Fragmented Memories Ch. 0-165



  • Chapter 85: Time Is Meant For People Of Hell

    “Plop!” a rock was suddenly thrown at the man’s head, causing him to stagger as he was not prepared for such a thing.

    The man looked back at Gōng Xīn and ran towards him before throwing a punch down towards Gōng Xīn’s stomach. “You asshole! Daring to touch me! Daring to fight back! You are lucky that I won’t kill you!” the man yelled and he threw another punch.

    The child that was beaten with a kick ran away, escaping from the scenario. He was originally trying to help Gōng Xīn as he believed that anyone could be a hero, that maybe a hero would come and save him, that maybe he could be a hero in the future. For the little child, dreams appeared to come true, but in reality, it didn’t. No hero came, no hero helped, no hero existed.

    Gōng Xīn kept getting beat up as the sun slowly went down. In the morning he went to go find Bǐshǒu, who was apparently the Tree Lightning Sect’s treasured senior sister, and they hanged out, loving each other, however, at the end of the day, after he enjoyed his time he was beaten to a pulp.

    Kill! Kill! Kill! That was all that was running through Gōng Xīn’s head, yet despite the intense killing intent, none radiated out. He knew that he was weak, he knew that he could die with a few punches, he knew that marrying the Tree Lightning Sect’s treasured female would be impossible, but he kept trying. This was not the first time he was beaten, and most certainly this won’t be the last time.

    This was not some fictional story where he became the main protagonist or was a noble with a rich background, there was no revenge. In this cruel world if he took a breath to relax he would be left behind by the stars, that in this cruel world, even though hard work could make one be a towering figure, at the end of the day if they were not given time, they would almost never be able to reach the apex.

    Watching this from afar, Zhào Lǚ could not help but feel pity and sadness for the man. He wanted to help but he knew this was only a memory. When looked again the three men were finally leaving and while they left he could hear a voice, one that came from Gōng Xīn.

    I worked so hard, yet I really am trash. When I’m not spending time with Bǐshǒu I spend about Eighteen hours cultivating, one for eating, and five hours just to sleep! Yet I am still this pitiful, I am still so weak, I am still trash! Geniuses would probably need forty years to reach the fifth rank, Qi Wielders, yet here I am, almost forty yet I am still stuck at Qi Holders, at a bottleneck! Why is life so cruel, I just want to be with her, yet here I am, stuck with such shitty talent. I just want to soar through the skies like an immortal, I just want to work hard to get what I want, yet others get it within a second from their family and sects!

    Gōng Xīn screamed internally. He drew out many tears, however, all of them were diluted as blood corrupted it, blending in with his bloody face. Before he could blame himself more, a voice appeared in the area, however, this wasn’t one that was internally like before, this appeared out in the open.
    “Do you want power?”

    Looking around the area, Zhào Lǚ saw a blurry figure appearing in front of Gōng Xīn. The figure could not be seen at all as its body appeared to be just a blur as if it doesn’t exist at all.

    With all the power he could gain, Gōng Xīn forced himself to say a single word, yes.

    The voice sounded out again from the blurry being, “Then let me test you, I shall put you through hell for an hour. This doesn’t sound bad, but this hell should be a place that even immortals do not want to go through. Even beings above that will be highly afraid as they fear for their potential broken heart. Do you wish to proceed?”

    “Yes!” Gōng Xīn spoke once more. He tried to shout, but only a slightly louder whisper came out.

    “Ah!” intense screams could be heard as Gōng Xīn was suddenly surrounded by green fires.

    “The green fire won’t kill, but instead it will recover. Yet this comes at a cost, you will go through hell for an hour as your body will keep being at the edge of death, but recovering to the peak. This will occur a hundred times every second, and the cycle will repeat for three thousand and six hundred seconds, or three hundred and sixty thousand recoveries,” the voice said as it replied emotionlessly.

    After an hour passed, the fire finally stopped, and Gōng Xīn layed on the ground, presumably dead. Luckily the fire had a formation surrounding it or the villagers would have long since run for their lives if they saw such a thing.

    With but a snap from the blurry man, Gōng Xīn’s eyes opened. The blurry man moved its upper body, most likely trying to clap but no sound came out, “Impressive, even immortals would easily perish under the flames if they did not resist. Throughout the hell, your strength has raised by one percent.”

    To mortals, a one percent increase in strength could be considered to be puny, in fact, to go through hell for such a tiny increase in strength was not worth it. Even a hundred percent increase in strength might not be worth that hell.

    But instead of complaining or feeling horrible, Gōng Xīn actually smiled, causing Zhào Lǚ who was watching in the distance to be extremely shocked.

    The voice sounded out once again, “I shall take my leave, but let me give you a gift. I shall grant you mortal knowledge of the poisonous plant life in the world. Even though your talents are extremely bad, your chances of becoming an immortal don’t seem bad, instead, it might be pretty positive. Now anything further than that? Haha! Let us leave that up to the high heavens. But work on the dao of poison, and you shall see your strength improving drastically. In fact, you might be an idiot savant!” the figure laughed in a voice that was almost unidentifiable.

    The blurry figure than left, disappearing into the void.

    The area turned blurry and Zhào Lǚ was suddenly teleported to an immensely huge area. Still, in the skies, he looked around only to see the words ‘Tree Lightning Sect’ displayed at a tall and incredible looking entrance.

    While looking around the sect, Zhào Lǚ managed to pick up a specific voice in the distance, one that he recognized. This voice was from Bǐshǒu!
    “Father, I don’t want to marry that scum! I would rather die than even see him!”

    A manly voice spoke out, presumably Bǐshǒu’s father, “I know you are in love with that man, and I would not mind having him be my son as he seems like a really nice and amazing person from the reports, but the sect decisions are final. Even the ancestors have stepped up to speak their decisions.”

    Bǐshǒu spoke out once more, “Then father if you really love me assist me in suicide! My only lover shall be Gōng Xīn and that is final!”

    Her father looked at her in disappointment and sadness. It was not only him, but a few other elders, and people of importance actually slightly favored Gōng Xīn as his reports were very positive and a few even spied on him, being able to tell that he was genuinely a good person, enough to impress the higher-ups. But at the end of the day in the world of cultivation, personality mattered the least, instead, it is power that drives someone.

    Being able to leave Gōng Xīn alone and alive was already enough that some of the kind-hearted powers could give him.

    “Madam, your wedding is coming up, we must hurry,” a voice spoke out to the courtyard, yet the person dared not to enter.

  • Chapter 86: Execution to the Commoner!

    Strange but pleasing sounds rang out through the air as if it were the ceremony of a god. Zhào Lǚ stared at an extremely large flattened area with a hundred people with different items in their hands, some blowing into it, some banging onto a different item, some holding it and plucking it with their fingers. Those people were split into multiple sections, with each having different items.

    Each sound rang out, creating a large ring in the air, but one that caused people to listen softly and in peace.

    While those people were placed at an area, an extremely large group of people sat or stood around the large plaza, wearing fancy dresses or outfits, talking with others, or were simply hanging out.

    While the sounds rang out, there was a man who was wearing the clothing that the Tree Lightning sect disciples who beat up the young version of Gōng Xīn wore. He was shouting out different names, and different sects or clans. Whenever someone of importance came, their names would be shouted for the public to see.

    It seems like this is the marriage of senior’s lover and someone who she is against. I wonder how senior would rescue her considering his strength was extremely weak compared to the others in the sect. Well, I guess all I can do is shut up and let the scene roll. Sadly, Zhào Lǚ did not have any leftover food and just had to watch in boredom until the juicy parts came out.

    In order to let those special guests come through, the wedding did not start for a few hours and many had to find other things to do so they can wait for the main event.

    “I heard Prince Huā is coming! Ah, if only I was beautiful enough to catch his eyes! Sadly I won’t be nothing for him, only a lonely disciple who is going to take a mediocre man.”

    “Junior Sister, maybe that is why you won’t ever gain an amazing man. I heard that the Second Prince of the Kingdom of Stars has a lover who is barely considered okay looking. In fact, he even admitted that she was slightly ugly compared to society’s standard, yet he still married her due to finding her to be his true love!”

    “Haha, Senior Brother and Sister, all this talk about love is going to end up killing me. As a disciple of a beast taming sect I am already content with having an eternal companion, so why don’t you do the same with your friends and family!”

    “Boy, this is why you are single with no love interest!”

    Having a great sense of hearing due to his body, Zhào Lǚ was able to hear some of the gossip and conversations that others were having and smiled at some of them. Even though the world of cultivation was a cruel place where murder was common, a lot of people liked to enjoy mundane stuff that also included a simple conversation. Even someone of the third rank wouldn’t mind having conversations with a mortal at times. Just as he was listening to more conversations he heard a few extra things.

    “I feel bad for Senior Sister, she is marrying such a man! That man probably doesn’t even consider sister to be someone of importance, only someone who he can play with. He already has enough toys, at least let us pitiful men take the remaining ones!”

    “Shut up fool! If any of the Blood Sects members were to hear you, probably even an elder would not be able to save you. Both sides know the ways of that dirty man, they just care about face and relationships with each other. Let us just have a drink and watch.”

    So that’s the case. Organisms with intelligence really are too complicated. But that’s what makes the world continue spinning. My memories are so limiting and I have so much to learn and experience! I just hope that senior managed to do something or else he would probably not show this portion of his memories. Zhào Lǚ thought as he laid on the air, waiting for the final event to start.

    While Zhào Lǚ was bored, watching everything, he finally heard an exciting announcement. “The groom and the bride have arrived!”

    On one end of the plaza, a stunning man walked out with an arrogant smile, as if he had done this many times before. While on the other end, a beautiful woman slowly walked across with a maid helping her. Clearly, the bride was not happy with the situation as she did not smile and instead looked depressed.

    A very old woman and a very old man stood in the center, where the bride and groom were destined to walk to. The old man wore an outfit like the other Tree Lightning Sect’s outfit, but he was more stylish and fancier. While the old woman wore a dark red qípáo, with the characters 血液 (Blood) written on the back.

    “I, the Blood Sect’s sect master, declares that the next sect master in line have the Tree Lightning Sect’s golden daughter marry him! We shall all prosper from this, especially the two about to married couple!” the old lady spoke in a rough and loud tone despite her appearance.

    However, as soon as claps and applauses started to appear, screams could be heard in the far back of the wedding as tons of smoke blew in the surroundings.

    The old man spoke in a ferocious voice as his eyes that was almost closed due to his old age suddenly opened, as if it were filled with youth, “Who dares interrupt such an important event! Death is the only punishment if you do not explain yourself fool!”

    After the old man spoke, a young male's voice sounded out to the large area, reaching everyone’s ears, “My explanation? My explanation is that I am here to rescue my lover!”

    While everyone stared in shock, Bǐshǒu looked at the area where the smoke was as tears fell off her face.

    “It has been three years! I am here to reclaim my Bǐshǒu! Whoever stops me shall face my wrath!” Gōng Xīn screamed as his body appeared out of the smoke.

    Zhào Lǚ finally understood the situation in a clear view. It was made more clear on what was happening, and that Gōng Xīn most likely had time to work on the dao of poison like what that figure suggested him to do.

    A snort could be heard as the old man waved his hand, “Only a mere Pillar Descent! Forget the core disciples, even inner disciples can easily annihilate you as we have the numbers. I want five inner disciples to go after him and capture him so we can behead him in public for all to see!”

    Even though Bǐshǒu knew her lover well, that he would not come here to risk his life with an useless death, she could not help but worry. Despite being lovers, as a human who has not achieved a superhuman state, she could not help but have slight doubts about whether he really could rescue her or not.

    After hearing the commands of the sectmaster, five inner disciples volunteer to fight against Gōng Xīn. Everyone expected for the young man to suddenly be shivering in fear, or charging like a wild animal, however, they did not think that he would just stand there smiling. But even so, they just categorized him like a wild beast, pretending to be an arrogant noble.

    The five inner disciples that volunteered to do it smiled at each other before pulling out their weapons and heading towards the young intruding man. But before they could do anything, the area suddenly exploded.

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    Chapter 87: Poison To The Tree And Blood!

    “Boom!” a green cloud burst throughout the area, having a few bystanders to be consumed while the others tried their best to flee the scene.

    When the green cloud started to clear, they could see one single figure. That figure was none other than Gōng Xīn! Wondering where the others went, everyone looked around and someone finally pointed out that there were five bodies next to Gōng Xīn!

    When all the of the remaining cloud finally dissipated, all they saw were skeletons of the five and a few bystanders that were caught up in the mess.

    Seeing this, two meters of cement broke in each direction as the sect master stood there in anger. If it were not for his position, he would have directly gone and killed the young man since long ago.

    So people heavily emphasize on what Fù Dí told me about this ‘face’ thing. Might be useful later, Zhào Lǚ thought to himself.

    “Let me send another round, I refuse to believe that my inner disciples can’t do anything compared to yours knowing that we’ve seen a good chunk,” the old woman said as her hand waved in the air.

    Eight young men and women appeared out of nowhere, aiming to surround Gōng Xīn. Knowing that he has a very potent poison, they decided to use long-range attacks on him and distanced away from each other to ensure that only one person will die if necessary instead of the whole group.

    However, to their expectations, the idea of spreading out and using long-distance attacks did not work. Eight balls of steel were swung, each going to the enemy. There was enough for each person to get a ball, and once the ball got closer, they exploded, causing a purple mist to spread out in a ten-meter radius in an instant.

    All people could hear were screams going in the area from the eight purple veils of mist.

    Once the mist was clear everyone could see eight skeletons with some flesh still sticking on. Even though the poison that Gōng Xīn threw out was not as potent as the previous, it was still enough to cause Qi Wielders to suddenly fall down into death.

    Even though the disparities between ranks were not extremely large, it was still big enough to cause someone at the first layer of the fourth rank, Pillar Descent, to beware of those on the first layer of the fifth, Qi Wielder.

    Even though the old lady and man did not really know the people they sent, at the end of the day their deaths were a slap to the face towards the sect itself, especially considering that the man was trying to steal the bride away.

    If it were any other disciple, even an inner disciple who just died to another in the outside it would be shrugged off as their luck would be considered to be dried out or that the youths would need to be tempered and that a few deaths would have to happen.

    Being unable to take the fury, the old woman was the first to take action amongst the two. She took out a dark red bow and shot two arrows in the sky.

    The two arrows suddenly split into a million pieces after reaching the sky, relapsing the surrounding area in a red dome, leaving no holes to go through. Even if Gōng Xīn wanted to, to break out of the red dome was almost impossible unless he had the strengths that the sect masters had.
    “Xiěyè Jiàntóu, go fight him, you are the best suited to defeat him,” the old lady said in an angry voice.

    “Yes, Sectmaster!” the person who went by Xiěyè Jiàntóu responded immediately and withdrew a red bow that was carved with black lines that expanded to the majority of the bow. The man quickly bit his finger, causing a drop of blood to fall before summoning the surrounding moisture to his finger, encasing the blood leaving a small portion at the tip. Surprisingly the moisture in the air and the drop of blood formed to make an arrow!

    “I shall be using a powerful technique, I do not wish to waste time like other nobles, even if it is not my strongest move I ask that you be wary fellow Daoist. Here I go!” the young man’s eyes suddenly widened as he prepared to shoot his arrow. A devastating aura shot out as the arrow suddenly looked as though it teleported.

    Being very quick, Gōng Xīn quickly threw a dagger to the arrow, causing a red mist to appear that countered the arrow. Yet due to his cultivation of being very early in the fourth rank, his attack did not match up to the arrow and lost, leaving the arrow with a small amount of power. Yet that small amount of power was enough to cause Gōng Xīn to cough up blood.

    The arrow pierced into his right shoulder, causing him to have a knee collapse on the ground. And when he tried to get up, he stumbled once more on the ground as another arrow was shot, but this time the arrow was ordinary, enough to heavily injure a mere mortal.

    “Your life is up to the sectmaster. Even though I spared your life, your fate will depend on the heavens itself,” Xiěyè Jiàntóu walked out of the scene. He could be considered to already be kind enough to not kill him or cripple him, instead he let him live and did not injure him too much, this could be considered a noble act amongst some.

    Before the old woman could head towards the injured man, the old man tapped her shoulders before sending her a mental transmission.

    The both of them smiled evilly and the old man snapped his finger. What surprised everyone was that he did not send an ordinary person to kill Gōng Xīn, instead, he got his lover to go to him instead!

    “Bǐshǒu what are you doing! Just forget about me, why are you so stupid-” while Gōng Xīn was berating his lover for suddenly charging towards him, he was suddenly stabbed by a dagger. He looked down only to see a beautiful and soft hand be covered with blood as his dripped down from his dantian.

    “Forget about you? I would love to! How blind I was to be with you, sadly I could not comprehend the mortal dao well enough by being with you. I could only comprehend a bit of love, but I am tired, I want someone who is powerful than me, someone who is stronger, someone who can care for me. You most certainly can’t do that!” Bǐshǒu suddenly smiled like a typical villain and kicked the poor man as all the qi that he cultivated suddenly crumbled.

    “That’s my wife!” the person who was going to marry Bǐshǒu clapped and laughed loudly at the crippled man’s misfortune.
    Bǐshǒu slowly laid her arms on the young noble’s chest, and gently flirted with him.

    Looking forward, Gōng Xīn stared at the two with mix feelings. He did not look angry, but he certainly did not look happy, it was filled with just sadness.
    “Honey, what shall we do with trash like him?” Bǐshǒu played with her bloody dagger as she stared at him.

    “We shall show everyone what it means to disrupt such a joyous time!” the young noble laughed maniacally. The young noble slowly inched forward to Gōng Xīn and stomped him on his chest.

    “Do you want to live? Do you want to kill her? Do you want revenge?” the voice sounded out again in Gōng Xīn’s ears. When he looked around, only he could hear it. Knowing this, he closed his eyes and slowly thought about the answer.

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    Chapter 88: I Shall Grant You Power!
    “I just want to understand why she did this to me, senior. I have been cursed for my whole life, even my parents don’t want me. Show me a ray and I shall go reach for the high heavens, but if not, then let me die. To attempt to go and try on something worthless is just a waste of energy, I would rather spend it trying to regain my strength,” Gōng Xīn murmured softly in the air.

