Worlds: The Beginning


Ten thousand years ago the Divine Continent was the continent ruled by the humanity but everything changed when the non-humans rebelled. This rebellion had started a war that lasted for a thousand years. 
The conclusion of this war … humanity lost. 
On that fateful day, humans lost more than the war. 
They lost something much more important. 
They lost their freedom. 
Nine thousand years have passed after the war had concluded and a newborn child wept in the capital of humanity. In the capital in which one of the last free humans of the continent lived. 
The child’s name was Feng. 
Ever since Feng could remember he had no parents. 
He only knew his name and nothing else. 
His name was not given to him by anyone or anything. 
A name that he knew subconsciously. 
A name that belonged to him and him alone. 
A name that couldn’t be anything else. 
On his sixth birthday, he had a fateful encounter. 
This encounter was the fuse that lighted Feng’s journey to greatness. 
A journey to become the strongest.


  • Chapter 1: My Name Is Feng!

    It was a hot summer afternoon in the Divine Continent's only capital of the humanity – Eden. The capital where one of the last free people lived. The capital where most of the population were mortals who couldn't cultivate.

    The capital city was made up of four layers: the castle layer, the inner layer, middle layer and the outer layer.

    The castle layer was where the castle stood and where the king and his family lived.

    The inner layer surrounded the castle layer and was where the shopping district was built and where officials of the king lived. This layer also housed those related to the chosen of the peerless academy. The academy that nurtured the future cultivators - the hope of the humanity.

    A cultivator's status in Eden was the same as the status of the king's officials.

    The middle layer surrounded the inner layer. Here mortals that worked hard - lived. These hardworking people lived here and worked in the inner layer of the city.

    The outer layer surrounded the middle layer and it was referred to by everyone as slums. Only the poorest lived here - those who didn't have jobs and those who didn't even have any money to buy bread. Most of the populace in this layer were children who were parentless. The children had no last name, they had nothing. But luckily for them every day they would receive one loaf of bread to eat. But this one loaf of bread was not enough for them.

    In the slums

    The sun shone brightly dropping its rays onto the ground. It shone on twelve children of different ages.




    Ten children surrounded the two boys and chanted. The chants only made the blood of the two boys boil. Their desire to win rose.

    The two boys in the middle were six and ten-year-old children. The younger child was named Feng. He had short black hair, black eyes and he was a very skinny boy, it was obvious that the child was not eating well.

    "Eat this, Feng!" The old boy shouted.

    Feng's eyes widened and he got himself hit in the face.

    Feng fell down to the ground with a sound,


    Feng felt pain and he subconsciously touched his nose that was hit. He noticed that his nose was a little wet but Feng didn't care for this liquid at the current moment. He moved his hand from his nose and jumped up on his feet. Feng narrowed his eyes at the boy in front of him and charged, "The loaf of bread will be mine! Eat this!"

    Feng's punch collided with the ten-year-old child.


    Even though the two children were of different ages and the ten-year-old child was bigger than him. But they both were skinny and it was not hard for either of them to knock each other back. Their punches were weak as the two children were very weak and not one of them could deal any real damage to one another. This fight was the fight of preservation. The one that surrendered first would lose.

    The other boy got up to his feet and punched at Feng again and Feng fell to the ground once more

    "Stay down!" The other boy bellowed.

    "I will not back down!" Feng's shouted and his stomach grumbled.

    Feng got up once again and he punched at the ten-year-old boy again.


    The ten-year-old boy glared at Feng and an idea flashed in his head. The ten-year-old boy rose from the ground and shouted out, "Brothers and sisters help me defeat Feng and I will share my winnings with those that do!"

    Feng's eyes widened and he shouted, "You can't do that. We made our deal and we wagered out loaves of bread.

    The other boy ignored Feng and he looked over the children that surrounded them. The others nodded their heads and shouted.

    "Get him!"

    "Let's all help our brother!"

    "For food!"

    Feng's was dumbfounded by the developments. Other children all rushed at Feng. He felt how punches and kicks came from all sides. He had no choice but to form a ball In an attempt to defend himself.



    The sound of punching and kicking was the only sound that echoed in the area. After a minute the children walked away from the child that was laying on the ground without moving. They all didn't even glance at the unmoving Feng. They only cared about the promised rewards. The ten-year-old boy smiled. He walked up to the two loaves of bread that were placed as wagers and said, "Let's go to my hideout. I will share with all of you, my good brother and sisters!"

    Two hours have passed and Feng's eyes slowly opened. Memories of the events were still fresh in his mind. He turned his head to one side and saw that the bread he placed as a wager was already gone. His stomach grumbled immediately and Feng laughed into the air.

    "What a great birthday!" Feng shouted into the sky.

    Feng slowly rose up from the ground and thought, "I am already six years old. Ever since I can remember, I was alone. I don't even know the faces of my parents or my last name. I only know that my name is Feng. I don't even know how did I know that my name is Feng. It's not like this name was given to me by anyone."

    Feng shook his head and thought, "I should go and get some food to eat. It's my birthday and I won't go starving on my own birthday." Resoluteness flashed in Feng's eyes.

    Feng left the area and he walked towards the inner city where the shopping district was. He knew that if he wanted to get food at this late hour he would have to take it as the point where the food was handed out would give him nothing.

    One time when Feng had accidentally dropped his loaf of bread into the sewer water he walked to this point and asked for more but he was denied and for that one day Feng didn't eat anything at all.

    After Feng had reached the inner city, he made his way to the shopping district and stopped. By the time he arrived there, the sun was already down and the moon was hanging in the sky.

    Feng around and saw that many of the stalls were already empty. They were empty as it was already time for people to stop their work and return home.

    After some searching, Feng spotted one stall that was still operational. This operational stall sold fruit. There was only one type of fruit remaining on the stall - apples. By this stall stood a middle-aged man. The man yawned, stretched and mumbled, "Time to close up. I doubt I will get any more customers today."

    Feng looked at the red apples and he gulped down his saliva. He thought, "It's not bread but who cares. I just want something to eat!"

    Feng squatted down and using the darkness slowly approached the stall. As he approached the man had already started to pack his things. Feng frowned and thought, "I have to hurry or there will be nothing for me to take."

    Feng slowly approached the stall. He tried moving so that he would not be seen by the middle-aged man. By the time he arrived, most of the apples were already gone and packed. Feng reached out his hand in an attempt to grab one of the remaining apples.

    He had succeeded, Feng felt the form of the apple in his small dirty hand. But he was seen the middle-aged stared with wide eyes at the skinny small hand. The small hand took hold of the last apple that was still remaining and the apple which the man wanted to pack next. He shouted out, "Thief!"

    Feng snickered. He rose up from the ground and he with the apple in hand sprinted away. The man roared, "Guards! Guards!"

    Feng rushed away from the shopping district. He with his fastest speed ran towards the slums. He knew that if he had a chance to escape it was in the slums and not in the inner or middle layer of the city. But even before he got a chance to run out of the inner city, he felt how his neck was grabbed. Even when it was grabbed Feng didn't let go of the apple in his hand. After all, it was his only meal that he would eat on this day.

    "What do we have here? A filthy thieving rat?" The man questioned.

    Feng tried moving his body and he shouted, "Let me go!"

    The man that caught Feng snorted and slammed him to the ground.


    Feng coughed out blood and the shock made him release the apple. The man walked up to the apple and picked it up.

    "This is your one warning. Steal again and you will lose your hand!" The man with an apple in hand left the area.

    Feng rolled onto his back and coughed out a few more mouthfuls of blood. He looked up at the moon and he laughed, "What a great birthday!"

    But before he could say anything more he heard a shout from the direction where the man left. Feng slowly stood up and looked at that direction. From that direction, he saw a beautiful woman come out.

    The moonlight shone upon the woman and Feng saw the woman's appearance. She had long beautiful white hair, pale skin, a beautiful face, violet eyes, D-cup sized breasts and a beautiful figure. A beauty out of this world.

    The woman waved her hand and the apple flew through the air. Feng subconsciously raised his hand and caught the apple. The woman said, "Here is your apple, boy."

    Feng, "…" Even if he was only a child of six years old he still couldn't move his eyes away from the woman that stood before him. He didn't even notice the bloody sword she held in one of her hands.

    The woman slowly approached the boy and when only a short distance was between them she asked with a sweet tone, "Do you have a name boy?"

    Feng absentmindedly replied, "My name is Feng."

  • Chapter 2: Leaving The City

    The beautiful woman smiled and moved her clean and beautiful hand towards Feng's cheek caressing it lightly. Feng could feel his body electrocute from her touch. Even in this situation, he continued to stare blankly at her as if he was in a trance from which he could not escape.

    "Feng'er you know what?" The beauty said in a voice that could trap even the purest of souls.

    Feng gulped down his saliva and asked, "What?"

    She with a wide smile replied, "Your soul belongs to me now, Feng'er."

    She continued to caress the little boy's cheek as she said the words.

    "What?" Feng wanted to shout out but only a meek voice came out from his throat.

    "Feng'er I am one of those that you call non-humans." She moved her beautiful hand away and took a single step back.

    Feng's eyes widened and panic flashed in his pupils. He subconsciously wanted to take a step back but after a moment he found that he couldn't move his body at all. He gulped down his saliva and he asked, "Will I die?"

    A smile disappeared from her beautiful face.

    "How can you say that Feng'er? Why would I kill you?" She sighed and shook her head in disappointment.

    She continued, "I am really disappointed that you said those words to me, Feng'er."

    Feng gulped down his saliva once more and asked, "I won't die?" A glimmer of hope flashed in his eyes.

    The woman with her back facing him turned her head towards him and said, "You won't die my little Feng'er but you belong to me now." She disappeared after her words left her mouth.

    When she was gone Feng could feel that he had control of his body again. He fell down on his buttocks and he laughed out loud.

    In relief and he mumbled, "I am alive?"

    "Don't move you little bastard!" A sudden shout came from a direction he came to this area. Feng turned his head and he saw the middle-aged shopkeeper running in his direction. The shopkeeper ran past the corpse of the guard. He simply didn't see the dead man.

    "I need to run!" Thought Feng. He wanted to get up but he realised that his body was not responding to him. The shopkeeper ran up to Feng and saw the apple in his hand. He kicked the small child directly in his stomach. Feng coughed out a mouthful of saliva and he let go of the apple.

    The shopkeeper didn't stop, he kicked Feng again and the child spat out another mouthful of saliva. The man only stopped kicking when Feng spat out a mouthful of blood. The man snorted and shouted, "Steal again and I will kill you. You thieving bastard!"

    The middle-aged man picked up the apple and bit into it. He left as he ate his own apple. Feng coughed out blood and turned his head towards the man's departing back. All of the thoughts about the beautiful woman were now gone from his head. His all thoughts revolved around the man that kicked him ruthlessly. Feng stared at his departing back and anger flashed in his eyes. Only a single thought flashed in Feng's mind, "Kill!"

    Feng tried moving his body and he realised that it was now responding to him. With the control of his body back Feng slowly stood up and he wobbled onto his feet. He glared at the back of the man and followed after him with his wobbling steps.

    The man entered the same alley and screamed. The middle-aged shopkeeper saw the corpse of the dead man that he had passed earlier and screamed. He stumbled and fell towards the corpse of the man. Feng saw this and he knew that a perfect opportunity to have his revenge had come. Feng's eyes flashed with a glint hatred and he sprinted towards the man.

