Fragmented Memories Ch. 0-165



  • Chapter 27: Two Months

    “D-D-Drag!”, the princess yelled in shock. The man took a cleaned cloth and wiped the food off of his body. He continued to smile and walks towards them.

    “I thought you were dead. Took you long enough to awaken”, Láng Ma said in a distasteful manner. Everyone gave him a glare and sighed. “Hmm, I didn’t expect it as well, I didn’t even realize the fact that I was unconscious”, the man said, ignoring Láng Ma’s rude attitude towards him and laughed.

    “Haha, no one was, but at least we gained a new supreme genius, brother Lǚ”, an old man walked by. Everyone in the room was confused, especially the king. The princess’s group heard of the progenitors ‘brother’, as he mentioned him, however they were confused on if he was calling the young man brother or someone in the room.

    “What do you mean”, Zhào Lǚ asked slightly confused. “I mean that Zhàn Méi gained enlightenment that heavily benefits her future once she reaches breaks through to immortality.

    “Father did you just call him brother?”, the king asked dazed. He knew Zhàn Méi was strong and a supreme being before his cultivation and memories were sealed, but this would not stem for his father to call him ‘brother’ unless his father was trying to reel him in as much as he could. If that was the case, he mind as well just let the princess get married off to him.

    The old man laughed and rubbed his chin, “He didn’t want me to call him senior, and him call me junior, so we just decided to call each other brothers.” Zhào Lǚ smiled wryly and nodded.

    Everyone was shocked, the king looked at Zhào Lǚ and smiled wryly as he didn’t know what the say. The person who he treated slightly below him, due to having no powers, was now someone he had to call ‘senior’, and bow down to. Nevertheless he accepted it and sighed.

    Jīn Fèng suddenly spoke, “Wait does that mean that you have a name now? The name suits you but why that?” The old man laughed, and answered the tall and bared armed woman, “Brother Lǚ’s name is not a nickname.”

    “So it’s his real name? But…”, Fù Dí asked with a baffled tone. He like the king was perplexed on the situation, he called the man by the honorific, ‘brother’, but did he have to call him senior brother, or senior now?

    The old man coughed and everyone went silent, “I guess I’ll explain what happened.” Their bearded and poor looking progenitor slowly recited what Zhào Lǚ told him, as he wanted his brother to relax and gain a bit of favor.

    Their eyes slowly widened at the fact that he was able to recall his name. Even though they didn’t know what happened in his coma, they decided it was best not to ask him, especially in front of their progenitor.

    It has been a bit past two months since the gang founded the young man, however those the first few days and now have been very eventful. Even though they still aren’t sure if they picked up a blessing or a curse, they started to slowly accept him into the family, bit by bit.

    “So what should we call you? Drag, Zhào Lǚ, or…?” Jīn Fèng walked up to him and gently hitted his head. “Uh… I am not quite sure to be honest, but Zhào Lǚ should do.”

    “So did you gain any memories regarding your powers or are you still useless?” The archer responded. He was the person who did not accept Zhào Lǚ in any shape or form. Even though he didn’t hate the man, he did not like him one bit.

    In the castle, Láng Ma is generally regarded as a rude person. Someone who the servant fear, as they are scared that his fierceness and ruthlessness would end up having their heads chopped off. Someone who seemed like he disregarded all life, would most definitely not be kind to them at all.

    The progenitor gave a glare at Láng Ma, but he decided to not say anything. Ever since the princess’s birth, the progenitor would cherish the princess as she was his only granddaughter, and second family member who he considered kin. If the king wasn’t so benevolent, the progenitors cousins, and the like would never have a spot in the kingdom.

    This of course meant that the old man also kept an eye on the kids when he was not cultivating and would take a break. He knew Láng Ma’s temper and rude attitude, but he knew that he would be loyal to his granddaughter so he took no action against him, or denied him from being next to the princess.

    “Sadly no, I’m still me and nothing about me has changed. Only my name was recovered, but I’m more than happy to have remembered it”, Zhào Lǚ smiled, he could tell the archer’s dislike for him, but he continued to disregard it and remained positive.

    He looked at the group and saw someone in particular. A small woman was hiding in the back, trying to escape the noisy hall by tuning out and looking away. The man smiled and walked up to her and patted her head, “I see that you are stilling wearing the flower.”

    The woman slightly jumped, and she nodded and looked away. The man smiled wryly and tried to face her but she kept looking away. The scene was slightly cute that everyone looked at each other and giggled.

    It was rare to see Zhàn Méi break out of character, and remove that stoic face. Zhàn Méi was considered a beauty in the kingdom, however many have said that her stoic face kinda killed the beauty. This has caused many to place her at a low ranking compared to any of the other females in the kingdom and the ones nearby.

    Of course, Zhàn Méi shrugged that perverted list off as she did not care for beauty that much. But everyone seeing her like this had to agree that when she didn’t have a stoic face, her beauty shines as if she were a goddess descending from the heavens.

    Zhàn Méi was starting to get tired from looking away and stared at the man head on. This turned out to be a disaster as she had a slight red face, this in turn caused her to clench a fist and punch him in the face in embarrassment.

  • Chapter 28: Journey

    No one expected this outcome to happen, they had a sweat come off their faces as they saw the poor man being thrown across the dining hall. Zhào Lǚ landed flat on the floor and slowly got up after a few seconds and smiled wryly at the small woman.

    “At least brother Lǚ doesn’t feel pain from Zhàn Méi or that would be a disaster every time he met her”, the old man commented while chuckling at the event.

    “I do feel pain actually”, the young man commented, slightly moving his left arm.

    Shock appeared in their faces, especially the king and the old man. They knew the power of this young man was not simple, if he awakened it would not be an exaggeration to say that being in the presence of the man was enough to kill them many times over.

    “I’ve done some testing on my body before I went out of control actually”, the man said to them. “I found out that pain is not really a thing that affects me, but that depends on what happens though. If it is through a weapon, no matter what happens it won’t affect me, even if the user is the one wielding it.”

    “However if this pain is from someone’s actual body, then it would have an impact on me. So I could be a good meat shield against formations, even if I could do nothing.” Weird faces started to appear on everyone’s faces as he spoke.

    “So I would be the strongest against you in combat?” Jīn Fèng commented, smirking at the young man. Zhào Lǚ took a step back at her remark, “Yes, but I still have the strength of a mortal, this mostly means that my pain reception is that of a mortal, so please take it easy on me sister Fèng.”

    “Zhàn Méi’s punch must’ve hurt a lot then”, the princess felt bad for him. Zhào Lǚ nodded, as one of his hands gently rubbed on his face. “Well my body might be stronger than a mortal, but I still do feel it.” “good”, Zhàn Méi looked away not wanting to look at the pitiful man.

    Some of the others laughed at this scenario and after a bit the princess clapped her hands, “So today let us rest for the night, and tomorrow we shall finally start this adventure!”

    The other four cheered, and the king and progenitor smiled at the youths. The princess then grabbed Zhào Lǚ’s shoulder, “though you are obviously coming with us”, she smiled.

    Zhào Lǚ didn’t reject the princess’s statement and nodded.


    After getting settled and sleeping peacefully for the night, Zhào Lǚ woke up from his sleep only to hear knocking on his door.

    He yawned and looked at the door only to see a young woman glaring at him. The woman then blushed and she looked away, “Idiot put some clothes on when I come in!” This woman was Wáng Wèi, the princess of Liokal.

    Zhào Lǚ looked down confused, he had shorts on him, and the only thing gone was his shirt as he preferred to sleep without one. He was confused on why the princess was reacted like such but he shrugged and putted a shirt on.

    After the event happened, his mansion has not been fully repaired, and the workers slowly worked on it each day. Everyone including the king was not worried on fixing the mansion immediately, as even if they do, there would be no one to be there as the master was gone.

    Due to this, Zhào Lǚ decided to stay in the princess’s guest room for the night. After putting on his clothes, he got up and walked to the princess. All raggedy, he did not look proper, and looked like a lazy commoner. Especially in the mansion where all one could see was riches and extravagant things.

    Nevertheless he went with the princess, as she walked downstairs to the main lobby. Both of them walked out and took a carriage to the castle, one by the princess herself.

    While the carriage was moving, guards would bow towards it, even if the princess did not see it. This showed how much respect she had to be given, and how high her status was compared to anyone in the castle besides the king and progenitor.

    When they arrived at the castle, they walked at a mortals pace towards the front gates. There they could see five people standing there. One of the six walked over to them and waved.

    “Father”,  Wáng Wèi bowed towards the king. Zhào Lǚ nodded towards him, even though it has only been a day, their status have been totally flipped.

    Zhào Lǚ couldn’t bow down to the king anymore, as he was sure the king would have done it first before he could. In this world, power was truly the key to being king. An enemy would instantly bow down to a person if they were stronger, regardless if they had past feuds or not.

    “I came by to send you off”, the king smiled. Wáng Wèi nodded and soon everyone got together and they slowly headed out the front door. The king smiled and waved at them as they did, even though he came to see them off, he wouldn’t escort them personally out the kingdom.

    All the guards in the main gates went on a knee and bowed down to the group. Specifically towards the princess. Even if she was just going out for a stroll, they still had to do it whether they liked her or not. But nevertheless a lot of people like the king, in which case, caused them to also like the princess.

    “Finally we’ll be off!”, a woman in a robe grabbed a canteen and started drinking from it. “Jīn Fèng you alcoholic, stop drinking this early in the morning! Act more proper”, Fù Dí berated her. Everyone laughed as they walked down the long aisle, waiting to see the long infinite field of the world.

  • Chapter 29: Storage Rings

    A carriage rolled out of the kingdom, and in it a group of people sat in there exhausted. Each one had sweat coming off of their faces as they breathed heavily.
    “We really should have just gotten guards to escort us out”, a tall woman said putting her head out of the a small window.

    “Some idiot decided to stall a bit because he saw something special in view and this kept repeating over and over again”, a man said grumpily, staring at another man next to him.

    A woman laughed and patted the man who was being berated shoulder. “It was cute how he ran up to every store like a child. Either way, it was inevitable for us not to be ganged up by hundreds of people wanting to speak.”

    “Princess, I think you are just to famous in the kingdom. You have lots of admirers, people who seek to abuse your kindness for self satisfaction, and the many more”, a man reading a book said.

    Of course these people were the group that had left the castle to adventure. While walking out, Wáng Wèi and her group had been mobbed by the general public, and it wasn’t until guards came to their rescue, could they truly walk out safe and sound.

    The princess used a treasure that was similar to Zhào Lǚ’s when they got out, one that was a horse, however this one was had a semi-large carriage and the carrier looked like a regular horse unlike Zhào Lǚ’s. Everyone rested as the guards behind them slowly blocked the gates as people tried to go after them.

    The only person not tired was Zhào Lǚ. He was silently nomming on a cake that he got from a store. Out of his small stash of treasures, a storage ring was definitely one of them that was given. While many people had storage rings, in which even mortals on very rare occasion contained, they varied in rank just like other items. Each ring is based off a special material called a Storage Stone. Of course the stones don’t have to be turned into rings, but they are commonly used as so.

    His was a somewhat high grade mortal ranked storage stone in which had a lot of space. It could be said that it was about a hundred yards long inside, with each rank of storage stone slowly accumulating in size.

    According to baseless rumors, god ranked storage stones would be able to wield planets, if not, universes! However no mortal have been able to prove this, and people just assumed this was true.

    In Zhào Lǚ’s storage ring, if one could peer through, all one would see is about fifty yard of just food piled up and stacked amongst each other. The reason why storage stones were so valued was because if defied space. Or to be specific, bend space in a way that allowed mortals to use it. They did not have to invest in large treasure rooms and could be carried easily.

    Due to the fact that space was bent, food would not really spoil, making it a popular choice. Even stores, depending on the type, would use storage devices. The only major flaw was that it would not be able to store living beings, at the very least for mortal ranked stones.

    After a while, the sun slowly transitioned towards the very top, shining bright on the world. Burning it with its rays, destroying everything in its path. Luckily the carriage was riding on a path in a forest.

    The forest was not to dense, but it was not to leafy. While they traveled, many wondrous creatures could be found roaming, some weak, some decently strong. Besides this, the forest was generally nice and peaceful, only some idiot would ruin a peaceful scenery.

    At this moment, Zhào Lǚ stopped eating and had his head out of the window. He was staring at the animals and beasts running around and smiled. He pulled his head back in and looked at the princess. She seemed to notice his gazed and gave him a confused look.

    “Organisms besides humans exist right? Like in terms of beast, are there walking and talking wolves and terrifying cute rabbits that are as strong as immortals and gods?” He asked blatantly.

    The princess stared at him dumbfounded. She answered his questions, “The beasts can also go on the path of cultivation, it’s just that they cultivate very slowly, but a lot of them have longer lives than us. Some repopulate a lot, and some barely, but because us humans have good comprehension skills, we generally are weaker in strength but stronger in the long run if that makes any sense.”

    “After a certain point, they start gaining intelligence, and can assume a human form if they so desire. But some prefer to stay in their original form. So...I guess it depends really”, she spoke nonchalantly.

    Zhào Lǚ stared outside at the running animals. He could imagine a bunny god, one that all had to bow down to, but was still very cute. Or maybe a half cat and half human beast. Either way, both were cute and he wanted to see one if possible.

    While looking and fantasizing he took out more food and slowly ate it. He suddenly thought of something and looked back, “sister Wèi, where are we going by the way?”

    “We are heading towards a town first and then after that, we are going to a cave that our scouts recently found. However the place might be looted now since you took a long time to awaken”, the archer responded instead of the princess and snorted.

    A sweat dropped off of Zhào Lǚ’s face as he realized how much of an impact he had on the situation. Even though they were purely going for experience, it was also nice to get treasures of their own.

    The king does supply them with treasures, however he only gives them a selected amount. He didn’t want to spoil them and make them an arrogant noble, and he also wanted them to experience how cruel life is and how to survive it. A young rich and talent noble was very different from a old and experienced mercenary. On an one and one fight the noble would win, but in the real world, the mercenary would win due to their experiences.

  • Chapter 30: City Exploration

    “Pay the fee!” A guard shouted at a vehicle, the vehicle was somewhat large, taking a lot of space, and only had one horse driving it. After the guard shouted a window opened and a few gold coins were tossed at the guards.

    Surprised, the guards cuffed their hands in thanks as they most likely met a rich noble who didn’t care much for money. Of course the noble was the princess of Liokal, she did not want to deal with fees and arguments, so she gave them a bit extra.

    The carriage slowly went in and rolled through the crowded streets. Everyone moved as they didn’t want to get stomped on, and anyone who dares wield something so publicly must be someone of power.

    The city here was less technological then the one before, but they at the very least had sewers to clean up the place, and a few other designs.

    The kingdom, despite being a grand city in the world with similar customs all around, it was one that was ‘futuristic’. They had electricity, and some machinery that help boosted mortal production. Even some immortals nearby would come around and chill in the kingdom due to its futuristic advances.

    However this city most certainly lacked that. This city was governed by someone in the Rising Dragon rank, and had submitted its allegiance to the king. Due to this, they were just able to get snippets of the kingdom’s tech.

    The carriage kept rolling and rolling until it reached a large estate. To be precise, there was multiple large estate, but the main entrance was in the center, guarded by guards, and wide as the heavens.

    The horse ignored the guards and slowly rode in the front gates. The guards paid no attention, and were only there to prevent the poor people from entering or causing disturbances.

    Princess Wáng Wèi, got off the carriage, and so did everyone else, and the horse slowly disappeared into her storage ring. She booked up three rooms, and everyone went in there respective rooms.

    A yawn could be heard in one of the rooms and a young man could be seen stretching. Of course, due to the lavishness of the estate, the rooms were in actuality courtyards. Anyone with little to no money, would at most get a living area the sizes of a small house, but only if they had a family.

    Mercenaries and adventurers generally are always outside the city to make profit in this harsh world.

    However Zhào Lǚ and the others were living here lavishly. The group was split into Wáng Wèi and Zhàn Méi, Fù Dí and Láng Ma, and finally Jīn Fèng and Zhào Lǚ. Under normal circumstances, Jīn Fèng would have a whole courtyard or hotel room to herself, or with the other girls, but due to spacing she and Zhào Lǚ had to share.

    Jīn Fèng yawned and complained, “It’s so boring! Hey Zhào Lǚ do you want to go shopping?” “Eh? But I don’t have any money”, the young man replied whilst playing with the flowers. “I’ll pay, i’ll pay. Just tell me what you want. It’s to boring here, and the others are to busy preparing and buying goods that they need.”

    The tall woman sighed and grabbed the man's arm and left the courtyard smiling. The man had a sweat drop in his face as he was forcefully carried along. Even though he wanted to explore the world more, he preferred doing it at his own pace. But since it was Jīn Fèng, he shrugged it off and went with her.

    “Rare stones that descended from gods!” “Trading this grand immortal sword for a heavenly python’s skin!” “Buying a Qi Expansion pill!” Many people were advertising in the crowded streets. Some shouting blasphemy, some shouting truth, some purely silent, waiting for a customer to roll by.

    The street was a mix of stores and vendors, each having there own respective areas. The vendors and the store owners made an unlawed agreement that as long as one does not take the private space of the other or margin against them, they can exist equally.

    Many streets were like this, and the visitors/civilians seemed to like it as they can go in a store for herbs, or search in the streets for similar aspects, and have a large option.

    A lot of the customers for the vendors usually were young people as they were generally the most inexperienced. Many who shouted blasphemy usually attracted the most youths, especially the rich one. But luckily some would have elders with them consulting them not to fall for the scam.

    Zhào Lǚ was one of those people, he had fallen for so many of them that Jīn Fèng had to be his babysitter and pull him away from the vendors. After many tiring encounters, the man finally learned his lesson, and only listened but he would not act unless Jīn Fèng said it had some legitimacy to it.

    After many rounds around shops and vendors, they finally settled down for a restaurant. Due to Zhào Lǚ rambunctious nature concerning food it was uncertain how much he could eat. It would not be a surprise if he could eat food the size of kingdoms. Hence Jīn Fèng made restrictions by only allowing him to eat up to five dishes.

    She did not want to see them killing a whole restaurant due to his voided stomach, and even though she had money, she didn’t want to spend all of them for the young man here. Nevertheless, the two of them enjoyed there dinner with no disturbance. They chatted and laughed, and some even thought they were a couple.

    The night sky slowly rose in and the two could be seen walking down the streets, pushing and flowing along with the waves of people. Jīn Fèng was smiling as she finished nomming on a cracker from the restaurant. Even though the day was tiring she still enjoyed it with Zhào Lǚ.

  • Chapter 31: Travelling to the Cave

    A yawn could be heard in a isolated room. The room itself looked fancy but it was dark as all the curtains have been closed, allowing very little light to come in.

    A man could be seen in the room, laying in the bed, eyes slightly open, but still half asleep. He got up and yawned again, putting his shirt on and heading towards the door. The knob turned and rays of light penetrate the room, exterminating some of the darkness looming in the room.

