Traditional Marital Arts Novel "长春木 (Eternity)"

Dear all, I am new to the community here, but I am a real wuxia fan. I am writing the novel "长春木(Eternity)" for quite a while (around 100,000 words in total now), but it's really far from completion (1000,000 words at least from my approximation). I would like to publish it here chapter by chapter. Thus I need to find someone that is willing to translate the chapters for me (or with me). 

The writing of my novel "长春木(Eternity)" is in a traditional style like those written by Jinyong, but the idea and the story are very innovative. The background is set in the Song dynasty when the Mongolian Empire rose up and took power. However, the background story is actually in a "架空" structure (like a what-if scenario). What if some guy from the modern age accidentally fell into a warm hole and ended up in Dali, the neighboring country of Sony dynasty in AD 1090? 

Questions are welcomed if you guys are interested.

As I said, I am new here so I don't really understand how things work. So I will also be very happy to see suggestions from the community.

Thank you!

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