    Before the middle-aged man could get up Feng jumped on his back and he subconsciously knew what to do. He was acting purely on instinct. Feng with his arms did a choke hold and he squeezed with all his strength.

    The middle-aged man was returned from his shocked state by Feng's small hands on his neck. He stood up and he tried to throw Feng off his back but he realised that he couldn't. He was also shocked to found out that he an adult was slowly choked by a skinny child.

    The shopkeeper couldn't throw Feng off his back no matter how he tried. He even tried ramming his back with Feng on the back to the walls but Feng didn't let go and he held his squeeze tightly. Five breaths of time passed and the man's eyes flashed in regret as he collapsed onto the ground.

    Feng let got of the neck of the man and he walked up to the half-eaten apple. Feng wiped the apple with his rags that he was wearing. Before biting into the apple he noticed a corpse of the guard. Feng frowned and thought, "I should leave this place."

    The child walked back to the slums and as he walked he ate the half eaten apple. He returned back to his hideout got into his small bed and closed his eyes.

    In the morning his eyes slowly opened and he recalled what he had done on the previous night. He looked into his hands and he mumbled, "I have killed someone with my own hands but I don't feel regret." He tilted his head in confusion and mumbled, "I wonder why?"

    He blinked his eyes and memories that happened before killing the shopkeeper entered his mind.

    Feng thought, "Why am I so unlucky? I have no parents, siblings and the friends that I thought I had all betrayed me when that bastard…. And now I don't even have a soul. What's going to happen next?"

    Feng laughed into the air.


    This continent is known as Divine continent. On this continent - the population is made off humans and non-humans. Humans are the most populated race even to this day. But even though the majority of the continent are humans – they are mostly slaves. Only 20% of the human race are those not enslaved. Of that 20 %, a part of them are living in the human capital - Eden.

    When a non-human hears a human name before the human reaches maturity age – 16. The said human becomes the non-human's slave for life. When the child reaches 16, for some reason he can no longer be made of a slave by the non-human. Only a select few know the real reason why and so when a child becomes an adult he or she can no longer fear the non-humans.

    "Since my soul is already gone, there is no point in staying here anymore right?" Thought Feng.

    With those thoughts, Feng glanced at his hideout and shook his head. He didn't pack anything as he had nothing to pack. The only clothes that he had, he was wearing. The boy had nothing which he could take outside.

    Feng thought, "I should take my daily bread before leaving."

    Feng nodded his head and he left towards the point where he would get his share of food for the day. The boy made his way to the building. Once he arrived he already saw the line forming. The boy lined up and waited for his turn.

    After fifteen breaths of time had passed it was finally Feng's turn.

    "Here is your loaf of bread" An old lady gave Feng his share of bread. Feng nodded in thanks and walked away. He walked towards the exit of the building but before he could leave a voice called out to him, "Feng!"

    The youth turned around and saw the ten-year-old child that he fought against a day before. Feng looked at him and asked, "What do you want?"

    The ten-year-old boy smiled and said, "How about a wager like yesterday?"

    Feng shook his head, "No."

    The ten-year-old boy frowned, "Are you a chicken?"

    Feng glared at the ten-year-old boy and the boy took a step back. The boy was shocked by Feng's glare. He felt like he would die. Feng walked past this child, leaving him in the back.

    The other children walked up to the shocked child and asked, "What did he say?"

    The child's eyes darkened and he said, "Let's go take his bread."

    The other's nodded their heads.



    Feng from the building walked towards the exit of Eden but before he could walk far from the building a voice called out to him, "Stop right there!"

    Feng turned around and saw twelve children. Feng looked at the ten-year-old boy and asked, "What do you want?"

    The boy smirked, "Isn't it obvious? I want your bread, Feng!"

    "We all want your loaf of bread!" A voice of another child sounded.

    Feng frowned and he glanced at the bread in his hand. Before everyone, he stuffed the bread down his throat and gulped it down in front of everyone. Feng looked at the elver children that stood before him and said, "There is no more bread."

    The children looked at each other and they all frowned. The ten-year-old child shouted, "Get him!"

    The other children nodded their head and they all rushed at Feng. Feng frowned and he turned around to run. He had no wish to fight a battle that he had no chance to win. He already fought 11 children yesterday and he clearly remembered the result of this battle.

    Feng ran all the way until the gate became visible to him. From the back, he could hear the shouts of the children. Feng ignored their shouts and looked further ahead. He saw that the merchants were moving into the city and the gate was open. Feng smiled and he rushed towards the opened gate.

    The ten-year-old child roared at Feng, "Where are you running to?!"

    Feng ignored the shout and he dove through the gate. Every child stopped in their tracks. They stared at the back of Feng, they didn't dare to pass the gate. The ten-year-old child stopped as well. He coldly glared at the departing back of Feng.

    When Feng could no longer hear any screams from behind him, he stopped and turned around. Feng smiled and mumbled, "They finally stopped chasing."

    Feng turned away from Eden and looked at the path of stone ahead. He nodded his head and thought, "Since I no longer have any soul, I am already someone's slave. So who cares if non-humans capture me? Because I already belong to that person."

  • Chapter 3: Hungry

    After leaving the only human capital Eden in the morning. Feng walked the stone road and hummed the three tunes that he heard in Eden's middle layer's tavern.

    "Hmhmmhhm hmhmm hhhhhm hmhmm hmhmhm."

    "mmh mhmhm hmhmhmhmhm."

    "mhhm hhm hhm mh hm."

    He alternated between the three that he could remember the best.

    Feng had no idea where he was going or what he was going to do next. He simply walked on the path ahead.

    The morning became the day and the day soon became the night. The full moon rose into the sky and Feng's stomach grumbled. He stopped in his tracks and with his small hands caressed his stomach. The young boy frowned and he mumbled, "I am hungry!"

    Feng looked around and saw nothing that he could eat. There were no trees or bushes that bore fruit, there were no people around to ask for food, there were no food stalls that he could steal from.

    There was not a single place where Feng could get any food.

    As he realised this Feng's stomach grumbled again even louder than before.

    Feng who was in the middle of nowhere with only himself and road ahead and behind him sighed and walked further down the road. He no longer hummed the tunes that he hummed before. All his thoughts were only on food. With each step taken his stomach would grumble.

    Few more hours passed and Feng still walked down the road. The intervals in which his stomach grumbled were already nonexistent. As he took another step forward a sudden light flickered in the distance.

    Feng suddenly stopped and asked himself, "What is that?" He stared at the flickering light in the distance. Feng gulped down his saliva and his stomach grumbled. Feng thought, "Where there are people there is food!" Feng without thinking things through ran towards the flickering light in the distance.

    After running for a while Feng saw that the light that flickered was a campfire and by the campfire sat two adult men. One of the men was fat while the other was thin. They had no scars on their faces and they both had brown coloured hair and blue eyes. Besides these two men was a cart, in the cart, there was some kind of tall object that was covered with rags and in front of the cart stood two black horses.

    Feng without any thought jumped into the campsite.

    The sudden appearance of a thin six-year-old child got the attention of the two men. The two looked at Feng in surprise. They didn't expect that a six-year-old child would appear before them during so late in the night. The surprise disappeared from their faces only after a breath of time passed and it was replaced with greed.

    The fat man wickedly smiled and said, "We found another one John."

    "We sure did, Larry!"

    Excitement could be heard in the voices of the two men.

    Feng's was too distracted by his hunger and he didn't realise the strangeness of their words. He looked at the two adult men and said, "Can I get a bite to eat? Even a piece of a loaf of bread would be enough for me."

    John chuckled and answered, "Don't worry boy you will get all the food you want. Just come closer."

    Feng didn't think much and moved closer like he was told. He was too happy to hear that they would be given food. He even passed the cart that had a strange big object that was covered by rags.

    Feng approached the two men and stopped.

    "So my food?" As Feng spoke the words he heard a sound coming from the direction of the cart. He turned his head and asked immediately after, "What was that sound?"

    "You will soon find out." Answered Larry. John approached Feng and hit him in the head. Feng's eyes dimmed and he lost consciousness.

    Feng's eyelids wavered and his eyes slowly opened. He sat up and his stomach grumbled immediately. He touched his head and mumbled, "Where am I?"

    "You are like us will be sold in a human auction." A boy's voice said.

    Feng turned his eyes towards the direction of the voice and saw a boy sitting on the ground. The boy like him had black short hair but he had green eyes unlike him. The boy was four years older than Feng. Behind the boy, Feng saw bars of steel. The boy that sat in front of him extended his hand and said, "Take it."

    Feng saw a loaf of bread in the boy's skinny hand. Not hesitating Feng extended his hand, took the loaf of bread and said, "Thanks."

    The boy shook his own head and said, "It's your share anyway. You don't have to thank me."

    The boy thought, "One loaf of that kind of bread is enough for me. I don't want to eat that thing more than I have to."

    Feng's stomach grumbled and he bit into the bread with his full strength. Once he bit into the bread he felt that he was biting a rock instead. It was so hard that blood trailed from Feng's mouth.

    "OW!" Feng screamed in pain.

    "Keep quiet in there!" Larry shouted and hit the cage that the boys were in. The cage shook and Feng frowned.

    He thought, "Will I really get sold?"

    The boy that gave Feng the bread shook his head and said, "The bread is too hard for you to bite into it. Split it with your hands and gulp down the small pieces of bread.

    Feng frowned and said, "Alright."

    "You are really stupid aren't you?" Another boy's voice sounded.

    Feng turned his eyes towards the voice and saw another boy. The boy had blonde hair, blue eyes and he was older than Feng by three years and younger the first boy by a year.

    "I am just hungry." Feng' stomach grumbled again. He didn't say anything else to the boys. He grabbed the bread and with his hand started to tear it. After some struggle, he finally managed to split the bread. The small pieces that he tore off he swallowed.

    After eating the entire loaf of bread Feng looked at the two boys and asked, "Do you two have names?"

    "My name is Peter." Said the oldest boy who gave Feng the bread.

    "My name is Sork." Said the remaining blonde haired boy.

    "What about you?" Asked Peter.

    "My name is Feng."

    "Feng, why did you even approach these slavers?" Peter asked.

    Feng shook his head and replied, "I was hungry."

    Peter nodded his head in understanding and said, "At least you are alive. It's good that we are all alive. I think that as long as we are alive, we can overcome anything. Now let's hope we will get lucky with our buyers."

    Sork shook his head and said, "It was not worth it. I think it would be better dead from hunger than live as slaves for our entire lives."

    Feng sighed and thought, "Freedom eh? Well in my case I am already a slave. A slave to her."

    Sork looked at the two boys and said, "Do you guys want to try to escape?"

    Just as he said the words the cart suddenly stopped the drapes were thrown off. When the drape was thrown off Feng saw the two slavers. They stood before a woman in her mid-fifties. By the side of this woman stood two bald buffed up men with bulging muscles.

    Larry said, "I have the goods, three children I want to sell them."

    "That's one more than you said that you will bring. Where did you find the third child?" A woman asked.

    "We were lucky and he just came to us." John stated.

    The woman giggled, "I see. You two are really lucky."

    She shouted, "Ro, Po. Bring them in."

    Two buffed up men that stood by the side of the woman walked up and opened the cage. The one named Po opened the cage and said, "Get out."

