Mobile redirects are preventing me from reading.

I am a mobile only reader here on wuxiaworld. I use Chrome browser with redirects set to block under setting and the only thing I allow are cookies so that the blackout feature will work. Starting about a week or two ago, 1/3 pages I get force redirected to some add that won't let me hit back forcing me to close my browser and re-open it. I have attempted clicking the link and just laying my phone down and watching to make sure that I am not accidentally clicking anything and I am not. It will redirect me regardless. The redirected site is typically a malicious scam site as well. I suggest you changing which company you use ads through as its infuriating to try to read a book and get redirected so often. 




  • You aren’t alone, I keep getting redirected when reading ATG on my iPad. It stopped for a while after they revamped the site but it has recently started happening again quite frequently within the past few months. Most of the time it happens when I go to a new chapter.
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