Fragmented Memories Ch. 0-165

Authors Note: (Please consider reading this semi-short introduction of me and the novel. If not, head off to chapter 0!)

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About the Novel: The novel like any other is action-based. However, I can ensure many people that the novel will definitely have 'slice of life' elements, as I also want people to have a grasp on the world, the culture, and more importantly the characters. I feel as though a lot of novels tend to ignore side characters, and/or the main character itself in some cases. I want to make it a novel in which it's not just the main character, but people also love the other characters or have an impression towards them, instead of throwing them in the garbage forever or until x chapters later.

Schedule Chapters: The novel will be updated once every day or two! This may seem a bit short compared to other novels, but please note this is a REGULAR schedule. This does not include special days or extra chapters that will be thrown. I do have a stockpile (like any sane person would hopefully), and once I feel like I have way more chapters than the stockpile, expect two chapters per day deal for a certain amount of time.   

Synopsis: In a void, a man appears, unsure of where he is. Once he fully awakens he realizes that he has no recollection of who he is. With the guidance of multiple people, he slowly finds his memories back. But in order to do so, he and his companions would need to fight cultivators. Mere mortals, immortals, gods, people who can destroy mountains and sea, people who could cause planets to collapse. He would need to fight them all for the sake of his memories.

Chapter 0: Who am I?

A stream of lights slowly fluttered around the empty void, white like the heavens, dark like the abyss. "The heavens? Who is that? Is that some kind of snack, some tasty food? Why can't they see us? Why am I here?" The void was silent, empty, and dead, the lights thin as string slowly fluttered again and again. Invisible to the naked eye, but here in the void, light as the eye of the heaven pierces through all and leaves nothing behind. But slowly the lights dimmed and disappeared.

"You haven't answered me! Who're the heavens? That doesn't sound like a name...", the voice resounded in the void, the voice, a mighty dragon ready to pounce, ready to kill, blasted everything in its sight. Well if there was anything insight that is. After the voice blasted through absolutely nothing in its sight, a pillar of light appeared.

It wasn't possible to know if that light was vertical, or horizontal, or facing in any direction. The void was empty, as the abyss, empty like the heart, empty like space, empty like the soul of a broken man.

The light dimmed and a man appeared in the void, he looked like he was in his twenties, he was naked, no possessions, no clothing, and many scars. He didn't have any facial hair, nor any hair on his body except on his head. The hair went to his waist and the man floated in the void, unconscious. "Hey, do you love me? Do you think I'll live?", the same voice appeared, but older, not too old but not too young.

As the voice resounded in the empty region, the man slowly woke up, he opened his eyes and moved his arm to his face. "Where is this... why is it so empty... I can see my arms but there's nothing around me like it's a pitch-black region, but... here I can see my body perfectly fine."

The man tried going somewhere only to realize that he couldn't tell if he was swimming, walking, or still in the exact same place. The region was so empty he assured of something, he was in a place with no air, no atoms, no molecules, just absolutely nothing in sight.

He moved his legs and arms around only to suddenly realize something. "Who am I? Why can't I remember anything?”, the man started speaking anxiously, “I still have common sense, I still retain the knowledge of certain things like how to think, how to speak, how to move, but if that was the case, why can't I remember?"

The man panicked, "I don't know where the hell I am, hell I don't even know my name!", the man tried to calm down and proceeds to move his head, only to reassure himself, there's nothing in sight, nothing in the place exists except himself.

Suddenly a pillar of light appeared, the same light as before that pierced through the void. The man without thinking tried to touch the light, tried to reach for the light hoping it would save him, however only to see that it transformed into a humanoid figure, the figure gripped his neck with what appeared to be a sword in its hand ready to pierce. More lights appeared, four to be exact, they had different items, one with a staff, one with a bow, one with nothing at all, and one with a book.

The two with the weapons and the one with its bare arms went into a fighting stance, prepared to kill like a tiger on its deathbed under attack. The man tried to resist but he couldn't move at all, but at the same time he couldn't feel any pain, there was nothing to feel while his neck was gripped.

All of a sudden the void slowly disappeared, crumbled like glass, it shattered into an infinite amount of pieces. Slowly yet surely the man could see where the hell he really was. The man looked down to barely see four darts on him, all four on his arms and legs, the hand still gripped onto him and the weapons still pointed at him.

He looked around him to see that the person gripping him was a woman, the ones wielding the staff and the one with bare arms were female, whilst the other two were male.

At this moment the darts glowed and he could hear the person with the book chanting. The darts didn't pierce his skin but they certainly held him down, "do I feel no pain because of paralysis or do I just not feel anything? I feel the hand touching me, and some hard surface touching my back but there's no pain", the man thought while looking at the people. "Who are you?", the woman gripping his neck shouted. He ignored her and looked around the room, he found himself on the floor being pinned.
The room he was in was gigantic, if he could take a wild guess, it would most certainly be more than a mile long, while the height of the ceiling was most certainly shorter, it was still very far from him. Not only was the room extremely huge but it wasn't barren.

It didn't have anything valuable, but certainly looked grand like it was made for royalty, he looked around again only to see water flowing around him, the water curved around him like a circle and went somewhere else.
"Are you going to speak or shall I extract your soul and eat it for dinner?" The woman shouted again, the sword at his eyes. "Who are you?", the man gently asked the lady confused why he is being gripped. "I'm the one asking the questions here, now answer me!", the man was slightly startled, he hurriedly responded: "I don't know who I am".

All of the people interrogating the man looked at him dumbfounded, the person with the bow spoke up, "now the person with the book might be stupid sometimes but you can't even fool him, are you gonna answer her majesty's questions?", "Hey I know I can be stupid but I told you to not insult me in front of strangers!" The person with the book stared at him angrily. "Fù Dí keep casting the spell, Láng Ma, shut up and focus you idiotic archer", the woman shouted at them both and looked back to the man, so are you going to lie or do we have to force you to say the truth?"

"I really don't know who I am, I just woke up here, I'm also trying to figure out what my name even is!", the man started panicking and sweat fell on the woman's hand. "Wáng Wèi, the man isn't lying, I just did a scan with the Mirror", the woman with the staff spoke softly.

Wáng Wèi looked at the man and released her grip, "if you are lying we won't hesitate to kill, we may not have strong cultivations but we aren't weak as a mortal as well", the woman walked away and signaled the person wielding the book, Fù Dí, to cancel the spell. The darts flew to Fù Dí and the man on the floor slowly moved his arm.



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    Chapter 1: Introduction

    "Well that wasn't comfortable... Hey may I ask where the hell this place is?", the man asked and slight fear could be heard, but if he needed answers he couldn't hesitate. The woman with no weapons responded angrily, “Punk you better watch your attitude with Little Wèi, but since I feel sorry for your ass, let me tell you. We are in a dungeon called God’s River, and for some reason you’re at the end of the dungeon”, the woman stared at the man in disgust and whispered in a silent but barley audible voice, “Why is it that we sacrificed others for the sake of some amnesic man.”

    “Jīn Fèng, you just told him almost everything we learned of this place”, the girl with the staff slowly sighed, she looked at the man in interest, “Sister Wèi, I have a suggestion, let's raise him and he can be your royal servant, he doesn't look bad and he might have some talent for cultivation”.

    “Zhàn Méi, in what right do you think this scum can serve her majesty?”, Láng Ma stared at him in disgust and walked towards him, “We never know, he could have a good personality and a good talent for cultivation”, she walked over as well and stared at the archer.

    “Uhhh, I understand everything you're saying but, what is this cultivation thing you guys are talking about?” The man got up and dusted off any debris on him. Everyone looked at him and almost lost their composure, even the leader, the one who gripped him, wanted to stab a sword in his mouth.

    “Your majesty this man is really playing with us, let’s just execute him” the archer pulled out an arrow to shoot. “Little Ma, keep in mind he doesn’t even know who he is, it makes sense he wouldn’t know a thing about cultivation”, Wáng Wèi slowly face-palmed and sighed.

    “We lost Junior Blade all for what? For this stupid clueless idiot? I never really liked the boy that much but he wasn’t bad, Jīn Fèng was right why did we have to sacrifice the boy just for this shitty reward. We should sell him to the slaveholders.” Láng Ma yelled at the man and looked at the princess, “Sorry for that outburst your majesty”, he bowed and stared back at the man angrily. The princess sighed and looked at the man, “Let us walk and I shall explain some of the worlds affairs”, the princess and everyone slowly walked out the room and the man slowly followed.

    “Oh ya you might need this”, the archer took some clothes and threw it at the man. When they saw the man, at first the females were at shock and the males were disgusted, but after a bit facing a naked mortal wasn’t enough to stun them too much. The man quickly put on the fine clothes and stretched.

    The man walks on the circled water and stares at the surrounding room in a more balanced view. The area is rich and royal, however it does not lack nature. Small trees can be seen growing in certain places, making it like a royal garden, while the circle he was just in seemed like a royal throne with the chair missing. The man hurriedly walked behind the gang while the princess slowly talked.

    “The world is split into four categories, mortals with no cultivations, mortals with cultivations, immortals with cultivations, and gods. I don’t have to explain the first part to you, as for mortals with cultivation, we are an example of it, this category is split into multiple ranks.”

    “The very first being Qi Refiners, the second is Qi Holders, the third is Void Foundation, the fourth is Pillar Descent, the fifth is Qi Wielder, the sixth is Body Expansion, the seventh is Soul Expansion, the eighth is Qi Expansion, and then finally the ninth, Rising Dragon.”

    The man stared at the woman's back in shock but still with a confused look. “So considering there's still this immortal and god category, the mortal category is the easiest/quickest, and immortality is easily obtained? Also is their any disparities amongst the categories and ranks?”

    “Stupid, I'll talk about that after, I didn’t finish explaining, each rank also has multiple sub-layers, the same pattern from one through nine, luckily there isn’t a whole bunch of boring or not cool sounding names. Though people do sometimes call ranks via numbers because it is much easier, it really is based on preference”, the woman walked down a corridor.

    The corridor was filled with mini waterfalls splashing down like an endless source lasting for eternity, moss covering the floor and walls, while darkness covers the corridor having only somewhat bright glowing stones emitting light every few meters.

    Nevertheless the area they were in still looked beautiful like the room before, a vast mighty aura filled the corridor to the end, but the aura was not oppressive, an aura that no one can overcome but one that no one can drop to their knees and only bow for respect.

    A dimmed but glowing figure suddenly appeared out of nowhere, far away from the group, to the point of not detecting the figure, however, the figure saw them from a galaxy away.

    “As for your previous question, yes the mortal realm is quite easy, nevertheless cultivation is a cruel world, people reaching the ninth rank isn’t uncommon but it isn’t common as well, if you have a decent talent or heart reaching immortality can be difficult but possible, as for the disparities, a mortal is a mortal, but once they step into Qi Refiner, the first rank, and reach the peak, one can lift a heavy sword with some ease, not to heavy but not to light.”

    “Well, that also depends on the material itself. By the time they get to the fifth rank, people can start wielding Qi, which is so much better than ordinary weapons by many, many times. Able to chop a boulder with a swift attack, and the by the time they reach the final rank, they would be able to crush metal with just their aura, and crush mountains with a fist”.

    “But again, this really depends on the material, even though there is a list, no one generally uses it, but either way in these cases I'm talking about mortal materials. Immortal materials are very rare and even so if it appears in nature. Someone at Rising Dragon stands no chance to even cause the smallest dust to get off of the material. Oh, and of course they also have sub-layers, but again no one really uses the list or identification unless its for specific material types”

    The man looked in awe, wanting to know more and try out the path as well, he started having many more questions pop in his head and asked one that seemed most relevant. “What about immortal and god categories? And what makes the god category god-like? And I'm assuming they just live forever until death right?”, his eye shined with sparkles like a little kid eager to know more.

    The woman sighs and looks at the man, “we’ll talk about that later, all I want right now is a nice and warm bath”, the princess, Wáng Wèi, slowly smiled and kept walking down the corridor. “But to partially answer, all immortals and gods die, most definitely not by age but by others and/or nature itself and the worst case scenario a broken heart”.

    “A broken heart-”, all of a sudden a mighty aura shakes the ground and the gang halts in their tracks. “Ha ha, look at this, the princess of the Liokal kingdom is here”, a man appeared out of nowhere with four guards behind him, he stares at Wáng Wèi with lust, ready to dominate her body. He stares at her from head to toe, looking at her firm and large breast and her thin waist, “Since your father is busy at home, how about we spend some time together, I wouldn’t mind calling him father in law if it was for you.” The man laughed louder and louder.

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    Chapter 2: Emperor Mile

    The man behind Wáng Wèi slowly asked in a dimmed voice, “Miss, who is this pervert? Also Liokal kingdom?”. Zhàn Méi with her staff, slowly answers while sighing, “that’s Emperor Mile, a pervert who defiled many woman and girls. Our princess here is the daughter of a king who is at the first rank of Immortality and so is Emperor Mile to.”

    “So are we screwed? I still don’t know the system around here but it sounds bad”, the man drops a sweat and asked hesitantly. Láng Ma, the Archer gets ready for battle and berates the man, “Duh, of course it’s a bad situation, his excellency gave her majesty treasures to fight off situations like this, so we shouldn’t worry to much. Nevertheless we need to have full focus, so don’t you dare distract us peasant.”

    Emperor Mile’s, lewd and perverted face suddenly turned serious and appeared right before the princess, grabbing her neck with his hand. All of a sudden, specks of glass shattered in the vicinity and a barrier was cast amongst the gang. Emperor Mile’s, hand touched the barrier and his hand flung back after hitting it, while his hand flung back the surrounding area was not pleasant. The nearby waterfall remained harmless but the water falling from it shattered into the void, all the moss in a mile of the vicinity was also shattered and disappeared into nothing.

    The corridor shaked, but at the end of the attack, no bricks or stone were broken, even some of the plants surrounding the waterfall still remained perfectly still. “Hmph, should’ve guessed your father would’ve given you treasures. Nevertheless even if you contact your father he won’t arrive in time”.

    A guard behind Emperor Mile’s left out a sweat, “the disparities between the Rising Dragon rank and the Immortal rank was to vast. Good thing the materials in this ruins should be high immortal rank or even higher than that”. The guards surrounded the barrier and proceeded to attack to help ever so slightly kill the barriers energy.

    Wáng Wèi, the princess, had a talisman out and put it in her pocket, “I contacted father, if this barrier breaks I got a few treasures to hold off that bastard, the rest of the guards will be up to you.”

    “Princess, none of will leave you! Kill all the traitors who dare leave!”, The woman with bare arms, Jīn Fèng, shouted and the rest agreed, with the archer and Jīn Fèng looking at the man they found recently glaring at him quickly.

    After five minutes blew by quickly, the barrier finally started showing cracks, the emperor laughed hideously and muttered, “Soon you will be mine my darling!”, the emperor licked his lips and smiled with his hideous face. Everyone was sweating, not from fatigue, but from the idea that if their king does not come, then it will most certainly be the end for them whether or not the king can get revenge.

    All of a sudden a small and quiet voice can be heard, “Is sex all that you think about?”, the voice sighed, “must we really die to this mutt.” The gang eyes slowly widened as they looked at the person in the barrier with them. The scared and timid, amnesic man they knew berated the emperor with a serious and demeaning tone.