    Not knowing what or who he was talking to, the young noble kicked Gōng Xīn’s head, “Bastard, only I can speak right now! Just let me torture you instead of spouting these worthless comments!” 

    The voice rang out to Gōng Xīn once again, “Interesting, then if you want power then kill her!”

    “I won’t, I just want answers, even if I am releasing the tiger into the woods it is better than staying ignorant throughout my whole life,” the crippled man said in a hoarse voice.

    “Interesting, interesting indeed. Then how do you wish to accomplish this? What do you plan to do after this is all over? What will you do after you accomplish your goals,” the blurred figure said.

    “I honestly don't know. But I want to keep going, I want to keep living. But if I must give my life for the answer, then I shall. I am not afraid of death itself, but I am afraid of dying with no answers, with no knowledge!” Gōng Xīn said as desperation appeared in his voice.

    “Shut up! He clearly has gone delusional, let us just kill him then!” Bǐshǒu said as a tear came out of her eye. Yet despite that, her kick did not hold back and she held the dagger in her hand, preparing to go down.

    The blurred figure nodded and spoke, “Interesting, you remind me of someone, someone who wants to die but cares about the truth. Well then, even though we are not fated to be direct disciple and master, but do you take me as your master in name?”

    “Yes, I do…” Gōng Xīn said as determination took over his voice and his back slowly raised.

    “Die!” Bǐshǒu took her dagger and started to go down on the broken man, preparing to end his life once and for all.

    “Goodbye, my love,” she spoke where only he could hear.

    “Boom!” the area exploded and Bǐshǒu slammed against the floor, a few miles away from where she was originally. Smoke blew in the area as the world appeared as it was blown away

    A long red hair exploded in the area after the smoke started to clear, swaying in the air as it displayed its lusciousness. Once the smoke finally cleared, everyone was shocked to see the body of an extremely large serpent. It scales shining brightly as the grey color shined as if the heavens could not contain it.

    “Hiss!” a loud noise sounded out above as a serpent’s head was hissing at the cultivator beneath it. After hissing its tail that appeared to be a dragon, went forward before striking down at a cultivator. This cultivator was none other than the disciple from the Blood sect that was going to marry Bǐshǒu.

    Blood splattered and no screams could be heard from the disciple as he disappeared from the world entirely. 

    A frightening aura appeared in the area as the old woman was extremely furious. She took care of him and helped nourish him since he was little, to prepare him to be the next sectmaster, to be the person who would help raise the sect. A core disciple was important, but the person next in line was as important as the sectmaster!

    The old woman stepped in front of Gōng Xīn and prepared to kick, yet when she was about to, a hiss surrounded the area and bit down towards her. The sectmaster suddenly retracted her leg and backed up, distancing from the serpent, distancing from danger.

    The sectmaster of the Tree Lightning sect suddenly spoke towards the old woman as sweat poured from his face, “Old hag this serpent! This is a Gonggong! Be careful, this is a serpent from the legends, even I will not battle it on my own.”

    The sectmaster of the Blood sect shouted at the old man like an angry couple, “Bastard, I just realized that how about you actually think of a way to help-”

    The old woman suddenly felt her eyes opening before looking down. Her stomach was missing entirely and her eyes slowly closed as her body fell to Yama’s river. Everyone screamed as a sectmaster from a sect like the Blood sect was no laughing matter. Anyone would easily be frightened, yet at this moment, she was dead.

    Even though the old man was arrogant and ignorant, he was at the end of the day, the sectmaster. He was not stupid and realize the dangers they were in. If the Gonggong could easily kill a sectmaster that rivaled him, it was clearly obvious that he was the next in line. He even feared that the two ancestors that were apart of his sect would not be able to defeat such a beast.

    “Everyone, run far away from here! Remember, the Tree Lightning sect raised you and when you can, cherish our legacy, remember to defeat the older, defeat the younger, rising along with the sect in the future!” the old man stated as he prepared to leave.

    The Gonggong started to kill everyone who didn’t flee fast enough. If there could be said to be millions in the area, more than a tenth were already dead in a matter of the time it takes for an incense to burn.

    The world seemed to shake and the experts and cultivators around the world suddenly stumbled, having some falling on their knees.

    “What’s happening!?”

    “Xiǎo’er! Hang on to mom!” 

    Even an expert stumbled and stared into the skies, “Maybe a Gonggong is knocking the planet’s axis off center. Ah, folktales.”

    Going back to Gōng Xīn, he stood in the now bloody and broken platform as the Gonggong rampaged throughout the area, causing havoc. However, he did not idle around for long. After a moment he walked towards the woman who was on her knees crying.

    “It hurts doesn’t it Bǐshǒu?” he said as he went on a knee and looked at her.

    She replied with almost no emotions, “Just kill me.”

    “I know why you did what you did. I know you couldn’t control yourself, you don’t need to blame yourself at all.”

    “I do, I did all that to you, and I wanted to stop but I couldn’t. I don’t dare even look at my father at this point,” she said while crying.

    Gōng Xīn grabbed her and hugged her tightly, “I know that bastard controlled you from afar, even the ancestors are despicable. Let us look at the past and use it as a reference instead of mourning on it. Besides we have yet to thank master.”

    Hearing the word ‘master’ come out of his mouth, Bǐshǒu looked at him in a confused manner. Who was this master? And how powerful was he that her love was able to gain a Gonggong and even new powers? Keep in mind that Gōng Xīn was a man with extremely poor talent and comprehension, if it were not for his heart remaining strong, even reaching the peak of Qi Refiners, the very first rank would have been difficult.
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  • Chapter 89: Master I Kowtow To You!

    A blurred figure instantly appeared in front of the two, as if it had teleported into existence. “Truly interesting, I would never have thought that your heart was truly this strong. If you don’t die, then you will be a prominent figure in the future.”

    Gōng Xīn immediately let go of his lover and kowtowed on the ground facing him, “I greet master!”

    Bǐshǒu did the same and took a glance at this strange figure.

    In the distance, even Zhào Lǚ forgot that he himself was still here. He was so absorbed into the fighting that he even drooled a bit before looking around in embarrassment. Nevertheless, despite that, it would be a lie if he did not feel the urge to see who the blurred figure was.

    The area suddenly blurred and Zhào Lǚ was teleported to an island, one where a simple yet beautiful house laid. He was on solid ground this time, so he finally had the option to wander around.

    Walking around the island, he traveled across the golden beach, enjoying the waves of the ocean. He was tempted to just sit and stare at the waves for eternity but he persisted and walked forward until he saw three figures.

    These people were the two lovebirds and the blurred figure.


    “Huh? Big Sister, you are awake? Did you awake before me?” a feminine voice sounded out in a white marble room.

    “No, I didn’t. We most likely woke up at the same time,” a female figure slightly taller than the previous spoke up.

    “We all seem to have woken up at the same time after the Tree Lightning sect’s area was destroyed,” a gentle and quiet voice appeared as well.

    While the tree females were talking, there were three males who were sighing and looking around to regain their bearings. However, there was one person who did not wake up amongst the rest.

    “It did seem as though Brother Zhào Lǚ was somehow related to the others, so I am guessing he is viewing more memories than we were given,” a man who looked like a noble and a scholar spoke out as he dusted off his clothes.

    While everyone was trying to assess the situation, a figure appeared in front of them, causing them to be shocked before realizing it was just Gōng Xīn.
    He waved his hand, causing everyone to suddenly be teleported right near the entrance of the cave. They could see the light in the distance past the grand door. However, they were confused about why they were sent here.

    “All of you shall go now, I have a bit of things to do before I go,” he said while he started walking towards the marble room, “also Zhào Lǚ will take a bit of time before he will wake up, so if you wish to wait for him, remain outside.”

    The group hesitated as they didn’t want to leave their companion. Even the servant hesitated and waited for the group to head outside despite still having a bit of enmity towards them as they at the end of the day were enemies. Despite growing his connections to the others during the trial, he was still Lotus’ servant, he was supposed to persuade the princess to join his master.

    The group finally decided to head out only to see an interesting sight. A bunch of people was stationed outside the cave, with some even floating in the air. For those people to be floating, it signaled one thing, that they were immortals!

    There were about twelve people that were floating, and around a hundred surrounding the area, each person who was on the ground belonged to different factions, clans, and sects.

    “Father! Grandpa!” Wáng Wèi shouted as she ran towards her family.

    “Master!” the servant did the same, separating from their original formations.

    Wáng Dòu, the princess’s grandfather sighed as he looked at his granddaughter and the others, “Who knew that a mighty immortal left his belongings here.”

    Láng Ma spoke towards the king, “Your majesty, why are you and his Excellency here?”

    The king, Wáng Shui, spoke out, answering the young archer’s question, “We were originally going to see what happened to you guys as Wèi’er Soul Lantern dimmed down, but when we came here to check it out, it seemed as though Lotus had the same idea. While we were waiting, some of the other immortals in the world came to check this place out, yet we were stopped by a middle age man who was not even a soul, just a special technique to temporarily revive himself.”

    “Ha, yet Little Sword was beaten by that man!” sometimes I enjoy my brother’s misery to be quite honest. He was too arrogant at that time,” a young male immortal who was standing next to the green-robed servant spoke. Most likely this was Lotus!

    Another immortal who was a female spoke, “Lotus, you know how to joke for sure. Little Sword is the youngest of us all. He was the most recent immortal that was birthed on this planet so give him some slack.”

    “Father, could you be talking about Senior Gōng Xīn?” Wáng Wèi said.

    Before the king could answer, another voice rose out, “Besides that, little girl, we may ask if you could tell us in detail what happened in that cave.”

    Wáng Shui held his daughter’s arm, signaling to the progenitor, his father, that they should probably leave. Lotus did the same with the servant and prepared for anything that might have happened. Even though the immortals had an agreement regarding fights amongst each other, at the end of the day, the nine other immortals wanted a piece of the pie.

    Captain Shi, who was amongst the hundred of mortals following the immortals asked the princess in a low voice, “Your Highness, where is Senior Zhào Lǚ?”

    “Senior Gōng Xīn is currently holding him for private business. However, he intends no harm so we don’t have to worry about him,” the princess responded while looking at the other immortals.

    Another female immortal waved her fan around as she spoke towards the group, “Brother Dòu, we don’t want to see Liokal, the kingdom you worked so hard on to fall. All we ask is some information regarding on what happened and maybe a piece of the pie. Even though there is nine of us, the other immortals also would want a piece, in fact, we are merely the small amount.

    We won’t ask for much brother, but if you don't comply we will use force. I would like to see how long you will hold out to wait for that junior of yours. Even if Lotus joins you it won’t be to much help.”


    “Master, I intend to stay. I know you also want me to stay as well. Even though you gave me to option to go with you, a man cannot be fed a golden spoon throughout his life, only for his foundations shall he do so, any further feeding shall lead to an unstable cultivations,” in another place, on a beach, a young Gōng Xīn spoke to the blurred figure in front of him as his newlywed wife hugged him.

    Gōng Xīn got on his knees and kowtowed towards his master and gave his final response.

    The blurred figure sighed and look at the kowtowing man, “Even though I don’t want to let you go you are right. Then when you feel like you are in danger, remember who I am, remember my connections. Even though the Gonggong has taken a liking to you I can not do much for you besides helping you be guided to the correct path. Sadly we are not fated to be direct disciple and master, but you shall forever be like a child to me!” Having said that, the blurred figure suddenly disappeared, leaving the young Gōng Xīn to kowtow for seven days and seven nights, kowtowing to thin air.

  • Chapter 90: Kill! Sorries. Sorrow…

    In a bright white marble room, a young man sat in a lotus position, having his eyes closed off as if the heavens forbid it from opening. And yet, his eyes opened only to see a table placed in front of him as a transparent figure sat in front of him, pouring black tea for the young man.

    The young man breathed slowly and stared at the tea, “I see, so is what I am thinking really true Gōng Xīn?”

    The transparent figured finished pouring the tea and took out a small cube. He played with the cube before placing it on the middle of the table, “Yes… Master is right in what he is thinking.”

    Having full confirmation, Zhào Lǚ inhaled the information and retained it. He had a feeling he was heavily connected to the transparent figure in front of him, and yet, he could not confirm anything as he did not have any solid proof. During the viewing of Gōng Xīn’s memories, Zhào Lǚ could feel something familiar from the hell that the young boy had to go through, yet he couldn’t place a finger on it.

    Every time the blurred figure appeared, he felt some sort of connection, especially since the blurred figure did not display itself even after the whole event was over, instead, continued to stay blurred.

    After a bit of awkward silence, Gōng Xīn spoke to the young man in front of him, “Master, I have prepared everything for you. With this cube, I shall unlock one-thousandth of your memories. Even though I can not control how much memories are recovered, and what memories in specific, I can guarantee that it will be beneficial. You might even regain your powers of a mortal, an immortal, or even beyond.”

    “Does this come at a cost?” Zhào Lǚ said. Even though he was generally a playful person, at this moment he appeared to be a hidden expert talking to a god. An ordinary person talking about an extremely important topic. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he did not feel anxiety throughout the times in the trial as everything around him related to him and he just wanted an answer, and that answer has finally appeared.

    Having understood his master’s intention, Gōng Xīn stated the price of recovering the young man’s memory, even if it was just one thousandth. “I will offer my life, and certain resources from certain places that people like me, who are able to call you master and be acknowledged as a disciple, even if it's in name.”

    “Is your life really necessary? Even though I don’t remember anything about you, I know that you are someone important in my life,” the young man asked.

    “To allow a single particle to exit the lock, I must first do a ritual, one that even involves the heaven,” the transparent figure replied.

    Before Zhào Lǚ could reply, the cube in the middle suddenly lit up, as if something was about to break through it. Gōng Xīn then kowtowed towards him and tears dripped off his face as if he was still alive.

    Seeing this, panic filled Zhào Lǚ’s face, “You don’t have to do this! Even though I am unfamiliar to the world of cultivation still, I know reviving someone would be extremely difficult if not, then impossible! I gave you a will to live, but you shouldn’t waste that life on me!”

    He did not want to see his disciple in name suddenly die for him, even though his memory was locked, he still did not want to see it. In fact, he would rather find other ways that take anyone's life who is or was important to him.

    When he tried to stand up, an aura appeared out of Gōng Xīn’s body and he forced Zhào Lǚ to the ground. The cube lit up to the point that even the people on the outside could sense a frightening aura, and thunder started to rain down onto the forest above as if it was trying to kill whatever was in the mountains.

    “No! Stop! You can’t do this! Gōng Xīn!” the young man screamed as he forced himself to move, however, the aura was too strong and it collapsed his body, causing him to be in an almost paralyzed state.

    Gōng Xīn’s body lit up and a soul that appeared to be a millimeter in size, shined with green mist coming out of it.


    “He really is alive, no wonder little brother is deciding to forbid himself from entering Yama’s river, from ever being revived,” a figure said as black hot tea was smoking. The figure raised its cup and yelled, “Long live Master! Long live Master!”

    A few more figures did the exact same thing, shouting, not caring for anyone near them or the like.

    While they did, at a certain area, a beam suddenly appeared that caused anything in the vicinity to bow towards it. And yet the beam soared towards the heavens and before it could touch anything, it stood still, not shooting at the heavens but shooting towards something.


    Tears came out of Zhào Lǚ’s eyes as he was forced to watch the soul start to crack into a billion pieces, falling apart at a rapid rate. And when the last piece fell his eyes closed and the lock that was old and rusty appeared in his mind. If one looked very carefully, a small hole, smalling than a billionth of a millimeter opened up and a bright white wave managed to seep through it before the lock regenerated, recovering that hole.

    While the white wave traveled, inching closer to Zhào Lǚ, he could hear a few words enter his ears, “Goodbye, Father.”


    “Wáng Dòu, is you and your son going to give up shall we use force. When we arrived, it was pretty clear what was going to happen,” a young man said as two swords were resting on his sides.

    The progenitor appeared to have a vein come out of his head and yelled in a low voice, “Boy, if you dare then we will go all out! Just because you ascended recently Sword Immortal, that doesn’t give you the right to do act arrogant.”

    The young man called Sword Immortal laughed and prepared to attack, “Old man then let us see. Right now it is nine against three. You, your son, and Lotus are together, but to have the ability to beat us all, let us see. We also don’t want anything to happen to your kingdom, now do we?”

    The king of Liokal, Wáng Shui, stared at him, preparing to yell at the arrogant young immortal. However, when they were about to fight, a voice appeared out of nowhere. “Even though I am old and secluded from the world, I owe Little Dòu a favor. Even though I am only at the fifth level at the second rank, it is still enough to defend the place. Whoever wins is the victor, but I will help the father and son protect their kingdom!”

    “Senior Lao, I agree with that statement. Though due to our relations, I will help the old man and his son fight these rascals!” a woman suddenly appeared, floating in the air. After the group looked above, they were shocked to see that it was Láng Fàn! The woman who owned Diasta City, the immortal who attempted to peer into and unlock Zhào Lǚ’s memories.

    “Brother Lotus, I am here to help!”

    “Sister, if you let me in on the treasures, I will help you.”

    A few more immortals joined the fray, with some joining the three, and others joining the enemy.

    “Then let us get started, brothers and sisters! The treasures shall be ours!” Sword Immortal yelled as he charged at the now five immortals.

  • Chapter 91: Immortals Fighting

    “Firesword Formation!” Wáng Dòu, the progenitor of Liokal yelled as a sword suddenly spun around. The sword spun so fast that a fiery globe appeared, replacing the original appearance of the sword.

    After the sword spun, the whole area started to burn and even the immortals started to sweat slightly. Yet, when looking around only the enemies did, in fact, the allies had an aqua glow to them as their bodies were fine and regulated.

    Even though the treasure did not do much, pressure-filled the area, affecting all the enemy immortals. Even though all the immortals suffered through hardship to overcome the tribulations, they were still living beings. People who will always have laziness, a never perfect heart, and always had complaints. If the pressure could affect even the smallest portion of the dao heart, even if it was very slightly, it would be an advantage for the allies.