    Peter nodded his head and he was the first one to walk out. Feng looked at the two strong looking men and sighed. He knew that he had no chance to do anything and he just followed Peter out of the cage. With the two kids out only one remained in the cage.

    Po frowned when he saw that the last child was not moving he shouted, "Get out of the cage. Don't make me come get you! Believe you don't want that to happen!"

    Sork frowned and he jumped out of the cage. He ran away passed Po and ran away from everyone.

    "Po, Go! Don't let that brat escape!" Shouted the woman.

    Peter lowered his head and thought, "Sort, why?!"

    Feng shook his head and he thought, "He won't escape."

    The buffed up man nodded and he charged after the boy. The boy had no chance to run away. Po caught up to the boy in mere moments and when caught him. He sneered and punched him in the gut. The boy coughed out a mouth full of blood. The man looked coldly at the boy and said, "I told you not to make me come to get you."

    He grabbed the boy that laid on the ground and threw him with one arm. The boy flew through the air and crash landed on the ground near the woman's feet. She looked at the boy and wickedly smiled. She said, "We don't need disobedient slaves. If he is like this now what will happen when someone buys him." She shook her head and said, "No, no, no that is not acceptable at all."

    She continued, "Po cut him up and sell him for parts to our non-human buyers those that feast on humans."

    Po nodded and said without emotion, "Yes, mam!"

    The woman looked at the two slavers and said, "I will buy that runner now and the two others will be sold in an auction. Like always you will receive 70% and 30% goes to us."

    Larry said, "Pleasure doing business with you, madam president."

    John smiled but he said nothing.

    The woman with a smile said, "I hope this won't be the last time when you bring me the goods."

    Larry shook his head, "Don't worry. Our relationship will be long and beautiful.

    The woman nodded, "That's good."

    She turned her head to the second man and said, "Ro, bring them to the cages."

    "Yes, mam!"

    He walked up to the two children and said, "Come with me and don't make any trouble or you will end up as your friend."

    Peter and Feng nodded in silence and they followed after the man to the building. The man escorted them to separate cages. The cage that Feng was in had only one more person it was an old man.

    The old man glanced at the arrived Feng once before diverting and closing his eyes. Feng didn't go up to the old man. He walked to the corner of the cell and sat down on the ground. He looked down at the ground and sighed. He mumbled, "I am really unlucky."

    Few hours have passed and Feng heard a voice.

    "Good evening ladies and gentleman, we have six humans for sale in our little event today, without further ado let's begin the auction!"

  • Chapter 4: Auction

    The auctioneer looked over the people gathered and said with a smile, "Our first item will shortly come out. In the meantime, I will go through the rules of the auction. When you all entered you were all provided with cards. And as you may have already noticed there are numbers written on the ten cards that you were provided with. These numbers represent by how much you are raising the price. For example, if you raise the card with the number one - the price will be raised by a thousand gold. If the number is two - the price will be raised by two thousand gold. After winning you will be given a receipt. Bring this receipt to the reception desk in the lobby and you will get your slave after paying the price written on it."

    When the auctioneer began explaining the process of the auction, a person appeared in the cell hall. This person - was the same man that escorted Feng and Peter, the same man who was outside with the woman. A man named Ro.

    Ro walked passed most of the cells and stopped at one cell opposite of Feng's and the old man's. The man opened the cell door and commanded, "Come out!"

    "No!" A girl shouted at top of her lungs.

    Feng raised his head and looked in the cell opposite of him. He saw Ro's back and behind him - he saw a girl of fifteen years old. She had a mediocre body but a somewhat pretty face.

    When the man heard that the girl didn't do as he told, he frowned. Ro entered the cage and approached the girl. The girl took a step back for every man's step forward. After taking three steps back, she screamed, "Stay away!"

    The man took another three steps forward and the girl screamed, "Don't come near me!" She had hit a wall and she could no longer retreat.

    The man grabbed the girl's wrist and she screamed in response, "No! Let me go!"

    The man ignored her shout and forcefully pulled her by her wrist. She stumbled forward and fell at Ro hitting his muscles on his chest. Before she could say anything, Ro with one hand threw her over his shoulder and with her in hand left the cell. He walked towards the exit of the hall as he was going to the stage of the auction. As she was carried, she struggled and shouted, "Let me go!"

    Under Feng's gaze - both the man and the girl disappeared from the hall. Feng moved his eyes away and sighed. He looked up at the ceiling and slowly closed his eyes.

    After the auctioneer spoke his last word - he glanced to the side and saw Ro with the girl on his shoulder. The auctioneer smiled and said, "Please welcome our first item!"

    Ro lovered the girl from his shoulder and pushed her onto the stage. She stumbled and fell down onto the wooden floor - grazing her knees as she fell down onto the hard wooden floor. Ro after pushing the girl immediately turned around and walked to Feng's cage. He walked to the cage, opened it and said, "Old man come out!"

    The old man didn't show any reaction. He stood up and walked out of the cell. Leaving, the old man didn't spare a single glance at Feng.

    The auctioneer waved his hand at the stumbled girl and said, "This girl is fifteen years old, she has a beautiful face and can be used as a waitress or as anything you want her to be." The man smirked wickedly.

    "The starting price will be twenty thousand gold coins."

    With the spoke words, many cards were raised up. Auctioneer smiled and picked the card with the highest number.

    "That gentleman twenty-five thousand gold coins!"

    "Thirty thousand!"

    "Thirty-four thousand!"

    "Thirty-nine thousand!"

    "Going once!"

    "Going twice!"

    "Going thrice, sold!"

    "Sold to the gentleman in the third-row fifth seat."

    The girl was getting paler with each bid that was placed on her. Mid-way through the bidding she started to weep. She didn't know that because of these tears, she had summoned a fate worse than death. She with eyes full of years glanced at the third-row fifth seat. When her eyes landed on the man - she shook her head as screamed, "No! No! No! No!" She snapped her head to the auctioneer and lowered her head and begged, "Not him, anyone but him! Please!"

    The man that bought her was a fat old man in his sixties. By his side, two more girls stood. They had dead fish eyes and their faces were full of scars. The old man smiled wickedly and said, "Give me the receipt and bring her to the lobby. I will pay there."

    A female member of the personnel came up to the old man, extended a receipt and said with a smile, "Here you go customer!" The man accepted with a smile and he walked with the two girls by his side to the lobby. After that Po walked out to the stage – he grabbed the girl – threw her over his shoulder and carried her to the lobby as well.

    The auctioneer coughed into his hand and said, "Welcome our second item!"

    Ro glanced at the old man and said, "Go on!" The old man nodded and he simply walked onto the stage. He didn't need any encouragement from Ro. When he entered the stage auctioneer smiled and announced, "Our second item has arrived. You can use the old man as a butler or anything else that you need. The starting price is five thousand gold!"

    Ro returned back to the cells and opened Feng's cell. He looked at Feng and said, "It's your time runt, let's go!" Feng opened his eyes, nodded his head and followed the man out. He walked out of the corridor and in a moment of time stood at the wings of the stage. He saw the old man, he saw the auctioneer and from this angle, he even saw the buyers.

    As he observed these people an auctioneer said.

    "Six thousand!"

    "Anyone higher?"

    "Six thousand once!"

    "Six thousand twice!"

    "Six thousand thrice!"

    "Sold to the madam in the first-row second seat!"

    The woman as the previous old man, immediately left after buying a slave.

    "Now our third item!" The auctioneer once again announced with a wide smile on his face.

    Feng blew out some air and thought, "Here goes."

    Feng without getting any encouragement from Ro walked forward.

    When Feng appeared on the stage, the buyers all looked at each other and they started to talk to each other. A man wearing a black coat narrowed his eyes and he thought, "I must buy him at all costs."

    The auctioneer looked over the guests and when he saw their excitement he smirked and announced loudly, "Starting price for this six-year-old child will be eighty thousand gold coins!"

    After the voice of the auctioneer fell only one man raised a card. The auctioneer smiled and said, "eighty-one thousand gold"

    "Going once!"

    "Going twice!"

    "Eighty-two thousand gold!"

    The old man turned his head and saw a woman in her seventies. The black-clothed man frowned and raised his card once again"

    "Eighty-three thousand gold!"

    The woman frowned and she raised her card once again.

    "Ninety thousand gold!"

    "Ninety-five thousand gold!" The black-clothed man didn't let up.

    The old woman narrowed her eyes and raised the largest tile that she could possibly rise.

    "Hundred five thousand gold!"

    The man frowned and he thought, "I was only given a hundred and four thousand gold coins." He frowned and raised a card.

    "Hundred eight thousand gold!"

    The woman narrowed her eyes and she shook her head."

    "Going once!"

    "Going twice!"

    "Going thrice!"

    "Sold to the black-clothed figure in the back!"

    The black-clothed man after taking the receipt immediately left through the back door.

    Feng followed the black-clothed man with his eyes up until he disappeared through the door. He narrowed his eyes and thought, "I have never even seen one gold coin in one place. I have never even seen one silver coin in one place. And he just spent over a hundred thousand gold coins on me? Is he a lunatic? Why would he spend so much money on me?"

    Just as he was having these thoughts Po came up to Feng and said, "Follow me." Feng nodded his head and followed after the man. He was escorted to the lobby and in the lobby, he saw the black-clothed figure that bought him as a slave.

    The black-clothed figure approached Feng and said, "Let's go!"

    Feng only nodded his head slightly and said, "Alright."

    Feng followed the man out of the building. The man walked up to one of the parked carriages by the establishment and said, "Come inside!"

    Feng nodded and followed the man into the carriage. The man hit the carriage a few times and said, "Let's go, Willie. With the man's words, the carriage started to move.

    When the carriage start to move, the man with a black cloak removed it and Feng saw the person that bought him. Feng saw the face of an old man. His hair was white and short, his eyes blue. He didn't have any facial hair. He was wearing a black suit. The man looked at Feng and said, "My name is Sebastian. What is yours?"

    "My name is Feng," Feng replied as he didn't see any harm saying his name to this man. Feng's soul was no longer his own and now he could say his name to any human or non-human he met because now it didn't matter or so he thought.

    After saying his name, the old man didn't say anything more to Feng. He just closed his eyes and rested. Feng as well didn't ask any questions. He was sure that he would find out eventually. Feng closed his eyes as well. For the remainder of the journey, two people rested in the carriage with their eyes closed.

    Two hours later

    "We are here," Sebastian said as he opened his eyes.

    "Feng?" He asked as he did not get the answer.

    Sebastian looked at Feng and saw that he was napping. Feng was not sitting in his seat anymore but laying on it instead.

    The old man shook his head and extended his hand at Feng. Sebastian shook Feng's body a few times and Feng's eyes slowly opened. The boy sat up on the seat and yawned. He rubbed his eyes and asked in the middle of another yawn, "Where are we?"

    "We are at our destination. Let's go!" Sebastian explained.

    "Where are we going?" Feng finally asked the question.

    "We are going to meet our young lady."

    Feng tilted his head in confusion and asked, "Young lady?"

    "Yes, the young lady. Now let's go."

  • Chapter 5: Cleaning Up

    Sebastian extended his left hand towards the carriage door's handle and got a hold of it. He then in one fluid motion twisted it and pushed the door open, "Let's go!"

    Feng nodded his head, "Alright."

    Sebastian was the first one to step out of the carriage. He turned his head to the carriage's front, "Thank's for the ride, Willie." The man named Willie let go of the reins, jumped down the carriage and walked up to Sebastian.

