The Legend Of The Moonlight

Hello guys, this is my first time posting my novel here, 
I intend to write more chapters ahead, but I wanted to publish
the prologue soon to see if I am more encouraged to write. 
Hope you like it. And please accept all constructive criticism. 
And sorry if there are mistakes, this is a translation made by myself of my own story. 
So, I hope you enjoy the reading.

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In Akbar's world, years after the devastating War between Ecnoyi, the king of the great Kingdom of Rashaka and the demon Emperor Kubec. 
The King's 13 children set off on a journey to find the Moonlight Amulet, a heavenly jewel that, according to the King's last words
"Whoever finds it will inherit the throne of the great Kingdom of Rashaka."
The story follows the life of the protagonist of 15 years Esdra. Son bastard of the king and that was born without any 
spiritual essence, abandoned by all and left to the mercy of the destiny, living like a thief in the streets. 
Finding out about the chance to become Rashaka's King, Esdra sets out on an adventure in search of the Moonlight Amulet, 
but for this, he will have to fight against his other powerful brothers and sisters who also seek to conquer the crown.


Year 620

The Kingdom of Rashaka, once ruled by the legendary
King Ecnoyi, slayer of the dragon Salabar. A prosperous and abundant land
which, even after the many wars it has waged over the years, has remained firm
and proud, and even welcomed those who sought refuge in their territories,
fleeing from the monsters or tyrannical governments.
800 years ago, before the creation of Rashaka and
the first year after creation, the now-known Kingdom was nothing more than a
mound of cities, villages and landless possessions dominated by cruelties and
terrible acts. With evil devastating the day and night of these lands, the gods
of Khalemar, already weary of the destruction caused by those who only had
darkness in their hearts, resolved to send a savior to the ancient Kingdom
which was called Esdrair, which means "Forgotten place."
After receiving a vision of the Goddess of Wisdom,
Khalair, the Prophet appeared in the Kingdom, a figure so important in this
history, but whose name was never discovered until today. When he received the
vision of the Goddess, the Prophet then wandered through the desolate lands of
Esdrair spreading the word of the birth of a hero who would unify the whole
Kingdom, and bring peace and joy in abundance for all. His name would be
Blessed by Goddess Khalair, and under the
protection of the Gods of Khalemar, the Prophet wandered the vast lands of
Esdrair, spreading the prophecy of Ecnoyi to all who could hear, see or feel.
Regardless of whether they were monsters, semi-humans, demi-humans or humans,
they all followed the Prophet, believing that despite their difference, they
could live happily on the Ecnoyi Hero emblem.
However, before the birth of the Hero, after the
New Kingdom was almost fully formed, and all races were unified in the words of
the Prophet, Kubec, his son, displeased at having waited 20 years for the
long-awaited Hero, spoke with his Father over himself reign over the New
Kingdom and who, after the birth of the Hero, would pass the throne to Ecnoyi,
intending only to maintain order among those already unified. But his father
did not listen to him, already weakened by age and whose only thing in mind was
the vision given by the Goddess, the Hero reigning over everything and
everyone. This left Kubec possessed by an uncontrolled rage, which led him to
kill his Father and tell the people that he had died of natural causes, wanting
this way, to transform his Father into a martyr, and to create a Kingdom with
his own Emblem. What the young Kubec did not expect was that a young female
demi-elf pregnant, who was his father's servant, had seen the whole scene when
he went to serve him. When the people learned of this, all the followers of the
Prophet set out in search of Kubec, wanting to kill him and avenge the death of
the Prophet, who was cruelly killed by his own son. When imprisoned on a pole
the young man was constantly flogged for months. It was then that Kubec, with
the appeal of the young elf, who even suffering with the death of his Master,
begged to be spared since, despite everything he was son of the Prophet, was
released and banished from the New Kingdom, condemned to go to Tharnek Island,
the island of beasts and demons.
Upon reaching the Island, Kubec, already mortally
wounded, tired, hungry, and begging to be killed, felt a tremor in his soul,
and saw what would be the soul of the demon Emperor. Hearing his story, and
seeing the deplorable state in which Kubec stood, the Emperor offered him an
agreement. In exchange for Kubec's body and having his powers restored, the
Emperor would revenge against those of the New Kingdom. Kubec, in tears and
with his heart full of fury, accepted the offer, and asked only one more thing
to the demon Emperor ... That he would take his name, so that all would
