Nine Star Hegemon Body Art

Would like to know spoilers on Nine Star Hegemon Body Art...

Who are his parents and what is his background??


  • this is a post i wrote on novelupdates,i will past it here :)

    spoilers up to chapter 2703(sorry for the bad language):
    1-the universe of the novel:
    there are10 worlds, each world have thousands of star fields,tianwu world where the MC lives is the core of its star field.
    Tianwu mainland went through a great war that shattered the star and its size now is less than 1% of its old size with the "soaring sky bracelet" at the buttom of the "heaven martial ocean ring" basically squeezing the life of the planet. After that went through 5 wars with outsiders and the people won under the leadership of 5 heavenly emperors but the world and each generation of HE became weaker after each war.
    It seems that the star is special with dragon vine as a core and the outsiders were after it planing for thousands of years, even the family of the MC "long family" is after it. The true dragon which long chen cultivated his/her blood was born on this planet so maybe you can use the core to transform to a true dragon or some powerful being, i don't knowblobthinkingsmirk.
    there are five provinces: east, west, north, south, and center.other 4 provinces are separeted from the center with the heavenly martial ocean ring. and we have the divine clan which owns a small world as big as the centeral province.​
    2-Divine clan - our MC's origin and powers:
    -Divine clan:
    from what long qifeng(MC's uncle) said they are the caretaker of tianmu but he died without explaining more, MC killed him.They have the purest blood of the human race. controled by 4 families with the puriest blood: long, ye,jiang, zhou.
    -MC's origin :
    long is the MC's family. his father is long tianxiao, the first and supreme talent of the long family and the divine clan and his mother luo ning shuang is from another world but have strong background.his grandfather long jun wu is one of the 7 top pwerhouses of the divine clan(4 are died,2 are seriously injured,his grandfather is fine)
    long chen is the "son of fate" and he should be loved by all but the heavely dao is not the same anymore(maybe after the great war that endet the immortal era) and tries to kill him ,that is why his luck is shit but his fate doesn't change and he gets amazing things like true dragon blood ...but with 99% death possibilityblobsad
    -the true dragon told him that it is his fate finding the dragon scale and tought him how to cutivate the true dragon blood.
    -first heavenly emperor yun shang was waiting for his apperance and left him the "dragon bone evil moon" sword. and the evil moon dragon essence but leng yueyan took it.
    -primal chaos space in his dantian is not clear yet but it is super powerful even the strongest among the 5 supreme artifacts of tianwu "east wilderness bell" was afraid of it. later MC meets the soul of another 9 stars descendent and he was shocked when he discovered the PCS so it looks like not every 9stars descendent have it. ​
    althought he is hated by the heavens the earth still loves him, that was clear when he was robbing and becoming a hevenly emperor, he communicated with tianwu and said he felt a mother's love from it. short after when he fought against other hevenly emperor siedlings he activated the 9th split the heavens power which is should be angry and control that anger(each strike after the 6th have special power) at that time his anger rose and was able to feel the anger of the whole world later of the whole universe like all the beings are suppressed by the heavens.
    he was born with supreme blood,variant spirit root,and god spirit bone which is a legendary bone that can cultivate all the mmm...water, wind know what i meanfacepalm and basically as long as you are not died you will become a god.
    and the shit starts here notlikeblob...his uncle long qifeng had a child long aotian the same age as long chen, that child was destined to be a great person but the father and mother and others from the long family conspired to make him stronger so they stole the MC's blood,root,bone and stole the same from alot of talents of tianwu....long chen said his BRB were very powerful and aotian couldn't control them so they did this but the result was the BRB degenerated and the god bone became supreme bone which can control everything but the god road is not guaranteed and one have to cultivate. when that was discovered the father basically slaughtered his family and killed 4 of the top powerhouses, seriously injured 2 and the granddfather was in retreat so he escaped the slaughter. as a result the long family fell from being the strongest between the four to being the weakest, the mother have strong background so they didn't dare to hurt her and she was sent back to her family in another world, the father bcause of his great talent wasn't killed and was sent to the gods releam and detained there( the uncle spoke about the father and mother and died before expaining more).
    when the powerhouses of tianwu who were watching the robbery heared this and were shocked because the long family basically demolished a legndary talent, one of the long elders said they did this to please that woman..he means aotian's mother and even the grandfather is afraid of her family.
