The Apocalypse’s Great Merchant

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The Apocalypse’s Great Merchant

Author: Time
Translator: PieDuck 


The Apocalypse’s Great Merchant doesn`t need to explain her life!

After living once, Lan Ke was lucky to receive the Universal Trade System, but also a terrible food waster. After initializing the Universal Trade System, it was easy to make a profitable business.

But as she got stronger, she discovered the terrible truth of the apocalypse!

PS1: The Apocalypse is upgraded and the dimension is changed.

The former woman was strong, but she is stronger after being reborn! The men are like loyal dogs; Lan Ke has an unlimited amount of pets.

PS2: The quality is guaranteed, you are welcome to come aboard!

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1 - Reborn, encountering extreme quality people

Chapter 2 - Deceitful System

Chapter 3 - Trading District stall


  • Chapter 1 - Reborn, encountering extreme quality people

    "Lan Ke, you are so shameless, trying to seduce my boyfriend!"

    "Hey!" Lan Ke looked coldly at the woman in front of her and grabbed her wrist. "Based on what do you want to beat me?"

    ‘Damn it!’ She clearly remembered she died. Who knows how she was suddenly woken up by a piercing ringtone, and she opened her eyes to find herself sitting in the exam room!

    Lan Ke already had a terrible headache. She just glanced at the exam papers and uninterestedly submitted them in a hurry,  but just as she was walking out of the classroom, this atrocious woman ran to her and said such an incompressible phrase, while also raising her hand.

    Hah, she thinks she's a soft persimmon and can be pinched, eh?

    Sun QingQing was so angry that her face turned blue. She didn’t think that Lan Ke would dare to resist!  ‘Didn't people say that this girl was a gloomy coward, who can`t even speak up at all? How comes she’s so brave today? Did she take the wrong medicine?’

    Feeling everyone looking at them, Sun QingQing’s face became even more terrible. She especially submitted her papers earlier so she can block the way here, as she thought that there would be many people at this hour. So, as long as she said those words, Lan Ke’s reputation would rot until she wouldn’t dare to entangle with her Feng Jun again.  

    Who would think this girl would resist! Even grabbing her wrist, making her look like a shrew.

    “What’s wrong with slapping you? You seduced my boyfriend, but you still ask for a reason?” Sun QingQing snorted and lifted the other hand, planning to slap Lan Ke’s face.

    ‘Slap!’ Lan Ke quickly grabbed Sun QingQing’s hand and twisted her two arms. After a ‘crack crack’ sound Sun Qingqing's arms were dislocated.   

    “Ah! You…” Sun QingQing’s face distorted due to pain, she didn't even finish her words when Lan Ke pushed her away. She was wearing black leather high heels, so after Lan Ke’s push she lost her balance and with a ‘bang’ fell with her butt on the cold marble floor.   

    The fall was miserable, Sun QingQing was in so much pain that she couldn’t even speak, and only her screams were left.

    The people watching the show were shocked. Originally they intended to watch the farce between a legal wife against a little third, thinking it would end with a slap to the face. Who knew that this "little third" was so ruthless.

    Too arrogant! Such a shameless little third, not only seducing another’s man, but even daring to beat the legal wife into this state; such a ruthless heart.

    Regardless of boys and girls, the crowd's gaze turned full of condemnation. Two women attentively helped to pull Sun QingQing up, angrily glaring at her as if wanting her to burst into flames as if Lan Ke has done wickedness beyond redemption.

    “Lan Ke, you are too shameless! Seducing QingQing’s boyfriend and even daring to hit her.” the woman on the right said.

    “That’s right! Lan Ke, you’d better apologize to QingQing, or don’t blame us for not warning you!” the girl on the left continued.

    Sun QingQing was in so much pain that her face was falling apart. All she could do was wish she was dead and moan: “Quick…Quickly bring me to the hospital…”

    “Ah, wait a bit, we’ll bring you to the hospital now!”

    “Right, I’ll give your boyfriend a call, and tell him to come here right now. Just wait and see if this woman will still act so arrogant!”

    “Right, right, right, call Feng Jun here! Let him see this sl*t’s wicked heart and face so that he won’t be fooled again.”

    The two girls' shouts echoed each other, moving surprisingly quickly, to call Feng Jun. They shouted about Sun QingQing having been hit by Lan Ke, asking him to come to take revenge for her.