    The man putted an arm over his eyes as he tried to look while being blinded by the harsh sun. He walked out of the room, only to find that the garden was shined brightly, as if instead of showering the place with water, it was shined with light.

    Even though the courtyard had more than just a garden, the man found it to be quite boring to look at the other rooms, even if it was rich and beautiful.

    At most he would acknowledge the fact that it was a work of art that some mortal worked on. But nevertheless, he found that nature thrilled him for the most, and riches bored him as they were not beautiful.

    “Well you’re up early”, a yawn could be heard from afar. A tall lady in messy clothing walked near him. The clothes were well mannered, and many commoners would struggle to even afford a piece, however despite this she wore it like a drunkard, one could even see her bra strap, despite the clothing being robe like at the top.

    “Jīn Fèng, you should at least fix your clothing before you leave your room. You need to look decently proper”, the man said as he went and slowly moved her robe like top, and made sure she didn’t look like a drunken mess.

    “What about Zhàn Méi? She always wear baggy clothes, and only that bastard archer actually berates her.” “Yes, but she at least wears them cause of preference. You on the other hand are wearing rich and noble clothing. You should at least look properly”, he continued to rearrange her clothing.

    He went down to her stomach area, and tied a few strings and the like around. Whilst he was, the two of them could hear a door opening. Four people were outside the room and they looked in only to have a jolted face.

    “Zhào Lǚ...What are you two doing…”, Fù Dí was the first to comment. Even though the two were not in a perverted situation, they nevertheless were in a weird position that if seen out of context, would assume something was leading up to it.

    Especially since Zhào Lǚ had his hands is if he were about to reach into her pants. When in reality, he was merely tying up a few strings around there as it would be bad if any perverts sneaked up on her and tried to pull a kids prank or something.

    Zhào Lǚ, oblivious to the situation replied, “I’m tidying her clothes, since she’s a drunken mess right now.” “Jīn Fèng only gets drunk if she is doing something fun and ends up drinking a lot…”, the princess replied. One of the two victims spoke, “Me and Zhào Lǚ, had a good time yesterday... And I brought more cause my body was tired.”

    Everyone was quiet, even Zhào Lǚ had nothing to say. He knew how wrong that sounded and he slowly backed away from the woman. Boom! All of a sudden an explosion was heard. He looked around to see the area in front of him was blasted. He saw a small woman preparing another spell and smiled wryly.

    For a hour, all that could be heard was screams and running, as more tiny explosions occurred. The other three naturally joined in, and they paid for the damage later.


    Six people could be seen in a carriage. One of them were dead tired, and another was sleeping. Naturally these two were Zhào Lǚ, and Jīn Fèng who is recovering from her hangover. Even though she was a cultivator, until she reached immortality, she can still drunk, just more resistant. And if she does become an immortal, she could choose to let it affect her or not.

    Her clothes were in neat order that would make any guy drool and lust for her beauty. The two girls ended up helping her dress, as they had a feeling that the two really weren’t doing anything inappropriate, but nevertheless they took their anger out on the pitiful young man.

    The young tired man sited up straight after laying down tired and crossed his leg and closed his eyes. The others were shock as they knew he could not cultivate, and they were wondering what he was doing. However despite this, no reaction came from the man and they letted him meditate.

    “Thirty minutes until we arrive at the cave”, the princess said bored. As she was the one who controlled the carriage, she could not cultivate and had to stay awake.

    The others besides the ones who were meditating or hung over, had small talk and casually chatted about various topics.

    After about ten minutes the carriage finally stopped. However everyone was confused. They had not arrived yet considering there pace, and the carriage only stopped if there was something in the way. Even though it traveled, it did not need the control of the princess unless she desired to do so. This also confused her as well.

    “Princess Wáng Wèi, is there space on your carriage? This young noble would like to join you.” The princess looked outside using the treasure and saw a green robed man with a devious smile, attempting to look like a noble. Three people stood behind him, all old, but powerful.

  • Chapter 32: Argument

    “Lotus’s servant, please get out of the way,” the princess angrily said with a snort. “Princess Wáng Wèi, master sent me to talk to you about the deal. Please consider it.” “There is nothing to consider!” The princess screamed.

    Zhào Lǚ was slightly scared to hear the princess scream, and he wondered ‘Deal? Seems like something scandalous with this Lotus person.”

    “Well princess, don’t mind as we go with you, it seems as you found the cave first. Our scouts also reported of this cave and master asked us to explore it, for my sake of experience and also to see if there is any treasure to find,” the servant smiled.

    “Since we found it first, why don’t you bugger off”, the horse of the carriage leaped on two legs and stomped the ground, clearly signaling them to leave.

    “Princess, don’t be like that, young master is soon going to be your-” he was suddenly cut off, “Enough!”, the princess released her aura. The horse started to get going.

    The servant smiled in a devious way, he did not dare to go closer as she had released her aura, if they inched any closer, she surely would get out and start a battle. The three men behind him were sent by the young master as protectors, while they were at the Rising Dragon rank, they were not entirely confident of dealing with immortal treasures.

    Zhào Lǚ looked at the group of four standing still, as the princess slowly retracted her aura. Still confused on the situation, he took a good luck on the group. He could see how wicked the ‘servant’ was, but could also see deep loyalty for whoever his master was.

    “Brat, don’t bother looking at them, they are already a nuisance,” Láng Ma finally commented after being quiet for a while. “Who are they?” The young man questioned.

    “Some idiots under an arrogant, horrid, prince who make any girls under his eyes a bed warmer. Don’t feel any empathy for them, they’ve done so many shady things. Unlike our king, who is loved by many; no one likes that king and the prince”, the archer responded.

    Zhào Lǚ looked away from the window and tried to keep a note of them, but also to forget about them. Even he, someone who has only been introduced to the worlds culture despises them from Láng Ma’s recollection of them.

    The princess’s aura slowly diminished as she calmed down and could not sense their aura’s anymore. She knew they would keep following, but at the very least she didn’t have a perverts servant following her around.

    “Oh yea, by the way, Zhào Lǚ, did the cultivation scroll me and the king gave you helped? I couldn’t sense any qi going towards your direction,” Fù Dí commented after seeing the man sit up straight and meditated.

    “Ah, I just found that meditating can be an easy way to distract myself. After learning a bit more about cultivation on my free time, I realize how fast time passes for you. So i’m trying to get into a habit of meditating to pass time instead of sitting in a vehicle for fifty hours,” the young man smiled wryly.

    Fù Dí smiled and nodded, and so did some of the others. They forgot that despite there friend potentially being some super extreme being, that right at this moment he was a mere mortal. Despite his strong body, he still had the energies and the well being of a mortal. The seal sealed more than just his memories.

    After conversing for a bit, Zhào Lǚ went back to meditating, appearing as he didn’t breathe, the others stared to realize that despite how average he looked, he did have a bit of a charm around him.


    The sun hanged over the world, appearing brighter and brighter as time went by. The carriage took a whole hour to reach their destination, as many factors appeared in there travel. Even though princess Wáng Wèi said it would take thirty minutes, this was only an estimation as one could not really be sure unless one could kill everything in their path.

    Nevertheless one could hear wheels rolling, sometimes getting louder, sometimes getting softer. However after a few minutes of traveling, the wheels started to get slower and slower. Like the descent of the sun, the murder of a crow, the wheels finally stopped.

    A knock could be heard after the sound of the wheels stopped. The knock wasn’t from a hard surface, but was still from one nevertheless. Zhào Lǚ who was meditating suddenly woke up and could see that the princess had gently hitted his head to wake him up.

    He could see the others including Jīn Fèng outside the carriage and he started to get off the carriage as well, a bit tired.

    All of a sudden the carriage disappeared and he fell on the floor. Even though he did not really feel the pain, he still was scared. He shrieked in a slightly higher pitched voice and breathed a bit louder as he thought he was going to die.

    Everyone laughed slightly, especially at that scream that he made. “Sorry sorry, I had to pull a bit of a prank on you. I may be a princess, but i’m a goofy girl as well,” she said sticking a tongue out in a cute manner.

    Zhào Lǚ got up and smiled wryly as a sweat dropped off his face. He forgot the carriage was the princess’s personal treasure and not an actual horse. He walked towards them pretending nothing ever happened.

    “Princess Wáng Wèi, I swear to the beings above, that young master finds great interest in goofy girls, and those are the type that he also wishes to marry,” the devious servant approached slowly into their vicinity.

  • Chapter 33: Entering the Cave

    Everyone stared at the man in a unpleasing manner. The devious man did not mind the looks, and continued to smile as if everything was sunshine and rainbows. The group decided to head towards a cliff, one that seemed ordinary, neither pleasant or repulsive, neither exotic or plain.

    The princess then scanned around the bottom of the cliff and after a few minutes the princess finally stopped walking around the area. She touched a certain spot and sent strands of qi into it. An formation suddenly appeared and if one did not look closely, they could easily miss the slightly ripple of the formation.

    After the formation disappeared Zhào Lǚ gasped and waited to see what else would happen. A lot of things in the world were told to him by stories and explanations, but were not shown to him this was one of them.

    The servant walked closer to the princess with his green robes. The others got in a prepared stance but stood there, not moving an inch.

    “Relax, relax, I just wanted to offer a helping hand. One of my guys will settle with the formation, and you guys rest. It seems as though the owner of the cave was someone at immortality, but at the lowest level. The entrance should be easy, but the traps inside, well, we should work together on that,” the man grinned and laughed.

    He waved a hand, and one of the men behind him went and started to send some qi into the formation. Clearly the servant had much more authority than the men at Rising Dragon, it was not wrong to say that he was someone who should not be a servant, and should be someone who is a inner disciple at a sect.

    Everyone sat down and waited for the man to finish unlocking the formation.

    After a hour the man finally got up, his body full of sweat. He then clapped his hand and the formation slowly shattered like glass, littering the floor only to disappear after a few seconds past.

    However the cliff still looked normal, yet despite this the man looked to the servant and bowed as he looked like he finished the job. “Excellent, I commend you for breaking the actual formation and not the visual one,” the green robed man clapped and smiled like a fox.

    “After you my lady,” he bowed and letted the princess’s group go in first. Everyone slowly went in, with Wáng Wèi’s group still on watch, preparing for any sort of mishap that could potentially happen.

    As the group walked near the cliff, it suddenly looked like it was collapsing. Zhào Lǚ started to panic slightly until he felt a hand on his shoulder. Wáng Wèi patted his shoulder and reassured him that everything was okay.

    “What you see is just the formation showing its true colors. Since we are passing through it, the formation no longer looks like a cliff. In reality, it is just a huge opening, but felt and looked like a cliff due to its formations, alongside another that blocked anyone from entering by force.”

    The princess walked in, suddenly disappearing into the deformed cliff. Surprised, Zhào Lǚ walked into the cliff, only to see a huge cavern leading downwards in the depth of the planet, with a robust gate standing about twenty meters deep.

    Zhào Lǚ stared in absolute shock, he felt a bit frightened by the sheer size of the cave. In Liokal, the kingdom was mainly huge for obvious reasons, however no one lived in the cave. It just seemed very dark and gloomy in here, but had an imaginary pressure that would scare off any common mortal.

    Suddenly he felt a hand on his head and he looked behind him, only to see a still someone hung over Jīn Fèng smiling at him. He walked with Jīn Fèng and the others and slowly approached the gate.

    “Seems like we can’t enter unless we break it. Luckily the person was most likely at the first level at immortality. And most presumably this is that person’s burial and or treasure storage.” The servant smiled and walked near the door.

    “Princess, how about you lend us a hand, we all attack and break the door. Forget about all grievances, and hatred.” The princess nodded, having no choice everyone except Zhào Lǚ prepared to unleash a massive attack.

    “Is he not going to join us?” The green robed servant asked. “He is a mere mortal, how do you expect him to attack? Throwing a rock?” The archer rebuked. “Hmm, I would expect him to be a hidden expert. Oh well, some cultivators are best friends with people weaker than them sometimes”, the green robed servant responded.

    Everyone started to charge up their strength, no one was willing to go all out on a door, especially if the enemy is right next to them. Despite the door being from an immortal, the door would not be as strong as the immortal itself.

    Even though immortals could easily kill mortals with a swoop, if one was at the peak of Rising Dragon, they would at least be able to stand for a bit. This excluded treasures of course.

    Even if an immortal were to hand craft their own treasures, it would rarely be close to their powers if they went full on out.

    Multitudes of aura could be sensed roaring out like the heavens, Zhào Lǚ had to slowly back away, as any regular mortal would be absolutely frightened. If it were not for his body, his body would explode into a million pieces. Luckily the rippling winds didn’t affect him, and he was fine by the pressure.

  • Chapter 34: Trap Trap Galore

    “Boom!” The gate suddenly cracked, it did not explode into smithereens, however the gate was broken to the point where they could enter if they slid through some cracks.

    The group slowly went in, cautious of their surroundings. When they entered, if appeared as though they just slipped into a different dimension. The large but dimmed gloomy and plain cave was now even larger, however it was bright and one could see a huge castle with a grand entrance and greenery. If you excluded the huge rocky ceiling, it looked like one was in a powerful sect’s territory.

    Their feets stomped the ground and they walked a bit faster but not to fast, hurrying over to the entrance. One of the men behind the servant slightly rushed and decided to head to the castle first, not caring if there were traps or not.

    All of a sudden a clouds suddenly appeared in the bright cave. “Not good!” The man said. He quickly ran away only to be stopped by a formation. He took out a spear and suddenly stabbed upwards. As he did golden rain started to appear. These were not any golden rain but tiny fragments of lightning!

    “Master really should have hired better people”, the green robed servant sighed and took out a treasure and slashed the formation. The formation staggered and broke, but despite this, in a matter of seconds of being in the formation the man was injured.

    The servant waved his treasure before snorting at the man. The treasure he was wielding was a stick, however despite this, the others could easily tell that the stick was most likely a immortal treasure.

    The servant’s cultivation was around the seventh rank, Soul Expansion, but despite this, the treasure boosted his powers to a enormous state. This was the disparities between wandering Rising Dragon cultivators and young nobles who were fed with golden spoon and raised as if one were god.

    “Seems like the immortal was someone who was studying the dao of lightning. However due to reasons could only sense it and imitate it like a child building a house”, the servant sighed.

    The injured man apologized to the servant as if he were the one who would serve. The green robed man then pointed ahead, telling the man to keep going. The injured man frightened hesitated but then followed his command. Even though he was stronger in cultivation, the servant had a backing of a young master and an immortal.

    For Wáng Wèi’s group, this was advantageous for them, however despite this, it was still cruel to use them as cannon fodder. In the world of cultivation, specifically for mortals, Rising Dragon cultivators are considered the “apex”, yet at this moment, they were treated as nothing but trash.

    The injured man walked slowly, trying to scan the area for any hidden formations. However he was luckily and majority of the way through there were no formations. The man sighed and slowly calmed down. However after his guard dropped he was trapped in a formation, unable to get out.

    The servant quickly summoned his treasure and slashed the formation, but to his surprise the formation did not budge and a huge monster appeared swallowing the injured man whole. No bones, no blood, nothing was spared.

    Everyone was shocked and stepped away from the formation, fearing it would trigger again.

    “Seems as though all our prediction was wrong. This person might have been someone with a stronger cultivation or had a strong master”, Fù Dí commented, cautiously searching the area.

    Everyone nodded, “I’ll search the perimeters then. Even though this is a long and lengthy process it is better than trying to fight hell. Let us just pray that the immortal was not a formation expert,” Fù Dí said in a frightened manner.

    Formation experts were entirely different from regular cultivators. The dao branched into many fields, it could branch to any weapon ranging from swords to fists, branch to typically non violent arts, such as music, paining, alchemy, and formations. It could be said that the dao branched into anything that exists in the world.

    While almost every cultivator knows some sort of formation technique, ranging from protection from temperature, to killing others, their power was far below someone who studies formation and follows that dao path.

    People who followed the path of formations, study every aspect, and go far beyond common usage. Creating formations that utilizes other daos, supplying almost infinite energy, able to kill heaven and earth with a strike. Fighting one would be hell unless one could overpower them in sheer strength or by being better.

    Fù Dí was in no position to beat an immortal who went on the path of formations or had at the very least seen the dao for it. If he were to lead, he could not afford to make any mistakes, or just like the dead man, they could end up dead as well.

    Even immortal treasures might not help them in a time of need.

  • Chapter 35: Lava

    After about a hour of meditating Fù Dí finally managed to grasp an idea of the formations laid down in the area. Even though he knew he missed a few, a one percent of survival was better than finding a phoenix feather.

    The group carefully threaded through the cave, inching closer and closer to the entrance.

    After about thirty minutes of very slow walking and inspection, they finally made it to the entrance, luckily they did not hit any formations and were slightly relaxed.

    They looked inside the entrance, only to see a large marble room indoors. It was probably the size of a whole city, but there was nothing to be found inside besides one structure. That structure was a podium that was half the size of an average human.

    The group walked into the room and ventured within, even though they feared the formations, they still had to go anyways. Best case scenario, it was a place for testing for a disciple, whether in death or in life, some cultivators would place tests to hand down their belongings and wisdom. Worst scenario was that the whole room was a formation meant for trapping and killing.

    With great risks comes great rewards, some low ranking mortals would risk their lives in immortal burials/chambers for the sake of a chance to soar through the skies. If they didn’t die, there was a good chance they could even surpass their progenitor!

    As the group ventured in, each one was tense, and ready to fight. Formations did not have to be some energy killing device. They can also summon mob of enemies and the like if desired.

    When they finally reached the vicinity of the podium, they stood far away but close enough to read it. Boom! A figure suddenly appeared on top of the podium in the air. The group panicked until the figure spoke.

    “For the fated, one shall receive my blessings. My name is not important, a wandering cultivator like myself is not worthy of mention beneath the heavens. This region, predominantly run by mortals shall be given a chance like how I was given a chance.”

    “If one can pass through my test, one shall gain my insights to the dao. Even if it is not as exquisite as a god’s, it should be enough to benefit one greatly. Even if I am beneath a high ranking immortal in cultivation, not even mentioning a god, I had to chance to meet a senior. No a king. No the one below the heavens.”

    “A Heaven’s Executioner gave me a few words of advice. But that was enough to take a untalented mortal who had trouble advancing to the second mortal stage, Qi Holders, up to a mid rank immortal. If I wasn’t inflicted with a severe poison, I could probably keep going. However as I record myself, I am slowly talking at my death bed.”

    “As I mentioned before, if you can past these test, you shall be granted a huge blessing. However these tests are still dangerous. You can still die in these trials. Do you wish to continue?”

    The group stared at the transparent figure and waited a few seconds, thinking of a decision. “Yes,” a voice suddenly arose. It was the servant, whit his devious smile. He suddenly decided everyone’s decision without any agreement.

    The transparent figure did not hesitate and the room suddenly shaked. Even though it could listen to people’s response, at the end of the day, it was merely a formation and recording.

    All of a sudden lava started to spew out of the walls, below their feet rocks started appearing, forming small batches of land everywhere. The city sized room, once a marble beauty, now a devastating hell.

