Should I read this?

I have been wanting to read ATG because I'm fond of harem but so far I saw in the spoiler's section there is not that much information about the harem/heroines but instead I only saw a couple of girl's name being mentioned but idk if they are included in the harem. So can someone give me the exact list about the harem? Is it really harem just like what they said? How many? From what ch did he met them? Or did he get it on with them? Anything will do. I just wanna know if the harem's tag was put there just to troll me or is it just like what I saw on the spoiler section. Sorry for the long ass text. I'm not that very good in english so I somehow wanna make my qustion specific. Your answer will really help me. Don't need to answer them all. Just one or two will do.


  • Eh to answer a few of your question yes its harem and its confirmed like 10 members with some unclear relationships outside of that. If you want more detail just go to atg wiki there will be illustration and detail for you
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    Yes it is, but not your typical Harem.
    Almost every girl in his harem, is the Princess/Queen of her Empire/Planet/Realm, and thus has their own responsibilities !

    In other words, MC's harem girls does NOT follow him around in ATG, unlike MGA.
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  • Id honestly wait until its finished cuz the author has a weird release rate and the last Arc has had Cuck hooks...apart from this its a good novel to read
  • I have picked up several novels such as LOHP, Way of choices, release that witch, IMDC, etc. ATG is probably the novel that left me wanting more. 
    His harem is packed with beautiful queen and loli such as Jasmine and the Phoenix princess.
    Like what ne0freedom mentioned, his harem is quite independent and does not tag along his crazy adventure. 

    He has a fair share of action with many of the girls, but only 1 is pregnant so far, but went missing after being expelled from the clan.
    MC ability to dual cultivate with some of the girls are interesting, especially the most recent Goddess - Shenxi.   
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