    Lan Ke was too annoyed to care about them, she turned around wanting to leave only to be stopped by the crowd.

    “What kind of person are you? Still, want to leave after hitting people?”

    “There are so many men out there. What are you seducing other’s man for?”

    “Too wicked.”

    Lan Ke didn't want to listen anymore, “Who said I seduced her boyfriend? You guys are so brainless. Whatever she says is true or what? Did I hit her? Didn’t you see she moved first? Are all of you are blind?”

    “You…” One classmate was originally trying to refute her but noticed that while Lan Ke was rude, what she said wasn't wrong.

    They clearly didn’t know the truth and just heard about it from Sun QingQing. Plus seeing she was hit first, they couldn’t help but feel sympathetic.

    “Lan Ke, you dare say you didn’t seduce Feng Jun?”

    “That’s right! Who doesn’t know that Feng Jun and Sun QingQing are a couple?”

    Lan Ke sneered and crossed her arms over her chest. Then turned to face the three of them, “Why wouldn't I dare? Feng Jun is dating who, I don’t know. I never seduced him anyways. It’s up to you if you believe it or not. ”

    It was at this moment that Feng Jun arrived. He was tall with delicate features, just the prince on a white horse type that girls loved.

    Sun QingQing’s two friends saw him and looked at him as if he was a saviour. They hurried to grab his arms. “Feng Jun, quick come here. QingQing was hit.”

    Feng Jun’s face turned black as soon as he heard that: “Who hit QingQing? See if I don’t kill them…” Just as he said that he saw Lan Ke standing while crossing her arms, and the words were cut off from his mouth.

    “Ah, Ah`Ke, how come you`re here?” Feng Jun awkwardly looked at Lan Ke. His eyes were darting all over the place, clearly out of guilty conscience.

    Lan Ke looked at him with ridicule, “I just finished my test when your girlfriend ran over and said I seduced you, and even overbearingly wanted to slap me. Feng Jun, how come I didn’t know that I seduced you? You already had a girlfriend, so what were you doing coming over to me to pretend you have deep feelings?”  

    Sun QingQing heard that and for a moment forgot about the pain, scolding Lan Ke, “What nonsense are you saying? It was clear you were the one who shamelessly seduced Feng Jun. If not, why would Ah`Jun bother with you?”

    Finished talking she quickly turned to Feng Jun, pitifully saying, ”Ah`Jun, it really hurts. This b*tch…”

    “Shut up!” Feng Jun irritably glared at Sun QingQing, and angrily shouted, “You still think this isn't embarrassing enough? We were long since over, so what are you harassing Ah`Ke for? I`ve never thought that you were this type of person!”

    “You…what did you say? What is over? I…how come I don`t know?” Sun QingQing`s face was full of confusion, “Ah`Jun you must be lying to me right? It’s her, is she asking you to do this?”

    Sun QingQing finished speaking and hatefully glared at Lan Ke wanting to just break her into pieces. Her two friends were stunned. They didn't expect that Feng Jun would say that.

    The crowd was also dumbfounded, this development was too quick! The girlfriend turned into the ex, and the little third became the legal wif- wait that’s wrong this ‘little third’ doesn't even seem to care about that dreg of a man!

    In a split second, everyone's eyes turned harshly towards Feng Jun. The person in question acted as if he didn't notice anything and even warmly turned to Lan Ke, “Ah`Ke, are you hungry? Give me your bag. I`ll take you to lunch.”

    “Scram! Who allowed you to call me Ah`Ke? What relationship do I even have with you?” Lan Ke shoved Feng Jun away and seeing Sun QingQing still hatefully glaring at her, she coldly sneered, “Feng Jun didn`t tell you. He recently stuck onto me because he wants my money, but now that you are here, just take him back so that he doesn't come back and harm people.”    

    Lan Ke finished her words and then heard a cold electrical voice, “Universal Trade System binding complete.”

  • Chapter 2 - Deceitful System

    Feng Jun dejectedly looked at the back of Lan Ke who was getting further away. He wanted to chase after her but suddenly hesitated. Lan Ke was clearly angry, so even if he chased her now, it would be useless, and it might even make her distance herself even further.

    Feeling the stinging eyes from the crowd, Feng Jun`s expression grew darker and darker.

    ‘F*ck! Just how did Lan Ke that b*tch find out? Unless someone blabbed in front of her?’ He used almost half a year just to make her attitude soften. Were his efforts going to be wasted?