    -MC's powers:
    body and cultivation:
    1-he gets the qinglong scale and the true dragon owner teaches him "dragon blood body tempering technique" so he can cultivate the blood. he later gives the dragon blood legion a golden dragon blood and teaches them the technique. the scale have the blood of a baby dragon before the first robbery, althought it is ultra pure true dragon blood, it is very weak and the quantity was small-1 blood drop. later he finds a white scale in the heaven martial ocean ring and discovers that it belongs to the same dragon after the second robbery, a teenager true dragon blood before becoming an adultblob_grin. the second scale shattered his body and only the skull was left and the body was reconstructed and became alot stronger but both scales were without dragon essence.
    later he finds the body of a dragon king(it is alittle long , ask if you want to know more) and the dragon king activates his blood and becoms more op blob_sunglasses.
    2-taraaaa the cultivation technique that transformed a wasted good for nothing body to the strongest in his generation blobpartythe nine star hegemon body artblobparty he will construct a star first using a bill formula and the star will undergo 9 transformations before becoming true star, each complete star is equivalent to a dantian. the technique is described by some pwerhouses who knew the MC well as the most powerful technique they saw. evil moon said that it is super powerful and not meant to be cultivated by humans, so poweful that even the body of a true dragon will not be able to cultivate it. it works against the law of the universe..every thing is yin and yang....dark light...bla bla..but the technique have one side and that is forward..ok let me explainsweating_profusely. when long chen was learning the 9th split the heavens strike he should first become angry and control that do it he went through trails in split the heavens sect where he will be insulted and become angry and he should endure and control that anger but he couldn't do it no matter what the technique will keep pushing him forward and if he backed down just once his cutivation will stop and end, he knew but couldn't do it and kept killing the imaginary people and failed again and again so evil moon said it doesn't make sense and shouldn't exist between heaven and earth.
    it is the same reason why he kept fighting knowing that he will die but couldn't run away if someone challenged him. this will become clearer the more stronger he becomes.
    long chen meets the soul of another 9star descendent , they both opened 5 stars but long chen's power was weaker than half the power of the soul and remember it is a soul so the original is more powerful. the soul became angry and said long chen is a desgrace for the 9star hegemon name and he deviated from the original cutivating path and tried to kill him. long chen's eyes turn black and shtters the soul's arm with a punsh and go into coma, when he wakes up he uses the primal chaos and heals himself, here the soul is shocked and becomes extremly happy but doesn't say anything about PCS. he just says that as 9star descendent he have the responsibility to fight the demons and protect the 10 worlds(maybe that is why the new heavenly dao hates him) and told him that his cutivation path is diferent and will become more difficult in the future.
    long chen was able to cultivate because he was always suppressing the technique and it became harder the stonger he is untill he opened the 6th star and promoted to connecting underworld, he was not able to advance the 10th,11th,12th heavenly layers and discovers that he made a huge mistake and the 6th star shouldn't be opened in connecting underworld sooo it is the end for himblobastonished.
    he tries 99 times and almost died everytime the 100th try he promotes the cultivation base and started a whole new path and the original one was blocked. from now on he should figure out himself how to cutlivate the new 9star art which was already maybe the hardest technique to cultivate in the univese, cultivating the new one will be hell and theoretically as evil moon said it is impossible .
    god ring looks like a battle technique at first later it will become something similar to the vision that people manifest using the heavenly dao, maybe due to the uniquness of the nine star art, it has it is on vision, i don't know hmm, it will reflect the 6 stars inside long chen's body and the thousands of small stars, it is like becoming a small world inside the body.
    3- he grows fire dragon and lightning dragon in his body and keeps feeding them fire beasts and robbery lightning .they evolve later to fire spirit and lightning spirit which are op as f**. strongest fire is karma fire of hell from the underworld, strongest lightning is not clear yet, he just finished his robbery. they can appear outside his body as tow girls and fight on thier own and use techniques, the hand sealing of the fire spirit was so fast that even heavenly emperor can't do it.
    4-fire lotus: it is based on the most primitive fire rune in the universe and super op. together with 9th STT strike are long chen's strongest. it is a wide area attack.