    "No problem, Sebastian. Will you now take him to the young lady?"

    When the question fell, Feng had now left the carriage and outside he saw two men. One was the man that bought him – Sebastian and the other was the man that Sebastian had called Willie. Feng had not seen Willie before. The man was a skinny 37 years old, had a clean shaved face, black short hair and brown eyes.

    Sebastian shook his head, "No, I will first give him a bath."

    When Feng heard that he would be given a bath, he turned his head towards Sebastian, "I don't need it. I have bathed only two months ago."

    Willie's eyes snapped to Feng and he frowned, "Two months ago?" Willie sniffed the air and he said with a visible frown on his face, "There is even a faint smell of stench coming away from you!" Wilie's eyes moved to Sebastian, "He really needs to take a bath. You can't bring him like this to the young lady."

    Sebastian nodded, "I know. Before bringing him to the young lady, I will have to remove every single dirt stain from his skin and remove that faint smell of stench coming from him."

    Feng frowned, raised his arm and sniffed it, "There is no stench coming away from me!"

    "You can't smell the stench that is coming from your body," Said Willie.

    "I can. When I didn't bathe for eight months, I could smell it."

    Willie's face changed and a dumbfounded expression appeared on his face, "What did you just say? Eight months without bathing?"

    Sebastian shook his head, "You shouldn't be surprised, Willie. Did you forget, where I found him? He was in the auction house, a six-year-old child in the auction house can only mean of the two things. One, the slavers had taken him from his family. In this case, he wouldn't have any stench away from him and his clothes wouldn't be the rags he is wearing right now. Also, the way he would act would be different than it is now. I am sure that such a child wouldn't be so calm as this one and most likely a child taken from a family would cry and whine about returning to his father and mother."

    "What about if the child was taken from a family that was abusive towards him?"

    Sebastian shook his head, "That is not the case either. Such a child would be broken in both the spirit and the body. The eyes this child possessed are completely different."

    "So what's the second scenario?"

    "The second scenario is that this child was taken from the slums of Eden. That's the only place where slavers can find children so young as this one."

    "So he is from Eden? Willie turned to Feng, "Are you?"

    Feng nodded, "I am."

    "How did you get captured?" Asked Willie

    Before Feng could reply, Sebastian said, "Willie not now. I have to first clean him and present him to the young lady."

    Willie nodded, "You are right. I am going back to my garden. See you, Sebastian."

    Sebastian smiled, "See you, Willie."

    Willie walked away not even introducing himself to Feng or even saying his goodbye to him. Feng didn't mind it. He simply escorted Willie out with his eyes. When only the two of them remained, Sebastian said, "Let's go. Follow me."

    Feng frowned, "You are going to make me take a bath, won't you?"

    Sebastian nodded, "That's right."

    "Do I really have to?"



    "You have to be clean!"


    "So you don't stink!"

    "But I don't stink!"

    "Did you already forget what Willie told you? You can't smell your stench and don't even try to say that you can smell yourself when you didn't bathe for eight months."

    Feng sighed and thought, "Well, I was bought by this old man and it seems that he bought me for the young lady Yuuma, whoever she is. So it seems that I will be her slave, so I might as well listen to the two of them for now and even though I think that bathing every day is too often, I might as well listen."

    Feng sighed and said, "All right!"

    Sebastian smiled and nodded, "Good!"

    Feng followed after the Sebastian. They walked in the opposite direction that Willie walked to. They originally had parked at the entrance to the mansion. Willie had walked to the left of the mansion and Feng was led to the right side. They walked a few hundred meters. They passed two buildings before finally arriving at their destination. A bathhouse appeared before them.

    The bathhouse was built from white bricks and it looked really fancy. Feng stared blankly at the building for a moment. The building reminded him of the buildings he saw in the inner layer of the city of Eden.

    "This is the bathhouse for the servants. Let's go."

    Feng nodded and walked after Sebastian. They entered the fancy bathhouse and inside a path branched. The path to the left was marked with the blue colour and the path to the right was marked with the colour pink.

    "The blue side is the men side. Let's go."

    Feng nodded and walked to the blue side.

    As Feng took the first step in this direction, Sebastian said, "Feng, don't ever go to the woman side. Do you understand?"

    Feng stopped and thought, "Why would I want to go to the woman side?"

    Sebastian stopped as well and turned around and faced the child, "Your answer?"

    Feng nodded.

    "Feng you are no longer living in the slums. Here there will be rules that you will have to follow. The first rule is to answer properly. So what's your answer?"

    "Rules? Well, that doesn't matter as I have decided to listen to them… for now, that is." Feng thought.

    Feng nodded head, "All right."

    Sebastian smiled, "Good. You go start to wash up and I will bring you clean clothes."

    "All right."

    Feng walked passed Sebastian and he entered the men side of the bath. Sebastian walked out of the bathhouse, he left to take some clean clothes for Feng. Feng entered the men side of the bathhouse and saw a huge closed door bath open up to him. He blinked his eyes and thought, "So this is how those fancy baths in the inner city look from inside."

    Feng looked at his surroundings for a breath of time before smirking. Feng ran and jumped into the bath.


    Water was splashed in every direction, Feng smiled and submerged himself in the bath.

    Five breaths of time passed and footsteps sounded in the bath. Feng turned around and saw Sebastian walk into the bath. Sebastian was wearing only the towel above his privates. He looked at Feng, "Did you wash your hair? Did you apply soap to your body?"

    "Soap? What's that? Is it edible?"

    Sebastian frowned and thought, "Slums, he is from the slums."

    "Come out" Sebastian commanded.

    Feng nodded and did as he was told.


    Feng already decided to listen to the man so he did as he was told and sat down on the ground. Sebastian grabbed the shampoo and applied it to Feng's hair.

    "What are you doing?" Feng asked with a frown.

    "Don't move!"

    Feng frowned but he listened, he let the old man apply the strange liquid to Feng's hair. Sebastian after applying the shampoo to the hair walked to the side, grabbed the bucket, filled it with water and walked to Feng. He then poured some of it down Feng's head and Feng endured the sudden water. Sebastian throughoutly washed Feng's hair.

    "Is it over?"


    Sebastian then grabbed the soap and applied it to Feng's back. The old man then took the sponge and started to clean Feng's back. The man used force as he knew that the stains of dirt on Feng's back had formed over the years he lived in the slums.

    Feng's skin turned red and Feng with a frown said, "That hurts!"

    "Bear with it!"

    Feng closed his teeth as Sebastian applied force on his back. Feng's back was so red that it was almost bleeding.

    "Extend your arm."

    Feng frowned, "Is it going to hurt?"

    "Don't be a wimp. We have to remove all the dirt from your body!"

    Feng frowned and extended his arm. The man grabbed Feng's little arm, applied soap to his arm and started to scratch it with the sponge. This time as well the hand was so red that one would think that It was bleeding. Feng felt like his skin was going off, he felt pain but he didn't shout out in pain. The pain he felt right now, was nothing when he compared to the times when he was beaten up for food.

    Sebastian only stopped when every part of Feng's body was read and clean all except for one place.

    "Feng!" Sebastian called out."

    "What is it?" The child turned his head around.


    The man threw the soap to Feng, "Apply it to your privates and clean it the way I did your body."

    Feng reacted quickly and caught the soap that was thrown to him.

    The child frowned, "The way you washed my body?"

    Feng looked down his groin and he shook his head. He soaped up his hands and he cleaned his privates. He didn't apply force to his groin.

    "Do you want me to clean it for you? If you don't then you better wash it the same way, I cleaned your body."

    Feng clenched his teeth and applied force to his privates. After he washed it, he could barely stand up. Sebastian looked at Feng's pitiful state, "Go soak in the bath. Soak for three breaths of time and then walk out. I will be waiting."

    Feng nodded, "All right."

    This time Feng didn't run and jump into the bath as he had barely any strength to walk up to it normally. Feng submerged in the water and closed his eyes.

    Five breaths of time later.

    Feng rose up from the bath and walked to the lobby of the bath. Sebastian glanced at Feng, "Get dressed in these."

    The clothes that were presented to Feng were the same clothes that Sebastian was wearing. A white shirt, white trousers, black pants and a black jacket. These clothes were made from the best fabrics and they were very nice to touch. Feng gulped down his saliva when he held these clothes.

    He thought, "How gold coins are these clothes worth? It's at least five thousand gold."

    "Should I really wear these clothes?" Feng asked.

    "Don't worry about it. You should hurry, it's already nighttime. We have made the young lady wait long enough."

    Feng nodded and he put on all the clothes that were given to him. Feng now looked like a child butler. Sebastian nodded his head, "That's good. Let's go meet the young lady."

  • Chapter 6: Meeting The Young Lady

    "Let's go!" Sebastian turned away from Feng and walked out through the door leading outside. Feng nodded and followed the old man.

    The two left the bathhouse and from there returned back to the mansion entrance. When they returned – the carriage was no longer parked in the same place as before.

    This change did not escape Feng's eyes, "Where are the carriage and the horses?" He asked in a confused tone.

    Sebastian stopped and turned his head to the spot where the carriage once stood, "It was probably Willie. He must have come back and returned the horses to the stable and the carriage to the carriage building."

    "I see," Feng nodded his head in understanding.

    Sebastian turned his head to the mansion door and walked up to it. At both sides of the door - stood flower pots with large red flowers growing from them. The old man stopped in front of the door and turned to Feng, "We are going to meet the young lady now, are you ready?"

    Feng tilted his head in confusion, "What do I need to be ready for?"

    Sebastian sighed, "Just be respectful, don't speak if you are not spoken to, obey her every command and don't correct me no matter what I say, Is that clear?"

    Feng nodded slightly, "Alright."

    "Let's go inside then," The man put his hands on the door handles and pushed them open. As the door opened - a new place opened up to Feng. The entrance hallway was a huge room in itself. In the middle of this room hanged a huge white and fancy chandelier. In both left and right side of the room stood two staircases and although they started on the opposite sides – they both connected to the same place on the second floor. There were also pathways to left and to the right as well as the path directly down the middle. This pathway down the middle was directly below the second floor. The room was decorated with flower pots and paintings.

    The flowers were not the same as the one from outside, in the hall - the flowers were much smaller in size but they as the flowers outside were red in colour.

    The paintings that hung on the walls all had the images of the same two people. Two people in the images were sitting close to each other, the man had a serious stern expression and the woman had a happy smiling expression. And although all the paintings displayed these two people – in each picture they were of a different age, there were no changes in the pictures apart from the age of these two people.

    "Welcome back, Sebastian!" A sudden voice called out.

    Feng took the step inside the mansion and saw the woman who spoke the words. It was an old woman with white short hair in her seventies.

    "I have returned, where is the young lady, Joan?"

    "She is in her study. You are going to see her?" The woman said and then asked with a smile on her face.

    "Yes, I am."

    The woman named Joan nodded, "Alright."

    Sebastian moved his eyes to the little boy at his side, "Let's go, Feng!"

    The woman's eyes trailed to the boy in the butter uniform, "Are you the boy, that Sebastian bought?"

    Feng nodded, "Yes"

    For a brief moment, a smile disappeared from her face before reappearing immediately, "I see, my name is Joan. What is your name?"

    Feng turned his head away from the old woman, "Can we go?"

    Sebastian frowned, "Why didn't you introduce yourself to Joan?"

    Feng shook his head, "She is a fake person. I don't want to give my name to those kinds of people."

