Which one is stronger?

A 12 heavens will cultivator (Tenth world) vs. a primal ancestor cultivator (Immortal world) . Which one would win?


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    What's primal ancestor again ? 
    From what i remember, cultivators in 3IW system opens a new Fate Palace with their each breakthrough. When someone reaches the "Heaven Ascending True God" realm , they can open 11 Fate Palace. After that comes "Forever Existing Immortal" realm where the cultivator opens their 12th Fate Palace.  After this realm. individual power depends on the cultivator's comprehension of Grand Dao and the foundation of their Dao Heart. Like how there is the "First Ancestor" of Immortal Dao Devil Lineage who can casually crush Forever Existing Immortals with little to no effort .

    But if we're comparing the strongest characters from each sides, like "Forever Existing Jiang" of 3IW against the "cold faced" Emperor(forgot his name, he's the guy who fought against the first introduced Dark Giant alongside Li Qiye), both seemed pretty even tbh

    So in a way , there's no proper answer. Their combat ability depends on their own individual comprehension and Dao heart 
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    Like Tanvir said, individual talent/comprehension matters, but generally IW would be stronger, because they were handed down a more detail explanation for cultivating. They have some races from pass epochs also, but difficult to say if these hidden forces are better than tenth world forbidden zone's resident survivors. 

    They don't worry about OTH, and can walk about, and thats IWs best feature. 

    At end of the day through, they're turtles in a jar, and will have even less of a chance to escape harvesting and the truly capable will leave for the real world, if they want to advance. Notice how all first ancestors are eventually ually forced into endless sea? There is some artificial limit in 3IW I believe. wild samasara ancestor choose to slumber in 10th world, rather than 3IW for example. The buddah guy that survived his epoch also choose to set up in the real world rather than 3iw. 

    I think author meanth for 3IW to be better through. I remember that spirit girl in the cloth saying her father, the peak of her epoch, found 3iw more formidable than his own epoch iirc. Their dao feat were more impressive than 10th world iirc, but we didn't spend too much time in 10th world, and author maybe just changed his decription stile.. 

    IMHO through, if the 2 were to fight, I would bet on 10th worlds access to nine heavenly treasures and arts, heavens will, and the hidden things in that exploration grounds, and their ultimate weapons vs first ancestors and their dao sources. 

    3iw is definitely gonna be the first to be feasted through, that soft fat, eat it before final struggle in the real world. 

    Anyways, sorry for long tangent, but consider 12 will emporer, LQY, and angient god, were able to force a darkness with ultimate weapon and 9treasures to run, while thr darkness in 3iw was able to defeat a team up of a few top 10 all time first ancestors, while i believe it was injured? I know its not real comparable situation, but one of the few reference point. Wild samsara ancestor is considered a young darkness for example, but was a top 10 first ancestor. I do not think any fight between him and 12w was ever describe, but they prob can't beat him or they woulda done it for his treasures already, or maybe they knew he would run as its his homefield. . I also think that team up with flame first ancestor woulda have been able to beat the darkness if flame dude wasn't tempted and betrayed everyone through.. Jusy contradicting myself now.. 
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