    “God dammit! You idiot! We most likely would’ve said yes, but we could’ve prepared!” The princess screamed. The servant smiled and pointed to the lava around them, “You there, go send something in there,” he said to a men on his side, trying to test the area out.

    The man threw a bottle out to the lava. As soon as he did the bottle started to melt and dissolved into the lava. He then summoned a ball of qi and did the same, only for the same effect to happen.

    The green robed servant, despite the situation at hand, laughed, “We might really be in trouble,” “No shit Sherlock, book nerd hurry up and try to solve the test,” Láng Ma quickly said.

    Fù Dí quickly started to scan around his general surroundings and started to meditate while standing. He needed to quickly figure out the solution to the problem.

    “Rumble!” The ground started to shake once more, even though the pouring lava suddenly stopped, the room began to experience crash. “Splash!” The lava in the distance suddenly opened, and all one could see was an abyss. But despite this nine figures rushed out of the whirlpool of death.

    The figures were rocky and did not seem human in any way possible, besides having two legs and two arms. They made a deep screeching sound and started to charge over.

    “Is our test to beat them?” Zhàn Méi, who was quiet the whole time finally spoke.

    Jīn Fèng punched her fists together, preparing for battle, “Seems so, each one corresponds to each person's cultivation level. Maybe the dude was right, this might really be for mortals.”

    She went up and knocked Fù Dí on the head, “Get up nerd, we may not be able to break the formation in time. Even though we could die, the test really is a test, it’s our faults if we die in here.”

    The man with the book woke up and stared, “What about Zhào Lǚ’s enemy then? I can’t sense its aura.”

    “Let’s just go god dammit. Stop blabbering and fight,” Láng Ma prepared an arrow and got ready to shoot his enemy.

  • Chapter 36: Fighting the Golems (1)

    “But what are they?” Zhào Lǚ commented, hiding behind Wáng Wèi, scared to fight them.

    “Most likely they are golems, think of it like formations but sentient and mobile. Living beings, specifically people of power will build them for multitude of reasons. It is an easy way to get free labor, or have guards. Even if they have sentience, they will always follow their master’s order,” the princess answered.

    “Boom!” The ground near them shaked drastically. The green robed servant slashed the golem into pieces, causing it to seem as though he had a flawless victory.

    “It won’t be that easy to win,” the servant told the two men behind him. The master of the trials was not stupid and thought out the trials very carefully.

    The shattered golem slowly repaired itself and roared once more, but this time the roar was stronger. It charged at him and when the clashed the both of them were knocked back a couple meters.

    “The golem got stronger,” Zhào Lǚ pointed out the obvious observation.

    “Well our biggest problem is the fact that this dummy caused us it to summon an immortal level golem,” Láng Ma rapidly shot arrows in precise areas of the golem, causing it to shatter.

    “As you said, let’s just go. If we die we die, if we win we win,” princess Wáng Wèi unsheathed her sword and jumped over four meters of lava.

    Everyone besides Zhào Lǚ went into battle, some managed to shatter the golem, and now they were fighting golems that are equal in level as them when wielding treasures.

    Zhào Lǚ stood there staring at one specific golem. The one that everyone was worried about due to its strength. This golem was most likely one that could easily kill Wáng Dòu or Wáng Shui.

    However it stood still, not moving an inch. The man realized that if he did not attack, the golem would not as well. For the others, it was to late as they already began attacking and the golems were the ones who initiated the battle, but this one didn’t.

    He took the time and scanned the room. The two men behind the servant were at the Rising Dragon rank, presumably at the first level. While the servant was at the seventh level, Qi Expansion.

    Wáng Wèi was at the sixth, Body Expansion. Fù Dí, at the fifth, Qi Wielder. Láng Ma, at the sixth. Zhàn Méi, at the fourth, Pillar Descent. And finally Jīn Fèng at the seventh, Soul Expansion.

    However each golem was either in the first immortal rank or at Rising Dragon. Only Zhàn Méi’s and Wáng Wèi were at their cultivation. They messed around with the golems, unlike everyone who tried to fully destroy them if possible.

    At this moment a rough cough could be heard. “Zhàn Méi!” Screamed the man. Zhào Lǚ ran over in her direction as they were on the same rock, however he was stopped by his enemy.

    He could see the small woman being slowly beaten by the golem, however no one was available to save her. If she used her treasures, she could win, but that would require her to use up massive amount of energy.

    She was the youngest and weakest, and had difficulty maintaining her qi due to her cultivation. Unlike the others, if she were to recklessly use her treasure, she would be the first to fall.

    Zhào Lǚ stared at her, even if he approached her he would not be able to do anything. He stared at his golem and swallowed as his right hand shook. He took out a treasure and shivered but he attacked anyways.

    The treasure was a bone of an immortal. After being refined for many years the bone was then usable as a club, however it is only meant for knocking things away or dealing strong damage. Unlike a sword, it was not made for killing.

    He decided to swing the bone treasure like a child and the golem stood still, allowing him to hit it. As soon as the bone hit no sounds were made, the golem did not move at all and there was no impact.

    He swung again, putting more of his mortal force and the golem still did not move.

    The golem finally moved and raised its hand, only to swing it down. As soon as he swung down, Zhào Lǚ was pummeled down into the depths of the rock supporting them.

    The attack caused the room to shake, even if they did not know the golems strength, they knew it was at a level that was above the progenitor.
    “Zhào Lǚ!” “Brother!” The princess’s group shouted as they could see him being knocked down, causing a crater.

    While the room was shaking, a cough could be heard. The group while fighting looked over to see Zhàn Méi coughing blood as she had a bloody arm. If she were to keep fighting longer, she would be forced to use her treasures which would further injure her.

    “Zhàn Méi!” Jīn Fèng yelled as he could see her getting closer to the lava, she couldn’t budge and she was not ready to consume all her energy.

    The staff wielding woman had sweat pouring down from her face, by both exhaustion and the heat. She was breathing heavily and the golem ran towards her, punching at her chest.

    She took her staff and summoned a cloud that shot, blue, icy needles at the golem. The golem started to shake and the right arm spewed off. The arm slowly came back to the golem, and it charged again. Zhàn Méi hitted the arm with her staff as she couldn’t summon a technique in time and was knocked away. She was thrown a few meters into the pit of the lava.

  • Chapter 37: Fighting the Golems (2)

    “Zhàn Méi!” Everyone in the princess’s group yelled. Even though the lava was most likely a figmentation, it was still dangerous nevertheless. The golem stood there and prepared to launch an attack on another person. However it suddenly stopped and stared at the area where Zhàn Méi fell in the lava.

    A ripple appeared and a big body appeared out of the lava. A large horse rose up, and a small barrier was casted around its back. A small woman could be seen on the back of that horse covered in blood.

    Everyone stared in shock unsure of what happened, “The horse!” Fù Dí realized where he recognized the horse from and looked at the crater where a golem stood at.

    A human hand could be seen reaching out from the crater, and two small treasures were on one of his hands.

    Zhào Lǚ had managed to summon his horse and another treasure that he was given to grab Zhàn Méi. Even though he was pummeled to the ground by the force of the golem, he barely managed to get up.

    The golem was still considered a ‘living’ being, despite it being made by organisms, due to the fact that it had sentience. The pain and impact was so strong he was knocked out for a few seconds, until he was awoken by the screams.

    Everyone sighed and looked at Zhàn Méi as she was covered in blood. Fù Dí quickly used a technique and blocked his golems attack, pushing it back. He and the others were fine but Zhào Lǚ and Zhàn Méi were not.

    “Boom!” The room rumbled once more and lava once again started to pour. As soon as it did nine figures rushed out going towards each member in the group. The lava stopped pouring, but the group was not worried about that. They were worried about the new figures that had appeared.

    “God dammit, this doesn’t look like this will be in our favor. Tests for mortal’s my ass, we are sure to die in this hellhole!” Jīn Fèng commented.

    Everyone now had two golems they had to face, and everyone despite their treasures and riches by being nobles, were now ferociously sweating.

    “Clash! Clash!” A sword could be heard slamming against a hard material. Wáng Wèi was swinging her sword twice as fast due to the second golem and had to use even more qi to continue blocking them.

    ‘Frost Blade’, she said in her head. Unlike other cultivators who yell out their attack for the sake of fame and to impress the crowd while looking silly, she summoned her technique with a thought.

    As the daughter of the king of Liokal, she naturally had the best cultivation methods, techniques and many more.

    Her blade started to turned slightly blue and she charged at the golems. Due to it being very hot, the accumulation of qi to turn into frost was high, but it would help her in this scenario. At the cost of higher consumption, she could deal more damage.

    She swung her blade at one of the golems arm and knocked it back, causing slight cracks to appear. She used her aura to feel her surroundings and quickly ducked, as soon as she ducked she felt a few strands of hair fall out as an arm suddenly grabbed where her neck would be.

    ‘Dragon Kick’, she shouted in her head causing her right foot to glow. She kicked behind her and a oof could be heard as the second golem was pushed many meters back.

    Wáng Wèi looked at the golem that she slashed and realized something. She suddenly shouted in the room filled with lava, “The golems don’t regenerate if you don’t fully smash them! Just damage them but don’t cut anything off.”

    The golem she slashed, even though did not have a huge injury, still had a slight visible scar. She summoned Frost Blade again and ran to slice the other arm to injury.

    Her body swayed to the right as an arm was launched at her, she swung her sword to met with the same arm slamming on her sword. The golem she kicked was currently charging at her and right now she was dealing with the one she slashed.

    ‘Dragon Kick’, she summoned the technique again and boosted down the ground into the arms of the golem. The ground shook and a small crater was formed due to the kick causing the surrounding lava to fly around. The golem was slammed backwards and she used the remaining power of the technique to boost forward.

    As soon as she caught up to the golem her feet landed on the ground and she thrusted. However as soon as she started to thrust her sword in the golem’s vicinity her foot felt a heavy pressure. She looked down only to see the golem she knocked away, grabbing one of her leg, restricting her of any movement.

    She then saw the two golems preparing a frightful move, it required them to charge up, but if it hitted her, it was unknown how she could end up even with her treasures.

    Sweat and fear appeared on her face, she used her free leg and stomped on the golems arm, only to see it wouldn’t budge. Her Frost Blade was slowly wearing off and she needed to hurry. She could continue the technique but that would require to constantly supply qi, that was only useful if she was fighting multiple enemies.

    She used Dragon Kick once more and stomped on the golems arm only to slightly move, but at the cost of immense pain. She either had to sacrifice her leg or be severely injured on the spot and/or dead.

    The two golems body emitted a frightening aura as they were about to unleash their moves. Sometimes a cultivator did not need speed to win; pure strength could easily eliminate cultivators in a one vs one scenario.

    The princess was not ready to die yet, so she kicked again only to feel that her left leg was gone. Wáng Wèi managed to get free but at a huge cost. She did not stop and rest, and decided to use majority of her qi into slicing the golem ahead of its arms and legs.

    Wáng Wèi’s sword quickly stuck inside the already slightly injured golem and crystals appeared in its body, it did not severe it, but it did however injure it so bad it looked deformed. She fell next to the deformed golem and did not look down, fearing the sight of what her leg’s condition was currently at.

  • Chapter 38: Fighting the Golems (3)

    The deformed golem laid there with its bland eyes looking at the woman who severely injured it. It could not move in any way as even though the body was almost ripped apart, it was still connected. The golems were meant to be for a test, hence not needing to regenerate when its body was injured.

    Regenerating ones body, would consume a massive amount of energy and took time for one to do so. If a cultivator forced themselves to regenerate fast, it was untold what the consequences would be. That cultivator might even need to chop off their body to fix themselves, which no one would want to do.

    This obviously excluded the fact that a really high level cultivator could easily regenerate a lower ranked body easily in a matter of seconds. If an immortal wanted to, they could regenerate a cultivation-less mortal in a matter of seconds if they lost a body part, and as the injured person’s cultivation goes higher the harder and more time/energy consuming it is.

    The second golem that had not been dealt with, roared in anger, and the surrounding area was surrounded by a devastating aura. It stomped the ground and flew over to Wáng Wèi’s general direction.

    She stared at the golem and her storage ring slightly glowed, she was prepared to summon something however she hesitated and was waiting for her to be at death’s door, not willing to use the item.

    “Bang!” The golem suddenly launched back, no it was thrown back. Wáng Wèi had blood dripping from her mouth, and as she looked towards the general direction she could see a tall figure standing in front of her.

    The ring’s bright light slowly dimmed down and she took a bottle out of her ring and slowly opened it with her shaking and fragile hands, and dumped the whole bottle on her hand. Despite the size of the bottle, only one single pill came out, it was smaller than a human pinkie and pale as the clouds.

    She quickly took the pill, threw the bottle, and laid down. Golden lights appeared all over her and her injuries started to fix itself. Below her waist, blood started to dry, and one could only see one leg on one side, and on the other a disgusting mushy mess. The other leg was forcibly ripped off as she had to escape the golems wrath and she was using this pill to recover her wound and her missing leg.

    As Wáng Wèi was recovering, banging could be heard in the distance. An arm was slammed on as one of the golem punched. A tall woman was defending against three golems, making sure one of them did not go after the princess. Of course this woman was Jīn Fèng, with her tall but slightly slender looks.

    Sweat dropped from her face as she had to use more qi to fight against the golems. Two of the three golems were at the first rank and level of immortality while the third was at the sixth rank of mortality, but the golem at the sixth rank still had a major impact on her as she could not kill it. If she did it would instantly transform to a golem of immortality.

    All she could do at this moment was wait for Wáng Wèi to recover, or for someone else to finish fighting against their golems and hurry to her.
    One of the golems at immortality suddenly utilized more strength than usual and punched one of her arms knocking her back slightly. The other also did the same pushing her back further.

    Shock appeared in Jīn Fèng face as out of nowhere the strength of the golem increased. They were still calm and did not make much noise, but their attacks were much more aggressive.

    A punched appeared and one of the golem was gently pushed back but the other stomped on the ground charging at Jīn Fèng. She had to take a millisecond to recover from the punch, but in that time span the golem was already near her.

    “Boom!” Jīn Fèng was knocked back and coughed up blood. She regained her composure and threw a fist at the two incoming golems. The three fist collided only to create a devastating shock-wave, the surrounding lava roared in the air appearing like flies. She managed to get in a clash and had time to breath as he hand was pushing against them.

    Her eyes drifted toward the Sixth rank golem only to look in shock, it was almost at Wáng Wèi, running full speed, preparing to take her out while she was down.

    Currently she was using her best treasure to fight against the two golems, and had to constantly take pills for minor recoveries or else she would’ve been down long ago. She pushed harder, hoping to knock away the golems, however she couldn’t, she stared at Wáng Wèi desperately, as she couldn’t let the weak golem touch the princess.

    The veins in her arm, already popped, appeared to be bursting out of her body, at any second she could explode from her stress and pain, but she keep pushing back only to see the golem a few meters away. She screamed for Wáng Wèi’s name, only to see a small light appear.

    The sixth rank golem was knocked back as an arrow pushed it twenty meters, until it stopped and fell to the ground with no force. Jīn Fèng stared at Láng Ma as he finished injuring his golems to the point where they could no longer stand up.

    He rushed over to the tall woman’s spot and took one of the golems out of her hand, heavily lessening the stress put on her. While the two took care of the two golems the green robed servant was currently handling three golems, as one of the men behind him had died. The other man was sweating furiously as he also handled three golems, but had no help from anyone.

    Fù Dí currently was somewhat relaxed, however one could see that five small pill bottles were on the floor. He was currently casting a formation around him and four golems were constantly slamming on it, occasionally causing cracks. A person was right next to him unconscious. This person was Zhàn Méi, after she flew to the lava and rescued, he quickly ran to her direction to protect her from the other two golems.

    However, Zhào Lǚ was not next to Fù Dí. The reason for this was because the two golems that were meant for Zhào Lǚ never moved an inch. After that one attack the golems stood still, not daring to attack, however he knew if he interfered, they would not go easy on him.

    All Fù Dí could do was wait for the others to finish. Once he did, he could finally rest, but until then, he had to constantly use enormous amounts of energy to sustain his formation from four golems.

  • Chapter 39: Finishing The First Trail

    “Slash!” A mighty rip could be heard as a golem had almost ninety percent of its arm removed, only leaving a small strand.

    “We finally did it,” Jīn Fèng sighed as she and Láng Ma had to fight against the rest of the golems. The only ones left were the ones occupying Fù Dí and the ones the servant and the man were fighting against.

    The servant did not have an upper hand against the golems he were fighting and so was the man behind him. With the death of the second man, the pressure dealt on them had greatly increased. The golems were not animals, but nevertheless, they had a mind and even though their teamwork skills was not on par with the humans, their overall strength increased when together.

    Intelligence could be said to be stronger than ones body in some cases. The most fearful aspect about humans were not their natural abilities in a certain field, but the fact that they have such a brilliant and wondrous mind, which contributes to having a wide spread affinity towards many things.

    While they were highly respected as a high level races, at the end of the day, they were the weakest in many aspects. Magical beasts, demons, and the like had an advantage, as they were naturally gifted. For example, the thing that human cultivators feared the most were magical beast who had intelligence.

    Some beasts, like snakes, dragons, and many more had an absurdly large amount of natural strength that would rival human cultivators who had higher cultivation levels. Even though they had weaknesses, like the amount of energy needed to cultivate,  their lack of techniques and cultivation methods, once they gained intelligence on the level of humans, they would drastically ascend in power.

    This also applied to golems, even though they were granted life by their masters, the materials used to make them, was what gave them a stronger strength than a human. And if the golem was able to gain intelligence, higher than usual, they would ascend more than what their masters originally planned them to be at.

    Golems had extremely strong bodies, and were most feared when they were granted human level intelligence or beyond by powerful entities. They were the main reason why so many cultivators traveling in burials, trails, and the like ended up never coming out.

    “Boom!” A large explosion could be heard as a golem was blasted many meters into the lava. The golem that was blasted came out with a heavily injured arm and leg, and charged with only another arm and leg to use.

    ‘Death to the Wind’, Jīn Fèng summoned a technique in her mind and her fist had a sudden outburst, suddenly enlarging only to return to its usual size.
    She charged at the golem and their two fists met, only for the golem to have its arm shattered, but leaving only a small strand on the golem.

    The golem was not shocked and despite its arm no longer being usable, shook its leg up to Jīn Fèng’s stomach, preparing to deal damage even if it could not survive the battle.

    While the leg was about a centimeter from Jīn Fèng, an arrow was shot out and the bottom of the golems leg was frozen and cut off. When it was cut off, the golem had flown to the right as the arrow was to strong, sending it away from Jīn Fèng.

    “That should be all of them, thanks Láng Ma”, the tall woman said while breathing heavily. She did not have much time to take a break, nevertheless taking a relaxing breathe, however after she did she and Láng Ma rushed over to Fù Dí.