    “Ah`Jun!” Sun QingQing seeing Feng Jun`s dark expression felt scared that her hard found golden turtle would up and leave her. “Ah Jun, my wrist hurts, quick bring me to the hospital!”

    Actually, she would have gone sooner, but she was waiting for Feng Jun to arrive. The two girls helping her saw Feng Jun`s expression and didn`t know what to say.

    The two weren't stupid. Feng Jun`s expression now was so dark that the two selfish girls didn't dare to help Sun QingQing speak up. Just helping her stand already counts as helping!

    Feng Jun looked at Sun QingQing with disgust. If not for this nosy woman, would Lan Ke get mad at him? However, looking at her face which was was so similar to a certain woman, his heart softened.

    His expression changed. Feng Jun quickly went to help Sun QingQing up, “Just endure for a bit, I`ll take you to the hospital now.”

    ‘Forget it. Just let that Lan Ke be cold for a bit. Wait `till he gives maternal aunt a call, would she still dare to be disobedient?’

    As soon as they left, the crowd also dispersed, but the story of what happened today was remembered in their hearts. With so many people gossiping around, it wouldn't take long before it would spread throughout the whole school.  

    Unfortunately, all of it no longer had anything to do with Lan Ke.

    Lan Ke went straight to her apartment after that. It was one of the things that her mother left her, and she had been living here since she got into university.  

    Having walked into the familiar apartment, Lan Ke's emotions turned complicated, and she almost burst into tears. But remembering about the something system, she held it in. She wouldn't let others see her cry not even a system!

    “Now come out and talk. Just what are you?” Lan Ke spoke while simultaneously rummaging around her fridge, “Why did you choose me? Me being reborn has something to do with you right?”

    “I am a Universal Trade System. My host can trade with people from other Universes through me.” The system said monotonously, “Every Universe can only choose one Universe Merchant. Once one has become a Universe Merchant, there'll be countless advantages, and the days of rising success await!”

    “Oh, not interested. You go look for someone else.” Lan Ke chose her ingredients then walked into the kitchen. “You still haven't told me whether me being reborn is related to you?”

    System, “There was a little accident at the time! Originally, I didn’t want to choose you. Who knew there would be a sudden magnetic field throwing the space and time into chaos. Had I not bound with you, your soul would have dispersed.”

    “You talk as if you are so kind-hearted.” Lan Ke didn't believe the system was so kind to bind with her to save her. There must`ve been something else other than the magnetic field and the chaotic space and time which made it have no choice but to bind to her!

    “Say, why didn't you let me die peacefully? What's so good about being reborn? I have to live in the apocalypse again?” Just as she thought about welcoming the apocalypse again soon, with the present Earth turning into hell, Lan Ke's heart turned sour.  

    The system was flabbergasted, “Don't you want to take revenge? Don't you feel that being reborn to take revenge on scums, amass food as preparation for the apocalypse and thriving and rising in the apocalypse is exciting? Didn't your world's novels all write about stuff like that?” Or did it read it wrong?

    Lan Ke wasn't the least bit moved, “I already took my revenge before I died. Why should I be reborn just to do it again? Do I seem so bored as to tangle with those guys nonstop?”

    If she was reborn eighteen years ago, she'd absolutely kill that damn Tang JingTian and Chu Jia, those two bastards without a second thought as to avoid her mother's tragedy. What's the use of being reborn at this time? Her mother's long since dead.

    ‘Cough!’ "The system has been successfully bound. From now on, the host officially becomes an Apprentice Universe Merchant.” The system bluntly changed the topic and popped up the system panel. “Apprentice Universe Merchants can get 10 inventory spaces for free. After you have accumulated 100 points, you will automatically upgrade into a Junior Universe Merchant. Then, you will get a big gift packet! Please work hard, host!”

    Only now did Lan Ke show some interest. Having the inventory, didn`t it mean she had her own space? Although she was a bit annoyed at the system one-sidedly binding with her and making her reborn before the apocalypse happened, she still couldn't just make herself commit suicide. At least with this what-you-call-it system, she could relax for a bit in the following apocalypse.

    “What is this point accumulation? How do you do it? What other functions does this system have? Quickly tell me, and no secrets!” Lan Ke asked. She had to first ask clearly what this what-you-call-it system is all about, then decide what to do next.