    5-primal chaos space: he got alot of information about it when it went inside his body but forgot it all except the name. when the 9star descendent soul saw it, in his eyes, long chen transformed from a worthless shit that most be killed to the sole hope of the universe and finally can let go and die happilly with no regrets. it has chaotic soil that can grow any plant as long as it has life and in the middle there is black soil that works the opposite way, destroy all life. all the artifacts and strong weapons have a soul so it makes sense to say there should be one in PCS but nothing happened for now. in the robbery at one time long chen heared a voice telling him to wait till the end and absorb the lightning but wasn't clear if the voice came from it or long chen's soul. it has mysterious power that can even terrify the strongest supreme artifact of tianwu"east wilderness bill". it can resist the power of gods and long chen used it to resist the power of the deity of leng yueyan.the space inside it is out of the reach of heavenly dao.
    6-supreme Brahma Scriptures: the first, second and third combined. MC got the second and third from a mysterious girl and he will become sad and cry everytime he sees her but don't know why, he knows that she is died. it can control all types of fire between heaven and earth and it is a powerful ancient technique, long chen got the original one from the girl not like the copy of pill valley.
    long chen's soul and will:
    even long chen doesn't unerstand what is happening with his soul, there seems to be more than 1 at least, pill god is the mysterious girl that gave him the SBS and she left a strand of soul inside him. maybe the soul or strand of it of the last 9star descendent is inside him but it is not clear yet.
    he seems to have tow wills, his own and the 9star's, but later says there is the will of pill god so i don't know i don't get it, maybe it will become clearer in the future, what i undersand is after he suppressed the 9star art and changed the cultivation path, the pressure of the will of 9stat became much better but when he fought against 5 heavenly emperors in the last robbery he knew he will die but kept attacking yun shang heavenly emperor...basically switched to idiot mod again, at that time he told evil moon that he can't stop because the will of pill god is pushing him forward to keep attacking, if he switched the target he will be done for.
    mmm how to say ithmmhmmhmmhmm ok... there is a thing inside him that is far stronger than him. it will appear when he becomes angry and his eyes will turn black. first appeared in the hell jail in the underworld, he saw the corpse of a black dragon and tried to steal it but was suppressed by chains but evil moon hit his head and knocked him down, evil moon said that there is another power inside him, like another "thing".the soul of 9star he met had his arm shattered by the black eyed long chen said that he have split "personality". at one time long chen was talking to himself and said that to protect his younger brothers and women he doesn't mind turning into a demon and a black thing on his 5th star in his soul sea flickered. so if it is a thing that went inside his body in the underworld or a demon that grow inside him from the killing and became independent like fire and lightning spirit, or simply an evil side emerged from suppressing the 9star art, it is not clear yet. but yea it is soooo super ultra op.​
    3-other characters:
    1-leng yueyan is a godess from the underworld.she made a clone with the sole goodness in her and sent it to tianwu to join the evil witnessing the killing and murdering her sister she wished the this goodness will disappear and later will merge with clone again and hoped she will advance her realem. leng yueyan we know is the clone, she severed her sole and became independent and was trying to kill the deity. later when long chen went to the underworld for the second time while advancing to connecting underworld he met the deity and fought together. his power wasn't suppressed by the rules of the underworld and at the end the clone and deity became good buddies and the deity left her power to the clone to control her seat in the underworld, they are almost the same in power now.
    2-yun tian is the son of the first and most powerful heavenly emperor, maybe he inherted the power of his father's eyes to see the future.
    3-dan fairy became a something like a messenger for brahma and she becam hostile to long chen and tried o kill him many times. it seems like her memories are not lost but sealed because she will sometimes daze while watching long chen and tries to remember something but can't.​
    ok this should give a general idea about the novel, feel free to ask me about anything.

  • @gridEM thank you so much man. What about his girls and brothers 
  • they will progress slowly and i will mention the big changes here:
    1- the harem:
    -Meng qi : long chen said that the soul techniques are very rare so she is translating and reserching ancient script.
    he gave her a dan that was in a dan furnace, it will stay in her soul sea(between her eybrows) and accelrate her cultiivation.
    also gave her a miror he got from the ghost ship when he met the soul of a former 9star descendant.
    and she got a necklace from leng yueyan in the underworld that will help her cultivation.
    she will constantly change her pets but one is spercial, she got an egg of bird, after breacking through lvl 10 she transformed to a young girl xiaoyun. she is not part of the harem but more like part of the MC's family.the girl's family is the former royality of the sacred beasts. they were betrayed and hunted everywhere.