    The robed man with the book could be seen to have sweat dripping off of him like flies. He just finished a sixth pill bottle, and he looked very pale. Even though his qi did recover, it was not his own qi. The pills would exponentially help a cultivator continue to battle, but everything came at a cost. Pills from three of the bottles gave him direct qi, while the other three bottles helped him recovered qi at a really fast rate.

    These could be considered beneficial if it was not for the fact that taking in a large amount of qi could permanently injure his body and cultivation, while potentially leaving threatening effects.

    For example, if a person exercised to much, it is mandatory to take a break, or else that person could end up injuring themselves. The same applied to cultivation, many rich nobles would use pills and pastes to help them cultivate, but it was every now and then. At the end of the day, a cultivator needs to refined their own qi and ensure it is the best quality instead of allowing pilled qi to enter and mix in with a naturally refined one.

    “Boom!” Many more slings and explosions could be heard as Láng Ma and Jīn Fèng were attempting to break the golems. Everyone was breathing hardly as they had to continue fighting and using qi, but no one gave up.

    “Slash!” A sword suddenly came into appearance and one of the golem were quickly handled, causing them to drop to the floor.

    “Little sis!” Jīn Fèng called out smiling. Wáng Wèi was currently charging at the other golems helping the two fight them, however she was fine and looked pleasant. More importantly her other leg was not a deformed pile of mush, but instead beautiful as the sun.

    After about thirty minutes, the four golem were swiftly taken out. The three of them cheered and smiled, and Fù Dí released the formation and collapsed. If it were not for Láng Ma supporting him, he wouldn’t look so charming that any female would stare at a rock then him.

    “What about the others?”  Láng Ma spoke, while sitting down drenched in sweat. “Forget them, if they die it is their fault. Why should we care about a servant and cultivator that could potentially threaten us and injure us. Besides them, is Drag okay?” Wáng Wèi stretched, after recovering she was as well as a man who recently obtained riches, and was prepared to take on more golems.

    The three chatted about the current situation, and how everyone was in terms of injuries. They glanced at Zhào Lǚ, looking at his unconscious body, and how the two immortal ranked golem were eyeing at him like he was their mortal enemy or child.

    While they were relaxing and recovering a pair of eyes suddenly appeared in the room, however no one, the group, the servant, or anyone saw the eyes staring at them. The eyes then stared at something in specific, unsure of how it felt it continued staring for a long time.

  • Chapter 40: Eyes

    “Princess Wáng Wèi, please save us! My master Lotus will reward you heavenly!” the servant pleaded, despite him focusing on the golem, he was keeping an eye out for the others in case they agreed.

    The princess just sat there and was cleaning her sword with a cloth from all the minerals hitting it earlier. The servant face was filled with anger as he knew she was listening but chose the latter, to not save him.

    “If master finds out about this then the situation won’t just end with my death! He will kill you as well, and all your friends. He will defile your flowers, and send you to the brothel once he is tired of your dirty body and then chop your head after seeing your pitiful face! Pick the outcome, your father won’t be able to save you if a bunch of immortals decide to group together!” The servant shouted, hoping the threat would work.

    Despite the vulgar threats, the princess once again ignored him and chose to let him die. She did not care about the servants master or the people behind him, and even if she did save him, Lotus would most certainly not stop pestering her to be his toy.

    The servant started to dig into the ground with his foot, his right arm was already bloodied to the point of becoming a waterfall, and the man near him was the same, bloodied and severely injured. It was clear the both of them would be applauded by others for the fact that they have persisted so much as anyone else would have given up.

    “Ding! Ding!” A clock like sound suddenly rang and the lava started to drain. The rocks started to crumble and everyone got up as they almost fell from the raging earthquake that appeared.

    “Well done! You all have passed the first trial. I was especially shocked at you girl”, a voice ranged out in the crowded as a pair of eyes appeared, the eyes looked at the princess amused and shocked, “I did not expect you to realize that the golems could not recover by a simple tiny scratch. You must be a main character from a child’s book or a supreme genius.”

    The voice laughed and laughed while the room was crumbling. A white light appeared and everyone covered their eyes while preparing for whatever came next. When they reopened their eyes, all they could see was the same marbled room.

    The same man that they saw on the podium appeared, but this time more life like. He was middle aged, and had a black pointy beard, with slightly long hair on his back. It was clear that most likely when he was younger, he was a lady killer.

    The transparent man spoke once more, “Sorry for my rude intrusion, I am the creator of the trials, even though I am dead, I made a special formation that allows my soul to live for a bit, allowing me to talk to you like I was alive. I did not want to recklessly use the formation so once you pass the first trial, only then could you summon me.”

    “The first trial was never meant to be passed by deforming the golems. I only added that to see if there was a young, smart, or lucky genius, but it was mostly meant to test multiple factors that would make a common genius.” The princess had a sweat drop from her face as she knew he was talking about her.

    “Young adventurers, I shall allow you to rest for another day, when you are ready I shall commence the second trial. The second trial won’t be about strength, since some have an advantage, instead it will be about talents,” the transparent figure said, only to start walking away.

    “For another day?” The servant said while recovering his wounds. “You guys spent three days in the first trial. That is how long it is supposed to last, and some of you passed with flying marks. Now, i’ll release a special gas created by your one and only, that will help you recover faster.”

    As the figure said this, he suddenly disappeared as he kept walking in a random direction.

    Like the figure said, gas started to fill the room and everyone could sense that it was rich in qi and also had a healing effect that would accelerate the recovery process about almost three times! In the world of cultivation, alchemist and other professions were highly sought out for, not by its benefit towards one’s own cultivation itself, but the fact that people in these professions could help them in dire need, and in the long term.

    The figure was clearly an alchemist, and not a low level one at that. To be able to accelerate a cultivators healing process by two times was already difficult as even immortals would struggle to obtain pills or items like that.

    “Even though we don’t know much about him, we at least know this senior is extremely powerful. Scratch out mid ranking immortals, probably even high ranking immortals would not be able to do much. It is a shame that he died from some sort of poison,” Láng Ma commented, even he had respect for the mysterious figure.

    “I wonder who the person he met was though. He said he met a ‘Heaven Executioner’, i’m assuming it is someone at the god or immortal rank, but what title is that? Even though our world does not have any gods, we still are decently knowledgeable unlike other planets and worlds,” Jīn Fèng joined in.

    “Maybe it is best not to pry into someone's business, but I think it might just be a title of some sorts. Like how some cultivators have titles given by the general public, like Emperor Mile’s, or others with cool or lame names like King whatever,” Wáng Wèi said as she tended to Zhàn Méi injuries.

    Zhàn Méi and Zhào Lǚ were currently unconscious, however Zhào Lǚ was just unconscious due to the pain that was brought to him, affecting his mental state. Zhàn Méi however had suffered physical injuries that if not tended to would affect her future.

    The princess took the young girl’s arm and applied a strange green paste on it and took care of any injuries before going into meditation to ensure that nothing was wrong with her own body. Even though the pill she took was very strong, it was a pill nevertheless. If she did not heal her own body, there was a chance that it could be disastrous for the princess.

    Everyone followed suite, by using the mysterious gas that the figure gave them, everyone managed to quickly recover in two days.

    In the two days that they rested, after the first passed, Zhàn Méi woke up and was shocked to learn that they had passed and that Zhào Lǚ had saved her. She was slightly happy knowing that nothing happened to him, and he was just unconscious.

    Besides Zhào Lǚ still being unconscious, everyone was ready to continue the trials. Everyone got up and started to prepare for the next trail as they made sure their bodies were at top shape.

    The mysterious figure suddenly appeared in front of them shocking everyone. “It seems like everyone is ready,” the figure said. “Senior, we still have a friend who isn’t awake due to the first trial,” the speaker was Zhàn Méi, who spoke in a soft voice.

  • Chapter 41: Second Trial

    “Ah the unconscious man. Don’t worry, your friend is exempt from this trial,” the figure rubbed his beard gently and smiled.

    “What do you mean exempt? Does that mean he can’t progress with us?” The princess asked, worriedly.

    “No, this young man will instantly pass the trial of talents. Do not pretend he is a mere mortal. There are some things that gods will not be able to see, but those things won’t be able to escape my eyes. If this young man were to participate in the trials, everyone would lose immediately. His talent is to frightful that someone would never reach his level of cultivation after a million reincarnations,” the figure said to the princess in a demeaning tone.

    The servant eyes opened up and stared at the princess in fright. He thought the ‘mortal’ was simply a servant or friend tagging along for the sake of tagging along. He did not expect him to be a frightening figure. “I need to report this to master as quick as possible! It is best we don’t piss off a figure like that.”

    While the servant seemingly thought, the princess’s and her group eyes opened in shock. They did not think that the figure in front of them would be able to spill all their secrets with a simple glance. Furthermore, the figure, despite his cultivation and talent, praised Zhào Lǚ as though he was a divine being.

    The princess stared at Zhào Lǚ’s unconscious body, and made a resolution to nourish him and make sure he recovers his memories. If he could, their kingdom would be able to prosper, and rise instead of being a ruler of mere mortals.

    The figure grabbed Zhào Lǚ’s body and lifted him up. “Let us go, this trial will not require for any of you to use a large amount of qi. Instead it will be a blessing, whatever you acquire from the room is yours to keep. Even if you don’t end up with an inheritance, you will get some sort of treasure if fate allows it,” the figure walked to one of the walls.

    The figure than took his hand and a portal suddenly appeared in front of them. It seems as though the marble room was only used for the first trial, and not for the second.

    Everyone walked through the portal and stared in shock at the scenery. A large temple was sprung inside the portal, one that could reach the heavens. “Boom!” As soon as they entered the portal lightning suddenly rained down on the temple.

    The lightning was extremely fierce and could kill their progenitor a billion times over. Even though it was not as strong as the rainbow lightning they saw before, it was certainly strong enough to destroy universes.

    The temple was made of stone, smoothed out and cutted into perfection, but despite this it did not seem to be simple. If a mortal were to look at it, it would seem weak, but if a cultivator did they would be shocked. The aura imprinted on it shined out, suppressing everyone. The temple glowed causing everyone to kneel before it despite being far away from it. Only the mysterious figure, and Zhào Lǚ were not affected.

    After a minute of torture, the green robed servant, the man following him, and Zhàn Méi threw up blood. The first two were still injured, and could not deal with this pressure unlike the others, while Zhàn Méi was the weakest in the group. If a second rank, Qi Holders were to attend, it was most certainly their end. There was no need to talk about someone at the first rank Qi Refiners, as they would already exploded out of existence.


    In a distant place, two middle aged men were drinking tea and playing chess. “Check mate,” a man with a crazed, and dirty beard said. The man wore riches like a noble would, but anyone would be disgusted with his care for his body. The man sitting across him stared and sighed, “Father you really are superior, you should head out more often, I’ll guard the place while you traverse into different territories and see what you can trade.”

    “I have made many enemies in my younger years, besides people like us are just inferior to the vast expanding universe. Not to even speak of other universes, I am just a small ant, nothing special about me, and in worst case scenario I would be thrown into a slave pit,” The dirty bearded man said.
    He continued talking as they reset the board, “Shui’er, we also have some upcoming problems do we not? If I were to head out, then our chances of survival will drastically shorten. All we can hope for is for Zhào Lǚ to recover his memories or in some sort of way help us.”

    “You’re right,” The other man sighed, “I have been getting closer and closer to breaking through to the sixth level, but I still need time. What about you father?”

    “I am just about to break through to the second rank, but i’ve reached a bottleneck. If I were lucky enough like Zhàn Méi, then I would’ve broken through into the real world of cultivation. But I either need an abundance of energy or a cheat via the dao. Give me a hundred years at least to break through. The energy here is so small only mortals can benefit,” the old man poured tea for the both of them and continued playing.

    “Your majesty! It’s an emergency! We can’t detect princess Wáng Wèi’s lantern!” A man with heavy armor walked in, sweat pouring everywhere.
    “What! Captain Shi, explain to us in details what happened!” One of the men stood up in panic as this was his only daughter, and the person he cared about the most.

    “Yes your majesty. The lantern suddenly burned out, when a maid was sweeping through the room, however it did not break,” Captain Shi repeated the events slowly.

    “Shui’er, most likely they had entered another realm or planet. A lantern burning out means many things. The most common is that the person reach is way out of reach for the lantern to detect them. Other things could have happened, but that is the most plausible. You said it yourself, that the dungeon they’ve detected is not a small and puny one, seems as though your hunch was right,” Wáng Dòu, the progenitor commented.

    In the world of cultivation, there exists many weird and interesting type of items. One of the most common are the storage stones. The list goes on and on, but in specific to the situation, there exists many types of treasures that are able to detect someone’s soul with the most common being lanterns. If the soul were to break, the lantern would break.

    Lanterns are more rarer than storage stones, and are more expensive. The higher quality the lanterns or treasures with similar functionality is, the more range it has, and some will even tell how someone died and who killed them.

  • Chapter 42: Entering the Tower

    “Open the door, it’s me,” the figure yelled at the towering temple. Currently, everyone behind him was suppressed and could not move. They were trying their best to resist the aura and make sure it would not end up injuring them.

    All of a sudden the aura suddenly stopped and it did not lash onto everyone and retracted. Even though they could still sense an aura on the tower, it was withdrawn and they can only sense it staring at them with a frightening murderous aura.

    “Hand him over,” the figure signaled at the princess’s group. They looked at him confused and concerned as they didn’t know what the man would do with their friend.

    “Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to him, there is a good chance that the people inside the temple will instantly recognize him, so I plan to put a disguise on him and cover up his aura and everything,” he said sighing.

    Shocked once again arose, ‘the people inside the temple will instantly recognize him’, signaled that this place must be related to Zhào Lǚ, but why would the figure try to cover him?

    “Why should we hide him? Wouldn’t the people inside help Zhào Lǚ?” the princess spoke.

    “No, the problem that he deals with can’t be solved by anyone except himself. We can only guide him, the issue isn’t simply forcibly breaking the seal.

    Besides some people aren’t as kind-hearted as they seem. Once you reach God rank, you will understand the consequences of befriending someone like him,” he grabbed Zhào Lǚ and started to cast strange runes on him. His face started to change along with his body, he now looked like a really tall, muscled figure.

    “Gōng Xīn, how rare to see you, I see you are leading mortals through a trial. Ah, it is rare to see someone of your status lower down to mortals, majority of people would rather pick a lesser clansman or sect disciple, but you are a man of clarity. Sadly his excellency, Zhào Lǚ…” the voice that spoke suddenly stopped, not wanting to say more.

    The doors to the temple opened and one could see a bald figure walking out with a smile. He wore a yellow robe and seemed like a regular person.

    Everyone's faces dropped as they heard what the bald man said. Even though the mysterious figure, Gōng Xīn, had told them that the people in the temple most likely knew Zhào Lǚ, for them to call him their ‘excellency’, shocked them out of belief.

    Generally, cultivators who are a rank above are not called excellency, gods, etc. unless forced to, but those who are forced to only do it when that person is in their presence. This made everyone question two things, how strong are these bald people, and how strong was Zhào Lǚ back then?

    “Even mere mortal with horrible backgrounds can excel at cultivation. A lot of people are selfish idiots, sect masters choosing personal disciples and clan masters choosing no one outside the family, people choosing background over talent, and people choosing talent over the heart. At the end of the day, the dao heart is what matters the most. Even if you have a supreme genius, at most, you will get someone who advances very fast but can’t reach the apex, can’t reach the grand dao!” Gōng Xīn loudly stated, annoyed at some powerful but stupid cultivators.

    Majority of the time, powerful cultivators are intellectual individuals, or else they would’ve never reached their current strength. But many, despite their intelligence, decide not to think of the greater picture and went on a questionable path.

    The bald man nodded and said, “Let us not dwell in this, today is a beautiful day, and your participants must want to move on. Let us head in and see the talent of this young generation.”

    The yellow-robed bald man walked in ahead of them and Gōng Xīn carried Zhào Lǚ’s body and signaled the others to follow.

    Everyone followed the bald yellow-robed man and when they went into the temple they were absolutely stunned.

    The temple was so large that it appeared to reach the heavens, while it expanded so much that even with mid-tier mortal cultivation, everyone was not able to see the end of it. The temple was surrounded by lush greenery, calming waterfalls, a beautiful and bright sky, anybody would love to take a vacation here due to its calming and peaceful aura.

    After three minutes of walking, they finally reach the door, only to see that the door was about twenty miles high, and ten miles long. When they entered the portal, they were far away from the gate. Seeing the gate up close shocked them as it exceeded their image, as it looked huge but perspectives were really important in this instance. Probably trillions human could fit the size of the door, only then would it truly feel decently big and not the heavens.

    They could see that the door was merely part of the whole temple, which was much much larger. The door occupied almost a single layer, and the other layers on top of the temple were as big, if not bigger than the size of the door, stacking upon each other.

    When they entered the temple, all they could see were over a million people, ranging from humans, to giants, to bears, to even dragons, sitting in multiple parallel lines from the door, wearing yellow robes and meditating.

    They sat there, positioned like guards and maids greeting a young noble, however, in this case, they were meditating there calmly, not letting a breeze come out of them.

    “Boom!” All of a sudden an intense aura came out and attacked Gōng Xīn’s group. No, in fact it could be said that the millions of people meditating at the gate attacked the group simultaneously.

    The bald man waved his hand and a supreme aura came out. The aura that was about to attack the group settled down and quietly died down.

    “These are our guests. They are not enemies, so no need to fear,” the bald man spoke and continued walking while smiling as if everything that happened did not exist.

    Everyone followed along, but this time walking as quietly as they can. Everyone who was meditating in the rows was so strong that even Wáng Wèi, who was used to her father and grandfather’s aura could not probe their aura’s.

    As they walked, the more the crowd got excited and in awe. The temple was filled with riches, every mile they walked they could see grand structures and many mini-structures, along with some bizarre areas.

    The floor riddled with a weird black material instead of stone. It shined so much, even though it didn’t kill their eyes, it most certainly emitted a beautiful look as if the heaven gave the lighting.

    As they continued to walk for about two hours, they finally came upon a large building with a massive library. The library was so huge, it could be said to be the size of Liokal. The monk headed in the library only to be met with an even frightening aura, far more powerful than the entrance.

    “Brother, may I ask why are there mortals coming into the sacred library!” A voice suddenly yelled out. If it were not for the bald man in front of them the aura would have destroyed them many times over.

  • Chapter 43: The Sacred Library

    “Senior Brother, these are our guests. If I may ask, please move and do not interrupt,” the bald man finally stopped smiling and the two of their aura’s continued to rise. The group looked back only to see that the aura was so large they couldn’t see it.

    A large aura did not represent much, as some experts prefer to keep their aura’s at a low range. But the more powerful a cultivator gets, the bigger the general size of their aura is.

    When the group looked back at the library they could see a man coming over. This man appeared to look old and fragile, but still had the fierceness of a youth. He, like the man they have been following, has no hair and wore a yellow robe.

    Everyone assumed that this was the temples tradition, however, it was still weird that every single being had to shave off their hair. Not a single person had a speck of hair on their head, and the only clothes were a yellow robe instead of some symbol representing their league or sect.

