Upgrade Specialist in Another World's kidnapping issue and great villains. opinions?

I caught up on this novel in about 3 weeks over a break I had from school. The beginning was really interesting and the over arcing plot is far better than most XianXia novels I've read..... but holy hell the female kidnapping in this novel is so frequent. None of the female characters that reoccur more often do anything outside of look pretty, get kidnapped, or almost get kidnapped. The only female characters that haven't had that fate are Yunfei's dead mother and Rui's mom.

Please show me I'm wrong. Cause I actually like this novel and it's villainous presence is actually menacing due to the fact that they are present in almost every major event but don't go around with their dark intentions in the open screaming about how evil they are or how great they are. They are hidden and behind a lot of shady occurrences in the world. The soul refining school is clearly the home of the big bads and we know practically nothing about them still, which gives them this amazing sense of danger. Especially if we speculate that BY's teacher's former disciple is a potential ally of the Soul Refining school or elder of the school. Mysterious characters and hidden evil organization that shows up everywhere? Good Stuff!!

How do you all feel about the novel?
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