surnamed Qin. His name is Mu(means graze in Chinese), Qin Mu. When he grows up, let him go grazing, and he could seek living at least.

"Qin Mu." The Grandmother-Si looked at the baby in his swaddling clothes, and the baby was not afraid of her, even laughed with babbling sound.

By the river, came the sound of the flute. The young herdsman sat on the back of a cow and played the flute. The sound of the flute was clear and melodious. The young herdsman was about eleven or twelve years old with beautiful eyebrows, red lips and white teeth, half-open clothes and a jade pendant on his chest.

The teenager was the baby that Grandmother-Si picked up from the river 11 years ago. Over the years, the old people in the village had worked hard to raise the child. It did not know how Grandmother-Si got a cow, so that Qin Mu, who was a baby that time, drank milk every day and survived the period of easy early death.

Although the villagers of Disabled Olds Village were fierce and evil, they were very good to him. The Grandmother-Si was a tailor. In that days, Qin Mu followed Grandmother-Si to learn to tailor clothes,Senior Pharmacist to learn medicine and refine medicine, Grandfather-Crippled to learn legs skills, Grandfather-Blind to learn to distinguish position according to sound, village chief without limbs to learn getting rid of the stale and taking in the fresh. Time flies.

The cow was his childhood wet nurse, and Grandmother-Si had planned to sell it. Because of Qin Mu’s reluctance, the task of cattle herding was also entrusted to him.

He often grazed the cattle by the river. The cyan hills , green waves and white clouds. It was very pleasant.

"Qin Mu, Qin Mu, save me, please!"

Suddenly, the cow under him spoke, and Qin Mu felt amazed and jumped down from the cow's back immediately. Tears shed from the cow's eyes, "Qin Mu, you grew up eating my milk, I'm very kind to you. You need to save me!"

Qin Mu blinked his eyes and sounded out, "How can I save you?"

The cow said, "You have a sickle around your waist. If you take off my skin, you can save me from trouble."

Qin Mu hesitated for a while, the cow felt anxious and said, "Have you forgotten the grace of feeding?"

Qin Mu raised his sickle and cut the hide of the cow carefully. It was strange that there was not a trace of blood flowing out when the hide had been peeled off. Inside the hide was empty, without flesh and skeleton.

When the cowhide was half peeled, a woman in it who was about twenties and thirties rolled out of it. Her legs were still wrapped in the cowlegs. The skin was still connected with the cowhide, but her upper limbs had been removed from the hide.

The unkempt woman grabbed the sickle in the hands of the frightened Qin Mu, cut the cowhide on her legs several moves, and then looked at Qin Mu, tried to inflict injuries on Qin Mu. She made the sickle stand on Qin Mu's neck, and sneered, "Little wicked guy, I became a cow because of you. In the eleven years, I had to eat grass and feed you milk!"It is pathetic that just before I became a cow, I bore a baby and then was plotted by the witch to turn me into a cow to feed you. Today, I get out of trouble finally.I will kill you first, and then wash the villains in this village with blood!”

Qin Mu's brain was full of thunder, and he did not know what the woman who had drilled out of the cowhide was talking about.

The woman was about to kill him with the sickle. Suddenly she felt her heart was cold. She looked down and saw a knife piercing through her chest.

"Mu, your grandpa-pharmacist told you to go back and take your medicine." The woman's body fell, and behind her stood the village's Grandfather-Crippled, benevolent and kind countenance, with a bloody knife in his hand, smiling to Qin Mu.

"Grandpa-crippled..." Qin Mu was scared to death. He looked at the cowhide and the corpse of the woman on the ground, but he did not recover his mind.

"Go back, go back." The lame man patted him on the shoulder and laughed.

Qin Mu walked to the village tremblingly. Looking back, he saw the lame man throw the woman's body into the river.

The impact of this scene on him was so great that he did not know when he would return to the village.

"Qin Mu! Bum-boy, how do I tell you? Don't go out at night!"

As night fell, the stone statues in the four corners of Disabled Olds Village lit up automatically. Grandmother-Si summoned Qin Mu, who was about to slip out of the village to explore the cowhide by the river, and dragged him back.

" Grandma-Si, why can't we go out in the dark?" Qin Mu raised his head and asked.

"When it's dark, there will be something horrified moving in the darkness. If you go out, you will die."

The Grandmother-Si said solemnly, "The stone statues in the village will protect us, and the things in the dark dare not enter the village."

"Do other villages have such stone statues?" Qin Mu felt curious.

Grandmother-Si nodded, but her face was somewhat worried. She looked out of the village from time to time and whispered, "The Lame should come back... We shouldn't let the cripple go out. This guy has only one leg..."

" Grandma-Si, something strange happened today..."

Qin Mu hesitated for a moment and said that a woman had been drilled out of a cow's belly. Grandmother-Si said casually, "You mean that woman? The Lame told me that he had handled it well. As early as when you were weaned at the age of four, I said that we could sell the cow.But you were reluctant,so we let you feed it. Look, something bad has happened, hasn't it?”

Qin Mu bit his teeth and sounded out to say, " Grandma-Si, that woman was killed by Grandpa-crippled..."

"Good killing."

The Grandmother-Si laughed and said, "That's earned for her. She should have died eleven years ago. If she hadn't nursed you, she would have lived to this day?”

Qin Mu does not know why.

Grandmother-Si glanced at him and said, "This woman was the wife of the owner of Xianglong Castle, thousands of miles away from here. The owner of Xianglong Castle was lustful, but his wife was jealous. The lord liked to be promiscuous in sex relations outside, robbed the women from respectable families. And whenever a woman's chastity was damaged by the owner of Xianglong Castle, the wife of the lord would send someone to kill the woman. I sneaked into the Xianglong Castle and planned to kill the evil woman,but I saw that she had just given birth to a child for only three months. Then I thought you had no milk to drink, and she had milk. So I turned her into a cow and took her back to milk you. It was unexpected that the woman broke away from the seal and could speak, which almost harmed you.”

Qin Mu, being struck dumb, " Grandma-Si, how can a human become a cow?"

Grandmother-Si hey hey hey smiled, showing her scattered teeth,"Do you want to learn? I can teach you... The Lame is back!"

Qin Mu saw the lame man limping along with crutch in one hand and prey on his back in the other. Darkness rushed to the village like the tide. Grandmother-Si cried hurriedly, "Dead lame, hurry up, hurry up!"

“What the hurry for?”

The Lame still walked slowly to the village. As soon as he entered the village, the strong darkness just drowned the village. The prey on his back was a gorgeous tiger, still alive. The tail was swept by the darkness. Suddenly the tiger gave a howl. Qin Mu looked at it quickly. He saw that the tiger's tail had only a few bones left. The fur and flesh on its tail were all gone, as if it had been gnawed away by something.

He looked at the darkness outside the village curiously, which was so dark that he could see nothing.

"What is it in the dark?" He wondered.

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