    The old bald man looked at the group in disdain while floating in the air and spoke in a harsh voice, “Mere mortals as guest!? Are you crazy, since when did these inferior beings be allowed entry to the temple. Even gods can not enter, even willingly becoming pitiful servants or slaves will not grant them a single peek inside!”

    As soon as the old monk said, ‘Even gods cannot enter’, every one of them had shocked filled their face’s to the brim. In the kingdom of Liokal, no in the world that Wáng Wèi’s group lived in, gods were none existent. In fact, it was a common saying amongst first rank immortals that no highly powerful immortal existed due to the fact that either the immortals leave to become stronger or the fact that the world is too weak to birth a powerful being.

    Even Wáng Wèi’s father, the king, had to adventure outside the world, not for the sake of having fun, but to risk his life in deathly scenarios in order to improve in his cultivation.

    It was too rare to hear of someone becoming an immortal just to live forever. Those who did could be counted on the hands of a few. Even if greed is considered a bad and villainous sin, it is what strive new immortals to continue, to easily become bored of mortal life, even wanting to become a slave to a higher being if it meant them gaining more power.

    To everyone, hearing that a god rank cultivator was coming to their world is a dream that none can imagine. For a first ranked immortal to dream of seeing a god, will most likely not come true and only be a figmentation of their imagination.

    However, to even enter the temple, someone must be at a level above that of a god. Never in their lives, would they ever hear that gods are nothing but ants, nothing but trash, and are so weak that even seeing them is an instant denial.

    “Do you want to piss him off… You know going against his demands equates death! Even our Senior Sister has to bow down to him!” the bald monk then looked back at Gōng Xīn and smiled while apologizing, “Brother Xīn, I must apologize for his behavior. You must know how strict our temple is, even grand characters will have to be heavily watched, and our brothers and sisters seem to have been acting up as time goes by. They seem to forget who they are and are swallowed by the fact that we are powerful, forgetting how one day the temple may find itself destructing if not careful.”

    “Brother Lu, I understand the temple to an extent. If it were not for master I would not be allowed in even after a trillion reincarnation. However master has made a decision, as long as my soul has not been completely wiped out, I shall have the right to bring them in the library for a trial, and to give them a chance at the dao”, Gōng Xīn responded smiling, not fazed by what happened between the two.

    “Brother, who cares about whatever his name’s, order was. He is not apart of the temple and will never be. That man should not exist in this grand area, and neither should his order. You know it yourself that he has been-” as the old bald man continued to ramble, an immense pressure appeared in the temple, everyone including the meditating bald, yellow-robed beings rose up in shock.

    However, after a bit, they bowed in a specific direction and went back to meditating. The aura stopped and retreated back where it came from, heading towards the top of the tower.

    “Please excuse my offense Senior Sister,” the old bald man bowed to the skies, sweat appearing on his body.

    All of a sudden a voice clapped the air, the heavens that were previously throwing lightning bolts at the temple stopped as well. Everything stopped to let the voice talk as they feared that even breathing in their head would end up causing them to die.

    “Big Brother Zhào Lǚ shall not be disrespected! All of you in the tower listen up, if I hear anymore disrespect towards big brother, then a punishment awaits. You will not get kicked out of the tower or suffer a trillion cycle imprisonment, but instead, death shall be bestowed upon you!”

    It wasn’t just Wáng Wèi’s and the servant’s group, all the bald, yellow-robed beings shivered in fear. Wáng Wèi and the others could tell that the person who just spoke was female, but instead of a gentle voice, all they heard was death as the voice had no hint of holding back, remorse, gentleness, but instead a murderous aura.

    Anyone could easily say while this temple was a paradise, a place of peace and well-being, that voice caused everything to collapse, breaking every impression that was known before.

    The old bald man shut up and finally stopped talking with his demeaning attitude. He flew back to the library and glanced at the bald man with a disgusted look, clearly not happy that a bunch of mortals are allowed entry.

    The bald man who goes by ‘Lu’ sighed and went to the library, signaling everyone to come with him. Everyone unhesitantly followed without a thought in mind.

    When they got to the entrance of the library they could notice a couple of eyes staring at them. A few bald yellow beings were staring at them, appearing as though they were the guardians of the area. The ‘guards’ included the old man they just saw a bit ago. He was looking at them and looked as though he was about to say something however a voice rose before he did.

    “Brother, please state your reason for entry, only then shall you pass,” the voice came from a very large figure. So large a human house would not fit him, but in the library, he was puny as a fish in a sea.

    Everyone was shocked to see this large figure as very few monsters as the figure ahead existed in their world. The figure was a weird tortoise-like being that looked like he could take on universes with but his shell.

    “We are here to fulfill the agreement, our proof is right here,” the bald man pointed to Gōng Xīn’s figure.

    “Oh, brother Gōng Xīn, long time no see. Permission is granted brothers, please enter and have fun with your trials. However please remember of the rules, even if you are his disciple in name, we will not take you lightly and give you rights like any other brother or sister would,” the big tortoise cupped his hands and smiled.

    The bald man faced them and spoke, “I can not guide you any further. Brother Xīn should know where to take you in this library. However, I must warn you, touching anything here without permission equates to instant death. Brother Xīn, I hope we can meet again, Amitabha,” he said while smiling. He cupped his hands and bowed and slowly walked away at a mortals pace away from the tower.

  • Chapter 44: Trail of Talents

    After the bald man left, Gōng Xīn and everyone was left alone. Surprisingly the library was extremely quiet. Even though the temple itself was quiet when they were walking around, the other bald beings acted as though this place was a sacred place, a heavenly area that only special people can get into. No guards were patrolling the area or meditating in a certain area to ensure the safety of the library, it was just deathly silent.

    Láng Ma broke the eerie silence by asking a question that he had ever since he came into the temple, “Senior, may I ask, why are the outfits of everyone so weird? Is everyone required to shave their heads and wear a yellow robe?”

    Gōng Xīn laughed at Láng Ma’s question, “Is it a requirement? If you were to say that out loud everyone would attack you. The temple isn’t based on Daoism, instead, it is based on Buddhism, only those who have achieved enlightenment and are not influenced by mara are allowed to barely pass the requirement. Another requirement is to reach a certain level, but I’m assuming that even if I tell you that level, you wouldn’t understand the disparities of strength.”

    Suddenly interested, Zhàn Méi joined in the conversation and asked the figure, “Buddhism? Is it similar to the dao? And does it take the same path as the dao?”

    “In some sort of ways, yes. Buddhism is a complicated topic, but it is a way to release one’s suffering by many methods. Buddhism is very powerful but it comes at a cost, if you were to follow the path of Buddhism then do not expect to love your friends and family anymore. You won’t feel any hatred towards anybody, no greed, nothing, as you have released yourself. It is complicated whether the Dao or Buddhism are stronger, but be known that you should never underestimate a Buddhist,” Gōng Xīn sighed, as he recalled something and ended his explanation.

    At this point everyone was locked into the conversation, they were interested in Buddhism as it related to the people in the temple. Fù Dí like the others asked a question, not caring of the disparities between them, “Then what about the other Buddhist who showed emotion?”

    Gōng Xīn smiled at that question and responded, “Some people continue on that path wholeheartedly, never allowing a speck of emotion to enter. To some, a speck of emotion is enough to ruin them forever. However, some, like that woman you heard earlier have reached a state that their hearts are the one that takes control. They are still considered Buddhist, but every now and then venture out into Daoism as well.”

    He continued to talk and this time he had a childlike smile on his face, not caring what the others would think, “Master told me something very valuable that I wish I could’ve followed long ago. The dao heart is the source of power, one can easily become a Buddhist, a devil, a saint, a corrupted person, with just a thought. You young ones have a lot of time on your hand, so remember this! Follow your heart, wavers in your heart means you are at death’s door! A shadow means that you have given up and are already dead! But, a firm heart is one that can kill immortals, emperors, gods, and even the heaven!”

    Everyone stared at Gōng Xīn as if he was their teacher. They took that phrase into their hearts and made sure to remember it, and while cultivating one's body and the dao, to also focus on the heart.

    Gōng Xīn sighed at the remembrance of his master and continued to walk to a specific area. All that they could see were books, upon books, upon books. There were occasionally scrolls and the like in the area, but nevertheless, that is all they saw.

    As the group walked closer. they could see a stone pedestal stationed in a specific area of the library. Gōng Xīn walked towards the pedestal and placed his hands on it. The pedestal lit up to showcase a bright light that blinded everyone. Everyone closed their eyes only to reopen them in shock.

    They appeared to be on a small island in the sky, nothing to be seen in the distance.

    “Where are we?” Jīn Fèng asked. Currently, they were standing on grass and the whole island was filled with grass and occasionally trees, besides some weird looking sculptures in the distance.

    “We are in the Trial of Talent and the Trial of Heart, a small and puny dimension inside the temple. Master made this for me long ago, allowing this to be both the second and third trial,” the figure responded without hesitation.

    Gōng Xīn waved his hand and everyone followed him. They were walking closer and closer towards the weird sculpture and they started to see the sculpture for what they truly were.

    There were three sculptures, one of a broken sword, another of a being meditating, and one of a book.

    “The second trial is divided into three categories and you will be scored by a golem in each sculpture. Feel free to enter whenever,” after Gōng Xīn spoke, he sat down and closed his eyes, seeming to enjoy the boring environment.

    The green-robed servant was the first to head into the sculpture with the broken sword, hoping not to miss this opportunity. After the servant went in everyone else went in and was suddenly absorbed into the sculpture, disappearing from the grassy island.

    As soon as they went in the environment changed, the skies were still the same, however, this time the floor was made of stone and weapons layed everywhere. However, two oddities stood out, a wooden box with a chair next to it, and a large stone wall that has been scarred by what appears to be a sword.

    “Boom!” All of a sudden a large rock fell down from above. Everyone took out their weapons in preparation of an attack, even though Gōng Xīn had said they would not be using a lot of qi in the test, they were still cautious.

    As they prepared for whatever was inside the rock, they were shocked to see it suddenly explode. They attacked the shattered rock only to find that it was as strong as a mortal ranked rock on their world. Even a first rank, Qi Refiner, could destroy it. After they broke the fragments that were launched at them they were shocked to see a female figure appear out of the rock.

    The female figure has a gorgeous body that many men would lust for. She had long hair and a beautiful robe that covered her body but showed her curves. However, the biggest thing about the figure was that she was made entirely of stone. Despite this fact, she was still beautiful to topple down kingdoms and nations. Her beauty rivaled Wáng Wèi and could be said to be slightly more beautiful than her.


    On the grassy floating island, one could see two people on it. One of an old, but still middle aged man who appeared to be transparent. Currently, he was closing his eyes and sitting in a lotus position. His body was so calm and unswayed that someone might confuse him to be a golem or a sculpture but very human-like.

    The other person was a tall and muscular figure who seemed to be unconscious.

    However, all of a sudden the man’s body moved. He shivered and opened his eyes, only to be met with a bright sky.

  • Chapter 45: Talent In Fighting

    Where am I? a muscled man placed his hand on the ground to get up only to feel the grass. ‘Huh? We aren’t on rocks anymore?’, he thought to himself.
    “Welcome back,” the transparent figure opened his eyes and smiled towards him.

    “Who are you?” he said slowly backing away from him, preparing to launch attacks from his treasures if required to. Even though he was given treasures, he could only use treasures that required little to no qi, and at most just required the surrounding area to be filled with qi to use the weakest attacks. But even his attacks were weak he did not want to be knocked out again.

    “No need to fear, I am the master of that lava room you were in. You and your friends have passed the first trial and your friends have gone into the first out of three sculptures in the second trial, the Trial of Talent,” Gōng Xīn pointed towards the sculpture with a broken sword floating a meter above the ground.

    “Simply walk towards that sculpture and you shall be transported,” he said before closing his eyes to meditate.

    Despite still being a tad confused on the situation, Zhào Lǚ followed his instructions and started to walk toward the sculpture.

    On the island there was little to see, however, he did not see Gōng Xīn smiling at the young man. As he got closer to the sculpture, Gōng Xīn waved his hand and Zhào Lǚ’s true appearance came into being as there were no Buddhists in the vicinity.

    Zhào Lǚ, however, did not notice the change on his body and touched the broken sword only to disappear.

    “It has been too long…” Gōng Xīn after smiling at the young man for a bit, a tear came out of his transparent figure and he slowly cried as time passed by.


    Brightness accumulated on Zhào Lǚ’s vision for a few seconds until the light finally disappeared. When he opened his eyes once more, all he could see were stone floors and scattered weapons. However a few things stood out, one was a wooden box with a wooden chair next to it, a stone wall engraved with a slash, and seven people standing before a stone being.

    “I am Leia, please in a formal line, one person comes up at a time. I shall be the decider whether you pass or fail, whether you pass or fail will impact the final decision of the disciple, Gōng Xīn, choosing his disciple, but fear not as failing this test will not mean you instantly fail.”

    “The eight of you shall come up one by one and fight me. I will target your weaknesses, your job is to defeat me by surpassing or handling your weaknesses. Fear not, it is almost impossible for you to die, I shall lower my level to your standards, and please be aware treasures that are not their primary weapon are not allowed, only one's personal strength and their personal weapon are allowed.”

    The female figure made of stone shocked everyone, the common standard for a trial of talent usually consisted of testing one's talent by a treasure, or one’s personal insights, and maybe a few oddities will be added. However, the trial was a unique one, as a lot of cultivators when at their deathbeds, will just wait for the strongest or luckiest person rather than a thorough trial that was fair and equal to some.

    The green-robed servant was the first to speak, “Senior, may I ask who this eighth person is, we only have seven amongst us.”

    Leia, the stone figure pointed to a location behind them. The group looked behind them only to see a man awkwardly standing there.

    “Zhào Lǚ!” the princess’s group shouted, surprised to see him here.

    They remembered Gōng Xīn talking about how if he were to join the Trial of Talent, that he would absolutely wreck the place, causing them to lose. Even if he couldn’t summon qi and fight in the trial they were confused on why he was here.

    The young man looked at them with a wryly smile and walked towards them.

    “Brother Lǚ, are you alright? Any problems anywhere? Do I need to take you to a brothel to make sure you are in top shape?” Fù Dí spoke concerned for his friend.

    As soon as he finished speaking he could feel the glare of three females, their aura’s drifted towards him, appearing as though he was going to die if he moved an inch.

    “Don’t listen to him Zhào Lǚ, he is gonna taint you with his fiendishness and pervertedness. Though we are glad you are alright,” Jīn Fèng smiled at the young man.

    Zhào Lǚ smiled at their concern and responded, “Hmm I’m fine, even though I am a bit weirded out and confused on the situation, I’m perfectly fine, or at the very least I think I am.

    The green-robed servant stared in disgust and talked to the stoned woman, Leia, “Senior, I am ready to start my trial.”

    The stoned woman nodded and proceeded to summon layers of stone and expanded upon the void, putting a two hundred by two hundred meter stage.

    Everyone was shocked at the sudden change and they were suddenly teleported to a stage that the woman had created. They started to get comfy, knowing that the trial was about, to begin with, the first contestant being the servant.

    The princess’s group was not angered by this sudden development as they were going to start anyways, and sometimes being the last ones to go was the best as they could see how the woman was fighting and strategize on how to defeat her.

    Time passed and they could see a thousand weapons were suddenly teleported into existence, floating in the air above. All the weapons were made of stone and the stone figure, Leia appeared on the stage along with the servant.

    “Are you ready? I must start now, and I hope that the heavens will bless you with a fortune in fighting me,” Leia said while suddenly grabbing a stone stick. She suddenly thrust forward charging at the green-robed servant at a pace that wasn’t to fast but not to slow.

  • Chapter 46: Immense Pressure

    The servant took out a tall rod and charged at Leia, unfrightened. When they first came into the cave, he used a stick, however that was mainly due to the fact that it was a treasure. His personal weapon of choice was a tall rod which was unusual to see in the world of cultivators.

    “Slam!” the two slammed into each other with their weapons and they caused the debris in the area to fly away from them.

    Clashing was all that the others could hear. They were unsure on what Leia could do, but they knew for a fact that the servant had more tricks up his sleeve that he wasn’t willing to use at the start.

    For about five minutes the clashing continued, no changed happened, and time felt as though it had slowed down.

    However after a few more minutes passed, something had finally happened. The servant quickly slid behind the woman and launched an attack with his rod, however this time it was covered with sharp icicles, appearing fragile, but knowing how it appeared out of nowhere, they knew it was a technique that was potentially dangerous.

    “Boom!” the rod struck heavily onto Leia, however, the rod started to shake. The servant's eyes were wide open as he realized the mistake. The rod did not hit the woman, but instead, it hit the stone stick that she wielded.

    Leia instantly threw the rod and the servant back by pushing the rod with a heavy strike from her stick, causing him to stumble after taking a few steps back. He was thrown off balanced and could see the woman charging at him, preparing to strike. The female figure, with her beautiful features, suddenly took a ferocious approach and launched an attack on him with her stick.

    The servant was struck on his chest, and he slammed into the stone ground, causing the surrounding area to collapse. Luckily the ground was large enough that he would not suddenly fall into the void and only slammed into more stone.

    Blood started to appear from the servant's mouth and he got off the ground after a few tries, as if the stick has slammed him so hard he was glued to the ground. Luckily Leia was not trying to kill him or else he would’ve died many times over due to the chance she had by him being in the ground.

    “Weak is this all you got. Let me say this one more time, my target is not you overall, but your weakness,” the female figure said. Leia stomped on the ground to attack him once more.

    The servant thought about what she said and thought about what weakness he was struggling from, however, he had at most a few seconds to think properly before heading into battle again. However this time he was more cautious as he used two techniques to attack her but that failed miserably.

    Leia, the woman made out of stone most likely has much more experience than the servant will ever obtain. A huge weakness he had was the lack of experience, however, he knew that wasn’t the key part, and in fact, all the others suffered from this, hence his conclusion that experience in specific, was not a thing she was targeting.

    “What do you think she is trying to target?” Zhào Lǚ commented, confused on what she meant.

    “We might just have to wait and see, if figuring the weaknesses were so easy this would not be a trial and he would’ve passed long ago,” Fù Dí commented.

    Jīn Fèng joined in the conversation, “This also made me wonder, where does this ‘Leia’ person come from. I have heard of people made of stone, however, their bodies still have organs or parts that at the very least are similar to the majority of beings. However, it seems as though she is made of stone and only stone.”

    A snort could be heard from the right side of the group, Láng Ma spoke like a rich snobby noble, “The only main and clear exception besides a few beings are golems, most likely that woman is an extremely high-class golem, probably even powerful than gods.”

    No one was disturbed or angered by Láng Ma’s response, and they nodded as that was most likely the only logical explanation.

    As the group was talking, the green-robed servant started to breathe heavily. Twenty minutes have passed by since they started fighting, however, he was slowly getting weaker and weaker.

