Divine art, profound art, profound skill difference?

Hi, im wondering what defines an ability a divine art? what is difference between profound art and profound skill?


  • Their pretty much same stuff, divine art can be used by divine origin level and above, profound stuff everyone can use.

  • what defines an ability a divine art

    An art created by a True God or higher existence. Usually requires divine blood to utilize

    what is difference between profound art and profound skill?

    A profound skill/technique is a single action, though it can be improved over time to achieve improved usage. Star God's Broken Shadow is a skill/technique.

    A profound art is more elaborate, and is comprehended in stages. Each stage might have an associated skill/technique/domain. World Order of the Phoenix is a profound art (and divine art for that matter), and of note, the first three stages had no skills but were purely foundational. You can derive additional skills from arts beyond the natural skills associated with the arts. 
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