Creator world

Creator World Chapter 1: Spring has Sprung

Lichun State, where the forests form a sea, grass the riverbed and flowers the beauty only one can hope upon at the bottom of an ocean. There laid a boy, hiding in a bush waiting for his prey to take the bait. 

" 3,2,1 HA!!! Hehe finally caught that little rascal of a rabbit, He's gonna make some great game, imma make a few coppers outta it hehe. Hmm, time to check on the fish traps now... WOW!! I caught a lot, seems today's gonna be a good day haha !" 

The boy pulled out a shabby looking knife made out of stone and started gutting the fish, after he rubbed in some sort of mixture of herbs and salt inside then grabbed a twig and expertly threaded the fish onto it, after a little while he had made a fish stick bundle and walked home.

The boy put the fish down and stared at the rabbit, he picked it up and snapped its neck giving it a little prayer as he killed it. He skinned and gutted it then cut it into strips then marinated them in a viscous sweet yet spicy smelling sauce.

The boy looked outside and saw the sun peeking at its zenith, smiling he grabbed his fish stick bundle and rabbit strips then walked to Bamboo village, Once he got to Bamboo village he lightly oiled the fish and started roasting them on a fire

 "Roasted fish and Wild Rabbit Meat for sale first come first serve Limited supply's"

a little boy looked over and said to his mother " Hey mama look its Ming yu, he's selling his fish and roasted rabbit meat can we get some? You promised me yesterday mama ". Mother: "ok ok, let's line up sweetie". A line quickly formed in front of Ming Yu and all his wares disappeared just as fast as he set up Ming yu: "Haha I swear it sold out in record time today, time to go home "

Ming yu went home and started to tan the rabbit pelt and make oil out of its fat. By the time all that was done it was night, he went out and stared at the moon lost in thought  " I will do it, I will become stronger, I'm so close, much longer will it be till I can finally enter the academy, sigh". Ming yu was to distracted to cultivate tonight so he went back inside and went to sleep.

The sun peeked its head out piercing through the darkness of night, slowly turning night to day.
Ming yu woke up like usual and started his daily routine. Water the vegetables and herbs in his garden, skim the fat off the oil, pack some salted fish and grab some vegetables to use as bait for his traps, then headed off to the forest.

Ming yu prepared his traps in the forest as usual then went to the lake to catch some fish and prepared them and started to cook them as they were cooking he took a little nap. Ming yu woke up a little while later and noticed that there was another person sitting in front of the fire staring at the fish drooling He looked to be around my age ,He had whitish hair with eyes red like a ruby his skin was smooth like jade he looked handsome but obviously not as handsome as me .

Ming Yu: "Hello there stranger"
Stranger:" ..." Keeps staring at the fish drooling 

Ming yu looks at the fish then the stranger and starts laughing and smilingly he says " Hey stranger you want some fish I was cooking all these fish for breakfast but I don't think I can finish them all".

The stranger looks at Ming yu and nods enthusiastically 

Ming yu: " Help your self to them haha" Ming Yu grabs a fish and starts eating it 

Stranger grabs one and devours it and reaches to grab another and another and soon finishes them all.

Ming yu was just staring at him amazed at how someone could eat so fast he quickly tries to finish his fish then asks " Stranger you still hungry "?

Stranger nods

Ming yu " Haha alrighty wait here ill go grab some more food". catches a few more fish and starts to cook them since there's someone watching him he puts on a little show and cooks them to perfection they soon start to eat the fish.

Ming Yu: "I'm ming you by the way spelt Like Fame and Honor".

Stranger:" ... Thank you for the fish, ... it was tasty"  Slowly said

Ming yu: "Hmmm wanna help me catch more fish "?

The stranger stared at Ming yu seemingly lost in thought and eventually nodded.

 They started catching fish and picking herbs Miny yu would talk from time to time but the stranger didn't talk much and just nodded at times. Ming yu showed him the traps and explained how they worked, he caught 3 rabbits and had one trap left to go there was a bit of rumbling coming from the last trap. Ming Yu's eyes Glowed "hehe seems like there's a big one". Stared at the stranger and asked, " On the count of 3 can you remove the trap "?

The stranger nodded, Ming yu moved into position and grabbed out his shoddy rock knife  "3,2,1 Now!!"  the stranger removed the trap.