    “Tsk, I have to admit I am a idiot, but at the very least I have talent. What does a mere mortal think they can do?” “I think you’re a idiot. That's what I think I can do at the very least, is to berate you. I may be scared of the others, especially with this weird cultivation thing, but when I look at you, I don’t see a powerful man, just a pervert looking for pleasure instead of being Buddha.”

    The Emperor stared at the man and anger filled his eyes, he punched harder onto the barrier, having it crack even more, slowly spurring onto the floor. The corridor despite not breaking shook very rapidly and the guards took a step back, fearing that the aura of their lord will end up severely injuring them.

    “You idiot! We’re trying to save time not waste it! Princess I knew we should’ve thrown him out or ended him!”, Jīn Fèng yelled. Despite being forty, she was still young and yet to find a husband or lover. She didn’t want to die just yet.

    “Don’t worry, I have no memories of my past, despite me retaining knowledge of certain aspects of life, I have no attachments. Even if I die in a second it’ll be enough time for you guys right?”, The man smiled and got up. “When the barrier breaks just run and let me distract him, either way he wants me and not the princess.”

    The gang was shocked to see the way the stranger they just recently found, had acted. Even the archer, Láng Ma, was shocked to see his personality and have to give a silent nod. “Hmm, like what Zhàn Méi said, I also felt some sort of connection or fate with you,” the princess nodded and brought out her trusty sword, “Whether we live or die is up to fate! I have no doubt father will avenge us!”, She laughed and her aura slightly spiked up and was prepared to battle.

    Everyone sighed and did the same. “I never thought I would have connections, even if we lose, I'll be the meat shield. I’m sorry for your lost of your companion. But even if some of you have been rude to me, it was still fun nevertheless”, the man slowly smiled and was calm like Buddha, something took over his timidness. His face usually stoic and bland or scared and timid, finally smiled.

    The barrier the gang was in slowly broke, a hole was punctured into it and the emperor laughed, “Let’s see where you can run you stupid mortal!” The emperor punched again and stared at the man. Fù Dí, the person with the book, casted a spell, one the emperor could break easily but could save them with a sliver of a second. Everyone begun preparing their attacks and Wáng Wèi went in front of the man and holded a second talisman with a different symbol, preparing to use it if the emperor strikes.

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    Chapter 3: Fighting Miles

    In a fraction of a second, the emperor appeared in front of Wáng Wèi, luckily the talisman can easily be summoned with a single thought. The Talisman activated and it attacked the emperor. Gold small lights kept pushing on the emperor for a few seconds until it broke.

    The emperor was still fine with no bruises, and he shook his arm as if he pushed something light. “Defending him, are you? It is weird that the princess is protecting a mortal with no cultivation. How about I show him who you should bow down to!” He smiled lustfully and charged again only to hit the same small but golden light. Wáng Wèi’s, talisman broke and she took out a cube. “I know your father didn’t give you a ton of treasures, to assure you’d gain experience! According to my calculations, he’ll take ten minutes to arrive, that’ll be enough for me to kill all of you!”

    While the fight between the emperor and princess happened, the four fought against the other four guards. Luckily they also received treasures to guide them in their journey, which somewhat helped bridge the gap between their shallow cultivation and the guards at the Rising Dragon rank.

    The gang charged at the guards and the guards did the same. Both of them slowly retreated away from the princess, and the emperor to avoid the emperor's aura from hurting any of them.

    Fù Dí slowly casts his spells with his book and slowly placed formations down in order to help support his teammates. While this happened a dagger was thrown like an arrow towards Fù Dí. Ironically, an arrow was shot and threw the dagger off course. Láng Ma reloaded another arrow and continued fighting the guards, making sure he could continue casting his formations.

    At the same time, a spear thrust into the air, causing ripples to surface. One that was not as strong as the emperor but still frightening. The spear thrust onto an arm and the spear were at still trying to push against the arm. “Bastard woman, stop using immortal treasures!”

    The guard continued attacking the arm. “Don’t complain. You have the greatest cultivation amongst the guard and even if I'm the strongest, I'm weak compared to you. I may not be at the Rising Dragon rank, but I do have treasures to balance it out with speed and strength boost”, Jīn Fèng laughed.
    Another guard suddenly appeared out of nowhere with quick speed and tried to stab Jīn Fèng, however, he was met with ice appearing out of nowhere.

    Zhàn Méi twirled her staff and continue casting her spells with Qi, while she watched out for the unoccupied guard sneaking on the others, she used pure Qi to attack the final guard and keep him distracted.

    Zhàn Méi kept attacking and when she started sweating a glow appeared on her. She suddenly felt better and kept the barrage. “Damn your treasures!” A guard scowled at everyone due to their treasures. He continued to try and keep the barrage of qi at bay with his own qi. In fact, it could be said that everyone was using qi, as it was the foundation of the mortal cultivation. Everyone except the emperor for obvious reasons.

    Fù Dí finished casting his formations and spread it where the four fought the other four. “This should keep them at bay at least for three minutes.” He started to prepare for another formation despite his fatigue. The other three kept barraging the guards trying to gain the advantage, they shot, punched, and barraged.


    The man stared at Wáng Wèi fighting the emperor, he closed his eyes for a second to calm himself down. He wasn’t scared of the emperor for some reason but he didn’t want anything happening to the princess or the other girls. He continued watching and watching.

    To the distance, about a few miles away from the same light as before appeared. The figure slowly muttered, “My excellency…” the figured vanished again with slight drops of tear dripping into the void.

    Wáng Wèi continued to fight against the pervert and the cube sent a flame towards the emperor. The emperor dodges away many seconds before it even touched him. “Your cube is already at its limit, it can’t even hit me at a good speed properly. Sadly your cultivation levels are really low, not enough to utilize it to its max potential.”

    The emperor suddenly disappeared and appeared right in front of the princess smashing the cube and sending her flying to a wall. She coughed blood and almost went unconscious but stood up as her life depended on trying to last for at least five minutes.

    The emperor ignored her as she had no treasures left to at least make him stare at her. Even though the emperor was consumed by lust he still had a mind of his own and walked towards the man. The man stared at the emperor, ready to accept his death. He who saw the battle of the guards and the emperor knew the disparities in power with his own eyes. He knew he wouldn’t be able to do anything so he stood there waiting for his death.

    The emperor suddenly grabbed a dagger out of thin air and prepared to throw it towards the man. When he was about to throw it he stopped. “You must really like the man to protect him from death. A pity, a princess liking a mortal with no powers.”

    He sighed and looked at the princess who slowly walked in front of the man with several stains and tiny holes on her legs, a crumbled and deformed stomach, and a bloody face torn with scars. “Huh, I guess you could really say that. He isn’t my lover, I only just met him recently, but nevertheless, he’s not bad looking. Nor is his personality shit, but most importantly his demeanor has caught my attention.”

    The princess spoke in a harsh tone, she could barely breath and simply taking in a breath caused blood to fall down and her to almost collapsed. Suddenly an arm wrapped around her, she looked to her right only to see the man carrying her and taking her the to the wall. Blood slowly stained on his fresh and new clothes and he placed her down on the wall.

    “I have to agree, I may not know the person but nevertheless I am somewhat in debt to her and the others. They were fun hanging with, but I’m the one you want to kill! Come on you pervert! Are you gonna play with me like you play with innocent children and woman?!” The man walked to the middle and screamed at him. Preparing to accept his fate, he minds as well humiliate him.

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    Chapter 4: Who are you?

    The enraged emperor grabbed five more daggers and threw them in the air, the five thrown into the air floated and pointed at the man, he slowly took the one in his arm and pointed it as well. He unleashed a powerful aura with a large burst of energy.

    The corridor shook like it never did before, in a four-mile radius, all water and mortal plant life ceased to exist. The Emperor threw the dagger along with the five floating daggers and they shot in an instant, so fast that the man didn’t even see him move his hand.

    The princess screamed. Even though the man was a stranger, for some reason her heart fluttered. If the matter didn’t happen, she knew they could’ve at the very least been close friends. She spurted more blood and tried getting up, but to her avail, she couldn't. All she could do is watch the stranger she dragged along to die.

    “Bang!”, all of a sudden the daggers stopped and crumbled into dust. The emperor was shocked, he stared at a person in front of the man. Only an immortal could stop his daggers, no one in the mortal realm could truly block his daggers without some supreme treasures.

    The surrounding area was still, the suppressive aura died and a new aura filled the corridor. An aura was somewhat similar to the mighty aura that the gang met with when exiting the final room. The emperor's hands started to shake, he mumbled, “Are you the one who owns this place, great madam?”

    The emperor went on his knees and bowed, asking for forgiveness. The princess, thinking everything would be lost was in shock. She as a princess was considered to be divine, a beautiful being, yet she could see she was only inferior to the person.

    The man was also in shock, he could see a very plump and thick body, one that would cause kingdoms, clans, and nations to collapse. A woman had appeared in front of him protecting him. He could see her face, one that was mature, but still young, one that could cause any living being whether intelligent or not to bow down and submit to it.

    The woman quickly glanced at him and then to the emperor. “I am not, just a spirit that devoted her life. But besides that, you need to die or it won’t fill my satisfaction.” With but a thought, the emperor suddenly exploded into nothing. Everyone including the guards and the gang saw that the emperor death was so strong that not a single drop of blood dropped.

    Everyone was quiet as the night. No one dared to breathe, in fact, some of the others forgot to even breath. The woman looked at the guards and the same fate happened to them. Not even their treasures were left spared. Everyone was frightened. They couldn’t tell if she was an ally or enemy.

    All of a sudden a voice appeared, “Mile! If you dare touch my daughter your head is mine!” A somewhat old middle-aged man appeared out of nowhere.
    He stared at the woman, for a second. He was absolutely stunned but kept any outside thoughts away. “May I ask who you are?” “Father! Don’t, this is an expert who killed the emperor with but a thought, not even his treasures were spared and got crushed!” the princess’s voice resounded in her father's mind.

    Wáng Wèi’s father, stunned, dropped on a knee and respectfully bowed and spoke, “forgive me for my tone, I did not know a supreme expert was at foot. My idiotic daughter had a fight with someone, I hope you can spare her and her companions.”

    “Don’t worry, those idiots severely offended me. They may go”, all of a sudden a mist surrounded everyone and all the wounds they received disappeared. Everyone including the father was shocked at the recovery, only to notice that the woman was gone.

    “Wáng Wèi are you okay?” Wáng Wèi’s father suddenly appeared before her and double checked all her previous wounds, only to see that she looked perfectly fine minus the stained blood and broken clothes.

    “I’m fine, I’m fine, but that woman seemed to be an ally at the very least. Well at least an ally towards him”, she looked at the man and slowly walked over him and smiled. “I am in your debt, please excuse everything that happened before, I hope we can start anew and tighten our bonds.”

    “Eh… me? She probably just didn’t like their attitude and actions. I had nothing to do with it”, he dropped a sweat and wiped his exhausted face. “It was clear she was interested in you in some sort of way. Maybe it was towards your past? Either way, you were the trigger. And without you who knows what that pervert would’ve done”, she waved her hands, lowering her status towards this young mortal.

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    Chapter 5: Who is he really?

    “Ha ha, that Mile’s bastard is dead. I don’t know who that woman is, but thanks to her, a lot of trouble is already eliminated”, the king laughed very loudly and pulled his daughter up and walked towards the exit. “Come let us go, especially you young man, you have caught my interest”, the king continued to laugh and waved his hand.

    “With me, none of these traps should affect you. Strange though, the owner of the place is most likely someone probably at God rank, yet the dungeon is so… weak, even I am superior.”

    The king bowed towards the empty corridor in case the expert was watching, and grabbed the man's hand and let his aura loose, engulfing everyone and he flew towards the exit, casually passing by traps that could potentially kill people around the fifth rank, Qi Wielder.

    The king had a stoic face, and the man was in a bit of an awkward situation. Nevertheless, like a little child, he was very excited as he got to see this new world that he was brought into.

    “Is it really like how you described? That’s weird and interesting, it would make sense why the woman and the man are related.” The king slowly thought out loud. Like before he was having a conversation with his daughter using a technique.

    She was explaining all the details to him and some theories she might have. “What's even weirder is the fact that when I was gripping him when we found him, I couldn’t squeeze his neck. He was most definitely stuck, but his body is too strong, I would dare say it is better than yours.”

    “Most likely he is not a mortal”, the king thought carefully in his head. “What do you mean? I can’t sense any aura on him, like any mortal I’ve seen.”

    “Everything you explained to me can conclude my theory. Besides, it’s more of a hunch than anything. Most likely he is an expert even stronger than me, and something must have happened in his past life. Try your best to get close to him as possible, roping someone like him could potentially be major and beneficial for us.”

    While everyone else was unaware of the conversation that was happening, the group finally got to the entrance of this weird dungeon, and the man eyes opened. He saw trees all around him, many in different shape and sizes and the same went for the plants.

    The cave suddenly disappeared, the man eyes opened, but he figured it was most likely due to something similar to the likes of what Fù Dí cast in battle.

    He slowly walked around and stared at everything like a child. “He really is amnesic, he’s acting like a brat who has never seen the world,” The archer commented. “He is definitely an amusing fellow, I already kinda like him,” the king laughed and walked slowly.

    “Let us go to a nearby city, they must have some good food there. Sometimes eating in a rich manner is distasteful and bad for one's mind.”

    “I see people like us, but what are those weird skinned people in the city?”, the man suddenly commented as he stopped fooling around the area. Everyone was shocked, even though it could be said the city was near, it wasn’t necessarily visible, only the king could see it because of his cultivation.

    “You can see the city?”, Zhàn Méi asked him in shock. “Yea? It’s not far away. Why are you guys shock?”

    “Only his royal highness has the capabilities to see it because of his cultivation. Maybe I was right in the aspect of you being a good candidate for her majesty”, Zhàn Méi explained and went back to her usual bland face despite the shock.

    The king looked at the man not surprised and quickly glanced at his daughter and towards the city, “do you now think my theory is right? He might be a special human with an immortal body with no cultivation, or maybe he in a sense, “lost” his cultivation which is the reason he has no memory.”

    “I see what you mean father, now that is making me curious about his background.” “It is best not to go into people’s personal life. Especially if that man has a chance of being a supreme expert that we will never birth in our kingdom,” The king sighed and dragged the stunned people to the city.
    “I’m guessing this world isn’t predominantly filled with people like us?”, the man asked as he was being dragged along.

    A sigh came from one of the people in the group. “We, classified as humans are the most well-known race in the universe, however, we are also the weakest,” Fù Dí, slowly explained like he was teaching a child. “However despite this, we have many people from our race who stand at the peak of the world.”

    “So we aren’t weak but we aren’t strong. Though we do have obvious benefits. One being our high reproduction rates. Another being because we have little talent or affinity towards something like fire and fire only, we can birth people who have talents ranging from archery, all the way to time and space.”

    Fù Dí finished explaining and looked away from the man and stared over the horizon waiting for the town.

    The man still comprehending what Fù Dí said, heard a voice next to him suddenly speak. “By the way, what should we call him? It’s weird to not a name right?” Láng Ma spoke unsure of what to call him. After the event, even though he isn’t really fond of the guy, he at least doesn’t hate him anymore.

