Need help finding romance chinese novel (most likely transmigration or reincarnation)

1. I just remember there's a scene the female lead making poem or song in front of emperor about why men going to war leaving behind their women for fame or nation. I remember after that the emperor got angry because he think the mc indicating people shouldn't become soldier, but the mc give some explanation then the emperor didn't get angry again (not sure about this part :D). The author also mention that the song/poem will later become their nation war song.
2. The female lead was rebirth/transmigrated/reincarnation to legitimate daughter of prime minister/general. Her mother already dead I think, her father adopt his friend/servant's daughter because his friend/servant died to save his wife. He doted on his adopted daughter more than the mc, his own daughter. Her blood related sibling also like the adopted daughter more. Later they found out that the adopted daughter scheme all of it so they will hate the mc. I don't remember any name, not sure if their surname is Murong or Mu or something with m...
Thanks in advance for everyone who read this post ^^

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