I Need Help Finding A Chinese Novel

If anyone is familiar with chinese romance novels, I hope you can help me find it with this premise. 

Its about a girl who was close to a king and become an honorary sister to the young crown prince. She has a calm, analytical personality. When the king died, she became the guardian/adviser of the crown prince because he was still young. She had a love interest that may be a high ranking person in court (not sure if he was a general or something. Sorry). One of the most memorable moments in the book was when the guy gave the girl a bracelet and he tied it in such a way that the girl would have to cut off her arm to remove it.

I stopped reading the book just when the guy and girl finally confessed their feelings to one another T-T. Gosh I really do want to find this book again. I hope someone can help me. 


  • What is the sister’s name? Do you have any other clues?
  • Hey guys anyone remember a novel in which mc is probably adopted by general and he went to immortal sect for cultivation but was interrupted in midway by a demon/devil (i don't know) cultivator to accept his as disciple due to his talent but was rejected by mc and then demon cultivator kidnap him and show him the facade of immortal sect and thus accept him as disciple.   (and yes demon cultivator is on the verge of death probably)...

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