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    Chapter 165: Golden Week (4)

    As she was thinking, she saw the boy in front of her do a weird dance. His staff slowly shook to the left. The grey plain orb pointed up, as if it was talking to the heavens in the distance. He twirled his body, causing the staff to slam the air around him before finally stopping at the opposite position, it was pointing down to the earth, with his right leg spread apart from him, both his leg and staff appeared to be the same body part.

    Majority of students and teachers were confused, however, because of the fact that humans love to gossip, one of them accidentally blurted out the identity of the staff user.

    “I know who he is! That’s Yán Lǚ! He is actually one of the few who entered the academy by a teacher!”

    Hearing this, it sparked a teacher’s memory, “Ah, young boy, you are right. I remember Brother Rage talking about he got a disciple from the dirt, a random boy who was actually born in the wild. According to him, he is the only person currently who could shoulder that old bastard’s inheritance. Ugh, just thinking about it, that old man sure is lucky…”

    Listening to the audience talk, Chǎng almost shivered and immediately prepared to attack. According to at least what she knew, Teacher Rage was an extremely odd teacher. One day he could just walk down the hall, acting like an old man, waving to the students and taking his time to do things. Another day he could for no reason just slam a student’s head into a wall just because their presence pissed him off. 

    But if there was one thing that Chǎng was scared about, it was the fact that the Teacher who goes by Rage was actually one of the strongest teachers in the school! Even though it was unclear who was stronger, she even suspected that the old man was even stronger than her teacher, Fēngbào! 

    Keep in mind, she was one of the strongest, and had nurtured many powerful females that resided in not only Liokal but even in other continents! Even though it was unclear how powerful he was, there was a time where an angry sect master from far away was pissed at the way his disciple was being treated upon visiting that he threw threats to the academy. 

    It was not the principle that came out and solved things, instead, Teacher Rage, who was in a bad mood at the time, performed some weird dances with his staff, causing a tribulation to actually appear! It obviously was not a tribulation to become an immortal, or else he would have been the most powerful man to ever exist, but a tribulation was still a tribulation at the end of the day. No cultivator ever wanted to face one unless they had to.

    Even though Yán Lǚ could obvious not summon a tribulation, he could summon fluid formations. In the world of formations, you have many different types. With the most common frame being a shape or area, a rare and unique formation frame is actually formations that can move on its own or with little to no help from the creator or wielder.

    Even though she doesn’t know the in-depth information regarding his technique and skills, she knew that considering the fact that he was Teacher Rage’s disciple, he was not an easy opponent.

    Charging in, her broken spear stabbed towards him once more. Already knowing what to do, Yán Lǚ’s staff moved behind him before poking out the tip of the staff, blocking the attack easily. Having a smirk, a fireball was actually launched behind Chǎng! However, while Yán Lǚ smirked, he suddenly looked behind him and twirled his staff around him. 

    Two balls of qi were wisped out of the air. However, a spear was suddenly pointed at his neck. A single millimeter away from him, he dropped his staff, sensing a raging killing intent from the girl.

    Everyone gasped before clapping with either silence or in awe. While many thought that the winner would be a bit conflicting, they got rid of the idea that Chǎng could easily defeat Yán Lǚ for obvious reasons. 

    Not only that but those who were skilled enough saw that she had actually used a risky tactic. She had summoned two balls of qi and had actually blasted it towards her opponent! This would normally be fine, however, many could see that this was raw, weak qi! There was no technique, no skill, nothing special about the two balls. Instead, Chǎng had clearly just used her own qi and threw it at her opponent.

    While everyone could do this, no one would dare do so unless needed. The reason being was that with a technique, even the most trash of techniques, it could allow the cultivator to not use too much qi, and also use it effectively. For someone at the Qi Refiner rank, three balls of qi were the limit before someone collapse of exhaustion! 

    But there was a final thing about the battle. No matter where one looked, there could see smoke rising up. Despite the successful attack, Chǎng did not do one thing, that was actually taking care of the fireball that attacked her. This caused the back of her outfit to be burnt while her actual skin suffered from severe burns.

    After the teacher who moderated the battle called out the winner, Fēngbào quickly descended and started to frantically pull out medicine. However, just as she was about to apply it to her student, she saw that Chǎng had actually dropped three droplets of blood onto her back.

    A few teachers who watched suddenly opened their eyes, “Blood from a Grey Stinger!” Despite seeing the girls injury, a few of them even desired to go up to her, trying to ‘trade’ with her for a bottle.

    Seeing the bottle, not only the teachers, Fēngbào stared in shock. “A full bottle! Where did you get such a valuable item like this!”

    “Oh, I killed a Qi Holder ranked Grey Stinger on Saturday! Does Teacher want one? I have another bottle.”

    “No no, save it for yourself. Grey Stingers aren't useful for us Rising Dragon cultivators. Well at least some of us. It’s more beneficial for those below the Qi Wielder rank. Wait… did you say you killed one at the Qi Holder rank…?”

    “Hmm? Yea, well I had three cultivators at the sixth level of the Refining rank help me, but after some effort, the beast finally died.”