    The system explained for half an hour.

    Lan Ke gnashed her teeth, “So your meaning is that if I don’t complete 100 trades, the system will rescind the bond and if lucky, I’ll turn into an idiot, if not, I’ll turn into meat paste?!”   

    “Based on your intelligence, this is a piece of cake.” Wuwuwu, it had degenerated. To think it had to boot-lick its host.

    “Seems you do have some insight.” Lan Ke outrightly accepted the system's 'praise', “Let's go, to have a look at your so-called Trading District.”

    Borrowing the system's words, the Universal Trade System had three places for trading.

    The first was the system's Shopping Center, Universe Merchants could buy merchandise from here, and could also sell products on hand to the Center. The Center's sell out price was high, but the buying price was low. The pro was that you could get money instantly without having to pay tax.   

    The second place was other people’s shop, Universe Merchants who had saved a certain amount could lease a shop, and open it as their own. Then one just had to place their merchandise for others to choose from. The pro was that one could set the price, making it better than being swindled at the Center, but it was just that the trading time wasn't clear, and one still had to pay tax.

    The third place was the Trading District. One could set up stalls there, but the majority of people there were Apprentice and Junior Merchants who had little savings. Whether one could make a trade depended on their luck, and the tax was still required.

    Lan Ke decided to go take a look at this Trading District, to see what was there for sale, and investigate the market price a bit. If it wasn't as good, she would just have to settle with trading with the Center.

  • Chapter 3 - Trading District stall

    Lan Ke looked at the calendar and began to count the days.

    'Today is December 20th, so there are 11 days to the New Year's Day. If there are no accidents, on the New Year's Day, the whole world will be shrouded in darkness.'

    After seven days of darkness, three days of continuous black rain would follow. After that, the global variation began.

    'So this time on New Year's Day, it is considered to be the beginning of the last century.'

    She was unprepared in her previous life. At the start, she could say that she had suffered a lot. That went on until her cooking skills became better. A strong man saw her cooking and recruited her, so her days became better.

    Rebirth was an accident, but if she wanted to go through the end of the world again, this time she would never depend on anyone.

    Therefore, it was imperative to increase her strength and amass materials as much as possible before the apocalypse. But the most crucial thing at the moment was to become a Junior Merchant and receive the big promise of the system!

    Thinking of what she saw in the Trading District before, Lan Ke quickly made plans. She did not go to the afternoon exam. After she ate her lunch at home, she went straight to the market to shop.

    Lan Ke prepared everything she needed and started to sort it when she got home. It took almost an hour of busy work. Then Lan Ke brought the prepared products to the Trading District.

    There weren`t many people in the Trading District. Lan Ke didn't want to make a big profit for the first time. She didn't prepare much anyway and was just there to try her luck.

    Looking for some open space, Lan Ke took out a prepared billboard and set it aside. It was arrogantly written with eight brushstrokes 'The most delicious food in the world, and it is unique!'

    Then, regardless of the perplexed eyes of the neighbours, she put down the grill, prepared the brains one by one, and then started the charcoal fire. As the temperature increased, the pleasant fragrance floated up and spread in the air.

    "Eh? What flavour is this? Such a good scent!"

    "This is too embarrassing, actually selling this in the trading area. Why didn't I think of it?"

    "Look at that billboard, actually saying that it`s the most delicious in the world. That`s too arrogant!"

    "She`s really bragging. I don't believe it! We have a lot of delicious food here. I bought it and I really liked it. I wouldn`t dare be so arrogant!"

    Although their words were sour, they all wanted to buy some. They couldn`t help but stare at the fragrant brains on the grill and kept swallowing their mouths.

    The system started to ramble, "Hey, I like the smell. Did it roast well? Do you want me to taste it for you?"

    Lan Ke was speechless. "Did you catch a cold? Maybe it`s a virus?"

    "Don't you think that I am more approachable now?"

    " I don't think so!" The apocalypse was already bad enough. She didn`t want to deal with a teasing system all day long. "I think you should continue being indifferent. That`s way better."

    While they were talking, the business was finally at the door.

    "This is food? What`s the price?" The man was wearing a black cloak, so she couldn't see his face clearly. She could only see that he was tall and his voice was manly.

    The black cloak was a system standard and it was said to be a protection for every Universe Merchant. Once wearing the black cloak, other people couldn't see the origin of the person in question. And it could bounce back the user when encountering an attack.