    Everyone looked at the man including the king. Perplexed on what they should call him. “I don’t mind a nickname until I can remember”, the man tried to clear the awkward situation.

    “Average Puff”, Zhàn Méi was the first to talk despite her poker face. “That’s a weird and embarrassing name, no man wants to leave the house with that nickname. How about Brave Coward”, Fù Dí smiled in a devious way.

    “Both of you are weird, a suitable name should be Mortal Thinker”, both Fù Dí and Zhàn Méi stared at Láng Ma with distasteful eyes.

    “How about I just call you junior brother, and you call me senior sister, that’ll be so much easier till your name is recovered”, Jīn Fèng spoke ignoring the other's debut. The king continued to fly them and smiled and laugh at the three’s argument.

    “Drag... “, the princess spoke and everyone stopped and look at her, “Drag?”, Jīn Fèng looked at her. “Hmm… Drag, someone who drags us down but drags us up”, The princess spoke confidently in her choice.

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    Chapter 6: Diasta City

    “I guess it’s a good name, though I'm going to stick with young man at most”, the king had a sweat drop from his face and so did everyone else. The princess felt left out, she herself thought drag was a cute and fitting name.

    The man, or drag, also had a sweat fall from his face. The king suddenly spoke trying to get away from this awkward situation, “we’re here at Diasta City. A mortal city ruled by an immortal.”

    “Why is it a mortal city then?”, Zhàn Méi questioned. “Because the residents themselves aren’t immortal. If at the very least there was more than one clan with an immortal in it or more than five immortals, it could be considered the lowest ranking immortal city. But of course, no immortal wants to hang around in a back water place. But even at the first immortal rank, we are still considered to be the bottom of the chain like mortals are.”

    The king sighed, he himself was at the first rank. Whenever someone of the higher rank came by, he would have to bow down and hope they don’t cause any harm in his territory. He the king and the strongest person in the kingdom is easily reduced to trash.

    “That’s why I place high hopes for the five of you, especially you, Wáng Wèi, my daughter. If you can comprehend the dao… I can rest in peace if anything were to happen”, The king laughed out loud, his eyes full of hope, but some sadness.


    They arrive in the city only to be met with the guards surrounding them. “Halt! You idiots, can’t you see that the king of Liokal has granted his presence to us!” A guard ran shouting at the other guards. He was the right-hand man of the immortal governing the city.

    All the guards backed away and bowed in respect for the kings status. “Immortal Liokal, please let me walk you to master’s chambers”, The captain bowed and proceeded to lead the way to his master.

    When they arrived, they could see a large castle in front of them. Drag stared in awe, and just like when he got out of the dungeon, he ran around inspecting the area like a child. “Junior brother, if you want to see an even greater castle then wait until we get to our place”, Jīn Fèng whispered in his ear.

    Even though Jīn Fèng still had some resentment due to the previous member, just as the archer said, the previous member was new and was just likable enough to earn a nod from each member. But he was not like everyone else, in which they considered themselves true brother and sisters.

    “All of you guy’s places? Isn’t the king and the immortal here similar in strength?” The man slowly turned towards Jīn Fèng direction.

    “Our place is many times grander, mainly due to the fact that the king travels to other planets, specifically a place called earth. That planet is rumored to be treasured by cultivators of all forms, due to its technology. The king brought many new things for everyone including residents to enjoy”, Zhàn Méi casually spoke with her poker face.

    “And the fact that the king is very good at business, and convincing people, especially mortals”,  Láng Ma also joined the small discussion. While the four of them were talking, the group finally went in the main lobby of the castle.

    The castle was grand, it was not as big as the dungeon had been, however despite this, a hundred thousand humans could probably fit in the whole castle, and it would not be extremely crowded. The main lobby didn’t consist of nature like the last, but was built off of riches, and showed the fact that the immortal living here was powerful and one that was above everyone.

    The captain walked to two large doors. He knocked on the door in a pattern and sent some qi into the room, most likely sending a message to the immortal.

    All of a sudden the door opened and they were greeted with a large room, no it would be reasonable to say a very large dining hall. The area was filled with gold lights, cleaned and beautiful wooden tables. A part of the room was purely for a grand bed. Many other furniture and decorations were in the room and they were just as luxurious as the next.

    “Welcome my guests!” A woman walked by and stood in front of them. She was just as beautiful as the princess, but a major difference was that her body was slimmer and had scales, but despite this, she was still sexy and gorgeous. “Wáng Shui what heeds of your presence?”

    “Láng Fàn, I mainly came to visit, but I also wanted a bit of a chat”, The king, Wáng Shui slowly walked closer towards her.

    “I see, let us have some dinner then, if any of your followers need anything tell the captain or head maid”, “It’s okay, we were planning to head into a pub or restaurant to eat, it’s good to venture into a mortals life every now and then”, Wáng Shui looked at the group and nodded towards them.

    The princess grabbed Drag’s wrist and pulled him away as the group followed. “Let’s enjoy ourselves a bit, and we need to also help you get used to this world”, Wáng Wèi looked at him and smiled while dragging him away.

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    Chapter 7: Meeting The Gang

    The princess continued to pull on his arm and took him and the group to a garden. “I’ve been here with father before, this place is my favorite out of everything here”, the princess slowly walked towards some flowers and stared at them and smiled.

    Drag walked next to her and squatted next to the plants and stared at them. The garden-like everything else was large. It wasn’t as grand as some of the areas in the castle, however it still had a grand feel to it as all that was, was majestic flowers and trees not to be seen outside as often.

    The princess stood up and looked toward Drag, she saw the captain slowly walking towards them, and asked if he could tell the head maid to serve beverages and snacks. The captain walked away, heading towards where ever the head maid of the castle is at.

    “Alright, since it looks like you are not leaving anytime soon, we should get comfortable with each other”, The princess clapped her hands and walked towards the other four. “You seriously can’t mean…”, Fù Dí sighed and stared at the princess tiringly.

    “Fù Dí since you spoke, you should go first!”, Wáng Wèi smirked and laughed in a cute manner that would be deemed innocent if not for the fact she was putting him on the spot.

    Fù Dí clapped his hands, getting ready to speak. When Drag was awakened from the void and brought here, he never really took a close look at everyone here. Because of this, looking at them now was a bit shocking. Fù Dí was around five feet and eight inches tall, he looked like a typical book nerd and wore a robe. However, under his robe, he could see small specks of muscles on his body. The book nerd twitched his finger and a book came out onto his hand.

    “As you can see my main weapon is this book. The book itself is more of a treasure than literature, though I do like to read it. I’m twenty-five, and ready to mingle.” He said jokingly. “I mainly cast formations and sometimes cast other things like spells but that’s more Zhàn Méi’s job.”

    “I guess I’m next”, Zhàn Méi walked up and introduced herself. She was around five foot, and skinny, she didn’t look strong physically and had a small body compared to other females. She wore a robe that had a hoodie on it and had a very strong poker face.

    “I’m the youngest here, I’m eighteen, I wield a staff, which is half a treasure and half a whacking device. As that stupid formation caster said, I mainly focus on spells concerning long-range qi attacks”, Zhàn Méi walked away with a casual expression.

    “I’m twenty-one, I use the bow yadda yadda”, Láng Ma quickly stated his introduction and walked away grumpily. Drag stared at him, a bit shocked and a bit scared. He saw that he was the only one who was fashioned in a rich manner. He was the person with the most muscles but was only five foot four.

    Jīn Fèng took a step to show that she was next. She looked the most mature in the group, including body shape, age, and attitude. She wore what looks to be casual clothes and heavy armor mixed together. Drag stared at her bare arms, recalling how she fought the guards with them.

    “Do I have to tell my age… arg, whatever, I’m the oldest, forty, and six foot. Because of my special physique, I train in a cultivation technique concerning my body, in which qi invades my body and strengthens it. And uh… I love to drink alcohol, if you have any really good quality of them, i’ll be your best friend”, Jīn Fèng smiled deviously and playfully.

    Everyone dropped a sweat at hearing Jīn Fèng’s last remark. Wáng Wèi finally took a step and stared at Drag’s face. He stared back and looked at her closely. She was actually in the middle of Jīn Fèng and Zhàn Méi in terms of body, age, height, and even personality to an extent.

    “Twenty-two, uh, five foot seven, I mainly focus on the sword and I generally like nature”, she stumbled trying to think of more things to say and awkwardly stepped back. Everyone dropped a sweat from their faces and laughed.

    The sound of a cart could be heard, as a beautiful maid came in bowed, she politely greeted them and set up a large table for the group to sit on. She handed them their beverages and snacks and bowed again then walked away.

    The group sat at the table and chatted, “Say, I wonder, how old are you?” Jīn Fèng looked at Drag and observed him. “Jīn Fèng he has no memories of his past remember?”, Zhàn Méi sighed at her senior sister's question. Jīn Fèng slowly laughed awkwardly and continue berated him with questions.

    The chat generally resolved around Drag, as he was the newest in the group. Everyone laughed and smiled including Láng Ma, as they spent their time relaxing from the hell hole they had experienced earlier.

    The captain walked into the garden again and everyone turned their heads to him. “Master requests your presence.” Everyone stood up and followed the captain to the room once more.

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    Chapter 8: Attempting To Break The Seal

    The group walked into the room and saw the king and Láng Fàn chatting. “Ah, you’re finally here. Drag come on over”,  Wáng Shui signaled to him. Confused, Drag walked over and stood next to the king.

    Láng Fàn stood up and walked up to him, the distance between each other was very close that any man would go crazy. Láng Fàn lifted his chin and kissed his forehead. The other four slightly blushed and was shocked at her actions.

    He slowly blushed and shaken slightly, even if he had some memories on certain aspects of life, he had no memories of dealing with a woman and was scared out of his mind.

    Everyone except the king looked away, and Drag face slowly overcame with a red color. All of a sudden the floor suddenly shook, and Drag collapsed. The others who were about to intervene stopped as the king waved his hand.

    A large formation appeared and shrank into a cube that elapsed his body. “Don’t worry, me and Wáng Shui talked about attempting to unlock and recover his memories, or see how we could.”

    The gang realized what the king meant. They were young and inexperienced but they weren’t stupid. Considering some of the hints that Drag had unknowingly given, there was a chance he was an actual cultivator or someone special which is the reason the king is spending effort on him.

    All of a sudden a seal appeared above his head. Everyone stared, some having mixed feelings but nevertheless, they hoped it succeeded. The seal looked like a lock, old and rusty, in poor condition and did not look majestic or royal. Nevertheless, it was still a seal.

    As soon as Láng Fàn sent some energy in the vicinity of the seal, the castle shook. She was sent flying at an astonishing speed if the king was not near her it was unknown how far she would’ve been flung. Despite the king holding her, they were both sent to a wall and broke past it going many meters before slowly coming to a stop. Shock appeared on everyone's faces and the two went back in the castle.

    “What absurd strength, just sending energy in its presence already injured me. Wáng Shui, where the hell did you find this monster?”, The immortal had blood coming down from her mouth.

    All of a sudden a mighty aura came from the lock and it seemed as if it could destroy everything in its path. However, the aura subsided and slowly dimmed until it shrunk and went into Drag’s forehead.

    Until now did anyone dare to breathe loudly in front of that aura. The unconscious man finally opened his eyes and got up, he looked at Láng Fàn and was confused about why she had blood on her.

    The king sighed, “We tried to see if it was possible to remove whatever was blocking your memories or know how to recover them. To our surprise, it seemed as though there's a seal on your memories that we would die if we dared to go near it.”

    Shocked once again appeared on everyone’s faces, they knew the seal was strong, but they didn’t know if was so strong that the attack that happened to Láng Fàn was only a weak aura that attacked her.

    The man was also shocked, but he was more sad than surprised, however, he quickly smiled, “It’s the effort that counts, your highness at least attempted to help me.”

    Even though he didn’t know why the king was putting the effort in recovering his memories at the very least he was grateful. However, he was still sad he couldn’t even remember his own name.

    The room was slightly awkward due to the event that happened. Láng Fàn waved goodbye to the group as she had to go to closed seclusion due to her injuries. It was unknown how long it would take for her to recover.

    When the group left the castle, the liveliness of the group slowly kicked up and the conversations slowly returned to normal, including Drag wandering around looking at the architect and the stores and houses in the city.

    The king hid his aura and found a small and somewhat crowded restaurant. Even though this city was right outside his territory, people still knew who he was, at least in name. Showing an immortal aura would give away his identity immediately.

    The group walked in and the receptionist showed the way to their table. Everyone besides Drag, was a bit unusual with the choices of food as they either grew up in royalty or were excluded from a common life for a long time. Nevertheless, they still knew some of the food listed.

    Fù Dí who was sitting next to Drag slowly pointed out some food that he might like or giving him descriptions of what some of them were. After a bit of time, the food arrived and they to an extent joyed the meal, especially since it was unusual to their usual meals.

    However Drag was the most excited about the food, he had no memories of tasting food, so this was a whole new experience for him. The king was a bit shocked when he asked if he could get more food. He already ate four plates of food in an instant, and the king decided to allow him to eat to his heart's content.

    Plate and plates started to stack until thirty plates were filled on the table, all from the gluttonous devil. The restaurant employees were slightly shocked, however, they were given a hearty reward for their efforts by the king.

    Luckily no one dared to interfere in their dining, and they soon left while slapping the employees with all the plates and money.

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    Chapter 9: Welcome To Liokal

    The king, like before spread his aura and flew everyone back to the kingdom. Drag was bored and stared at the scenery while they were flying.

    All he saw were plenty of trees and rivers and plains. At first he loved the sight, however now he was used to the outdoors. However, he soon saw a gigantic wall in the distance. It spanned more than five hundred miles at the very least and was about ten stories high.

    The guards patrolling saw the king and went on a knee paying respects. The king flew over the wall and after flying for a while they could see the castle. The castle was two times larger than Láng Fàn’s castle and could be said to even be grander.

    The streets were more well kept and had small holes at every street leading underground, they also had strange poles in more richer areas arching on the streets.

    “What are those weird structures there?”, The man asked pointing to the weird thing he saw. “Those are the technology that father brought when he went to earth. The famous planet that I told you about, though this is really basic technology, for example, the ones below us with those small holes”, The princess pointed down.

    “Those are sewers…”, The princess explained their function and pointed to the street lights and did the same, and continued for a few other things around them.

    He sat there, amazed by what the princess was telling him. They slowly arrived towards the front gates of the castle and everyone landed and walked to the gate.

    “Greetings to the king!” Ten guards at the Rising Dragon rank bowed to the princess and went on a knee to the king to show their loyalty and respect. The mile-long gate suddenly opened and the group walked in. All the passing mortal looked over to the gate and gave an envious look towards Wáng Wèi group as they got to follow the princess and king.

    Drag received the most looks due to the fact that he emitted no aura, making people think that he was a mortal who hasn’t embarked in the world of cultivators.

    “The four behind princess Wáng Wèi were brought to her command due to special reasons, for both talent and prestige. Yet why is that mortal following her?”, people gossiped about the new follower while staying quiet, hoping not to offend the princess or king.