    As Chǎng spoke, Fēngbào, the teachers, and the students couldn’t help but gasp. Chǎng was at the peak of the eighth level, but this wasn’t some regular magical beast, this was one with a good bloodline and heritage! Even though some had their doubts, at the end of the day, many geniuses have already done so. But even so, their opinion of Chǎng quickly rose. Especially after she obliterated Yán Lǚ with a bit of effort.

    As things got resolved, the sun started to descend and Chǎng slowly went home exhausted. 


    The sun descended, the moon rose. The stars shone like the hope and dreams of a cultivator. Far away, but each one knew that they could do so, that maybe fate will be on their side. The world spun, the planet orbited around the huge blazing sun, everyone moved forward and back. 

    As if it was a battle, the sun and moon chased after each other. Until a specific day, everything halted. Yawning, Chǎng stretched her arms in the air. Besides her, Zhào Lǚ lazily rode his flaming horse treasure towards the academy.

    “So what is this event that I’m hearing about at your school?” Zhào Lǚ said while yawning as well.

    “This week, the school is planning a special event. They call it the Golden Week. It is essentially supposed to be a time where we experience how it is to be a normal girl or boy, not experiencing how it is to be a cultivator, but instead a mortal. Apparently, it is supposed to help us understand the world better.”

    “And I have to come on Friday?” 

    “Hmm, I already invited my mother and grandpa, but I detest my real father. That’s why I want you to go instead of him!”

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    Important Announcement

    So the wireless adapter on my computer broke down, so I had no internet access on my computer on any shape or form, and using the forums on the phone was horrible. So sorry for the delayed response. But while I was stressing out with the whole situation regarding my orientation, I have confirmed something that has been buzzing around my mind. Upon starting this book, I had only started writing for about 3-4 months. Obviously, I knew how to write, but to actually write a story, flesh out everything, etc. was entirely different.

    If you looked through the entirety of the progress, I have improved and changed in many ways. But even so, I could tell that it was still not enough. Honestly, right now I feel like I am a random player from Overgeared (recommend checking it out) looking up at the top players in the game. My progress is still far away. 

    The reason I bring this up is because I see actual potential in Fragmented Memories. This isn't necessarily me being biased cause this is my series, my writing. Well, I'd be lying if I said there was a 0% bias, but in reality I really do see a ton of potential in this series, specifically the story. Especially since that is one of my major goals, is to create an actual story. Whether it be games, anime, books, movies, dramas, etc. there is something that many lack, a profound and amazing story. It doesn't mean that the product is bad, but sometimes I really do want a story that isn't just supported by "Hot girls enter the MC's party" or "Extremely epic battle moment that took 100 boring chapters to get to!" or even the simple "Haha, I am an arrogant and stupid noble, I capture your waifu, let's fight!!!!". I want a story that will actually absorb me in many ways, specifically triggering the emotions, the boring feeling, the excitement of a reader, and I can really feel the potential from the series, and what I plan for it honestly, whether that sounds arrogant or not. 

    But at the end of the day, I have to acknowledge, I am currently that player who is at lvl 50, looking at the top players at lvl 200. I am far away from competing them. My upload speed, my character speed (how much is in a single chapter), and my organization (regarding the actual quality of the writing itself) is very limiting. So I have made the decision to drop Fragmented Memories until a later date. Whether it be in half a year, a year, or even a few years, I want to drop the series until I get better, until the high seas finally feel like a bath. Does this mean I am quitting forever? No. Instead, I want to expand myself.

    Besides improving in my writing, there are many other challenges I face. One of them as I said is upload speed. At first, I made a lot of chapters, but as time went by, a few times it was due to actual laziness and I'll admit to that, but other times it was actually due to being busy. And with the start of college, it will even be busier. I want to get myself to the point of finding a comfortable position, even if i'm bruised and tired, to find the patience and love to write daily or almost every day in a week and be able to truly deliver a daily upload without disappointing the readers by saying "I'll be busy, uploads will be slower, etc". Yes everyone needs breaks, but I want to actually try and deliver 90% of the promises, if I say I will upload daily, I want at minimum, if something happened, for there to be at least 330 chapters to be released, with 35 days just for a day off and the like. But what I explained is just one of the problems I face.

    So what will happen now? Right now I really do wan't to focus on my studies, but after getting comfortable, I want to start a new series, but this time small. Predicting the end of Fragmented Memories, the final chapter will definitely be above 2000+ chapters, as much as I love planning and thinking out the story, that is insane, and I was to arrogant to realize that I could not do such a scale. I want to create a small series, probably about 100 chapters? But most definitely less than 300 chapters. I also want to aim at my weaknesses, one of them is giving life to characters. Maybe a slice of life will happen, I have no clue, that is for my future self to determine. But I can say with certainty, I am not giving up on Fragmented Memories, nor am I giving up on writing. 

    With this whole rant/explanation being said, I really request that people give feedback. It can be criticizing my writing, complementing things, or even just saying how much you loved/hated the journey up until now. I want to use this time to actually think about my path regarding writing, and how I want to traverse this path. 

    Either way, I hope everyone can understand such a decision. As much as I hate seeing dropped series, I would've just been delaying the inevitable, finishing a bad series with bad and amateur writing. I want to revise everything, and turn it into an actual series that people will love, but for now, I hope to see anyone who has been following the series help me improve and at least give any smaller works I make a chance.

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