remember him and his revenge. Then Kubec, the son of the Prophet, died. And
Kubec, the demon Emperor, was born.
And exactly 740 years ago, in the year 1325 before
the creation of Rashaka, was born who would be the most important man in the
history of the New Kingdom, and who would name Rashaka, the Hero Ecnoyi. Born
of the marriage of the Queen of the New Kingdom, the Elven Elenor and the Human
King Alzhair, the child grew up amidst an almost unified New Kingdom. All who
followed the Prophet and followed his faithful servant who became the Queen,
believed that the young man would be the one to rule over everything and
everyone in the New Kingdom. - Upon learning of the birth of the Hero Ecnoyi, the demon Emperor decided to act. With all his restored powers, he took upon himself the whole Isle of Tharnek, and founded the Kingdom of Tharnek, ruling over all the creatures that lived there, gradually creating his army and waiting until he had enough power to go against those of the New Kingdom, fulfill the contract he made with the young Kubec and kill all of the New Kingdom. - It was then, in the year 1345 before the creation of Rashaka and on the 20th anniversary of Ecnoyi that the army of the demon Emperor Kubec decided to attack the New Kingdom, now ruled by King Ecnoyi. The legendary battle became known as "The 100 Year War" and it was in it that the King won the title of Dragon Slayer Salabar. The epic battle between the two had begun and would last for years. Being half an Elf, even after so long prolonging the war the vigor of Ecnoyi did not diminish. However, over time both sides were depleted of resources, as both required numbers and more numbers in their armies. After 100 years of war the King had finally succeeded in defeating the Emperor's army. Already at the gates of Kubec's castle, the King asked him to surrender peacefully, he did not want to kill him, since in spite of everything he was still the son of the Prophet, not knowing that the real Kubec had died long ago. The demon Emperor taking advantage of Ecnoyi's naivety pretended to surrender, and as he was about to leave the castle, he broke a seal on his body that held the legendary Dragon Salabar. In doing so the Emperor used all his spiritual essence to bring the Dragon to the surface, sacrificing himself in the name of the vegeance he had promised. The King seeing this calamity face to face made a decision that would be told to this day. Asking for his army to withdraw from the confrontation, the King ordered them all to return to the New Kingdom Capital to warn everyone to flee while he kept the Dragon busy. Even helpless, the soldiers trusted the King and returned to the Capital. - The legendary Ecnoyi fight against the Dragon Salabar lasted days. Both were severely injured, but the King had already battled for years and was more tired than the newly awakened Dragon. Fearing that his end was near, King Ecnoyi cried to the Goddess Khalair to give him the strength to overcome the Dragon, when suddenly Dragon Salabar threw a huge fireball in the direction of Ecnoyi. Without strength to defend himself, the King had already given up the fight when a bright light appeared from the sky. Stronger than the sunlight and whiter than the snow, the light pierced the Dragon Salabar's chest, leaving him almost dead. Then accompanied by this light the Goddess Khalair descended from the heavens and stood face to face with Ecnoyi. She lifted it and handed out the Moonlight Amulet, an artifact considered celestial and invaluable. After that the Goddess told Ecnoyi that everything would be given to her, and the only thing she wanted in return was for the King to give the Dragon the final blow. - At the end of the epic battle, the Hero returned to the Capital of the New Kingdom, he was sad and hopelessly thinking that he would be alone when he finally got there, but when he finally reached the Capital, he saw that none of his comrades had left him. There was a great celebration in the hall of King's castle, and on that day King Ecnoyi, slayer of the Dragon Salabar, appointed the New Kingdom of Rashaka and began a new era. The first year after the creation of Rashaka. - 605 years after the creation of the Kingdom of Rashaka, King Ecnoyi even being a semi-human could not compete with time. His old age would not let him continue his reign, but he had left behind 12 legitimate sons and daughters and a bastard son. And before dying the already weakened King traveled for several months around the world, and when he finally returned to Rashaka, he uttered his last words that began the greatest and most dangerous hunt for the treasure of all. - "To all my children. I'm sorry I was not the Father that you needed so much, but I leave you a present. For those who find the treasure given to me by the Goddess Khalair, will be given the government and crown of the Great Kingdom of Rashaka. "
And so, with the death of the legendary King Ecnoyi, was born another legend. The legend of Moonlight.

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