    The guards suddenly whipped their spears out and block Drag’s path. “Uninvited mortal, you dare to sneak in!?”, “Halt! He was with his excellency, you buffoons!”, another guard with more armor and a cape suddenly walked up and knocked away from their spear.

    The guards were confused about why a mortal was brought here, suddenly they heard a voice “Guards, drag them to the dungeons!”, the guard with the cape who stopped them called out and bowed towards the princess and king.

    Five guards came out of nowhere and dragged the two who blocked his path away.

    “I apologize for those imbeciles, they were new. I will make sure to give the new recruits, even more, stricter training my king”, the guard with the cape spoke loudly.

    “Captain Shi, no worries, I would have dealt with them personally if they continued. This is Wáng Wèi’s new follower”, The king waved his hand signaling him to not worry.

    The captain was shocked but confused, earlier when the princess went out she had another new talented follower, however, that person was gone and was replaced with a mortal. However, he knew he was not in the right place to ask such a question.

    The king leads the way into the castle, it took ten minutes of walking just to get close to the entrance due to the long extravagant path.

    As soon as they got in the actual castle, they could see statues in the main lobby. One of the statues was of the princess, the other the king, and the final, an old man at the forefront. “Who is that”, Drag whispered to Wáng Wèi pointing to the statue of the old man.

    “That’s our progenitor. He was the one who made Liokal kingdom and is the father of the king”, Jīn Fèng who was behind him put an arm on his head.

    “The progenitor is almost always in secluded cultivation but is the reason the king is able to actually go out and explore, bringing new things with him to the kingdom.”

    “Hmm, and Wáng Wèi will most likely be the next ruler unless she has the talent to be able to surpass me and father. Father is at the peak of the first rank, but even after two thousand years he hasn’t been able to surpass that final threshold”, the king spoke in a somber voice.

    “Anyways, I need to get some things sorted. You kids go and focus on cultivation, and help get our new member comfortable in here”, the king despite his cultivation walked slowly like a mortal and waved a hand up signaling them goodbye.

    “The biggest question that arises now is where is he gonna stay at?”, Fù Dí stared at Drag. “Hmm let us go venture around, we have some empty mansions and guest mansions that he could choose”, Zhàn Méi joined in.

    The group slowly dragged Drag to see where he should live. The tired new member had a sweat fall off his face as he wanted to explore and study the new world, but was instead going to go for a long tour.

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    Chapter 10: Assassination Attempt

    The sky was brimming with darkness as the sun started to set. Drag finally chose a mansion, he decided to live next to Zhàn Méi as the place he chose had a huge garden and was the closest to a nearby waterfall and forest.

    Despite them taking a whole day from morning to the fall of the sun to choose a house, maids and servants were already at the house ready to serve.
    However, anyone can see in their eyes that they were reluctant to serve a mortal with no power. Despite this, they still obeyed.
    After the chef at the mansion finished making over fifty plates for him, he went and took a bath.

    Due to the sheer size of the mansion, the bathroom was as large as a whole tavern. He relaxed in his bath and started to ponder on the events that happened to him.

    He wasn’t stupid and could guess there was obviously something special about him. Was he a cultivator? Was he an immortal? What in the world was he?

    In the span of two days, he arrived here and soaked in his bath and was now relaxing. Nevertheless the idea of not having a name or recollection of who he was still bothered him.

    All of a sudden his relaxed body tensed up. He could hear slight steps above him. He could hear the maids talking and gossiping a few meters outside the door, ready for any instructions he gives them. But he could hear everyone else in the mansion, and they were doing what they were tasked to.

    These steps, however, appeared out of nowhere. He got out of the bath and changed his clothes. Slightly scared he tried to listen to the steps more however he couldn’t hear them anymore.

    “Woosh”, he could hear a knife being prepared to throw, and he dodged out the way. As soon as he did, the clothes on his body slightly ripped where his neck was.

    “Guards!”, He screamed and he could hear footsteps approaching and the door to his bath opened. Five guards came into the urgent yell.
    The guards looked at him and were surprised to see the knife and the clothes around his neck in pieces.

    One of the guards went to send a few people to send a message to Zhàn Méi as she was the closest in the vicinity and it was best to not travel far as the assassin could still be around.

    The guards escorted Drag to the living room where more guards appeared to protect him. While waiting there for Zhàn Méi, he could hear small patters of steps on the top floor in a specific room.

    “Do we have a room filled with glass cups”, he asked a maid. The maid responded with a nod and told him where. He commanded the guards, “I’ve located the assassin, two of you should head outside around the right garden. Let's go!”, he started to run up the stairs with guards behind him confused.

    He found the area the maid was talking about and opened the door only to find a girl about to jump out the window. The girl was shocked and terrified at how the man located her and jumped down two stories in order to get away.

    However, at this time a bolt of a thunder shaped qi hit the girl mid-air. The girl blocked it however it ruined her motion and caused her to go to the wall outside of the mansion. The exact same guards surrounded her and more guards came running outside in the area.

    “I’m surprised you actually knew where the assassin was, if not she would’ve escaped”, Zhàn Méi spoke to the window where Drag was. The guards surrounded the assassin and she tried fighting back, which caused her to injured two guards.

    Zhàn Méi, stood in the vicinity ready to attack. Every few seconds she would find an opening and attack the assassin leaving her further wounded.
    One guard was killed at the same time, and three were injured from the assassin. While the guards were professionally trained, they were in the seventh or eighth rank as all the Rising Dragon guards were either at the princess’s manor or at the royal castle patrolling.

    The assassin despite being injured went all out, she decided that if she was gonna die, she mind as well take out some of them. She took a dagger and threw it to a guard in front of her after parrying an attack, the guard was struck and screamed in agony as his skin started to melt.

    She was about to attack another guard until she was hailed by qi from above. Zhàn Méi finished accumulating a massive amount of qi to attack. The assassin went on a knee and coughed up blood. Guards surrounded her and she was then handcuffed with qi and formations. The guards then put their weapons in her vicinity ready to attack, putting her at death's door.

    Drag hurried down to the scene and went next to Zhàn Méi. “I could hear her footsteps, that's how I found the woman.” He lifted his hand and told them to take her to the princess.

    He and Zhàn Méi decided to chat for a bit and Zhàn Méi decided to stay with him for a few hours, to ensure nothing won't happen again. Instead of protecting him she got sidetracked, and they had a long chat before she headed back to her mansion.

  • Chapter 11: Zhàn Méi (1)

    The next day passed and when Drag woke up, he could hear knocks on his door. “Master, the princess requests an audience”, a maid stood behind the door speaking. He slowly got up lazily and yawned. It took him five minutes to actually get up, and he got dressed and went downstairs with a bit of messy hair.

    When he went near the main dining hall, he could see the chef in the kitchen preparing massive amounts of food. Especially since yesterday the chef nearly fainted from the amount of food requested by his master.

    He quickly cooked the food as he feared the master would cause him to overwork and nearly faint from exhaustion, like he did yesterday.

    As he walked into the main lobby, he could see a beautiful woman wearing a dress. She had her hair up in a pony tail and was reading a book she found on a shelf nearby. This was none other than Wáng Wèi, the princess of Liokal.

    Some of the guards couldn’t help but take a few glances at her before having a slight red face and looking away in fear that their heads could be chopped off. She noticed Drag staring at her and she smiled.

    “I wanted to inform you that the assassin has been taken care of. However, despite this the interrogation failed. She seemed to have a immortal level technique casted on her preventing us from searching her soul.”

    “You didn’t come all this way just to tell me news did you”, he smiled back and jokingly acclaimed. “I just wanted to see how you were doing”, the princess slowly got up and walked out the door. He looked at the door and acknowledged a fact, “She sure is a weird person at times.”

    He walked away and sighed from the eventful night. He went to the kitchen and clapped his hand, he could see the chef and twenty maids coming out with food.

    “You’ve done a good job serving me, i’ll ask the princess to raise your check if you keep going”, he smiled and comforted the chef.

    The chef was happy and bowed in thanks. Even though Drag was still new, he wasn’t cruel to overwork his followers and servants for little pay. He wanted to at least ensure their families will be decently off for their hard work.

    He slowly walked out the kitchen after sixty plates of food were devoured. All the guards walking by, patrolling the area, jaws were dropped.

    It took ten maids to carry and clean all the plates as it would’ve taken the chef and a maid or two a whole hour to clean everything including the pots and pans. The chef, happy he was going to get a raise decided to not disappoint the new master.

    He took out a list and started jotting down notes as he was already planning the masters food ahead of time. All he needed was good materials and time as the food supply in the mansion has been dwindling slightly.

    The amount of food the master ate was reserved for large parties and in a few days the reserve could be cut by three fourths, if he did not restock.
    Drag slowly walked out the room and headed outside, he held a hand above him as the glares of the sun attempt to assault him.

    He kept walking along the greenery outside of his now mansion, and he took some time plucking flowers before he left.

    In hand he had four flowers that he carefully chose out of many and walked out the path, and greeted the guards by the gate and walked on the marble but nature like path.

    After twenty minutes of constant walking he finally came across a mansion and continued his path. He kept walking till he got close to the gates and saw two guards barring it from any threats, despite the fact commoners weren’t allowed in the area.

    The guards saw him and despite his aura-less cultivation, both were raised carefully to be the gates guards, hence caused them to bow to him and asked him a question politely.

    “May I ask if you are wanting to see the madam?”, One of the guard asks.

    The man nods and responds casually and slowly, “Tell Senior Sister Zhàn Méi that I've come to chat again like yesterday”.

    The guard who asked the question hurried along inside the mansion to relay the response. The guard who was left alone stroke up a polite and respectful conversation. It seemed as though he was a natural talker that could sway many hearts.

    Of course the two guards were trained to also deal with guests in a both positive and negative manner.

    After a few minutes of talking the guard from before walks out and a young and raggy girl walks out behind him.

    “Oh I didn’t expect you to come here”, Of course this girl was Zhàn Méi.

  • Chapter 12: Zhàn Méi (2)

    The two of them walked through the gates and Drag gently hitted Zhàn Méi’s head with one of the flowers. She looked at him confused and he puts the flower on her hand.

    “Weird, this flower is oddly pretty”, she stared at it like she saw a million dollar gold ring. “I feel like you’d like it”, he smiled. He was staring at the flowers while exiting the mansion and out of the four this flower specifically stood out to him. It reminded him of Zhàn Méi due to its cold but beautiful looks.

    She took the flower up to her hair and started fiddling around with it until she decided to cut it. She cutted off the parts that would not fit on her and took out a pin and slowly put it on her head with the flower.

    He stared while she did that and was amazed at the end result. Despite her raggy and common clothes, she was still pretty. Not on the princess’s level, but still enough to rival majority of the females in the kingdom.

    She dropped her hands and all he could see was the flower casting an imaginary holy barrier on her, as if the gods were blessing her due to her beauty.

    He slightly blushed and whispered “Cute…” Zhàn Méi, the person generally known for her poker face slightly surprised and looked away after hearing him. She had her hoodie on, but despite this one could see her straight and black hair running through the clothes.

    A few strands made it out of her clothes, telling others truly how long her hair that she keeps inside is.

    He went up to her and patted her head, he couldn’t help it as all he saw right now was a cute and beautiful maiden in his vicinity. The flower had truly impacted her as if it was a part of her that she lost long ago.

    When his hand patted her head, she finally blushed and whacked his hand away and walked faster.

    A sweat dropped from his face and he realized how embarrassing the situation was, especially if someone else saw it.

    He caught up to her and they walked to her mansion quietly and awkwardly. Neither said a word but neither denied the others existence.

    After about ten minutes of walking they finally reached the door in which a couple of maids were attending the garden and cleaning the area. They all bowed and greeted Zhàn Méi.

    “Master, you look very different with that flower”, an old lady walked up to them and bowed to her. Zhàn Méi slightly blushed due to the event that happened earlier, but she quickly put a stoic face on and replied, “hmm, he gave me the flower and it felt like it was something I was missing for a long time.”

    She fiddled with the flower a bit and walked through the door. The old lady greeted Drag and bowed, “I’m the head maid here, and i’m also her guardian. I hope you can take care of her, young master. I’ve heard of your recent events, the king truly has good sights.”

    “Her guardian?”, Drag responded a bit surprised. He’d imagine that each one had parents or family, but if she was her guardian would her status not be higher and not a mere head maid?

    The old lady smiled, like she was used to hearing such comments. “Zhàn Méi isn’t like the others. She’s one of the few who was founded by the king. In fact she should’ve been dead”, she looked at the gates in a slight horrid face.

    She walked in the mansion and he followed her. She sat down in the living room and signaled him to sit across her despite her status.

    She clapped her hands and a butler came out with tea and handed them both a cup and poured the two cups.

    The lady began speaking, however she talked in a more dead and quiet voice, “Little Méi was birthed in a village. One where despite its outer appearance of bliss, it was one of horrid and chaos. In the kingdom, no matter ones status, their are a few laws that can not be disobeyed.”

    “That village due to it appearing peaceful and calm, avoided trouble. However in reality they were true monsters. People would participate in events in which if outsiders knew, they would immediately charge to save the innocent children. However no one knew until the king heard reports and decided to check it himself.”

    “Those monsters… the poor children were touched then killed. After knowing this the king went on a rampage, he destroyed the whole town not caring if it was important to anybody or the impact it had on his kingdom. He did not want to deal with monsters who would never be able to enter the cycle of reincarnation for their sin in his kingdom.”

    The woman sighed and slowly sipped her tea. Due to Zhàn Méi being her child, her hatred for that village was immense.
    “Then Zhàn Méi...”, in shock, Drag spoke in a slight hoarse voice.

  • Chapter 13: Zhàn Méi (3)

    “No. She’s luckily was not apart of it. She was actually about to be the main focus of the event by those monsters, however the king arrived just before the event started and committed a wonderful massacre”, the cup she was holding slightly shaked and she putted it down. She clapped her hands and the butler refilled her and Drag’s, tea.

    The tense man calmed down by a margin and slowly drank the tea that was just poured. If pity was a bad thing, then he was most certainly a villain. He wanted to go to Zhàn Méi, wherever she was and hug her due to the bad background she was born from.

    After a minute of silence the lady finally spoke, “The king found out that Zhàn Méi had a natural talent for skills that uses elements, and qi accumulation. This was quite rare as a lot of people either go for long range or close range weapons. They focus to much on weapons then actual qi usage.”

    As the lady finished talking, some footsteps could be heard. Zhàn Méi slowly walked out from the halls and arrived in the main lobby. She carried some snacks and placed them on the table, the butler came out once more and refilled the cups again, and adding the masters cup as well.

    “Mom, you sure are telling him everything”, she gave two plates out and one for herself. “You never accept gifts from someone else. Some of the neighboring princes even tried to reach out for you, yet you threw away majority of the gifts or gave it to the servants.”

    Drag slowly tuned in the conversation of mother and daughter, despite them not looking alike they did act like family. Nevertheless it was weird to hear the mother calling her daughter master, but it was probably to act formal in front of other guests.

    He ate one of the snacks and his eyes opened. He quickly muttered “Delicious!”, the two who were talking looked at him surprise by the way he said it.
    “Zhàn Méi, who made this? You should let them cook for me! Hell if they were a female, i’d marry her right now!” He replied and quickly ate a few more, until he realized that all the snacks were gone.

