Is this a fair practice?

The truly frustrating situation that plagues the community currently, namely being the site known as webnovels AKA qidian and it's way of handling content. I'm distraught that a novel I have loved since day one, King of Gods, is now hosted on their site and is "Premium" so in order to read further I'd have to support qidian directly/financially. So many translations I have read have ended up over there but I stay steadfast in my decision to not support anything on that site due to its business practices.

I want to know how everyone else feels about the whole debacle. Do we as readers have to bite the bullet just to read stories we love?

I get the reason behind the premium paywall but still find it disgusting.It basically is taking Patreon and making it even more invasive. Legit, you can't see past the last chapter 856 I think but WN has up to chapter 886 I think.


  • Well, the first thing to note is that you can read a few premium chapters each day using the free stones. You can get about 30 per day on average, not counting first-time bonuses. So, if it's just one story, you can catch up and read it quite easily.
    Other than that... Well, there are other places you can go to read King of Gods. That's all I'll say, lol.
    I personally don't hate the paywall in general, it's the price that's a problem. I'm not willing to pay the money they want for the quality they provide.
    However, time will tell whether it's fair or not. That is something decided by the number of people who support them and the amount of money they make.
    If it's truly unfair, then people won't pay for it. If it's just that people dislike it, they will pay for it while griping.
  • If you don't want to support them or don't have enough spirit stones, then just read it on the duplicate wuxiaworld website. It has all the chapters for all novels that require SS for free.
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