Worth reading ?

Hello everyone,

I just finished reading Desolated Era, and I was looking for a new novel to read on WW.
I saw that Martial God Asura was the current top1 most read novel here, so I guess that it should be really good !
But... 3100+ chapters ? Isn't it a bit too much ? Usually, most of the novels I read are becoming less and less interesting as the number of chapter increases. (ISSTH, SA, DE), or sometimes the novel can have a lot of chapters because the writer likes to repeat himself again and again (SOTR).

So, thinking about it, how good is MGA ? No spoilers please.

Thx a lot,


  • Chapters are shorter then most novels.

    This started off great, however now its just mundane - whole chapter just to explain the character clicked his fingers...

    3100+ chapters is only half way through the story :(
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