    “Die!” an immortal from the enemy side appeared near Láng Fàn and threw ten knives at her while thrusting a sword at her chest.

    The sword was blocked with an umbrella, and the knives were thrown off by a gust of wind, landing on the ground nearby. Láng Fàn quickly used this opportunity to injure the immortal by suddenly having a pointed weapon launch out of the umbrella tip. The immortal was injured, leaving their right shoulder to be injured by the surprise attack.

    While they were fighting, everyone on the battlefield fought, even the mortals.

    The servant and the other five quickly got into a battle tactic formation, with Fù Dí casting actual formations in the inside, trying to quickly cast them as it could be a major success if done right. Even though a formation user was not entirely powerful, one thing it excelled at was fighting against groups. If given enough time Fù Dí could throw the whole mortal side of the battle into a massacre.

    Due to this, thirteen people charged at the group with hastening speeds. The other enemies in the battlefield were occupied with the allies, allowing the group to take a bit of a breather while they hurry and wait for Fù Dí to finish casting.

    Lightnings Wrath! Zhàn Méi cast in her head as qi started to aggressively accumulate in her area. In a matter of seconds, three out of thirteen of the enemies ran away from the lightning that suddenly showered in the area. One was even unlucky and had a shoulder dislocate and slightly bend. If they did not come from clans and sects that contained immortals, they would have surely been severely injured. But due to being from one, the unlucky cultivator consumed a pill, causing their shoulders to not fix itself but for all of its injuries to suddenly heal up and the pain to go away, all he needed to do was push his arm in a certain way to repair it.

    Yet despite it seeming as if their side was winning, this was reality, not some story where the main character and his allies survived and did not die at all, overtaking their current situation. Not some story where the enemy gets totally wrecked, or one where rainbow and sunshine existed. Reality was cruel and so was the battlefield.

    “Leon!” a man under Lotus’s army suddenly yelled as he bent down, carrying a dead brother on his arm.

    “Die!” an enemy shouted as they went to a person from Liokal and stabbed their hearts out, causing the allies to go into a rage.

    Yet despite having suffered some losses, the allies did the same. A clean slice was heard as a female cultivator was suddenly cut in half by Captain Shi. After doing so, Captain Shi yelled out, “Soldiers! Fight for Liokal, once we get to safety with the others our kingdom will evolve in due time! Once we do, everyone here will benefit, your family will benefit, and we rise as the number one place on our planet!”

    Everyone under Liokal’s banner shouted and continued to charge at the enemies.

    Straying away from the mortal side of the battle, the immortals on the ally side had a hard time fighting against the enemies due to the numbers. They had only five people out of the now twelve immortals. Despite there being nine earlier, three more immortals join in the fray.

    However, this was not all, in fact, if one looked in the skies carefully, they could see many mirrors staring at the battlefield. These were immortals peering into the battle, some preparing to make a move against the allies for their treasures, while some merely grabbed some food and watched for enjoyment. No one was able to tell whether anyone in the crowd would join and turn the tide over or not.

    While they were fighting, an unexpected situation occurred. Everyone suddenly stopped and looked into the skies, even the immortals were shaking and stopped fighting.

    Lightning rained down on the mountain near them, specifically above the cave where the group went out of from the trials.

    “What is happening!? Why are the heavens enraged!”

    “My god, is that illusionary figure that stopped the immortals outside enraged?”

    “The end of the world is appearing!”

    Many people started shouting as they were confused about the situation. Even the group contained the five and the green-robed servant was confused.

    “Wèi’er what is happening!” the king hastily asked his daughter.

    “None of us know what's happening. All we can guess is that it has something to do with Zhào Lǚ,” Wáng Wèi replied as concern filled her face. Clearly, she was worried about the young man still in the marble room.

    While they were panicking and confused, the mountain was now in shambles. Lightning already rained on the mountain and the clouds appeared to be preparing for another wave. Yet when the clouds prepared to shoot, it was suddenly stopped by a beam locking onto the area, clashing against the clouds. This beam split into multiple smaller beams that attacked the cloud repeatedly, causing it to move back slightly.

    This caused everyone to be shocked and continued to stare at the current events. But the scene did not last for long as the beam slowly disappeared and for some reason the heavens back away as well.

    Everyone looked around for more answers, and even a few cultivators decided to head into the cave to see what was happening.

    “Clang!” metal could be heard clashing in the distance. When everyone looked they could see Sword Immortal fighting against Wáng Dòu, trying to get a sneak attack in.

    “How shameless! An immortal like you relying on sneak attacks!” Wáng Shui yelled at the young man.

    “The strongest comes up with the rules if you have a complaint geezer than beat me! Everyone, let us hurry up and get that information!” Sword Immortal yelled as he summoned a few treasures, preparing to end the battle quickly.

    “Boom!” explosion-like sounds could be heard in the cave as smoke flew out like a hurricane rampaging the area.

    A scream could be heard coming from the cave, “No please! I’m sorry-”

    When the voice finally died out, blood spurted out the cave as a body flew out. However, when the body finally fell to the ground, it started spitting poison before finally melting into a disgusting dark red paste.

    Everyone stopped fighting once more upon seeing this, even the immortals temporarily stopped to see what was going on. First, the heavens rampaged on the area around the cave, and now a few cultivators were blasted into pastes.

    While everyone was looking, a figure finally came out of the smoke. A young man walked out as a grey scaled serpent hissed around his body. The serpent had red flowing hair and hissed at the surrounding people as if it did not want anyone touching the man in front of it.

    “Brother!” Wáng Dòu said as he finally realized who the figure was. Upon hearing the word ‘brother’, some people already guessed the identity of the figure, while others were shocked to hear such a word come out of a peerless immortal. Of course, this figure was none other than the man left behind in the marble room, Zhào Lǚ!

  • Chapter 92: Resolving The Battle

    “Zhào Lǚ…” Zhàn Méi said as she stared at the young man. Everyone did the same as they did not expect such an event to appear.

    Due to the sudden interruption, an immortal on the enemy side came charging at Zhào Lǚ, preparing to strike him with her spear.

    But before the attack could land, Zhào Lǚ threw a hand in the sky before pointing it towards the immortal. As soon as the hand went down, an extremely loud hissing sound came out as the immortal was forced to use a talisman to teleport herself out. Of course this was not actual teleportation, but instead, it was a the dao of space activating, causing the female immortal to suddenly tear a hole where she was, randomly directing her to somewhere safe.

    “Little Gonggong, I know it has been so long since you’ve battled. Don’t hesitate to kill, just know that there are some people that are my friends so be careful of your attacks,” Zhào Lǚ said as he petted the Gonggong in front of him. Without a doubt, this was the exact same Gonggong that Gōng Xīn had in the past. It was just that Gōng Xīn’s master had given him it when the Gonggong was still in its teens, and with the passing of time, it has grown dramatically. Due to it being a teen when given to Gōng Xīn, the Gonggong clearly recognized Zhào Lǚ after the recent events and went towards him having lost its caretaker and friend.

    Zhào Lǚ climbed on and sat on the Gonggong, allowing it to glide towards his friends. Still shocked, everyone whether from the allies or the enemies, all stared at the young man with slight fear and confusion. To force an immortal to utilize a precious space talisman was already a clear signal on the strength of the Gonggong.

    As soon as the serpent landed, the young man stepped onto the ground. After landing on the ground he could see Zhàn Méi running towards him and hugging him, as well as the others running towards him as well.

    Wáng Dòu was the first to speak after the young man arrived, “Brother, what is happening? Where did you get such a powerful serpent?”

    “I managed to recover less than a percent of my memories. But that was already enough to grant me access to some things, one being about Little Gonggong, a serpent I found many many years ago,” talking with ease, Zhào Lǚ spoke directly towards the progenitor of Liokal.

    Hearing what he said, the Gonggong hissed in a happy tone and rubbed its head on Zhào Lǚ’s back.

    Shocked filled everyone's face, causing them to have confused feelings on the matter. Yes, they did feel happy that he got his memories back, but for less than a single percent of memories to boost someone to obtaining powers above an immortal, whether it was their real powers or not was insane.

    Wáng Wèi asked the young man a question, interested in the idea of him recovering his memories, “So how is your personal cultivation? Is it back or partially back?”

    Having received the question, Zhào Lǚ took note of it and thought about it for a few seconds before replying in an questionable tone, “Maybe, I can kinda sense the qi around me, but I can’t really utilize it, if possible, then after a bit I might be able to use a strand or two of qi. But as for my cultivation, it is still sealed, if I wanted to fly I would just land on the ground instead of soaring.”

    Wáng Shui smiled at the young man in front of him and looked back at the enemy. “We need to find a way out of here. We won’t be able to defeat over ten immortals easily, but if we can get to the kingdom then we can fight them all with ease or at least deter them.”

    He then looked at Lotus and asked him a question, “Temporary truce?”

    “We kinda have to at this point so I welcome you brother. Let us do this,” Lotus said. Despite being a man with few words, he had a strange way of charming people with his words.

    “Brother, then I will carry the others on Little Gonggong. Even though he will have a hard time killing immortals, he will be able to defend against a handful of them,” Zhào Lǚ said nonchalantly.

    Wáng Dòu nodded and went to the back of the serpent to shield it from the other immortals.

    Everyone who was not an immortal went onto the back of the serpent and held on to the serpent. Even though everyone complied, everyone also had questions, especially those close to the young man.

    %What happened to Zhào Lǚ? He seems more chill and confident instead of scared and timid like usual. I just really hope that when more of his memories come back he’s still the same person that he was before.% Jīn Fèng said in concern for her friend.

    “Little Gonggong, if any of the immortals try to go after you, kill them, no need to bother with the mortals,” Zhào Lǚ spoke softly to the serpent but a devastating killing intent slowly arose from those words. Even though he did not recover enough memories to send out his killing intent, the cause for its presence was due to the recent events concerning Gōng Xīn, causing him to be in a sour mood despite his chill appearance.

    The serpent slowly rose in the air, flying around before pointing towards the direction to Liokal. Seeing this, over ten immortals charged at the serpent, trying to grab at least one of the six from the group.

    One immortal got slightly cocky as he saw the progenitor, the king, and the other immortals being busy, protecting the others from the attacks, leaving the front of the serpent to be wide open.

    “Die annoying serpent!” he said as immortal qi started to come over his body, acting as a shield. This person wasn’t like the average cultivator and instead practiced cultivating the body instead of another weapon! Even though he did not have a weapon, the immortal though he could fight or handle an immortal serpent with ease.

    However, to his expectation, when his fist landed on the fangs on the Gonggong, the skies shook before the immortal was knocked backward in the air, many meters from where he originally was.

    “Do it,” Zhào Lǚ growled slightly as he was already in a pissed mood. After saying that, the gonggong went after the immortal and bit off half of its body, causing the immortal to scream. The serpent swallowed the lower half of the immortal's body and hissed happily as it was able to gain some blood essence from it.

    But before he could swallow the immortal whole, two immortals appeared out of nowhere and carried him away while guarding against the serpent. The two guarding the immortal were forced to utilize strong treasures to just block a full-on attack from the serpent.

    “We can’t handle that! Unless we had a few more a Gonggong is out of our reach, especially one that's already above the first rank!” one of the immortals said.

    Everyone decided to nod to each other before choosing to flee. There is always time for an arrogant cultivator to risk their lives, but due to them being some of the powerhouses in the planet, risking their lives for some treasure that may or may not benefit them was not worth it.

    Having finished the battle, Zhào Lǚ did not pay attention to the immortal and instead looked past the serpent’s tail, towards the now dead cave that used to contain his own disciple.

  • Chapter 93: End Of It All

    Even though Gōng Xīn was not his real disciple, just being a disciple in name displayed the importance of Gōng Xīn in his heart. Even though he could not remember much about Gōng Xīn, he had a general idea and treated him as a loved one and not of a stranger after reviewing the memories of Gōng Xīn and regaining an extremely small portion of his memories.

    While Zhào Lǚ was contemplating a lot of things, everyone heaved a sigh of relief as they were able to relax from the tense situation. To see or hear about an immortal fighting was already rare enough, but to find multiple immortals was already harder than finding the feather of a phoenix.

    Unlike other planes of existence, the planet that they were living on contained very few immortals. Some would go and head out to venture the unknown universe, while others stayed here to train and protect their descendants.

    Not only did some immortals leave the planet for an extremely long time if not forever, the resources and area that the planet contained could be considered decent if compared to places where over the course of millions of years, a planet will birth a single immortal.

    Yet when compared to other areas, the planet that Zhào Lǚ was on was still weak and could only birth a few immortals in many years.

    Simply watching such a scene occur caused all the mortals on the serpent to want to collapse from exhaustion. But while everyone was tired everyone cheered and stared at the young man who was near the head with admiration and thanks.

    Wáng Wèi went near the young man and sat next to him and looked in the distance. After a while, after Zhào Lǚ finally stopped thinking about the previous event and to the princess, she spoke up with a worrying tone, “Now that a small portion of your memory is recovered, are you… going to leave soon?”

    Realizing the worry that he had brought upon to the group, he placed a hand on her hand and smiled at her, “Of course not. To be quite honest, I would rather wait for you all to become immortals before traversing the universe. Unless something major happens I will always be with you guys.”

    Even though Zhào Lǚ spent little time with them, it was already enough to prove that the young man was a brother they could count on, and the group was a family he could count on.

    Hearing this, the princess smiled back and stared into the distance. Zhào Lǚ spoke once more regarding their worries, “Besides less than a percent of my memories came back. A lot of things came back but nothing of importance. Some things that were awaken were mostly just information concerning certain things like how there is a planet with ferocious cute beasts. Or the different type of flowers on a certain planet and how beautiful it is. It is more just useless information that might be beneficial in the future or may never be. Only a few things were somewhat important.”

    After he finished explaining Wáng Wèi giggled and then the two talked about random topics to pass the time. While they were talking the other four joined in the conversation and even the servant, someone who was usually cruel and emotionless like the archer joined in.


    After the enemy immortals left, the world went silent and everyone finally relaxed as they were able to settle down in Liokal peacefully. All the other immortals left as they had things to do and they have long ago said their goodbyes.

    The Gonggong that was now in Zhào Lǚ’s possession actually managed to create its own pocket dimension, allowing it to not be in Zhào Lǚ’s presence whenever he did not need it and had created a small stone that he could tap to summon it when needed.

    With the little information that was awakened, the Gonggong that he found an extremely long time ago was very compatible with Gōng Xīn in the sense of being able to cultivate the poison dao and he knew the serpent by that trait. But little did he expect that the serpent would actually comprehend the dao of space, a dao that was extremely hard to comprehend not for its difficulty, but for the fact that unlike something like water where people like humans could interact with it, space wasn’t interactable and only some beings had a natural advantage towards space.

    At first, Zhào Lǚ was worried about managing the spacing for the serpent but now he did not have to worry and instead was at ease that the situation was very easily solved.

    Going to the mansion that he resided in, the mansion that was destroyed from the tribulation and emotust was finally repaired during his absence, and the place seemed to be even better than before!

    The mansion did not seem to be fancy or rich but instead had a vibe that any nature lovers would enjoy as the flowers breathed in and out with its fragrant smell, and the trees towered to the skies while protecting the small ones, and every plant life acted as if the new mansion was also its home.

    The mansion was made in a manner that allowed it to grow plants while still maintaining the build of a noble, showing off its rich tables, decor, and many other things while the flowers seep in and rest.

    The chef that Zhào Lǚ had before was also here and started to prepare for the dishes. Already knowing what would happen once the time hit for the young master to eat, the chef did not want to fall back on his duties and could be seen in the kitchen preparing for food two hours before it was time to even eat!

    However, besides that, if there was one thing that Zhào Lǚ could say to be the best about the new mansion was how he had a large and personal garden, up for only him to take care of unless he needed a gardener to tend to it.

    Right now the garden was plain and barren, spanning across a whole mile from the edge. The place looked like a drying dessert, yet one-day Zhào Lǚ would spend all day working on this, especially since he could not cultivate, this would be a grand activity for him!

    Everything could be said to be bliss as he got a lot of the things that he had wanted despite not asking for it. The trials had ended, and despite his disciple dying completely, he was able to be at ease with his heart knowing that his memories were slowly recovering. Due to this, he also made a vow to find a way to revive his disciple from the depths of hell and to ensure that he and his wife could live a long life at peace while still pursuing the grand dao.

    He stared off into the distance for a moment and sighed before taking a hoe out from his storage ring and started farming at the speed of a mortal. The sun high in the sky stared at him before slowly descending down as time went by.


    “How are you feeling boy?” an old man asked in a strange place.

    “It still hurts, but I must ask, why did you save me?” a transparent man said.

    “He helped me, so even though my dao heart is somewhat crippled, I mind as well repay a favor that I owe him despite being weaker than my original self,” the old man said as he got a needle and started to sew clothes.

    This old man was none other than Huólì! The person Wáng Wèi met while she was in the trials with Leia and Zhào Lǚ watching.

    End of Book 1: Awakening from the Void
  • Book 2: A Mortal’s Life

    Chapter 94: Aftermath of the Trials

    “Young master, how was the food today?” a middle-aged man said as he wiped away the sweat on his forehead.

    “It’s delicious like usual! If I ever get the chance to, I will most certainly introduce you to some cultivators who are very advanced in the dao of cooking. After that even immortals will want to try your food!” a young man said happily as he rubbed his flat stomach.

    In front of him laid over a hundred plates that were completely empty with only some stains remaining on the plate, dripping down onto the other plates beneath it before accumulating on the bottom. It was already a huge surprise that the room wasn’t a huge mess and only the plates were messy. Even the young man was clean like a gentle cat and only lacked a noble manner to make him a perfect man.

    The middle-aged man bowed and thanked the young man’s statement, “Thank you, young master! I am already trying my best to learn the dao of cooking and I shall not fail you! If it wasn’t for the fact that I remain focused on cooking and not on cultivation, who knows where my cultivation would have been at. Sadly I have no aspiration to cultivate or fight and only want to cook for eternity.”