    While Feng had lived in the slums for six years, he had encountered many, both children and adults alike. While the children were straightforward the adults were different. There were many situations when Feng was tricked by them and lost the extra food or supplies that he managed to scavenge from the streets. After a while, Feng started to differentiate those that were indeed sincere and those that hid their true intentions under a smile. And as Feng looked at Joan – he got this kind of feeling from her.

    Joan's corner of the mouth quivered, "What do you mean by that I am fake? It's not nice to say things like that to others." She said in a soft voice like she was soothing a small and innocent child.

    Feng frowned and looked at Sebastian.

    "Go on introduce yourself." The old man encouraged Feng.

    Feng turned his head to the old woman and thought, "Sebastian has bought me so I already decided to listen to both to him and to the young lady of this house. Even if I have to say my name to fake people like she is."

    Feng bit his teeth together, "My name is Feng."

    The old woman smiled, "Was that so hard? Now go on to the young lady. She is expecting the both of you."

    "See you later Joan." Sebastian turned his head Joan to Feng, "Let's go, Feng. Follow me"

    Feng followed Sebastian up the staircase. As they got up to the second floor, they turned right and walked down the hallway. The hallway was decorated with the portraits of the same kind. They had the image of the couple but each portrait that passed had a couple of different age.

    As they walked passed three more paintings, Feng could no longer hold the question that formed in his head when he saw the entrance hall. But before he could say a single word, Sebastian suddenly stopped, "We are here."

    Feng stopped in his tracks as well. He turned his attention to the door that Sebastian was looking at. Sebastian raised his hand and knocked on the door three times.

    "Young lady, may I come in?"

    "Sebastian?" A beautiful voice sounded from inside the room.

    "She has a beautiful voice as that non-human that took my soul," Thought Feng.

    "May I enter, young lady?"

    "You may enter!"

    Sebastian pulled the door open and inside, Feng saw a beautiful woman. She was twenty-two years old. Had large beautifully shaped breasts of E-cup size, dark blue eyes, mid-length black hair that was tied in twisted wedding updo, oval shaped face and subliminal V jawline, pink beautiful lips, a healthy skin and an amazing figure. Like the girl Feng saw in the Eden, she was also a beauty that was out of this world. But unlike when he saw the woman in Eden, Feng could still control his body.

    She looked at Sebastian and with a frown asked, "Why did you take so long?"

    The old man bowed his head, "My apologies. But I have done as you ordered me to, I bought you a slave for only 4,000 gold coins."

    Feng frowned, "Didn't you spend over a hundred thousand gold coins?"

    At this point, Feng had broken one of the rules that Sebastian had told him before entering the mansion.

    The woman's eyes widened and she shouted out in shock, "What did you say?! How much?!"

    Sebastian frowned and coughed into his hand, "I misspoke. I spent a hundred eight thousand gold coins for this child."

    "Are you retarded?!" The woman shouted out.

    "I may have given you hundred four thousand gold but the money was not for buying a slave. I gave you that much money for safe keeping. Not to spend all in one place." She staggered back and mumbled, "I thought that Sebastian would not be so retarded. After he was the man my father had as a servant for more than forty years. I am now left with only ten thousand gold coins. My inheritance was used all for one child!"

    She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Her eyes opened and she turned her eyes to the child by the old man's side and said, "So he is the child that was worth over a hundred thousand gold?"

    Feng looked at the woman, "My name is Feng."

    Yuuma nodded, "I am Xiao Yuuma the mistress of this house and the head of the Xiao family. Since you have been bought you are now my slave."

    She shook her head and sighed, "No, you are not a slave. Since I have spent so much money on you, I might as well go one extra mile. You will not be my slave rather from now on you will be my little brother. From now on you will be Xiao Feng."

    "Young lady I don't think that is wise. He is just a child from Eden's slums. He is only fit to be a slave and nothing more"

    Yuuma harumphed, "Who he was before doesn't matter. My mother's and father's inheritance was blown on him. Did you think I would treat his as a slave after spending so much on him? If only a thousand or two thousand gold was spent on him. Maybe then that would be the case, but now?!"

    "From now on he will be my little brother and nothing lower!"

    Feng gulped down his saliva. He thought, "I am going to have a big sister?" Just from this thought, a tear rolled down his cheeks. Feng felt truly happy that he now had a big sister. That he now had a family.

    The two were surprised by this.

    "Why are you crying?" Xiao Yuuma asked with surprise in her voice.

    Feng gulped down his tears, "I have never had a family before. So I just. I don't know. These tears just formed on their own. I think I am just happy!"

    Yuuma nodded, "I see." A slight smile appeared on her face. She, looking at this small child had decided to accept the situation as it was.

    She coughed into her hand, "Like I said, from now on you will be my little brother. You will take on my surname from this day forth. You will be called Xiao Feng."

    Feng nodded, "I understand… big sister."

    Yuuma turned her eyes to Sebastian, "Leave us."

    "Young lady, you should not get hasty." The man said with regret in his voice.

    "I have given you an order!" Yuuma said with a raised voice.

    Sebastian bowed his head, "Yes, young lady." The man walked outside and closed the door. A huge frown appeared on his face and he cursed under his breath, "Sh*t!"

    Xiao Yuuma looked at Feng, "Did Sebastian give you these clothes?"


    She nodded, "I see. Since you are going to be my little brother these butler clothes are not appropriate for you to wear. I will get you more appropriate clothes."

    She walked up to the door, "Let's go!"

    "Where are we going?"

    "I am going to show you to your room and you will go to sleep for today."

    Feng nodded, "What will happen tomorrow?"

    "You will find that out tomorrow in the morning."

    The two walked out of the room and Feng followed after Yuuma as she had led him to his new room. As the walked the corridor Feng saw more and more of the paintings. He remembered his question, the question which was interrupted before he could ask the old man, "These paintings. Who are these two people?"

    "They are… father and mother." She said with sadness in her voice.

    Feng lowered his head and thought, "I have never known my birth parents so I don't have the sadness that she has. I can't relate to my new big sister."

    After a while, Xiao Yuuma stopped in front of the door. She put her hand on the door handle and pushed it open, "From today, this will be your room. For today just go to bed and rest up. Tomorrow will be a long day for you."

    Feng nodded and walked forward to the room. When he passed the threshold and took a step into the room he heard Xiao Yuuma's voice behind him, "See you tomorrow, my new little brother."

    Feng turned around and faced his beautiful big sister, "Goodnight, big sister."

    She smiled, "Good night, Xiao Feng'er." She disappeared from his sight. Now Feng could only hear her footsteps that with each passing moment got further and further before disappearing completely.

    Feng turned around and smiled as he looked at his personal room. There was a huge shelf, a bed, a big window, curtains, a lamp, a desk and a very soft rug.

    As he stepped and walked on this rug he thought, "So soft."

    He walked up to bed and touched the pillow and blanket. He thought, "Just a few days ago, I used some rags for my blanket and didn't have any kind of a pillow. Just a few days ago, I had clothes made off some rags I found in the streets but now I have fancy clothes worth thousands of gold coins."

    A wide smiled appeared on his face, "I even have a big sister now."

    Feng jumped on his bed and thought as he fell asleep, "So Soft! I don't know if having my soul taken was a curse or just a blessing in disguise." His eyes closed and he submerged into sleep.

  • Chapter 7: A Dream


    The door slowly opened and through the door, an old man entered. The old man only glanced at the room once before walking up straight to the bed. He didn't even need to scan the room carefully as he knew exactly where was the bed located. After all, this was not the first time since he entered this particular room. The old man had worked in the Xiao family mansion for many years already spanning back to the years when the last family head was still alive. The old butler Sebastian knew every room like the back of his hand.

    On the bed, the old man saw a child of six years old sleeping soundly – tuckered in the warm blanket. As the child laid on the comfy bed – a slight blush could clearly be seen on the child's two cheeks and his little lips were curled up in a sweet smile. At this current moment, Xiao Feng could be described in only a single word – adorable.

    The old man, however, didn't care if Xiao Feng looked adorable or not. He didn't care if the child was happy sleeping on the warm comfy bed or not. He only entered the room for two reasons – one he had come to wake the new young master of the Xiao family and second, he came to bring the new young master of the Xiao family his new clothes – the clothes that befitted his new position.

    All by the orders by the head of the family and Xiao Feng's older sister – Xiao Yuuma.

    "Wake up!" The old man called out but Xiao Feng showed no reaction. He continued sleeping on the comfy bed with the same happy expression.

    "Not waking up?" Thought the old man after seeing that Xiao Feng showed no reaction whatsoever.

    Sebastian extended his hand towards the six-year-old Xiao Feng and shook him lightly, "Wake up!" The child still showed no signs of waking up. Sebastian frowned and shook him once more but with more force, "Wake up!" He called out in a louder voice, but Xiao Feng still showed no signs of waking up. The old man frowned deeper and shook him again - with even more force and with an even louder voice, "Wake up!"

    Xiao Feng's eyelids finally wavered.

    Xiao Feng's eyelids wavered and his eyes slowly opened. He could not feel the warm and comfy bed below him, he only felt the cold hard ground. Xiao Feng frowned and thought, "Didn't I fall asleep in the bed?" The child quickly raised his upper body and sat up on the ground. He rose up so fast that he didn't even glance into the sky. The child moved his eyes and scoured the area. As his eyes fell on his surroundings - he immediately became shocked.

    "How is this possible?!" Exclaimed Xiao Feng.

    On the ground, Xiao Feng saw the grass – the grass which was as tall as half of Xiao Feng. But that was not what shocked the six-year-old child. What shocked him was that this grass was of light-blue colour.

    Xiao Feng was so shocked that he lost his strength in the upper body and fell back to the ground. His head hit the ground and his eyes shut tightly.

    "Ow!" Xiao Feng exclaimed with eyes shut closed.

    A breath of time flashed and Xiao Feng realised that he felt no pain on his head. Xiao Feng raised his hand and moved it to the part of his head that he had hit, he touched the spot but he could no feel any bumps on his head and his head did not hurt at all.

    The earlier shout was only a reaction, even when his body didn't actually receive any damage.

    Xiao Feng opened his eyes and he once again was shocked. Xiao Feng didn't dare to believe what he was seeing, he moved his hands to his eyes and rubbed them vigorously before looking up into the sky again. But even though he looked into the sky again, it didn't change. He stared dumbly at the unnatural sky. His eyes moved along this sky before stopping and causing even more shock to him.

    The sky that he looked at was grey in colour and in this sky, three objects were visible. To the left side he saw a crescent moon and to the right, he saw another crescent what's more these two moons mirrored each other and they were both crimson red.

    Above these two moons – a black sun, darker than the void itself radiated its dark rays. Xiao Feng held his breath and mumbled, "Where am I?"

    Xiao Feng rose up from the ground and looked around, everyone he looked – he only saw the overgrown grass. The sky was grey and in it, three objects sat. Two crescent moons and the sun darker than the void itself. Feng looked around and he suddenly felt an urge to walk to the north. It was as if someone was calling for him.

    Xiao Feng listened to his instinct and he walked in this direction.

    Ten breaths of time passed and in the distance, Feng saw that the grass was not half his size rather it was not even above his ankles. And on this grass, a figure stood with its back facing Xiao Feng. This figure was a figure of the woman. When he looked at this figure, Xiao Feng felt that this was his first time seeing her.