    Zhàn Méi’s mother laughed, her voice resounding through the mansion. She finally got rid of her professional state and continued laughing for a few minutes. He stood there confused and looked at Zhàn Méi for an answer.

    However when he looked at her all he could see was her looking away with a red face. He stood there confused until he realized something. His face also became red and he looked away.

    This awkward scenario lasted for two minutes before the head maid finally calmed down, “That is one promising claim that you have made. Unlike those royal snobs in the neighboring countries, you have some good things about you. I don’t know what the king sees in you but if you really want to marry her, I’ll support your decision.”

    She continued to giggle slightly and drank her tea as she watched the two helpless. The scenario continued for a few minutes until a maid came in. “Madam. Master. Master Fù Dí, requests for Master Drag to come to his estate, this order is from his majesty himself.”

    The maid not realizing the hidden glares from everyone bowed and walked out. The head maid sighed and waved her hand, “Little friend Drag, it seems as though you have to leave. I would not mind having a discussion about you and my daughters future”, she continued to giggle and walked to the entrance showing him the way out.

    He awkwardly gave a goodbye to the blushing girl and followed the head maid. He walked out and after a bit reached the front gates. He waved goodbye to the head maid and asked the guards at the gate for direction.

    After wandering for some time he finally arrived at Fù Dí’s mansion and asked the guards. The guards were a bit rude unlike Zhàn Méi’s guards. But nevertheless they went and asked the master.

    They welcomed him with a bit of shock as the king himself was with Fù Dí, not realizing when their highness even came in the building.

    He slowly walked to see the area more scholarly and refined unlike the previous where it was just well kept. The place did not seem rich but it did not seem like a place anyone in the kingdom could afford besides a few.

    As he walked near the front gates he noticed the king and Fù Dí sitting across each other. Both of them noticed his presence and waved to him.

    “Ah, Little brother, we were waiting a bit for you. It took a bit for us to realize you were actually in Little Méi’s place”, Fù Dí spoke as he saw the young man slowly walk his way closer.

    “Your majesty. Senior brother”, Drag bowed towards the king and cupped his hand towards Fù Dí.

    “Sorry for calling you over here”, the king apologized and offered a seat. “It is my pleasure to be grace under ones excellency”, he sat down and smiled.
    The king nodded, he waved his hand and a book came flying towards him. He grabbed the book and opened it and spoke, “Did you know Fù Dí was considered one of the stupidest children in the kingdom?”

  • Chapter 14: Unlocked?

    Fù Dí smiled wryly as the king brought this fact up about his past. “Despite so, he came from a rich family and his father tried everything to ensure his only child was at the very least decently good. I’ll spare the details, but Fù Dí excelled at strategy and formations and studying techniques surpassing even the old men in the castle.”

    As if the time it takes to take a breathe, the king was on the last page and finished reading a small novel. “But the reason why I’m here is to see if there's a second method to awakening your memories besides simply asking someone at the God level to open it.”

    The king waved his hand and a scroll magically appeared out of nowhere. “Me and Fù Dí worked on finding a suitable cultivation method for you, we decided this would be a good test run.”

    Drag quickly read through the scroll and was amazed at some of the details and description put into it. He found the first instruction and tried to follow it. Fù Dí and the king looked at him, hoping to see at the very least a strand of qi passing by to him.

    The event lasted for twenty minutes. Both of them kept waiting and the young man kept staying in the position and sweat could be seen dripping from his face. The room for a long time was at a standstill.

    No maids or servant dared to enter after hearing that the king had arrived in the estate. Fearing for their lives they tried to stay far away but at the same time they hoped they could grasp a glimpse of the king ruling over them.

    After another ten minutes, the young man almost collapsed on the floor, multitudes of sweat was dropping on the floor and all they could hear was heavy pants.

    The two were disappointed as they could not see or sense a single strand of qi, in fact Fù Dí decided to cultivate for a minute and the king could see qi going towards him but not the panting man in front of him.

    They both sighed and Fù Dí helped him up and quickly casted a puny weak formation. The young man’s breathing calmed down due to the formation as it casted a cool but relaxing breeze onto him.

    The two of them waited for him to recover, while waiting for him, they were in deep thought trying to think of what went wrong. Fù Dí opened his eyes and spoke to the king in a polite manner.

    “Maybe the seal in his memory is something that also includes cultivation. It is not the fact that he forgot how to use energy or techniques but the fact that the seal is purposefully preventing him from unleashing anything.”

    “I was going in the same path but like always, when it comes to this field, you absolutely beated me”, the king laughed and agreed with this idea.
    The young man slowly recovered and opened his eyes, disappointed to find that nothing had happened despite almost collapsing.

    The king reassured him, telling him his memory will come back in due time. After a bit of casual chatting and talking the king handed the man a few treasures.

    He opened his eyes in surprised and was confused on why he was giving him this. “Despite knowing that you might possess a really really strong body, you don’t have energy to resist enemies, which could be fatal if someone finds a weakness.”

    The king quickly explained the treasures in a few minutes. The king talked with them for a bit and expressed that he was taking his leave. He waved towards the young ones and to their eyes, he left so quickly, people would think that he had teleported.

    “Let me escort you and teach you how to use the mobility treasure he gave you”, Fù Dí smiled and walked him to the gates.

    Once they reached the gates Fù Dí took some time to explain to Drag how the treasures worked and after a bit of trial and error on Drag’s side, a horse finally appeared.

    Of course this wasn’t a real horse, but one made of water and a fire armor that covered some parts of the horse. When Drag got on he could not feel a single rise in heat nor any water on him.

    He was a bit shocked, but he was to an extent use to the oddities of the world. After waving goodbye he rode the horse casually back to his mansion.
    The horse was almost ten times faster than him simply walking, and this was the horse just slowly galloping at the lowest speed it can. After a bit the horse finally reached his estate and the guards a bit shocked, greeted him.

    He went in and after two minutes he reached the estate. He got off the horse and had it return into a small horse shaped treasure. He walked in and greeted the servants. One of the servant went up and asked the master a question in a nervous manner.

    He asked if he was willing to eat as the chef has everything planned out and was waiting on the order. Drag nodded, it was around the time the sun was going to set but not about to set yet. He mind as well eat before seeing what he could do for the rest of the day.

    He went around the mansion and went in the bathroom. After stripping his clothes off, he went in the big hot pool of water. He slowly thought about all the event that recently happened to him today. If everyday was eventful as this, he would die of exhaustion sooner or later.

  • Chapter 15: Night Time Death

    After spending some time collecting his thoughts, he went out and brought out new clothes and walked out being greeted by maids and guards.

    He walked into the dining hall and was greeted by servants wielding piping hot plates of food ready to be eaten.

    He sat down and smiled as he was excited to see what he was eating today. All the servants in the room knew their master ate a lot however, despite this were still in utter shock at how much he devoured.

    After finishing the servants hurried along and tried to clean the tables while trying to put the plates in the sink and washing down the mess.

    Drag slowly got up and went into the kitchen to find the chef slowly sharpening his knife. The chef saw him and putted his knife down to bow to him. The young master smiled and complimented the cooking before heading out.

    He walked into his room and pulled out the scroll that he obtained earlier. He decided to spend the night or at least until midnight to attempt to comprehend the scroll.

    The cultivation method was one in which involved one to abide with nature in order to sense the surrounding qi. On the very top, the scroll was labeled as a peak Mortal cultivation scroll, he shrugged it off assuming it probably was a ranking like actual cultivation but for techniques.

    The scroll was split into six parts. Five of the parts explained nature and how impactful it is to living beings while it also explained how one can grasp qi from the method. Each part granted the user more absorption rate of qi, however each stage came with great difficulty.

    Probably only a genius could comprehend all the parts with descent ease. Nevertheless he decided to skim through it seeing if anything could help him. However unsurprisingly nothing had helped him and he was stuck clueless on how he could activate cultivation.

    He then skimmed towards the final part of the scroll. This part did not display any image or any instructions of the like, yet despite this, their was just a long text that spanned across a tables length.

    He carefully started to read from the top of the final part and slowly went down to the bottom.

    Silence could be heard throughout the mansion, all the servants were finishing their task and some began getting ready to go back to the servants quarters to sleep. Their were only a few maids and butlers cleaning the area, while guards patrolled the area to make sure it was safe.

    The night sky simmered over and soon darkness arose from the top branching towards every creases. Towards any life. Towards all things that exist. And most importantly towards the mansion, but lights could still be seen glowing around the mansion.

    The mansion used both electricity from earth and glowing stones to brighten the area. The gardens were mostly elapsed in the darkness however the streets were still see-able.

    At that moment wheels could be heard. Wheels and stomping could be heard from a distance as the darkness shined over the sight, only the ears were left.

    The wheels and stomping came closer, when it did one could see a carriage and a personal wielding the reins for the horses.

    “Do you want me to contact the master?” At this moment a servant asked the person in the carriage. The man holding the reins was silent like a puppet, emotionless like a rock. The servant was confused on why the atmosphere was so silent.

    “Do it”, at this time the voice inside the carriage could be heard and all of a sudden the servant’s head was chopped into millions of pieces in a flash. Having no clue what had happened and how he died his body silently collapsed on the floor,

    While this was happening a maid walked by the front door sweeping. When she saw the servants head ripped into pieces she screamed very loudly. However she to suffered the same fate from screaming.

    Footsteps could be heard as guards walked to the entrance. They were shocked and horrified as they could see two headless bodies. They were all professionally trained and new this was a expert at the Rising Dragon ranks doing.

    A guard ran by behind the other guards and saw the situation and quickly took out a talisman and broke it. The guard then yelled at the others to assemble in formation.

    Clearly he was the leader of the guards. The guards at the rear suddenly took on a weird stance, and so did the guards at the front. The guards in the middle suddenly released their auras. This in turn caused a mini quake to appear in the main entrance.

    All the auras in the vicinity rose and combined into one red fiery aura. It was like a god that could destroy the world. Despite them having a powerful aura they were experienced and did not recklessly charged towards the carriage and waited for their captains orders.

    “Slam!” All of a sudden the door to the carriage opened and a hooded figure walked out. “It seems like they will come soon. Mind as well kill the brat before any reinforcement comes by. And worse case scenario the king.”

    The guards stared at the hooded figure and could not see the figures face, the only thing they saw was a flower sticking out of the hoodie.

  • Chapter 16: Rescue The Master!

    A man sat in a room and quietly meditated. The room was nothing special, it was average, in fact it would not be wrong to say it was a bit of a mess. Papers thrown in a corner, some specks of food on the ground and even a dirty dish left on a table.

    If any servant were to see this, they would go crazy due to their usual habits of cleaning everything spotless to ensure they would live for another day.
    The man’s eyes suddenly widened open and he stood up immediately. He could feel that a talisman broke, he immediately left the dirty room and out of nowhere armor was suddenly on his body.

    This of course was Captain Shi, the lead captain of the Liokal guards. He ran like a jaguar on drugs and appeared outside the castle. He hurriedly ran towards the roads and charged in a direction.

    While this happened he grabbed a talisman and talked into it, “Ten special unit guards come to Young Master Drag’s mansion. The rest be prepared to take action.”

    The talisman Captain Shi gave to the guard at the mansion of the young master was to ensure another assassination attempt would not happen. Of course a single Rising Dragon wouldn’t be able to defeat the newly patched guards sent.

    However the king instructed that Captain Shi give a few guards talisman in case an situation that would require either him or even the king ever happened.

    The captain kept running, the passing guards every mile or so would be in shock to see a really fast shadow fly past them, however they would soon realize that it was their head captain and  continued patrolling.

    After ten minutes of running, he finally reached the mansion. As he expected no one was at the gates. He ran through the gates and headed towards the actual mansion only to sense heavy auras clashing with one another.

    He hurried and took out a blade, and slashed the air, causing a shock-wave to form and the wave went faster and faster towards the entrance of the estate.


    “Die assassins!” The captain of the group of guards at the young masters estate were battling four assassins. Each at the Rising Dragon rank, and most likely near the peak of the rank.

    There were ten guards fighting the assassins including the captain. They were at the eighth rank, and presumably the peak of Qi Expansion. The disparities were lessened due to the numbers, but in a battle of pure raw power, the assassins slightly had a upper hand.

    Despite the guards having treatment from royalty, the assassins had also been given the same treatment if not better. Their techniques were more advanced and higher while the guards formation could only match up to some of their powers.

    This further increased the disparities and the guards were slightly overwhelmed despite fighting as one unit due to the formation. ‘We need to wait until Captain Shi arrives.’ The captain of the group thought.

    One of the assassins signaled the rest to attack at once, two wielded their daggers, one, their bows, and another, a heavy mace which seemed out of place.

    “Boom!”, just as they were about to hit the formation, a shock wave quickly came and blasted away 40% of the attacks strength, letting the guards breathe a little.

    “Head Captain!” The guards in the formation cheered. A man stood at the door and stared at the assassins.

    ‘No neighboring kingdoms or clans should’ve sent them. And even if we did they shouldn’t have targeted him specifically.’ The captain was thinking in his mind while half focused on the situation ahead. He walked towards the guards in a calm fashion and asked the captain of the group.

    “How is young master Drag? And what about everyone else?” “Captain Shi, all the other guards have evacuated everyone else however there was another person, the main culprit of everything. He went up to where the young master is at. I fear that…”

    “Silence! Once the others come we’ll quickly defeat these pesky assassins and head towards the young master”, Captain Shi started to prepare for battle and charged forward the assassins with the other guards.


    In a room in the mansion, the door slowly opened. Footsteps could be heard, gentle like the wind but fierce like a tiger. The hooded figure with a flower on its head walked in and saw a young man meditating.

    The man sitting on his bed meditated peacefully as if nothing could possibly disturb him. This man was none other than Drag.

    The hooded figure closed the door gently and grabbed out a staff. The culprit slowly began casting a technique and many different shapes started to appear at the end of the staff. The runes being summoned, slowly grew violent and violent, raging more as time passed by.

    A second appeared like eternity, but nevertheless the shaped runes started to draw qi in. Five runes accumulated and they started glowing. They started to shake and a ball of light appeared at the end of the runes ready to fire.

  • Chapter 17: Scream

    Footsteps could be heard outside the mansion and as it approached so did the aura. The aura, mighty and powerful could defeat two Captain Shi if so desired.

    “Finally they’re here”, a man with blood dripping out of his mouth smiled and continued to charge at the assassins. Of course this man was Captain Shi.
    The guards stopped at the entrance and saluted the head captain, and charged at the assassins.

    On both sides, the assassins and the guards, were tired, nevertheless with the new addition it was only a matter of time before the assassins fell.

    “Captain! We got these pesky infiltrators! Please go ahead to the young master”, one of the special unit guards bowed to the captain.

    He nodded and left the battle to make sure that the young man was alright.


    The quiet and slightly empty room started to rumble, the hooded figure poured more of their own qi to quicken the process. Despite already being known to the kingdom, they wanted to make sure the death couldn’t be traced back to them.