    “That is already a good thing! Chef Mint, don’t worry about it. Keep increasing your cultivation through cooking, there is always a path for everyone and I believe it truly might be your path, only time is needed,” the young man said to the chef as he smiled like a little kid. Of course, these two people were Zhào Lǚ and the chef that cooked for him whenever he was in the mansion!

    It has been a week after the group returned home to the mansion, and everyone from the group immediately went into closed-door seclusion to cultivate what they learned of the trials. So while waiting, the young man decided to do a mere mortal task such as eating and farming as he can’t cultivate.

    After returning home, Zhào Lǚ noticed many things. One of them being that a lot of people had actually advanced in their cultivation whether big or small! Even though the exact amount of time that was spent in the trials were unknown, after asking around the time seemed to be that they took over two years to come out of the trials. This was certainly enough for everyone to gain a breakthrough or improvement, especially for those who are weak mortals.

    Even the chef managed to cultivate to the fifth rank, Qi Wielder, after cooking for a prolonged period. Despite not cultivating, the chef was lucky enough to be so blessed in cooking that whenever he cooks, he is able to gather slivers of qi into his body, allowing him to make natural yet slow breakthroughs.

    Zhào Lǚ got up from his chair and stretched his body before heading out the door, “I’ll start watering the plants for the day before going to read. After that, I would like to try some eel! Surprise me if you can Mint!”

    The chef named Mint nodded and clapped his hands for servants and maids to clean up the plates and the whole room itself.

    Zhào Lǚ walked out of the dining hall and went out a door leading towards his personal garden. There one could see that the mile-long field had ten percent of its field already being utilized.

    Seeing this sight, Zhào Lǚ sighed in both an exhausting but happy manner and grabbed a watering can before going to a nearby waterfall and pouring the fresh clear mortal water to the mortal plants.

    After he finished watering all the plants, he decided to spend some more time preparing the land for future plants as he took his hoe and swung it down into the ground.


    In a dark room an old man, a middle-aged man, and a young woman sat across from the other, drinking tea in the barely lit room.

    The old man finished drinking and spoke a bit after he finished drinking, “So, even gods will be below that temple and won’t even have the power to even see it.”

    The young woman nodded, “Yes, and Brother Lǚ is related to it somehow.”

    The middle-aged man sighed and looked at the small light that allowed the room to somewhat be visible, “Let us not dwell on the matter, all we know is that cultivators even at the realm of gods are not powerful as we thought. We must keep going and advance in our cultivation,” the man said. He looked at the old man before speaking, “Father you have gone into the second rank right? I need to comprehend the dao even more while increasing my cultivation. Wèi’er, I’ll give you a talisman so that you can directly talk to me if you need anything just talk to it and I’ll respond.”

    The young woman nodded before taking her leave.

    “Child, you know that if you were given the chance, you could easily surpass me. It is just a matter of going to a place with better resources. Sadly we must stay here or else I fear the enemies will try to take advantage of us. Take a bit of time to cultivate at a nearby grand planet for a month, take the necessary resources if needed, just get stronger,” the old man said while getting up.

    “Yes, father!” the middle-aged man nodded and also left the room as time passed by.


    Time passed by quickly and in the blink of an eye, Zhào Lǚ had managed to hoe two percent of the land while reading some information that cultivators should know and ended up eating another hundred plates once more. In fact, it could be said that the young man eats literally a total of three hundred platefuls of food a day.

    After he finished eating, he traversed around the mansion and saw something peculiar. He went up to a maid and asked her a question, “What is this swirly thing making so much noise?”

    The maid frightened, responded timidly, “Uh- I-It’s a washing machine young master! His Highness brought some inventions back from another planet and is planning to surely yet slowly integrate these machines to our kingdom.”

    Hearing this, Zhào Lǚ went on his toes and squatted as he was too intrigued by the swirling machine.

    He watched as the bed sheets in there were twirling around as the water swirled and twirled around. “Junior Brother really knows how to bring unique inventions to the planet!”

    Listening on to the conversation, the maid was absolutely frightened to hear him call the king “Junior Brother”. Yet little did she know, he did not want to call him that, instead, the progenitor of Liokal actually made the poor man call him that due to his status.

    “Brother Lǚ are you really being so intrigued by these machines?” a young and firm voice spoke out behind him. Looking back he was surprised to see Wáng Wèi at the door.

    “I mean, the whole electricity thing is still confusing me. To see something that automates the work for maids and servants is just too interesting! Wáng Wèi how are you not intrigued by these?” the young man said as he pressed his hand on the vibrating glass.

    “Father shows and tells me about a lot of the invention on Earth. These things barely compare to the things there,” she said while sighing, “once we become immortals we must take a trip there, it will really be fun, it will be like a mortals paradise, everything they can dream for!” Wáng Wèi said as she smiled towards the young man.

  • Chapter 95: Wandering The Streets

    After the two talked for a bit Zhào Lǚ walked through the large and spacious yet peaceful hallway. The brown wooden floor slowly pressing down as his feet embraced it with his sandals, while the brown wooden floor pushed back with its embrace as it shined with the light of the heavens to show off to the world. The stony and mossy walls breathed in and out as it sat to the sides of the brown wooden floor, protecting it from nature while allowing it to be a part of nature itself. Showing off the dead nature that had rebirthed like a phoenix. The stony and mossy wall shunned itself from the natural light, having its back face the light while avoiding it from touching the faces of the wall, only allowing some to embrace the brown wooden floor.

    A few little small plants invaded through these cracks as if they were trying to steal the light, the protection, but yet the plants allowed the floor to have its spot, while the little plants resided nearby as if they were joining in the family. The stranger had become apart of the family and was welcomed by everyone, including the rain that appears to show its warmth with hostility every now and then. The sixth of the bunch, the small plants, were finally welcomed to the family, and they helped each other despite never talking to one another.

    Zhào Lǚ noticed these small features and smiled when he fully analyzed everything. But despite that, he still acted like a kid and giggled gently.
    As the sun went down, creating a blaze in the sky, Zhào Lǚ finally entered his room and entered his bed, finally deciding to sleep after a long day of working like a mortal.


    The next day rose and the young man yawned and did his daily procedure, bathing, eating, and gardening until the sun was in the sky and eating.
    Afterward, he decided that today should be one where he actually ventures out in the city instead of staying at home. Even though he was someone of great power, at this moment he was like a mere mortal, doing nothing for an hour would be easy, but for a mortal, it would be boring and tiring.

    In this case, staying at the mansion for a long period was mentally exhausting and he needed to go and do something in the real world, outside of his comfort zone. Something that piqued Zhào Lǚ’s interest, causing him to go outside, was that the mentality of a being does not increase or decrease when a cultivator breaks through. Instead only certain things like memorization or reading actually hastens due to their eye and brain, but the intelligence and state of mind of a cultivator stay the same and is only tempered through life. Knowing this, it was important for someone like Zhào Lǚ to actually do something for a change instead of being holed up in a place he was comfortable with.

    Luckily when he came back from the trials, Zhào Lǚ was able to secure a ring from Wáng Dòu that allowed him to walk anywhere he wanted in the kingdom. In different places, they will sometimes have different identification systems. And in Liokal, the identification system here is through a thing called the “Five Element Ring” or abbreviated to FER. The lowest ring only had one random element, and the higher the tier, the more elements are placed in it with the fifth having all the five elements in it.

    With the ring, he would be able to go to any place in the kingdom without fear. This ring granted one the status of someone either at or directly below the king. No one could challenge them. But due to this, only a few people in the kingdom actually had the ring as it was granted by the merits and status of someone. Only Captain Shi and Wáng Wèi actually had it. Even the other four was granted access to the fourth tier.

    However, knowing the power of the ring, Zhào Lǚ hid his ring underneath some baggy clothes as to not gain any privilege or power over things. He simply wanted to live a mortals life as of right now and wanted to experience how mortals live, especially after seeing Wáng Wèi go through the torture of being degraded from a princess to someone low as a girl at a brothel.

    After greeting many guards, Zhào Lǚ finally made it out and continued walking with the money that he has in his storage ring.

    First, he decided to go to the poor section of the capital of Liokal, the city that they were inside of the kingdom, in order to get a grasp of the surrounding situation. Luckily the place was not too far, and the kingdom was apparently renovated after many years to fit how a city on Earth would somehow be like so Zhào Lǚ was able to get a ride in a carriage.

    After paying the person wielding the reins of the beasts, he decided to head towards a few restaurants to have a feeling towards the culture of the place. But before he could even enter one that was nearby, he could hear someone screaming.

    “Damn bastard! Steal my shit one more time and you will regret it!” a large man with bursting muscles kicked a young girl around the age of thirteen to a wall, causing her to cough up blood.

    When he looked at her hand, he was surprised to see a bunch of bread and apples in a weird bag hugging her like it was her most precious treasure. The bag was oddly white yet very skinny and frail like paper, yet it did not break when the man kicked the little girl.

    The man then proceeded to grab that strange white bag and take the produce towards a stall outside that was labeled, ‘Chen’s Fresh Groceries”.

    So it turns out that the little girl is what’s called a thief, or at least from what I have seen. People who steal from others are supposed to be bad in books, yet why do I feel pity?
     He said as he looked towards the stall. Maybe she simply wanted some food but she is too poor? This is the poorest section of the capital so that would make sense.

    He walked towards her and handed her a silver coin, enough to feed her for many months, or even a year if she was extremely careful.

    “Thank you, mister,” the little girl proceeded to accept the silver coin and walked away with a bloody shirt drenching her small body.

    Zhào Lǚ smiled and proceeded to enter the restaurant and ate cheerfully. Even though the food was not great like Chef Mint’s food it was still something. When he reached out to pay for the food, he realized something, he could not find his storage ring that contained his money!

    Luckily it was not something too important like his treasures, but at this moment he had nothing to pay with.

    “Sir is there a problem with payment,” the waiter said as he glared at the young man.

  • Chapter 96: Finding The Brat

    That little girl must have stolen my things! He thought as he started to panic. He looked at the waiter not knowing whether to laugh or cry and replied, “It seems I have been robbed along the way here.”

    “Snap!” Two large men came into the restaurant and stood behind the waiter as if they were already ready to fight. The waiter then proceeded to stand back behind the two men before replying, “Sir, then we must do something about that.”

    One of the men grabbed onto Zhào Lǚ’s wrist and picked him up in the air. Even though he was decently tall for a man, he was still short compared to these two men. However, before anything could happen to him the waiter suddenly fell on the ground before having sweat falling off his face ferociously.

    “You two! Put him down immediately!” the waiter said before gathering his belongings. He then bowed towards the young man and even gestured for the two men to leave. This shocked both the two men and the bystanders watching. The waiter than spoke while still bowing towards Zhào Lǚ, “Oh great one, please excuse my attitude, you see, we have way too many people coming in and eating but not paying. Please take this bag full of money, even though it is not, it should be enough for your great self to afford a ride or to try and find that thief!”

    Slightly surprised Zhào Lǚ took the bag and silently left the restaurant. Even though he didn’t know what happened, he guessed that the waiter saw a sliver of the ring and apologized due to the status that it held. This ring really is powerful in some cases. It can be a great way for me to avoid difficult troubles if needed.

    Now I need to actually find that girl! I could probably go to Captain Shi and report this matter, but it would waste so much of my time here. Zhào Lǚ sighed and realized how unlucky he truly was today.

    When Zhào Lǚ was about to give up hope he could hear a clamor happening down the street. “Captain, I have a son in the army, he will probably be a good servant!”

    “Captain, my daughter is still young and have not been ripened off the charts, if you ever want I shall bring her to you!”

    “Captain, I thank you for protecting this grand kingdom!”

    People started shouting at a middle-aged man in full armor walking down the street. Even though not everyone did it, a lot of people joined in the fray to even see the man. Ironically, this was actually Captain Shi!

    Some people decided to stay away and cheer from the sides, others decided to simply stay quiet to avoid trouble, and others decided that it would be best to try and get the captain’s attention for benefits or pure fandom. It could be seen that Captain Shi was oddly popular amongst the civilians.

    After noticing the captain, Zhào Lǚ decided to walk up to him for help. However, as soon as he got in a couple of meter distance, a guard walked up to him and stood in front of him. “Sir, I must ask you to keep your distance. Even though Captain Shi is a man who loves everyone in the kingdom, he is still a human and would prefer space.”

    “But I need to ask him for help,” Zhào Lǚ said, trying to get past the guard.

    “Then file a report to the local offices, or to any taverns, inns, or any places that support guilds and adventurers, Captain Shi is to busy at this moment,” the guard said while gently pushing Zhào Lǚ with a shield.

    The young man stepped back a step with the push and stared at him angrily. The guard looked at Zhào Lǚ the same way but proceeded to do nothing, as if he was used to this. In fact, there have been cases where civilians who wanted to speak with the captain tried using force, causing the captain to get guards whenever he made public appearances.

    Zhào Lǚ decided to walk towards the guard again and was prepared to show off his Five Element Ring, not willing to be pushed around. But before he even could, the guard lifted him up by the neck and held him in the air.

    “I told you to watch your distance brat,” his hand slowly tightening as time passed by.

    “Poor kid, he probably just wanted an autograph.”

    “If he is getting one, I mind as well become eternal brothers with the captain.”

    “Stupid brat does he not know that only special people can even get in his sights.”

    The civilians stared as they quietly judged him. Even though it was not common for people to be detained by guards, it still happened every now and then, especially for those who were crazy enough to think that they had enough power.

    The guard giggled gently and smiled, “Let us see how I should punish you for not listening to me. Sometimes it is best to not be arrogant.” The guard then proceeded to lift Zhào Lǚ up and prepared to throw him on the ground.

    “Halt!” A voice shouted out. The guard quickly stopped what he was doing and let the young man out of his grasp, fearing that he would die if he did anything else. Everyone stared in shock and wanted to gasp on the current situation. Of course, the person who spoke was Captain Shi himself!

    “Young master, please excuse this idiotic guard’s actions. I shall have him executed after I head back,” Captain Shi said as he cupped towards the young man that was on the ground.

    Everyone stared as if they had seen heaven's coming down. One of the most popular and well-known people in the kingdom besides the king himself was bowing down towards a young man wearing ragged clothes. Even the cultivators in the area did not see anything special about the man as he appeared to be void of any cultivation like a mortal.

    “It’s fine, it’s fine. Anyways, I came looking for you cause I need help!” Zhào Lǚ exclaimed, still panicking about the little girl stealing from him.

    “Young master, if it was someone beneath an immortal, I shall fight to the death with them!” with proud arrogance, Captain Shi raised his weapon and acted like he was ready for battle. “Tell me, who was it that caused you trouble.”

    Zhào Lǚ did not know whether to laugh or cry. He spoke out hesitantly, “I-It was a little girl.”

    Captain Shi stared at him dumbfoundedly and wanted to collapse. He forgot that Zhào Lǚ was someone who lost his money and didn’t have a speck of street smarts. Hell even if an old creepy man came by, he would still follow what the creepy man said due to his innocence.

    “Then I shall help if its a child with no cultivation it should take me only a few seconds to capture the brat. Alright, young master let us find that child!” Captain Shi grabbed Zhào Lǚ’s hand and flew in the air with a kick before landing on a roof.

    While Captain Shi and Zhào Lǚ left, everyone who was watching had an expression similar to one suddenly receiving a lifetime's worth of gold from some random source. Even the guard that bullied the young man had that expression but he was scared at the same time, nothing in the world could save him now, even if the heavens rained down, he would still be doomed.

  • Chapter 97: Finding The Little Girl

    “I think I found her!” Captain Shi said as he kicked on the roof, launching him up in the air towards the direction that the little girl was in. Normally finding someone with the treasure would be almost impossible to do in an instant, but the girl had no cultivation at all and could not hide the storage ring in any way, allowing the captain to aim his sights on her.

    The little girl ran and ran while holding the ring in her hand. Ironically enough, despite it being a ring, she was still small and the ring could barely fit her, so she decided to just carry it on the palm of her hand.

    Civilians and bystanders looked at her weirdly and wondered about why she was running so much as if someone was chasing her. Yet no one intervened and just continued walking as if the little girl’s life had no meaning to them.

    Sadly in a world like this, even mortals have learned that the only precious thing in the world is one’s self, taking care of anything else could be the downfall of someone, whether cultivator or not.

    “Hey, watch where you are going brat!” the little girl bumped into a tall woman, causing the female to stare at her angrily.

    The woman kicked the little girl down onto the floor out of anger and stared at her in disgust. Anyone could tell that this woman was someone who was in the upper-middle class territory, if not higher due to the things she was wearing.

    Her long and fluttering robe was being caressed by the wind and her silky smooth hair embodied the heavens. Clearly, she had wealth, and considering the fact that she was wandering carelessly meant that either she had a powerful backing, or she was a strong cultivator herself.

    “Oh, a storage ring of a high grade. Don’t mind if I take this as payment for touching me with your filthy self,” the woman said coldly as she smiled like everything was casual to her.

    Everyone watching stared with disdain, clearly unimpressed with the actions of the woman. People got robbed constantly and there would always be some sort of quests concerning reobtaining the person’s item, but to rob a child in the light of day was a scum move. The child did not even look like she had any home, causing people in the area to shake their heads in disappointment.

    Yet no one dared to approach the woman due to the fact that even though they clearly didn’t like the woman, they could do nothing about the current situation. Due to this everyone backed away and some just decided to keep walking.

    “No, give it back!” the little girl launched herself onto the woman, trying to scratch her with the little strength that her small body had.

    “You bitch!” the woman did not expect the little girl to do such a thing and was caught off guard. Even though the woman was not someone with a status like those at Rising Dragon had, she was still a cultivator nevertheless. To be attacked like this was scaring her face toward others.

    The woman was about to throw the weak little girl into the ground utilizing her cultivation. Everyone, especially cultivators who had better eyesights gasped as she was about to kill a very young child.

    Due to this place being the capital, whether you live in a poor or rich neighborhood, none of that mattered. Killings are only to be placed in a specific arena, and killing in public was heavily forbidden unless one had a valid reason and had permission from a higher up, someone on the level of royalty.

    “You dare kill in public! Especially towards a young child!” a devastating voice rung out and the woman was instantly paralyzed by the aura, causing her to stop what she was doing, allowing the little girl to breathe and realize that she was alive.

