Hey Admins how did my book end up on your site?

Heya, I'm Transparency or Fantasy Eater.

Can confirm my identity if I need to. My Book PSAIG ended up on your site without my knowledge. https://wuxiaworld.world/i-was-reincarnated-into-a-harem-game-as-a-villain-please-stay-away-i-m-gay . I'm not mad I am glad someone likes my book enough to post it up. I just wish someone told me. It is also not updated. Someone is obviously pulling chapters from Webnovel but poorly.  The book is up to 126 chapters and your site only has up to 80 something. Could you update all the chapters and change the book from " Romance" section to " Fantasy" It's not really heavily romanced and people will be disappointed at the lack of romance in the first 3 books.  I am also thinking of posting it on Amazon soon soo when the time comes can you add an Amazon link?

Kind Regards



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