tales of demons and gods

I have a question about one of the aspects of this story. It is said that when you obtain a demon spirit its rank can grow till it reaches the same rank as the owner has but however throughout the story the friends of Nie Lie get higher ranked demon spirits than their own rank. Can every spiritualist emigrate with any ranked demon spirit? Also How come that the Demon spirits that Nie Lie has gained have the possibility to grow and obtain higher ranks if their basic rank was already decided? 

E.g. when Nie Lie gained the panda demon spirit it was originally only bronze but Nie Lie nurtured it till it got, lets say silver. 


  • Nie Lie's panda can grow because it is a god level growth rate demon spirit. His first demon spirit doesn't grow when Nie Lie trains and this highlights the difference between an ordinary demon spirit and a demon spirit with god level growth rate.

    I'm not sure about your first question about how his friends get higher ranked demon spirits seeing as how the rank of the demon spirits are never specified. But the author does mention that they are able to change demon spirits at will should they obtain a better one. Like in the case when Ye Zhong changed his demon spirit from the earth dragon to the snow-wind ape.
  • why is this in the absolute choice forums?
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