    “C-Captain Shi!” the woman said as she regained the control to her body. She immediately put the girl down and bowed towards him, “I did not know someone of your status was here. Excuse me for not greeting you earlier.”

    “Trying to act all innocent after you tried to kill a girl that did nothing majorly wrong! I don’t care if you come from the Wang family, this is a heavily punishable crime!” Captain Shi shouted at her with a demeaning voice, as if he was the heavens themselves as if he owned everything in the land and made the rules for everyone.

    The woman had sweat pouring off of her pale skin as she tried to reason with him, “Please Captain Shi, remember my father? He said that you owed him a favor. Please let me off, I promise I won’t do anything like this anymore, I was truly corrupted by mara. I promise that I will also repay the girl heavily and make sure she lives a fulfilled life!”

    Truly shameless. That was what everyone thought. Even Zhào Lǚ, someone who had little social interactions also agreed that the woman in front of him was disgusting and shameless. Even young nobles who would boast about their clan or sect would not do so in such a way that they would even take their family or masters down.

    Captain Shi turned around and looked at Zhào Lǚ before bowing, “Young master, please be the decider on whether this woman from the Wang clan gets to live or die. If she lives she will suffer a horrifying punishment, but that is also to your decision.”

    Everyone was shocked to see such an event to occur. They saw Zhào Lǚ flying in the scene with the captain, however, they ignored him as the main focus was on the woman. Little did they expect that he would be someone with great power. Only the daughter of the king and the king himself would receive such privilege. Even the woman looked at the young man in fear and cursed in her heart that she dared offend a little mortal girl.

    Due to his limited memories, this could technically be considered his first time handling power and being the one to make the decision on the life or death of someone, and due to this, he started internally panicking.

    Forgetting that Zhào Lǚ was still new to this world, Captain Shi helped him in this matter, “In my personal opinion the Wang clan is to not be offended so easily, but at the same time, this girl is obviously important to you, so this matter shall be in your hands. Even if she dies, I believe the king would put all his effort into making sure that no backlash happens to you.

    Even though I am the king’s sword, he requested me to lend my strength to you as well. If you shall ask me to strip her naked and humiliate her to death I shall do so. If you believe that she should live an easy life and have no punishment bestowed, I shall listen. I would suggest you make a choice that you are confident in regardless of consequences.”

    The heart of the woman tightened as if Mount Tai was pressuring her. In fact, she was already holding onto her body, ready to detonate, kill herself, or anything to get away if the first example was truly carried out.

    Zhào Lǚ closed his eyes and thought about it for a while and decided to choose an answer that even he was satisfied with and believed that that answer was the best decision. He bent down and looked at the little girl who was staring at him with ferocious eyes like a wild beast, preparing to run if he did anything.

    He took his storage ring back and put it on his finger. He then spoke gently to the girl and asked, “Little girl, you be the decider. What should happen to this woman?”

  • Chapter 98: Work For Me!

    The little girl stared at him in shock and was so surprised that she couldn’t even speak and tried to come up with something to say.

    Everyone in the surrounding was also shocked and did not expect for Zhào Lǚ to give such an answer. They would have expected for him to give her a severe punishment, or do something that was heavy as even Captain Shi had given him the power to do whatever he wanted with the woman.

    The only person who was not too shocked was Captain Shi. Even though he was still surprised, he had a feeling that he would choose something unexpected or out of the norm.

    After a couple of minutes have passed, the little girl finally decided on an answer. “I want her to suffer punishment that is fair and just!”

    Captain Shi smiled and nodded towards the little girl, “Then I shall punish her like how I would for anyone who broke the rules regardless of power or status. After the mess is cleared, I’ll deal with the woman, but for now, let us switch the situation towards you.”

    The little girl shivered and she looked away as if she did something bad and her parents were questioning her.

    Zhào Lǚ smiled and asked the little girl in a gentle voice, “Why did you steal? A little girl like you should be learning should you not?”

    The little girl hesitated before realizing there truly was no way out, “Because my dad’s sick. My mom has been trying to feed my dad and my grandparents, but some days mommy can’t feed daddy and the others, so I have to steal at least crumbs to satisfy everyone.”

    “Can you not even afford medicine or herbs for your dad?” He said, curious about the situation.

    “No one in my family cultivates besides grandpa, but he’s already too old to work. And to afford to go to school for cultivation is already too expensive. Since no one can go to the forest, or afford anything, I have to try and relieve mommy from all this.” the little girl said in a depressed tone, however, she didn’t cry despite having her face facing the ground.

    Zhào Lǚ stared at the captain, signaling if he had any ideas on how to fix this. Getting the hint, Captain Shi asked the little girl a question, “Are you so busy that you can’t even afford to go to public school?”

    In the kingdom of Liokal, the king has pushed forth a law that allows any children, regardless of background to attend a public school, making it mandatory for all those below the age of eighteen. Especially since during Wáng Shui’s visit to Earth, he realized how poor the education of the world he was living on was. It was no wonder that Earth had such advanced technology, yet his world was still living in an age where even things like paper, food, and the like were slightly hard to come by if one didn’t have a good background.

    The girl shook her head and continued looking towards the ground, having no intention to give eye contact towards the two.

    Suddenly, Zhào Lǚ had an idea that could help the little girl, “May I ask, what is your name?”

    “I-It’s Chǎng,” the girl said hesitantly.



    After asking those two questions, Zhào Lǚ clapped his hands and smiled at her, “Then how about you come work for me? Chef Mint does need people to help cook and clean.”

    This stunned Chǎng as she never expected to be given such a role. Despite being thirteen, she knew the status of Captain Shi, and for him to be respectful to the young man in front of her meant that he had a great status. At most she had thought that he would help pay for the medication but that was it, there would be no reason for karma to go down and bless her.

    Captain Shi nodded and stared at Zhào Lǚ with acknowledgment towards his actions. To meet people who would help random strangers out was rare in the world unless they had some value in them, even he would not care for anyone who held no purpose. If looked through a Marxist lens, only those with power equal or above them would have any value.

    “So do you accept?” Zhào Lǚ asked as he smiled at her.

    “Y-Yes!” she said while standing up and trying to act as if she was confident.

    The young man giggled and asked a question to the captain, “Can you help take us to the mansion? We’ve spent way to much time here I couldn’t even explore much of the place,” he sighed as he wanted to spend time exploring the city.

    Before the little girl could even look away due to the guilt of her causing this, she felt an arm grab her and the next moment that she looked she was in the air. She suddenly screamed loudly as she was already fifty meters in the air.

    In the time of a few breaths, the girl found herself on solid ground and almost collapsed from fear. If it were not for Captain Shi holding her tightly, she would have already died from being frightened.

    “Thank you, Captain Shi,” Zhào Lǚ said as he bowed towards him.

    “No problem, I shall go ahead and deal with the troubles that happened today. Please excuse my leave young master,” the captain said while disappearing from the two’s sight.

    “Come, let us go,” a door opened as Zhào Lǚ was greeted by the maids and servants in the household. He leads the way and found a maid near the bathroom and asked her to help clean up Chǎng and find or make a maid uniform for her to wear.

    While waiting, he signaled Chef Mint to prepare the meals, with one or two extra dishes for a guest. After giving the orders, he spent the time waiting with watering the plants in his field.

    In over a week, plants were already starting to sprout, and he smiled at the effort of his work. He had decided to use a mix of regular but also spirit plants to farm to get a sense of how to grow these plants. And just like materials like metal, storage stones, and the like, plants that have accumulated the essence of the heavens are labeled as spirit plants and have a ranking list of how valuable and strong they were.

    After tending for his plants, he went out and found that the maids have surprisingly founded a small enough uniform for Chǎng and when she came out she looked like a girl who was destined to be beautiful in the future.

    Chǎng blushed while being seen by the young man, especially since it was her first time being so clean and not dirty, while she was wearing something that she would be considered royalty despite it being so common.

    Seeing this, Zhào Lǚ tossed a spare low-grade storage ring at her, causing her to almost stumble around. “This is an early payment for you. Later in the day when you go home, buy yourself and your family food and get some medicine for your father. Also, I will ask Wáng Shui, the king, if he could give you a Five Element Ring, so you can flash off your status to anyone who wants to steal from you.”

    Receiving all these rewards, Chǎng eyes teared up slightly and kowtowed towards the young man in front of her and expressed her thanks heavily.

    Seeing this, Zhào Lǚ got slightly emotional as well as it reminded him of Gōng Xīn. His resolution of reviving Gōng Xīn from death became, even more, firmer as he knew without him, he wouldn’t be able to recover the puny memories that he obtained from his sacrifice. Despite spending such a short time with his disciple-in-name, it had already caused him to want to hurry and become stronger.

    “Come let us go eat,” Zhào Lǚ lead the way towards the dining hall and had Chǎng sit next to him. After both of them sat down, plates steamed out of the door, and the dishes were served to the two.

    “You probably haven’t had a full hearty meal in a long time right? Let us enjoy!” Zhào Lǚ said while shouting and laughing.

    While he was laughing, Chǎng had tears coming out of her eyes as she took a spoonful of food in her mouth.

  • Chapter 99: Entering The Academy

    On the very next day, a small little girl came running into a kitchen wearing a tiny maid’s uniform and looking as if she had come from a rich family.

    “M-master, I am here!” Chǎng said hesitantly. She was saying this for the first time as some of the passing maids on the previous day, educated her on what she should do and say.

    “Oh you are here, you took a bit of a long time, did any of the guards hold you back?” Zhào Lǚ said as he was nomming on a strawberry.

    “Ah, no. I told my mommy what happened yesterday, and even though I gave her the money and she was happy, for some reason she thought I was in something called a trafficking trade? I don’t know what that was but she thought you were a bad guy, so I had to explain everything and it wasn’t until I mentioned Captain Shi that she believed me!” Chǎng pouted after she finished explaining, clearly annoyed at her mother.

    “Trafficking trade? What’s that?” clearly ignorant to the topic, Zhào Lǚ looked towards the chef next to him.

    Chef Mint did not know whether to laugh or cry and was very hesitant on explaining. After a few breaths of time, he tried to explain it to the two in the ‘nicest’ way possible. However, after the two learned of what it was, they shivered and were shocked, as if they were little kids seeing a ghost.

    After regaining themselves, Zhào Lǚ proceeded to introduce Chǎng to the person in front of her, “This is Chef Mint, while you will also do some maid duties, you will also help him cook and clean.”

    Despite having this be her first time doing anything of the like, Chǎng nodded as her hands slightly shook from being nervous.

    Chef Mint went on his knees to talk to the little girl and said, “Are you prepared for this work? This will be a lot compared to what you are generally used to.”

    Chǎng quickly nodded, and the chef smiled in acknowledgment, “Even though this will be a ton of work if you need breaks make sure to tell me.”

    “A lot of work?” having no experience, Zhào Lǚ asked as he questions the schedule that he totally didn’t procrastinate to do. “If that is a lot, then how shall I fit the classes for the academy!?” he panicked slightly.

    Mint and Chǎng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as a drop of sweat fell off their face. Before he could panic further, Mint give him a suggestion, “How about she just spends time helping me in the kitchen, no need for her to do other work unless she is free for a long period of time. As for getting to the royal academy where all the aristocrats and royalty go to, give her a treasure that allows her to travel, that should make things easier.”

    “Thanks for the idea chef!” if this were a drawing, a lightbulb would have appeared above Zhào Lǚ’s head. “Starting tomorrow school will start for you, even though it is a bit late for you since the official opening was a month ago, with the progenitor’s help, you’ll be let in immediately, and be in the top class.”

    Hearing this the both of them shuddered after hearing that the progenitor is personally helping her go into the academy. “Young master, the only thing I will say is that considering Chǎng’s status and background, she will have an immensely rough time, not only in academics, and cultivation, but also in status,” Mint said with concern.

    After the chef spoke Chǎng went on her knees and kowtowed towards Zhào Lǚ. “Even though I am far behind, I will cherish this and work hard!”

    Nodding at her display, Zhào Lǚ looked towards the chef and thought about his statement, “If anyone bullies her then I will try my best to prevent it.”

    “Senior, you don’t have to worry. I will try my best and not disappoint master!” Chǎng said as her eyes filled with determination.

    “I am still worried, but anyways, let us get you accustomed to the place. Tomorrow will be a big day for you, so while I help you get used to the place, I will also quickly teach you things you need to know, which also include basic things like manner, speech, and posture,” the chef said, treating her as if she was his own daughter. Despite meeting her for the first time, he decided that he mind as well take care of the girl and teach her the ways.


    After a long casual day, the next day arrived surprisingly quickly.

    A young man sat at the front of the entrance to a mansion eating cake. Smiling every time he took a bite as if he was being blessed every time. Next to him, an old man with a messy beard sat to his right, slowly plucking a flower that bloomed recently.

    “Master!” a little girl came running towards the entrance of the mansion. Even though sweat filled her face, it did not stop her from charging in like a bull, ready under any circumstances.

    The old man placed the flower on the staircase and looked at the little girl, “So this is the one you decided to take in? She does have potential talent, and her attitude is not too bad. At the very least it is not like a rich noble’s arrogance, but instead confidence with caution.”

    Seeing that Chǎng was confused about who the old man was, Zhào Lǚ decided to shed some light, “This old man is Wáng Dòu, or better yet, the person who made Liokal, or in other words, the progenitor.”

    “Ah! I-It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Chǎng said while panicking heavily. Despite having little time to attend school, even she knew the importance of the king and the progenitor. Even though Wáng Dòu is not talked about too much, it is like the history of someone’s culture, even if they don’t know much about it, they at the very least know something about it.

    “Haha, let us go to the academy,” Wáng Dòu said as his aura stretched out, encompassing the two behind him.


    “Things have been oddly calming around here. Despite the progenitor and his son battling, everything has been too peaceful. But maybe I just worry too much,” a middle-aged man said while drinking tea.

    “Sir you really are worrying too much. Sometimes peace is necessary to bring the growth of a civilization. We can’t always be at war, nor can we always stress everyone out. This should be a great time not only for us but for the students to take a break and live,” a woman sitting across from the man said as she sipped her tea.

    However, before the man could speak, he dropped his teacup, letting it drop on the floor and stared towards a specific direction. “Why would he be here? Is some important matter rising?”

    “Sir?” the woman asked. The man immediately exited the room, as if he had suddenly teleported, and the woman did the same after being shocked by the man’s reaction, chasing after him.


    A woman with a blue shirt and black pants was at a board, writing with a strange tool that caused her to quickly write quickly on a strange whiteboard.
    “And so here, as you can see on this cultivators diagram if you do not cultivate your dantian properly, and accumulate the purest of qi strands, you will have a harder time to reach higher in cultivation. Even though luck is a huge factor, sometimes training is also an important factor,” her hand pointed towards the small dantian.

    All of a sudden the door to the room unlocked, showing three people at the doorway.

  • Chapter 100: Arrogant Students

    “May I help you? Where are your assigned guards? Something must have happened, but oh well, if you are visitors, the principle will be greeting you in his office,” the teacher said before she went back to her class.

    But before she could restart her class, an old man standing in front of the door spoke gently, “Us two are visitors, however, this one is a student here.” He pointed towards Chǎng while his back was slightly hunched over like a true old man.

    “Sir, we do not have an extra student here. Every single student enlisted in this class is present currently and I would have to ask you to leave or else. This is no place for even people at the bottom of the upper-class region to be at!” her voice raised slightly. The reason for her arrogance was due to the sudden intrusion of the three, but also for the fact that Chǎng was still wearing a maid’s uniform.

    In fact, some people thought that Zhào Lǚ was the student despite looking like an adult already. They laughed and snickered upon hearing the old man say that the little girl who looked like a common maid was to be attending the academy.

    “Then I have no choice to personally escort you out,” the teacher glared at the three and placed her weird writing thing down. For some reason, she did not shout for guards. The guards at the school were people with high statuses. Even though guards are people who would be considered to be weak and have low statuses. Here, the guards were all at the eighth rank, Qi Expansion, causing anyone who entered to be wary, and fearful of the power that the academy had to hire people with such strengths.

    However, unlike Chǎng and Zhào Lǚ, Wáng Dòu knew that the reason was because the teachers were the true powerhouse besides the principle or any other elite or head guards. They were all at the ninth rank and could be considered people with great statuses. Even though they all varied in levels, it was enough to show that if an emergency happened, they could handle it. But most importantly, they were most fit to teach the students.

    “Teacher Bù, let me take care of this trash. They probably are not even upper-class, but instead, middle-class civilians who desire to join us but don't have the money nor status to,” a young boy around the age of thirteen laughed arrogantly. In social terms, he could be said to have worn some of the riches clothes that could even stun nobles and was handsome as the stars.

    “There goes, Arrogant Stone. Always doing stuff because he thinks he is the ruler of the world,” a girl said, causing everyone to laugh along.

    “Good, you have recently advanced to Void Foundation. It is time to test your skills and show everyone what you have learned. Remember, every battle is important as life and death, never lose your guard even if it is against mere mortals,” the teacher said while laughing. She did not suspect that any of them were grand cultivators.

    The little girl and the young man both had no cultivation what so ever, while the old man was a bit mysterious, yet she knew that he was not an immortal. The reason for this was because she had already encountered many immortals, and many couldn’t even hide their aura’s against her. Little did she know that the old man was actually the progenitor of Liokal, and the reason she could not identify him was due to the fact that Wáng Dòu had already broken through to the second rank.

    The little boy called ‘Arrogant Stone’ charged at the group of three, preparing to actually injure mere mortals!

    Chǎng and Zhào Lǚ both coward away in fear, having no combat experience, they were scared and wanted to run away. However, Wáng Dòu simply snorted and spoke in an angry voice, “You damn runt! Not even respecting your elders.” After he snorted, the little boy suddenly fell to the floor with his eyes widening immensely.

    Everyone who was snickering and laughing at the three suddenly stopped and even the teacher turned seriously and prepared to attack.
    The little boy was on his knees, making noises as if he was chocking. Those in the room barely even heard him saying “I-I can’t breathe…”

    “Let him go, now,” the teacher said releasing her aura. The classroom went dead silent and the students decided to back away, preparing to take out the treasures their rich families gave them.