    Right before the person shot their attack the meditating man spoke in a dead, emotionless voice. “When life has appeared, that being has already died. When one dies, they live once more. Death is something no one wants. But at the end of the day no one wants life. To some, death is a cage. To some, death is freedom. To others, life is a shackle. To others, life is the ability to breath.”

    “Death and life… That is something that is controlled by fate. In order to fight against fate, one must fight themselves. But one must also ask themselves; what is fate?”, after the man finished speaking, he stuttered.

    “Fate...fate…fate is…fate’’s…”, at this moment the young man broke out of his meditation and putted his head on the bed and his arms on his head.

    “Fate is the idea…”, the young man started shouting louder and louder. The emotionless and dead voice was banished and replaced. But this one was filled with horror.

    The hooded figure was stunned by the sudden reaction and quickly finished casting the technique and shot it out. A laser like attack was shot at the young master, however as soon as it touched his body it started to disintegrate.

    The laser looked liked it froze in time, and a weird black dust or gas started to come off the laser as it started to disappear. The hooded figure stood in shock and fear and started to run out the door.

    When the person came out the room he could see Captain Shi approaching and decided to run away. The figure took out a talisman and crushed it. As soon as they did that, the figure suddenly disappeared.

    The captain was angered as he couldn’t catch up to the figure in time. He went to the room the figure came out of and stared in shock. It would not be an exaggeration to say that the room was melting.

    Black dust could be seen in the air floating as the shelves, tables, and chairs started to disintegrate. But worse of all the bed was in shambles. It was almost destroyed and only small parts could be seen on it.

    His eyes opened once more as he could see the person he was looking for on the destroyed bed. The young master was screaming in a horrid voice. Anybody who was not use to massacres, or any extreme things that the general public would not see or like, would immediately cover their ears.

    The sound was horrifying as the man screamed, but the screams only became louder and louder. The special unit guards and the other guards could hear the screams as they finished killing the assassins.

    They were in extreme shock as the voice was absolutely terrifying and some even wanted to go on their knees and throw up

    The captain wanted to go closer but upon inspection, but he could feel a deadly aura emanating from the young master. He decided to throw a nearby vase that was not touched into the area the black dusts or smoke was at to test if it was dangerous.

    To his surprise, the vase immediately started to emit that weird black thing, and started to disintegrate. He decided it would be best if the king handled this situation himself, and sent a message to a talisman with a symbol engraved on it.

    “Splash”, all of a sudden the door besides him started to emit the same weird thing as the vase. The captain decided to run as he wasn’t sure if he could potentially die from this infectious thing.

    He went to the stairs to see the guards approaching up, he screamed at them and looked behind him only to see the black thing being spread, “Retreat! I’ve alerted the king, this might potentially be something only the king and worst case scenario the progenitor might be able to handle.

    The guards were in shock to see the halls emit some black gas or whatever and followed the captain's orders.

    The screams continued and continued until everyone in their mansions and even the king could hear it. They group of young nobles who found the man, heard the screams and were absolutely in shock. The voice was clearly their new friend but something was happening. They ran out their mansions and hurried to the scene.

  • Chapter 18: Death Approaches All

    All of the guards quickly left the mansion and stopped at the front gates. They stared at the mansion and decided to rest quickly in case something else happened.


    “Shui’er, what has happened”, a old voice appeared behind a middle age man. “Father you came out!”, of course, the man talking was the king. He went on a knee to pay respects to his father, the progenitor.

    The man was between middle aged and an old aged man, but he calls himself old anyways. He had grey hair and a beard that looked untrimmed. “Quickly tell me what has happened. I sense a deadly aura in the kingdom, I fear I might not be able to handle it.”

    The king, Wáng Shui, was in absolute shock. He was about to head out but his father coming out means that this is a situation that even his father might not be able to handle. He quickly explained to his father from the beginning, starting at the ruins all the way to the current.

    The old man was in shock, “It is unknown whether this amnesic man is a blessing or a curse, but from what you’ve described, he’s out of control right now. Come with me, we need to cast a formation around the place, if those flames are truly deadly then our whole kingdom might fall to the ground!”
    He grabbed his sons hand and quickly flew over to the scene.


    “Captain Shi!”, five people started to run over to the captain. The speaker was the one and only, princess Wáng Wèi.

    All the guards except Captain Shi went on a knee. The captain bowed down to the princess, this showed everyone how high the captains status was in the kingdom, enough to stand alongside the princess.

    The guards stationed at Drag’s mansion stared at a girl behind the princess, they suddenly lifted their weapons and prepared for battle.

    Everyone was in shock due to their actions. The captain waved his hand to them, “it’s not her, I could tell the shape of the figure was different from young master Zhàn Méi. Most likely the figure was attempting to frame her.”

    The princesses group was shocked at what the captain said, “Captain Shi, what is going on?” The captain explained the current situation, after he did he looked at Zhàn Méi, “Young master Zhàn Méi, when did you acquire that flower? And has anyone seen you with that recently?”

    Zhàn Méi explained what had happened earlier in the day, and the captain nodded, “They must have been spying on the young master for a long time, or at least since his presence was known in the kingdom at least.”

    “Woosh”, at this moment two figures appeared out of nowhere. All the figures including the princess and captain went on a knee. “Father, grandpa”, the princess got up and greeted.

    “Wèi’er, you’ve been doing well and have quite the luck. To meet such a extraordinary person could be considered a blessing”, the old man walked up to her and stared at the screaming mansion. No the roofless mansion.

    Everyone stared at the mansion in shock, they were busy conversing and didn’t pay attention to the it at all. The mansion currently had no roof and the weird black thing covered the whole mansion.

    The screams was still there but the estate currently was disintegrating, the glass of the windows were still there, frozen in time as it had ‘shattered’ but still remained still like a statue. There were even some sections of the house just floating, like nothing wanted to move in fear.

    At the moment everyone in the kingdom could hear the screams. It was so bad cultivators, regardless if they’ve met or not have joined together into creating a space that nullified at least some of the volume and sounds as it was to horrifying.

    The progenitor slowly walked towards the gate and threw a small attack to the areas infected. The attack froze and slowly disintegrated, everyone was in shock and even that small attack could severely injure someone at Rising Dragon.

    “Shui’er help me out”, the old man walked closer and started casting a technique with many hand movements. His son joined him and supported his casting with energy to ensure the technique is casted more quickly and more efficient.

    Both father and son casted a formation spanning many miles long, one that seemed to reach the sky, and one that seemed as the heavens were casting down on it.

    For a few seconds everything in the formation was suppressed. The screams, the weird black infectious thing, even the frozen time seemed to be suppressed.

    However after a few seconds the blackness started to accumulate into a certain area. They grew and grew until it looked like a raging flame had appeared.

    “Everyone run farther away!” The progenitor screamed and everyone quickly ran away from the vicinity.

  • Chapter 19: Field of Death

    Everyone fled for many miles until they looked back. All they could see was the king and the progenitor sweating ferociously.

    All of a sudden the formation started to crack, the flames grew bigger and bigger, engulfing the whole mansion with its power. The aura of the flames burst out and the remains of the area quickly disintegrated in a matter of a few seconds.

    Everyone could see someone in the formation, this person was obviously the person they were trying to save. The princess’s group looked at him and started to worry.

    He was floating about twenty meters above the ground, and he was engulfed in a flame deeper in color than the one that had engulfed the mansion. If one didn’t look carefully they could’ve easily missed the man.

    “Boom!” The formation the duo casted broke. Both of them coughed up blood and they retreated to the group. “Are you alright?” Captain Shi asked both of them as they were both pale and breathing heavily.

    “We’re fine, but the problem at hand is that black thing that formed into a flame like appearance. We can’t suppress it, nevertheless we can’t talk about simply injuring it in the slightest”, the old man got up and stared at the problem ahead.

    The scream was heard once more and this time even louder. The flame also nearly doubled, engulfing the gates and burning it down. The flame, seeming to have a life of its own continued to grow larger. Despite the ground below also burning, it increased so much that the difference didn’t matter.

    “Little Wèi, what kind of monster did you bring here”, the old man stared at her, neither angry nor happy. “Grandpa, i’m sure he’ll bring the kingdom lots of benefits if we can control this disaster”, the princess begged for his forgiveness for Drag if the situation ever calms down.

    He sighed, “I believe in you, but if this situation does calm down, we need to ensure this doesn’t happen again”, “Father, we should focus first how to get rid of the flames”, the king had a sweat drop from his pale face, smiling wryly.

    “Boy, don’t you think I know that?”, the grandpa berated him and continue to stare at the flame.

    The flame started to rise over one hundred storeys high. While the man screamed, it felt as though the flame also screamed. Its aura was so grand that the already night sky was slowly going chaotic as they couldn’t handle the pressure. Space started to rip and certain areas had everything ripped, creating empty voided holes, holes that if a mortal or immortal entered, they’d surely die.

    Everyone was nervous as they had no idea what to do, the princess and her group were worried about their new friend while everyone was worried about the kingdom.

    All of a sudden the sky brightened. The black flame never emitted light but now light appeared, making it like it was morning. While the light happened dark clouds also appeared, and was ferocious in appearance.

    “What the hell is happening?” One of the guards asked. “That is the heavens”, the old man in the group answered. Everyone was shocked at the response, but they were also confused.

    “The heavens, it is unknown what exactly what the heavens are, but we know they aren’t cultivators. But they are existences that could kill people even in the God ranks. They are also the reason why so many people have trouble becoming immortal due to the tribulation one must pass when breaking through.”

    Everyone stared, taking in the information that they were just given. They all wanted to see whether the flame’s or the heaven’s will win.

    Silence appeared all over the area, the screaming stopped. The flame still roared but in silence. Everyone was confused on what’s happening, but they themselves did not dare to breathe.

    The flame suddenly launched an attack to the skies. The heaven launched an attack back and threw a lightning bolt at it. Both of them clashed with each other, and a massive aura was spread out to the kingdom and a far. Everyone fell to the floor including the king and the old man.

    Attacks after attacks were thrown. The area felt like it was slowly breaking, and the destruction was so grand that it created shock-waves that flew for over a thousand miles, and beyond the sights that anyone can see.

    Everyone could see that the flame was dimming down, they all silently cheered and hoped that it could just disappear.

    The flame as if an entity flew up and went on a full frontal force with the heavens. The heavens roared and roared, fighting against the mysterious flames. A gate was opened from the skies and many things came out of the gate.

    When they tried seeing what the being is, all they could see were blurs of something. They couldn’t comprehend what it was nor how powerful it was.
    They went and attacked the flame, and over half of them died, but upon that, the flame dimmed to 10% of what it originally was.

    The heavens proceeded to take its chance and summoned a massive rainbow colored lightning bolt. The bolt no longer seemed like lightning but some attack mixed with many things. The bolt descended on the flame and a large explosion happened.

    However the explosion caused no winds or destruction. It simply destroyed and killed the flame.

  • Chapter 20: Coma

    Drag’s body laid floating mid air. He was no longer screaming and looked as he was dead. Everyone cheered however the king and his father had a rough look.

    “It’s not over yet”, the old man quietly commented. Everyone payed attention again and they saw the heavens preparing a second attack.

    The flame was gone and so was all of its aura, but despite this the heavens didn’t stop. It seemed as though it wanted to also kill the young master.

    The princess’s group were in shock and were tempted to run over to save the unconscious fellow. But the king put out a hand, signaling them to not go over.

    The heavens roared and threw another rainbow colored bolt. The group closed their eyes as they knew it was impossible to save him.

    Another explosion happened, this time even though there was no destruction, wind started blowing everywhere. The two immortals were forced to cast a barrier to prevent people being blown away.

    The wind, after a minute calmed down and they looked over to the area. Their eyes were in complete shock and they were in disbelief. A mighty aura appeared out of nowhere. It was unknown if it was the young masters, or someone else's.

    Nevertheless the aura itself blew the bolt away. The heavens slowly retreated and the gate closed, as the sky started to return to normal. All that was left was a huge crater and a unconscious man.

    The group started to head towards the man, with the princesses group being the fastest. Luckily a lot of the area had survived, but the mansion, the garden, and everything surrounding it was dead.

    The black flames died and none was left, but all there was, was a four mile crater, that was about fifty meters deep.

    The king grabbed everyone with his aura and pulled them down to the bottom of the crater. They could see a naked man with scars on his body and the area around him was pitch black. Not a speck of color, only the absence.

    The girls looked away, but when they met him they never took notice of the scar. Seeing it now, made them and the rest wonder, what made him get such a huge and deep scar on his chest?

    “Cough!”, all of a sudden the old man threw up blood and almost collapsed. “Father! Did you gain a injury from before?”, the king went and supported him. “No, those scars...Our speculations were wrong, he isn’t just some high level immortal, he’s most definitely at the god rank.”

    “The scar is most likely an attack from a being also in god rank. Though I have no clue what level, all I know is that the dao they used is so strong, looking at it is able to injure me instantly”, the old man sent a message to his son and got back up.

    The king was absolutely in shock and refrained from looking at it. The progenitor threw a blanket on the young man’s body and carried him. “I’ll attend to his wounds...Well if he has any.” The king slowly flew away with blood on his body.

    The group that wanted to help their new friend was slightly shocked. “Don’t worry, father won’t hurt him”, the king reassured the group.

    “I need to handle the public outcry that’s gonna happen as soon as I arrive, and if any neighboring kingdoms arrive due to the situation. Shi, help the others in rebuilding the place”, the king also flew away. Captain Shi saluted the king and gathered everyone to help, physically or mentally.


    A whole month passed since the catastrophe, and everything has been peaceful ever since. After the king left the scene, he was bombarded with people asking him what happened. Of course he made excuses and hired people to suppress the news as much as he can.

    Of course, neighboring immortals also came by as the aura frightened them. They wondered if a supreme expert appeared on their area or if the progenitor had a breakthrough.

    The king also sent them away disappointed and clueless, however the only person to actually know what happened was Láng Fàn. Even though the king didn’t tell her, her first guess was the young man.

    Of course, Láng Fàn agreed to keep the event a secret as it could bring a disaster to both of them. She left to her home and didn’t want to be involved in their mess.

    After weeks passed by since the catastrophe, the king managed to find the culprit. It was his second cousin who caused all the problems they’ve experienced. His second cousin was worried that the new person was getting to close with any of the girls in the group including the princess herself.

    Due to the fact that he was a second cousin and his family did not have major contributions to the kingdom, he was slightly on the edge of being kicked out of the royal family conferences and demoted to only being a rich family.

    Despite this, he still had a lot of people under his command and sent them to kill the newcomer. He wanted his son to get close to any of the three girls in order to boost the families status, and didn’t want any threats to arise.

    In anger, the king killed his second cousin, and the son, and banished the family out of the kingdom.

  • Chapter 21: Waiting For Him To Awaken

    To the king’s surprise, his cousin had nothing to do with the outburst. Before he killed him, the king heavily interrogated him, and searched his soul. He went to the unconscious man and took a storage ring out. One of the few treasures the king lent him. He found the cultivation method he and Fù Dí dug out and began reading it.

    To his surprise, he found nothing wrong with it. He looked through each part carefully and found nothing out of the ordinary. “Maybe it’s because something triggered his memories”, an old man appeared behind him out of nowhere.

