problems with the chapters

It came to my attention that some chapters that are very long are being cut to some point when you read them
for example WDQK chapter 1308 that just when Lin Dong tries to find the zenith the chapter stops
and chapter 1309 the battle already ended with the Yimo Emperor.
Also the same goes for the first chapter of Coiling Dragon as well as the it only has 3 chapters in its series instead the entire novel.
I'm afraid that it goes to other novels as well. 
If you would please try to look at it and find the source of the problem and fix it we would be most obliged.
Thank you
(And sorry for grammar mistakes if i had any)


  • Maybe it's your browser because for me the chapters goes for a while... i will not say the last phrase of the chapter but it goes for a while after the zenith part... Have you tried another one? If you are using the mobile app... no idea since i am using a computer...

    For Coiling Dragon... maybe it's related to the announcement not to long ago about the book being on sales on Amazon and not available on the site for a while?

    i have read the whole book but when i try to return to it i only get the announcement i mentioned above...

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