    However, the boy kept chocking, and the pressure did not disappear at all. Even though the teacher could hardly feel it, she knew it was dangerous and decided to go all out on this situation. She pulled out a knife and charged at the old man. As she charged, Wáng Dòu’s eyes slowly opened as if the world was under his control.

    “Stop!” an enormous pressure surged out, causing the teacher to be pushed back with force. A middle-aged man wearing a blue shirt said as he stood in front of the two. At the door, another figure appeared sweating. This figure was a young woman who arrived a few seconds later than the man.

    “Headmaster! What are you doing! We got intruders, and this bastard dared to even attack one of our students!” the teacher said, blazing in anger.

    “You shut up! Who cares if a student dies under him! In front of him, you are just worthless trash regardless,” the man who was called the headmaster had his aura surge like a mountain, even suffocating the nearby students slightly.

    Hearing this the teacher was stunned and had decided to shut up while taking small glances at the old man.

    The middle-aged man cuffed his fist towards Wáng Dòu and apologized immensely, “Please forgive me, senior, I shall punish that despicable woman for you later. Please let me get you situated, especially the young girl of yours, I am sure she will quickly catch up quickly to our academy. For her to be brought here must mean she is definitely a talent!”

    He then glanced at the teacher and then looked at the woman at the doorway, “Take her away, get a substitute for today and the next.”

    “Yes,” the woman said before walking towards the teacher.

    “W-wait, headmaster, it is a misunderstanding. I shall atone for my sin!” the teacher went on her knees, pleading.

    “Then go with me,” the woman said walking towards the doorway, not caring for the teacher as if everything was already in control.

    Wáng Dòu looked towards Chǎng and patted her head, “This will be the place where you will be learning at for a few years. If you want to be someone grand, to be someone who uplifts your family, work hard, and remember that without a fire burning your soul and body, you won’t be able to advance.”

    Despite the harsh words, Chǎng nodded and took everything seriously. The headmaster said a few words with Wáng Dòu before he started to send him and Zhào Lǚ off.

    Zhào Lǚ smiled at the little girl in a happy manner, “I will pick you up later, remember, even if it is hard to keep going!”

    Chǎng nodded and soon the two, old and young headed out the academy that was now bursting with gossip.

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  • Chapter 101: Can I Cultivate?

    In a large field, one where the majority of it was empty, and a small portion had plants growing out of it, a man meditated, breathing in and out like a snail. If his chest did not puff up and down gently any passers-by would think that he was a statue or even dead as even the harsh ways of the sun's did not do anything to him.

    All of a sudden, another man appeared on the outskirts of the field, walking slowly towards him, trying his best to be careful, to not disturb the meditating man. He took his glasses off and sat on the empty fields, to not touch and destroy the plants with his weight, and began meditating as well.

    An hour passed and the meditating man finally opened his eye, getting out of the empty state of mind. He was shocked to see someone else near him as he prohibited anyone from entering this field, nevertheless to even glance at it as this was his personal private space where only he could be at.

    The other man sitting a bit away from him opened his eyes as well and got up. After dusting his clothes, he was the first to speak, “Brother, you have finally awoken.”

    The previously meditating man spoke up in reply, “Fù Dí, sorry I did not expect you to arrive. You must have waited a long time right?”

    Fù Dí laughed and waved off the concern, “I only waited an hour, but it was already amusing enough to see you meditate for this whole time. I would have even mistaken you for those Buddhist people if it were not for you wearing those clothes.”

    “Haha, I have been taking a liken to this place. Even though I don’t have much experience with love or life in general, I guess I can say what society says in terms of this being like my child or something. It’s just something I want to take care of, and being here just brings me peace.” the young man said.

    “Ah, that explains it,” Fù Dí said while smiling, “oh, the reason I came was because the king wanted me to do some experiments or the like on you.”
    Hearing this, Zhào Lǚ was instantly confused and asked what he meant by that.

    “I want to try and activate your body, and see if it is possible for you to use any qi. I have brought many books, scrolls, and even jades to help with this, even the one before where you went crazy, but that’s going to be saved for last as we don’t want something like that to happen again,” he said while a sweat dropped off his face, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

    “I’m not sure if this is going to work, but let us do it!” Zhào Lǚ instantly agreed to this proposition as he was also intrigued if he could or not, and he wanted to understand what this qi thing was as it didn’t seem like it was something you could find or do naturally; at the very least for humans.

    The two got settled onto another section in the field, away from the plants in case something happens with experimenting. Some of the plants were of high quality and some even cultivated, but there were some plants that were still considered mortal plants, plants that even mortals could grow and consume or use.

    “Alright, since this is the case, let us start on what qi even is,” Fù Dí said while clapping his hands. “Qi is not something that even the progenitor can explain with absolute confidence, but many wise sages have come up with a hypothesis on where it came from, and why it even exists, but to this day, unless we can somehow get someone to the level of god, we probably won’t ever know.

    But even so! We have come up understanding about the general knowledge of qi and how it affects us as people. One thing for sure is that almost every living thing is able to cultivate. Of course, there are cripples, whether from birth or others, but that is a whole complicated situation of itself. But besides them, to have the ability to absorb qi is like the ability to breathe in the air.

    The best way to think of qi is to think of it like air. As if it is always here no matter the situation. The only difference is that qi is spawned and appears from many things, one being spirit veins, a vein in the planet that allows qi to come out of it. Even though we don’t know where a spirit vein comes from, we know that due to this we will always have an abundance of qi in the world. Of course, even in space is qi floating in the void; though it is just less apparent due to the sources dwindling in space.”

    This discussion kept going on as Fù Dí explained the general concepts in depth as possible. After some time, he finally moved on to the idea of using qi. However, due to Zhào Lǚ’s case, he couldn’t ask him to feel the qi in the air, but instead gave him an extremely long explanation of how mortals use qi.

    Losing track of time, Zhào Lǚ finally snapped out of the state he was in, as he finally had to stop trying to focus on everything that Fù Dí was saying and now had to read. The books, scrolls, and jade that Fù Dí had brought were now being displayed. These cultivation techniques were so high grade that even a commoner could only hear about his name but never even see someone use it nor have the privilege to glance at the method as they were usually guarded extremely heavily or only wealthy nobles were able to barely purchase them.

    Having all these high-quality methods made even Fù Dí swallow his saliva, but he knew it was because of the king and progenitor opening the gates to the castle’s treasury that he was able to get these methods to show to the man in front of him.

    Fù Dí asked Zhào Lǚ to slowly read each technique one by one in order to understand how cultivators absorb and use their qi, and asked if he could even test them out.

    However, to his expectation, each cultivation technique failed one by one, causing the two of them to be disappointed and stress.

    About three-fourths of the cultivation technique that was brought ended up being failures and not even a single thread of qi swirled around or moved outside of its natural state, causing Fù Dí to be even more confused considering that Zhào Lǚ was actually trying and was doing his best to perform the movements and instructions correctly.

    Being mentally exhausted, Zhào Lǚ finally asked a question, “I think I may have a solution to this.”

    Perplex, Fù Dí asked, “Do you know why you can absorb any qi? Is it the seal that's blocking you?”

    “Yes, but I have this gut feeling that I am able to execute something as when that extremely small portion of memories leaked, I sensed some shackle like thing break inside of me. But I can’t pinpoint it somewhere exactly. But it reminded me when we were at the trials, something happened with me and Leia,” he said while getting up. “I want you to try and beat me up.”

    Fù Dí didn’t know whether to laugh or cry and even asked his friend to make sure he was not going crazy.

    “Just trust me, I feel like this could be the solution!” Zhào Lǚ said, begging him to do so.

    Noticing how awkward the situation was, Fù Dí agreed and decided to do it anyways.

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    Chapter 102: My True Path?

    “Oof!” Zhào Lǚ was sent flying and was launched into the dirt as glowing white particles dissipated into the air.

    “Are you sure you want to keep going?” Fù Dí said with concern. He trusted his companion, but this request was too bizarre. Currently, he had his book out and he was summoning formations to send out to Zhào Lǚ and was hesitating on whether to make more or not.

    “Keep going!” Zhào Lǚ yelled as he grabbed an iron sword nearby him and charging forward the man in front of him. Even though he did not really practice with the sword much after he got out of the trials, he most certainly bought some gears from shops to mess with and for any future practice.

    His body suddenly bent down as he rolled on the ground before getting up with haste and launching his sword to his back.

    “Bang!” the sword swiftly found itself hitting a barrier and being pushed back. Hearing this, Zhào Lǚ quickly ran away and stabilized himself before preparing to charge once again.

    A multi-colored light appeared around Fù Dí as he chanted some unknown words, causing his surroundings to glow brightly. After a snort, he closed his book, causing the lights to sent out in many directions before charging at Zhào Lǚ as if it were homing missiles.

    Zhào Lǚ quickly prepared his sword and thrust it like someone new at swordsmanship, appearing and executing it weakly, only one of the missiles was actually deterred and landed in the nearby ground. Of course, Fù Dí is taking it easy on him as if he were to use his full powers he would be absolutely wrecked, not even being able to move. Even though Fù Dí was a formation user, due to his cultivation he could even just use a technique related to footwork and knock Zhào Lǚ out with his book in less than a second.

    The other missiles hit Zhào Lǚ’s body, causing him to not be hurt as it Fù Dí wasn’t touching him personally, but it still knocked him around heavily. Another missile was arriving at his destination, but due to him being knocked around, his sword flew in the air and the missile hit the sword, causing both to fly in random directions.

    The sword flew next to Zhào Lǚ, yet the missile, on the other hand, landed in the field of plants, blowing up the area, causing a devastating hole to gush out, destroying some of the plants with it.

    By the time Zhào Lǚ got up and saw it, Fù Dí did not know whether to laugh or cry at this situation. He could see Zhào Lǚ standing up and staring at his precious plants, before looking down. He felt really bad for having that happen, but little did he know he was actually contemplating right now.

    Is this how rage feels? This isn’t something like fighting with Leia where I had a huge surge of anger coming out of me yet despite it being really weak I could use this. Zhào Lǚ was currently angry about his plants, but it was small enough for him to control it and keep it inside. Right now was the time for him to use this built up anger as he wanted to see if his hypothesis was true.

    Despite being in this world for a bit of time, he has not really experienced negative emotions at all. With only nervousness and fear being the thing that gets him at times, but when it came to anger, he rarely experienced such a thing, with the times he went out of control like with fighting Leia being one of those.

    He decided to grab his sword and charged towards Fù Dí again. For some reason, when he went charging, Fù Dí suddenly flinched despite the enemy being far away, causing him to suddenly speak in a weird language as he suddenly cast ten barriers, stacking in front of each other.

    As soon as Zhào Lǚ came close to the barrier, his eyelids dimmed, almost closing yet not shut. If someone was to suddenly stare at him, they would shiver as those eyes were the eyes of someone who was determined and ready to kill.

    He lifted his sword up and as he was about to swing down he yelled internally, Draining Voided Desire! The eight barriers suddenly collapsed, causing Fù Dí to suddenly fall from his knees as the sudden impact was truly too much. If he had not reinforced them due to a sudden urge to do so, it would even be possible to say that Zhào Lǚ could have broken through and heavily injure him.

    After cutting through eight of the barriers, Zhào Lǚ dropped the sword and breathed heavily as if he was ready to faint.

    Fù Dí’s body slumped to the ground out of shock, fear, and exhaustion. He did not expect for this to happen and he has almost never feared anything so immensely like this one right now. To him, it was like a child juggling around with knives, something a parent would never want their kid to do, yet in this situation, the knife almost landed incorrectly.

    After a few minutes, Fù Dí finally calmed down and asked the man in front of him who was still breathing heavily a question. “Why did you suddenly spark with so much strength? I had to utilize my full strength just to combat that.”

    Still breathing heavily, Zhào Lǚ answered in a hoarse voice, “Because back in the trials, Leia explained to me that emotions were something that I did in my past. So I figured with my current state, I mind as well test this hypothesis. It worked, but right now I feel insanely drained.”

    Fù Dí summoned a weird yellow fruit to his hand and tossed it towards the dying man, “Here, eat this and recover. Let’s see if spirit fruits work on you. They are generally used in either cooking or medicine as they give the user qi.”

    Grabbing the thrown fruit, Zhào Lǚ quickly ate it as if he had been starving for days. After taking a simple bite, his eyes grew and he ate the whole fruit in a matter of seconds. He did not breathe heavily anymore but instead heaved a long and happy sigh. “Do you happen to have any more?”

    “Screw off! You already made me have a near-death experience, and now you want me to give you more fruits! That was personally given to me by the king for a quest that I completed for him,” Fù Dí sighed heavily. “Even if I goto the brothel tonight my body will still be so tense. Ah, I need to relax tomorrow, my heart feels like dying.”

    He quickly got his bearings and started to head to the exit after saying his goodbyes to Zhào Lǚ.

    Zhào Lǚ also got his bearings in a bit of time and headed towards the kitchen to ask Chef Mint to prepare for dinner.

    “Master!” a little girl wearing a maid uniform came running at him in the halls.

    Seeing the little girl, Zhào Lǚ instantly smiled and patted her head as she came over, “How has school been Chǎng?”

    “It has been good! After the event, no one really disturbed me and I quickly made friends and the like. Though they probably are still rich typical snobs, only a few seemed like good people,” she said with disdain. Despite being young, she had already developed a keen sense of how people were and their true nature.

    “If anyone tries to bully you then I will take care of them,” he said jokingly.

    “Hmm, I just have to study and cultivate extra hard! That’s the only part I’m worried about. But if master believes in me then I can do it!” Chǎng said as she ran towards the dining hall in a happy mood.

  • Chapter 103: Denial of Marriage

    In a beautiful and elegant garden, a man laid on his back, allowing the gentle breeze to slowly swim past him. Fooling around as the old trees watch, and the flowers worked. The world seemingly at peace.

    “Zhào Lǚ I know you came early, but do you really need to sleep here?” a young woman said as she poked onto the young man’s cheek.

    Being disturbed, Zhào Lǚ grumbled and flipped his body to the other side to prevent her from bothering him.

    “Come on, I got a whole table of food just for you!” she said playfully.

    However, he did not awaken and instead started to snore.

    The young girl suddenly felt her head throb and she was about to kick him in the back before having an idea. “After we eat, we’re going to go on an exciting journey! Not only are we going to experience wonderful food, but their’s plenty of nature and cultivation related things!”

    Hearing this, Zhào Lǚ’s ears perked up and he turned around to her slowly in a lazy manner. “Wáng Wèi where are we going and when?”

    “Soon after you get your lazy ass up!” she said while taking her sword and hitting his back, causing him to feel a tickle until he realized that he was in the air.

    “Ah!” he soon screamed realizing he was in the air. With due time his head landed into the ground. After getting out he got up not knowing whether to laugh or cry. After he dropped off Chǎng he was suddenly called by Wáng Wèi to meet with her and the others for an important meeting. However, he was surprisingly the first to arrive.

    After spending time to get settled, the others started to finally show up one by one.

    “It has been a bit since we sat together like this,” Jīn Fèng laughed while drinking a cup of wine.

    “It really has,” Zhàn Méi spoke with her gentle and quiet voice.

    “So princess, why did you invite us?” Láng Ma spoke with his usual angry and rude voice.

    “Well, as you guys... Well at least everyone except Zhào Lǚ knows; the upcoming competition is arising, and this is coming along with some stupid conflicts,” Wáng Wèi said, almost wanting to bang her head on the table. “Besides Lotus who seems calm at the moment, the most important disciple of the Blood sect is asking for my hand in marriage.”

    Hearing this, Zhào Lǚ spoke out with concern and confusion, “Isn’t the Blood sect the same…”

    “Yes it is, it’s that same sect that harmed senior and his lover. We don’t know what happened in the aftermath after the big snake appeared, but all we know is that the other sect declined while the Blood sect surprisingly grew in power, causing an immortal to actually appear in their sect.
    Because of this, they actually had the nerve to ask for my hand in marriage.”

    “Wáng Wèi, you really are popular huh?” Zhào Lǚ said, thinking that she was being swarmed with potential lovers.

    Everyone did not know whether to laugh or cry. The princess was the first to speak after a bit of awkward silence as she had to correct him on this.
    “Having two people ‘interested’ in me doesn’t mean I am popular. In fact, a lot of female nobles generally have many handfull of people who want to ask for the female’s hand, and this does not count those who are too weak or scared to do so because of power and status.

    There are many who want me and had even asked me for my hand or tried to flirt with me, yet that bastard from the Blood sect actually threatened me, acting as if his sect was the only thing in the world! Even Lotus does not dare touch me as even he does not want to get in a full on fight with my father and grandfather,” she said as if on an angry rant.

    Fù Dí finally chipped into the conversation, “This seems problematic. But we should be fine, we got a secret weapon up our sleeves. The thing we got to worry about is just making sure we have a solid plan and good preparation.”

    “Secret weapon?” Zhàn Méi chimed in after drinking her tea unlike the alcoholic next to her drinking to her heart’s content. Having been with the others for a long while, she knew that the man who just spoke did not have some drastic secret weapon that could deter immortals and the king would have given any treasure towards his daughter than to any of them.

    “Hehe, that’s going to be a secret. Our secret weapon is going to be important in case anything happens. Though to be honest we may not really need to use it at all since I hardly doubt that the immortal residing in the Blood sect would truly anger our kingdom, at most, it will be that snobby brat,” he said while acting mysteriously.

    Knowing what Fù Dí was talking about, Zhào Lǚ broke the silence in the room with a cough, “When are we leaving? I kinda need to plan ahead of time,” he said while trying to be vague.

    “Oh, Zhào Lǚ what are you trying to hide? Don’t tell me you have gotten a girlfriend already! Is it Zhàn Méi? I knew this would happen,” Jīn Fèng said playfully like a mother who always teased their children. Even though she wasn’t drunk yet, she appeared to have a playful and silly smile on right now.

    “Big Sis!” Zhàn Méi shouted at the woman next to her while blushing immensely.

    “Now I am actually curious. I wanna know what you are hiding from us,” Wáng Wèi smirked and placed her elbows on the table as she wanted to know what the current situation was.