    The king was slightly shocked and greeted his father. After the event and the whole bombard of questions, the old man asked his son to give him a more detailed version of what happened.

    The king assumed that his father's theory was what happened and returned the storage ring to the unconscious man. He flew away and continued to do his usual work.


    Right outside the castle that the king and progenitor was in, there was a mansion close to it. The mansion was grander than the unconscious man, Fù Dí’s, and Zhàn Méi’s estate. If one were to truly show off their riches, this would be a perfect example.

    There were three statues in the mansions. Each one representing the Wáng family lineage. This mansion belong to the princess of Liokal, princess Wáng Wèi.

    The mansion could be said to be almost two times larger than the other five’s estate, and had many more servants, with guards at the Rising Dragon rank. This showcased how much the king wanted to protect his daughter.

    Inside the mansion five people were drinking tea and surrounded a table. Each one slightly gloomy but still showed prestige and honor.

    The princess sighed and spoke, “It has been a whole month since the situation with Drag.”

    “I still wonder what happened though, we know that bastard caused the situation, but what caused the poor boy to break out like that”, Jīn Fèng drank a cup of liquor, unlike the others who drank tea, she went straight to drinking in the morning.

    “Either way, how long do we have to postpone our adventure”, a man said somewhat angrily. Láng Ma, despite being a rich noble, still wanted to go out and gain new experiences, than staying at home for a long time and cultivating.

    “Be patient, for the past year we’ve been cultivating constantly, and even though we had a adventure a whole month or two ago, we still need to continue to cultivate. We can adventure more once we reach Rising Dragon, to prepare for that damn tribulation”, a man with a book spoke. Like everyone else, excluding Jīn Fèng, he drank tea.

    “Still this is taking to long. When the scout brought us news of an actual dungeon and not a treasure less place like the one from before, we could’ve went there and be back by now. Who knows if someone could’ve went in by now”, the archer berated Fù Dí’s statement and grew impatient.

    “Enough, let us give him one month. If he really does not wake up then we shall go”, the princess not wanting to see a fight go out, attempted to please both the boys. She also wanted to adventure, but the newcomer came first in her mind.

    The only person not talking was Zhàn Méi. She seemed the most impacted by the situation, as the morning and the day before the event, she was actually bonding closely with him, however she was unsure on his condition right now and was constantly worrying over him.

    After a bit of conversing everyone splitted, and the princess walked everyone to the door. Everyone went back to their estates to cultivate again but Zhàn Méi slowly walked around randomly.

    She walked on the path with the flower on her head and stared at the cement path acknowledging its design.

    A few guards saw her as they were patrolling and greeted her, but to their surprise she just kept walking and admiring the surroundings.

    As she was walking she could hear a sigh, “Ah youth… Feelings certainly are a toxin that can either benefit or kill the user”, she was shocked by the voice only to see a man in front of her. She was looking ahead, but it seemed like the man was always here and she was a blind woman.

    “Progenitor!”, she went on a knee and paid her respects. Even though the progenitor didn’t really have a official title, people have always called him that. He faced her and sighed.
    “I have been living for two thousand years, a extremely long time for mortals, but a day in an immortals eye. When Shui’er was born, I was only two hundred years old. That seemed liked a long time for an old man like me, but those two hundred years were hell.”

    The progenitor slowly walked and Zhàn Méi walked alongside him, curious to what he has the say. “My lover died when I was at the age of one hundred. It is possible to live up to two hundred years once one reaches Rising Dragon, and more if they used treasures and special plants.”

    “However, I had little time. I belong to a sect that is now deceased, and along with the sect my wife died. However Shui’er, was the only one besides me who was alive. That was because he came upon an illness and I tried to find someone to cure it. And so he was cured.”

    “The price for it? That didn’t matter, but the price that fate had bestowed on me was the death of my lover”, the old man sighed as he recalled dark memories. “For fifty years, I watched my son grow and found out he had wonderful talent. Sadly this hell hole won’t help me or him improve.”

    “I smiled when he was around but at the end of the day I mourned. At first he was the bane of my life. The cause for my lovers death. But I slowly came to love him, and accepted the fact, it wasn’t his fault. It was mine, it was fate, and it was the heavens.”

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    Chapter 22: Past

    Zhàn Méi and the progenitor walked down many roads, they passed through Láng Ma’s and Jīn Fèng’s estate, they didn’t fly and only walked liked a mortal. This is how long the old man took to tell his story. He stopped many times, as he didn’t want to start mourning about his past.

    “Little girl, do you know what a dao heart is?” The old man suddenly asked. She nodded, as she and the others took strict education on cultivation and the likes, many years ago. The dao heart, was a heart in ones body. This heart was very different from a humans actual heart.

    The dao heart, was one in which conveyed one's emotions and mental state. Having it cracked was losing the will to do something or being in a chaotic state. Once one is in this state, one can rarely progress in cultivation and is usually stuck until it is repaired.

    However to repair a dao heart, requires a person to have a drastic breakthrough in their mind, or else they will forever be stuck in place. The same case is if a shadow overcasts ones heart. If a person lost a battle and casted a shadow casted over it, that person will forever be in fear.

    “Back when I was young, my dao heart broke”, the old man said carelessly. She was in absolute shock as it was way over an one in a million chance for a person to repair their heart. This was the hugest blockage besides talent that killed cultivators.

    For the kingdoms own creator to have its heart broken was a major deal. But to have them overcome it and repair it, showed how much potential and strength one had mentally.

    “When Wèi’er was born twenty-two years ago, I finally came out of seclusion. I let my son do all the work for experience, but to also see if I could have a break through.” Judging from the news Zhàn Méi has heard about the progenitor, he hasn’t broken through the first rank yet.

    “Recently, I have been coming out of seclusion after my grand daughter’s birth a lot, and I've also been monitoring the four of you from time to time. Recently, you’ve been extremely down looking. Have you been having troubles cultivating?”

    Zhàn Méi was in absolute shock, even though she was wondering why the progenitor was bringing up the idea of dao hearts, she followed along. She wouldn’t have thought that he had caught on really quick.

    “So it really is the case. Little girl, I would suggest you fix your heart as fast as you can. The man isn’t dead, he just needs time most likely due to the fact that something triggered his memories.” As soon as he said that, Zhàn Méi’s face slightly changed in a positive way.

    “I don’t know what your relationship is between you and him, but he’s not dead. Keep cultivating and kiss him when he wakes up later”, as the old man said that, Zhàn Méi stoic face went completely red.

    It would not be a exaggeration to say that steam was coming out of her head. It was an absolute rarity for her to change expression, and now she was hit hard. When she looked at the progenitor, all she could see was a garden.

    He most likely left as he wanted to guide her in a path that wouldn’t harm her in the future, before he went to seclusion again.

    Zhàn Méi looked around the area and found where she was. She started walking in a specific direction as she wanted to go back and recover her mind and continue cultivating. It was unknown what the benefits would be from this session but she knew she would gain a lot if she passed.


    ‘Where am I’, darkness swelled in an area. A man was in a void and he moved his body around. ‘Am I in the same place like before’, the man thought. This man was of course Drag.

    He looked around and could see stars in the sky. He was in shock, as he could actually see things over than the void. A soft texture pressed on him and he moved his body. To his surprise he could actually feel something.

    He pressed down harder and he touched something soft and squishy. He assumed that right now, it was extremely dark and he was in a room where he could see the stars outside a window.

    He got up and felt something touch his hand, the night sky allowed him to see the outline and it was a object that looked like a fat stick.

    He played around with it and all of a sudden light appeared out of nowhere. The man internally screamed as he could see. However to his shock, he was amazed on how different this room was. There was a weird blocky object with a screen, some weird writings, a weird chair with small wheels, and he was on a bed more comfortable then his previous.

    He looked outside to see that he was in a weird city. It had street lights like in the kingdom and tunnels leading to sewage's. But something that really standed out were the buildings, and these weird shaped objects with wheels.

    “Vroom”, he was shock to hear something past by, it was like the other objects with wheels, but this one was moving. It could be said to be faster than a mortal horse, and it had bright lights like the object he was holding.

    He was looking at the outside world from the window and realized that he couldn’t see far. When he awoken from the void, he could always see far away, and hear from long distances. His body was so much better than a mortals, but here, it was very limiting.

    “Wait...these street lights, the princess mentioned that the king went to a planet called earth, a treasured planet that cultivators from all over, whether human or not, cherished.” He came up with a conclusion that he was most likely at earth.

  • Chapter 23: Name

    “AnfWixV, what’s wrong? Did something happen?” A woman’s voice could be heard from downstairs, shouting.

    He slightly jumped and assumed they were someone related to him. When he heard the first… word or couple of words, coming from the woman’s mouth, the woman voice turned to static, and he couldn’t comprehend what she was saying.

    ‘Since, I am most likely on earth, this must mean two things. One, this is a memory or recollection of an event. Or two I was transported here replacing another person.’ The man thought as he explored the room quietly.

    He came to the conclusion that it would be to weird for him to suddenly teleport to a whole nother planet. He was unsure why this would be a memory considering he woke up in the previous planet he was on, but instinct told his this was a memory.

    He slowly took the object and shined it on a shelf. He could strangely read the weird letterings and understand them. He skimmed through ten of them to then find an important looking one, it was called an ‘english dictionary’.

    He skimmed through it and could see many words being defined. He searched over his body and noticed he didn’t have the horse or the other treasures he was given, and continued skimming through, hoping he could find some information.

    To his luck, he found nothing of importance, he only learned some new perky words and literature but that was it. He scanned the room only to find a weird case. He took it out from the corner of the room and tried opening it, however when he did he suddenly blacked out.

    He quickly looked around as he was scared at what happened, and he was taken to a whole new place. One that looked like it was a battlefield. He could hear clashing from above, and when he looked above he saw something bizarre.

    He saw himself. He definitely looked different, however he knew that the person above was exactly him.

    “Clash!”, he heard an explosion going off, and saw that his ‘other’ self was attacking someone and each attack caused massive explosions. His senses came back yet despite this despite the explosions being loud, it didn’t bother him.

    ‘I really must’ve been someone of power’, while he thought to himself, another explosion occurred and he fell to the ground as it scared him. ‘My past self most definitely isn’t scared of this, but the current me is. How pathetic’, as he loathed himself, he could hear someone screaming.

    “AjgwQgdC, i’ll avenge her! I don’t care if I have to eat your flesh, burn your soul, or massacre everyone you’ve met, as long as you die, i’ll be satisfied!” The person fighting his ‘other’ self screamed.

    He once again heard the static blurb but he couldn’t figure out his name. “She died for good reasons, blame yourself instead of taking it on others”, his ‘other’ self said in a casual voice. He then summoned some weird black dust things and sent it to the enemy like it was raining arrows.

    The enemy dodged and ran away only to come back like a boomerang with the dusts following him. The enemy took out a weird bow that had a handle of a sword on one end, and a blade on the other, and shot twenty arrows.

    His ‘other’ self suddenly waved his hand and the world went black. Drag’s current self could see that the enemy’s neck was being gripped and putted on deaths door.

    “AgnQioh, Hnwqi, DniweT! I’ll kill you even in death, kill, kill, kill!” The enemy, as if he was a rabid dog screamed at him. Drag once again couldn’t hear his name and tried to approach closer. However he only managed to reach so far, before his legs started to shake.

    He was scared. Frightened by the fight and everything that happened for the past few days. Fear was instilled into his heart. He felt aches everytime he went closer. His eyes started to close. To dim to eternity. By the dawn it’ll be gone.

    His legs shaked even more, until one of them completely collapsed. “My name! My name!” He screamed, he didn’t want to give up.

    Darkness arose, his heart black, dark like the night, bright like a dimmed candle. Death like a extinguish candle. Death to his eyes. Death to his name.

    “Aghhhh!”, all of a sudden his eyes opened. He was still in the same place he was, the desolate battlefield. However he could hear terrifying screams, he could hear the person his ‘other’ self was fighting screaming.

    As he looked over he could see that his other self inflicted something on the man, in which caused the man’s arm to slowly be eaten. Drag was in absolute shock at how cruel his past self was.

    The collapsed legs started to move and so did his arms. He needed to know his name, he needed to know who he was! He hurried and hurried, in fear that the man will die before he could hear.

    He could constantly hear static coming from the mans mouth, as his other self had a stoic emotionless face, watching the enemy die painfully.

    “Zhaoanj, Zhaotne”, he could slowly hear his name as the enemy screamed at the top of his lung. He went completely insane and that’s all he said. His real name started to appear less staticy.

    ‘Zhao what? I need to know!’, he thought, while slowly going faster. He went faster and faster, and by the time he was three meters away, he saw the enemy with only a chest and head. He could see a slightly transparent figure in the chest. This was most likely his soul. If the man’s soul died he wouldn’t know what his name was.

    He kept crawling and crawling, he was so close. Only a meter left, it was getting clearer and clearer and he was just about to touch the enemy. However, as soon as he touched what was left of the enemy, the soul snapped into billion of pieces.

    Tears started to flow, he tried so hard, only to fail. Only to never know who he was, most likely knowing that this would not happen for a very very long time. His eyes were completely red, not knowing his name constantly haunted him, even if it was for a few days, it was torturous.

    All of a sudden a light appeared on the shattered and dead body, a treasure appeared and broke. His other self tsked and said, “how lucky for you to have a cursed treasure.” The enemy’s soul was patched together and broke into many pieces again, this time by himself. “Zhào Lǚ! I knew my effort would accumulate to nothing! So I bought this, to at least injury you! Even a slight injury is a win in my book!” The soul laughed like a madman and finally disappeared sending a light into the other man.

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    here some corrections for chapter 0 . Not a native speaker myself so I am not 100% sure but here they are:
    chapter 0
     The region was so empty he assured of something, he was in a place with no air, no atoms, no molecules, just absolutely nothing in sight, or he could at the very least feel.
    ->   The region was so empty he was assured of something, he was in a place with no air, no atoms, no molecules, just absolutely nothing in sight, but he could at the very least feel.

    The man panicked, "I don't know where the hell I am, nevertheless what the hell my name is", the man tried to calm down, and proceeds to move his head, only to reassure himself, there's nothing in sight, nothing in the place exists except himself.
    ->"I don't know where the hell I am, nor even my name" 
    -> not sure about this but I think your use of nevetheless isn´t fitting here 

    The darts didn't pierce his skin but it certainly hold him down, "do I feel no pain cause of paralysis or do I just not feel anything?
    ->The darts didn't pierce his skin but they certainly held him down, "do I feel no pain  because of paralysis or do I just not feel anything?

    All in all I found the chapter a bit too embellished for my preferences. I am going to read a few more chapters and give you a feedback again.

  • hey mate, 
    here some corrections for chapter 0 . Not a native speaker myself so I am not 100% sure but here they are:
    chapter 0
     The region was so empty he assured of something, he was in a place with no air, no atoms, no molecules, just absolutely nothing in sight, or he could at the very least feel.
    ->   The region was so empty he was assured of something, he was in a place with no air, no atoms, no molecules, just absolutely nothing in sight, but he could at the very least feel.

