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    New book about the MC going to the world of inuyasha and learning demon dealing powers and the sword, the MC eventually goes to other worlds like naruto and highschool dxd 

    (Weak to strong MC, harem, MC sleeps with a lot of women and stuff) 

    Edit ( the new dushuzu link below)

  • Can someone suggest DxD SI CN fic? If it is crossing to other worlds type of fic, can it be so that the DXD is first world?
  • Who have novel like I’m in Hollywood , king of Hollywood ?
  • site don't work, does anyone have something else, or know when will it be fixed
  • D.W.R.M. said: site don't work, does anyone have something else, or know when will it be fixed
    All links should work if you change it to
  • Anyone got "Invincible Non-stop Upgrading System" raw or with more than 500+ CH free ? 
  • 超次元公会 anyone have the link for non vip or txt file plss
  • neilskie said:
    超次元公会 anyone have the link for non vip or txt file plss
    Here u go bro
  • Hey, does some one have non vip link or txt file for these:

    玄幻网游之自动满级 - Automatic full level of fantasy online games

    万界穿越之神级进化 - Divine Evolution

    PS: Please also recommend me some new novel with OP mc :)
  • hello does anyone have the txt of marvel immortal throne or a new website the site of the first page is down thanks
  • Fixed the link for Marvel Immortal throne
  • Who have 漫威: 我能无限下载天赋 (Marvel: I can download unlimited talents)
    please sent to me
  • need help searching for 漫威之重铸天庭 raw site or txt
  • 木叶之一拳超人模板:
    MC reborn into Hyuuga clan with OPM world system, travels to other worlds.

    OP mc, harem
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    New Novel - Emperor of all realms 

    Info - MC is a reincarnation of an immortal king and he travels through various mythical worlds that include novels such as ISSTH and Martial world  and more

    Tags - Weak to strong, harem? , multiple planes/worlds

    Here is the link to the main website for the novel if I wanna check it out first, and if u want to read past the VIP chapters just use Chinese name in a search engine as there are a number of websites that have most of its chapters.

    @jajsa and @bugb210 i checked for raws and txt files and couldn't find any if I come across them I'll post them up here 

    @arjun ; Automatic full level of fantasy online games and Divine Evolution only has CHM files (images) atm.
  • anybody got marvel or dc fic with a lot of chapter ? (i finished the one who are on the previous pages)
  • Anybody got uncut 我在绝地求生捡碎片 this novel
  • I loved this one piece fanfic called one piece achievement system which mc gets a system and subverts the world with magic. And I feel like there are many of us who llike fanfic so I created  a discord and attached an invite in it  and as a motivation for it I will add two complete Mtled one-piece fanfic Epubs

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    Anirma said:
    some novel where the mc goes to the anime worlds and has a netori system or something similar
    Pd: google translator
    The majority of fanfics have a system and involve a harem, well most of them in this thread do. 

    Here is a novel that has something that you are looking for 

    Can you give other sites i cant access it,if can the the complete one,i think the first story got skip right?I wonder if this the right novel where go to one piece as Kuzan?

    Nvm i found it at my bookmark lol,just the chapter order become confusing later,here it is if other want to know and
    The former is the missing chapter at One Piece World
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