    Fù Dí joined in after he suddenly had a thought appeared in his head, “Oh yeah, that reminds me, who was that little girl wondering around cheerfully? She did not seem like the other maids. Could it be…” he laughed while trying to maintain a serious expression.

    Everyone looked at him suspiciously and some even with concern. Even Láng Ma, the typical quiet one joined in with looking at him.

    “It’s just someone I took in! I felt bad for her so I got her listed into the number one academy and got a job at my mansion so she can support her family!” Zhào Lǚ said with panic. Even though he did not know why they were looking at him weirdly, he felt pressured enough with the stares.

    The quietest person in the group finally spoke up with his rude and demeaning tone, “So she is essentially your child? It sounds like you are already a parent then.”

    “A parent huh?” mumbling under his breath, Zhào Lǚ thought about this statement for a bit.

    “I have got to meet the little one. I bet she is adorable and cute! Either way, why do you need to prepare? Do you need to make sure she is getting paid or something?” despite wanting to meet the little girl, Wáng Wèi maintained her composure and stayed on topic.

    “Because I drive her to school every morning. And I need to help manage things with her schedule because she has a vacation arriving soon, meaning she needs to prepare for things as she’s very late when it comes to cultivating and being educated.”

    “Then I have a suggestion if the time that she is going on vacation is around our trip, we could take her along. The trip will honestly be about two weeks due to the competition, while the vacation of that academy is around a month, enough time for her to join,” realizing the stress he currently had, Fù Dí joined in to help relieve some stress and even make the trip a bit more fun.

    Zhào Lǚ immediately nodded and agreed as liked the idea.

    The group then decided to split up to prepare for the upcoming event as it was in only two weeks before they had to leave to get a head start at arriving.

  • Chapter 104: Leaving for the Competition

    Without much fillings, the time it took for two weeks to pass by went extremely quick. Nothing too eventful had happened with only minor news being spread out every now and then.

    For the past two weeks, Zhào Lǚ did his usual routine, waking up and eating breakest with Chǎng. Taking her to school. Working on his farm-like-field. Practicing with his sword or reading and understanding literature. Doing something minor like wandering the city or meditating. Waiting for Chǎng to come home before eating dinner with her.

    The tasks repeated day by day, only changing slightly due to a reason or another. Yet today this chain will break as him and the others were soon about to head out to the competition, even though he still didn’t know much about the competition, only understanding that powerful young geniuses were participating for some reason.

    However, he was not left in the dark. Despite him rarely ever seeing Láng Ma as the archer held no interest in seeing him. He was kind enough to hand everyone a jade slip containing the general information of the people participating in the competition and who some of the young geniuses were. This, of course, did not contain everybody participating that were of importance but it was enough for him to watch and not be confused when the audience acted in many different manners.

    “Master, we should probably get going. I want to explore the cities with you!” a young girl ran up to a man and tugged his sleeve as if he was her father. Luckily, the time frame of Chǎng’s vacation almost perfectly fitted the time needed for the competition.

    “Huh? Chǎng, what’s this black mark?” Zhào Lǚ said as he saw a strange black spot on the girl's neck. He knew this wasn’t ink or any other tools to write so he was confused on why a spot on her skin was darkened.

    “Heh? I think I slightly bruised myself earlier! Don’t worry about that though. Do you like my dress? Ms. Head Maid picked it out for me for our trip!” at first she appeared to be shocked or scared, however, Chǎng instantly changed the subject to her dress as she was not wearing a maid uniform right now.

    Even when going to school she would wear a maid uniform as she did not want to waste Zhào Lǚ’s money or time on something proper and at the end of school she was already tired so she decided to just wear it like regular clothes.

    She did get teased about the outfit and people gossiped about her a lot, but none dared to say that out loud or cause trouble about it as, after that event, they all knew that the person behind her was extremely frightening. For a maid to go to a school like theirs already signified her status.

    Zhào Lǚ got up from the chair he was sitting in and stretched his body before walking towards the main entrance. “I only went to one city outside of here, but that was for less than a day sadly. Chǎng have you gone anywhere outside?”

    “Eh, I want to. My grandpa has always told me stories about the world as he was a mercenary who traveled to many places, but I’ve only stayed in the poor section since that was the safest place to rob,” she said while looking down. Still feeling sorry for stealing Zhào Lǚ’s ring.

    “Then let’s go and explore when we leave! The others gave me a ton of money so we can go and buy to our heart's content,” Zhào Lǚ patted her head, as he summoned the flaming horse when they got out of the mansion’s area.


    “Why is that bastard so late?” a man was tapping his foot as he crushed a pebble into dust with his finger.

    “Brother Ma, keep in mind that you were the last person to arrive when we had the meeting, you are in no position to talk,” a young man said while reading a scripture.

    “Láng Ma, Fù Dí is right, why don’t you just chill out and drink some good wine,” ferociously gulping down on a large bottle, Jīn Fèng threw the bottle after she jugged it down in a breath’s time.

    Láng Ma grumpily looked to the side while tapping his foot impatiently. Currently, the group was already outside the kingdom and were on the road with Wáng Wèi’s carriage preparing to leave. He stared in the distance, specifically towards the gates and he finally saw a horse riding past the gates.

    “Oh, there he is! Is that little girl the one he’s taking care of? She’s so cute!” Wáng Wèi said while maintaining a happy expression. Despite being busy as she was a princess, in her spare time she would sometimes go to orphanages to pay a visit towards little kids and help those in need of an education or food.

    The flaming horse soon rode towards the group and the two on it got off before the horse disappeared.

    Currently, Chǎng was hiding behind Zhào Lǚ as she was scared. To him, these were his companions, yet to her, these were some of the most famous people in the kingdom. They were regarded as the most talented in the kingdom and were the people who would bring the kingdom of Liokal up! Even in the poorer sections of the community, they were claimed as people who were righteous, talented, beautiful or any other positive thing that you can think of.

    “Little one what is your name?” Wáng Wèi walked up to her and bent down, reaching the little girl’s height.

    “C-C-Chǎng!” she said while trembling.

    “Haha, she really is a cute one Zhào Lǚ!” Throwing a second bottle, Jīn Fèng smiled at the girl behind Zhào Lǚ and reassured her, “don’t worry, at the end of the day both me and you, and everyone else are just regular people. How are you gonna become strong if you don’t have a large amount of confidence? Come and let us drink, that will help you!”

    After saying that, a small fireball the size of a pebble was thrown at Jīn Fèng’s direction. Sadly the fireball missed as she moved her head faster than the fireball itself. The person who threw the fireball finally spoke, “Senior Sister, you realize that she is just a child right? You really need to get help and stop drinking so much.”

    “Zhàn Méi I’m just slightly drunk no need to worry. This ride is going to take a bit of time so mind as well relax for a bit.”

    “We should probably get going quickly,” Zhào Lǚ quickly tried to extinguish the heat between the two girls, and the other four who were watching from the sidelines quickly nodded.

    Everyone got on the carriage with ease and they all had enough room to sit comfortably.

    Each and every person inside was doing one thing or another, causing the time to pass by quickly. However, the person who was the most engage currently was Chǎng as this was her first time going outside of the city, causing her to act like how Zhào Lǚ had reacted when he first came to this world.

    After looking for a while, she then looked at Zhào Lǚ before deciding to sit down and cultivate without wasting a single second. She was truly indebted to him and at this point, if he had commanded her to fight to the death, she would not hesitate as she knew that her previous life of stealing just for crumbs had finally ended and she could actually do something with her life instead of staying in the slums.

    Despite starting so late in cultivation, she was lucky enough to finally break through after extremely desperation and hard work, allowing her to reach the second level of the first rank, Qi Refiners. She was the weakest in the whole entire academy, but this did not stop her from cultivating like a madman fighting against the heavens just for fun.

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    Chapter 105: Entering the City

    “Ah, finally we are nearing the city. This trip took a bit longer than expected,” closing his book, Fù Dí looked out the window to see an extremely large gate with two guards in front of it.

    Currently, the entrance to the city was bustling as there was a line currently, causing many to become impatient and even a few people who just arrived got deterred from the line and went somewhere else.

    “Master, why does one of the guard look weird? That woman has red scales along her body!” Chǎng looked out then went back into the carriage as she had never seen any humans with such a skin.

    Before Zhào Lǚ could answer, Wáng Wèi spoke for him, “Your master probably doesn’t know as well. That person is most likely apart of the Orange Reptilian clan. Not all, but some magical beast and demons are able to transform into their human forms early on in their cultivation path, allowing them to maintain a humanoid figure as it can sometimes be easier to traverse in society.

    Though almost all non-humans tend to keep something from their tribe like their scales to represent their blood and show off. The city we are at has a very diverse amount of cultivators from all around the world as it is closer to where magical beasts generally roam around. Liokal is more in the center of the area where humans generally take over so we never, if not rarely ever get visitors that are not humans.”

    Chǎng sat still as she absorbed this new information and she looked out the carriage once more to look at the woman with scales on her body. “I’ve always thought that beasts were always beasts, never would I imagine that a female from the Orange Reptilian clan would be so beautiful.”

    If the woman had heard that comment, most likely should be bursting from anger due to the rude comment, but luckily she did not.

    After a bit of waiting, the group finally managed to get inside and once they did they were immediately swarmed with people walking everywhere. Oddly, the structure of the city was that some of the malls, stands, and other attractions were placed near the entrances which lured visitors but caused heavy traffic for those riding on beasts, carriages or other things.

    After fighting through a crowd of brainless zombies that would not move, the group finally managed to get out after some time. However, they were stopped once more as the carriage did not move.

    “Goddammit! Who is it this time that is stopping the damn horse,” Láng Ma got out of the carriage in rage and saw a man and a woman standing in front of the horse that was a part of the princess’s treasure.

    The woman was currently petting the horse as if it was a true living horse. She looked towards Láng Ma and spoke to him in a calm and relaxing tone, “Is there a problem Ma Ma?”

    Before Láng Ma could explode, Wáng Wèi quickly went out of the carriage and went in front of him, in fear that he might cause a scene. “Yáng Wēnhé! Ah, you could have used a slip to notify me!”

    “I wanted to surprise my little sister. Of course, not horse horse, he can go and carry me around if he keeps acting like that,” the woman named Yáng Wēnhé laughed gently causing her to appear as a weak yet beautiful woman that made any male feel like that had to hold her in their arms.

    The person who she called a horse two times was, of course, Láng Ma as he was the only rude person currently.

    “Brother, we must fight sometime soon. You piss me off enough that I pray to the heavens that we meet in the competition,” the man behind the woman said in a stoic manner, clearly itching to fight Láng Ma.

    “Little Brother, you can’t do that. Remember our elders said to treat them with care, including horse horse,” Yáng Wēnhé commented as she held Wáng Wèi’s arm, dragging her back into the carriage. Even though many people call each other brothers and sisters, for these two they were truly siblings related by blood. “Your father must’ve informed you right? I already booked a court at the Celestial Road so we can go together.”

    Wáng Wèi nodded and after introducing the two to her group, they immediately started to travel again. The only oddity in the space was that the two siblings looked towards Zhào Lǚ and Chǎng with curiosity. Even though they knew princess and her original group was generally kind to mortals and those weaker, to see anyone with someone extremely weak like the little girl at the first rank and the man with no cultivation tagging along as friends it was a really bizarre sight.

    In the world of cultivators, strength ruled the world and made the rules, however, many things spawned from strength such as isolation and discrimination towards those strong and weak. Once people got stronger than their friends, it was not surprising to hear that they would leave them, forgetting about their friendship overall as they were too consumed by strength instead of seeing the bigger picture.

    They paid no attention towards the two as there was no point, and as the wind flew by they were already at the inn. However, to simply call it an inn was an understatement. If there was a word to describe a place where rich people rested, this place was certainly one of them. To book a room for a single day had cost over fifty gold, which was a price only those coming from extremely wealthy families were able to casually afford.

    After everyone got settled in, everyone went and did their own individual task as there was still a day left before the competition even started.

    “Zhàn Méi, do you want to join us? We are going to go explore around,” Zhào Lǚ spoke towards the girl in front of him.

    Surprised by the sudden invite, Zhàn Méi could only answer his question in a slightly panicked voice, “S-Sure!” her face blushed brightly.

    Despite being confused about why she was blushing, Zhào Lǚ took the two females outside after reviewing a jade slip so they could have a grasp on where to go.

    With the breath of the wind, the three stopped at a restaurant after wandering around and buying interesting things.

    “Chǎng, you have to try this crab cake!” beaming with excitement, Zhào Lǚ handed his fork towards the little girl, attempting to feed her.

    “Master I’m already full! I can only eat a single plate or two unlike you where you can eat a mountain and still be starving,” laying her back on the chair, slouching, she breathed softly as her belly felt like exploding.

    Hearing this, he immediately turned to Zhàn Méi with glimmering eyes as he wanted someone to try this wonderful food. Yet, little did he know that doing this was considered either a parenting or romantic action. If done to a little kid it made sense, however, doing it to an adult, specifically towards the opposite sex, at least in this region, made it become a ‘romantic’ act towards one’s partner.

    Despite knowing what this signified, Zhàn Méi turned away from her typically stoic face and blushed before accepting the food with a cute face that would charm any person watching. In fact, some people were either envious or giggling at this scene. Despite her being in raggy normal clothes, her beauty still shone through the room, making her appear as if she was attempting to wear a mask to hide the jade beneath, yet it was failing.

    The three enjoyed their time in the restaurant yet when they were finishing a man with two people behind him walked towards the three smiling as if he was the most innocent in the world.

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    Chapter 106: The Arrogant Womanizer

    “Miss, you seem to be finishing up, how about I treat you to some jewelry and some other gifts,” the man leading the other two said as if he was the heavens themselves. In fact, some of the females in the restaurant were slightly jealous as the man talking was quite handsome as his face shone with excellence and his hair swung around his clothes that displayed his fit physique. Even some of the men in the room got jealous of his beauty.

    “No thank you, we were just about to leave. You can bugger off now,” with a cold and demeaning voice, Zhàn Méi placed her fork and knife down as she didn’t feel like eating her final portion anymore.

    The young man took this as an offense but he did not take action, instead only his voice changed slightly but still maintained a calm and peaceful tone, “Young miss, what do you require, I am pretty sure these little ones can’t provide you with what I can. I am apart of the Red Half Wolf clan, and I am most likely going to get into the top hundred of the upcoming competition. This should be enough to prove my identity.”

    Some people gasped as they finally realize the identity of the man and tried their best to look away but still take glances as they knew that with a single snap, the two guards behind him could easily annihilate any of them and the guards of the city won’t do anything.

    The Red Half Wolf clan was not a very powerful clan compared to those in the world as they lacked an immortal, but they were the main force besides the immortal governing here who held the most power. Yet despite this, they chose to act however they wanted and almost every time got away with those actions.

    If the young man wanted something then there was no stopping him. Especially with the fact that he claimed with confidence that he would be able to get into the top hundreds showed off his strength but more importantly his status in the clan.

    “Ah, I know him! He’s Hóngsè Bāojī!” a man said with shock as he finally remembered who the young man in front of them was.

    Around the restaurant, people gasped internally and the females who thought that he was the most gorgeous man in the world quickly looked away in fear. No matter if it was a young and drop dead gorgeous woman, or a madman, they pretended they saw nothing and some even stopped talking in general.

    This man was someone who was detested and feared in the city as he was well known for one thing, deflowering females! That was why the females looked away as he was considered to be the most disgusting man in the city, yet no one could make a complaint due to his status.

    Ignoring the looks of the people, and the pervert, Hóngsè Bāojī, Zhàn Méi stared at the two at her table and spoke quietly, “Let’s go, no need to be around with a pervert.”

    “Who said you were going anywhere,” one of the guards blocked the entrance to their table, emitting his fierce aura to intimidate them.

    While Zhào Lǚ and Chǎng felt pressured and slightly shook, Zhàn Méi did not at all and instead emitted a terrifying aura, causing that guard to suddenly step back before looking at her with a serious expression.

    With but a snap, Hóngsè Bāojī commanded the two guards, “Do it, kill the man, and take the two girls.”

    The two guards were slightly hesitant as he was also taking the little girl who didn't appear to be nearing adulthood. They knew that ‘taking’ the girls just meant taking them to his bedroom. Despite hating how much of a pervert they were they had to follow orders. As the guards sensed Zhàn Méi’s aura, they pulled all of their power out to restrain her in case she was stronger than they had thought.

    However, before a single hand could approach her, an icicle pierced through one of the guards head and a fireball instantly knocked back the guard to a wall. The only reason she was able to do this was that both of them were not prepared to take incoming blows from the side and instead were focusing to the front of them. Not only that, the one that had his head pierce was only at the fourth rank, at the first level, causing him to be obliterated in an instant. Unfortunately, the other guard was at the peak of the fourth rank.

    “Bastard!” Hóngsè Bāojī yelled loudly and prepared to attack. However, he was suddenly stopped by a voice. 

    “Bāojī’er stay your hand!” a man and three others behind him came running in, preparing to stop the young man.

    “Father what are you doing!” he yelled as he was furious at the woman who killed his guards. With him calling the man ‘father’, the people inside knew instantly that this was the sectmaster of the clan!

    However, the sectmaster immediately ignored his son and bowed towards the young woman and her two companions, “I am deeply sorry Little Méi. Please, I deeply ask that you forgive my stupid son. If Wáng Dòu or Wáng Shui wants, they can take him away!”

    Gasps could be heard around the room and one person even spoke out loud accidentally, “Wait is this woman actually the Icy Queen!?”

    The name Icy Queen sounded out in almost everyone’s ears as they shivered at that name. 

    Having known Zhàn Méi for a bit of time, the name confused Zhào Lǚ as whenever he looked at her, all he could see was a woman who was kind and gentle like a flower and shy as a bat. Never would he imagine that she held a fierce title.

    Little did he know, despite her being someone who was truly kind and gentle, she had another personality. Especially in battle, if it were an enemy that she wanted to kill she would stop at nothing to end them. Even at the age of eight, she had slaughtered three mortals who tried to kidnap her in cold blood as she made sure that they were dead. Not only that, but her extremely ferocious style of battle granted her fame whether or not she could be considered one of the top youth in this generation.