    Every now and then Leia would strike the servant instead of parrying his attacks, causing him to stumble more and more.

    ‘Dammit! What am I missing! Clearly, she is toying with me, but what is she striking?’ he thought in his mind.

    All of a sudden, out of everyone's expectation, including Leia, the servant stood still and breathed. In a life and death situation this was a great opportunity for the enemy to strike, but considering the fact that this was a trial, the stone figure did not move and instead waited.

    A minute passed before anything happened, and the woman was starting to get impatient. She took her stick and launched an attack. Whether the green-robed servant could pull a generic scene where a character finishes their thoughts or ascension and beat her was up to the heavens.

    Nevertheless, it did not matter as she was slowly approaching him, defeat could only be accepted unless he pulled it off.

    “Boom!” As soon as she got near and striked, a rod appeared in her face slamming her back a couple meters.

    “Impossible!” Wáng Wèi quickly commented. Everyone stared in shock at the sudden development.

    When they looked into the servant's eyes, they could only say one word, ‘Emotionless’. His eyes were voided of any emotions and he suddenly charged at the woman.

    “Good, good! Wonderful! I may start having a little bit of fun now!” The stone woman finally smiled after having a stoic or slightly emotional expression on her face the whole time. She charged at the servant, laughing and suddenly sped up at a fast rate.

    They could barely see the woman anymore, only a blur, even if her cultivation and strength were suppressed, she did not limit her techniques and knowledge.

  • Chapter 47: Victor!

    “Slash!” “Boom!”, the two were fighting at a different level than before. The green-robed servant was slamming down on Leia before he was at a disadvantage, however now they were equal, with the servant being slightly stronger.

    “Great! Let me use some basic low tier techniques now!” The previously stoic woman now was laughing like a maniac. She still heavily suppressed herself, however, she used the lowest tier technique that she knew. Of course, these techniques would be very strong compared to the other techniques.

    The rod that was made of stone suddenly shook and it transformed, becoming a hundred times its size. The woman made out of stone suddenly slammed it down on the servant as if it was a wooden branch.

    The surrounding area was absolutely demolished, some areas on the stage collapsed, revealing the void a couple meters down the ground. However one area was perfectly fine, this area was where the servant was standing.

    A strange transparent liquid-like substance came out of the servant's body, as if they were tentacles, grabbed the stick. The green-robed servant's rod slammed upwards on the stick, supporting the weird substance in fighting the stick.

    “This liquid… no, this force… haha, as I guessed, he really is in that mental state. He can no longer be his disciple, but instead, a greater fortune runs through him. Come! I shall use only one percent of my powers, let's see if you can withstand this!” Despite Leia’s bizarre crazy nature, she knew when to hold back instead of using her full powers on a mortal.

    The woman made of stone, Leia, suddenly charged once more using one percent of her power, however, only one percent of her power caused the others to think that she suddenly teleported. She appeared next to the servant, but this time the stick was at its regular size. No profound aura came out, hell if anyone didn’t see her teleport they would instantly think she was an arrogant mortal.

    While the stick was about to hit him, he breathed calmly and slammed down on the incoming stick with his rod. The whole fifty by fifty stage collapsed, and the only thing left was the area around the two. The strange ‘liquid’ or force slammed down on the stick and managed to hold off on the stick for two seconds. However, the rod started to shake and everything collapsed.

    The green-robed servant flew out of the floating stone island and was caught by Leia before he touched the void, no one in the crowd knew what would have happened if he passed through the void, but they did not dare imagine that he could survive from the void.

    Everyone stared in shock, from when Leia had slammed her stick down after enlarging it, to the servant flying towards the void, they did not dare to imagine such a scenario happening at all.

    Despite the princess’s hatred for the servant they had to applaud him for the wonderful performance, and admit that the servant truly had skill.

    The servant was rumored to be Lotus’s only true servant. Lotus an immortal feared by many has never taken in a disciple, but if one were to talk about the servant, one could say that the servant was Lotus’s son in name and his unofficial disciple.

    Many rumors are sparked about the servant’s identity, some ranging from him being Lotus’s legitimate child, all the way to being his only disciple. But all of them had one thing in common, that the servant was extremely highly regarded as Lotus’s right-hand man, and he was absolutely loyal to him no matter what command was given.

    Due to this, a huge hidden pressure surfaced amongst the princess and her group as the immortal has been seeking her out to be his toy, in which caused the servant to do his best to get her and any other woman his master would take pleasure to.

    One thing that no one had expected was that the servant truly is talented to be labeled as a genius, comparable to any other nobles. They have always thought that the servant relied on resources from his master, and some in the world thought he overused resources and treasures to obtain that level, but the princess and her group could prove that to be wrong.

    While the group was in shock, the ground started to crumble, however, it was not breaking apart, but instead, it was regaining its former shape. They could see the fifty by fifty-meter stage coming back into one piece and Leia carrying the servant's body to land.

    “Next person please,” she said while suddenly teleporting the servant's body somewhere where they couldn’t see him. Most likely she sent him outside to where Gōng Xīn was meditating at.

    The man who came with the servant felt pressure to go since he, at the end of the day, was an outsider, despite his ‘strong’ cultivation, seeing what happened convinced him he’ll lose anyway. It was better to be defeated and fail the trials, they are ganged or pressure by the princess’s group.

    The man slowly walked over to Leia, slightly scared and terrified of her strength.

    Seeing this, Leia immediately started the fight and within ten minutes of casually fighting the man threw up blood and was teleported out of the island. She did not even try to overwhelm him with her restricted strength, just her overwhelming presence caused him to overtense and not think properly.

    One could say this was the true difference between genius and a commoner. Majority of geniuses dao heart are far firmer and better than a commoner due to the fact that they have better talents and training. However this excludes some commoners who elevate themselves due to their firm dao heart, but nevertheless, they also have the highest chance to die if compared to geniuses due to their poor background, making it almost impossible for a commoner to beat a genius unless they were extremely lucky/fated.

    “That man instantly failed, hell it was extremely lucky for him to finish the first trial,” Leia said with a stoic face. “Now who is next?”

    One of the five finally went up after a minute of silence, being the first to fight against the lunatic woman, “I shall challenge you,” the person was Fù Dí.

  • Chapter 48: Fù Dí Vs. Leia

    Everyone crossed their fingers in their mind, praying for Fù Dí as this was a chance for fortune. They knew that no one here besides Zhào Lǚ could ever cause a scene at the very least on the level that the servant had caused, so what they could rely on was hope and luck that they are able to figure out their weaknesses.

    Easier said than done, finding out one’s weakness is something only luck and experience, and talent can grant. A young rich noble is generally stronger than a commoner, but a commoner has a greater chance of survival in the wilds due to experience. This is also the case for younger and older cultivators with the older being stronger in all aspects except maybe talent. Due to this, people like Wáng Wèi’s group may have a great advantage when it comes to general talents, but this trial definitely accounted for talent, experience, and luck into one.

    As the young man slowly walked to the stage, he summoned his book and an aura came out, one of royal prestige, but a tender, calm feeling also came out.

    “A formation user huh,” The stone woman said with a stoic face, “let us start then, may you be blessed with fortunes,” as soon as she finished she did not grab a weapon but instead recklessly charged towards Fù Dí.

    This surprised Fù Dí as typically cultivators, regardless of how much stronger they are, unless they could kill a formation user in one hit, they would not have an easy time fighting them and a mistake could lead to serious consequences.

    He immediately cast a formation in front of him and moved away preparing to cast another one.

    As soon as Fù Dí finished casting the formation, Leia went right into the formation, unfrightened by it. “Woosh!” Small icicles rained down on her from all directions. Even though Fù Dí did not expect it to deal with much damage to her, unlike a regular cultivator on his level who would be injured in the formation, he at the very least expected a reaction, however, he was proven wrong.

    “Boom!” The formation instantly shattered before the icicles even got the chance to get close to her. He was shocked and after a second of calming down, he started to cast more formations but in different styles in order to probe the cause of the destruction.

    “Boom! Boom! Boom!” All the formations that Fù Dí had cast broke instantly with no signs of origin, causing a dumbfounded face to appear on him.
    Fù Dí once more cast a formation, however, this was not towards Leia. Formations did not always have to be about attacking, they can range from support, defense, energy gathering, and even cooking.

    In this case, he was casting a formation for the sake of giving him a small speed boost. His sandals started to glow and if one looked closely, they would be able to see qi gathering into the formation.

    “Interesting, two formations into one, destined for the dao of formations in the future,” Leia commented while chasing after Fù Dí.

    While the young man was being chased, he started to have sweat pouring from his face. This was not because of low qi usage or fatigue, but because he was slowly running out of ideas.

    In a panic, Fù Dí started to summon formations that eventually turned into swords, maces, spears, arrows, and other weapons, however despite this, they were all destroyed.

    “Why continue the futile attacks? You know I’ll just destroy it,” Leia commented nonchalantly.

    Hearing this, Fù Dí started to calm down while running, deciding what to do next. If full on attacks with formations won’t work, then he had to find a way to beat her without using an actual formation attack.

    His hand fiddled around for a bit as he was preparing to cast something. As the young man calmed down, Leia stared at him in confusion but surprised, he did not expect for him to calm down so quickly. ‘These kids really are something,’ she thought to herself.

    She sped up slightly faster, preparing to attack him with her fists.

    Leia started getting closer, she was only five meters away, and in a matter of seconds, she would be able to reach him.

    “Woosh!” All of a sudden a strong punch could be heard. One that shocked everyone in the crowd. The punch that occurred blew the other away, knocking them into the ground, creating slight ripple like destructions.

    The person that got punched was surprisingly Leia instead of Fù Dí. The young man had created an astonishing tactic utilizing formations that were emitted in the surrounding area. However this formation was different as the person being affected was not Leia, but instead Fù Dí. Due to this, she was not able to break it causing Fù Dí to be able to deal some sort of damage.

    However, despite this everyone could see the exhaustion on Fù Dí’s face. He already had two formations cast that helped boost his speed and agility, however, the one he recently cast down was divided into strength, defense, and an additional speed formation. He could not afford to take damage as he was a formation user and not someone who focused on offense or defense, causing him to have no techniques or cultivation method that enhanced his body or protected him.

    His fragile body would be shredded to pieces if he were to get punched, hence why he needed to expend more energy even if there was a good chance he could have landed the punch. Formation users were feared, but their greatest weaknesses were the fact that they were very weak in frontal attacks.
    Upon seeing this, everyone cheered as they were already worried about the fact that the stone woman was catching up.

    However, at this moment, they heard a burst of laughter, “If you were given more time you would have succeeded, but for now you failed, though I’ll give credit when its due,” the surrounding area turned quiet as everyone was shocked on what was said.

    “Failed? What do you mean, he overcame his weakness,” Wáng Wèi shouted at the stone woman. The shout was mixed with a bit of anger but still containing politeness.

    “Failed? He failed because he did not overcome his weakness, though he did break through some of it. This is what I mean by ‘if you were given more time’,” the stone woman spoke while dusting herself off.

    As soon as she stopped speaking they looked at Fù Dí’s face and were shocked. After he had finished punching Leia he was clearly exhausted, however right now his face was completely still. He seemed as though he was a statue, one more real than Leia.

    After a few seconds passed by, Leia clapped her hands, and blood suddenly spewed out of Fù Dí’s body. He collapsed on the cold stone ground, blood spilling everywhere, it would not be an exaggeration to say he was on the brink of death.

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    Chapter 49: Láng Ma Vs. Leia

    After the collapse, Leia snapped her fingers and his body instantly teleported, presumably towards the others.

    “Alright, who’s next?” The stone woman said while recovering the stage to how it was previously.

    “I will be next,” a young man suddenly hopped down the platform, walking towards the stage. This person was Láng Ma.

    “May you be blessed with fortunes,” she said, “let us start,” at this moment a thousand weapons suddenly rose in the air, preparing to attack.

    Everyone was in shock as they did not expect such a scene to happen. This also made them wonder what Láng Ma’s weakness would be.

    Despite the intensity of the situation, Láng Ma was perfectly calm, in fact, he was slightly arrogant. He whipped out his bow and prepared five arrows on his hand.

    “Whoosh!” The weapons suddenly launched and around a thousand weapons were speeding towards Láng Ma, coming from all directions.

    ‘A Thousand Arrows’, Láng Ma quickly cast his technique and the five arrows quickly separated into two hundred arrows each, equating to a thousand. These arrows are obviously not as strong as a cultivator on their level when fighting against one at a time, but the main strength was the aspect of number and surprises. In this case the fact that a thousand arrows were launched means that Láng Ma had an easier time than anyone else who had to fight the wave of weapons.

    Everyone could hear the waves of weapon clashing and a few covered their ears as many of them were continuously clashing against each other, causing the debris to kick up by the sound waves.

    After ten seconds of clashing all the arrows and weapons finally collapsed. The arrows turning into qi that went to the environment, and the weapons turning to stone causing layers and layers of debris.

    As soon as they stopped a clash could be heard. Burning arrows were sent flying towards Leia’s direction, one on her right and one on her left. With but a quick slice she got rid of the two arrows only to find that Láng Ma had gone missing.

    As the owner of the island, and her high cultivation, she would have never missed Láng Ma, but due to her restriction, she did not dare exploit those.

    However, she did not limit her experience and knowledge, causing her to suddenly strike behind her with a stone sword, causing Láng Ma to throw up blood.

    “Weak,” a second strike came down as she said this. The strike caused Láng Ma to throw up another mouthful of blood.

    After getting hit twice by Leia, his eyes showed anger, clearly, the young archer was furious and wanted to kill her. However, after this thought, he could feel a heavy foot on his chest causing him to throw another mouthful of blood.

    To cultivators, blood was very important. Even though beasts specifically cherished their blood, humans still did as it was connected to one’s vitality.

    Even if there was a being with an immortal or regenerating body aka regrowing after being sliced apart, if a cultivator somehow sucked their essence and blood altogether, that being would surely die a horrifying death for it.

    Blood at the end of the day was recoverable, but a cultivator at the end of the day was still similar to a mortal, they could die of blood loss.

    “I’ll kill you, you damn stone monster!” Láng Ma roared and managed to push Leia off somehow. He jumped back preparing to attack and took a breath before charging. ‘Earth’s Division’, he cast his technique, causing the surrounding area to crumble a meter in the ground in a certain pattern.

    Fifty large circles were carved in a set area, created an unstable landing for Leia, however, due to her experience in fighting she quickly stabilized herself and slammed her sword down.

    Arrows were suddenly lifted into the air, some near her feet as though it was going to target her slowly like a worm.

    A ‘tsk’ could be heard from the young man, and he suddenly took an arrow and shot it behind him. ‘Flight Rider’, he said, while the arrow glew up it suddenly went into the air, but then it went towards Láng Ma as if ready to hit.

    The young man jumped and landed on the small arrow with a foot and began launching rapid arrows while flying through the air.

    “Weak,” she suddenly stepped on the ground, causing her to launch in the air and head towards the direction that Láng Ma is in. Shocked, he sent out different techniques in a matter of seconds to put her down as he did not have enough time to move far enough.

    Leia quickly swiped through all the arrows like it was nothing and knocked Láng Ma down into the ground, causing the third drastic injury.

    “Boom!” A large explosion happened and Láng Ma screamed in pain. His chest was captivated to the others as it was so damaged his chest had somewhat large bumps, it's a surprise that he doesn’t have a hole on it.

    “Dammit! Dammit!” Láng Ma screamed trying to get back up. If there was one thing to compliment about Láng Ma it would have to be his determination to continue.

    “Let me spell it out because unlike the formation user and the green-robed person you don’t get it. You are arrogant as a typical noble. I admire your courage, however, to put it in simple terms, that's all, you are just a rich snob that always expects to win and if not will cry like a baby. If master were still around, you would be the first to die, well, that is if you can even survive the way to glance at him. Let me ask you a question, who is stronger a famous noble or a commoner? Take your time to think about it and until they don’t think about winning,” Leia said in distaste, clearly unsatisfied with the way things went.

    “While you think, let me give you a present,” as soon as she finished talking, everyone looked away as they saw a horrifying sight. She took her sword and stabbed it into his shoulder causing him to scream.

    “Now begone from my sight,” she snapped her finger, causing him to teleport out of the island.

  • Chapter 50: Two versus One

    “That man made me be in a pissed mood, you two girls, come at me,” Leia pointed at Zhàn Méi and Jīn Fèng.

    The two of them had surprised looks on their face, shock at the sudden development. They thought that the stone woman would be easier on them and not suddenly bend the rules.

    The two of them were instantly teleported to the stage without any consent, and a thousand weapons were launched once more, this time slightly faster.

    Zhàn Méi quickly ran away, preparing to cast a technique that had a large area of attack. While she started casting her technique, Jīn Fèng started to go in front of Zhàn Méi, preparing to defend her, becoming the tank of the pair, while the other played the ranged offensive role.

    Ten weapons were closing in the fastest and were only five meters from Jīn Fèng. She put her hands up and decided to punch a stone sword and grab a stone shield with the other, using it to shield against the other eight.

    Out of the eight weapons, only one managed to pierce the defenses and it hit Jīn Fèng in the leg, luckily she cultivated her body, in which turn, the sword just scratched her, causing a drop of blood to leak but that was all.

    A vast expanding aura came out of Zhàn Méi, causing the area to slightly suffocate. She launched out a couple hundreds of qi shaped into sharp tips at the weapons, destroying them into dust, however, despite this, a few hundred weapons were still charging at them. She began to cast the same technique again, preparing to end it all.

    “If that was my only technique, then that would truly be my end, but sadly it is not,” Leia stepped on the ground, speeding up.

    The two had expected such a move from the stone woman and the two looked at each other, they agreed on something with their exchanges, for Zhàn Méi to get rid of all the weapons while Jīn Fèng tanked Leia, waiting for Zhàn Méi to finish to help her fight against the other.

    While Zhàn Méi was still casting her technique, Jīn Fèng threw the stone shield at Leia, hoping at the very least, a single second would be gained from this throw, benefiting them.

    The stone woman easily smashed through the shield like it was nothing and inched closer towards Jīn Fèng.

    “What is my weakness, stronger strength? Agility? Weapons?” Jīn Fèng thought to herself as she prepared for the incoming woman.

    “Bang!” The arms of the tall human female went up quickly blocking a sudden quick attack from the stone woman. The ground shook a bit, but it was not enough to cause an earthquake like the rumble that was able to shatter the stone island.

    ‘Impossible’, the tall human female quickly thought, her face in utter shock. While the others took a long while to figure out their weaknesses, Jīn Fèng knew hers instantly, or at least one of her weaknesses.

    Her feet started to shake, sweat poured from her face and the shaking slowly raised up from her leg to her arms, causing her figure to appear as though it could not stand in any shape or form.

    ‘Death to the Wind’, she summoned her technique and stomped on the ground, pushing her forward against Leia. After pushing the stone woman a meter back Jīn Fèng finally had space and time to retreat back slightly.

    “Sister Wèi, what happened to Jīn Fèng? Why did she look as though she couldn’t do anything?” Zhào Lǚ asked, confused on what happened as the tall female was generally known for her fierce and strong physical strength.