    The man panicked, "I don't know where the hell I am, nevertheless what the hell my name is", the man tried to calm down, and proceeds to move his head, only to reassure himself, there's nothing in sight, nothing in the place exists except himself.
    ->"I don't know where the hell I am, nor even my name" 
    -> not sure about this but I think your use of nevetheless isn´t fitting here 

    The darts didn't pierce his skin but it certainly hold him down, "do I feel no pain cause of paralysis or do I just not feel anything?
    ->The darts didn't pierce his skin but they certainly held him down, "do I feel no pain  because of paralysis or do I just not feel anything?

    All in all I found the chapter a bit too embellished for my preferences. I am going to read a few more chapters and give you a feedback again.

      Fixed, the first one was right, but it was just that the clarity of the context itself was confusing. What I meant was that he couldn't see anything, so it could have either been blindness, hallucination or some weird wizardry. But even if it was, he couldn't feel a surface, air, or just anything in general.
      The second one is also context based, 'nevertheless' was probably not the right word to use, and your suggestion was right (instead of nor it should be not). I was trying to say that he didn't know where he was, but even more important than the previous statement, he doesn't even remember what his name is.
      The last one you commented on was right and I changed it~!
      I have to say thanks for telling me these mistake! Even though I re-read my chapters, I don't necessarily catch mistakes sometimes due to a personal bias of how the language is viewed, changing from a sloppy regular conversation to a more professional and 'noble' structure from time to time. But nevertheless, all three points had something wrong about them, whether context or structure base, which really helped! Feel free to comment on any more mistakes that you find via comment (here) pm or any sources! 
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    chapter 1
    the woman stared at the man in disgust and whispered in a silent but still hear-able voice,
    ->the woman stared at the man in disgust and whispered in a silent but barely audible voice,

     “Sister Wèi, I have a suggestion, let's raise him and he can be your royal servant, his build doesn’t seem bad and might have some talent for cultivation”.
    -> “Sister Wèi, I have a suggestion, let's raise him and he can be your royal servant, his build doesn’t seem bad and he might have some talent for cultivation”.
    -> can a build have talent? isn´t it the person?

    Láng Ma yelled at the man and looked the princess, 
    -> Láng Ma yelled at the man and looked at the princess, 

     The man hurriedly walked behind the gang and the princess slowly talked.
    ->  The man hurriedly walked behind the gang while the princess slowly talked.

    the corridor was filled with mini waterfalls splashing down like an endless source lasting for eternity, moss covering the floor and walls, while darkness covers the corridor having only somewhat bright glowing stones emitting light every few meters.
    -> The corridor

    here are some more corrections/suggestions
  • Chapter 24: Awakening

    “Zhào Lǚ!”, A man screamed loudly. Drops and drops of sweat started to pour on the mans face. Tears also came out of his eyes as the man panicked.

    He looked around the room and saw that he was in a small room, and that he was on a common and tiny bed. The room had no windows and it only had a entrance, but that entrance was blocked.

    All of a sudden he moved his head behind him. As soon as he did, a figure who looked like they teleported, appeared on that spot. The figure smiled and the entrance opened, only to reveal a huge room ahead.

    “Impressive, impressive indeed”, the figure clapped and clapped. The man stared at the figure to see a man with long grey hair and a untrimmed beard, he had a slightly crazy look, but that was probably because he looked like a huge mess with the untrimmed hair.

    Despite this, he had a majestic robe that was clean and made the new figure look charming despite his appearance.

    “Who are you?”, The man spoke. Of course this man was Drag, no, Zhào Lǚ. The other man kept clapping and praised him, “To be able to pre-determine where I would be, a true expert indeed, no wonder Wèi’er protected you.”

    “Wèi’er? Wait... Don’t tell me, you are the progenitor?” Zhào Lǚ stared in absolute shock. Even if he was a scaredy cat, he wasn’t an idiot. He saw the statue in the castle, but the progenitor looked much younger and it was most likely from many years ago.

    “A weird but smart individual I see”, the old man continued to smile. “You might’ve guessed already, but you are stronger than me, so call me junior Dòu, or Wáng Dòu.”

    Zhào Lǚ stared at the progenitor awkwardly, “I have little to no memories right now. I’ll just call you senior Dòu”, he politely cuffed his hands.

    The old man laughed, “haha, I am most likely younger, please, call me brother at most if you really feel awkward”, the old man tried to shrug it off, despite the injuries the previous event gave him, he was kind to the man.

    “A-Alright Brother Dòu”, The man no longer known as Drag, but Zhào Lǚ, had a sweat drop from his face. The situation was kinda funny and interesting but it was still awkward.

    “I heard you shouted a name, Zhào Lǚ. Did you happen to recover some parts of your memory?”, the old man asked. “Well…I had a dream, well more of a revisit of memories. And after almost giving up, I actually found my name”, Zhào Lǚ, despite meeting the man only just now, was comfortable with sharing this as he was the father of the king and grandfather of the princess.

    The old man, Wáng Dòu, was in absolute shock. He didn’t think the event would cause the man to recover something. “Zhào Lǚ… Not a bad name. Not a bad name.”

    “Either way, what happened?”, Zhào Lǚ asked as he was unsure why he was with the progenitor. The old man sighed and slowly explained the whole situation. Zhào Lǚ was shocked, he knew his past self was really strong, but he didn’t think he would go out of control.

    “Then the others?”, he of course meant the other five he’s been, “and how long have I been out?”

    “Two months, you’ve been out unconscious. And the others are perfectly fine, they’ve just been cultivating”, he didn’t bother explaining the situation with Zhàn Méi, as he was sure he was fine.

    Zhào Lǚ was in absolute shock, but he sighed afterwards. He stared at his hands, he wanted more, more knowledge, specifically about himself. He knew his name, but that was it. He was satisfied but nevertheless he was hungry for knowledge.

    “Shall we head up Brother Zhào Lǚ?” The old man asked. The man nodded and proceeded to walk with the old man in a long dark tunnel.


    In the castle, five young adults were talking, “Is everyone ready?”, a gorgeous women spoke to the four, and they all nodded. Some of them sighed as they thought about someone who was missing. The people they were missing was their new companion.

    The woman also sighed and spoke, “Even though we met him for a few days, it felt like we’ve been on a journey with him for a while.”
    “All we can do is pray he’s okay”, a tall female spoke to the woman, attempting to comfort her.

    “It has been two months. He’s most likely already dead, if not, severely injured to the point of not being useful”, a man with a bow on his back spoke.
    Everyone glared at him, even though he did speak some truth, they did not want to think another potential member was gone like that.

    “No, he’s alive and fine”, a smaller female spoke with confidence and a poker face. This female was of course, Zhàn Méi.

    “And tell me, how do you know. Just because you had the deepest relationship with him doesn’t mean anything”, the man with the bow spoke with slight anger.

    “The progenitor told me so”, she replied back at Láng Ma.

    Everyone else was slightly surprise, not the fact that he was okay, but the fact that the progenitor personally reached out to her. Even though the old man acknowledged the group, when the catastrophe happened, it was their first time meeting their progenitor.

    “Let’s just go”, the princess sighed, hoping for them to not get in an argument. “Wèi’er hold up”, a voice appeared from behind.

  • Chapter 25: Appearance

    “Father?” The princess spoke confused. The king walked up to them and spoke, “about…” “father I know, we can only struggle and try to deal with it”, the princess sighed. Everyone was confused but they didn’t pry in the matter and ignored it.

    The king sighed, “the time is approaching, when you come back I expect an answer.” The princess nodded and signaled everyone to leave.

    The princess took out a map and checked it, they then prepared to leave the main entrance, the guards and servants bowing down to the princess and her group.

    “How about you guys hang out for today”, everyone paused once more, and everyone slightly got angry as they stopped multiple times due to internal issues and the king stopping them. The group looked around to find the culprit, however they couldn’t find anyone.

    The king had already left to do his own duties, and only the servants and guards were left to do whatever task was assigned. They to were confused by the voice, and the guards weapon slowly stiffened alongside their body.

    “May I know who spoke?”, the group was not able to hear the voice clearly, as it sounded muffled and mixed. However she mostly guessed it was her grandfather, but she had to be certain she asked who it was.

    “My my, for my own granddaughter to not know her grandpa’s voice”, a old man appeared in front of the group. Everyone went on their knees shocked. The old man waved his hand, signaling everyone to rise.

    “Grandpa, what do you mean we should stay for the day”, the princess slightly angered, putted on a happy tone as she was speaking to her blood. If the progenitor told them to stay for a day, or stay in the castle for a year, they would not issue a single complaint.

    They would certainly have negative feelings, but in this world, the strong issues the rule. If they wanted to do what they want, they would need to be equal to the progenitor.

    The old man stoked his beard and smiled. “Brother Zhào Lǚ is still eating, he’ll join you later.” Everyone was confused, who was this Zhào Lǚ person? They have always heard that the progenitor was in constant seclusion and no longer affiliated with the outside world.

    To hear of a brother from the progenitor was weird. Nevertheless, considering it is the brother of the progenitor, he most likely is a strong individual. This would help the group immensely in certain aspects of adventuring.

    “If grandpa says so, then we shall go tomorrow, though excuse your granddaughter’s impoliteness, but who is the person you mentioned”, the princess said with an confused face. However the old man just laughed and laughed and walked away.

    The group, extremely confused, followed the progenitor. The old man despite his cultivation walked extremely slow. He casually took his time, walking at a snail's pace.


    “Young master, you will exhaust the chefs to death if you keep going”, a man in a heavy suit of armor laughed. This man was none other than Captain Shi.

    A man ate in the large dinning hall consuming everything in his path. One hundred plates were stacked on top of each other, causing the maids to be in absolute shock. Ding! A cart full of food rolled over to the table, a sweaty chef putted on his best smile as he was about to faint, placed the plates down and left.

    “It has been two months, I can’t do anything with an empty stomach”, a man spoke gorging down food. The guard laughed and smiled as he ate. He had to respect this man as his strength was absurd. If he truly awoken, how frightening would he be?

    Walking could be heard in the halls, a man in a blue robe covered with dragons engraved walked in as well as a young miss with snowy white skin. Both of them were in absolute shock as they saw the now, over one hundred plates stacked and stacked on the table.

    “Young friend Drag?”, the man in the blue robe spoke. Zhào Lǚ stopped eating and stood up and greeted the king with a messy face, “your majesty!”, he smiled wryly as his face was stuffed with food.

    The captain greeted the king and smiled. “But... I thought you were with father?”, the king said in confusion. “Brother Dòu said that he had things to do, but I should sit and wait here in the castle.”

    “Brother…”, as the progenitor’s son, the king knew what his father’s name was, and was shocked that the young friend his daughter picked up months ago is calling his father brother. He most likely assumed that his father told the young man to call him that.

    Even though Zhào Lǚ was still ‘new’ to the world, he quickly got accustomed to the culture of the kingdom, and knew most of the time, when to call someone by their honorifics.

    The king slowly gulped, and sighed. He was still shock but he has seen weirder scenario in his lifetime. Nevertheless, the huge stack of plates surprised him. When the king guided the group out of the restaurant, the king was already in shock that he had eaten about thirty plates, but this was too much for a regular human. Even for the king, he most likely would’ve been slightly sick.

  • Chapter 26: Reunion

    Six people were walking in the castle, viewing the garden to the right, and a plain boring wall to the left. One of the six were ahead from the rest, slowly walking. From the back, he looked like royalty, like he was a god. But from the front all one can see is a homeless man wearing riches.

    The man scratched his head and yawned every few minutes. Despite guards marching and servants walking, the whole area was silent. No one dared to make too much noise. Even the birds and small animals were silent, fearing for their lives.

    Everyone walked patiently, but at the same time awkwardly. They didn’t want to start a conversations, but at the same time they had many questions.
    “Grandpa, are we perhaps meeting your brother?”, the princess wryly smiled. The old man stopped and everyone stood still, slightly scared. He turned around and stared at everyone with a poker face, neither happy nor sad.

    “It seems like you had a breakthrough didn’t you?”, the old man stared at a short and small girl with a flower on her head wearing common clothes. Zhàn Méi slightly jumped, as she didn’t expect the response to be directed to her. Zhàn Méi nodded and everyone looked at her in surprise.

    “As expected, after that event you truly have gained something. Do you mind showing us what you gained?”, the old man broke out of his poker face and slightly grinned.

    The girl with the flower on her head nodded and answered the man, “I managed to see an icy blob of light. When I meditate I can still see it, however I can’t fully comprehend it, glancing at it made me become slightly injured and it is difficult to understand.”

    The progenitor stared in absolute shock and rubbed his eyes to make sure that he heard it correctly. He asked her to repeat it again, and she did. The old man couldn’t believe his ears and stared at Zhàn Méi, as if she were a god.

    Everyone was confused on why the progenitor was so shocked, and looked at him, waiting for an answer.

    The old man continued to stare and kept thinking in his head. From what Zhàn Méi had stated, she most likely saw the dao. The dao is something that only immortals should be seeing, and gods should be comprehending. It is the basis of all power wherever cultivators spanned. Even though there are people who can see and possibly comprehend the dao at the mortal ranks, the chances are so small, one will most likely die a billion times before one can catch a glimpse.

    It seemed as though Zhàn Méi could not comprehend the mysteries of the dao she has seen, however being able to see it will most definitely benefit her cultivation. She will be able to cultivate slightly better in areas that the dao that they comprehend correlate to, and once she reaches immortality, she will be able to get a huge head start.

    Even the progenitor was barely able to see the dao, even the ‘weakest’ and ‘smallest’ dao according to cultivators were still hard to see. Taking the first step is like walking from earth to the heaven.

    This is also one of the things that stop majority of immortal ranked cultivators from even passing the first rank.

    The old man briefly explained the dao to Zhàn Méi and the group. They were all in shock, but they felt happy for the girl and congratulated her.

    Everyone, even if they have differences, considers each other family, like mercenaries who have been in multiple life and death situation.

    Zhàn Méi was the most surprised, as she was the person with the weakest cultivation. She was most certainly the youngest, and the least experienced, but despite this, because of her broken dao heart she managed to gain a treasure.

    The old man sighed, as even he was jealous of her gains. He continued walking, walking slightly faster than before. “I’ll stop playing the waiting game and actually hurry. He is also probably waiting for you guys.”

    After they finished congratulating Zhàn Méi, everyone caught up to the old man, curious on who this ‘brother’ is.

    After a few minutes of walking the gang headed into the more inner parts of the castle. Everyone saw that they were slowly heading in a specific direction. This section of the castle had a library, two lounging rooms, and a dining hall.

    They followed the old man and they soon found the precise location they were heading to. They skipped the rest of the three main rooms, and the only room left was the dining hall. While walking, they saw two chefs, and five servants exhausted, almost laying on the floor.

    Everyone was confused, and the seven quickly got up, bowed and returned to their stations. When they got closer they could hear lots of munching and plates being moved left and right.

    They hurried to see the commotion, and to their surprise, they saw over one hundred and fifty plates stacked on top of each other, and every servant had sweat dropping from their faces as they were frightened by the amount.

    Everyone was in absolute shock and they stared to see who the culprits were. However to their surprise they saw a man with common clothing, gorging the food down like a pig, stuffing every area in his mouth with whatever delicacy he was given.

    Everyone stared in shock, with the most being Zhàn Méi. The man seemed to notice, and slowly smiled as he looked at them.

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