    Hearing that name, Hóngsè Bāojī instantly froze and looked at her more seriously. Even though she was not the top genius in this generation she was certainly a force to not be reckoned with. If compared to other youths, she would not even be labeled in the top hundred of those who had the best cultivation speed. But despite this, she made it up with her frightening power that excelled than the typical cultivator.

    The situation quickly settled and the three ended up walking home with some peace and quiet. Due to the other two being with her, Zhàn Méi made the choice to quickly wrap up the situation and head home to prepare for the competition. Tired from the commotion, she sighed and looked to her right before seeing that Zhào Lǚ was staring at her, “W-what are you looking at.”

    “Hmm, people called you Icy Queen yet you don’t look like one. You are still the kind person I know,” he said while smiling.

    Hearing this comment, Zhàn Méi blushed immensely and started walking quickly towards the inn.

    Amidst the two, Chǎng sighed as she hurried along. Without knowing what he did, Zhào Lǚ looked at her curiously and thought that she might have gotten a fever or whatever the people in this world had when their face got red. Little did he know, he slowly twined the rope as he accidentally complimented her in a particular way.

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  • Chapter 107: Competition Start

    With but the breath of the wind, the time for the competition had begun. The group besides Zhào Lǚ and Chǎng had signed up already and the everyone was heading towards the area where the competition was being held.

    “Big Sister Wèi, what is the competition about anyways? I know it’s important and that's all,” Chǎng asked with a curious voice. Despite having met the others for a few days, they grew fond of her and their relationship had gotten closer, allowing the little girl to call them that.

    “It is a competition of geniuses on this planet. It may not be the most prestigious, famous, and most sought out, but the competition is definitely at the top of those hosted. Not all, but most of the youth that is under fifty years of age are participating as it is a good chance to get their name out but also receive rewards and experiences,” Wáng Wèi patted her head as she smiled at the little girl.

    While the group was walking, they heard some shrieks and after listening to a few they decided to look up as that was what the civilians and tourists were focused on. Up in the skies, a woman was floating, standing still as she looked towards the grand area that the competition was at.

    “Oh Immortal Fènghuáng has arrived, she probably has her disciple participating,” having two people in her family being immortals, Wáng Wèi was able to instantly identify who this person was.

    “This might be troublesome then, more competition is great but also risky,” the quiet Láng Ma spoke out and began walking once more.

    Another shriek came out as a second immortal had suddenly appeared, causing some people to feel the urge to faint. Even though Wáng Wèi and the other four usually see immortals every now and then, for anyone else on the streets, seeing an immortal was rarer than finding phoenix feathers and those that are able to even take a glance at immortals were those that were at the peak of mortal cultivation.

    “Huh, why is Immortal Lotus here? Does that mean little servant is here too? Usually, only one or two immortals make a public appearance,” wearing a confused expression, Jīn Fèng questioned on the current situation as many tend to stay home. Besides the one or two that makes appearances, others just watch in the comfort of their homes, and some are just disconnected, blowing away the mortal dust.

    “We should probably hurry and see the commotion then,” Fù Dí began running with his cultivation as he was excited to see the commotion going on.

    It was a lie to say that the others were not intrigued by what was going on to and hurried along as well.

    Of course, due to two people being extremely weak, Jīn Fèng volunteered to carry them.
    After getting situated and prepared, Zhào Lǚ and Chǎng sat down with the audience as they were not participating and they could suddenly hear large cheers as a wave of people started to slowly drift out onto the area that they were going to fight in.

    “See the girl in baggy clothes? That's the Icy Queen! I heard she got into a fight with the Red Half Wolf clan and went out alive with the sectmaster personally bowing to her!”

    “Pft, compared to her, I prefer Jīn Fèng. She is a tough independent woman and I like that! We females need to be more like that!”
    “I heard that Jiàn Xiōngshǒu from the Sword Sweeping sect is participating! I can’t wait to see him!”

    “Duòluò Tiānshǐ from the Falling Devil sect is to cool! Even though he belongs to an evil sect, the way he kills is evil but his personality is those of righteous men!”

    Names and names were called out as many people idolized or were fans of some geniuses. Despite some of the audiences themselves being cultivators, they could not help but admire some people as they were truly talented.

    However, not everyone participating was a well-known genius, in fact, the majority of the participants were those who could not compare to them and were there mainly because they wanted to experience and some slight fame. Although there were many commoners, this did not include those who were truly trying to reach the top, attempting to be the dark horse of the generation.

    Before the audience could even die down, an old and rough voice resounded through the area, “Alright! Before we being, I would first like to officially announce the rewards of the competition!”

    Everyone looked above them and were shocked to see an old man who looked like he was about to be in death’s bed floating! He was wearing a red robe and had almost no hair on his head or face.

    “For those who are able to get into the top hundred, they will be awarded a hundred gold coins, a Mid-rank technique of their choice, and some slightly expensive cultivation resources!”

    For those who had almost no background, or had a poor background, their eye’s shined brightly and some were determined to even fight through nobles to get those treasures! This was sadly the life of those who were not fed golden spoons.

    “For those in the top thirty, you will obtain more valuable resources, but also a High-rank technique of your choice.”

    Even though many nobles were still not too impressed it was still an award nevertheless. But to mortals, this was an extremely high-ranked treasure as the high-rank could be considered to be so expensive that even those in the middle-class range in their respective cities could barely afford one, and even if they did they would only have just one.

    Yet the high-rank techniques were still considered to be the bottom of the well. The rankings were separated into low, middle, high, peak, and god techniques.

    “Top ten will receive a peak-rank technique that is considered to be the weakest of the weak but still better than almost all high-rank techniques. Top three will receive a peak technique that is better than the average and will obtain a special fruit that I cultivate personally.”

    When the old man finished muttering these words everyone including the audience went in an uproar. Even young nobles and those from prestigious clans and sects had their eyes lit up as obtaining a peak-rank technique were only for those who were either the main seed of the sect or had obtained extremely great merits.

    “Before we start, I would also like to introduce many guests today!” he waved his hand and many people suddenly appeared near the old man, floating in the skies with their face proud and shining.

    “Father and grandpa?” Wáng Wèi muttered under her breath as she spotted her family in the skies. Truly weird, what is happening today?

    The old man spoke once more to clear up the confusion of the people, “Today I have broken through my previous bottleneck, so many have come to congratulate me. While they were here I have invited them to join us and watch this wonderful show! This will also be a wonderful opportunity for those who have little to no backing!” the old man laughed out loud as he wanted to give this chance to those who might be potential dark horses.

    “Indeed, sometimes the most prestigious of characters are those who are weak and have almost no backing compared to those fed with golden spoons. Good opportunity indeed senior brother,” the young woman that they saw floating in the sky earlier spoke with a luring voice.

    “Indeed, a lot of the time I have no care for mere mortals with no background, but that can sometimes be my weak spot, hell even my disciple was born into a middle-class family that specialized in business, not cultivation!” a man clapped next to the others as he recalled old memories.

    “Before we start, may I bring two people along?” Wáng Dòu spoke out while stroking his messy beard.

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    Chapter 108: Starting the Competition!

    “Sure, there are already eight of us here, who are these special people?” pulling out a seat in the air, he sat on it and so did the others.

    “Senior Brother, please come here. You can also bring the little girl with you,” with but a point of his finger, powerful energy came out of him and elapsed the two, allowing them up into the area they were in.

    The people in the audience looked at the two with extreme jealousy and shock. Not only them, but the other immortals also looked at the two with shock, especially at the man as they heard Wáng Dòu call him ‘senior brother’ a phrase that immortals would not throw so easily.

    “Let me grab the two of you a chair,” the progenitor said as he summoned two fine and exquisite chairs for them.

    The old man suddenly had a realization, “Oh, is this the young man that heavily injured and almost killed Immortal Sun Fall?”

    As soon as these words were spoken the other immortals immediately shrieked internally with fear as the person in front of them was too frightening. Even though that immortal that Zhào Lǚ almost killed with his Gonggong was not a peak existence, he was at the sixth level of the first rank, enough to be a powerful immortal! Even Wáng Dòu and the old man who were now in the second rank did not dare claim that they could easily kill a figure without taking a bit of time and effort.

    Luckily only the people above were able to hear this and those below were not as if they were able to hear such a thing it would spark outrage along with the nations as this was an extremely grave matter.

    “Master, you really are great!” Chǎng said as she realized how powerful Zhào Lǚ was.

    Yet, as a little kid with almost no knowledge of the great world of cultivation, she just thought immortals were really strong people but had no clue what their true strengths were. Many mortals fantasized that immortals were beings that were gods, mightier than the heavens. Others viewed them as non-killable existence. Yet none knew the true power that came with immortality.

    Zhào Lǚ just sat there eating an extremely large pretzel not knowing what to say. He just stared at the battlefield and searched for his friends.

    Having realized of his background the old man with the red robe gave him a nod of welcoming and spoke towards the crowd after the other immortals finally got settled, “Alright, the competition will be separated into three stages. The first stage will be about weeding those with bad luck or skills. I will be releasing beasts out into the battlefield and whether you survive or not is up to you.”

    Everyone quickly clenched up, and those who were weak immediately felt like backing out.

    “But don’t worry, the beast will attack you causing you to fall unconscious, however, I have tamed and bred them so they will only attack and won’t kill unless I give the command,” the old man reassured them.

    “As for the second round, it will be like a regular trial, it will follow the basic concept of battling one on one, at random selections, mainly to also weed out people, but also let people rely on the workings of fate to see if they can get into the top thirties. As for the final one, it will be chosen by those who have extremely similar cultivation levels and ranks to make it fair and just. It will then be the same but shall be against the top fifteen contenders, which will then be divided into the top ten after five people draw bad sticks. Finally, the top ten will be where each cultivator will be judged based on performances against each other.

    Now, I know that all of you have been waiting so eagerly to see who will be at the top, so let us get started!” he waved his hand and roars could be heard, not from the audience or participants but from the ground as multiple beasts came out of the ground.

    All the beasts looked like a mix of pigs with green skin, and an ent, if they were to be combined. Their legs and face were that of an innocent face, yet contained a ravage aura beneath it. While it’s green skin contained small scales that appeared to be rough and smooth at the same time while it dug into the beast’s skin. On the very top of the beast contained a tree small in height yet large in width and length that appeared to have mysteriously dug into the pig as if it was apart of it. However, its tail was the weirdest part of the pig. The tail had the skin of the tree in some areas, yet in other areas had the skin of its face and feet, green and like a pig.

    Once the pig-like beasts finally got out of the hole, they screamed all together, causing their trees to shine with a golden light. Their tail’s all pulsed with a golden light appearing as if it was inside the beast’s large tail itself.

    One wandering cultivator became arrogant and used a sword that contained flames on it and went to slice the pig beast in half. However, he soon realizes that their skin was much tougher than it seemed, and that pig that was ‘sliced’ quickly turned around to bite on the cultivator with its non-sharp teeth.

    The people in the audience nearly screamed until they realized that the cultivator who was bitten was suddenly repaired with golden light and thrown off stage. Yet, despite this one could still see the marking on his clothes of the beast’s ferociousness.


    How strange these beasts are! They might either be immune to fire or that cultivator was simply too weak. Oh well, the old man never specified if we have to defeat any of them or if there was a certain reward so I’ll just chill back.

    Having realized the strength of these beasts, Fù Dí decided to watch the show and flee whenever he could or kill only when he needed to.

    “Roar!” without much surprise, the beasts in the surrounding area started charging at random cultivators, causing chaos to appear. Those who were ill-prepared or who were weak immediately were kicked off the field and got sent out.

    Despite the cruelty of the first round, it was necessary as even if only a hundred was able to make it through, currently over a thousand cultivators below the age of fifty was participating and weeding them out was the only option.

    Crap one came for me! Fù Dí cursed internally as one of the beasts came charging at him. He quickly summoned his book and cast a formation that would trap enemies and burn them with blazing heat. Seeing that a massive tree existed on the beast’s back, he had to test whether or not the fire was an effective manner on them.

    If there was one thing that any living being suffered, was that they always had some sort of weakness. For someone born or nurtured with water, they would face great danger or pressure against the heat or the extreme cold. Whether it was apparent or not, weaknesses were the bane of everything living. Even though it was sometimes extremely difficult to test one's weakness, if someone had knowledge behind them, annihilating someone even stronger then them was not a question out of the box.

  • Chapter 109: The Stage Set

    The fire that blazed through the formation slammed against the beast, however, only the tree reacted as it repeatedly caught on fire before instantly being extinguished.

    Hmm, it seems like the only way I will be able to finish them off is to separate the pig and the tree or kill it off with just pure strength. Having a very vague idea of its strength, he quickly summoned five objects at once, objects that appeared to be translucent but shined with a glowing feel.

    They were shaped into very sharp looking swords, and they started to shake before being launched to the beast. However, they were not randomly thrown. Two swords went to the eyes, one to the rear of the stomach, another to the base of the tree, and another towards its rear. No matter how strong the defenses a being had, they always had something that was extremely weak, and in this case, the eyes were uncovered. However, due to this being a common case, many creatures have developed ways to protect themselves from such things, hence why he had thrown more sword to test its weak spots.

    To his surprise, one of the eyes actually got hit, causing the beast to squeal. But it was not only that, but at the tail of the beast, the part that was glowing with golden light had shattered, causing the tree to suddenly shake.

    Still wanting to experiment, Fù Dí summoned the formation that was filled with fire once more and utilized it on the beast. As if fate was telling him, the tree suddenly burned, and he could see that the vitality of the pig actually swindled down, as if it was dying of age in the time of a single breath.

    The beast finally collapsed and he went near it and confirmed that the beast was truly dead, never to breath another mouthful of air.

    Having understood something, Fù Dí decided to send a transmission towards his other companions, telling them the secrets to defeating them.

    However, they all agreed not to utilize this until the very end, or just not at all as they wanted to weed out people and conserve their strength.

    The old man watching above the battlefield smirked and nodded gently, “Wáng Dòu, it seems like that man named Fù Dí has discovered the weakness of the pigs. What a lucky fellow.”

    “Hmm, even though he could be somewhat considered a savant, he has a huge natural talent regarding cultivation and battle,” Wáng Dòu agreed wholeheartedly. Ever since birth, he and his son, the king, have been watching the boy and the others, and they found out that Fù Dí was someone who made generally stupid decisions, and sometimes would require that the others guide him or he would be lost in the world.

    Hell, if a female were to flirt with him, he would be someone who would easily get trapped and listen to the female’s command. This is not even including those who were slyer than a fox itself. Yet, when it came to battle, they found out that he have excelled a typical cultivator and would be the person who would support the group, being the one to turn the tide.

    Zhào Lǚ listened to the conversation and slowly ate another billion buckets full of food while switched to watching cultivators left and right get thrown out the stage. While he was watching a little snake slithered out of his sleeve and hissed at him in a happy manner. Seeing the Gonggong, he patted its head and fed it some of the food that he was eating.

    Knowing that Chǎng has never seen the Gonggong, he held his hand out towards her. Confused on what he was doing, she held out her hand and grabbed his thinking that was what she had to do, yet her childish self almost screamed when she saw the snake slither on her hand. Her body shook and she almost freaked out but she felt Zhào Lǚ grip her hand, causing her to relax.

    Wáng Dòu who was watching from the side smiled as he stared at the two, as if they were father and daughter. Watching them, he even smiled back at when his son was born, and how despite hating him, he soon realize how much he truly loved him.

    After the time it takes for a incense to burn, the snake finally left Chǎng’s body and it actually flew towards Wáng Dòu and Wáng Shui and flew around them. The old man chuckled and held his hand out for the snake to come. “Is this the Gonggong that ripped Immortal Sun Fall in half?”

    The other immortals merely thought that the snake was just some beast that Zhào Lǚ owned. Little did they know that it was so terrifying that it could easily kill them!

    The old man patted the snake as it landed on his finger and curled around it. Despite there being a chance that he could be eaten alive or die in a second, he did not show off any fear or hesitation.

    Seeing that the snake flew around once more, the other immortals shook and they politely greeted the snake as if it was their senior.


    “Ah!” currently there were only two hundred people left in the battlefield, and in a bit of time the field will only contain one hundred people. Currently, the group of five still remained on the field and stayed far away from the action as they wanted to not reveal the secrets they learned so early on.

    “Die!” a man suddenly screamed as he charged at Jīn Fèng. He swung his sword to the back of her. Even if she did not die, she would most certainly be knocked around, creating a great advantage for the man. However, Jīn Fèng was no ordinary cultivator and she allowed the sword to hit her, and once it did she grabbed the sword with ease in her hand, crushing the blade into pieces.

    “Crap, a body cultivator!” the man proceeded to run, however, before he could even flee a couple of meters, Jīn Fèng had stepped in front of him and grabbed his neck before throwing him off the stage.

    Even though everyone was most certainly defending themselves against the beast, people took the initiative to annihilate their enemies beforehand in order to create an easier time for them. This was most certainly the case for those who appeared to be someone from a noble or rich background.
    Despite the stupid idea, every now and then a noble would be humiliated and would fail as a lucky wandering cultivator was lucky enough to target against them.

    Seeing that Jīn Fèng was someone to not mess around with, the other cultivators who had ill intentions backed off and pretended to be an ignorant fool who was defending themselves.

    In a short amount of time, only a hundred cultivators were left and a loud whistle blew out, signifying the end of the first round.

    The five that originally entered were still on the battlefield and even a few familiar faces were on the battlefield as well. Yáng Wēnhé and Yáng Wúqíng, the two siblings who stopped their carriage a few days ago approached the princess to talk to her. The green-robed servant who the five and Zhào Lǚ knew very well from the trials stared at them and acknowledge their existence. A few other nobles that they have met or have heard of approached them to try and become friends with them.

    The beast on the battlefield after hearing the whistle dug into the ground, ignoring some of their dead brothers and sisters and acted obediently.

    After the time it takes for an incense to burn, the old man finally stood up, “We shall take a short break, and after that short break the second round shall begin!”

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