    -tang waner: she looks actually the weakest in the harem gang. she got a wind spirit bone from long chen and tow wind blades 3 inch tall from leng yueyan crafted from the hornes of a demon lord that can grow with her in the future as a growing artifact. therer are runes on them but she needs to get stronger to activate them.
    -chu yao: her wood will advance alot, in the spirit world after the blessing of the god of life tree(the translator may choose another name). she got a black wooden stick from leng yueyan also it is a growing artifact .in the spirit world long chen fought an undead tree and sealed it and gave it to chu to absorb it but she didn't and freed her. the tree in reality is a girl from the undead race liu ruyan her family is demon tree something(don't remember :#) they are savage and bloody and need corpses to cultivate and grow. she remembers that  her parents throw her away when she was a seed but she don't know why and wants to find them and take revenge. after being freed she stayed with chu as a pet but they call each other sisters and only trusts her and she HATES long chen, at first at least.also part of the family not the harem as of now.
    -ye zhiqi: owner of one of the 5 supreme artifacts of tianwu "norht source/root sword". got an ice bracelet from leng yueyan that will make her ice more pure and powerful.
    - yue xiaoqian: got a special inheritance that can mask her origin devil race mark in her eyebrows and she can now hide her identity. ther can be only one owner of this inheritance in each generation but nothing mentioned about its power.
    -dong yuyu: the last member that joined the harem gnag. she had the power of the god enpuda (the god of a group of killers)in her body but long chen took it out and throw it in the PCS and was cut off from the god and gave it back to dong yuyu after being strenghtend more than 10 times. long yueyan told her where to find the strongest technique of the god enpuda.
    -zi yan: owner of one of the 5 supreme artifacts"south sea zither"(google guqin) she stopped trying to kill long chen. she loves him but rejected him beacause she can't leave her sect and being the next master bla bla bla. her vision transformed to a woman with purple dress holding a guqin. this woman is the 9th god of their sect and the 4th heavenly emperor.
    -leng yueyan:talked about her already.
    all of them except yue xiaoqian and zi yan(not mentioned) will awaken their visions tow times which is stronger than the normal vision.
    2-younger brothers:
    -dragon blood legion: cultivated the blood of a golden dragon. later the blood that long chen got from the dragon king. their visions are the same and can resonate which is very rare and unique making them more op. their weapons are made by gu ran as always.
    li qi and song mingyuan got the soil spitit bone from long chen.
    -wilde: owner of  bla bla "west desert axe".he is member of the blood family, a nobile family of the barbarian race. they eat everything except humans. he can transform to a giant ,first bronze then silver now gold.
    -mo nian: owner of bla bla " central province ding". with the help of long chen, he stole the inheritance of a god(the god is an enemy with leng yueyan)
    his bow is an artifact of his family and can absorb energy and grow stronger(i think it is a growing artifact).
  • Thank you man, appreciate it you taking the time to write all of this. <span>:smile:</span>
  • you are welcome :)
  • Thanks for sharing!  Could you give an approximate chapter when long Chen finds his biological family is also called long?
  • read from chapter 2673, long aotian will use his spirit bone while fighting long chen so he will know that they stole it and later ask about his parents
  • is there a site to read mtl of this LN? I really want to read ahead of current tl. :)
  • @gridEM Hey man, can you spoil the current arc (around chapter 420 chapter) and what's to come? This novel is honestly so good and I want to know what to expect haha
  • Doob said:
    is there a site to read mtl of this LN? I really want to read ahead of current tl. :)
    babelchain and comrademao both have mtls of the novel
  • Doob said:
    is there a site to read mtl of this LN? I really want to read ahead of current tl. :)
    babelchain and comrademao both have mtls of the novel
    Thank you so much for that
  • Hua biluo doesn't get in the harem? and the MC becomes foe of the pill valley?
  • john10123 said:
    Hua biluo doesn't get in the harem? and the MC becomes foe of the pill valley?
    She doesnt get to join the harem XP 
    and Yeah, turns out pill valley is an anti-nine star descendant organization
  • Well, I'm surprised I made it 2800 chapters but I think I'll call it quits here, as the novel basically starts over at this point. Poor Little Snow, gone for over 1000 chapters only to finally come back and gets sent away right afterwards.....
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