  • Creator World Chapter 2: Its not Stranger Its Yao Shu

    A wild BloodBoar jumped out and appeared. Ming Yu smiled " hehe a BloodBoar, Stranger stay back ill handle this. A BloodBoars strength is close to rank 1 demons. The BloodBoar stared at Ming Yu feeling that this boy in front of him is dangerous it looked around and saw the stranger then charged at him " SHIT !!! " Ming Yu threw his dagger at the BloodBoar then dashed towards the Stranger pushing him out of the way, the dagger seemed to hit the boar's hide but didn't change its course, the boar crashed into Ming Yu and sent him flying into a tree, he coughed a few times and said smiling " This'll be fun" and stared at the BloodBoar The boar's eyes and Ming Yu's met and it charged at Ming Yu.

    Ming Yu grabbed something out of his pocket and ran towards the BloodBoar and dodged out of the way right before impact, Ming Yu put something around its neck and pulled hard, he was jerked forward but he stood his ground pulling back as hard as he could, a red line started to appear on the BloodBoars neck and blood started to drip down. it stopped moving forward and faced Ming Yu and charged. Ming Yu laughed again instead of dodging to the side he jumped upwards above the BloodBoar and grabbed his knife from the side of the boar and as soon as he landed he charged at the BloodBoar, the BloodBoar after missing its target turned around and saw Ming Yu slashing his knife towards its neck. Ming Yu aimed for the moment the boar turned around to make his move and slashed his knife towards the cut made by his string

    Blood started gushing from the boars neck as a look of terror was on its face as its eyes started to dim and it fell over "phew that was hard I didn't think the hide would be that hard good thing I had some steel wires with me haha " He looked at the stranger and asked "Are you ok, Sorry for pushing you, your not hurt are you ?"

    The stranger just stared at Ming Yu thinking about something not answering

    Ming Yu scratched his head then brought the BloodBoars corpse to the lake and hung it from a tree to bleed it out then washed himself and his equipment from the aftermath of the battle. the stranger and Ming Yu caught a bit more fish and Ming Yu asked the stranger if he could help him bring everything back to his house the stranger nodded.

    On the journey back Ming Yu was talking to the stranger but not a word came from the stranger's mouth but he nodded at times and like that they reached Ming Yu's house a while later.
    Ming Yu said to the stranger " Can you wait a little while? you can come in if you want " the stranger nodded and entered the house.

    Ming Yu put everything down then started boiling some water and served some tea to the stranger and started to get to work he gutted the fish, killed the rabbits skinned them and cut them into strips, and did the same to the boar it took a little while longer but finished eventually he packed a few fish rabbit strips and BloodBoar meat into a little pack then gave it to the stranger and said " HeHe your like a good luck charm, it must have been fate that brought you to my fire today, we even killed a bloodBoar!! My friend its a shame I don't know your name well anyways here your share " Ming Yu just smiled.

    The stranger stared at Ming Yu for a little while then said " My name isn't Stranger Its Yao Shu... as in sorcery ...Thank you for today if it wasn't for you I probably would have been hurt quite badly from the BloodBoar...I don't have any friends ...if you'll let me can we be friends?"

    "Hahaha, you ok? you just spoke so many words in a sentence I didn't think you had it in you hehe. Yao Shu that's a wonderful name I don't have many friends either and ill be honored to have you as a friend come by when you want we can play around in the forest again. Hmm if I'm lucky another blood boar will come hehe.

    Yao Shu smiled and bowed to Ming Yu then started to walk home.

    Ming Yu went back into his house packing the rest of the food and the tanned rabbit pelts and went to the village to sell his wares, he made a killing off the BloodBoar meat and a little bit from the pelts after he finished selling everything he went home and made the rabbit fat into oil then did the same with the BloodBoar fat he tanned the BloodBoar hide and counted his profits for the day

    1 gold and 10 silver, BloodBoars are excellent for making money hehe I just need a few more then I can finally go to the academy, Ming Yu looked out the window and at the moon "just a little more I have... I have 6 gold 27 silver and 60 copper all I need is 4 more gold then I can pay for the entrance examination".
    Ming Yu was in no hurry to go to sleep and cultivating for a while then headed off to sleep soon after.

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