    “She most likely was outclassed. Senior Leia seems to be targeting her with a huge outburst of physical strength, far greater than Big Sis Fèng” Wáng Wèi spoke, concerned on the matter of whether Jīn Fèng will be able to handle this situation.

    As the two were talking Zhàn Méi finally finished casting her technique and a barrage of qi spewed out, targeting the stone weapons that were incoming. Even though the barrage would mostly not kill someone on the same level of the caster, if someone on the fifth level were to use it on an army of second level cultivators, they would be shredded to pieces, even if a thousand were to be brought along.

    This was the case for the stone weapons, even if they were not able to do significant damage to the two of them, if left alone they would be able to injure them in key moments. A single egg cannot destroy a rock, but if infinite eggs were thrown, it was unclear of the outcome that would happen, even a rock will have to submit to the majority.

    “Boom!” The stone weapons exploded one by one, causing dust to broom in the surrounding area. Slowly but surely the weapons dwindled down, the army was slowly dying and Zhàn Méi could finally meet up with the other in order to take down the main boss.

    However all of a sudden the ground started to shake and despite them being on a lonely bland island in the void, the wind started to appear, slowly and slowly getting more wild.

    The final weapon shattered, and the wind got more ferocious. Even Jīn Fèng, who was about to attack had to stop and fight against the winds.

    “Since both of you wanted to fight me at once you shall be granted the pleasure to do so,” Leia, the stone woman who generally had a stoic face finally smiled, however, it was not a happy smile, instead a hint of killing intent could be sensed from it.

    The wind kicked up to an outstanding speed at which the two at this moment were forced to use techniques just to stand still.

    “Boom!” The wind finally reached its peak and the aftermath shocked everyone. The wind was so devastating that the ground was scorched with marks, but that was not the shocking part, the shocking part was that nothing had happened after it reached its peak. Everything was wiped clean, however, this included the dust of the stone weapons.

    “Boom!” Another explosion sounded, however, this time it was not of an attack but instead it was far away from them. A formation was erected between Jīn Fèng and Zhàn Méi, causing the both of them to panic. Even though they were not to far away from each other, it would take a few seconds to reach each other at their top speeds, they could back each other up but they were not close enough to run towards each other in an instant.

    Zhàn Méi looked at Jīn Fèng in concern, however, she heard a noise to the left. She looked towards that direction and her eyes shook in fear. Every single weapon she destroyed was pointing at her in perfect condition. Not only this but a shockingly large tornado was about fifty meters away, appearing different from an ordinary tornado as if its winds could kill her in an instant.

    “Don’t look over there, face me,” the stone woman spoke to Jīn Fèng and threw a quick but powerful punch.

  • Chapter 51: Loser

    An ‘Oof’ could be heard from Jīn Fèng as she was pushed back many meters from that punch.

    She, like Zhàn Méi, was in a tough situation. She had to think of ways to counter against Leia or else she will end up losing by someone stronger than her in strength.

    Jīn Fèng was always called many things, ‘monster’, ‘a manly woman’, ‘the fierce shemale’, at the end of the day she was always called something relating to her absurd strength. Of course many do not dare call her that when she is around and only when it comes to gossiping, but nevertheless they were frightened by her strength.

    Despite Jīn Fèng having an absurd strength, it did not stop her from being a beautiful woman who had captured men's heart as she had a curvy and mature build. But despite her beauty, she was known as a freak. However, this was the first time her reputation was challenged, almost no one in the kingdom could match her physical strength, and to find someone who did at the moment, shocked Jīn Fèng completely.

    She thought in her head while defending and fleeing from Leia, ‘How do I combat her? When some geniuses fight against me they managed to gain an upper hand at times, but why?’

    Jīn Fèng clearly knew that this was her main problem but the biggest issue at hand is overcoming strength, something she knew too well but didn’t know how to fight herself.

    Despite the surge of pressure Jīn Fèng tried her best to remain calm. She recalled what Gōng Xīn said earlier when they entered the library and took it to heart, “Follow your heart, wavers in your heart means you are at death’s door! A shadow means that you have given up and are already dead! But, a firm heart is one that can kill immortals, emperors, gods, and even the heaven!”

    Even though she did not believe that she could necessarily beat Leia to the ground and win overall, she believed she was able to at least improve in her strength and possibly have a high mark on the trial.

    Even though these type of stories about those who have the will to fight can beat anything are generally told in children stories, in this scenario this was definitely the case. If she was not able to defeat her, then she will lose with victory already seen! She did not care if she was fighting an immortal, a god, an eternal being, nothing can block her path!

    Inside of Jīn Fèng’s body her heart glew. Obviously, this was not her real heart, as in the organ, but this was her dao heart. Something that was precious to everyone who lived whether a powerful being or a commoner, the dao heart was something that enabled one to live, one to survive, to continue on in this cruel world.

    Jīn Fèng smiled and charged towards Leia using one of her techniques, Death to the Wind to quickly approach her.

    Leia smiled at the sudden change and did the same with her own low-grade technique. The two approached each other at a fast pace and both their fist collided, causing a massive shockwave to blow through the area.


    While the two were fighting, Zhàn Méi had to struggle on her own. She started to prepare a technique, in case the tornado made an unexpected move, she will be somewhat prepared.

    Currently, Zhàn Méi’s qi level was at sixty-nine percent, the technique she used twice earlier took a toll on her as it was not a simple and basic technique.

    The main strength the woman had that she was generally renown for was the fact that she had an absurdly large storage of qi, and how she could absorb the surrounding qi slightly faster than usual.

    Even though this was seen as a huge benefit, the biggest flaw to this was that cultivation will be much slower compared to others despite being able to absorb more qi than the average.

    Unlike the others who had to rely on pills to continuously use techniques, she was able to use more, allowing her to focus on being a powerful long-range cultivator instead of relying on weapons and other types of strength.

    While Zhàn Méi was casting, the tornado in front of her started to rampage and started to head towards Zhàn Méi’s direction.

    “Woosh” The weapons that were reanimated flew towards her even faster than before. This, in turn, caused her to shoot her current technique at the tornado and shield herself with another. She shot an icy ball, hoping to test the tornado, and see what elements would affect it.

    The weapons that were targeting Zhàn Méi suddenly made screeching noises. They were blocked by a small dome that was made of rocks and a few even broke into pieces after hitting the dome.

    The icy ball that she shot disappeared once it closed in on the tornado, causing the female to have a stern look on her face. Unsure of what to do she decided to wait it out while keeping an eye on the tornado with her aura.

    Two minutes passed by as the wind raged on and the tornado was finally closing in on Zhàn Méi, however, despite this, she waited and waited. All she could do was wait for an opportunity to rise as she knew if she went out there, she would be torn up into pieces by the tornado.

    “Crack!” The dome started to slowly peel off with the stone dissipating into the air, returning back to what it originally was, qi. Zhàn Méi’s face turned grave, she was running out of options, and she truly did not know what to do. Once the dome broke her only option would be to cast a very powerful technique, one that even nobles would drool for.

    “Crack!” A minute passed and a piece of stone cracked, allowing for the harsh winds to penetrate the inside and the weapons started to hit the surrounding area, wishing to open a larger hole to finally get the woman.

    Having no choice, Zhàn Méi finally cast the technique she was hesitating to use, “Eternal Darkness.” The surrounding qi started to rampage like crazy as Zhàn Méi sent more and more of her personal qi out, however it did not disperse everywhere, instead of the qi headed in front of Zhàn Méi, most likely accumulating into a small attack that could kill everything in its path.

    She quickly threw up blood as she sent more qi out in front of her, and was on a knee, unable to handle the pressure of the technique.

    The qi in front started to turn black and into a needle-like shape. She quickly muttered strange words and almost all of the surrounding qi and Zhàn Méi’s own qi was placed into that tiny black needle. The needle shook and Zhàn Méi finally collapsed, only for the needle to fly towards the tornado at lightning speed, however despite the absurd power of the tiny black needle, it disappeared into nothing. The tornado rampaged further, angrier, preparing to kill the small, fragile, female.

    A snap could suddenly be heard and Zhàn Méi was teleported out, and the tornado finally calmed down, dissipating into the air.

  • Chapter 52: The Second One

    “Little Méi,” Jīn Fèng cried out, concerned for the state of her comrade.

    “She’s fine, no need to worry,” Leia spoke, easing the concern.

    The two clashed and clashed, fighting over and over, neither of them wanted to go all out. Jīn Fèng was naturally in the disadvantaged state, however, despite this, she was able to keep a steady grip on the situation, never letting Leia take full control.

    They both, once again started to charge at each other, having lost count of the number of times they’ve bashed into each other, they continued to try and get a stronger stance than the other, attempting to throw the other off.

    'Death to the Wind', Jīn Fèng slammed on the ground and went in the air. She was about ten meters from Leia and decided that she could try a new tactic, to assault her by air instead of the ground.

    Obviously, Jīn Fèng could not fly and only did it to start gaining a bit speed when she went down, trying to make the best of a pebble.

    Intrigued, Leia stopped running towards her and prepared to attack Jīn Fèng. However what shocked her was that the woman did not just go down attacking her, but instead evaded her general direction.

    ‘Wind Rush!’ Jīn Fèng yelled in her mind. This technique was one that the king personally bestowed to her in the past. It was one that regardless of whether a cultivator was in the air or not, could quickly evade. This technique specifically focused on cultivators that are like Jīn Fèng, one that cultivates the body, compared to other common styles of cultivation, such as qi gathering and usage.

    Once the technique was activated, her legs kicked the air and her body bent in an unusual way that anyone who saw the technique whole, would be concerned by the way her body twisted. However, despite this, she was able to be flung to the side of the stone woman, in turn, let her launched an attack on the off guarded woman.

    However, the woman only managed to move a couple meters before stopping due to friction. “Impressive tactic, even the technique you displayed was a very unusual but effective way of getting to hurt me, however, that is useless against my current state,” the stone woman said as she flung her hand around the air as if she was hurt by an ant.

    “Let me show you true strength, the powers of an ultimate body refiner!” Leia’s hands suddenly hit the ground, causing the stage to rumble, shards of stone were scattered everywhere, some going at a speed that was almost as fast as an immortal!

    Even Wáng Wèi and Zhào Lǚ could feel the area shake despite being far away to not be affected. Even the first event with the green-robed servant did not cause a major disturbance and they could only feel the intensity over on the stage, this showed how truly frightening the woman’s strength was currently.

    “Even if you are an immortal I won’t fear you, even if I can’t gain an upper hand it doesn’t mean I can’t do a single damage!” Jīn Fèng rushed towards the woman once more, strengthening her heart, not letting a single shadow cast upon it despite knowing she was going to lose horrifically either way.

    “Good, even if you don’t pass, the whole point is to gain experience, and possibly gain an extra tip on the side,” the stone woman mumbled under her breath, where only she can hear it. She then ran towards Jīn Fèng, causing the stage behind her to create a meter deep hole, shaking the ground.
    The speed at which she was going was enough to cause her to appear as though she was almost teleporting.

    “Boom!” The two collided, causing the area to explode. Fragments of the void could be seen below them as destruction mined down to the depths, creating a gigantic hole.

    Jīn Fèng coughed up blood and flew up in the sky, flying away from Leia. Her body could not handle the pressure and when her body landed on the ground, the floor shook, creating small ripples, cracking the area into pieces.

    However, despite the turn of events, Jīn Fèng got up and started charging again. Even though she knew she would not win against Leia, she still had to try, giving up would ruin her forever, it would cast a shadow on her heart.

    Something that many don’t know is that Jīn Fèng was not born into royalty or into a noble family. Instead, she was just a commoner who had to strive through life, and not only this but having a horrible past scarred her, causing her to never look back and only continue to keep going forward.

    Even though she never talked about her past to anyone, all that the princess and the group knew was that the king founded her in a wretched, depressed, chaotic state. However, she was able to get past this and was able to continue smiling even if any situation came running at her face.

    Out of everyone in the group, she was the person with one of the strongest dao hearts. Nothing would be able to block her path as long as she kept standing.

    Jīn Fèng’s fist approached Leia and finally slammed into her. However, she was not blown away this time. Leia had used the same strength as before, but despite this, Jīn Fèng managed to keep a steady and firm grip on the ground. The ground shook and cracked, but this didn’t stop her, she pushed harder and harder attempting to overthrow the stone woman.

    “Impressive, but how about if I put more force!” The stone woman smiled in a crazy manner and pushed down on Jīn Fèng, causing her to cough up blood. Jīn Fèng’s arms started to shake, and it slowly affected her body. Even a leg was suddenly put down, only being able to stand on a knee with the other barely standing, her strength started to collapse, however, she kept going, dying but smiling.

    “A persistent fool, one that doesn’t give up until it is dead. Nevertheless, you are better than that annoying brat, arrogance is with you but it doesn’t consume you. A firm heart may rule the world! So let us see that heart of yours!” Leia laughed chaotically and pressed down harder.

    Jīn Fèng coughed blood once more, unsure of how many times she has been injured in the past hour of fighting. Despite this, she managed to keep a hold of herself even though she was on both of her knees. Her legs no longer allowing her to stand, only her arms were left.

    She screamed in agony, as the pain slowly consumed her. If she were to let go, death would await, if she were to keep going, a painful death would await. An ordinary person would choose the easy way out, however, she chose to suffer, to be annoyingly persistent.

    “Crack!” One of her arms suddenly took a deformed shape, and Jīn Fèng had tears coming out of her eyes, however, she decided to hold the scream in despite her arm now being deformed. She did not dare look at her arm as the pain told her already what was happening, and looking at it would make it worse. All she could feel was a bone slowly poking out, one that was collapsing, one that was about to give up and die.

    “Oof!” Jīn Fèng finally opened her mouth, only to emit a half scream, half cough like sound, only to hear something fall off of her. Her right ‘arm’ fell down and her left persisted but this time slowly suffering the same fate.

    Cracks could be heard, and the woman’s face shed more tears, more pain, and finally, she lets out her screams. She screamed in agony, in pain, suffering from the loss of a large bone on her right arm, and an almost irrecoverable fractured left arm. A few seconds after the scream, her left arm finally died, and only a gargantuanly large earthquake could be felt. Leia’s fist finally slammed down on her body.

    “Big sister!” Wáng Wèi screamed as she saw her own friend crumbled into a pulp.

  • Chapter 53: Wáng Wèi Vs. Leia

    Leia’s fist slowly got up, and her body left the huge crater that she made. She slowly got rid of the dust on her body and snapped her fingers, causing the stage to slowly repair itself to its original state.

    “She’s fine, don’t worry,” the stone woman said tiringly. “You, come over here, let’s start already,” she pointed her finger towards Wáng Wèi and the princess was teleported about twenty meters away from her.

    A chair suddenly appeared on the stage causing the two to be confused. Zhào Lǚ looked over to the island and could see the chair with the box, confirming that the chair was not the one from there and looked back.

    What shocked the two of them is that the stone woman sat down on the chair instead of preparing for battle. “Everyone has weaknesses, in fact, no one can have a set amount, they only have a set amount in society's standard. However in truth, it is like the dao, it is an infinite source, everyone just has a couple of easily identifiable weakness, major weaknesses, and so on.”

    “In saying that, I mostly do weaknesses in general, it doesn’t have to just be about fighting necessarily.” as soon as Leia finished speaking the surrounding area changed. A city was suddenly placed into view, shocking Wáng Wèi.

    She looked around, only to find that she was right next to a poorly damaged fountain. The surrounding ground was dirty and cracked, the nearby buildings were dirty, and some even had holes in them. If there was one word she could use to describe the surrounding area, it would be dirty. The only appeal in the surroundings was the fact that the big wide sky was in view, is the only thing to look at that wasn’t disgusting.

    While the princess was in the newly founded city, Leia and Zhào Lǚ were still sitting where they were, still able to see the voided stone island. However, the only major difference was that they were able to see a large floating circle where the princess was originally at. This circle allowed them to peer into Wáng Wèi’s point of view and see what she was seeing, with the only difference of them being outside the area.

    Still slightly confused, Zhào Lǚ assumed it to be some sort of illusion formation or something. Now that Wáng Wèi was in the ‘illusion’, he was left alone in the quiet void. The stone woman was sitting on the chair, however, she closed her eyes as if she didn’t want to see what was going to happen to Wáng Wèi. He founded himself staring at Leia, admiring her beauty, clearly interested in her, curious about her identity.

    His body shivered as he could see a pair of murderous eyes staring back at him. “S-sorry!” he screamed, turning towards the circle’s direction, not daring to look back. While he was panicking, Leia slightly smiled and went back to closing her eyes, however, Zhào Lǚ was not able to see, trying his best not to look.

    “Girl, get out of the damn way!” An angry voice could be heard in the ‘illusionist city’. Wáng Wèi turned around only to see a middle-aged man pushing a cart, look at her angrily.

    “Oh, sorry,” Wáng Wèi moved out of the way, unsure of why she was in a city. Was her weakness morality? Experience? Judgementation? She decided to get prepared to explore the city to attempt to understand why she is in this situation.

    “Damn slut, just go to the brothel instead of trying to lure men and get money,” the man with the cart said in a low voice, just loud enough for anyone nearby to hear. The few citizens who were walking by stared in confusion and judgementalism. Slowly walking away from Wáng Wèi, thinking that being near her will infect them with indecent acts.

    Wáng Wèi looked at the man in surprise and looked at her clothes, confused on what he meant. To her surprise, she was in a raggy and dirty brown cloak with holes on it. She started to panic but calmed down after a few seconds and decided to walk around the roads.

    “Poor girl, I bet under those dirty clothes and dirt is a beauty,” a woman said, talking to another female, finding new things to gossip to her friend about.

    “These types of girls always become a nobles playtoy or a famous girl in a brothel,” the woman’s friend said, laughing at the ‘pitiful situation’ Wáng Wèi was in.

    Even though the two females did not speak loudly they most certainly did not speak in a voice that would count as ‘whispering’ or use talk telepathically with qi. A few bystanders giggle at what the two females said, and the majority despite having no reaction heard it, this also included Wáng Wèi as well.

    Even though Wáng Wèi heard this she ignored it. Even though she was normally a calm person, at this moment those words have irritated her. Just like Láng Ma, she was born a noble, born as someone who was rich and powerful. Even though she was not arrogant like Láng Ma, to experience ridicule like this is unheard of. She was always blessed by the citizens, praised by the people, respected by all, however right now she was being treated like trash, like a toy that everyone wants.

    Is this how females are treated in the world? She thought as she started to view the world differently. A lot of females generally had a lower status than men, but despite the treatment, they were still regarded as humans.

    Only in rare cases do I actually get treated like trash, like garbage, either amongst immortals in which my father or grandfather has to handle, or scum who attempt to touch me or ‘flirt’ with me due to not knowing my identity. Wáng Wèi was now starting to realize how privileged she was. The thing that brought her to a high cultivation, physique, dao heart and the like amongst the kingdom was mainly due to her being a noble and having resources, it was not from her own powers and training or luck.