    Lan Ke was wearing such a black cloak too. She looked at the person and said, "I don't change the price of one for 10 trading points. And you can only purchase one at a time. I don't want to sell more."

    The system which was happy to finally have some business became anxious at Lan Ke`s words, "10 trading points! This price is too expensive! Host, you won`t have any business!"

    Sure enough, when the person heard that, he said, "It's too expensive! I`ll pay 2 trading points." In fact, he didn`t mind a bit higher either, but the price that Lan Ke set was too high. He was embarrassed to cut it so low.

    Lan Ke's attitude was cold, "10 trading points. The value of the food is worth this price."

    Such a joke. Even if she wasn`t reborn, the cooking wasn`t comparable to anyone else. Her grilled brain flower was a secret recipe, which not only smelled amazing but also had a strong taste. The ones she cooked made people want to swallow their tongues, and the ones sold outside were not comparable!

    After all, in her past life, how many strong people didn`t go far from her, just to be able to taste her food? She never had a word in the dictionary for 'discount'. People would either love to buy it or not!

    The system was so anxious it could cry, "When this is over, the business will be ruined."

    Lan Ke complained, "Can you give me a break?"

    The system was about to say it again, when suddenly the man replied, "I don't have so many points. Can we trade?" In fact, he had 10 points, but he was reluctant to take it out just for food.

    Lan Ke did not care about that, but she was curious about what he had. "What do you have?"

    The man heard her and immediately took out a bunch of mushrooms. The mushrooms looked very fresh. There were 4 big, white and tender and also a cute and chubby one.

    Lan Ke sniffed the mushrooms and guessed that they should be non-toxic. Just then, the system gave the information about them.

    White mushroom: ordinary mushroom;  delicious and edible; the purchase price at the Trading District is 1 trading point.

    Lan Ke immediately said, "We can trade." These mushrooms were fresh and big, plus they tasted good. You couldn`t buy it outside!

    The man was also very satisfied. The white mushroom could be found as long as it rained. It was not rare at all. The 5 white mushrooms could be sold for 5 trading points, but they were used to exchange for the grilled brains which were worth 10 trading points. He actually earned 5 trading points!

    However, the taste of the grilled brain flower had to really be as good as the seller said. Otherwise, he would blacklist this person and never trade with her again!

    The transaction was successful, and the man couldn’t wait to leave with a roasted brain.

    Lan Ke put the mushrooms in her inventory space, and saw one of the slots had been marked 'x5'. She lifted her brows and questioned the system, "Eh? System, in the end, how much can each slot hold? Also, don`t tell me I have to put the same kind of item in each inventory space."

    The system heard Lan Ke's bad tone, and immediately flattered her, "Host you are really smart! You can only put one type of item in each space. Each inventory space can hold up to 99 items. Isn`t it convenient?"

    Convenient for a ghost! It was convenient to take things in bulk, but there wouldn`t be any variety. That was out of the question. She went back to the past so she had to become powerful!

    Just then, another customer came, "'The most delicious food in the world, and it is unique!'

    I`m interested! Give me a portion."

    "10 trading points!" Lan Ke was ready to bargain, but when she finished talking, the system prompts notified her that the transaction was a success.

    "Host your luck is good, this person must definitely be a local tyrant!"

    Lan Ke raised her eyebrows, thinking that the system just wanted to vent.

    The previous customer appeared again, and boldly took out three strings of white mushrooms, "Give me another 3 portions!"

    Grilled brain flower: 

  • PieDuck said:
    The Apocalypse’s Great Merchant

    Author: Time
    Translator: PieDuck 


    The Apocalypse’s Great Merchant doesn`t need to explain her life!

    After living once, Lan Ke was lucky to receive the Universal Trade System, but also a terrible food waster. After initializing the Universal Trade System, it was easy to make a profitable business.

    But as she got stronger, she discovered the terrible truth of the apocalypse!

    PS1: The Apocalypse is upgraded and the dimension is changed.

    The former woman was strong, but she is stronger after being reborn! The men are like loyal dogs; Lan Ke has an unlimited amount of pets.

    PS2: The quality is guaranteed, you are welcome to come aboard!

    Table of Contents:

    Chapter 1 - Reborn, encountering extreme quality people

    Chapter 2 - Deceitful System

    Chapter 3 - Trading District stall

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