    Feng absentmindedly approached and when he was only a very short distance away, he felt like he lost all control of his body, a feeling of suppression rose over him.

    "Did you forget?" A sudden voice entered his ears.

    The voice made Xiao Feng shake. He recalled this voice – the voice that belonged to that non-human who has taken the soul of Xiao Feng. The woman turned around and looked at the little boy. She smiled and slowly approached Xiao Feng.

    Xiao Feng once again felt that he could not move a muscle or say a single word. He only stood not moving. The woman approached slowly, with each taken step her smile grew less and less until it was completely vacant from her face.

    She stopped in front of Xiao Feng extended her hand and touched his cheek. He felt electricity go through his body.

    "What did I tell you?" She questioned him.

    Xiao Feng, "…"

    "I told you that your soul belongs to me. Why did you tell your name to another non-human?" Asked the woman as she stroked his small cheek.

    Xiao Feng, "…"

    She shook her head, "No matter, don't talk if you don't want to, your soul belongs to me and always will. No matter what kind of being, tries to invade it. They will never succeed!"

    The woman moved her hand away and smiled, "Until our next meeting, Feng'er," She snapped her fingers and Xiao Feng could feel his consciousness fade away.

    Xiao Feng's eyelids finally wavered and he now felt a soft warm bed under him. His eyes opened and the first thing he saw was Sebastian's face. All the events that he saw were still present in his brain.

    "You are finally awake."


    "Yes, it's me."

    "Why are you here?" Xiao Feng asked as he still was not recovered from what happened just a minute ago. He immediately frowned and thought, "She said that I said my name to another non-human? Was she mistaken?"



    "I have brought you your clothes, get changed."

    Feng looked at the clothes Sebastian pointed at and nodded his head, Feng put on the new trousers, black pants and a red kimono robe.

    "One more thing before we go, Feng."

    Xiao Feng tilted his head in confusion, "What is it?"

    Sebastian shook his head, "It's nothing. Forget I said anything. Let's go."

    Feng nodded, "Alright."

    The two left the room and Sebastian escorted Feng to a large room with a large table. Feng saw Xiao Yuuma his new sister sitting at this table. The table was very long – it was long enough to accommodate a hundred people.

    Xiao Yuuma spotted Xiao Feng as well as Sebastian.

    She smiled, "Come, my little brother."

    Xiao Feng nodded and he walked up and sat opposite of Xiao Yuuma.

    She nodded then glanced at the old man, "Sebastian, go and bring us our breakfast."

    "As you wish, young lady!"

    The man attempted to step outside but a sudden voice from the lips of Xiao Yuuma sounded, "Stop right there!"

    "Is there anything else, young lady?"

    "You didn't forget anything, Sebastian?" She asked in a slightly displeased voice.

    The man shook his head, "I don't think I did, young lady." Sebastian was confused as to why was he stopped.

    "Is that so? Then what about my little brother?"

    "Young lady?" Sebastian was taken aback.

    "You are to treat him as you treat me, do you understand?"

    The man bit his teeth an nodded, "Yes, young lady."

    He turned to Xiao Feng and bowed his head, "My apologies, young master Xiao Feng. May I leave?"

    Xiao Feng was taken aback by the words of Sebastian, he only nodded his head slightly.

    "Do I have my permission to leave, young lady? Young master?"


    Sebastian turned his head to Xiao Feng, "May I leave, young master?"


    Sebastian bowed his head, "I will return with the breakfast of the young lady and young master shortly."

    The old man left and Xiao Yuuma looked at her little brother who sat opposite of her, "How did you sleep?"

    Xiao Feng blinked his eyes and thought, "I shouldn't talk about that realistic dream I had."

    "It was really comfortable. Not only comfortable, it was the best sleep I had ever had."

    Xiao Yuuma smiled, "That's good."

    "What about you, big sister?"

    She with a smile replied, "It was pretty good but I wouldn't call it the best sleep I had."

    Xiao Feng nodded, "Big sister you said that this will be a busy day for me, what did you mean by that?"

    She nodded, "From today on you will start learning."

    "Learning?" Xiao Feng tilted his head in confusion.

    "That's right from today on you will start learning and maybe if you become good enough you might even be admitted to the peerless academy."

    Xiao Feng jumped up from his seat and he exclaimed in shock, "I can enter the academy for cultivators and become one?!"

    Xiao Yuuma laughed. "Are you excited?"

    Xiao Feng nodded his head without stopping, "Of course I am excited, everyone dreams of becoming a cultivator. I myself I am not an exception."

  • Chapter 8: Daily Life In the mansion part 1

    Xiao Feng stopped nodding and peered at Xiao Yuuma, he could feel his excitement rising above – to the point when he didn't know what to do with it.

    Xiao Feng already felt happy when he found out that he would have a big sister and the last name but now as of this moment, he felt excited about his future and this was the first time in his life that he felt so excited over something.

    Xiao Feng did like his instincts told him to, he rushed over to Xiao Yuuma and embraced her in the hug. She was surprised to realise that she was now hugged by the six-year-old boy and even though Xiao Yuuma was surprised, she didn't fight it, she simply smiled and returned the hug.

    "You are now my little brother and you will get everything that comes with the position. In this household, my household - you are now the young master and everyone will treat you as one," Xiao Yuuma whispered into Xiao Feng's ear.

    Xiao Feng's eyes teared up slightly and he mumbled, "No one has ever treated me in this way!"

    She pulled away, "You are crying again?" Slight disbelief sounded in her voice.

    "Umu," Xiao Feng nodded and two streams rolled down his cheeks.

    She smiled, extended her hand and gently wiped both his cheeks of the tears. She pulled Xiao Feng to her embrace, "It's okay."

    In her arms, Xiao Feng closed his eyes and thought, "This is really comfortable in her arms!"

    Xiao Feng's eyes slightly opened and he thought, "Originally I only planned to listen to my slavers for a for a little while before doing anything, but now … I don't want to run away!" His eyes closed off completely.

    Xiao Feng hugged his big sister even tighter - his head rested on her collarbone. Xiao Yuuma smiled in response and returned back the affection she was shown. Her eyes closed and she thought, "Little brother. I now know what it means to hug one!"

    As they hugged the old man peered at the two from outside of the room – he carried two dishes in each one of his arms. Sebastian smirked wickedly and thought, "Soon, it will be mine!" The man shook his head and thought, "I must not get hasty, the pawn is already in place!" He walked into the room.

    "Young lady, young master, I have brought your breakfast!" Sebastian said with a smile on his face.

    Xiao Yuuma's eyes opened while Xiao Feng's remained closed - as if he didn't hear Sebastian enter or even the words he spoke.

    Xiao Yuuma glanced at Sebastian and stated, "Place the food on the table and leave."

    Sebastian bowed his head, "As you order, young lady!"

    The man walked up to the table and placed two closed dishes one in front of another. He removed the lids covering the two dishes, "Your breakfast today is porridge… May I go, young lady?" The old man bowed his head.

    "Yes, leave!"

    "As you command, young lady!"

    The man quietly walked out of the room. Xiao Yuuma looked at Xiao Feng and gently said, "The breakfast is ready."

    The little boy reacted to the words of his big sister as her words entered directly into his ears. His eyelids opened slightly, he pulled back his head that he rested on Xiao Yuuma's collarbone saw her beautiful face. Since the boy was standing and she was sitting all the time, their faces were on the same eye level. Xiao Feng looking at her face only blinked his eyes.

    "Why are you staring? It's time to eat."

    Xiao Feng nodded and moved away from his big sister. He took a few steps back and returned back to his seat. The boy looked down onto his meal and frowned, "What is this?!"

    "Its porridge" Xiao Yuuma showed an amused expression.

    "What's that? Is it like the bread?"

    "It's not like the bread"

    Feng only nodded slowly in response.

    "Go ahead and try it." Xiao Yuuma urged.

    Xiao Feng nodded and grabbed the iron spoon. He cupped from the bowl of porridge and put it into his mouth. His face turned slightly red and a wide smile appeared on his face, "It's good!" He immediately ate the second and the third spoonful.

    Xiao Yuuma shook her head, "Eat slowly no one is going to steal your food."

    Xiao Feng stopped the sixth spoonful and mumbled, "No one is going to steal it away?"

    "That's right. No one is going to steal your porridge, so, eat slowly, alright?"

    "I understand," Xiao Feng slowly nodded and thought, "That's right, I am no longer in the slums, I don't have to fear that my food will be taken away." A wider smile appeared on Xiao Feng's face and he slowly ate the porridge.

    The woman smiled then looked down to her own breakfast. She took the spoon into her hand and began eating.

    Five breaths of time passed and Xiao Feng finished his meal. Even though he slowed down after Xiao Yuuma's words he still accelerated with each spoon eaten – he could not kill the habit he had formed from living in the slums of Eden.

    He looked away from his bowl and moved his eyes to Xiao Yuuma. He saw that she was still eating and thought, "I should wait for her to finish."

    Five more breaths of time passed and Xiao Yuuma put down her spoon, she raised her eyes and shook her head, "You still finished earlier than me. Tell me, little brother, why were you in such a hurry?"

    Xiao Feng looked her straight into her eyes, "I have lived in Eden slums my entire life. In that place, if one was not enough to eat their food, it was the same as forfeiting it to another."

    Xiao Yuuma sighed, "I am aware. I am asking you – Why were you a young master of Xiao in such a hurry to eat?"

    Xiao Feng was stumped for words, he didn't know what to say to her. She sighed and shook her head, "You don't have to be in such a hurry, no one is going to steal away your food or anything else for that matter. Do you understand?"

    Xiao Feng blinked his eyes, "I understand."

    A smile appeared on Xiao Yuuma's face, "Good."

    "Can I now train to enter the peerless academy and become a martial artist?" Xiao Feng's eyes flashed with a glint of excitement.

    Xiao Yuuma sighed, "You really are impatient, but I guess that's fine."

    She clapped her hands three times, Xiao Feng tilted his head in confusion but before he could ask a voice came from the side, "How can I help the young lady?"

    Xiao Feng turned his head and saw the old butler - Sebastian standing in the door.

    "Start teaching my little brother everything he will need for the admission to the peerless academy."

    Sebastian bowed, "As you wish, young lady but can I say something?"

    Xiao Yuuma nodded, "Go ahead."

    "I advise that you teach you, little brother, how to read, write, history and etiquette yourself."

    She glanced tat Xiao Feng and a smile appeared on her face, "That's a good suggestion, Sebastian" She turned her eyes to Xiao Feng, "Let's go, little brother."

    "Young lady, wait!"

    "What is it?" She sounded slightly annoyed.

    "My lady, let me ask you to let me teach your little brother martial arts in the morning and you can train him until the sun sets. After a workout, his mind will be more likely to absorb the knowledge."

    Xiao Yuuma thought for a moment before nodding, "Alright." She glanced at Xiao Feng, "Go with Sebastian, I expect to see you later today."

    Xiao Feng nodded, "Alright. See you later big sister."

    She smiled, "See you."

    The butler walked up to the table took the dishes, "Follow me." A breath of time passed and the old butler and the young master of the Xiao family disappeared from the room.

    "Feng, I will bring introduce you to the other servants now"

    Xiao Feng frowned and stopped, he thought, "My sister told me that everyone will treat me as the young master. So why did Sebastian refer to me so casually?"

    "The way you address me has changed." Xiao Feng stated.