    I should probably find new clothing, specifically one that shields my face, and my body. Wáng Wèi quickly walked down the broken and poor alleyways, trying to find any clothing stores or clothing that is just hanging on the ground ready to be stolen.

    While walking, Wáng Wèi checked around her body only to find five silver coins in it. Disappointed, she continued walking down the many streets, only to find some stores dedicated to clothing, however, she was not able to find one that was cheap. Sometimes she would run by one that costed many gold coins to purchase a single robe and others that were to fancy, and would not hide her appearance. Nevertheless, her biggest issue was money.

    In the mortal world, money was obviously different than the immortal world, they were extremely basic and once one reached the ninth rank, Rising Dragon, money was starting to get worthless, having only items and material from grand clans, sects, treasuries, and the like intriguing them. The money in the mortal world was separated into three types, copper, silver, and gold coins. Obviously this excluded items and material like ores, techniques, ingredients, treasures, and the like.

    A single gold coin was enough to feed a family of four for a year if spent wisely, and with her money, she was able to go to a somewhat decent restaurant a few times, if she so desired. And with copper coins, she would be able to buy a piece of bread or something of little importance. In the mortal world, a hundred copper coins would equate to a single silver coin, and a hundred silver coins would equate to a gold coin. Even though every country, kingdom, or land was different, with different currencies at times, they all followed similar principles.

    Finally a store with really cheap clothing, she thought as she walked into the store, still having a dirty and disgusting mess despite her charming face and body.

  • Chapter 54: Clothing Shop Senior

    “How may I help you, mam?” A soft voice could be heard as a somewhat old aged man sewed clothes behind a counter, at the end of the hall.

    The store was decently kept despite only seemingly having one employer, the old man running the place. The floors were made from wood and the shelves were also made of wood, displaying a few of the clothes aesthetics.

    Even though the city was not like the gardens and wondrous marble or concrete roads at her estate or around the kingdom, it was decently kept well and despite the neighborhoods being unkempt and average looking she would still see beggars, crippled cultivators, thieves and the like wandering around.

    What a poor place, despite it being clean it is still not grand or even moderately beautiful, just average looking and decent for a mortal with no cultivation, she walked towards the old man while looking at the clothes.

    “I was hoping that senior would help me choose some clothes,” Wáng Wèi spoke politely to the man. She was raised up by her father to never underestimate someone, even if they were crippled or the like. Wáng Wèi was a rare noble who learned to never act superior unless for certain they were just a commoner, despite other nobles being taught this, every now and then people would hear stories of a large existence being offended by a junior causing them to die and sometimes even there clan or sect to go down with them!

    “A kind-hearted individual indeed,” the old man stared at Wáng Wèi with a smile. This caused her to look at the old man in surprise and stared at him seriously. An average commoner would not say something like this and Wáng Wèi could tell that the look that the old man gave her was not a simple one, but she couldn’t tell if it was her imagination or what.

    “Haha, don’t mind me young one. I am nothing but a crippled man waiting for his old self to die. Once a large figure, capable of destroying sects, clans, kingdoms, nations, but now I want nothing more than to die running this business,” a needle clanged with another and the old man placed his sewing needles down after sewing them in a peculiar way that many would not do.

    “I am assuming you want a cloak that is able to hide your body and appearance to not appear as a woman right?” he said as he approached her.
    Shock once again appeared on her face, but she calmed down knowing that he used to be a supreme existence. She nodded and tried to be as polite as possible, “This junior desires that precisely, I hope that senior is able to help this pitiful junior out.”

    “No need for politeness, I am just nothing but a crippled cursed senior,” the old man smiled and checked the shelves for such clothing.

    “Senior, even if something has happened to you I still will act with respect, it was how I was raised. Besides, senior doesn’t look like a cruel person, even if you have murdered millions I have some faith that senior is but a kind person,” Wáng Wèi showered the old man with praise.

    The old man laughed, “Fair enough, fair enough, fine, while I am searching for the clothes I shall tell you a bit about myself. Sometimes it is hard to talk about your problems as most of my so-called friends have abandoned me after I fell. To be expected, but only a few actually visit me from time to time allowing me to relieve some stress.”

    The old man sighed and continued scourging through clothes some raggy, some poor, some rich in style. “I was once someone who ruled over the world, and not just any world. When talking about the so-called ‘world’, a mortal would assume that I was talking about the planet I lived on, or maybe even the country I lived on. However, I did more than that! When you become an extremely powerful existence you will understand what I am talking about, but in order to put it in short terms, I controlled a Heavens Verse! Screw solar systems, screw the sun and the moon, even if you started counting from when you birthed, till the day you die you would not be able to list the number of galaxies I controlled, hell even many universes were under my control!”

    The old man voice started to contain some youth, he was reminiscent of the past, some regret could be heard, but most importantly sadness was contained in it.

    Wáng Wèi stared at the man in absolute shock, she had never heard of this so-called ‘Heavens Verse’ before and when she got back from her trip she would most certainly have this conversation with her father and grandfather about it.

    Sadness could be heard from the old man as he continued speaking, “However, despite me being so powerful, I fell. I fell from the Heavens Verse, and my heart finally died. My dao heart gave up on me after a certain fight and I abandoned the Heavens Verse, everyone but few betrayed me, I was reduced to nothing but worthless trash. A single break in the dao heart made me, an existence that everyone would fear, turn into trash, I would’ve been able to kill those traitors, but my heart didn’t allow me to do so… However, those very few friends that I talked about managed to help me, and even though they visit I burden them with having to visit crippling trash like me.”

    “Little girl, listen up, remember to keep your heart strong, even a cultivator at the apex will easily fall down if their hearts die. For me, my time was up long ago, now I am just waiting for those traitors to kill me, or for the heavens to do it for them, there is a chance of my heart recovering, but maybe for another infinite dao years would I be given a chance to do so,” the old man finally found a cloak that was suitable for Wáng Wèi and went back to the counter.

    “If this was not an illusion or some sort of test of the like I would have long since kowtowed towards senior, not asking to be a disciple but to pay respects even if you are powerless,” the princess spoke, wishing to hear more, but considering this is most likely an illusion or some sort she was unsure of whether the senior was real or not.

    The old man suddenly laughed at Wáng Wèi, “An illusion? Little girl, this is not an illusion, instead this is a whole nother universe!” the old man laughed harder after saying that, and after a minute of the laughing old man and the shocked princess he finally spoke once more, “I am a hundred percent real, and so is everyone else here.”

    “Then what about my clothes and possessions?” still shocked, Wáng Wèi asked in a slightly rushed manner as she lost her composure, forgetting she was talking to someone who was extremely powerful.

    “Most likely they are fine, but whoever teleported you here most likely took them and switched them out with the things you have right now,” a glare could be seen on the old man’s face as he spoke, “they are monitoring you right now, I'm assuming that you are in a test currently. But even so, it is rare to see someone of your caliber be with them.”

    Placing the cloak down, the old man stared at the ceiling, causing Wáng Wèi to follow suit, looking at what he was. In the past hour she was shocked beyond belief due to the incredible existence of this senior, and now once more she was filled with shock. Wáng Wèi could see Zhào Lǚ and Leia staring at them, she could see the whole voided stone island, this was something she would have never expected.

  • Chapter 55: My Old Friend

    Blood spewed out of Leia’s mouth, shocking both Wáng Wèi and Zhào Lǚ. Leia’s aura started to rage wildly and she got a foot on the ground, holding her down. “Oh, Leia it is you, sorry sorry, I did not expect to be the person to hold the trials she is going through,” the old man apologized and smiled at the stone woman.

    “It is alright Senior Daoist Huólì, it is my fault for not greeting you when I realized who you were,” after coughing blood, Leia slowly wiped her face from the blood and bowed respectfully.

    “Even though my powers are not as they use to be, even if one of those bastards come I will at least be able to hold my ground for a bit. A true pity indeed…” the clothing store’s old man who was called Huólì, proceeded to sigh, “I won’t interfere with your trial, I just wanted someone to talk to while I wait many years in this hell hole for a chance to actually live instead of a having a broken heart.”

    Huólì, the old man proceeded to look up in the void and stared at a young man. This young man was none other than Zhào Lǚ and sighed. Wáng Wèi noticed the stare and look at the both of them, Is it possible that senior is somehow related to Zhào Lǚ?

    The old man smiled and looked away, “Old friend, hurry up and recover your memories and power, it would be nice to have some mortal tea with you right now at earth, but I must leave you on your journey to recover.”

    Even though Zhào Lǚ could not remember the old man that goes by the name Huólì, ever since he saw him when Wáng Wèi went in the store, his heart did not stop racing and he was fixated on him.

    With the wave of a hand the portal closed and now it was a one-sided view with him and Leia viewing the two.

    “I’m assuming you want to ask me about him don’t you?” the old man asked as he stared at the wall, facing away from Wáng Wèi.

    The princess nodded shyly and slightly blushed, “We have no clue on where to start on how to recover his memories senior.”

    “Please call me Old Brother Huólì, no need to be strangers here. Especially since you are heavily related to him you have the right to do so,” he said chuckling.

    “If Old Brother Huólì so desires than I will call you that,” she immediately cuffed her hands and bowed towards the old man she recently met.

    “If you want a clue on where to start then I can’t tell you as I also have no clue,” after saying this he sighed and Wáng Wèi was left disappointed.

    “However if you want advice, then I would suggest searching over your planet. Even though your planet is not filled with mighty gods and the people above, it is filled with a few hidden things that other planets don’t have, especially since in his early days Zhào Lǚ took a liking to the planet and decided to place many landmarks that you may or may not know.”

    Zhào Lǚ who was viewing and listening in on the conversation took note of this since it was about him, and only when he recovered his memories would he be powerful and not have the feeling of worry constantly drown him of not knowing his true identity.

    Wáng Wèi nodded and decided that once they finished the trials she would start to travel across famous landmarks in order to see if it had any relations to Zhào Lǚ.

    After talking for a bit, Wáng Wèi’s new Old Brother Huólì finally handed her the clothes she desired.

    “If fate allows us, then let us meet again young one,” Huólì sat at the counter and began sewing in a peculiar and unusual way, making new clothes for any customer that walks in.

    Seeing that the senior had begun sewing Wáng Wèi quietly bowed towards him and walked away after putting on the cloak that now covered her whole body.

    Even though hiding her identity seemed very weird, it was a very normal thing for cultivators to do if they desired to not talk or meet with anyone or if they were hiding from someone. Even though sometimes a cultivator with a cloak shielding their identity might mean that they were a large figure not wanting attention, sometimes it could just be a commoner. In a city, among a hundred of people, there would usually be one person shielding their identity with a cloak or hat, causing no one to really care about Wáng Wèi as she could be an assassin, a large figure, or just a commoner not looking for trouble.

    No longer having to deal with harassment, Wáng Wèi was unsure of what to do, Leia did not specify what had to be done and it did not seem as though she would give her a hint any time soon.

    Confused about her task she decided to explore the city and get a good grasp on what the culture was like. She decided that instead of taking shortcuts via alleyways and the like, she went on the main or populated road in order to grasp the area and listen on to conversations from others.

    “Tsk, what is the damn city lord thinking, does he think that marrying his son off to another city lord will help the city? The city lord is the strongest person here but he is only at the six rank, body expansion, we should probably flee to a better city when we get enough money,” a man sitting at the open window of a pub spoke to his friend.

    “Shush you imbecile, do you want the guards to hear you?! But I agree, this damn city probably will go to hell one day or another. Their only hope is that that damn son will actually get his feet on the ground,” his friend commented, clearly angered about the cities situation.

    “The son become a better man? Ha, tell that to the countless females he has deflowered, hell I am not surprised he’s not dead yet. He has captured so many females from the streets and brothels that I won’t be surprised if some amazing figure came and killed him due to offending them somehow.
    Zasta is screwed unless we can find a new successor,” the previous man responded to his friend while he drank a cup of wine.

    However as soon as they finished speaking a young man walked into the pub with four guards, “Now now, tell me who is the disgusting person here, me or you?”

    The two men shrieked and immediately bowed towards the young man that walked in, “Young Lord Za! We were talking about a nearby lords son, not about you! You see we are merchants and we wander around a lot, and after going through multiple towns and city we were merely recalling the wicked lords we have met! Please excuse our gossip young lord.”

    The young man snorted and yelled at his guards, “Two of you drag them to the prison, also look into their background, I want their daughters and wives if they have any,” he licked his lips while seeing the two men dragged out of the pub.

    While fantasizing about the females he might possibly get, he stared at the nearby waitress and once again licked his lips, “The two of you drag her to my room, I will enjoy her later.”

    “Young lord she is only fifteen! Please spare her, at least wait a few years where her body will truly blossom for your taste,” the manager politely bowed towards Young Lord Za trying to protect the girl as she was related to him. If he could get a day to protect her, he wouldn’t hesitate to offend the lord by making sure she leaves the city and stay away from such a disgusting person.

    The Lord named Za snorted and threw a gold coin at the manager before saying, “I don’t care, as long as they are a beauty they will suit my taste, but since you said that, I will enjoy her for a few extra years than usual.”

    The manager didn’t take the gold coin and continue to plead while the guards dragged the screaming waitress, “Uncle! Uncle!”

    Unable to take it longer, Wáng Wèi finally decided to make a move.
  • Chapter 56: Run! Run!

    Despite everyone being horrified, no one wanted to intervene as a lot of them were mere mortals, not able to do a single thing as they had no cultivation. Even if he were to commit sexual acts in public no one would say much and would simply leave the vicinity as in the world of cultivation, the strong decide what should happen in the world while the weak can only cower in fear and hope that they won’t die any time soon.

    The young lord smiled in a calm manner, as this was an usual thing for him and stared at the waitress from top to bottom, “I will enjoy you for years to come so be prepared young girl.”

    Before he got to enjoy looking at the waitress any longer a voice resounded out from the pub, “Let us see if you can even last a single hour.”

    “Who dares intrude on this young lords activities?” he looked around to see a cloaked figure walking towards him. “You, do you know who I am?!”

    “The despicable young lord that everyone hates,” the cloaked figure replied. The reply caused the civilians and bystanders to giggle before stopping in fear of the lord. The cloaked figure was none other than Wáng Wèi attempting to rescue the waitress from the pervert.

    The two guards that were left prepared to attack as the other two guards were missing due to imprisoning the two men who were gossiping. One had a sword while the other had a mace, but both had shining armor that would attract the females attention whenever walking by.

    “Mysterious person, for offending the young lord you must suffer the consequences. Those consequences are death and feeding you to the eagles!” one of the guards ran towards Wáng Wèi preparing to slash his sword.

    Despite Wáng Wèi being swordless she decided to use her fist to strike, but something shocked her. She was not as fast as she was before she was transported to another universe, instead, she was as slow as a second rank, Qi Holder rank cultivator.

    Not only am I gearless, but my cultivation is sealed as well. Why is she trying to keep me suppressed? Despite downgrading in cultivation she decided to use Dragon Kick in which made her suddenly appear behind next to the guard with the sword. As she was prepared to punch the guard she felt something coming towards her and she used her palm to block the incoming strike.

    “Boom!” A mace hit her and she was knocked back a few meters before stopping. This caused shocked to appear amongst the crowd as they could tell her strength was most likely at the Qi Holder rank however her not being knocked against the wall by the mace surprised them.

    Even though Wáng Wèi’s cultivation was restricted, her body was the same and was more powerful than a cultivator below her. Even though every level that one reaches changes their strength including physical strength, their body fully changes when reaching the sixth rank, Body Expansion.

    “Stupid guards, let us hurry up and deal with this person, I would like to see who dares fight against me and father’s prestige,” the young lord going by Za decided to join in the fight with the guards which surprised the crowd, as usually a noble would fight an opponent in a one vs one fight to show off their prestige and strength, but the Lord decided to abandon this unestablished law and wanted to be shameless instead of fighting with honor.

    Young Lord Za whipped out a whip and started to launch random attacks at Wáng Wèi.

    Being trained since birth, Wáng Wèi easily dodged all of them, and if this were an one on one fight she would surely win even with her restrained cultivation, however, the two guards did not stand still and decided to shamelessly gang on her, targeting her weak spots.

    “Ah!” one of the bystanders was attacked by an incoming attack from the guards and was severely injured.

    “Do you have no shame! You were could have held back when attacking that person but instead you simply attack them without care!” Wáng Wèi shouted at them.

    “Shame? The three of us are attacking you, what shame do we have?” Young Lord Za spoke while smiling evilly.

    In a rage, Wáng Wèi used Dragon Kick once more and appeared behind the guard with the mace, she used another technique that she had not used recently in which caused her hands to appear as though they were made of metal, Iron Breaker!

    The guard with the mace was launched into the floor, breaking the wood and damaging the ‘precious’ armor the guards wore.

    An attack was suddenly launched at Wáng Wèi and a whip caught her arm, disabling the left arm by holding it from moving. While this the guard with the sword prepared to strike as his sword shined a green light.

    As the sword descended, her body swayed in a wondrous manner causing everyone to be in awe. The dodge seemed to be more of a dance than anything.

    As the sword missed, Wáng Wèi kicked using Dragon Kick causing the guard with the sword to launch into the wall, causing him to be injured.

    Two of the guards were blasted away in a matter of seconds and the young lord was left. The young lord compared to them was even weaker as the two had a cultivation of Pillar Descent, the fourth rank, while the young lord had a cultivation of the third rank, Void Foundation.

    Wáng Wèi quickly slammed the whip down causing Za to stumble and she immediately rushed over him preparing to attack.

    “Crack!” However to her expectation, she did not harm a single hair on his body, instead, she was the one in pain.

    She suddenly coughed up blood as she was stricken in pain despite her strong body and looked in front of her. She no longer saw a young disgusting man but saw an older man who looked similar to the disgusting figure.

    “If I were not walking around the streets in search for interesting items to take you would’ve been beaten up by a pitiful woman,” the older man spoke in an angry voice towards the young lord.

    “Father!” The young lord bowed towards the middle age man as if he had seen an immortal saving him. However, instead of an immortal, it was a cultivator at the Body Expansion rank.

    The man looked at the young lord and snorted. This man was obviously the lord of the city! “Interesting, a girl with the powers of Qi Holder being able to defeat the two guards at the fourth rank and my son at the third rank. I shall see what trickery you hold to be able to do such a thing. I shall give you two choices, die or join my banner.”

    Run! This was the only response that Wáng Wèi had, however, she kept it in and decided to act surprised as if she noticed something to the right.
    Due to the sudden look, everyone looked towards the direction she was staring at only to see her running out of the pub trying to get away.

    The Lord of the city snorted and chased after, along with the two guards and the young lord after they situated themselves. The pub was finally calm after the storm ‘ended’ and they could finally breathe properly. Only a few minutes have passed since the start of the event and everyone was glad they could enjoy their meals before heading off to whatever they had to do.

    The manager quickly grabbed the waitress and left the pub as they had to get out and leave before anything happens to them after the mysterious figure was caught.

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