    The man stopped and widened his eyes in surprise, "What?!"

    "The way you addressed me changed," Xiao Feng repeated his prior words.

    "I order you to follow me!" Sebastian commanded.

    Xiao Feng didn't move.

    "Didn't you hear me?! I order you to follow me!"

    Xiao Feng once again didn't move.

    Sebastian tilted his head in confusion, "What is your name?"

    When Sebastian asked the question, Xiao Feng's mind made a huge leap and the sentence spoken by a non-human flashed in his head, "I told you that your soul belongs to me. Why did you tell your name to another non-human?"

    Xiao Feng gulped down his saliva and thought, "Sebastian is a non-human?! No that can't be, I am overthinking this"

    Xiao Feng shook his head, "My name is Xiao Feng."

    Sebastian nodded slightly, "Xiao Feng I order you to follow me!"

    Xiao Feng threw away the thought that Sebastian was a non-human, "Why are you ordering me? I am the young master of the Xiao family am I not?"

    Sebastian narrowed his eyes and a confused glint flashed through them. He mumbled, "Did I do something wrong? My master has clearly taught me the required steps"

    "What did you say?" Xiao Feng asked as he only saw Sebastian mumbling to himself.

    The man shook his head, "Don't worry about it young master, Xiao Feng. I misspoke earlier, please follow me and I will introduce you to the other servants."

    Xiao Feng nodded, "Alright."

    Sebastian and Xiao Feng reached the entryway and the two of them saw an old woman standing by the door, Feng recognised this woman as Joan. He looked at her and a frown appeared on his face. Xiao Feng didn't like her very much.

    "Sebastian? Where are you taking this child? Will he start working as a servant?"

    "He won't, he is the young master Xiao Feng, you better show respect to him."

    The old woman's eyes widened, "What?!" She shouted out in shock.

    Xiao Feng looked at the old woman's dumbfounded expression and a slight smile formed on his lips. As he looked at the shocked woman, he felt slightly happy. He felt happy as this woman had reminded the people he had dealt in the slums of Eden.

    "Let's go, young master – Xiao Feng!"

    The boy nodded and the two of them walked out of the estate. They turned left and walking slightly more reached the garden. Xiao Feng saw the man that manned the carriage - pruning the roses. The two of them walked up to him and Sebastian called out, "Willie!"

    The man stopped his task and turned around. He walked up to the pair, "What's up, Sebastian?"

    "Meet the young master, Xiao Feng!" Sebastian stated.

    Willie glanced at the little boy and he raised his eyebrow in surprise, "Young lady has made this brat into her little brother?"

    Sebastian nodded, "That's right!"

    The man sighed, "I see" He gave Xiao Feng a look filled with meaning, "I will return to my work now!"

    Sebastian nodded, "Carry on." He glanced at Xiao Feng, "Let's go meet the others"

    Xiao Feng tilted his head, "How many more are we going to meet?"

    "There are two more maids and a chef."

    "Only three more?"

    "That's right and after that, we will begin your basic training."

    Xiao Feng nodded, "Alright!"

    The two walked out of the garden and they walked to the building that Xiao Feng had never visited before.

  • Chapter 9: Daily Life In The Mansion Part 2

    After leaving the garden - Sebastian and Xiao Feng walked back to the entrance of the mansion. They didn't enter the building as they walked past it and headed towards the bathhouse – the same bathhouse which was located to the right side of the mansion. But unlike the last time – they didn't pass the buildings on the way there, rather they stopped at the first one.

    "We have arrived!" Sebastian stated as he looked at the building directly ahead.

    Xiao Feng, as well as Sebastian, saw the building that stood before them, the child's eyes, wandered around the building as he inspected it carefully. The building was one storey high and was made of two parts - the rectangle part and the round part.

    The rectangle part of the building had a double door and four windows – the door was located on the short side and the two windows at each of the longest sides of the building. The building parts were connected on the other short side via a short hall.

    By the double door stood two huge flower pots with two huge yellow flowers growing up from them. The flowers were both two meters high and half a meter thick.

    If one looked through any of the four windows – one could see a total of eight tables inside. The tables themselves could hold up to six people and they had more than enough space between them. The rectangle part of the building was very spacious, It was so spacious that even without the forty-eight sitting spaces, thirty more people could fit into the room with no problem. In the entirety, this building could hold up to seventy-eight people.

    Behind the rectangle part, stood the round part. It was the furthest away from Sebastian and Xiao Feng. The round part had no windows and no entrances to the outside, one could go and leave from this part only by using the hall which connected the two parts of the building. The most noticeable difference between these two parts was that from this round part hard a chimney sticking out from the roof – with smoke coming out of it.

    The entire building was dyed in dark brown. Looking at this building Xiao Feng recalled that he already saw the same building before.

    Xiao Feng recalled seeing this type of the building in the inner layer of the capital city – Eden. The city layer where only king officials and those related to the chosen of the peerless sect lived.

    "This is the restaurant, right?" Xiao Feng asked.

    Sebastian nodded, "I am surprised you knew. But you are not entirely correct, this is not a restaurant but a kitchen and the dining hall."

    Xiao Feng shook his head and thought, "That is no different from what I have said. Kitchen, restaurant what's the difference? The purpose of the building is still the same."

    "Let's go inside!" Sebastian stated unaware of Xiao Feng's thoughts.

    "Why are we going inside the restaurant?"

    "Young master it's the kitchen and as for why we are here, you are going to meet the cook – Kirt."

    "So one of the three people I need to meat is inside the building?" Thought Xiao Feng.

    The boy nodded, "Alright!"

    "Follow me inside, young master!"

    Xiao Feng nodded and followed Sebastian into the building through the double door.

    Upon entering Xiao Feng scoured the inside of the building with his eyes. He did not see anyone, just the eight tables, some flowers and a few pictures. But even when Xiao Feng didn't see anyone, he still looked around with interest. After all, this was his first time entering this type of building as he was not allowed even a single step inside into the restaurant from the inner layer of the city Eden as only those living in the inner layer of Eden was given an entry.

    "Why are you spacing out? Let's go!"

    Xiao Feng moved his eyes away from yet another picture of parents of Xiao and stopped them on Sebastian. He saw the old butler standing on the other side of the room. Xiao Feng didn't think much about Sebastian's commanding tone. He nodded his head and ran up to the old man.

    "Let's go!" Sebastian stated.


    Xiao Feng with Sebastian walked into the hallway – the hallway which connected the two parts of the building. They soon emerged in this round part. As the boy entered the room, he scoured it with his eyes.

    He saw a spacious room. The room contained various cooking utensils, a few cooking stoves and a huge table. In this room, Xiao Feng saw a man standing by one of the stoves.

    The man Xiao Feng saw was currently cooking – the smoke was continuously rising from the stove and into the chimney above.

    "Kirt, do you have a moment?"

    "Just a moment!"

    The man pulled a tin from the stove and carried it and placed it on the table. As he carried the tin, the food on the tin expunged the aroma and it wafted through the air. Xiao Feng felt the aroma of the food and gulped down his saliva.

    The man named Kirt turned around and faced both Xiao Feng and Sebastian, "What is it, Sebastian? Does the young lady wants something special prepared?" He didn't spare a single glance at Xiao Feng as he focused solely on Sebastian.

    Xiao Feng looked at this man and saw his features. He had yellow eyes, black hair and was at least thirty-two years old.

    Sebastian shook his head, "Nothing like that. I just wanted to introduce you to young lady's little brother, Xiao Feng."

    The man's eyes moved and stopped on the child, "Young lady has taken in a brother?"

    Sebastian nodded, "That's right, he is the young master of the Xiao family – Xiao Feng!"

    The man bowed his head towards Xiao Feng, "My apologies for being rude, young master Xiao Feng!"

    "I am the cook, Kirt. If you have any requests for breakfast or dinner just let me know and I will gladly prepare it. I have an idea, I have just baked some meat buns, does young master want to taste one?"

    Xiao Feng nodded, "I can?"

    The man nodded, "Certainly, after all, you are the young master of the Xiao family. You are a young lady's little brother."

    The man grabbed one bun and passed it into Xiao Feng's hands, "Enjoy!"

    Xiao Feng without waiting for anything bit into the hot meat bun and a wide-smile appeared on his face and he mumbled, "Delicious! It's even better than the porridge I ate with my big sister!"

    Sebastian extended his hand towards the buns but before he could grab even one, Kirt took a spoon and hit on the old man's fingers, "It's not for you!"

    Sebastian frowned, "But you gave it to the boy just a moment ago!"

    Kirt snapped back, "He is the young master. These buns are for the young lady and young master and not for the likes of you!"

    "I am the head butler!"

    "I don't care!"

    Sebastian frowned and mumbled, "I never liked this guy!"

    "Care to say that to my face?!"

    The two started to bicker and as they bickered Xiao Feng ate his bun in silence. Enjoying himself slowly.

    Xiao Feng finished his mean bun and he looked at the two men. He saw them bickering. Xiao Feng waited for three breaths of time, but even after they passed the two still were bickering like before. Xiao Feng frowned and thought, "I want to get started on my training already and this is taking too long."

    Xiao Feng thought, "I have to interfere!"

    "Thank you for the meat bun, it was delicious! " Called out Xiao Feng.

    Kirt and Sebastian turned their heads towards Xiao Feng and Kirt shook his head, "It was my pleasure, young master. If you want you can take a few with yourself."

    "Thank you!" Xiao Feng smiled.

    Xiao Feng took a single bun and turned to Sebastian, "Shall we go?"

    Sebastian nodded, "Yes, that's a good idea. Let's go introduce you to the other two that are left!"

    The old man turned his head towards Kirt, "We will be leaving then!"

    Kirt didn't glance at Sebastian, "Please don't hesitate and find me if you want anything special prepared. Farewell, young master!"

    Xiao Feng smiled, "Farewell, Kirt!"

    Sebastian grumbled, "Let's go!"

    Xiao Feng nodded, "Alright."

    "Let's go, Feng. Time to introduce you to the remaining two and we can start your training!"

    "Yes, Sebastian!"

    The two left the kitchen and they soon walked out of the building and as they left the building Xiao Feng started on his second meat bun. Sebastian glanced at Xiao Feng one more time before mumbling, "That damn Kirt, it's just a meat bun!"

    The two continued on their path, four breaths of time passed and Xiao Feng ate his meat bun and the two of them had reached the building that was three storeys high. Unlike the building before this one was only made up of one part – the building was square and was painted in a dark green colour.

    The building had four windows on each side and on the front side there were only two windows, one on each corner, in the middle of the side with two windows stood a double door and by the door - two flowers pots with two large yellow flowers.

    Like with the restaurant or the kitchen, Xiao Feng could recognise this building as he had seen it before. The building reminded him of the inns found in the inner layer of Eden and like the restaurant, only the king's officials and families of the chosen ones could set foot in this kind of place.

    "Let's go inside!"

    Xiao Feng nodded and the two walked inside, immediately after entering – Xiao Feng started to look around. This was his first type in this type of the building as so Xiao Feng was really curious, on how everything looked.

    Xiao Feng started to look around, at the entrance he saw a counter – the counter did not have a single person standing by it. On the counter itself, there was a small vase with a small red rose in it.

    The entranceway had a staircase in the middle and two passages that led into two hallways, one to the left and the other to the right.

    The decorations were simple, some small and medium-sized vases that held flowers and the same type of pictures hanged on the walls. Seeing the same pictures again – Xiao Feng frowned, he started to think that it was strange that the portraits of Xiao Yuuma's parents were everywhere.

    Sebastian, unlike Xiao Feng, didn't look at his surroundings he just frowned. He looked around for a moment before shouting out, "Rose!"

    Immediately after his shout – footsteps came from the distance and soon a woman appeared from the left hallway. The woman looked like she was in her early twenties.

    She had long red hair, blue eyes and was somewhat decent looking.

    She came up to the two of them and without even glancing at the little boy said, "How can I help you, Sebastian?"

    "I have come to introduce someone to you."

    "Who?" She tilted her head in confusion.

    "Him," Sebastian moved his head towards Xiao Feng, "Meet the young master, Xiao Feng!"

  • Chapter 10: Daily Life In The Mansion Part 3

    The young woman subconsciously took a step back and uttered, "What?! What did you just say?!"

    Sebastian looked at the shocked and confused Rose, "Meet the young master and the younger brother of the young lady - Xiao Feng!"

    Rose's eyes moved to the small boy by the old butler's side. The boy which she paid no mind, the boy which she ignored even when she saw him.

    "He is the young master?! Xiao Yuuma had taken a little brother?! How is this possible?! Didn't you only go to get a slave?! Why did she get a brother?!" Thoughts flashed through her head.

    Rose bit her lip and frustration flashed through her eyes.

    Xiao Feng frowned ever since he saw the woman appear. He thought, "She is the same as that Joan from before. Nothing more but a fake person!"

    "This is Rose, one of the maids!" Sebastian introduced her to Xiao Feng as he saw that she wouldn't introduce herself on her own.

    The woman came back to reality thanks to Sebastian's words. The maid Rose smiled and bowed her head, "I am servant Rose, pleased to meet the young master!" The words she spoke through her teeth. It was clearly visible that she wasn't happy about her new young master - Xiao Feng.

    Xiao Feng glared at her not saying anything.

    "Young master?" Sebastian called out.

    Xiao Feng turned his eyes to Sebastian, "Who is the last person you wanted me to meet?" He asked Sebastian, not saying a single word to the maid - Rose.

    The maid frowned but she didn't dare to say anything to this young master that now stood before her. She only bit her lip in frustration once more.

    Sebastian nodded and looked at the rose, "Where is Velvet?"

    "She is still sleeping." Rose calmly answered the old butler question.

    "Wake her up!"

    "We should let her sleep, she is still a child."

    "Wake her up, the young master had come for her!"

    Rose nodded, "As you command!"

    The woman disappeared into the second floor and Sebastian turned his eyes to Xiao Feng, "Why didn't you greet the maid? Did you dislike her somehow?"

    Xiao Feng shrugged his shoulders, "It's nothing."

    Sebastian nodded, "So why didn't you?"

    Xiao Feng shook his head, "I am the young master of the Xiao family, I don't have to show respect to any of the servants, do I?"

    Sebastian nodded, "You are correct, you are the young master of the Xiao family and you have no such obligation towards the servants. But it is really surprising, you have already adapted to the fact that you are the young master of the Xiao family. It seems really unnatural."

    Xiao Feng shrugged his shoulders, "If you say so."

    Three breaths of time passed and footsteps sounded in the hall. Soon two figures appeared one was the woman known as rose and the other, a seven-year-old girl which was referred to as Velvet.

    The little girl had short blonde hair and eyes as blue as the sky.

    Two maids walked up to the two and Velvet's eyes widened, "There is going to be another servant serving the young lady and he is someone my own age?" A slight excitement could be seen on the little girl's face.

    Sebastian immediately shook his head, "He is not a servant, he is the young master Xiao Feng and the little brother of Xiao Yuuma."

    Velvet's eyes widened in surprise and she immediately bowed her head and hastily said, "I am sorry for such disrespect, young master!"

    Xiao Feng shook his head, "It's nothing to worry about. My name is Xiao Feng and what is yours?"

    The girl raised her head, "My name is Velvet," She replied with a smile.

    Sebastian tilted his head in confusion and thought, "Didn't he say that he didn't need to greet any of the servants? Why did he talk to this little girl and not to Rose? Did he dislike Rose for some reason?"

    Rose frowned and thought, "This brat! Not saying a single word to me and exchanging more than a sentence with Velvet!"

    Sebastian shook his head, "Now you have met all of the servants working in the mansion, we can begin. Let's go!"

    Velvet tilted her head, "You are leaving already?"

    "He is not your friend maid Velvet! He is the young master you are serving! Don't forget it!" Sebastian scolded.

    The girl lowered her head, "Yes, I understand. I apologise for taking your time, young master Xiao Feng!"

    Xiao Feng shook his head, "It's fine, nothing to worry about."

    Velvet nodded, "Farewell young master!"

    Xiao Feng glanced at Sebastian, "Let's go, Sebastian!"

    The old man nodded, "Yes, let's go, young master!"

    The two disappeared from the building and Rose's eyes radiated rage at the departing back of Xiao Feng while Velvet looked at the departing back of Xiao Feng with a smile. She was excited to see that in the mansion was now someone of her own age.

    The two of them walked back to the mansion entrance, the passed the entrance and walked in the direction of the garden but they didn't enter it, they passed it and continued heading in the direction.

    They passed one more building and when they passed it Xiao Feng asked, "What is this building?"

    "It's the stables."

    The two continued forward. They stopped once they reached a field. In this field – Xiao Feng saw many training dummies on the left side and the archery range on the right, while in the middle he saw three large circles surrounded by wooden fences. By this field, he also saw another building.

    Xiao Feng looked at this building and he saw that it didn't have any windows just a small door but the door was not a normal door but an armoured door. Xiao Feng knew that this was the armoury. The place where weapons and armour were usually held.

    "We have arrived! Let's go into the field."

    Xiao Feng nodded and followed after Sebastian. They stopped once they stood near one the fences.

    "Young master, can you answer a few questions of mine?"

    Xiao Feng and nodded, "Alright."

    "Can you use a sword?"


    "Do you know how to use a bow?"


    "Do you know any martial arts?"


    "Why are you asking me this, you know that I came from the slums of Eden. How would I know any of these things?"

    Sebastian laughed, "I guess you are right."

    "I have one more question I wish to ask."

    Xiao Feng breathed out, "What is it?"

    "Have you ever killed anyone?"

    Xiao Feng blinked his eyes and thought, "It would be in my best interest if I say I didn't kill anyone yet."

    "No, I didn't!"

    Sebastian frowned and thought, "The answer was delayed, is he lying?" He shook his head and thought, "No he is only six years old. It's impossible for him to have killed anyone."

    "What now?" Xiao Feng asked as he didn't hear the reply from Sebastian for quite some time.

    "We will start from the basics!"

    "And those are?"

    "First do squats, pushups, situps and run laps"

    Xiao Feng frowned, "You won't teach me martial arts? Didn't you say to my big sister that you would teach me martial arts?"

    "No, you will strengthen your body and besides how would I know martial arts. I am just an old butler and not a martial artist!"

    Xiao Feng frowned and thought, "That was clearly a lie!"

    "So what do I do now?" Xiao Feng asked.

    "Since it's your first day, do five squats, ten pushups and two laps around the area!"

    Xiao Feng sighed and nodded, "Alright."

    Ten breaths of time later Xiao Feng returned back to Sebastian.

    The old man nodded his head, "That's enough for now. We will strengthen your body first and then I will teach you how to throw a punch. Let's go I will escort you back to the young lady!"


    Sebastian led Xiao Feng back to the mansion, he led him back to Xiao Yuuma's room and stopped, "We have arrived."

    Xiao Feng looked at the door and pushed the door open. When the door creaked opened, the woman inside frowned, she turned around and before she could start scolding she saw her little brother. She only smiled, "Come up, Xiao Feng'er" She moved her eyes to Sebastian, "You can leave."

    "Yes, young lady!"

    The man left and only two people remained.

    "How did you do today?"

    "I met Kirt, Rose and Velvet."

    Xiao Yuuma nodded, "I see, did anyone give you any trouble?"

    Xiao Feng remembered Rose but he still shook his head, "There was nothing."

    She cracked a smile, "That's good, let's go then!"

    Xiao Feng tilted his head in confusion, "Where are we going?"

    "We are going to the library."

    "The library?"

    "Yes, I will teach you how to write and how to read. Let's go"

    "Alright, big sister!"

    She smiled and led her little brother to the library. Two breaths of time passed and they reached the room. Inside the room, Xiao Feng saw many bookshelves and a few tables in the middle of the library. The two of them walked up to the table.

    "Sit, I will go get a book"

    The boy nodded.

    One breath of time passed and Xiao Yuuma returned with one thin book. She placed it in front of Xiao Feng, "Open the first page."

    Xiao Feng did as he was told.

    A book opened and Xiao Feng saw many strange symbols on the book. Before he could ask anything, Xiao Yuuma pointed at the first symbol, "This is character 'a' and this is …"

    Soon evening came and Xiao Feng yawned loudly. Xiao Yuuma smiled, "You did well for the first day, let's go get dinner."

    Xiao Feng thought, "I managed to learn part of the characters I was shown."

    He nodded, "Alright."

    The two walked out of the library and they walked to the dining room where Xiao Feng and Xiao Yuuma ate their breakfast."

    They both sat down and at that exact time, Sebastian came in with a cart into the room.

    "I have brought the food - young master, young lady"

    "What's for dinner?"

    "The usual, meatloaf for both you and your little brother"

    "Place it and leave!"

    "Yes, young lady!"

    The man put the food on the table and uncovered the food, he bowed down his head, "I will leave then!"

    The man disappeared from the room and once again only the two siblings remained.

    Xiao Feng didn't notice how Sebastian left, he only looked at the meatloaf in front of him.

    "What's wrong, little brother?"

    "I never ate something like this in my life."

    She smiled, "You will now, don't hesitate and dig in. You had a long day today."

    Xiao Feng smiled widely, "Yes, big sister!"

    Xiao Feng took the two knife and fork into his hand and he looked at the tools. He looked up at Xiao Yuuma and she asked, "What's wrong?"

    "How do I use these tools?"

    "Place the fork into the meat and use the knife to cut it."

    "Fork is? The knife is?"

    "You knew what a spoon was but not these tools?"

    Xiao Feng blushed, "Actually I didn't, but since it was the only tool on the table it was obvious that you referred to that object as a spoon."

    Xiao Yuuma nodded, "I see. The fork is the tool with three spears to your left and the knife is the tool to your right. You hold your fork with your left hand and knife with your right. Observe how I cut it and do it yourself."

    She showed the process and Xiao Feng nodded.

    Xiao Feng nodded his head and he did as he was told the meat got loose and Xiao Feng put it into his mouth. He felt how meat melted in his mouth. He uttered one word, "Delicious!"

    "That's good."

    The two once again ate in silence and when they were done, Sebastian came into the room and left with the dishes in hand.

    Once he left Xiao Yuuma smiled at Xiao Feng, "Let's go. I will bring you to your room."

    "Alright, big sister."

    The boy yawned loudly and he followed after his big sister.

    Xiao Feng was quickly escorted to his room and he said goodbye to Xiao Yuuma then entered his room and collapsed on his bed.

    His eyes opened and he realised that his surroundings have changed - he was no longer on the bed. He was back in the strange place with two crescent moons and the sun black as void.

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